A Newbie Journey

At the very core, a new member of Compumatrix must first know the difference between centralized & decentralized financial ecosystems when it comes to having a business with us. When they genuinely grasp the system contrasts, our work is a no brainer, as it clarifies what we do:

We become our own bank by earning points through various opportunities online that we can use to compound and grow more points, or we can turn those points into Bitcoin and hodl onto that as a long term investment, grow our cryptocurrency portfolio, exchange Bitcoin P2P for products/services, and turn it into fiat if need be.

What’s not to love? As I’ve stated before, I won’t be wasting my time sharing our phenomenal company with anyone who isn’t inspired to take control of their own life & business. 

My strategy moving forward with a new member is this:

If they already grasp the basics of decentralization, I will need to guide them less.

If they are eager to learn yet do not grasp the difference in financial ecosystems, I will send them off to begin learning with these links:

  1. Our blog site to get them familiar with our community.
  2. My own YouTube playlist with my favorites crypto teachings.
  3. Andreas Antonopoulos’ Bitcoin for Beginners on YouTube.
  4. 99Bitcoins YouTube playlist, Beginners-Bitcoin Crash Course.
  5. Decrypt newsletter for up to date news.

When they have a clear understanding, we will move to the CDAP. 

They will sign up and do what is required to become a member. I will guide them to their RR, Discord & the Forum. They will have gone over our Portal video tutorials & be familiar with Gail’s training documents. When they are ready, I will spend time clarifying each section:

  1. Stable Cards
  2. Earning Points
  3. Exchanging CBTC
  4. Security & keeping “offline” back up files
  5. Preparing a Will
  6. And anything NEW that comes along 😉

When they know how the Portal functions, we’ll move on to the DEX.

I will guide them with the basics. We will go over each section of the DEX and our assets. I’ll make sure they understand the importance of being a team player and how to buy BTS via an external wallet. All along, they will be learning the link between the CDAP & our DEX, which will include our brilliant & gifted partners Bitshareslabs & Tradeceeds.

I will encourage a newbie to ask questions before making choices. I will also inspire them to figure things out on their own. I want them to be free & independent!

We will be on a journey together, as we all have been to get to this point. One must have a solid guide to begin our business. There is much to learn, but it’s not hard. Just think how far we’ve all come in our own journeys. We have gained so much knowledge of the crypto-sphere, and we’ve helped each other along the way.

Compumatrix is about focusing on what we are FOR and bringing in the New. We are here for freedom, leveling the financial playing field, and standing UP for our sovereignty. To engage, enrich & enhance our lives with love, kindness, openness, prosperity & wisdom.

On a lifelong journey, together. 

Is there anything else you will include in training newbies?

About the author

Liza is very positive and a "turned on" advocate of Compumatrix. She is a healing artist by nature, and now a self-proclaimed Decentralized Diva. Liza believes we are living in time of great change where the power of humanity will rise, and we are co-creating the World we dream of. The power of Compumatrix will help get us there.


  1. Very good, LizaBLove! This is an excellent guide for potential new members, in a very comprehensive list. Like you, I would not bother showing anyone who does not have the basic understandings of first, Bitcoin and other cryptos; the blockchain technology; decentralized cryptocurrency platforms and how they work, and a very progressive mindset when it comes to this form of doing business. Honestly, there are still not that many who truly understand this crypto world, but the growing numbers of crypto-investors is an encouraging sign, at least!

    1. Thank you, Zora! Yes, we are very early into the crypto game, and thanks to Henry, we are ahead of it, too. We have a lot of fun to have in sharing our company as we shake off the old ways of doing money and guide those who are open & willing into a new reality!

  2. Great advive on how to teach newbies Lisa .It only changes if you can teach someone sitting next to you or over a life chat . The first one is easier , but it also encourages the newbie to rely more on you than on their own effort. Having question is normal for any newbie , but it also takes a lot of time in reading and watching varios tutorials to find the answers and not relying only on your answers.

  3. Very well explained about our Newbie Journey thank you Liza.Yes we are all looking forward to it,and you have surely made things very clear,even for newbies to understand the process in simple terms.

  4. Liza, great blog! Great guide for newcomers,you have so briefly described every aspect of compumatrix business and decentralized cryptocurrencies that any new member would be interested in joining compumatrix. Thank you Liza for the encouragement in such a good way.

