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About Me, NWM, MLM, and What I Do Today

Being the mother of 5 children was challenging. I met this challenge with lots of love and tears. I was a young mother, so I grew up with my children. I loved and love being a mother though it was tuff at times. I am proud of who they are today.

I will go back to 1972 to begin my story of how I started in my Network marketing business. My fourth child was born in October 1972. When he was five weeks old, I had a gall bladder attack. Not being a person who ran to doctor for every little thing I did not go right away. I said this too shall pass. The attack started on a Friday, and the pain was intense. Still, I made it until Sunday, and my husband called my mother to come to look after the children, and he took me to the hospital. I had to have emergency surgery for a gangrenous gall bladder. My surgeon told his nurse the day I went to have my staples removed, that I was the one he thought he had lost before he started working on me.

After the delivery and the surgery, I started having some medical issues and was so fatigued. My fifth child was born in January of 1974; I had surgery the day after he was born and major surgery when he was a year old, after a year of constant pain. My health issues became worse as I looked for help, and I had no energy, thus began more doctor visits, but no one could determine what my issues were. In the summer of 1974, I woke as I did every day in great pain and fatigue. I leaned back on the bed and cried out to God. I said Lord if it’s my time I am ready to go if not I need you and I need what comes from you. The next day a friend from Florida came to see me. He knew about my issues and brought some products for me to try. Within a couple of days, I could see a difference in my body. Those products changed my life. They came from a network marketing company. There was such change in me that people were asking what I did and where to get the products. I looked so alive and walked with strength and stamina and no pain. I was also losing weight. I sold over a thousand dollars of product in a month. My friends encouraged me to sign up to be a distributor. I had so much fun doing that business. I felt good, made many friends that I am still friends with today, and I travelled in the USA and out. Such happy a time. As it happens with MLM and NWM companies, our company sold, and the marketing plan changed, and they started changing products, so they did not work the same. This, of course, was the beginning of the end for my group in 1997.

The concept of an MLM: multilevel marketing or NWM: network marketing is excellent. The reality is that these companies promoting products through this means, need to make a profit, so the mark-up of a product has to be higher than most brick and mortar stores. There are differences in an MLM or NWM company. A brick and mortar company sells direct to their customers. An MLM or NWM company markets through a network of people, and allows any person with a desire to make an income, have an opportunity to do so. For you to begin with an MLM or NWM company, you will find that a start-up fee or cost of launching your business is different. Some prices are higher than others. Other than the initial cost, the other things you will need to do is the same for all MLM and NWM make your business profitable are:

1. You must put money up-front to start.

a. Purchase your company’ product

  b. Set up your online web site.

c. Setting up your home office space.

  desk, telephone,computer, fax and copy machine

 2. Determine how much time you will expend each day

to grow your business.

3. You must get customers to buy your product.         

4. You get distributors who will duplicate what you do.

 5. You must be consistent in what you do each day because your group grows and moves as fast as the leader.      

Many distributors get discouraged for various reasons and will drop out of your organization. The bottom line is that you must retain customers, and you must maintain distributors since they are the stabilizing force of your business and income. You must continually be recruiting and getting new people all the time. Through the years, I have worked several of these types of companies. Only one company became a real money maker for me. I still purchase quality products from companies from time to time. Maybe I will write more on this later. From my experience, this is a simple break down of how the Multilevel and Network Marketing companies work.   

The company I am now associated with is not an MLM nor an NWM style, nor is it a brick and mortar. It is a company that is bringing digital technology and cryptocurrencies to the world. I have full belief and trust; they will revolutionize the concept of doing business. Their motto is to Engage. Enrich. Enhance Life! Compumatrix International.

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. what a great read on some history in the land of business pre-computer pre-internet — face to face biz that grew exponentially with effort and meetings and different products — from health products to insurance to many other types — I do know from personal experience as I worked my primary jobs in younger years I ventured into probably 6-7 different network companies and never once made a dime — but I learned so much from the experiences — just like selling or actually not selling timeshare back in the day — great stuff thank you —

  2. Excellent work, Carmen. You lead us through your younger years of childbirth; the challenges of learning about business and the varying ways to earn; and then finally to the current company with which you are involved. This experience has moulded you into who you are today – armed with the learning of the past; and applying it all to the now.

