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Are We Pilgrims ?

Has anyone ever heard this phrase before said by someone in our company? “What we are doing has never been done before.” What were they saying? They were saying we are pilgrims. What the early pilgrims did in leaving for and settling in America had never been done before.

What does the word ‘Pilgrim’ mean?

“a person who journeys, especially a long-distance, to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion: pilgrims to the Holy Land. a traveler or wanderer, especially in a foreign place.” (google)

A pilgrim is a person who goes on a long journey, often with a religious or moral purpose, and especially to a foreign land. A pilgrim is someone who leaves one world and set of circumstances for another whole new world, an entirely new location, and a whole new way of life.

Compumatrix was involved in cryptocurrencies back in 2005-2006 way before Bitcoin was even an idea published in Satoshi’s white paper late in 2008. Henry has been a pilgrim and a pioneer for us, simple folks who want people to work from home and have a strong presence in the crypto space. Following his vision, we, too, wish to Engage, Enhance, and Enrich our lives and the lives of others.

What can we learn about our businesses from those early pilgrims?

Here are some excerpts from

‘Pilgrim’ became (by the early 1800s at least) the popular term applied to all the Mayflower passengers – and even to other people arriving in Plymouth in those first years. The English people who settled Plymouth in the 1620s are generally called the Pilgrims.

Against incredible odds, they made the famous 1620 voyage aboard the ship Mayflower and founded Plymouth Colony. They were also just ordinary English men and women.

On September 6, 1620, Mayflower set out alone with 102 passengers. Crossing the Atlantic’s angry and treacherous waters was no easy task. The pilgrims relied on their God and trusted Him to see them through.

The Mayflower arrived in Plymouth Harbor on December 16, 1620, and the colonists began building their town. While they built houses, the group continued to live on the ship. Many of the colonists fell ill. They were probably suffering from scurvy and pneumonia caused by a lack of shelter in the cold, wet weather. Although the Pilgrims were not starving, their sea-diet was very high in salt, which weakened their bodies on the long journey and during that first winter. As many as two or three people died each day during their first two months on land. Only 52 people survived the first year in Plymouth. When Mayflower left Plymouth on April 5, 1621, she was sailed back to England by only half of her crew.

How did the pilgrims survive?

They survived by having to learn. The Pilgrims had to learn skills from the Native Americans in hunting, trapping, animal movements, gathering food, and the difference between dangerous and edible plants. They relied on each other for support and strength and mostly had to rely on their God.

The pilgrims are the ones’ that brought the Bible to America, and the Bible was the foundation for all their governing laws and principles of life going forward. The Bible helped frame the US Constitution.

You may or may not be a fan of America, but look at all the good and progress she has made across the world for 100’s of years now. All because 102 people decided to take a risk and journey to do things never done before!

What can we learn from the pilgrims about business?

1)They had Faith

When the pilgrims set out, they journeyed to a land they had never seen before. They had to walk by Faith and not by sight. They had to travel forward on a promise from God that He would be with them at every step. How often we too have had to walk by Faith over the years, not seeing all the fruits of our labors yet, but trusting that one day soon, our Faith will become a sight reality.

2)They took Risks

The early pilgrims risked their very own lives and banked their whole futures on Faith, knowing that crossing the Atlantic by ship and settling in a place they had never been to before would be anything far from easy. When you look back on almost all the stories and testimonies of true greatness, they most always have a fair amount of risk involved.

3)They Had convictions.

The Pilgrims have left us an example of their deep, unwavering religious convictions. What were these convictions? They had a purpose and knew that God was with them. They feared neither monarch nor people, only God. They knew what they were doing was the right thing to do and were not content with the status quo was of life back home. They had a firm conviction that life and freedom could be so much better. We can find our financial freedom soon if we continue working hard and patiently at this business.

4)They Cared for Others.