    1. You’re welcome, Zahra! This is simply how my mind operates, and if my inclinations can help someone along their journey, I’m grateful for that. We really are in this together 😍

  5. Thanks, Liza, that is very helpful to have it written out like that, as it easy to think “Where do I begin in helping someone to go about this in the right way?”
    I think also I would suggest that they remember to keep back-up copies of everything too, plus good accounts.

    1. That is a brilliant reminder! Thank you for that. If anyone knows how to keep records, it would be a Compumatrix member 🙂 I will add that to my list! And of course, keeping stellar accounts of transactions, too.

  6. what an Awesome read on how to share the Great Journey that is Compumatrix — engage enhance enrich encourage and as time plays out we must also Endure thru the changes and be Patient in our trusting we are at the Right Moment and our success is just that Our Success — thank you LizaB n Compubiz for our Moment n Opportunity — rj

  7. Thank you Liza for bringing Decrypt newsletter to our attention. I like the way that website is laid out by giving you headlines and a category of crypto news very precise and all in one spot. Thanks again. We all have so much to learn from each other. Good stuff !

    1. Indeed we do, Jeff! I like Decrypt because their posts are current, simple, and to the point. Also, they have a phone app and a rewards program if one wants to get in early, which could be nice for a newbie 🙂

  8. A perfect list for me also as I am categorized as a “newbie” under my blogging points 🙂 This will be saved with my other documents. You will be an excellent leader of your team, and they won’t feel abandoned, Liza. Yes, thank you for adding keeping back up copies with the tip of always remembering where you put them – an inspired thought for sure 🙂

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Janis! I will do my best. We’ve all worked hard to get this far and I will not allow that to go to waste. You’ve added another great reminder to keep back up files. I just added that to the list, too! It’s really important as technology keeps changing to discern how we want to keep our “stuff” offline & private. Thank you for the tip!!! 🙂

  9. Lisa. Introducing a new person to Compumatrix to help them is a very noble gesture. However, we (all of us) are here on earth for different reasons with different likes, dis-likes and situations. Your points are great and I think I’ll be using Using the 1st. one and then have some time with them to find out their thoughts, time commitment etc. According to their response, I will go forward. The time may be right for them. Thanks for sharing and this also helped me a lot.

    1. You’re welcome, Carlton! Yes, not everyone will want to engage in our company, and that’s fine. My intention is to attract the ones who see our vision and are passionate about it! Each of us has our role, for certain. It’s up to us to claim that and do as we wish. I’m so glad my organized brain helped you, too 😇

  10. Great post-Liza. Something newbies need to consider is putting aside the ways of the centralized financial system thinking. How it works. The decentralized systems are a new way of doing financial business for yourself. You are your own bank. The only person who is going to keep your asset safe is you. Security is something you need to take very seriously and learn what you need to do to protect your assets. Always keep an open mind to change. The Crypto world can change very rapidly. Members need to keep up on a daily basis with any new changes that can occur. If you question anything you’re doing ask first, before clicking.

    1. Thank You, Ron! I will add security to the list, too 🙂 And yes, the importance of keeping up with the crypto pace is vital for success. You know who I’ll be sending them to as we go along, right? lol…

  11. Firstly, I would like to say, in my opinion, the newbie who gets you as a mentor in our business has truly grabbed the brass ring. I’ve been with Compumatrix almost since the beginning and reading your article reminds me of just how far we’ve come. The article also reminds me that importance of chronology in training to instill basic working understanding of the complexities that each sub unit contains, and yet how well they fit together to form a total functioning business. Plus; the crème de la crème is, we get to enjoy multiple streams of income in that one business.

    1. What a lovely compliment, Jackie. Thank you! My intention is to grow leaders who will do the same as I do, in their own way. The agenda is to grow P2P communities in whatever it is they do in the World. It will take time and I believe will get easier as we adjust to being our own bank with all of those creamy streams 🙂

  12. Great blog Liza and excellent points on your strategy. I completely agree with many of your ideas on how to begin this business and will follow them myself . Also many great points for someone new to the business for them to follow as well..

  13. Nice blog Liza, actually a great reminder of what we have done and been through and accomplished as a member here at Compumatrix. We have jumped though many hoops to get where we are today.

