A True Fish Story

Let me tell you a fish story! But this one is true! In 2005, I had the privilege of living in Seattle for a couple of years near the Pacific Ocean. Every two years in that area, there would be a colossal salmon run of Pink Salmon. I would often go to a very long and wide pier jetting out into the ocean where hundreds of us, tried and dedicated well-experienced fishers, would gather. I am not sure where they were all from, but fishermen spoke different languages like Russian, Spanish, Italian, and English. 

We would get there just before dawn and start casting our jigs into the water from off the twenty-foot high pier into the pristine waters of the Pacific. Many times, we would cast out and come up empty as fishing does go. But when a massive school of Salmon came swimming by, it seemed like half of us fishermen had a fish on our line, and it was quite a boisterous, happy time!

If you have ever experienced having a three or four-pound salmon on your line, you know what I mean when I say, “you are now in a real fight!”. Salmon fight hard once they get hooked. It is such a thrill trying to catch them. Typically, we would fight them for about 15 to 20 minutes before becoming tired enough to get them in close to the pier. 

Finding the right bait or jig that the Salmon wants to strike takes a lot of trial and error. After hooking the fish, sometimes the Salmon was too fisty, and they would easily snap our line. Other times they would fight so hard they eventually slipped themselves off of our hooks. Landing a salmon was no easy feat. Not only did you have to reel them into the pier, but you also had to pull them up about 20 feet from the water to get them over the railing onto the dock. All this to say that when you finally had one in your hands, it was quite an accomplishment.

Whoops, one other thing I forgot to mention. The harbor seal! Yep! There was a 150-pound harbor seal that would hide under the water underneath the pier. He would be lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on any salmon that someone had on his line. Not only were we concentrating and struggling with reeling the Salmon in, but then as the fish got close to the pier, the pesky Seal would go right after it. With all the splashing and struggling commotion, you could hear people shouting in (Russian, Spanish, and other languages) Seal! Seal! The Seal is after your fish! It was hilarious!

I once had the “joy” of being one of the ones who’s fish the Seal had stolen. Just as I was reeling my fish near to the pier, he grabbed my fish in his mouth and headed out for deeper waters taking my whole spool of fishing line with him. As my line was zinging off of my spool, I hung onto my pole for dear life until my fishing-line finally snapped. Otherwise, the Seal would have taken my fish, my line, and my rod too with him!

Like landing a Salmon in seal territory, business and gaining wealth is anything far from easy! Sometimes it’s a constant struggle. Even if you are successful, no matter how well you think things are going, there will always be those who will gladly take your newfound wealth from you.

Ecclesiastes 5:11 says, “When goods increase, they increase who eat them.” 

What practical common-sense things can we do to safeguard ourselves if we come into any newfound wealth in the distant future?

1)Do not Broadcast any newfound wealth you might come into

(Here are some excerpts below that can be shared here from David’s CEO Corner Forum post called: Go SLOW, BE WISE, Do not boast of your Winnings). I encourage everyone to go back and read that, as our Forum is private only to members).

David said:

“STAY AS PRIVATE as you can, BE CAREFUL of who you confide in…..money does strange things to people who ordinarily seem to be just great.”

Make yourself as small as can be. By that, I mean, do not broadcast your earnings to everyone all around. 

No, you do not have to be cheap but avoid being flashy with your things. Do not flaunt your Blessings. 

Here is the best test idea I have received from years ago and the best I can give. Do your neighbors still see you as just the ordinary Joe or Sue. Maybe you upgraded your car or a few other furnishing but nothing that your credit card cannot afford or a bank loan could generate, but of course, you know it was neither of those, but they do not know unless you broadcast it everywhere.

 Be Wise, Be smart, be disciplined.

An odd thing, and one that is very depressing, is that there are predators out there that, once they even get an inkling of information that you might be wealthy, will become-Sue Happy. Then, the agencies will try to separate you from your $ by different, even legal means. “(End of David’s quotes)

2) Use Discretion.

The definition of Discretion is: “the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.” (Google)

In his forum post, David also mentions that the world is not what it once was, and many are no longer full of honesty, integrity, and reliability. Sad to say, even relatives! 

You and I can tell people about many things, but we need to ask ourselves: Do they need to know? And will this information affect and skew their judgment of us if they knew these things? And so it also goes for what we reveal in the discord room or anywhere online for that matter. We need to be wise in all we do and say.

