OR another TITLE could be “Are you relaxed and confident in your manner of presenting yourself to others and interacting with them…


This latest world crisis has made a demand on us to stay home, work from home, stay away from creating a crowd or being part of a crowd. Public meeting places (restaurants theaters Sports parks have been closed). It has made us change much of our environment to different modes and customs. The result is that we have had to live around ourselves much more than ever before. Now the question has become; do I like myself. Am I at peace with myself and who I really am as I find out more and more about myself.

This then brings up this type of topic which is an old expression but that today might have a little more significance. “Are you comfortable in your own skin”. Yes, this is an old saying, which on the surface had the sense of being a practiced feeling of inner confidence in my own life. However, in today’s atmosphere, the sense of what it means goes a little more deeply than just a surface feeling. The challenge has been put out there by or whole society. Today it is not just a simple complacency of, yeah I’m okay, but has now elevated itself into the confidence and belief in myself that I can change and I can handle change. My whole world has changed in all aspects of socializing, A lot of social interaction places have closed so the way people interact has changed even the simple thing of going to the store has all seen a dramatic need for adjustments. So now the question becomes more of how is your “mind” behaving, are you able to handle it and be able to change with no real self threat to your mind, (your “psyche”, the makeup of your conscious personality) or your inner spirit?

Many are the wishers that look around at others and say I wish I……

If you take a little time and look around your little world or even try to get to know these peoples you will find…lots of disappoints, you will find lots of broken dreams…you will find disillusionment and disappointment. You will find some feel others have failed them not realizing that in some cases they failed themselves. Where might you be? They may feel that some they cared about failed them or did not reach one’s expectations. They then isolate themselves as it were surrounded by those that do not care.

This is what I call the “Eve syndrome”… is not my fault this is happening, it wasn’t me, it was that serpent, that snake going about in the garden. He is still going around the garden for many.

And thus making everything terrible for “me”. The corollary to this is the sentiment it is failing or somethings wrong…because “they are not listening to me. They do not care about me. I do not matter, I am unimportant.”

I think you get the picture so now let’s proceed into the fundamentals of this topic.

First, let’s read some definitions of this saying “comfortable in one’s own skin” it will help.

(idiomatic) Relaxed and confident in one’s manner of presenting oneself and interacting with others;

conveying the impression that one has a clear, satisfying understanding of one’s abilities and situation. This is, the YES I can handle these changes with finesse and adequacy. I have the ability to make this all work for the good of myself and others

So why is it important to be comfortable in your own skin? The objective is this.

When you feel better about yourself, you tend to look better and then you will act accordingly in your day-to-day mannerisms. When you feel confident in who you are, it will show through your actions, your personal demeanor, and your interactions with others.

It is the concept of staying where you are and unearthing the diamonds right under you with a little digging, patience and effort to work. (The compumatrix Family can help here)

How To Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Take good care of yourself. …

uplift and feed well your mind & spirit. …

Discover yourself completely. …

Stop caring about what other people think. …

Understand what your obligations are and are not as to doing anything. …

Befriend your inner monsters. …

Make peace with your past. …

Frequently, a person projects that someone else doesn’t think or feel like me.

This projection then becomes a habit of dependency in interacting with one or even others.

This begins the feeling of self-consciousness around others. So now you must make yourself

feel less self-conscious around others by being more comfortable with yourself.

So, what are the things one can do to feel more at ease with one’s self?

One person said it this way “honor your body”.

This means to come to terms with yourself that your body is important and you should be very

partial to take care of it. How would you do this? Well. Some regular schedule of exercise, even

if it just brisk walks. Take care of health needs, staying clean in all venues, drinking lots of water, eating correctly and healthily.

Make a list of these things and write out a schedule so that you may prioritize them.

Another thing is to maintain a healthy, positive mind. Do creative things, for some this could mean

writing, art, or cooking. It can be reading, getting new ideas, and learning new things. Compumatrix provides such a platform. BLOGGING and COMMENTS. For others, it may be designing and building something from scratch.