  14. Very well said Liza, I look so forward to getting back to my business of Compumatrix . There will be plenty to do and earning is fun. Yes ,I still can have fun with a business working at home or taking my business with me on the road.Your points I agree with Liza . I to have gained a lot of knowledge of Cryptos over time. Really quite interesting.

  15. nicely done Liza , There are so many tools in the forum that helps everyone, New and old members alike. Very well written and easy to follow as well.\
    I agree with what you are saying and this line you wrote Liza I quote :
    ” What’s not to love? As I’ve stated before, I won’t be wasting my time sharing our phenomenal company with anyone who isn’t inspired to take control of their own life & business.”
    Again one of the most important things to consider . I have already baby sat people in this business ,doing almost everything for them . buying cards ,because they just did not feel like it .. I won’t do that again. I will help those who help themselves . My new motto .. LOL

    1. Thank you, Lorna! It seems our “babysitting” days are coming to a close. And that’s a good thing. We’ve got to keep moving forward to the “next” evolution of our business. If those who have been given this opportunity from our generosity fail to grasp what we have, then so be it. We have things to do 🙂

  16. Liza, I liked your post very much. And I agree 100% with Lorna’s comment. The problem is I still feel like I need to help a few ‘old’ friends (not do everything as before, for sure, and because thank goodness we now have so many articles in this blog to ‘do our job’ for us 😊).
    Thank you and everybody else who took their time enlightening us on how to act now that we are so close to the opening of CDAP.

    1. Thank you, Dora! Your friends are lucky to have you. When they see what they have, they will step it up and it will be easier for you to step away. I’m so glad we have these blogs to share our thoughts and ideas for everyone to learn & grow from, too!

  17. Excellent post Liza,simple, easy to follow, on point and above all great reminder. You are an exceptional leader to have in my list hahaha, you can’t wrong after analysing your blogs. Keep it up.

  18. Lisa, love it. I will advise all my personals right here to start. You covered all the important points of starting their personal home business. The first and foremost they have to have that desire because there is so much to learn and understand. We are at that peak of so many new coins, new wallets, opportunities, and more confusion. We also have to be very adaptable because tere will be plenty of changes and then we will have to learn and study different procedures all over again. Yes we are on a fantastic journey of learning and expanding, this is what makes our journey so unique.

  19. Thank you for posting this step by step guide for helping newbies become acquainted with and learning about Compumatrix. Sometimes I forget about the many instructional resources that are made available to old and new members. This is a good reminder to take some time to review those for myself.

  20. I love your Blog, what a great plan. It’s the same way I feel they have to want to understand and do some work. You can’t do it for them, I look forward to my family and friends enjoying and benefiting as we go.

  21. Love your blog LizaBLove. If they are looking for a quick get rich scheme, well Compumatrix is not the place, First, it is not quick, it requires work being active and then you don’t get rich, you learn not to be poor.
    They’ll have to learn the basics of this company, and as they do, they will see it the right choice they made.

  22. Good job Liza. Shows you have kept up with all the changes and requirements for going forward in your business. There may be a few more tweaks, but easy to add to what you already have. Important document to save as you will use it to grow the company.

  23. Very interesting Liza, thank you for walking us through the process and how amazing Compumatrix is. Yes Henry has done an amazing job of building a new future for many people. This will certainly be a new future for those of us that have worked through the years but it will be worth every minute.

  24. Great outline I am looking forward to it looks like you summed everything up very well, I did not know about Andreas youtube video that was good to know, it is great to be able to come back and read these blogs, love that new search bar.

  25. Even though I’ve been a member of Compumatrix for quite a few years now, it was nice to read your article and review the many aspects of our business. Excellent job at summarizing what our cryptocurrency business is about and how it can help others to improve their lives and help them accomplish financial freedom.

  26. What a good plan you have outlined in your blog, Liza. There certainly has been much we have learned and will be learning. The younger generation is more apt to catch on quickly to cryptocurrencies and our Compumatrix business. We won’t discount the elderly if they have the heart to learn, as this speaks of most of us in Compumatrix today. I am so thankful for all the teaching and continual learning.

  27. Thank you Liza for the very clear explanation. Definitely great information to have for both new and current members to help us keep up with developments. I am very grateful that we have all these information made available to us in the blog to help us keep track with changes and updates with Compumatrix’s business. Looking forward to the opening of the CDAP.

