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Artificial Intelligence ?

By now, everyone knows what AI is. It is Artificial Intelligence. We are all seeing it today as a new and developing thing, but did you know it’s been around since 1956? Many of us see it and hear it daily in our lives in the form of IBM’s Watson, Amazon’s Echo, and of course, Alexa. AI is here, and there will be no return to life as it was without it. Most all of us have some interaction with AI on a day to day basis, even if we don’t know it.

AI is quickly moving to the forefront of businesses. Every business will soon have to implement many of AI’s ideas and machines to keep themselves on the cutting edge.

Artificial Intelligence is a term for all types of software that engages in a human-like manner. AI learns, plans, solves problems, and now even thinks on its own.

One aspect of AI is called Machine Learning. Machines are now programmed to learn things very quickly and process vast amounts of data at blazing speeds. The originator’s program an algorithm into the machine’s computer software; using that algorithm, the device gathers more data while learning as it goes. It’s almost like a person who grows from childhood to an adult receiving more information until he or she grows into maturity.

Machines and computers can process data thousands of times faster than humans. Most manufacturing plants hare computers running their multi-faceted operations. These computers catch problems and shortcomings and can quickly put all of those recommendations into the hands of the people running the company.

For now, AI is just a supporting tool for us humans and allows us to use the information from it in practical and efficient ways. But the “big elephant in the room” question on everyone’s mind is, “is it going to evolve to a point where humans might not have control over it?

When a software begins to make decisions on its own, this is AI.

We are heading towards cars without drivers and automated things we could not have imagined. Think of the amount of data that must be processed in split seconds to make a driverless vehicle possible. I test drove a Volvo the other day and was very surprised. With the salesman sitting in the passenger seat beside me, he told me to take my hand off the wheel, going around the upcoming turns. I sat there with my hands an inch or two off the steering wheel as I watched as the car navigated the corners all by itself!

Some experts predict AI will be used in restaurants for tracking people with cell phones who enter the restaurant. The software will change the music according to the likes and dislikes of those eating there. These things are not far off and could even be used right now without us ever knowing about it.

All of us know how marketing algorithms target us with advertising. Advertisers target us accordingly with things we have looked at or bought over the internet—this all a form of AI.

Will robots and AI change the whole landscape of business and the workforce? Could someone who works in a call center be replaced by a robot? Of course, they could. How many times do you make a call to your internet provider or cell phone provider and get super frustrated because you can’t even talk to a live person?

Most of everything we see on our computer screens, TVs, and phones are in two dimensions. Still, soon most of these experiences will be in 3D, and we will feel and sense that we are there in the projected environment, and not just watching from a distance.

One of the great things about AI is its effectiveness in cybersecurity. Banks are using AI and credit card companies to detect fraud, adjust to increasing data, and help keep us safe from identity thieves, scammers, and people with ill intent.

AI is already here in business, and AI is undoubtedly a part of it going forward. Its overall impact on the world is still to be seen, but we all need to be well aware of it. Technology is a beautiful thing, but we should always be careful to use technology as a tool and never let it control us. Ai should not replace the processes we already have in place. Still, it should enhance and improve our businesses and help us work smarter and faster.

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Artificial Intelligence is very appealing to me since I love technology and all the conveniences it provides us. I remember as I kid we didn’t even have a remote control for the TV. Something we take for granted today. Now we have systems in our homes that listen and act on our commands to process all sorts of functions, from changing the music to controlling our smart homes.

    1. Yes Antonio. I totally forgot about all of that. Way back when having only about 6 or 7 stations, someone had to get up and go change the channel by turning the button. Wow, those were the days. i take most all of the smart devices these days with an awful lot of caution. All of my laptops have black tape over the camera to keep the powers that be from always watching when I have one on.

  2. Hi Jeff, I agree with you that AI is all around us, and on your example about heading towards cars without drivers, as much as it will be fun, I still prefer to drive my car, I can’t feel safe, when I’m under the mercy of a computer.
    The other point, I don’t like, is Mc Donald for example is replacing a lot of students with AI now, a lot of students lost their part time jobs due to that, and Don’t tell me when you replace 10 people by a machine, there are 10 more new jobs open on the AI, because its not.
    But this is the future, and to have to adapt with it.