All these will contribute to a healthy mind with positive thinking eliminating negative

thinking. When you are creative that is the time the real you surfaces.

Many of these things will unveil new passions within you, thus making life a little more pleasant and giving you the important steps to appreciating yourself.

Get inner peace, acquire a place of peace always in the present moment. Have quiet times to meditate on all the good around you. Learn how to laugh a LOT. Laughter is like “a medicine”.

This will help immensely in maintaining Faith and Hope. This will help you in just Being.

So, Finding your self authenticity authenticates you. Be true to yourself, you will automatically feel attractive and unique. This will keep you at peace.

Remind yourself that you are the keeper of the gate, not depending on others for approval. The reality is that you alone are the only person who can ever truthfully believe and tell you “you have value”. You are the only person who can do this. This is a road that only you can choose to travel and that to arrive at only your selection of destination. You are the only person who can do this because it only comes from deep within you.

And you have a Compumatrix family that can confirm this and encourage this to happen for you. A Compumatrix family, of and for support; a family that can Engage with you, Enrich you, that is, make life rewarding for you and Enhance your life.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. Thank you David,reading this article leads the mind to positive thoughts,negative tendencies are emerging in the minds of the people as the world is going through at the moment,but it is a cowardice to think of the crisis the world is going through,I personally think that we have to face it very bravely, we have to look ahead, this is the sign of living and life,God has given us a very beautiful life, we have to live with confidence,compumatrix has inspired us to move forward,this is a family in which everyone is moving forward and helping each other, so why should we place negative thoughts in our minds,all we have to do is think that this world is a place of peace and we have to move forward in life with hope and faith and have a passion to help others from the bottom of our hearts, moving forward in the future should be our mission and helps others,compumatrix is a great blessing from God and that is the truth,we need to awaken our consciousness.

  2. It is very important to know ourselves,in this way we can take stock of different aspects of our lives,we can overcome many of our shortcomings,people around you will also have a positive effect and peace will be established,this world is very beautiful,everyone is very good, we can feel comfortable only when we have a strong belief in a lot of work in our minds, If we shake our peace of mind, we will never get close to the destination and lose it, compumatrix family is ready to move forward with an enthusiastic determination.

  3. The existence of anything is always visible to us later,there are maps in the air, in the skies, in the intellect, then there comes a time, when that thing comes into our consciousness,wouldn’t there be a business that would be blessed and blessed with well-being compumatrix,all you need to do is search for the ones that are opening up over time,In the existence we see, there have been years of hard work and success.

  4. what a great way to start my Friday — such a great read n the reply also — it is positive thoughts always — but also the Truth is Truth — if You Live in the Truth then You will smile a bunch as you Live in Peace n Truth each day you Breathe — great stuff truly —

  5. Positivity must be the name of the game. The amount of negativity being shown by leaders around the world is certainly a worrying sight. The world is not in a good place but we must hope that things will improve as time moves on. Negativity causes stress and there is much of that to be seen. Certainly as members of Compumatrix we can all be positive and know that we will have a secure future without negativity and stress and that we will be in a position to offer comfort and help to those less fortunate.

  6. As the saying goes, “Nothing is constant but change itself”. As I get older, I have realized that although I may be comfortable where I am, I will be forced out of that comfort zone at some future time. And although I may not be ready for it, I find a way to manage whatever I need to, to embrace the change.
    That is life, and unless we are ready to go with it we can be paralyzed with fear and inactivity.

  7. I worked along side and with people all my life .. I started working when I was seven years old ..and sense I am in my seventies , YES I know how to deal with people , that is a given. .. Takes all kinds to make a world and when you deal with people as long s I have yes, I know myself .I also owned and run a trucking Company as well as working in retail , garage .. people were my business.

  8. Skin is just skin unless it is yours. We need to respect others skin as you do yours. When we start choosing skin to relate to, remember that skin is not thick or thin but “skin deep” and we all have our needs to be respected. You skin has needs to keep healthy, as well as others skin has their own needs. We all have the basic need of respecting our and others skin. Remember, skin is connected to our hearts, and that is the foundation of our life.