  28. Amazing post, LizaBlove! This is not only great for newbies, but also for experienced members. It’s nice to get a refresher course once in a while and have the basics at my fingertips. Being familiar with the system will keep the mind open for new opportunities. Very encouraging. Thank you.

  29. Great advice Liza on how to introduce a newbie to Compumatrix. It only changes if you can teach someone sitting next to you or over a live chat . The first one is easier , but it also encourages the newbie to rely more on you than on their own effort. Having question is normal for any newbie , but it also takes a lot of time in reading and watching various tutorials to find the answers and not relying only on your answers.

    1. And with Covid happening and all the lockdowns, what a great hobby to pick up which you’ll soon realize is a gift to us all. Being able to be home helped me a little more picking up info now. I’m stay updated as much as possible. At least daily!!

  30. Great blog Liza, that would be me, a newbie, lol. I just thought of something also, maybe putting down how to retrieve a block number and transaction ID when something is done on the DEX, and keeping those records for paper work needed? Well done Liza, I will make a copy for anyone new I bring in, cheers !!

    1. Great suggestion Daniel. When you look at all of the little things that we have to save, it becomes a pretty good sized file and, I might add grows everyday. Id’s, keys to our Bitcoin, transactions, and log in info.

  31. Great job Liza as always. I have one more to add to your list for the newbie’s. Read twice and click once and don’t hold the keys down too long or you will have additional numbers or characters in your Bitcoin or asset transaction = lost funds!
    Also, the benefit of long passwords, courtesy of your contribution about the Password Generator on the Bitshares page in Discord. Thanks for that.

  32. Thank you everyone for the supportive comments & great suggestions!!! We are going to rock this company to the moon. I’ve been dancing all week and I’m fairly certain that Santa Clause comes early for us this year 🙂

  33. I agree that it is important if a member brings another member in that they do not bring them in and not look after them. But if the member bringing another member in also does not have the knowledge, it is important that both members are at least aware of where to go to obtain the knowledge. It is true that the business will only be as successful as the member works hard for it to be.

  34. It is good that you take the time and attention to develop those you bring in and keep them under your wing, guiding them in the right direction to be successful. I think it is important that you outline positive information to review to learn more about bitcoin and the crypto world. I have heard over the radio and seen in the past very negative information or articles about bitcoin and cryptocurrency which can deter someone from ever getting involved in it.

    1. Sherri agree , if you bring someone to Compumatrix or any business ,you are responsable for them and show them the roaps of any new business. There is a lot to learn . Every new comer to a business or something like how to buy Bitcoin ,what is a crypto wallet .. etc. etc .. We need and should have a mentor. Life is just simpler that way.

  35. This article was very helpful because it can be difficult and discouraging to be the “newbie”, especially when you are the newbie in something so intricate like compumatrix. I think it is up to the current compumatrix leaders to help the new people so we can all learn and grow together as a team.

  36. Thank Liza for the introductory, the nice comprehensive list, and the Spirit you seem to exhibit in all that you do. You are right Compumatix is a journey and we all need to knw the steps to a full business for our company and for our own life!

  37. Thank you Liza for the article. To me it is a complicated subject, but you make it look so
    simple to teach. I have tried teaching it to others, and have just ended up by pulling my hair out. I can see how complicated I have made it. I do have a tendency to take over and do it for them then really end up frustrated, as they are unwilling to take it over as their own. I can see I have a lot to learn and am thankful for the very easy, understandable way that you have presented it. You have shown by teaching them in this way, they can take it and run with it.

  38. Liza you sound like an amazing trainer!! I appreciate the list you supplies as to how educate a new member. I too get confused with all the opportunities we have here. This is such an amazing opportunity to be in control of our future that it is worth understanding all that we have at our fingertips!!

  39. Well put together set of guidelines that should be followed easily by just about any one. I agree with Dan on making a copy of this to give to people who are truly interested. There will always be people who just want to come in and kick the tires so to speak and that happens in all areas of life and we just need to be able to weed those people out. No sense in trying to persuade someone to get in.

  40. well Liz ,I can see you have a plan and you are working your plan ,nicely done. Most people never have a plan until it’s on top of them or it’s two late. I rather have that plan worked out in advance and make and keep that plan going. Good job letting others know what you do to keep safe on line in your business

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