3) Nobody can steal something if they don’t know where it is

Why do criminals rob banks? They know that money is inside. Why do thugs steal from innocent people and snatch their purses or wallets? They know that’s where all the money is. We safeguard ourselves and our loved ones by being as private as possible. It was not difficult for that harbor seal to spot his next meal on the end of someone’s line due to the fighting fish splashing around like crazy. He could even hear all the shouting noise from the fishermen over his head on the dock. Quietness is the best policy when it comes to money.

Is there a prize fish now nibbling on your line? Are you ready to reel in the big catch? I am! Yet all the while, we need to be aware of those slippery harbor seals lying in stealth just below the waterline. Half the battle is simply knowing they are out there.

I’ll leave you with these encouraging words that Jesus said to Peter below:

“Go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth, and you will find a coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.” (Matthew 17:27 NIV)

Do you sense that miracles are soon swimming our way?

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Beautiful story Jeff and I love the way you related it to Compumatrix and protecting ourselves from those who are less honest. People don’t realise that security their security begins and ends with them. It is so easy to want to become flashy when you have money but it is also extremely dangerous. So, remember guys protect yourself and your family by keeping your mouth closed and your mind away from the ‘I want everything’ mindset. Enjoy your funds, you have earned that right but do it slowly…..

    1. You said it Paula. Security does start and end with us in so many ways. We have had some good teachers here at Compumatrix with Gail, Jane, Erline and the BOD teaching us what we can do to keep things safe. Wonderful contributions on this by members too.

  2. Jeff, I know about those “seal thieves” stealing the salmon as we have to deal with them in the Columbia River and you are right sometimes they just take a big bite out of the middle of the Salmon and do it again and again. Once we caught a 9 ft. Sturgeon, talk about a fight, that fish pulled us all over the river before it tired out and we brought him to the surface along side our boat, of course we had to let it go, but it made a great fish story and memory. So sorry you lost your Salmon Jeff, thanks for your story.

    1. So you do know all about what it is like to sea those robbers of the rivers and sea do their thing. Never went fishing for Sturgeon before but have seen pictures of just how long and huge they can get. That must be quite a thrill to catch.

  3. Jeff has given given a perfect example of how we must exercise caution at every moment of our lives. Times are dangerous and “seals” are waiting to snatch what we catch.
    Somehow, people manage to find out whom to attack and where to steal from. It is human nature to show off our new lifestyles to the rest of the world – to feel more important in our society. Under present circumstances, we must speak less and always stay alert.. Therein lies our safety .

    1. Yes Raju. And once those predators do find out there the food will always be, they just stay in that spot waiting for the right opportunity. It’s amazing to see the examples of many of the richest people we know, still driving their old car and wearing the same clothes. Even though we know they are rich, they have a humility about them no flaunting it.

  4. Jeffrey, you reminded me of when we traveling Alaska and had the pleasure to fish Salmons up there. So yes have ever experienced having a three or four-pound salmon on your line and we had to stop every day when we reached our daily limit. Yes, Salmon fight hard, but it was worth it. Like you we also lost several of them., but we never had to struggle with a Seal.
    I am also prepared to keep very private once we get there with our business.

    1. So you know exactly what I am talking about Gitta. It was hard enough not only to bait the salmon, reel in the salmon, but then try and pull it away from the mouth of a hungry seal…..Although I must say, that seal would spend much of his morning steeling our salmon so I don’t think he was actually too hungry, but rather I think he was usually stuffed ! LOL

  5. My wife spent some time in Seward, Alaska and often went fishing on a boat in the bay with officers from Elmendorf Airforce base in Anchorage on the weekends. The officers paid $10 each into a pot, gambling for the biggest fish caught, and the winner got the money. My wife hooked a 21 lb. ling cod on one of those trips, to keep from losing the fish she straddled the pole and screamed for help. The captain stopped the boat, and brought the fish in with a gaff hook, the biggest catch of the day. My wife acquired a nickname that has stuck with her, we call her the “crotch fisherman.” True Story!

    1. That story is too funny. Another true fish story ! It’s funny how that happens on a fishing boat when someone catches the biggest fish. I found out that most of the other people on the boat just get kind of jealous of that person and it doesn’t make them so happy. Even in those little things like a $10 bet, you see all the competitive side of humanity.

  6. Jeff, Very interesting article,You have given a very good example,I’m not saying bad  to anyone, but there are good and bad in the world,we have to be very careful,sometimes there are friendly enemies, we need to be very careful of them,may God protect us all in the business of compumatrix.Amen

  7. Very interesting and helpful article thank you Jeff.I agree we need to be very discreet when it comes to our earning money.As we can never tell who is happy and who is jealous about it.
    Best is keep a low profile,and buy things which are not too expensive,to be on the safe side.

