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Are you dizzy yet?

When you do the simple math, it’s quite amazing and mind-boggling when you think of the speed that we here on earth are actually traveling through space at any given moment. It takes 24 hours for the earth to complete a full rotation every day. And the circumference of the earth is roughly 24,000 miles. That means if you live at the Equator, you are traveling about 1000 miles per hour at any given moment.

Then when you consider that the earth travels around the sun in 365 days and has to go a distance of 583,000,000 miles, we are really moving! There are 24 hours in a day. 365 days X 24 hours = 8,760 hours. Divide 580,000,000 by 8,760 and you are left with roughly 66,000 miles per hour that we are humming through space! Simple math.

Are you dizzy yet? Of course not! Because in our little world of gravity and our present environment, we cannot reference those massive speeds. There’s no solid object close enough to the earth to allow us to see it or feel it.

All this to say, that even though sometimes we can’t see or feel anything happening, that doesn’t mean that things are not moving along at pretty unbelievable speeds…… named 5 major companies that didn’t even make a dollar for 5 years. Can you guess which ones? Fed EX……Amazon…..Turner Broadcast System…..ESPN…..Tesla Motors. So just because it looks like a company has not made any money so far, it does not mean that it is not going to be HUGE in the near future! It all depends on the market, the business model, the foundation, and the diligence of the company to stay in tune with all the fast-changing times.

Compumatrix has all it takes to be a big player in the crypto space in the soon coming future!

I really enjoy being part of the digital asset world. The crypto world with all its intricate systems, exchanges, innovations, updates, is forever changing at a very fast pace. These years we have had many times of waiting for our dreams to become reality. So often, we don’t see anything really happening, but we know that so much is going on behind the scenes and in the unseen, that we will soon feel, see, and experience the full reality of it.

The foundation of Compumatrix has been built on the utmost integrity. Fully above board, and always legal, our CEO and Board of Directors are always staying up with the changing regulations of the governments looking after the crypto space. Staying up with all the new regulations, and all the new innovations of the crypto world is not an easy task. But nothing worthwhile ever is easy. I am so thankful for the faithfulness and integrity of how this company has operated and conducted itself for over a decade now.

AND……Compumatrix is here to stay !! Having been involved in many online adventures while trying to make money online, the longest that ever lasted, for me, was 3 years. Most of the companies I was involved with fizzed out in less than a year. Here is Compumatrix, over a decade later and this company is still going strong! The longevity is very impressive for sure.

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. It’s been quite a journey so far!
    Been involved with alot of gold ventures in the beginning of this millennium. They all went as quickly as they came.
    I think this was called PSX in the beginning? Who knew the development that was about to take place.. Not just for this company but for the whole digital currency evolution.
    I wasn’t even 30 years old when I joined…Today I’m 44 and hope to be around for a long time still.

  2. Yes, Point Share Extreme was the beginnings of what we have now. So long ago and so many changes. Our business is and has been growing for such a long time that we do indeed sometimes feel that nothing is going on.. However, when the rubber meets the road… Watch out because there is going to be some fire and smoke.

    I love being a spaceman zipping around the sun on spaceship earth. A tiny blue ball that has so many possibilities for the inhabitants. That’s a great analogy. Sometimes we really don’t feel the speed because we are cushioned by an environment that absorbs it all for us.

  3. The cliche “Rome was not built in a day” can sometime be taken for granted.
    But how long did it take to build Rome ? If you google it it will come up with various answers, Take this for example >>> 1,000 years
    True, as officially Rome was founded the year 753 BC. Originally, it was a small village built by the Etruscans on the Tiberine Island, then it expanded over time, becoming home of 2 mn. inhabitants at the end of 300 CE. Hence it took more than 1,000 years to build Rome. (…..)
    No we don’t have to wait a 1000 years to see Compumatrix launch , but I do hope it will last a 1000 years

  4. And we are just getting started. I don’t intend to still be here in 1,000 years but I sure hope Compumatrix will be. You are right Jorge, we do take so much for granted. For example, it has been hard for my husband to “sit on his hands” while waiting for all this to come into existence. He walks around the house sometimes when he gets off the computer signing: “Patience, People…..” I sometimes think we are in Church but I realize it’s his prayer.

  5. Love the blog Jeffrey, and yes I do feel dizzy, blessed, challenged, and super excited to be a part of Compumatrix!! I look forward to our company spinning faster and faster with a gravitational pull that is equal to none!! We have everything it takes to succeed and to offer this business to the world!!

