Anything is possible with Faith

I was struggling with a decision while knowing others would be significantly impacted. I was listening to my inner voice, challenging me to let go of everything and start over. I was acting on that decision and living through the void of uncertainty. I was following my intuition, no matter the difficulty.

It was a warm Midwest day when I had everything packed into my little car. I was headed south on the freeway while driving to my brother’s home in Missouri. Then, onto a friend’s house in Alabama. Florida was my final destination. The temperature was 80 degrees on the 20th of November 2003. 

The road offered an opportunity for much needed quiet and therapy to deal with and heal through a painful breakup. Alone with my thoughts, I could think through much of the triggers and pain that had transpired. It would be the most powerful shift in my life. 

Missouri was beautiful with jagged rocks immerging from the greenery on very windy roads. It was so scenic and full of trees. It felt very wholesome and healthy to be immersed in Mother Nature. Although invited to live with my brother’s family, I had this inner urge pushing me to continue on my southern path. The earthen beauty of Missouri nearly seduced me to stay.

Driving from one state to another, I was accompanied by hawks often during my 1800 mile journey. Observing a hawk fly brings me a feeling of strength and confidence and is an intellectual message to stay alert. Commanding the vastness from the higher perspective yet capable of focusing on the smallest creatures below this powerful winged creature shared an imaginary conversation with me saying, stay on focus.

Alabama, here I come! The moss growing on the trees and hanging mysteriously down to the ground sets an impressive stage, especially in the dewy mornings. Walking across the Edmond Pettus Bridge in Selma, I was ever mindful of the intent focus that existed in 1965 on that very structure. People were envisioning a new life and shifting civil liberties for themselves by taking action. The struggle and perseverance of humanity live in the history of Selma. The people there are very inviting and their food very rich and tasty.

I stayed for several months assisting my girlfriend in remodeling her home. Then car maintenance issues came calling, with tires needing replacement. And although Alabama seemed to carry an ere of a simpler life, it was time for me to continue my journey south. My finances were dwindling, and soon I would need to find employment.

The next stop on my journey was a friend in Northern Florida. While there, I took day trips to different parts of the state, asking the same question. Are you my new home? It so reminded me of my childhood and the book, Are You My Mother? The answer thus far was, no.

Florida’s beaches are trance forming with their light-colored, fine sand and pristine blue water. I continued driving into Southern Florida, where I had lived many years prior and connected with an old friend. She invited me to stay with her. Upon arrival, the tears fell down my cheeks, and I knew I was home. Finally, the uncertainty was over. I had my answer. I found what I was looking for; I found a home.

It was imperative at this point I get a job. I was tapping the bottom of my financial barrel, and as some would say, I went past the bottom.

I was enjoying all the beautiful blooming bushes and flowers and earthen smells of Florida. There was so much beauty everywhere. The parks and business properties manicured to a level I had never seen before. Tall ficus trees lined many properties. Unfortunately, after four days of getting myself acclimated to the city and bearings to the new streets, my friend changed her mind. She no longer wanted to have a roommate. Now with 25 dollars to my name, I was feeling some major tension. Not only did I need a job, now I needed a place to live too.

There was only one person left in my Rolodex in South Florida, and that person was just 20 minutes south of me. He lived in a beautiful high rise on the beach with the only choice to park my car was to valet it. He was a businessman who operated out of his home. Upon my visit, he ushered me to his balcony with a cold glass of water. He said he would be on the phone for a good hour or so. He asked if I would be happy, sitting overlooking the ocean at 17 stories up while he worked. But of course, I could find joy there. He handed me a Dale Carnegie book, apologized then disappeared into his office for the next several hours.

While awaiting him to finish his calls, I sat in total silence. I intentionally chose to envision my life the way I wanted it. There were no interruptions. When my thoughts went to places of negativity, I gently brought myself back to what I wanted in my life. I envisioned my home with lots of windows and lots of light streaming inside. The place was small. Maybe the structure was connected to another house by the outside wall. I had my personal entrance to come and go and could park my car right outside my door. My work would be of service to others. Perhaps I could be a companion to an older adult or work in a health food store while waiting to get my massage license in order.