    1. Good advice Ali, keep a low profile,and buy things which are not too expensive, I always say moderation is good thing to do.

    2. Spot on Ali. Just as I was mentioning to Robert above, you don’t know when other’s become jealous of your success. Even if they are family like relatives, they can harbor ill thoughts towards you. Best to now be paranoid of course, but always to be cautious and wise as we can be.

  8. A good analogy Jeff and some good information in regards to your safe keeping of your wealth on every level. So often I have to remind myself that I too will have to watch what I say and do. Love my expensive toys.
    In addition to how we spend our funds we also must protect the most important storage systems we use i.e.: back-up drives, computers and any paperwork that includes passwords, and there are a lot of passwords.
    Pay attention to all that you have along with security protocols at all times. We all invested a lot of time and patience to get “well” in our lives, let’s work to keep it!

    1. You could not have said this better and stressed this most important truth about all of us doing all that is in our power to keep things safe and secure. When wealth increases so they increase that eat them. If that can’t find it, they can’t steal it. We can never make thinks too secure when it comes to money.

  9. fun read Jeff — brings back memories of a kid with his Dad learning how just to fish — and learning not just how to bait the line for the type of fish — but also how to be Patient as you wait for the fish to hit your bait — as the years here have moved forward the adaptations to meet the changes — maybe that Salmon is ready to take the bait — and after it does make sure you miss the Seal under the dock — be wise and keep you to yourself — and enjoy the Catch of the Day —

  10. Yes, I do! Miracles abound in Lizaland, and I believe in Compumatrix, too. Jeff, you are a wonderful storyteller. Thank you for the reminder to be as private as can be in regards to our personal business. Nobody has to know anything we don’t want them to know. To me, this business is about sharing & inspiring humanity to thrive. And in that process, remembering self-respect is number one. Thank you for another gem of a story!

    1. Of course we can share of our success with Compumatrix, but we should never tell anyone of amounts. No one needs to know. As most couples don’t even tell their close relatives about their finances, why would others need to know.

  11. Jeff, your blog suggests good advice in protecting what we’ve spent years creating. There’s always someone who is looking for an easier route to their own finances and it is those we must protect ourselves from. One small correction to your fish story. In Washington state there are no piers that project into the Pacific Ocean. There are jetties but those are constructed of stone, like the one at the mouth of the Columbia River. However, between Bellingham and Olympia, “inland saltwater”, there are perhaps 60 piers like what you described. Those would be located in the Strait of Juan DeFuca, the Salish Sea or Puget Sound. If in proximity to Seattle it would be Puget Sound. 

    1. Thanks for the explanations Windorn. The actual pier we were fishing off of was right in Federal Way about 1/2 hour south of Seattle. So the Puget Sound inlet, and not the Pac Ocean like you say.

  12. We have to admire the valiant fight the fish give to stay alive and also the seal who has to eat to also stay alive. Fishing for sport is not the best sport, but fishing for food again serves a useful purpose. With compumatrix activities that serve to support its members in many ways is also a useful purpose. Also thank you for the very useful tips on how to safeguard your weath – low key – be the person you always were!

    1. You bring up an impotent point about fishing for food. My wife and I had just moved back from overseas and I did not have a job yet. So it was so amazing to be able to catch all the salmon meat that we needed. It was also blackberry season there in Washington and we had our fill of those too. Wonderful to just live off the land at that time.

  13. I have been deep sea fishing a time or two and on lakes in a motor boat at times, but I never took to it as something I really wanted to do more of. I guess I feel sorry for the fish in their struggle to be free.
    I do like the analogy of the harbor seal trying to steal the fish from the fishermen as it relates to human predators trying to steal wealth from others. I will stay low key and keep my new wealth private when our assets come to fruition.

  14. This fishing tale makes a fascinating blog Jeffery. It is aptly applying the hiding seal story to protecting our finances, in the coming days. Yes, blessings of income will be forthcoming from our patience and consistent efforts. I am genuinely looking forward to a great benefit. We receive what we work (fish) for, be it from a brick and mortar business or a digital crypto business online. Our faithfulness generated the income, our diligence to security protects said income.

  15. Thank you, Jeffrey Becoming wealthy for some can be a struggle. If you’ve never had it, you go crazy. You see it with lottery winners every day. That’s why I’m glad we have this place to learn. It’s all a struggle, but Compumatrix will reward us for our work we do and our patience. Every day is a day closer. That’s the way I look at it. We all know the struggles, and we can’t stop nature, but we are heading in the right direction.