  6. Great blog post jeff p – it is fascinating when you put the science of the earths existence into what we are working here at compumatrix — I believe truly that we are very close to being a part of some nice history in business and the crypto world and yes when you take a breath and look around you should be close to dizzy –but not a bad dizzy — fascinating yes it is —

  7. This is one of my favorite sayings, “Good things take time to grow…”. In this case, I agree with what this blog post said, Compumatrix is a great company and has the potential to be a big player in the crypto space. I feel like cryptocurrency has not even begun to reach its full potential yet because the world does not fully grasp the magnificence of this industry. Once cryptocurrency begins to be more widely accepted and understood, Compumatrix will be ready for action and at the forefront of the crypto space. Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this company and the end of the tunnel may not look near, but the last thing anyone should do is stop doing what they love and truly believe in. When in doubt and having a hard time seeing into the future, just say, “Good things take time to grow…”.

  8. Being able to set up a system that deals with digital currency, is a hard task. It requires a lot of effort and the organizers need to keep up with the latest developments. So that everything is structured properly, legally and all systems are in place. These things take time, sometimes much longer than what we expect them to take. But, once it comes through, then there is no looking back. This is a rock solid company and here to last for a long long time.

  9. Jeff thanks for the reminder about FedEx, Tesla and ESPN. These companies are strong leaders in their industries who have certainly had numerous challenges along the way. You have to imagine that the pioneers for those companies wanted to give up at some point and maybe some did and others took over. You never really know what goes on behind the scenes.
    When something has been developed, like CompuMatrix, and it’s taking upwards of 13 plus years, I can feel why some members lose faith occasionally. That’s normal when it’s a long road. It’s also very also important to realize that if this could’ve easily been done by “anybody” it would’ve already been done. If it could’ve been done in a fraction of the time, many “someone’s” would’ve already done it. The truth is, it hasn’t been done by someone else in record time so we know and have to have faith that this is going to be unlike anything anybody has ever seen. Stay strong and positive …you might like what you see!

  10. Catherine, I totally understand how you feel.It is so true that we are just getting started. David has said many times that we still are a start up company. Its hard to imagine that we still are, but things have not truly launched out to the world yet. As with your husband, I don’t like not being busy in any company. That is why we should do everything we can, when we can do it, and then just have that patience and wait for more instructions. Not easy, but we are doing it.

  11. still dizzy but like I said earlier it is a good dizzy — the blogs being written here with so much great information has been a tremendous help for me to start my way back into the understanding of the crypto world and have to admit sometimes as I learn and read yeppers do get a bit dizzy and it gets a bit overwhelming at least to me then I just take a deep breath do a little walking and clear the cobwebs — thanks jeff great post– rj

  12. This blog post is a great reminder to myself to appreciate the little milestones in my life. A lot of times I do not realize the beauty in the little things in life because I am so focused on the outcome/final product. It is crazy to think the Amazon’s and Tesla’s started out as little companies with no revenue, but are now major corporations. Compumatrix has the potential to be an Amazon or Tesla in the crypto world – I cannot wait until that day comes!

  13. Jeff, as you say, time is speedy. We have been waiting for Compumatrix to reopen its doors. The wait has been with anticipation, knowing what new technology will be put in place for us. The time has flown by, but our wait is much shorter than it has been. There is eagerness, excitement, also patience for these technologies to be put in place for us.

  14. so much truth in the replies to this blog and with time and a little less dizziness which with the reading of these blogs and the replies to the postings gives me so much more clear thought and with each day of reading and studying the dizziness really does go away and is replaced with a bit of quiet confidence perse’ or peace and patience — am just very appreciative of the sharing of info and knowledge that is here in the blog area —

  15. You are correct Bjorn. One of the first programs that Compumatrix ever put out was called PSX and that was WAY BACK WHEN. You have been patiently waiting a long time, over a decade, almost a decade and a half now. I believe as Gail said recently that we too are at the door of opening. And when it does, it is going to blow wide open in my opinion. Your patience is soon to be rewarded. I know it.

  16. Jeff accounted for Earth’s rotation and its orbit around the Sun equating to 67,000 mph. In addition the Sun is also orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy, plus the galaxy is also moving. All-in-all Earth is traveling at 1,340,000 mph.

    Once when I went skydiving, jumping from 12,000 feet, the pilot positioned the plane such that I fell next to a small cloud. Initially there was no sense of falling, no sense of movement, there was no reference point. But falling at 120 fps when the cloud approached I passed it in less than a blink.