These thoughts felt great. I repeated them over and over again in my mind. I kept adding little pieces to this imaginary picture. The picture was becoming real to me..

The ocean was calming. It was absolutely a beautiful day with crystal blue waters below and baby blue sky above. I could make out a huge stingray moving about in the water below. I sat comfortably gazing out into the horizon, envisioning and holding laser focus on all facets of my life being complete and peaceful. I would run this picture over and over again in my mind.

By the time my friend completed his calls and business, it was dinnertime. He invited me to dinner, and afterward, he wished me well with my endeavors. I did not have the compulsion to tell him I was without funds. I did have the conviction to figure this situation out on my own.

That night, the friend I was staying with, chatted about her neighbor. She was agitated; he was gone all the time and did not take proper care of his cats. I asked her to give him a call. Perhaps, I could stay at his home and take care of his pets. She felt I would be very uncomfortable in his home and described it as dirty and full of fleas. I repeated my request to contact him, so she called and left him a message.

The next morning when I awoke, I was determined to find immediate employment. I picked up the newspaper, then immediately put it back down. I wanted to spend time yet again to envision being happy with my work and focus on the position of my liking. Magically, there was a position available at a health food store nearby. I jumped in my car and headed out to that store. Sadly the job was already taken. The woman there suggested I try the Renaissance Fair. I had no idea what that was. I went there anyway. That position filled just hours ago, and the manager asked why are you asking for this type of job? Generally, it is transient people who ask for these positions. I thanked her and said I would continue to look and under my breath, said, you have no idea just how close I am. For a short moment, I lost focus. The woman at the health food store put my attention elsewhere, and my inner dialogue went with it. I started chasing possibilities instead of believing my vision.

On the way back to my girlfriend’s house, I pulled into a strip mall. Next to the grocery store was a small Mom and Pop’s Health Food store. I remember so vividly going into that business and the woman at the register saying, can I help you? After testing my knowledge, she asked how soon I could start working. My response was now.

Excitedly I returned to my girlfriend’s home. Her phone rang as I entered. It was the neighbor she had left a message for last evening. I told the man I was a friend of his neighbor and had just moved into town and needed a place to stay. I would be happy to live in his studio for the next two months and take care of his cats for free. He said certainly. Tell her to give you the keys.

The goodness coming into my life was overflowing. More was to come. That evening a woman who lived several houses down the street invited me over for a glass of wine. She lived in a beautiful home and was an executive in a big company. We chatted about many topics of interest. She was excited to introduce her two friends who were hairstylists and told me not to worry about getting my hair done. Wow, now that was a golden ticket. Towards the end of the evening, she asked me for my phone number, and I had to tell her I did not have a phone. She immediately wanted to give me a phone. I then had to say to her I had no funds to connect the phone. It was embarrassing. Knowing I was recently employed, she put me on her family plan. My cup was running over.

I turned everything around in 24 hours. I had a great job that I liked. I had a home that was three hundred feet away from the ocean and three hundred feet away from the Intercostal Waterway. I had a phone with a working service and new friends. I had two world-class hairstylists. It was a dream come true, and I received more than my vision held.

My new studio home was 450 square feet, with lots of sunshine coming through the windows. There was an exterior wall separating my space from the big house, and I was able to park my car right outside my door. It was exactly what I had envisioned on that balcony 17 stories up from the ocean. Two months later, the man I never saw came for his cats and moved his things out of the studio. I had just enough money to sign the lease myself.

The health food store was a treasure trove. It brought opportunities to build my home-based business with massage therapy and EFT Tapping. I became fully self-sufficient in the industry with the assistance of the manager of that store. She indeed was a gift from the Universe marketing my business for me.

Three years later, I moved out of that little space and was clearing through my things. I turned over a pair of shoes to see the condition of the heels. I saw the word FAITH stamped in capital letters into the bottom of each shoe. I sank back onto the floor tears were running down my face. I realized I had been walking on faith the whole time..

Sometimes we do not know how we are going to get through difficult situations. With faith and laser focus on our goalsanything is possible!