    1. Yes Ragai. That is the sad sad thing that people can be too easily replaced by machines. I remember visiting China where I saw around 200 Chinese people all with shovels digging a huge ditch. It would have taken only one back-hoe to do all the work of those 200 men. Think of it. One guy working, verses two hundred guys working.

  3. You are correct Jeff AI is all around us it already touches our lives in ways we can’t even imagine. As in new cars it keeps us in our lane, stops us from rear ending other vehicles or even backing into someone or something. Hey Google….Hey Seri… Hey Alexa all AI. But as you said there is a elephant in the room which is what happens when Ai takes over and decides what is best for us. Will we become batteries like in the movie Matrix? Only time will tell. “Let’s play global thermonuclear war.”

    1. Total scary thought Kyle about playing thermonuclear war, but not at all that far out there. I remember listening to an interview with a man that was instrumental in the whole AI revolution, and he was alluding to the fact that we may have already gone too far and might not be able to reel things back. I suspect there will be a point where that will be true.

      1. Hi Jeff I don’t know if you remember the movie “War Games”, but that’s were the line “Let’s play global thermonuclear war” is from. If you get the chance check out the movie and you can see in that particular scenario how crazy AI can get.

  4. AI is great and convenient but it will take jobs away. Really something they have smart houses now that do everything. I read an article on quantum computers one of the techs said he was actually afraid of it because it could take control of the world one day. Not sure if he watched syfy channel or not. He made a comment that it could look at us as useless bags of water and see no need for us any longer. I think there should always be a control button on AI so there we be no problems using it.

  5. Well, Jeffrey Technology is a beautiful thing until it is becoming invasive and invading our own privacy. Some can be helpful but many are just used to control us or better said to influence our decisions.
    Personally, I would never allow an Amazon Echo in my home, nor do I like to use Alexa at all.
    Yes, it may be useful in some jobs to reduce the Reduction in Human Error. The list is long of the benefits but also the disadvantages, so anyone can choose wisely. Job loss concerns related to Artificial Intelligence has been a subject of numerous business cases and academic studies.

    1. I am so with you Gitta. You and I are totally on the exact same page. My wife and I will never allow Echo or Alexa or Seri or anything like that. We are too smart for that pseudo smart stuff. Total privacy invasion. When that video came out where the news reporter turned his cell phone off, removed his SIM card and later could take the phone to a computer and see that everywhere he went he was still tracked. Times and locations all accurate. That was eye opening.

  6. Jeff your article about Artificial Intelligence is truly amazing.I was also planning to write on AI,and you beat me to it.I believe AI will change the concept of Industrialization,and the working environment as a whole.
    Technology is really moving very fast and we humans need to keep pace with it,or we could get left behind.We will be seeing a lot of Industries and companies apply AI,and get rid of the labor force, which need to look into alternative work and try best to catch up with the new technology AI and Fintech etc,which we are seeing being done in our company Compumatrix.

  7. Jeff’ very interesting blog! Artificial Intelligence technology has revolutionized the world, I think it’s a great technology to eliminate evil and catch hackers,this technology is also good for the industrial world, but its impact on personal life is not very good.

  8. Jeff your blog about Artificial Intelligence is very interesting! AI has really helped and could help the Universe and people even more. But, in my opinion, we need to be very careful that it is not used so that the machine will replace man, as it will not have the same essence, and I believe that this could be very dangerous. We need to be aware of this!

  9. AI is invading our lives at an alarming speed. We all enjoy some of the conveniences associated with those conveniences but, there is the but, to what extent do we want to be totally controlled?

    The first self-checkout machines were designed and patented in the 1990s but grew to prominence in the early 2000s. I watched as more and more checkers were laid off only to be replaced by a machine. The look on one of the employee’s faces told the whole story of the impact this would have on their lively hood. To this day I refuse to use the self-checkout stations.

    1. I hear you Erline. I have been shocked at the rate at which they were forcing us to use the self checkouts having only one checker in the grocery store when there were about 7 lanes just sitting there closed off. And now they use the name of COVID to implement this even more sighting the safety of the workers at a priority. I like your attitude of refusing not to use them.

