Avoid the Rip Currents or The Rising Tides of Compumatrix Life.

Many years ago my family and I lived on the northwest coast of Oregon. Every summer there would be reports of several deaths by drowning. Now, these were not at all residents, who knew better, but tourists that came from other states or just the other side of the coast range of mountains in our state. We on the coast had a nickname for these people. We called them “flatlanders”, mainly because they were not at all familiar with the challenges of the Pacific Ocean on our coasts. Oh yes, they were told to be wary of the dangers of the water close to the shore.

However, the waters would look so tame and inviting many would not heed and many with their children would wade out up to their waste. How could that be dangerous, until a small surge would evidence itself of a rip current and pull them down and then wash them out into deeper water. Sometimes because of a higher or rising above normal tide, it would exibit itself more strongly. Most would be rescued but many would drown. Some would be the parents struggling to save children or those children not being able to be saved.

Now I can read what your are thinking, “Okay, that is “sad”; but what does it have to do with Compumatrix?” Well, just patiently read on and you will understand the gist of what we are sharing.

But first, let’s consider a few definitions.
First, a “rising tide” = the increase in water level from low to high, rising so that which is beached under a regular tide is now to be that which now can float. The “volume” of water has risen over and above the normal and thereby can be a threat to destroy.

Second a “rip current” = A rip current forms because wind and breaking waves push surface water towards the land, and this causes a slight rise in the water level along the shore. This excess water will tend to flow back to the open water via the route of least resistance.

Rip currents form when waves break near the shoreline, piling up water between the breaking waves and the beach. One of the ways this water returns to the sea is to form a rip current, a narrow stream of water moving swiftly away from the shore, often perpendicular to the shoreline.

So rip currents are powerful, narrow channels of fast-moving water.

In popular usage, the word “undertow” is often misapplied to rip currents. An undertow occurs everywhere underneath shore-approaching waves, whereas rip currents are localized narrow offshore currents occurring at certain locations along the coast.

This flow – the undertow – affects the nearshore waves everywhere, unlike rip currents localized at certain positions along the shore.

Though an undertow and a rip current are both caused by the action of waves breaking on the shore. there is a significant difference to each.

“Flatlander”= someone who is lacking in coast knowledge, someone who may be akin to, a know it all, someone that shows more arrogance than humility as to some of the very basic facts of “coast” activities. In our case those that think they know so much better how Compumatrix should be “run”.

Keep these definitions in mind especially the “flatlander” one as we now will go into the subject part of having to do with Compumatrix.

On the surface, these rip currents, high waters, and undertows may seem harmless. Yet in truth, they are very dangerous and harmfully destructive. In the case of Compumatrix, this would apply to mindsets and the mental acuity of members.

First, then we need to take note as to what kind of company Compumatrix is and what type of business it is within this new Crypto Eco System. So a brief review is in order. First, we are a USA Private Corporation. There is no public platform for trading shares, They are private equities by the holders. Some have the mistaken idea that the board and executive in this private Corporation are answerable to the shareholders, -not so. Even meetings, reports, statements and other things are under a very different protocol than that for public companies.

Second, we are a crypto asset decentralized organization -peer to peer system with no middle man in structure and function.

Third, we use the blockchain ledger structure with a DEX trading basis.

fourth we are an activity basis format generating points for earning

and more.

Now, with none of these being part of the old regular custom and process of doing business suffice it to say that these are not easy tasks to set up, to implement, and bring to a smooth functioning performance. All these things, parts, and goals to apply to such a revolutionary enterprise that has within the middle, a structure not ever done before and yet to stay within the protocols and parameters that become for one and thus incorporate themselves for two into “COMPUMATRIX -INTERNATIONAL” a major Global Company is a major challenge.

Consequently, it is this very thing that brings into focus the Rising tide and rip currents generated by very few members. They would nevertheless much rather create a death spiral for some, by their succinct, and in their thinking, okay mode to create these dangers of malignancy to other members. Thus, the warning is to beware of the dangers they try to impose and put upon members and to sidestep, stay clear of their death spiral creations and, intents to malign this inspiring company.

What am I saying? Well, that, there are those that are very negative, those that are always by grumbling, grouching, fault finding and complaining against the company and, then there are those that cast some strong dissonant comments against the Management. These are those that allocate to themselves a mode of authority and self-righteous importance with which they cast assertions of illegal actions by the company and leaders.
Do not be a flatlander drawn in by the rip current and high drowning waters of the “verbal terrorists” of some few in our midst. Because a verbal rip current can drown and destroy, thus ruining your faith and confidence.