About the author

Alicia is a massage therapist extraordinaire of 30 years. She assists her clients by freeing them of physical and emotional discomfort. She is passionate about health and utilizing Energy Medicine(EFT Tapping) for releasing PTSD, anxiety, and pain! She has a Bachelor of Social Work degree, Massage Therapy Licensure, EFT Certification, and vast time spent in geriatrics as a CNA. Her passion for cryptocurrency began with her introduction to Compumatrix.
She loves the outdoors and staying fit!


  1. Loved reading this blog, Alicia. Your spirit of faith and determination shone through, despite all the roadblocks that were placed in front of you. You never gave up and something tells me you never will. That sticktoitiveness carried you through to be able to open your home business which I can see is very important to you too!! Kudos!!

  2. My heart connected to your very special story, Alicia! With faith directing you, all your desires you kept picturing slowly evolved into reality for you! So beautiful! This is something I too, try to use all the time in my life – detailed pictures in my mind along with detailed plans to bring forth those thoughts into my real time world. This also attracts to me the people who will lift me up higher and also learn from, as with our Compumatrix family!

    1. Alicia, this is a good article blog written to read. It was the title which got me to stop and read it. The word faith is strong and appealing and we all have our own faith we live through which effects our lives. I was able to tie this in to the blog about ripples and the things you are able to do to have that which is important to return to you

  3. Walking on Faith like walking on air! It’s amazing what you can do when you do not allow the distractions. Your whole life was developed around that one day that you put so much energy into envisioning exactly what you wanted to do with your life. Every time you would get off course, you would pull yourself together and get back on track. This has been a great message for all of us to read.

  4. Congradulations on taking the steps into a new life Alicia.
    Kinda reminded me of when I returned to Australia from Ireland after I left it years ago at the age of 3. I felt like I was going home because I was born there but I only knew some of Dad’s friends and I had a fresh degree in my pocket and youth. Yes don’t forget youth. It makes you invincible.
    The one thing to my advantage was I was not afraid to take a chance and I think people I met noticed that as I was very positive.
    Again just like you, there were successful people who wanted me to win so they helped guide me in this big unknown ‘land down under.’
    And so I was blessed and made many friends and this is what is going to happen in Compumatrix with so many of us being able to see who needs help, notice their drive and their talent and make it happen for so many. What a way to weave through life, giving back and lending a hand where it is truly appreciated. Success in another person from the help that you give them is like another pay check. No not Crypto, or Fiat, but a currency that has a value all of it’s own. A feel good value that is far superior.

  5. How nice to see you overcoming so many challenges and finally reaching your destination, Alicia.
    Sticking to and fulfiling your objectives, despite all odds against you.
    It surely pays off to keep going and battling all the time.
    Our well-wishers in Compumatrix care for us and want the best for everyone.
    In good faith , we keep working and learning. The time has come to reap the rewards, as a new system is about to change lives for so many of us, very soon.

  6. Alicia…what an awesome, inspirational story! I was riveted while reading about your odyssey of envisioning your dream life, in detail and bolstered 100% by faith. This is exactly how it’s done successfully, as we are taught and as we look back on anything we’ve manifested successfully. You had the entire package: from your dream home to the unexpected dream job that turned into the dream businesses! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience! 🙂

  7. A poignant and heart rendering account of you struggle and succeeding in the end with your endless faith.The mere fact that you did not give up and had faith in yourself and your capabilities perseverance on your part against all adversities finally got your well deserved rewards.A very awesome recount for us all to read and thanks for letting us know and realize that with faith every adversity is surmountable.

  8. Awsome, Alicia! Your writing held my interest. My mind traveled with you through the beautiful areas, and your descriptions brought up memories from when I went through some of the same places. Your positivism and faith are a blessing to hear. Some doors closed on you, but those that opened were divinely appointed. Glad to have you with us in Compumatrix.