The Pilgrims left us an example of a people who had concern for others. They believed God created all of us in his image. They also thought that each one had infinite value and worth in the sight of God. Pilgrims lived with Native Americans who had different religions, different skin colors, and cultures. They sought to improve the world. The Pilgrims made their new world better, not by tearing down the old, but by constructive toil and fair dealings with their neighbors. (excerpt from

5)They Dreamed Big Dreams

They dreamed of a beautiful life for themselves and their children. They dreamed of religious freedom and financial freedom without excessive taxation. They dreamed of a world where God would rule the hearts of men. “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18)

We, too, have great dreams for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our businesses. We also envision the possibilities of all the good we can do with any new-found wealth we may obtain.

Has Compumatrix been a pilgrim like a journey for all of us? Oh yes! Will we look back on this long, long journey and see that it was all worth it? I genuinely think the answer to that is a big resounding, yes!

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Well Jeffrey , since you are comparing Compumatrix with the first Pilgrims, I bet everyone who joined in the early days had some dreams. Some bigger and some others just wanted to make an extra income or dreaming to earn online from your home without going to an outside job. We are still dreaming at the moment, even we were told we are so close. Only time will tell if we reach our destination.
    I am truly looking forward to the day where we can say, we made it.

  2. Jeff, An article that touched my heart ! No one knows more about the pilgrims than I do about their hard work and their greatest strength is their faith,if there is complete trust in God, then the raft is crossed,I believe in compumatrix  just as the pilgrims return after a long successful  journey,we belong to any religion,whatever our color and race,there must be humanity,this is the lesson God teaches us,there are people of every race and nation in compumatrix, but I saw the spirit of humanity in all of them,this is the biggest feature of our company,and just as the pilgrims go to this great land and pray to God, so my heart prays from the bottom of my heart that the compumatrix  will grow more and more this is my prayer and faith for this unique company.

    1. I too love the fact that we are a multi national, multi racial company where everyone is included at the table. Even though the BOD has stated that we are a Christian company, there is no exclusion at all of any other religious belief participating. Being part of a worldwide organization is so wonderful !

  3. Jeff, thank you for the analogy between the pilgrims and Compumatrix. I am a history fanatic and I have read a little bit about the pilgrims, but always nice to refresh my memory and remember the hardships and their resolve to go to a new world. They had to rely in each other or they will die, their faith and the great Native Americans who taught them survival skills made the difference. We embarked in the Compumatrix ship and we have not reach our destination, however, there are some signs of life in the horizon and we may be approaching shore or shall I say, the promise land.

    1. Aida you keyed in on won of the most important elements about the post. They had to rely on each other. Apart from God, all they had was each other, and despite their like and dislikes, they had to find a way to support each other and work together all for the common goal and the common good of all the people. I feel we have great camaraderie here in our group too.

  4. Wow! As Compumatrix members, I certainly agree that we are pilgrims in our own right. Pioneers stepping out into a whole new world. Against the odds, we will survive through our faith and determination, with the help of others as we stay focused on our dreams of making it to our goal. It is a journey and not an easy one, but because we have each other to assist each other, reaching that goal will become a reality. Funny how the Bible is there so often when people need a foundation to climb up and out of the hardships they face.

    1. It truly was their love for the Word of God and freedom they were looking for to be able to use the Bible freely in their pursuit of Him. England had not given them the freedom to do that, and that is why they left. I know in my heart that it was His words hidden deep in their hearts that got them through all those difficult time. Especially seeing so many of their loved ones and friends around them dying.

  5. Wow!! Jeff, you have done justice on this blog, I have enjoyed reading it, the unforeseen future is scary, and I must remind myself daily, it demands self-discipline, sacrifice, and above all, faith that is not contradictory. The dreams we have are all valid, lets not give up yet, and be the pioneers of this voyage.

  6. It has been said that history always repeats itself. Learning from the past makes the rest of the pages written about present-day adventures easier to maneuver through. We have come such a long way here at Compumatrix. It has been a big challenge to cut through the “trees” to find our path while laying down the foundation for a new “home” built with no set blueprint to follow. Looking back to those pilgrims, we also had to rely on each other and our faith. Like those before us, we have created a foundation through hardships that will last for generations to come.