Remember rip currents are basically localized, and for that matter so are these attacks on this company, localized to a certain geographical region in the world. Do not let the undertow of negativism overwhelm you and pull you out into the deep and cause death to your dreams. This happens predominantly to “flatlanders” that do not care to learn about or to acknowledge the danger and just do not care.

I trust this analogy becomes a very vivid picture of life here at Compumatrix and some of the rip currents of those that are singularly negative and unsupportive not only of the company but also of you the member.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. Well written David. I understand the rip tide of the ocean and love the analogy of that to those who strive to bring others into their negativity and thus bring try to dash the dreams and hopes of others. I do not wish to become a ‘flatlander’, and will stay the course and see my dreams and hopes come to fruition.

  2. hope springs Eternal for me here — David do appreciate the Effort put forth by you in this great and very Deep Blog introspective — knowing 1st hand from prior biz undertakings — the negative nellies normally are in one spot — find them and don’t let them bring you down the drain — great stuff — thank you —

  3. The statement “knows just enough to be dangerous” can apply to the flatlanders. That I believe is where we can get ourselves into trouble. In this situation, I can truthfully say I’m not in that category 🙂 But I am diligently trying to keep my head above the water, and this can be very difficult at times being a non-swimmer. However, it is very comforting to know that there are support people to help us out if we start to sink!

  4. Thank you for the great blog your right. We will rise with the tides. We have come so far as a group and as a little family. I’m always grateful to know we have loads of help and resources at our fingertips when needed. Just reading here, you learn new things. In our forum, we have lots of support.

  5. That is an absolutely powerful metaphor for the phenomenon of negative thoughts, words, and intentions, and it’s definitely something a successful business person should always be wary of. You explained the concept of riptides very well, and I found myself nodding my head…indeed it’s something any wise person – let alone a global company – should familiarize themselves with, learn to avoid it, and to find another pathway, even if it’s far away from the shore and back to safety on higher ground.

  6. David, thank you for the analogy. I suspect those creating the problems are most likely those who will not be reading your blog. And if they are reading your blog, will probably be saying, “Oh, that doesn’t apply to me”. But then there is always hope they will sooner or later realize the unique opportunity that has been created for them too. 

  7. David, Great blog! I don’t know who the negative ones are,all I can say about them is that they don’t understand the business of compumatrix,nor will their negative thinking give them a chance to think that way,by their behavior, they will make a very high opportunity which is a great deal from God for all of us.may God protect the business from these dangerous people.Amen

  8. Great read David. I am proud to say I am not a member of the negative bunch. We have enough to do to stay focus without letting someone get us sidetracked. I appreciate your efforts to keep us moving forward in the right frame of mind, and that is what I intend to do.

  9. Great blog David. I myself was caught in a rip tide in Hawaii and was for sure a true “flatlander” at the time. I didn’t know how to get out of it by swimming sideways and changing my direction instead of just trying to fight the current. Essentially what you are saying those few flatlander members is…..Don’t bit the hand that feeds you !

  10. Thank you for the blog Mr. President, there is lots of information and wisdom in this, I wont be suffocated but hold my neck high, I’m willing to learn and not cause danger to myself.

  11. This is a blog worth reading and digesting. Unfortunately there are “flatlanders” throughout our society who specialise in negativity. Compumatrix is no exception. The point is that negativity achieves absolutely nothing but can cause a great deal of stress. I am one of the most positive persons I know and can honestly say that negativity has never played a part in my life. Compumatrix offers a dream that many people would love to have. For those of us who are members that dream WILL be fulfilled.

  12. Thank you for your post, David. Yes, I’m one of those Flatlanders and consider myself as one. When you drive across Kansas and admire the countryside you have to be from that part of the country to appreciate it. You always see something new if you just look. This is like Compumatrix, if you just sit back and look at what is going on you are always seeing something new. Ask yourself why is that? You have to look at the big picture, Henry is creating something out of nothing except for an idea. If people would wake up we are there. Everything is in place. I know you want more for your assets if you just give it a chance to mature. Please quit selling our assets for peanuts. Are you nuts, or just plain stupid?

  13. Very well written and I hope them few will read this blog to understand it better, this transformation had to happen to get away from some of the sharks swimming in the rip current, living in FL for 20 years I got caught in one of them once but I was educated to not panic and to relax and ride it out it was actually kind of fun for me I was moving much faster than I could swim quite an experience.

  14. Nice blog David , I to am not a negative person . I have to much to do to even think that way . I grew up in a time of no matter what life hit you with, one could find ways to over come it. . I was a owner / operator , self employed trucker for many years. Being negative when something when wrong ( and that happened almost every week ) I would of given up years ago.