  9. This brings back a flood of memories back in my younger years not a care in the world I know I have a Guardian Angel, I was homeless a few times I even slept in my car for a month or 2 and took a bath in that beautiful FL ocean. I was not worried or fretting about anything just living on faith and it all worked out, sometimes if that is all you have left you just have to go with it. That is the reason I am still here with Compumatrix Faith

  10. Wow! Alicia that was a amazing article, it left me hanging on every word. It’s amazing that we walk by faith not by sight and anyone reading this will undetstand why. The life trip you took shows you ability to stick to your dreams, your faith and your willingness to regain your focus when you got off track should be an example to all of us.Thank you for sharing.

  11. Amazing story and so beautifully written, I couldn’t stop for a second until I finished it to the end. Have you been told you are a talented writer? From reading your story I could see you were never afraid what the future will be, you had a vision and being fearless; faith brought you to a happy sequence of events. Sometimes we sabotage our dreams and goals for fear of the “what ifs”. Your story teaches an amazing lesson of perseverance, faith and positive attitude.

  12. great read Alicia — the story of life at a time –i bet more than just a few of us reading this blog and part of Compu have traveled similar trails and have stories of so many blessings and Faith in your dreams and persistence and perseverance — just awesome how it all came together at a point — just a super read —

  13. Such a beautiful story of courage and faith, Alicia. As I was reading it, I saw many similarities in my own journey, and realize we all have a story when when it comes to faith, don’t we? We are never alone on that crazy road called the “unknown” and faith pulls us through…every time. I think you nailed it when you mention trusting our own intuition as a key ingredient. I’m so happy for you and look forward to seeing how our combined faith in Compumatrix will serve the World!

  14. Great blog Alicia . Yes there will be many ups and down in life , but the most important part is to never give up to find whats best for you . Like in your personal story they are most of the time friends out there giving you a hand during the difficult times we all go true sometimes during our life . Having the desire to archive your dreams made it possible for you to get what you really wanted and needed at that moment. Keep it up , you are on the right track .
    Personally i had to start over many times in my life and it all worked out at the end.

    1. These beautiful words, Positivity and Faith, make up an unbeatable combination. I am a firm believer that our minds control our destiny. How we think and what we want out of life is in our control. Observing people is a real lesson in life. Those with no faith, no passion, no vision, or those who are just plain negative can’t see goodness ahead.

      Those who never try to envision, as you did, the path they want will never move forward. These people stay in the same spot complaining about what a bum deal they were dealt in life, never realizing it is what they brought to themselves through their thinking.

      You are living proof of what can happen when you don’t give up. We are so proud to have you on our team here at Compumatrix. Maybe others need to write Faith on the bottom of their shoes, and then they too can walk right into their visions.

      By the way, your story would be a great movie!

  15. You said it with your own words, “The goodness coming into my life was overflowing. More was to come”. This is where Compumatrix takes us to the next level of our journeys. From what you have written, the path has always been put in front of you and it was up to you to take that next step. Distractions were also put in your path to test you and to test your determination. For you, the offer was to follow another chance instead of sticking with your goals. Either one would earn your income but you chose to stick with happiness.

  16. Woohoo to you! You have truly inspired me. What a wonderful true story of empowerment and faith. I love how you allowed, then you were guided to magical un-foldings. It is true that the outcome is sometimes better than we can image, like Compumatrix! Follow your heart and you will ‘follow your bliss’, as Joseph Campbell said.

  17. Good post and great stories Alicia. What a wonderful adventure you have had. It is one thing to talk about living by faith and walking by faith, but its a whole different ball game to actually do it and truly live by faith with NO sight. Walking by faith means that you can’t see the thing that you are hoping for. It is putting your faith and total trust in God and believing that He is ordering your steps to His perfect plan. You now have some excellent experience as a stepping-stone for your next adventure.

  18. Alicia, Thank you that was a great story of faith. I met Dale Carnegie, He was a funny man. He has such good uplifting books, Thank you for the inspiration I believe we all need some of that right now with all the uncertainty we are all going through its rough. But we do have a light at the end of our tunnel. Its name is Compumatrix.

  19. Thanks for sharing that life story, Alicia. I really like the point you made about taking time to envision what you want your life to be like. I think that is very important. Especially when you are at a point in your life when you know that you need to make changes but aren’t sure in which direction to go. It helps to focus on what matters most to you and then actually envision what you want you want in your life next. That way of thinking applies to every aspect of our lives, including our financial futures.