  7. what a great read JP — and so much good history to remember thru — knowing the business of Compumatrix and putting the history into the thought process –such a great thought process –imho — will read this a few times before I am done — love Great History — love compu —

  8. Thank you Jeff for your blog and your analogy between Pilgrim and Compumatrix, really there are too many things common here. I also liked the quote ” The pilgrims are the ones’ that brought the Bible to America, and the Bible was the foundation for all their governing laws and principles of life going forward. The Bible helped frame the US Constitution”. Same with our company Compumatrix, we have faith, we took risk, we care about each others, and we had a huge dream ! Thanks again.

    1. That’s true Ragai. In a sense, we too here at Compumatrix have been founded on the Bible since the beginning. At least we are founded on the integrity and moral principles found in God’s word. That gives me peace and security to know that there is a true and reverent fear of God with our founder and the leadership. When the righteous are in power, the people rejoice.

  9. This is a great comparison of what Henry has been at the forefront to develop. But just to develop something is just not enough. Seeing it through and being consistent through many turns is what makes any task possible. Stopping is not an option when the prize is just around the next corner. There is a song that I sing that says “don’t give up on the brink of a miracle, don’t give in God is still on His throne , don’t give up on the brink of a miracle, just remember you are not alone”.

    1. Wonderful words to that song Don. I do believe that we certainly are on the brink of a miracle. I know, yes, we seem to have been on that brink for many years now, but truth be told, we have to be closer now than we ever have been. I have always believed that everyone needs some kind of amazing break in their life. Something grace filled, something extraordinary. I believe the soon launch will be that for many many folks.

  10. Thank you Jeff for your great blog. I like that you compared the two ,compumatrix and the Pilgrims. Very insightful.

  11. From one Pilgrim to another Pilgrim, your list of characteristics, Jeff is an excellent outline to follow in our present lives! Have faith, dream big have convictions, take risks, care for others are words that need to be woven into our lives today! Just as apt today as back in the pilgrim times and will continue being applicable into the future. In Canada we just had our Thanksgiving day, and may these words be mentioned at your day of thanksgiving in the U.S. and all other countries!

  12. What a beautiful analogy, Jeff. We are indeed pioneering a New World with Compumatrix, and I believe it’s just the beginning. The possibilities are endless when we are free to choose, working together for the whole, thriving, creating our dreams, and feeling inspired. Look how far we’ve come!

  13. Still waiting to see the full force of wind in our sails and seeing whether we can make landfall hopefully in the very near future. I would hate to see the ship run aground at the last minute and spring a leak. Only when safely moored can we assumen that the cargo will reach the destination. There is a saying Many a slip tween cup and lip. So nothing is taken for granted.

    1. Yes Jeffrey. What a sad thing that would have been to have all those pilgrims cross that Atlantic only to sink ship a few miles from shore do to whatever circumstance.. The most wonderful, I believe, that America was God’s idea and it was Him leading and protecting them all the way to the end. I feel the same way about Compumatrix in a big way. Yes Henry and others founded the idea, but I think it originated from a Higher source too.

  14. Every dream must have a path set to find the dream. Every wish, hope, and need also has a path. Henry set out on a path that no one has ever tried or plotted; like the Mayflower had to plot and navigate by the stars, to an unknown place, but a new beginning, so Henry navigated unknown waters to bring us to where we are now. Henry is a great Captain, and the BOD his crew are brave strong and courageous as they try to lead. But, every much as the Pilgrims believed in God and His deliverance so do we! God said to care about one another, and follow Him; I know no better crew that has done this.

  15. Its interesting to note that when the Mayflower set sail to go back to Europe, that was essentially like all those pilgrims just burning their bridges behind them. They had no way to get back over the Atlantic. It was theirs to live or die right where they landed. A lot of people have continued believing in Compumatrix and had left off other worlds to be involved.They will make it all work, just like the early settlers.