  15. Visiting the beach as a kid every vacation with my parents at first I was kind of a showoff thinking I knew better. As I grew older and venture to go in deeper I notice that strange pulling of current. That’s is when I listen to the advice and warnings of not going in beyond a certain point.
    In Compumatrix learned since the beginning to listen and follow by obeying all rule set before us.

  16. this is such a great thought provoking posting and dadgum as I grow older and look back a bit — i really don’t see myself in the negative zones — i have made many mistakes thru my 45+ years of biz work n ownership however I just kept smiling and working towards the win — same thing here do what I can be patient but persistent and at times have to persevere — but my Faith doesn’t allow me to feel sorry for my failures — learn and push forward and keep Heart True — great stuff DM —

  17. Unfortunately, this blog makes me very sad. It brings me back to a day in South Florida when my friend Morris, who was a member of Compumatrix, and I went to sit next to the water’s edge. He decided to go into the water. I told him to stay close to the shore as there appears to be a strong undertow. He was 6’3″ and thought he could go out to his hips and as Mother Nature would have it, she pulled him under. I looked up and down the abandoned beach and said, “God help me” and went in to save him. Yes, he lived to see another day. Unfortunately, he passed away this year. Morris, an older member, felt overwhelmed by the new things to learn and wasn’t good at holding onto this information. Where he became defeated I took on each task as a challenge. RIP Morris

  18. I comprehend your message David, and I appreciate your concern as it is for the entire family of Compumatrix. I would like for there to be no negativism and selfishness it genders incorrect decisions and mistakes. Need, can also be a motivator of negativity as the fear of losing what is so needed can cause a person to make a wrong choice. I think of the Bible verse, Lord, I believe help thou mine unbelief. We as hard as it is at times, wait for the coming blessing in the auspiciousness of Compumatrix Networks International.

  19. I find your analogy is still quite nebulous as it relates to the business. That aside, the business itself is quite nebulous to someone new to it, like myself.
    As you have pointed out, the company is a “crypto asset decentralized organization -peer to peer system with no middle man in structure and function, one that uses the blockchain ledger structure with a DEX trading basis.” The question is, how, or should I say, when will we be able to implement the full potential of the system using the methodology you have explained?
    Which brings me to your fourth point of generating earnings based on activity points. I can see the value of showing activity to a website blog, although the current incestuous turning over of material to each other, leaves me curious as to how this actually produces any income. Like I said, I am new to the discipline, and am only now trying to catch up, but that creates questions. Please do not consider this a critique, but an attempt to realize what my roll needs to be.

  20. Another Great Blog David. I agree the statement “knows just enough to be dangerous” can apply to the flatlanders, it is there that I believe we can get ourselves into trouble. In this situation, I can truthfully say I’m not in that category, but I’m diligently trying to keep my head above the water, and this can be very difficult at times being a non-swimmer, but it is very comforting to know that there are support people to help us out if we begin to sink.

  21. I guess it can be said that there may be some swimmers out there that are over confident in their ability to swim and get out into water that is deeper than they thought it was and are at risk of drowning. For me personally, I know I am not a good swimmer. While I could stay afloat on the water, I only felt confident in doing so in shallow water. The only way I learned to swim was to backstroke and still could maybe need a lifeguard. Luckily, Compumatrix has been well equipped with lifeguards in making sure we all stay afloat when we start to flounder and help to keep us from drowning.

  22. If it came up to a choice of sink or swim, I think I would find some kind of way to swim, even if it was upstream. I would try to avoid getting in situations where things are way over my head and I am left being engulfed by the tides.

  23. Rip currents and constantly changing situations in Compumatrix is inevitable, we just need to learn how to avoid them and work through them. In companies such as Comoumatrix nothing is guaranteed right now, so there will always be constant bumps in the road and “changing tides”. This is why we educate ourselves so we know how to navigate these situations.

  24. it is a thought provoking read and so many points of interest and when you keep reading and learning not only Compu biz info but also working at staying current in the Crypto n Cyber worlds — you must continue every day and in some cases every hour some moments — the speed of of this is so Wow — Impressive also — thanks for great reads

  25. The simple example and comparison of our members and our company to the tides in the ocean is superb.It explains what we should look out for and how to overcome the negativity when you are faced with it.

  26. Thank you David, awesome blog.. I read these blogs and each on takes me in different directions.
    Avoid the Rip Currents or The Rising Tides of Compumatrix Life. ies an interesting title ..and as I have been with Henry from the start ,,I as well as many others have been through the rip tides but we all survied and now we look forward to the sun shining bright.
    I am here for the long run with Compumatrix.. The sun is Bright for our future.

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