  20. Alicia, you have come through so much trauma and have always walked on the path of faith since I know you. It’s been an honor to be your friend and I look forward to being on this journey with you!

  21. Great story Alicia, thank you for sharing it with us.
    Faith will take you to places you never thought of for fear.
    And we all come to that crossroads where a decision must be taken.
    Walking in faith, and believing in thyself is a sure step to take oneself thru the road called life.
    Compumatrix awaits to those that wish to follows its venture.

  22. These beautiful words, Positivity and Faith, make up an unbeatable combination. I am a firm believer that our minds control our destiny. How we think and what we want out of life is in our control. Observing people is a real lesson in life. Those with no faith, no passion, no vision, or those who are just plain negative can’t see goodness ahead.

    Those who never try to envision, as you did, the path they want will never move forward. These people stay in the same spot complaining about what a bum deal they were dealt in life, never realizing it is what they brought to themselves through their thinking.

    You are living proof of what can happen when you don’t give up. We are so proud to have you on our team here at Compumatrix. Maybe others need to write Faith on the bottom of their shoes, and then they too can walk right into their visions.

    By the way, your story would be a great movie!

  23. this is inspiring to say the least to read the replies and read the blog a few times and put it into perspective of by never giving in and staying true and having Faith and trust and you just keep holding that Faith and each moment you get thru that and hold more of the trust and Faith — just dadgum inspiring and wonderful read — thank you —

  24. Alicia congratulations for your beautiful testimony and for sharing with us. Faith is a great companion in life! It makes us move forward and permanently exercise resilience. And it is with great faith and enormous resilience that we look forward to the great day when everything will start here at Compumatrix!

  25. You write beautifully and like Erline I would love to see you explore your gift. I would like to see you write books and screenplays as your story is compelling and no doubt you have many more inside of you, some you may not have discovered yet. I love your choice of words for it makes the reader feel like they are sitting there right next to you on your journey. One artist paints with a paintbrush; another paints with words, but both create things beautiful. Someday I hope someone writes the story of Compumatrix. Like your story it too is filled with faith, determination, resiliency, and most importantly a vision.

  26. I learned a long time ago that we have to walk in or on faith and trust in God. Your blog has touched me in a way no can . You should always keep the faith and keep writing because I think it will take you a long way. I will look for more blogs from you for me to read and in the mean time I will keep reading this one.

  27. Great blog Alicia, there are many of out here that can relate to being in the same situation and it is not easy to deal with some of the pratfalls that seem to be blocking the road. Growing up I was always about living today and not tomorrow. Like everyone I had dreams, mostly about being the first hockey play born in the U.S. Made it to a semi pro team just as Viet Nam was heating up. So, off to the Air Force I went.

    I was hungry and living in the streets when I signed up and put my faith in the military never worrying about what was going to happen tomorrow. I took it for granted and it all worked out. I was supposed to be shipped over to VN but my brother who was in the Army got his orders first and I was told to report to California and be shipped to the Philippines.

    Four days before I was to leave a telegram came informing me that I had been “bumped” off my flight and replaced by a Captain and rescheduled. Wasn’t concerned until I got to California and found out the plane the Captain took did not make it and was lost in the ocean off South East Asia. That was the first time I thought about having Faith. I was raised a Catholic and took to the local chapel to thank the Lord for sparing me.

    We all get down but with a strong group around you for support and believing that there is a purpose in life for you, helps reinforce your beliefs. Everything happens for a reason. Life is to be enjoyed. Live with yourself first and the rewards will come.

  28. Wonderful description of faith and focusing on things that matters! It is so easy to get stuck in what can’t be done, which is hindering your mind from finding ways to overcome difficulties. Not only are you a wonderful writer, but you inspire and tell us how to focus on getting our vision to fit in with our own business idea. Cryptocurrency business will will make BIG difference for self-employed all over the world.
    Thank you for your blog Alicia!