    For me the ‘blink’ with Compumatrix has consumed 14 years, 3 months and 7 days. As trying as it has been the wait is worth it. The whole world is changing due to C-19, everything is being reconfigured- reimagined, and Compumatrix will be at the forefront. So even while it has seemed slow, Earth time, even Compumatrix has been moving at 1.34 million mph.

  17. Interesting read Jeffry. The universe has always fascinated me. One of the reasons is that it is beyond comprehension if you think about distances and time. Last week I read that astronomers have discovered a galaxy that looks familiar with our galaxy and the distance is billions of fo lightyears away. So we see a galaxy that even might not exist anymore because what we see of it happened billions and billions of fo years ago. I wish Compumatrix a very long life once it opens the doors.

  18. oh have to admit love coming back and reading this blog and the replies and putting in perspective so many of the nuances of so many — and who knows as time plays out in our world maybe the sci-fi writers with the alternate universe thought process in the super hero realm of comic books from days gone by ??? who knows ?? good reading and smiling as mind goes further —

  19. Yes Pedro, It’s the distances of place and time that astound me. I learned about quasars which NASA actually has pictures of, that are 5 Billion light years away. That only means that if you and I were traveling at the speed of light ( 670,616.219 miles per hour) it would still take us 5 Billion years to get there. Astonishing. Also it’s interesting to know that the further a galaxy is traveling away from us, the faster it gets. Go figure ! God is unreal !

  20. so much fun just imagining some the numbers and speeds and galaxies far far away — and when you put the part of a Creator to the mix the thought process gets really fascinating and then the possibilities and probabilities just absolutely become almost infinite in scope — just great stuff thanks JP

    1. Our minds cannot even some close to comprehending the magnitude of distances and speeds at which things can travel. With just our galaxy alone( and there are billions of them) it would take 100,000 light years to get from one end of it to the other. That means traveling at (670,616.629 Miles per hour, the speed of light) it would still take us 100,000 years to get across. Can’t even think like that. Amazing.

      1. Thats simply amazing, to even think youd have to have colonies of people who never saw earth reminds me of a movie I have seen.

  21. A resounding YES I am dizzy so many directions we have been through it has been like a roller coaster ride with many improvements as we go, so many avenues we can earn income at sometimes I think we are traveling at a million miles per hour. Technology is moving at breakneck speed 50 billion smart devices are now collecting data to get even better tech.

    1. Good point Timothy. This fast paced world seems to be spinning at far greater rates than we feel we can handle. Daniel in the Bible said that “knowledge would increase in the last days”. It is exponentially increasing now. It’s amazing how the earth is traveling through space at such speeds and all seems super calm down here near the dust.

  22. Thank you Jeff ,good to read this blog,I am very proud to be a member of compumatrix ,we know we’re seeing a huge crypto world in this company,it’s moving very fast,we all know there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes,we know this has great potential of crypto for the future.

  23. Thank you, Jeff. What a brain blower. I love thinking outside the box, so this reminds me of my friend, a spiritual healer who always talks about osmicosmos and other dimensions. I love it all.

    1. It’s too much for us to fathom actually. Did you know that our own galaxy the Milkyway is 100,000 light years across ? That only means that if you are traveling 186,282 miles every second it would still take you 100,000 years to get across it. Wow ! Try and think that one through huh. God is huge !

  24. still enjoy putting some of the numbers to time and then put a bit of imagination of the possibilities in the possible others universes and then You add the Creator to the picture and then the thoughts of what really is and is all this just one planet ?? and as I look at these thoughts knowing Compumatrix is still working — I smile a bit inside and just am very much appreciative of the Biz and my small part in that Biz and this Time — great stuff JP —

  25. Along with hopscotch, hide-and-seek, jump rope etc., young children have been known to play the spin game with each other where they spend around and around for a few seconds until they lose their balance and maybe playfully stumble a few steps. Its sort of like having been on the merry-go-round with loads of fun. A merry-go-round provides a constant spinning around motion with no specific destination, contrary to our contsant motion here at Compumatrix that has a specific motion and a specific destination.

  26. Astronomy, the science that studies the laws of the stars, using mathematics, physics, and chemistry has always been one of my favorite subjects to study. I believe it was the best class I ever enrolled in. I can remember when I first looked at the moon through a telescope and thought it looked like a big Alka Seltzer in the night sky. I acquired an average telescope and was surprised to see how clearly I could see the rotation of the stars that I focused on.

  27. Fantastic blog Jeff, over time, compumatrix has become a huge crypto currencies platform with so much gravity that everyone is drawn to it,many doors are opening with time, excitement is increasing over time,as the whole world is now moving towards a new changes, compumatrix is rapidly entering its unique stages.

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