  3. Our first venture was in network marketing with the BIG company. I don’t need to use any names here. We went to the meetings and listened to the speakers talk about success. We didn’t want to believe that it took all 2,000 people in the room to give that person onstage the income level they bragged about. It was an experience that was fun while we were involved. We are glad we found something else.

  4. I just have to reply since Cathy and I sat through those meeting together as long as we could endure. I remember listening to a tape about how the payments in that industry were structured. The structure was not based on spreading the wealth but on motivating the crowd. While they were being motivated, the people in the front of the room made most of the money.

    This is why I will hold onto Compumatrix to the best of my ability. I hope you see the light!

  5. As a single mom, I wanted to enjoy the freedom to raise my daughter. I thought real estate would give me the luxury of arranging my scheduling around my daughter’s school, ballet, soccer, camp, however it became more hectic. Thankfully, I found a MLM, that introduced me to a network of friends, which led me to personal development and eventually Compumatrix. The seed that I planted for financial freedom grew into something far better than a MLM or NWM. Thank you Compumatrix!

  6. Thank you Carmen for sharing a little bit about yourself while tying it to Compumatrix. I think it was nice to read an article about a fellow member in this company. I often forget how many people are coming together each day to make this company function. As much research as I can do about the members in this company to better understand what this company is about and why the people in this company do what they do, will never be the same as hearing first hand from members of the company about themselves. Thank you again for sharing a part of yourself on this platform through this post!

  7. Thank you for your story Carmen…..the biggest point I’m thinking is that through all your experiences you regained your health and to me that is priceless!!! Networkmarketing offers many benefits plus it is hard to beat most of the companies start up costs vs starting a brick and mortar company. I too am in a company for our health, and I have many distributors who are higher up the ladder than I am, so not always the first in are at the top – basically it is those who work the hardest. Now, here’s to Compumatrix!

  8. What a wonderful story!
    I found it both very educational and emotional. I was also in the MLM business before I joined Compumatrix (or pointshare extreme I think it was named back then) and it was almost impossible to make any money from it..
    Wish to hear and read more stories like this 🙂

  9. I was in several MLM companies and actually did pretty good in one of them but they do go by the way side. I was so glad when I found compumatrix which I have always had a real good gut feeling about this company especially since it was not MLM and right away I felt the sincerity and the heart of Henry and I knew after speaking with him several times he was down to earth visionary and for real.

  10. When it comes to needs in raising a family, this type of business can become handy and bring an income.
    I know many how took themselves into these types of business ventures, but not I for it involved a one to one approach in presenting the product and trying to make a sale.
    But for me, Compumatrix has a different method even though it involves engaging but in a different manner.

  11. still am remembering the older days of these types and also am appreciative of the part that I found some good health enhancers back as a kid and have been enjoying the good health mostly and I attribute part of that health to the Vitamins and other things that I was first exposed to in mlm back in the mid 70s while still in high school — I have time today to ponder and look back and that is fun to a point lol thank you —

  12. Thank you Carmen for your personal story.
    I think we join MLM and NWM companies for either the products or the money, less people are successful with the latter, basically only those on the top of the pyramid, the payment plan is usually structured like that.
    As so many here I as well tried a couple of them and it was definitely not for me, but similar to others I found at least one life changing product. We learn from experience.

  13. Very good article Carmen! I also worked for an MLM company once. Its focus was also on natural products. At that time I was introduced to the company by a college friend. What really made me join that company was the quality and effectiveness of the products, so much so that I disregarded the MLM part of the business because I was very happy to sell the products and see the benefit they produced in people’s lives. Over the next few years, I participated in several MLM opportunities, mainly online, but nothing worked as good as that and I lost a lot of money.