  29. If I am going to be honest, I battle back and forth with the word faith. I believe everything happens for a reason and if it is meant to be it is meant to be. Every obstacle put in our paths is like a test: we either jump over it or we fail and let it get the better of us. I like things black and white but sometimes there is a grey and I get caught off guard. I fully believe in Compumatrix, but I do not need faith to believe in Compumatrix. I have the facts: I know there are intelligent people backing the company, I understand how their business model is going to work, and I understand how Compumatrix is going to help people.

  30. Wow, what a truly inspiring story! I nearly had tears in my eyes as I found this to be very similar to some thoughts I’ve recently had about my own life and future. Knowing what I want as my “end goal” is something that I toggle with daily. I feel that I see myself somewhere in life, but then I also see myself in other places. I am often clouded by negative thoughts of how difficult reaching my goals may be and thus my motivation starts to weaken. Reading this gave me hope to not let the negative sway me from what I truly see my future looking like. The will, determination and faith Alicia had during those trying times is definitely that of greatness. Congratulations on your journey and reaching your goal!

  31. after reading the new blogs this morning had to come back and read here and see more of the replies and see how people see this great Blog — i gotta keep going back to realizing that not all look at each moment the same way — however in all honesty if we do not see the truth in front of us then ” keeping Faith” is almost futile — me being a numbers type because life has taught me numbers do not lie — but what if you have wrong numbers?? thats where Faith plays in the mix and knowing that you will get the correct numbers is my Faith — great stuff Miss Alicia —

  32. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Alicia. Faith is the strongest weapon against those adversities that seem insurmountable in our lives. Most of us are going through some kind of difficulty right now, and although obstacles may seem insurmountable at times, it is through faith that we find the strength to overcome them. And it is with great faith that we wait with patience, focus, and determination for the great start of our Compumatrix business activities.

  33. Exactly Alicia, anything is possible with Faith. In life sometimes we face challenges here and there. Imagine moving from one problem to a more complicated situation. And, no where to seek any solution! But, with faith and focus. Things rejuvenate back to the normal perspective. In the gift of life everything happens with a reason. More so, to give you the best option of living a better life rather than the worst outcome. God is always there for His people.

    Look at the current situation; Covid 19 pandemic. The whole world is so suppressed economically. People have lost their loved ones. Many giant companies are realizing losses on a daily basis. Some employees in the private sectors have lost their jobs. Some parts of the world; their citizens are starving with hunger. We really don’t know, when this pandemic is gonna end? So, everything is all about Faith and Believe. It shall come to pass.

  34. Thank you Alicia
    It would seem that the blocks in our lives come from our own unconscious fears and limitations. I have always had ‘trust’…(is that so different from Faith? ) that whatever changes or hardships were in my life, I had a purpose and it was important to spend time looking for the things that brought light into my life. I use EFT (emotional freedom technique) every day on myself and my clients. It helps to think about what I can change and take responsibility for and I have Faith that God can sort out the smaller details for me.

  35. The responses to my blog have filled my heart with joy and gratitude for the Compumatrix family. I want to thank each one of you! As my words have touched you so have your responses spoken so dearly to me. Monetary reward is of vital importance however the human connection and recognition have no price tag and can not be purchased.

  36. This is, indeed, a beautiful story. Faith is trusting God to do for us that which we can’t do for ourselves. It is trusting God to keep His promises. God provides for His children and watches over them to do them good. Focusing on our goals is also important. Without focus we lose sight of our goals and make less effort to achieve them. Faith is a very important character trait to develop.

  37. Wow, Alicia I just finished reading your amazing life story on faith. You have a beautiful story to share with everyone and it truly does remind me to have faith. You are truly a woman of faith and never ending endurance to keep pushing forward in life and with our company as well. Nearly three years ago we met in a grocery store where I worked in the vitamins department our personal banter and chemistry of like minded souls was instant between us. I do believe it was a God and faith thing that brought us together in life. You have truly helped me push forward with faith in my own life to keep growing and learning no matter how scary the unknown has been. The desire to learn and grow stronger personally and with Compumatrix to take the leap of faith. Trust the process, it will grow.