  9. Thank you David I loved this was my favorite part ” Remind yourself that you are the keeper of the gate, not depending on others for approval. The reality is that you alone are the only person who can ever truthfully believe and tell you “you have value”. You are the only person who can do this. This is a road that only you can choose to travel and that to arrive at only your selection of destination. You are the only person who can do this because it only comes from deep within you.” So true and full of love and hope. We are a family and this was just beautiful. Thank you!!! I needed this today!!!

  10. I really enjoyed this blog!
    I have read somewhere that if you are uncomfortable being alone than that is an example of what you are like to be around other people…(If you don’t like your own company(skin),don’t expect others to either).
    My truth is I absolutely LOVE being alone !
    I enjoy the company of friends and family however after a while I want my PEACE!
    Change is Evolution, its always happening Embrace it. It will happen with or without your cooperation.
    When I was in grade school we use to be graded on : Getting along well with others
    I always got an “A”. I also ALWAYS was punished for “Talking to much in Class”
    My 1st Job at McDonalds taught me to “Always smile when Greeting a customer”

    Those Traits makeup a large percentage of my character which makes life with others pleasing for the most part. I get along well with others, a team player. I’ll talk to anyone about just about anything and Everybody gets a smile !

  11. As a man thinketh. Look inside, face your fears. Be you. And don’t worry about what others think because truthfully, they probably aren’t 🙂

  12. Thank you, David, for an insightful post, many people young and old, have struggled to adapt this last year to the surrounding changes. However, I also see that it has created opportunities to have time to learn new things that maybe we never had time for before.
    There is a great quote that says, “To change the world around you, change what is within you”.
    Thank you

  13. Another great blog David. I would like to say thank you for an insightful post, many people young and old, have struggled to adapt this last year to the surrounding changes. However, I also see that it has created opportunities to have time to learn new things that maybe we never had time for before. We are a family and this was just beautiful. Thank you!!! I needed this today.

  14. Obviously you hit the right note David. Confidence is so important in life and given what the world has been through with covid it is even more important. What the company is doing can only enhance that confidence. Keep it up.

  15. A very well-written article.
    It is so important to to be in peace and harmony with oneself.
    Thinking positively and learning to face challenges as they come by – and being able to overcome them, is also a great accomplishment for each one of us.
    Looking forward to your next blog. Thank you, David.

  16. Depending on how you feel good, bad, happy, sad, strong, weak, Will show on one’s look. You can not smile with a sad face. And how you feel and look will show in the way you act and interact with others.
    It’s all about being true to yourself, being confident in yourself, and believing in yourself plays a crucial role in self-being, in the way you are. When you feel better about yourself, you tend to look and feel better and act accordingly in your day-to-day actions.

  17. Growing up an “only child” and for many years only having my Mom and Dad to interact with, you could say I was in a kind of lockdown for most of my very young life, as we lived in a very small place in Zambia that had 6 houses. There were no kids, no school, and even the people in those houses never socialised. I think that set the stage for the rest of my life, so I was quite happy being on my own. So here I am in lockdown again, home alone…. and it’s ok. I am used to it. I have my online friends, with whom I can communicate when necessary. So yes I am comfortable in my own skin. I am very grateful for my health, my home, friends, dog, computer, internet connection, smart phone, the promise of Compumatrix to look forward to, and a small income that puts food on the table. I must say I am looking forward to the day when I have a choice and that is what Compumatrix is going to bring me.

  18. Am I comfortable in my own skin? Indeed, even though I had many friends growing up, that has changed over time, and I’ve learned to do and live by myself for many years now. I’m very happy being alone ( Physically ) not in spirit, we’re never alone, and we’re all on our own journeys, which only I can live and be responsible for. Do I care what others think of me? No, that hasn’t bothered me in many years, that’s why it’s easy ” Doing ” and ” Being ” who I am, and understanding the true nature of ” What’s ” really taking place right now, at this time, on this planet. Time to wake up people, the time for hope and faith, won’t be enough, it’s time for action, if you want to have any kind of freedom !!

