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A Server Is

When I heard the word server, it brought to mind a waiter or waitress, who graciously take our orders in a restaurant and deliver them to the kitchen staff. These same servers then bring the prepared meal to our tables. Also, in the Biblical sense, I thought of a server as one who denied himself and put others first to serve or aid in their needs.

In the Technological world, a server is automated but still carries orders from one computer to another computer or computers in a network. The requested data from the server comes back to the original computer. There are many technological expressions. We hear words and names in relationship to our computers. To Technologically minded people, the terms used are second nature. In this creative world of Technology, we newbies do not always understand their phraseology. We hear computer terms but do not delve into the how and why of each one. We know our computers respond to what we ask, and that serves us well.
I have heard the word server related to computers and (without total clarity) had an understanding of what it meant. Hearing Compumatrix is incorporating a new satellite-driven server; I wanted to understand the primary functions.

Let’s focus on what is a server? Small Servers can be your computer, a cloud etc., used mainly to house or store your personal data.

  1. A server can be a dedicated server; A large company (client) or a growing company may implement a server just for their primary business usage.
  2. A server can have multiple small companies or groups as users (clients), many clients using the same server.
  3. A server supplies storage: (holds all the data and files used for private or business functions.)
  4. A server can have a single function like:
    Web server.
    Mail servers.
    File servers. 5.A server must have one or all these components to operate with efficiency according to its purpose:
    Ram – Random Access Memory
    CPU – Central Processing Chip
    HTTP -The language or protocol used by browsers and Web servers to talk to each other

Many components go into building a server. Some essential parts are conducive to all servers. Still, additional features are needed for a companies specific process to operate their unique business. Large companies may use powerful based computers that store data and files and transmits (sends) the data (information) via the internet to other computers in their corporation. Thus all associated with the company have access to needed data. We process data according to the required function and return results to the server, thus keeping all business members in sync. The servers are a critical part of a business today as they must keep the computers up and running. A multifunctional server is most helpful in maintaining the smooth-running of its computers; 1. By encrypting data for privacy and protection over its complete ecosystem. 2.Offers flexibility to adapt and evolve as the company grows. 3.It also provides seamless processing from the central computer to all those associated with the company.

As a rapidly growing Company, Compumatrix has implemented a server for use now and have the ability to incorporate future discoveries. We are blessed to be associated with a futuristic company. Compumatrix Networks International is a cryptocurrency, multifunctioning income-generating company in a class by itself.

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Having been a server myself, that is the first thought I had as well, Carmen. But I DO know too that computers can be servers and are as much needed and appreciated (probably more so…lol) than someone who brings your food. Although if you are starving, you are pretty happy to see those types of servers too!!

  2. this is such an intriguing read — spent better part of 45 years in the Food Service Industry — but as I learn in the computer part of my life — servers are so essential to everything and every part of my computer and now after 15+ years with Compumatrix — each part of what we do is — Yes that Important !! great read and posting — rj

  3. Thank you Carmem, Good information about servers,It is true that servers are a very important system of computers, they provide information from one computer to another,server is an IT infrastructure,we are all very happy to be a part of compumatrix International, company implement their own server.

  4. Much enlightenment. It’s amazing as to how servers put companies like compumatrix to the next level in technological advancements especially in the 21st century. Servers like the one that compumatrix recently acquired is a blessing due to the large loads of information both in the inflow on outflow and most importantly the storage of key data and information critical to a company’s growth and survival.

  5. Thank you, Carmen for that very detailed definition of the word “server” in the computer world. As with anything in this area, this too is very complex and covers many different areas and purposes. It is so good to know that Henry and his people always think about the future and have the business’s interests covered if there are changes or more things need to be added or whatever reason could pop up!

  6. Carmen, thank you for the clarification on servers. Browsers, clouds, servers, etc……, all meant something different in the world before computers and advanced technology. Now, children are born already equipped to immediately grasp today’s terminology and technology.
    I am glad to know the definition of a server so that I can better understand the complexities of our Compumatrix business.