  14. I, too, was an MLM investor and distributor involved in numerous companies. I can’t begin to calculate the thousands of dollars I spent to purchase products and attempt to resell them over many years. The realization finally hit me, after years involved and many dollars spent, that I am not a candidate for ‘saleswoman of the year’.
    A friend found this up and coming company several years ago and after much convincing, helped me join. Today, I am still with that company and very proud to be a part of this ever changing, ever growing company called Compumatrix.
    This is what I was looking for all of those years, trying to find my niche in the world of online home business that I could embrace, support, find true friends in, and one that nurtures help and hope for the future of mankind.
    Thank you, my friend Delores, for your encouragement and friendship. I know you are watching from the heavens above and are happy to see Compumatrix as it is today and in the future.

  15. Carmen I was so excited to read your blog. Compumatrix is not a MLM it is something so much more and will change how cryptocurrency marketspace is run. I too have sold and purchased products from MLM companies. It makes me happy to help my friends out and support the products that they put their time and effort behind. Helping them financially is also a win especially when I love the products!!

  16. Thank you Carmen for sharing your life story. Many of us have been associated with the MLM  and NWM companies and some succeeded and some did not. And now we are all moving towards a brighter future in the form of compumatrix.Where we meet every day as a family members. 

  17. Carmen Prevatte your article made me feel like at ease knowing that we are all humans in this company trying to change the world. Every little guy contributes to this company and makes an impact on the successes and non successes. I am proud to be surrounded by amazing people who have persevered through life struggles to get to where they are today.

  18. Carmen,nice post.I have lost a lot in MLM Schemes and In several High yield investment programs each time thinking that I will recover my money .Was attracted by Grow rich fast ideas not realizing that they were all Ponzi schemes/projects that the late comers made early birds rich and them holding a beggars bag.Left with losses which were of fairly high magnitude for a lot of us. Till we /I found Compumatrix and have stayed in it through thick and thin and am anticipating rewards for my Patience,Trust and Belief in the system and the tireless unselfish work being done by the Founder and all the Admin, BOD and am very thankful.Looking forward to enjoy the fruits of my/our Patience Trust and Faith

  19. I enjoyed reading this, Carmen. It was well-written and relatable. Taking us through your journey of being a young mother of a large family and then having surgery while your kids were still young must have been a challenge but then getting better with the help of nutritional products brought great relief. With a great testimony like that, it was no wonder you did so well in MLM. Am glad Compumatrix is not an MLM and that we don’t need to keep recruiting people to keep this company alive, what a relief!

  20. yeppers coming back here and reading this great blog and the replies and over the last week or so memories of the 70’s n 80’s were brought back some things I just had plum forgot — but going thru these blogs and learning and researching — it is great way expand — thanks again Carmen great read thruout —

    1. I hear you I just got a chain letter in the mail I have not seen one of them in years since the 80’s what a shocker. I actually use to do them and made some money to, not a lot but a profit. My first one I was 14 and my aunt gave it to me I made profit on that one to. This one I got I will not pursue it is much more complex and very expensive and they do all the work blah blah blah don’t trust them this day and age.

  21. Thank you, Carmen for taking us through your journey as a young mother of five struggling with health challenges. How wonderful that you were restored back to health while at the same time learned the business and meet new friends. I, too, was in this type of business for many years, and my focus was more on the products/supplements and their medicinal benefits. I would listen more intently to the health seminars than to the payplan. I can say I have learned so much about health and wellness through my association with different MLMs or NWM.

    On the other hand, the new business that we both are in today is altogether different. Perhaps, this time I need to listen intently to the playplan so that I can continue to purchase the supplements for my health and wellness.

  22. I am sorry that you had to suffer through all the pain around the births of your children, particularly in 1972 and 1974. I know people who have had issues with gallbladder and I know that they described it as being a very painful experience. I have had appendicitis as a young parent so I can understand some of what you must have gone through. Luckily, I had my parents to help take care of my children at the time. I was soon able to recover and return to work.

  23. I would love to invest in a really good massage chair. There are times when I believe it would help to relieve body aches without having to resort to medication. I believe that certain types of oils such as hemp oil could be beneficial to help relieve pain.

  24. Great story Carmen,You dealt with health problems,in many blogs I read about the problems of different lives,Carmen how hard did you sell your product,we are all involved in some work,compumatrix businesses have given us the real way,we all want to move forward in life with compumatrix business,looking for a better future.

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