  10. this is a great thought provoker also like EMs blog on chili — it is part of the new millennium that AI will be part and honestly will be a big part of life as we move on — won’t call it forward but honestly it is– but not for some people — this has great info and true info — good stuff JP

  11. AI will get bigger, smarter and better. Exciting to see how the world changes and how we adapt to new AI.

    You can stand in the bathroom and shout out “Alexa, play Elton John – Circle of life” and suddenly, you have the song playing in the background. Imagine doing that back in the day, people would think you were crazy!

  12. Good article here on artificial intelligence. I had no idea it has been around for so long, but how it has be identified specifically here is very awakening. It’s use speeds makes it easier for us and speeds things up. Now when I say Hey Google, Google does the work for me

  13. Jeff, It is amazing how much the world has advanced in the last 60 years. The usage of AI has changed life in so many that we just take it for granted and don’t realize it until your job is being replaced by a Robo. Think of the many factories that use AL that replaces so many jobs throughout the world. The jobs of the future are how to programming AI. AI is great, but it won’t work unless people tell it what to do.

    1. Yes Ronald. I am actually all for using Robots in war scenarios in place of real people. It would be much better for a robot to be destroyed rather than a someone’s son. But I fear that those robots and robotic machines will get out of control at one point. This is truly the way things are going though. Look at what is happening just with drones these days,.

  14. It is a very interesting blog Jeffrey and I think that the developments of AI is in general a good thing. I think about e.g. that surgeries can be performed with much more precision. But I am against a situation in which AI is going to take control of my life. I’ll stick to my own skills and creativity. I don’t want to become an obedient and submissive person.

  15. It’s true Katharina that AI can be used in so many good ways like you said with surgery and just saving lives for that matter. The problem comes in when the hearts of those responsible for the AI devices are not moral or actually could even be evil. Then we have scenarios that are unthinkable. My God give us the grace to use these as tools for good, always !

  16. Yes, Jeff, there is a fine line here between being useful and going over to the dark side. And a line that can be very easily and quickly crossed! With Smart TV’s and things like Alexa, I feel these tools are too invasive and using people without any caring and too many times for reasons of greed. Then there are also the desires to microchip people for many reasons that I feel is a total invasion of privacy!! We need to be very cautious of what we allow to invade our lives!

    1. I’m with ya on this one Janis. They will eventually microchip people all in the name of keeping us safe from Covid and also for medical reasons of safety. Someone gets in a car wreck, they just scan your wrist with the chip in it and get all your medical history. All in the name of protecting us, they will actually be invading us as you say.

  17. Great blog on AI! While reading your article I thought about how there is a balance with everything in life and we need to be responsible for the balance. It is a choice to use Alexa and Smart TV, just as it is to read a book and go for a walk in nature without a smartphone. I feel it is very important to have a balance between technology and nature.

    1. I do agree with you Kristin about the need for balance. We have a nature reserve near us where tons of people walk and enjoy time with their families and even walking their dogs. What I can’t really understand so much are the people that are out there with a lot of the wildlife and nature, and spending all of that time with their head down staring at their phone screen. They could do that at home, but bring it all outside. There sure needs to be balance.

  18. Wow! All very interesting and informative! Science fiction writers have long envisioned worlds of AI. At the end of each book/movie, it never ends well for the people it is supposed to help. I agree with the other posts that it is all exciting and amazing that such things are possible, and even currently happening. I also am concerned that there will come a time when humankind will be replaced with AI and then what will the average person be doing to earn a living? Will we be subsidized by government for our living space, our food, our clothing, our recreation? Where will our sense of purpose come from?

    1. Yes Gloria. As stated by many, to have the technology help us and be a blessing is wonderful but there is that line that could be crossed where it’s no longer just a tool for us but it’s a device that controls and invades most all of our privacy. When I was growing up, we only had the rotary dial phones. You couldn’t even be on a phone unless you were inside somewhere. Those seemed to be a little bit more peaceful days.

  19. As I read this blog what came to mind for me was the Flintstones cartoon and the Jetsons cartoon. The Flintstones were the primitive kind with Fred having to use his feet to get the car going. Now on the other hand the Jetsons, George would jump into his “car” flying machine and take right off. Think we are headed in that direction.