    1. A struggle of faith and patience as you say and we know that it will all be worth it in the end. I think the most rewarding things in our lives are not the things that came super easy to us, but those things that we struggles and fought for, and finally came through victorious in the end.

  16. Always better safe than sorry I heard about a lottery winner that had over 250 bank accounts and he had won 250 million and said he went bankrupt within a couple years… so in the interview they ask him how that was possible and believe it or not he said the banks stole most of it through fees and transfers and such unbelievable. Be very low profile if your lucky enough to even have a million.

  17. Thanks for the heads up on that story ckerflag. Yeah, the banks are not some super righteous organization either. Where man is involved, there can be that corruption. How often have we heard that story of Lottery winners who wish they never won in the end when seeing just how complicated and dangerous their lives became. Lord may it never be.

  18. I can relate to your story quite well as I was raised pretty much on the west coast. We would go fishing, crabbing and swimming every summer. It was fun and as you said there was always a predator just waiting to grab your prize. One summer we were moving my brothers houseboat to a better location on Puget Sound. Just for fun I threw a line in the water thinking I wouldn’t catch anything, but suddenly a Salmon hit my line and it must have flown 20 feet in the air. It was so beautiful it made me catch my breath. Needless to say I quickly let him go but that picture has always stayed in my mind.

    1. Totally thrilling to see them break water like that Maxine. It’s glorious. I love it. When I fish now at my local river, I just let the fish go. At the time I was fishing for Salmon we actually needed some food and income. Now I enjoy just taking a selfie with the fish and setting him or her free.

  19. Nice read Jeff. I have fished for salmon but out in the waters in a boat, no fighting the seals for the salmon, just the pleasure and fight to reel them in.
    Do they taste good, my favorite fish. I live in Texas now, every spring I look for the Copper River salmon from Alaska in the stores, it’s the best with its dark, rich meat. ‘Quiet’ with your earnings and bank account are key, very hard in this day and age to know who you can trust, unfortunately thinking you can’t trust anyone is your safest bet.

  20. Jeff has a knack of writing which is at once hilarious as well as thought-provoking. He writes about salmon. About his fishing adventures. How it is very difficult to make a catch. And how, after making a catch , a seal may come from nowhere and steal your fish.This is an analogy . It is a lesson for Compumatrix members not to flaunt their wealth when it finally comes.

  21. Thanks for the good advice, Jeffrey Phelps. I will be very discreet and not advertise what I have. I hope all Compumatrix members will protect the company and its members as much as possible. Interesting fishing story, and even though I do not know much about fishing, I like your way of connecting to the protection of the company and what we have created over the years.

  22. I like this blog. There are many fish in the sea and we have to wonder which are friendly and which ones are greedy and can’t stand to see anyone get better than they are. some fish are big and some are small but, the big ones always want more no matter what they already have. We have to step back and look at our friends and pair them off and find true friends and keep our fortune safe.

  23. You said it perfectly Mary. There are those that will use their wealth for the good of people and humanity in the world. Then there are those who have wrong intent in their hearts and want to just get more and more not caring who gets hurt by them taking it. Sad truth but it’s a reality. I am thankful for all the good and great people in our group here in Compumatrix.

  24. Thanks for the story Jeff and the reminders. I believe that those of us who have stuck with Compumatrix since the early days are kind, generous, hard-working people who want to help others. However, the reminder to be careful, in what we say and how we present ourselves is important because of those who represent that seal. Recently I have been caught out by buying presents from Facebook adverts and when they eventually arrived were nothing like what had been advertised. When I did a google search on the company, I found seven pages of complaints by others who had been deliberately scammed. It was sad but for many soul-destroying, but it was deliberately done and without an ounce of regret or remorse.
    Be careful out there.

    1. Yeah. So sad to say that there are people out there, as we can almost see daily in the Discord room. who have made a full time living out of scamming people. The few that fall to the scams are enough to keep their little enterprises going. Nice to know that for about 15 years now, Compumatrix has proven itself not to be a scam. There is no doubt about that.

  25. I like the advice you mentioned from David regarding some rules for sudden wealth. I think common sense will keep me guarded and diligent when the time comes. I lost a fortune many years ago for lack of discipline and reckless spending. I am not the kind who is discreet, so no problem in advertising my new acquired wealth. I am waiting for the time Compumatrix is launched into the world and receive the fruits of long years of preparation and waiting.

    1. Sorry to hear about your losses Aida. You are obviously so much the wiser for it now and all that happened to you in the end will work out for the good.