  19. Good Question here, Am I comfortable in my own skin. I would say yes I am, but at the same time I do realize I have some things I can work on there are ways I stand about situations but I am afraid to express that feeling. Compumatrix is one of those situations and it is taking much to respond to this question and make that known

  20. I totally agree that we all need to become comfortable in our own skins. If we are not, we need to make the necessary adjustments in our thoughts, actions, and relationships so that we are. A person does not have to be perfect to be comfortable in their own skin, It is important, though, that they have the personal assurance that they are doing what they need to so that they can be the best person possible.

  21. Very well written post.thank youDavid and many useful suggestions for us to implement in this time of isolation socially and time of despair in our loneliness.If our Psyche was strong enough and we were confident as to who and what we are ,then these difficult days will be easier to handle and your own self esteem and inner strenghth will tide you over in a grand style.

  22. Bharat s KapoorMarch 21, 2021 at 10:53 pm
    Very well written post.thank youDavid and many useful suggestions for us to implement in this time of isolation socially and time of despair in our loneliness.If our Psyche was strong enough and we were confident as to who and what we are ,then these difficult days will be easier to handle and your own self esteem and inner strenghth will tide you over in a grand style.

  23. Are you comfortable in your own skin.?
    Most times for me.

    There has been a lot going on in our minds recently , so deciding and planning our way forward is necessary.,

    . Some decisions are easier than others.

    We know what is best for us from how we feel in our hearts,body and mind.
    Also which decision gives us the most peace.\

    We may decide to let some things go so we can replace it with another.

    We are practical and so our decisions will be sensible,

    However I know that I will enjoy life more with abundance to come

    . Remember… Be easy on ourselves and go with the flow.

    Sometimes life doesn’t work out quite the way we woiuld want to it to
    but be blessed for what we have,

  24. I am very comfortable as long as people are truthful at all times. I get very uncomfortable and cross when people fail to respect authority put in place by the electorate that they have chosen to be in charge. Witness the current situation with regulations imposed to make us safer against the current virus. I went through 6 years of deprivation during WW2. There are gruops who are rebelling about the current restrictions which last a much shorter time.. They would prefer to endanger other peoples lives just to pursue their own hedonistic life style.
    That makes me very uncomfortable as do statements by businesses that are not truthful or accurate. All our lives we rely on others to keep their sides of the bargain..

    I shall now repair to my comfortable chair to wait for developements

  25. David, all you write is true. If I didn’t know better, I would say you have been spying on me for the last 3-4 yrs. LOL LOL. Throughout my life, I had put others before myself. I felt very comfortable with who I was. Due to several circumstances, my life and attitude were taking a downward turn. I lifted my eyes and looked for restoration in my life. Having rediscovered who I am and renewing my mind, I am in the process of restoring my health, physically and nutritionally. I am preparing to enjoy the fruits of our labors with Compumatrix. I am thankful for Compumatrix, Our family here, and all we have and will achieve.

  26. My skin fits me fine, a few modifications and several scars and strange marks. It has been with me for 76 years of sun, storms, snow, ice and rain with a little mud thrown on. It has raised 5 children and gets pleasure from many grand kids. It has been licked on, scraped, burned, punched, stabbed, and cut open through my sternum. Many lies have bounced off while much love is absorbed and propagate enabling me to share the love to many. One leg is missing along with its skin, but the substitute works fine. All together, it is the best skin I have had and would not trade it for another.

  27. Thanks David. You always have the right attitude and your knowledge and experience shows when you comment.
    Totally agree with all that you said above. Myself, I spend too much time being frustrated, mostly with things that I cannot control.
    Being a full time caregiver has been a minor challenge that I consider my way of life. No complaints there. Not being able to follow through with the any things that my wife would like to do and see across the US and Europe is the real problem with our lives. Thanks to Compumatrix and the tremendous efforts be put forth by the team, we will at some point be in a position to move forward. Thanks for making me use my brain!