  38. l seem to remember a movie called “Against All Odds”, or did I just make that up. Either way, a movie it should be. As I read your story, I could not help but feel the passion in your struggle to survive and live to struggle yet another day. How difficult it must be to live on the edge, down you your last nickel, you last ounce of strength, you last slice of vision for your life, and your last bit of hope. Your story is one of inspiration. How can you not admire someone that is so driven as you travel on fumes while not knowing what awaits around the corner for you. And yet, if you have faith in Jesus Christ to carry the weight of your struggle and walk with you through everything that you encounter, that struggle becomes a lesser burden and a daily reminder that you can accomplish anything through Christ.

  39. Alicia.
    Your post is most inspiring. Your experience driving to the South, sounds like a drive of a lifetime for many of us, especially after a beak up, very low on funds and no employment. It appears that you had plenty of faith and hope that all would work out in your favor. Personally, I also believe faith is a vital part of our thought process, conscious or unconscious. Personally, for me faith came from a Biblical perspective.In my humble opinion it is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Your faith and strong commitment certainly contributed to your goals. Many times as Christian we read about the promises of our Creator for our life. We pray for thoses promises, but sometimes our Faith is lacking and those wonderful promises are unseen. I am so glad your faith and laser focus on your goals game true. Never give up.

  40. coming back and reading this again and there is so much inspiration and truth in this blog and putting it all in perspective and going in your way to your Dreams but Faith and just not stopping and staying in Truth — Life can be so fulfilling — do appreciate more than words for this Great Blog Alicia — thank you — rj

  41. one thing about reading and learning thru these blogs is the relevance almost every one of them has on a part of or the entire part of my existence — when I read here and look back it amazes almost actually Scares me to see so much of the same things or real similar events — it does for me at least make looking back and making changes or knowing better to see what is needed for Success — so much appreciation — just a Wow moment —

  42. Yours is a wonderful story of faith and perseverance, Alicia. I believe what you have envisioned in your mind came from God and He gave you the grace to stick to it. Sometimes, we need to reach the end of ourselves before the Lord picks us up and opens a new door in our lives. I agree with the other comments here that, indeed, you are a very good writer. I cannot wait to see what happens next in your narrative. Congratulations!

  43. i love reading this story of inspiration especially now — what has happened over night in this once great country — am needing a bunch of Faith and Inspiration — I will keep reading this Awesome read and very much Appreciation to you Alicia — rj

  44. I was very encouraged by your true story,If there is ever a hard time in life, we must act with courage and courage,faith and belief to get to where we are going very important, finally we find our destination,as with faith you have reached your destination,in the same way, we have all reached the destination of compumatrix with our strong faith and positive thinking.

  45. I am glad that you were able to put one foot in front of the other and never look back. You made big changes in your life and had faith that things would fall into place and work out for you and they did. It is a good positive to achieve to go after what you desired and is what we need to succeed in business.

  46. The challenges the author faced in the blog reminded me of the some lyrics from the song twenty-five miles. Specifically, the part that goes I’m so tired, but I just can’t lose my stride…I’ve got to keep on walking. This is how I see you having made it through the obstacles you faced when you first began your journey into Florida. Glad you made it through and wishing you continued success.

  47. inspiration is such an integral part of Life and with effort Life becomes fulfilling — so many parts of this great blog posting and the replies also –lead me to getting my focus back on real world / life — each day we start and finish and with help from around here I seem to be further ahead each day from where I started — great stuff here and much appreciation —

  48. …I definitely felt I was traveling with Alicia on this journey of
    self awareness, discovery and need. Have been in those
    shoes somewhat myself, and at first it is no picnic, especially
    if you push the blame game. Faith is the key, the linchpin, the
    glue, even when it is in the back of your mind. That’s one reason
    why I am still here with friends, members and business owners.
    During her journey, Alicia stayed with it. Good stuff, yep.

    Still, I’m trying to picture that stingray from 17 stories up…

  49. Really amazing Alicia,You moved forward with faith in your life and reached your destination,faith is a very beautiful part of our lives,If there is no faith in life, life can be desolate,we should know how to face the challenges,If every work is started with faith, all the obstacles along the way will be removed,It is because of our faith that we are moving towards our destination in compumatrix.

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