  16. When the Pilgrims left England I am sure they heard many stories of fear and famine and how foolish they were for leaving a perfectly good country. Fear of leaving all of their friends and families etc. was paramount. I’m sure there were a few who were persuaded to stay, and they may or may not have regretted their decision, and may have taken the next ship. Who’s to say. But the ones who left their homes and took the trip into the unknown were brave beyond words, by relying on each other, they were able to help bring about the greatest country in the world.
    I know I have been told time and time again not to get my hope up as this Compumatrix thing will never be anything more than a scam, or you would be better off putting your energy in something that you can get immediate returns from, or the look in their eyes when you begin to talk about it again. They just shake their heads and give you that pitiful look Like you will never learn. I am excited that the days are near now and that I will at last have the last word.

    1. I am totally with you Maxine. They were indeed brave beyond words. And as you say so many members have too been brave beyond words standing their ground against all the nay-sayers. In the end the ones who took the big risks will prove to be the heroes in the end. Decisions that really change things, are usually never easy, but so well worth it.

  17. Jeff this is a great blog and I will read it again and again. If we look at the way you said the comparison between pilgrims and compumatrix takes me back to school it was is a very good blog.

    1. Thank you Mary, That means a lot that you would read something over that I wrote over again. I don’t feel like such a great writer but I am glad you got something out of it.

  18. In a way, we here at compumatrix are pioneers and follow that outline pretty close with some of the ups and downs and pros and cons we have been through I like the analogy we just keep working at it and having faith in what we believe in eventually we will be tested through all avenues and be able to get on our way

  19. Jeff, thank you for the blog, very interesting reading. I think about all those pilgrims that came to the Americas from the old world and had to deal with the new land, the hardships and trying to settle while fighting the environment. I hope we will endure the struggles Compamatrix has to deal in this new territory of cryptocurrencies.

    1. Yes Steven. That’s something we didn’t elaborate on, but all the elements of the harsh winters there up north were very taxing. Especially when not having the resources of a town or community set up yet. How thankful we are that they survived and made it through.

  20. Thanks, Jeff, for a great blog. It truly feels like we are all pilgrims together going on this unique journey of ‘life’, sometimes without a compass but and inner strength, belief, and trust.

    Keep going, my friend.

  21. Hi Jeff. In reading this article about the pilgrims and their ventures so many years ago, it kind of reminds me of when I left my home town in Waterford Ireland in 1975 to come to the United States. I was so excited, and filled with the great challenge of starting a new life in a new country. I left Waterford Crystal in my hometown to fulfill a dream that I always wanted to work on a cruise ship an entertainer. I felt blessed that I had a wonderful family and strong religious faith, and that God was right with me, and that the best was yet to come.
    My brother Ernest years later introduced me to Compumatrix, and to this date, I’m so excited to learn more each day about this great company and waiting for all of our dreams to come to fruition someday.

    1. Wonderful story Ken about getting your dreams fulfilled and venturing off to a foreign land to see those dreams come true. How wonderful, not only to be doing what you love with music but also to be able to be on the big ships our at sea. Some of my fondest memories are being on a big ship traveling from Hong Kong to Changhai. I loved the ocean on that big old boat.

  22. When I hear the term Pilgrim, I always think of John Wayne talking to others and calling them Pilgrim in his movie. If you think about it, that was stories of people heading out west and finding a new frontier to start a new life. We all at Compumatrix may be called Pilgrims as we also head down the path of a new frontier!

    1. Good point. John Wayne used to do that. I think he did that in True Grit. Anyone who leaves a world of familiarity and safety to launch out into the deep unknown is a pilgrim that needs a lot of faith and a lot of courage.

  23. Jeffery, your written words are a validation of a historical truth that has transported us to where we are today. The grit and determination of the pilgrims are inherent in us having a desire to create and build businesses and make our way. We are pioneers with Henry as he works to bring Compumatrix to the masses.

  24. As Pilgrims of Compumatrix, It’s an honor to get to move forward with such an awesome family. Dreaming big is the only way to go. I have a friend just happy with whatever. doesn’t try, sits, and waits. I guess I shouldn’t let it bother me, but I want to try to help them when I see someone just sitting. I’ll always dream big and outside the box.