  26. this is such great read and knowing what i have learned over 45+ years of work n biz participation — this is so true in many many facets of not just Compu biz — and so much truth in staying within yourself if or when you win the lottery grand prize — keep you simple and small in everybody elses’ eyes — jmho –thanks JP

  27. Great advice, Jeff. There are so many members that have waited and contributed so long toward what should end up being a great financial success. We should all be very careful to protect what we have worked so hard to accomplish. We are living in a time that it is so easy to lose what we have worked so hard for just by not being careful. Don’t flaunt what you have or you may not ever get the chance to share it with others. Your method of communicating this is entertaining and effective at the same time.

    1. That’s a really good point William. Cover, keep secret, guard all that you have so that you will have plenty to give to others. I know that God himself would honor all our efforts if we all had that kind of an attitude.

  28. Great Blog Jeff, you have provided a excellent example of how we must exercise caution in every moment of our lives, times are dangerous and “seals” are waiting to snatch what we catch. It amazes me how people manage to find out who to attack and where to steal from. During these present circumstances, we must speak less and always stay alert so we can hold on to what we catch and not allow it to be stolen.

    1. I hear you Paula. We need to speak less and adopt a kind of quiet confidence that we know where we are and know what we are doing. I am amazed at what people broadcast about their possessions and things. Not so smart.

  29. Hahaha, I loved your story. Never seen a salmon nor a seal (only on TV) but I can feel the emotion like if I were standing next to you.
    I can picture those pesky seals doing their thing and robbing from those tired fishermen.
    So, Shhh! don’t let them know you are here. Now I’m talking about another type of “pesky seal”, Thanks for the tips on how we should be cautious and not be the fool in the open.

    1. One thing I didn’t mention, was that there were a few times that the pesky seal went after my fish, but I was able to real it and jerk it away from his jaws. What a scene that all was. The worst part is that the seal would go underwater and you couldn’t see him until he surfaces to bit your fish.

  30. Thank you for your well-written blog post Jeffrey The metaphor you are using to protect our assets from being stolen is spot-on. It is very important not to show anybody that you are growing some wealth because the next day some people will be at your front door. Tax collectors, people who offer you investment opportunities, or so-called friends who have a financial problem that you can help with. I don’t want to draw any attention if Compumatrix open the doors.

  31. Edwin. Sounds like you got your head on straight and will go forward operating in wisdom. Glad you mentioned the tax collectors and the investment scam folks. Of course we all want to pay out taxes, but not much more than we have to. The scammers are already upon us as you can already see in discord. We all just need to be aware.

  32. What I get from the blog is that there may be members within Compumatrix that are like salmon in that sometimes one may have to fight with them for about 15 to 20 minutes before someone becomes tired enough to come close to the pier. But because the member may have either bragged about how much they own are struggled and fought to hard against advice that may have been offered, the unsuspecting member becomes engulfed by the seal. It has happened. You are right to advise everyone to be careful.

  33. Yes Sherri. We cannot be more careful when it comes to money and keeping it secure. That’s why people have safes in their houses and the banks have safes. I don’t like to see anyone struggling against management. It just doesn’t work.

  34. I think about the story and I think simply, “the seal gets the steal.” So it is wise to be smart and take the proper steps to not let the big fish get away.

  35. I just read another article that talked about Salmon, and the way this article illustrated Salmon was in the same way the other article did. I think in every business there are going to people that only and working to benefit themselves when really they need to be working to benefit the whole company.

  36. You spelled it out exactly camchictb. Unfortunately, we do have those few even in our bunch that would rather make a quick buck for themselves by selling our assets low on the DEX. It hurts everyone as a whole. Thankful that the new CDAP will not allow most of that anymore.

  37. I love reading this great blog and then at the end with the reference to Peter and the coin in the mouth of the fish — just gotta smile a bit and we are so close imho to going over the line of Biz and keep doing the basics of our Biz and stay Patient and stay our course — keep Faith — and for me keep learning — great read —

  38. This story is funny when you look back on it all and realize how crazy it was. But at the time, there were a lot of folks on that dock who not only went home without any salmon, but had to go and buy a whole new spool of fishing line. Those harbor seals were so stealth until they struck….And so it is with online thieves. We need to do all we can to secure our presence online.

  39. It is funny that in order to stay safe, healthy and comfortable, we cannot attract attention. Life is the only show, whose protagonist needs to stay out of the spotlight to do his performance well.
    Excellent advice in this post, thanks, I will take them in my thoughts. Thank you.

  40. Under the radar is the only way to go. If you can get so much done in secret, why risk danger. The more attention we draw to ourselves makes things more difficult in my opinion. Work done well, and work done quietly seems to be the best in the end.

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