  7. As an account manager for a large telephony corporation, the CPU( central processing unit) was the server for all the telephones. It stored all the information, routed all the conversations, and a many more tasks. A server does that same thing only the compacity and speed is way beyond my pay grade. But having a reliable server is a whole new subject that could take pages to explain…however with the personal at are at the helm of this ship, things are in great shape.

  8. It’s truly astounding just how much Compumatrix has grown, isn’t it? Your description of all the functions a computer “server” delivers is very comprehensive. It really brings it home to realization that this company is becoming more independent by the day, and the new server lends a solidity to its foundation that is reassuring!

  9. This article is very useful especially for those who are not very savvy in technology and technical means. Wow, Compumarix is implementing a satellite server. Hope it works smoothly. In our business, it is very important to have a reliable and stable connection. This new server will be a real help for us.

  10. Thank you Carmine for the very informative article. I now have a better understanding of the purpose of a server. It explains how the things we know and have learned all fit together in an easy way for me to understand. Now that Compumatrix has joined the big league it reminds me of the words, “to infinity and beyond”.

  11. Nicely said. The world of technology can be challenging too understand. Compumatrix’s satellite driven server will give us flexibility, independence, fast, secure communication and the ability to pivot when the occasion arises. The right platform for our global business!

  12. I agree with you Carmen when you say a server can be used for different things. We can all have a conclusion for all different words and you can get an argument that a particular word cam mean many things. The word server in this instance prefers to computers and how it is used. Thank you Carmen for explaining this to us.


  13. A server is very critical ingredient especially when it comes to a futuristic, eco-system whale like Compumatrix, due to the critical information going into and out of the server to keep the company running. I look at a server like the heart of a company. Without the heart, the company cannot survive! The flexibility a Server provides for a growing company to evolve is bliss especially where it concerns discoveries that will enable the company to get to the top of the food chain!

  14. Well said Carmen and much appreciated. This information clarified many things for me and I’m sure for many others. I now see servers as a vital part of any business to be successful. With Compumatrix having its own server, this should propel the company to a lever beyond imagination. All we need now is to follow well prepared steps by our leaders and accomplish whatever we want and in the process, help many people. Thanks.

  15. I n the English language the same word can mean different things when applied.Here a server is in the technology of computers, which will help us in our busines. It’s nice to know that Henry has got our own server to facilitate in our business Thanks Carmen for explaining in detail how they work.

  16. Compumatrix having its own personal server is how seriously Henry takes the word evolving to a new meaning and credibility for the Compumatrix business to really stand out as a beacon for others to follow.

  17. A very smart and important solution is to have a cloud based server these days. More and more companies choose this option.

    For example, an online business that is reliant on web based transactions will consider uptime as an extremely important factor. And a cloud based solution can guarantee a certain level of uptime

  18. Thank you, Carmen. I love how you explained all the ways the word server fits in. As you said, this futuristic company called Compumatrix now has its server, and the world is ours to explore and open to new eyes. To our families and friends who were nonbelievers will be so happy to see the buzz of our server. So much is opening or getting ready. It’s all fantastic.

  19. Thank you Carmen for enlightening us about what Server is and how does it work in computer language.We are very lucky to have our own server now in Compumatrix which will surely help us grow our business to great heights by the Will and Grace of God Almighty.

  20. Thanks Carmen for the details of our updating of the Compumatrix Server and some of it’s simpler points. To have your own server while may be an expense, it also gives you a higher level of control, and security.
    But, I however will have to study what a Satellite Driven server is, and may offer my own interpretation if this is interesting.
    Thanks again Carmen keep up the great posts!!

  21. Thank you Carmen for explaining about the Servers and dissecting out the the various parts and functions of a server.they play an integral part in functioning of the internet without which all will come to a halt. Very proud to learn that Compumatrix will have its own server thus not having to rely upon a third party server.

  22. How lucky we are that Compumatrix has its own server. Very forward thinking by Henry and co. Certainly means we do not have to rely on an outside source for all that vital information we need to run our business.

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