  28. Thank you, David. Your post is so inspiring and it makes one stop and reconsiders, take one or two steps back and take a look at the path one was about to trail down. Is it the right path to my goal? Time changes, the environment in which we act, changes so fast and we have to adapt. On our skin, we feel it! Let it sink in and learn. That way the balance inside will make us “be comfortable in our own skin”.

  29. Great post! It brings back memories for me…..back to my first ever summer job in the eating section of a gas, confectionary store. And yes, I was very scared, but then decided I am not going to be frightened, I am going to talk, laugh and joke with the customers, I am going to learn how to cook, waitress and converse all without losing track and messing up the food, etc. (I was on my own with no other person working the shift) Happy to report I made friends and became “very comfortable in my own skin”!

  30. Am I comfortable in my skin – yes I am in this fast changing world .The virus has thrown quite a few curve balls my way but I am confident that I will be able to handle them and move forward.The support and love that is there in this Compumatrix family has helped me a lot . I really appreciate each and everyone connected to this company

  31. David a truly challenging post; one where one must 1st test the waters and get out of their comfort zone to know if they truly are comfortable in their own skin. So one must know the environments theya re entering and this is why many never venture outside their inner circles and as an example I would say this that if I were to go into a Bible group, I would be as challenged and not afraid, for I know the subject of God fairly well. At that same prospect others may not feel at ease with the subjects I like such as; automotive and truck engineering, or even aerospace, and so I would have to change gears to make them feel comfortable in my environment and ask what it is they enjoy! It is a two way street! Thanks David!

  32. I can say that I am comfortable in my own skin on the outside but the inside is a different this is where every thing else is hidden. When people see me, they see a happy go lucky person but, in the inside that they don’t see is a person that needs someone that they can explain things too. I don’t think that I am the first or last person that feels this way. I truly believe they want to agree with me in being comfortable in their own skin.

  33. Am I comfortable in my skin or put another way, do I like being alone with me? Interesting topic given the current environment of lockdowns, locked ins and distancing from others. As an individual who was raised an only child and basically have lived alone most of my life; I’ve come to the realization that “if it is to be, it depends on me”. And so; in answer to the above question, Yes! I am comfortable in my skin especially once I accepted how awesome I can be when it really counts.

  34. Thank you, David for the well written article. Am I comfortable in my own skin? Do I like my own company? Is there somebody I would rather be with than me? Yes to the first two. I am very comfortable being alone and if I am with someone I like and admire I love it. I am basically a loner. I have a hard time making small talk. I call it talking from the top of your head and it comes out of the mouth but bypasses the brain. So, yes I would say I rather like my own company.
    I think most of us who have decided to go on with Compumatrix are comfortable with themselves and their decision to stay the course. I find most people I have talked to about it are not interested when they find it isn’t instant gratification and that it does take dedication and perseverance.

  35. I spent most of my life not liking who I was, both physically and psychologically. Having the psychological and the physical part as a consequence of the other, in an endless cycle. At one point, life happened and I was forced to start taking more care of myself. I started exercising, eating right, drinking more water and started to enjoy being alone with myself.
    This is not a process that ends, it is constant. You will always be your greatest friend and your greatest enemy, “frienemy”. It is important to never give up, because there will come a time when both friend and foe will go hand in hand.

    1. Bruno, that is true for sure, giving up is not an option. Sometimes old habits tend to make us accommodate old thinking patterns, even those that are harmful. A change in habits may help us to also change the way we face the world and the way we see ourselves for the better.

  36. The strange thing about being comfortable in your own skin is that just when you think you are, you look up and you are 70-years old and something called a Pandemic has taken over the world. The rules have changed and you have the opportunity to view yourself, family, friends, and acquaintances in a new light. It presents a mental challenge, to say the least. How long can someone live alone (that is without the company of others) and still feel comfortable in their own skin? After a year of living this new life, I am beginning to get a very good idea. And, I am somewhat amazed at how comfortable I am in this skin of mine. But then, my friends and relatives may have different thoughts about that.l

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