    1. Dream Big ! Shoot for the moon and even if you get half way there, you certainly have traveled a long way. It’s interesting that the man who sponsored me into the Compumatrix program a long time ago, never stayed with it. I myself had a different inward sense or instinct that this is going to be something good. It was something different than all the MLM, or HYIP programs I was involved in back then,

  25. All of us early members of PSXwere pilgrims in the crypto currency realm as we saw the vision Henry had and decided to jump on board. Explore a new horizon of financial abilities. And what we have seen in the explosion of crypto since. With Compumatrix riding the wave getting ready for the perfect one to make landfall. Congrats to all that have been with us from the beginning and to those that still would be given the afterlife wasn’t calling. Waiting with great anticipation for the landfall and subsequent launch of the rocket ship that IS Compumatrix that will take this business to the far reaches of places no one has gone before.

    1. Interesting you should bring up PSX. The man who sponsored me and brought me into Compumatrix made money at that time on PSX. He was paid out a few times, and that’s what got me interested. No one would have foreseen the years ahead and how long it would take, but what a foundation and what a history this company has had.

  26. Thank you for your very interesting blog post Jeffrey. A pilgrim has to set a goal before starting to walk. The most important advice is that you just have to start walking and once you have done that, the path will open in front of you and the goal clearer with every step you take.

    1. I like your thinking Pedro. Like you said, those Pilgrims had the goal of reaching the new world and starting a whole new way of life and freedom. First step or course was just to get their safely. It’s amazing how goals help you to do some things, and keep you from doing other things that are not in line with your goal. Goal setting is the way to go.

  27. I guess everything you said or taught to those who possibly didn’t know how the early pilgrims who came to America have survived against all odds in their new land, actually has an implicit similarity to what we, the Compumatrix members, are doing! We’ve had so much to overcome, so much to learn, to KEEP ON learning over the years!
    And we are getting there! Learning always, as changes keep coming every single day in the crypto world, but facing everything with great enthusiasm and motivation, and, most of all with a humongous FAITH.
    We, just like the pilgrims have built their lives in the new land, are building ours and the future of the next generations with Henry’s dream coming true.

  28. It’s interesting Dora that our journey in Compumatrix has seemingly been way longer than even the Pilgrims. It only took them a couple months to cross the Atlantic and many Compumatrix members are going on a decade and a half now waiting for all this to come to fruition. LOL

  29. Jeffrey your article about the pilgrims and Compumatrix is and interesting comparison. I have been here from the very start , a pilgrim or a pioneer ..pilgrim takes me way back ..LOL We all endured the beginning the ups and downs … We battled the growing pains of a pioneer business and learned to never giver up and we will never give up just like the pioneers and pilgrims.

  30. So you have been here since the s tart Avery. You have seen it all. Kudos to you for all your patience and still being here seeing this through. You must have believed that all this will pan out or you would not be here. We are close. I just know it.

  31. Yes, Jeffrey Phelps, I think all members of Compumatrix are pilgrims, working toward a set goal. The goal was set by a man with a dream, and we believed in him, and still do. We have been belittled by some, but never lost faith, and we strongly believe that we are moving forward to something BIG, for ourselves, for the company, for generations to come.

  32. Thank You Jeff for the analogy between the pilgrims and Compumatrix. I have read a little bit about the pilgrims, but always nice to refresh my memory and remember the hardships and their resolve to go to a new world. They had to rely in each other or they will die, their faith and the great Native Americans who taught them survival skills made the difference. We embarked in the Compumatrix ship and we have not reach our destination, however, I’m looking forward to the day we can all say we finally made it.

    1. True Paula. We have not reached the shore of the new world yet, but oh how close we are. With the Admin connecting in the CDAP and testing things out. We have waited a long time for this and it’s finally happening. Fingers crossed !

      1. We are very close now Jeff. I’m so excited I could hardly sleep last night, soon our dreams will become reality.

  33. Thank you for this wonderful post Jeffrey. When I learned about the story of the Pilgrim fathers in high school I found the story fascinating. They had big dreams about a better life in freedom and the risks they had to take to make these dreams come true were enormous. They set an example for many people in the world.