  20. Great analogy Alan. I remember driving my parents car when I just turned 16. Back then we didn’t even have power steering. It took a good amount of muscle to be able to turn the steering wheel especially when the car was moving very slow and just getting going. Now days, they are driving themselves. We have some a long way for sure.

  21. Is the world ready for A.I. to be fully implemented to world?
    I’m doubtful and I find it a bit scary with Artificial Intelligence as well..
    They can never fully replace a human when it comes to emotions and thinking outside of the box, no creativity…And as I understand it, the cost is very high as well because it’s a very complex machine.

  22. All for the improvements and how it can make lives better. A little concerned over the privacy issues with this tech. I love the tech.. And the good it can be used for. We already know the type of information being collected by both governments and private business… So they can make our lives better.. Also translates to – So we can sell you more stuff you don’t need. 🙂

    I for one am looking forward to being able to mostly enjoy the scenery on a trip through Northern Ontario instead of having to pay attention to the road all the time. No one else really needs to know this except the other people in the vehicle, however.

    1. You are so funny John about driving with other people in the car that don’t know it’s driving itself. Too Good ! Yes, follow the dollar. Most all of the AI targeting you by advertisers these days is all to sell you something you were not looking for. My wife and I have had conversations about something, and a few minutes later we had ads show up on our phones about that subject. They are listening !

  23. I don’t think the old-timers like AI as much as the younger generation it is kind of concerning when all of us old-timers pass away what will become of this world I have mixed feelings about it. I think it is good in some areas but bad in others, for instance like restaurants I would not have AI because you lose that touch of reality and small talk with your waitress or checkout person at a fast food place. I think more people would not speak to people depending on your job and could lead to psychological problems in our young people.

    1. That;s so true Timothy. So much of what is happening in the world is gearing towards keeping people further and further apart. All the COVID distancing, and masks keeps people away from each other. People have also been conditioned to talk to Alexa a lot more than people sometimes. What is the world coming to.

  24. Thanks Jeff for the great blog, sounds like a lot of mail rooms and manufacturers and some large companies use Robot AI type machines for gathering and shipping. People are being replaced everyday. With Compumatrix I feel we have our feet planted solid and we are ready to grow,

  25. Thanks, Jeff for another insightful blog. I can see how AI has grown and is becoming a bigger part of our lives without us realising. I can see the benefits, though it is a worry when it takes away human contact. I see the vast difference it can make in a disabled person’s life, for instance. Recently I was doing a ‘zoom’ session with a client and when I asked her some questions, I was surprised to hear her and another voice reply. Thinking it was strange, it all became clear, when she turned in her seat and said loudly “Alexa, Go to sleep” Ha ha.

    1. Yeah Inspired. People are being listened to daily by those devices, and who knows what they are doing with all the data that people speak out daily. We would be ignorant to think that everything is just innocent and it’s only for our convenience and nothing else.

  26. That was an interesting blog Jeff. A little known fact is that the term robot was first coined by Karel Capek, a Czech writer and visionary. His play R.U.R., an abbreviation of Rossum’s Universal Robots premiered in 1921.
    The word “robot” comes from “robota”, forced labor.
    He was fearful of the development where “The product of the human brain has escaped the control of human hands”
    and critical of mechanization and the ways it can dehumanize people.

  27. Thanks for sharing that Eva. Interesting that you can actually trace that word back that far to 1921.

  28. Great read Jeffery. I have recently read about a company that creates and manufactures the small chip that aids the Artificial Intelligence. There are specific chips that allow AI to operate in the field it is programmed. There are so many, as you so almost every aspect of our technological lives are affected. I was interested to learn more, but as life goes, we go and time has not allowed me to do so. My mind is trying to understanding the aspects implement into the eco-system of Compumatrix. The in-depth workings of each implementation or component can come later. We learn as we go, and these blogs are an excellent source of knowledge.

  29. It’s interesting that we have been micro chipping our pets for years. I remember a little over 15 years ago when the Vet asked us if we wanted to implant the chip in our dog, in case she is ever lost. This technology is not new by any means, but all of the Artificial Intelligence attached to it sure is.