  34. Yes Edwin. It’s examples like they gave us that keep us going in the middle of rough seas and when we can’t yet see the shore. The greatest accomplishments of time, never seemed to come without some kind of struggle. Our struggle has just been waiting, waiting, and waiting some more. But I believe that waiting will soon be over.

  35. It is said that rough seas and storms prevented the Mayflower from reaching its initial destination in Virginia. Likewise, I believe that Compumatrix has endured through rough seas and storms that has in some instances prevented reaching initial destinations. But I am glad that the company keeps on going and has kept the organization afloat, which is what is needed for it to reach its destination.

  36. Good point Sherri. Yes I am sure that there were countless winds that blew the Mayflower off of its course. Just like us at Compumatrix for all these years, But in the end we are making it to where we wanted to be.

  37. I know that one thing the Pilgrims learned to do is to depend on one another for success and helped each other make it through difficult times. I believe that there are members within Compumatrix that don’t mind making themselves available to help other members in need out. We all have appreciated the help that these members have provided to keep other members going and moving forward.

    1. Yes Martin. I am so blessed by all the care that the members have for one another and will be very quick to step in and help if they can. We have a beautiful community here that has been built up over the years. All for one and one for all for sure ! Where we go one, we go all !

  38. just such a great thought provoking read especially with the goings on in America over last few months which for me VERY SAD!! the tomfoolery — thievery — deceptions — just so sad — However — the Pilgrims and Bible and Constitution and Native Americans — thats — One Great Truth !! rj

  39. The original pilgrims who helped to make America such a wonderful country must be turning in their graves at the chaos now taking place across the country. It matters not if you are Republican or Democrat what is happening affects all Americans. It is a sad sight to see such outbreaks of violence. Let us hope and pray that it ends soon.
    The suggestion that as members of Compumatrix were are much like those early pilgrims certainly rings true but as the old saying goes “good things come to those who wait” and the waiting time is nearly over.

  40. Yes Patrick. I too am very saddened by many of the directions that our country is taking and whether, you are a Democrat or Republican, at least there are fundamental rights that we all want together. Free and fair elections for sure, and voter ID. We all want peace brought back in. This is our prayer.

  41. Patrick I am saddened as well, this country is all we have to leave our kids and to see those 60 plus orders signed turned my tummy but live and learn. We all see it so no need to point fingers now. It’s loud and clear what happened but we as a group can focus our energy on higher things so we do not drag the dirt in on our shoes. Keeping our house clean overall is the biggest deal. Keeping our minds and bodies focused and clean as well.

    1. I’m with ya Tracy. I think that “We the People” need to make very difference that we can right where we live even if the government is not doing what they should be doing. We can on a local lever be treated our neighbors as ourselves and doing unto others with a wonderful love from Above. I think that We the People can make all the difference.

  42. Jeffery a great post.Reading it 2nd time and commenting 1st time. Thank you for the post and taking us back to 1620’s when the pilgrims landed at
    plymouth and created a settlement.Knowing half the people perished in the very 1st year but they were resolute in their cause and persevered.We found a leader in Henry a modern day pilgrim who put a program like Compumatrix for benefit for all of us and community at large.

    1. I know what you mean Bharat. Though I must say no matter what happens with Compumatrix, we sure do have it a lot better and safer than those Pilgrims had it. There were 50 of them that lost their lives and never made it through that first year. We have lost a few members here and there because they left or some unfortunately have passed away, but they back then really had to face some hardship.

  43. We can see the light of hope and prosperity rise in the distant horizon as each day passes into history. Allowing for adjustments to overcome adversity, constantly keeping our eyes on the prize we seek to make a better life for all concerned. We hope that manifests our efforts to do what is necessary, keeping the forward push by many combined energies for completion of the task, succeeding beyond the dreams.

    1. Looks like were are right at the door now. It’s amazing that we even now have a tentative date for this all opening on April 12th. Wow. Have we come a long way or what ? You Ron have been a steady faithful member for so many years and have helped so many along the way. You are a Pilgrim. A successful one at that !

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