  30. Artificial Intelligence , now that is a very interesting subject . AI can predict behavior seamlessly ..Artificial Intelligence can also develop its own morals, now that is scary. Will we as humans become useless ? . Artificial Intelligence can seriously impact our lives . What dose the future of artificial intelligence has in store for us — what about the risks to our future? all interesting thoughts , Listen to Elon Musk , He has some very interesting thoughts on the AI and our future.

  31. Yeah. Elon Musk is a forerunner of all the Artificial Intelligence. He even has some kind of device already hooked up to his brain that is supposed to make him smarter in some way. Very scary to think about when man tries to manipulate God’s original creation. I am going to steer clear as much as possible.

    1. Artificial Intelligence , the buzz word of the century . I agree with you Jeffrey, Elon Musk is a brilliant man and I try to keep up with what he has to and will do next. I watch everything I can on YouTube about Elon Musk.
      Artificial Intelligence with Elon Musk , We have seen nothing Yet .. When I watch him speak, I almost can see his cogs in his brain moving. The man of the Century.

  32. Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating subject. The development of this form of intelligence will never stop and it is best to be well prepared to allow it in your life. It can have many advantages and take over the tasks in life that we don’t like or that are complicated. But I hope that artificial intelligence will replace my own intelligence.

  33. There have been quite a few blogs on artificial intelligence which goes to show how its evolution is so importance to our society. I believe a challenge is though, not to become to reliant upon artificial intelligence and always make sure one’s own mind stays cultivated and knowledgeable. While artificial intelligence is very promising, I along with others do not believe it will ever surpass completely the human brain in all aspects.

  34. I agree Sherri. My wife and I try to stay as clear as we can from any kind of AI that could have a controlling effect on us.

  35. I love technology also and I am most impressed with AI as it has related to advancements in hearing technology. I make daily use of my hearing aids may being able to connect to other smart devices such as the TV, computer streaming, and smartphone notifications.

    1. How wonderful that smart technology has been able to even aid you in hearing Martin ? My Dad had the same issue and I was so thankful that he could get some help with that due to technology. I love what my cell phone can do. Though I don’t like the fact that it spies on me all day ! LOL

  36. great blog and so true on the A I front and so much of everyday life is intertwined with a non personal feature — being raised in person business and interacting with face to face –these last 10 years or so have been awkward at best for me — more and more just like this blog area — there is nothing personal just fingers on a keyboard — to me sad but maybe it is Artificial progress ?? great blog JP

  37. Another Great Blog Jeff. I agree that AI is all around us, and for your example about heading towards cars without drivers, as for me this will be great as I’m legally blind and I can’t drive due to my visual impairment. However, what I don’t like is may companies such are replacing students with AI now which is causing students to lose their part time jobs, but this is the future and we have to adapt to it like it or not.

    1. Yes Paula. That is the worst part about AI. It’s kind of like the industrial revolution where big machines began to replace all the workers. It’s easier to pay a machine and cheaper because you don’t have to feed it or pay it’s hospital insurance. I hope that AI just remains a tool and not something that begins to control.

  38. Thanks for your article Jeff.
    AI is certainly on the up and up, and with it, comes the positives and the negatives.
    Yes, it can make our day to day lives much more efficient, but they can be used maliciously too.
    You see most households now with IoT (Internet of Things) devices, be it Amazon Echo, Google Home, or even your wireless thermostat and security cameras.
    Unfortunately the potential security concerns of these are not so well advertised, but hopefully this will change in future as they become more and more popular.

    1. Yes ActorLeigh. I heard about a court case the other day that the judge is allowing evidence from either and Echo or Alexa machine that we listening in the house during a robbery. The fact that it can be used in court is amazing. It can be used for something good in this case, but also used for evil as a spying tool. I am very mixed about it all.

  39. Hi, to be honest just reading the title of this blog I said to myself here we go as I was thinking back to my childhood and ET. Then I put on my big boy shoes and opened my eyes. We have created so much out here to simplify our lives. I clocks awaken us, cars that can drive themselves and away to have bitcoin mined for you. So much when thinking and looking at more than just the title

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