Bitcoin BTM Machines

A year ago, some described crypto as a scam, but now most governments are taking a serious look at blockchain. Today crypto is up while the dollar is blowing in the wind.

The dollar won’t give up, but by reading, it’s getting weaker, compared to bitcoin, which is going up, up, up. We all see it if your watching. Things in bitcoin change daily, so you have to watch and keep up.

At the end of the day, trust isn’t in the system anymore, it’s breaking down. You’ll see with trust dwindling people will look for alternatives. some started years ago, some are just starting now, But eventually, we will all be heading in that direction. For some, they will go kicking and screaming.

People are starting to agree that being decentralized isn’t such a bad idea. The more that people talk about it and spread it, the more people are jumping in. Which takes us to Compumatrix; we will be the new leaders. I’m so pleased to see our group moving along. Sometime in the future, we will be amazed when we look back.

This company is going to be one that changes the world. So many companies went under during COVID. Not Compumatrix!

We just had a bitcoin machine put in 5 min from my house. I was shocked when I saw it, but I knew what it was, and no one else did. So I had to explain it to a few in the store. My son saw one for the first time he just said it looks weird, while I’m just thinking I’m so happy to see this big yellow box.

They couldn’t believe it. I Am just overjoyed to see it. We now have over 500 locations with BTM machines. One reason I feel bitcoin is so nice because its person to person, no bank needed.

The new BTM is all around and growing so individuals can go in and check it out. What they would like is for people to go in and buy $10 worth.
Now for $10, you won’t get coins rolling out, but you will get bitcoin in your crypto wallet. Why stop at $10? If everyone bought $20 to $100 things would start popping.

People will pass by this in stores and wonder what is this? This big yellow machine. I’ve never seen this before. You will be able to buy and sell bitcoin. What? YES! Just like Kevin mentioned he was selling ATM’s before they were a thing, now look they are on every corner. Who knew we would all get our money from a box. Now we have a new box not that different, but this box can change your world.

Now to register, you will have to scan your palm. Scan a government-issued ID like a Driver’s License and last a phone registration. That’s it now start your transaction.

Remember, it’s similar to a bank but not a bank. You control your crypto no one else. When you sell, it takes about 15 minutes to get a transaction completed.

Bitcoin has already established its self as something to trade around the world. For instance, fees are cheaper when sending to other counties. The costs through a bank can be up to 30%.

For some, it’s new and just a techy thing because they have no idea, but to us, it’s Bitcoin, and it’s going up, up, up. With other countries Digitalizing their money, we are right there too.

They have been talking and making all of our currency digitals so it may or may not happen right away, but we headed in that direction. For some, it’s scary, but start learning. I took my son to see the Bitcoin machine, so he knows what it is. Soon he’ll be able to do his own thing at 17 he’s ready to go NOW.

I mentioned this to someone who was on FB and angry about the digital currency. She doesn’t want to do anything digitally and hates the world is heading that way. She wants to roll up in a ball and let life go by, but she saw Libra and freaked out. She feels bitcoin is changing the world. She hates it. I, on the other hand, love it. I tried to explain, but for some, you can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. I thought Libra was cool because I’m a Libra, but I wouldn’t share money on FB good concept lousy platform. Only because too much info gets shared there, behind the scenes. We don’t want anyone in our business but us. But under different circumstances it would be a great idea, at least it got people thinking.

We are all so lucky to be at the front of this enormous change that is happening. I know we’ve all heard, we could go cashless in the future, chipping, etc. Well, we see it happening now. The chip is the size of a piece of rice. May have all your information on this tiny piece of metal, many of our militaries are already chipped.

Compumatrix has excellent leadership and a wealth of tools provided for us. We can take the time to learn or not, but most of us are stuck at home. Why not? COVID is changing everything, and we don’t know today what our new normal will be, so get ready for change because it’s coming, whether prepared or not.

I believe we should all be trying to figure this out since it is our future. For all you youngsters out there learning this, I AM so excited to see you all. You ARE our future.

When you see that big yellow machine, it’s pretty cool and strange just because it’s new, get used to it, and start popping up a lot more.

About the author

Tracy Wight is the proud mother of 4 beautiful kids. She worked with Holistic Drs in Dallas, TX before moving into Cryptocurrency. She is proud to be part of such a great Dream coming to life.


  1. Thank you Tracy for an explanation of what a bitcoin machine looks like and how it works. We live in a rural area far from a major city so haven’t had the opportunity to see a machine – now I will be on the lookout for a big yellow machine! And, yes, not everything digitally is a good thing. This is why I am so grateful to be involved with a global company like Compumatrix that I feel safe with and trust totally!

    1. So true Tracy. Just like when the computers was spreading and I was so stubborn, I said to myself. I will never get a computer. I was fine with my communication with the telephone. Then Networking came along and in order to see what everything was all about you needed a computer to be involved. Then came the social Network. And oh, yes, the conversation about bitcoin, there was so much excitement just discussing it. I was so curious, that every conversation about it I tried to but in to ask questions. and it was just like you said, Tracy. They did not stay on the conversation long. Low and behold , Compumatrix introduced it to us and I got my pen and paper, my printer any thing that stored information and now its nothing but beautiful history.

      1. I’m with you there, I am not a fan of change but I’ve been forcing myself to do things I never thought I’d be doing. Compumatrix will be such a family blessing to us all.

    2. I’m very excited. I cant wait until they are every where so more people understand and use them. When it gets trendy here we will be on a roll.

    3. I hope you see them soon, especially if your in a rural area that would be amazing. everyone will heave to educated but they are actually very easy to use.

  2. it is nice to see more and more entrepreneurs join in the blog fun here at Compumatrix — and believe it or not it is fun to see more and more peeps take time to explain the crypto world to their childos and also it is nice also to see the effort by so many great people to help us other entrepreneurs expand our biz — a great read Tracy and keep writing — jmho rj

  3. Thank you, Tracy, for the information about the bitcoin BTM machines. It has been over three years since I last checked for the BTM/ATMs. There were no machines to be found in North Carolins at that time that I can remember. While reading your post, I stopped and searched. Boy, was I shocked! Here in town, not two minutes from me are bitcoin machines, going north on US1; there are three more about four to five minutes away, turning left onto 15/501 about six to seven minutes away is two more. My grandson and I will check them out. Being these machines I saw listed are the real deal; it will be fascinating because the whole world is getting ready for the influx of cryptocurrencies.

    1. It’s going to be exciting teaching the little ones about them. They will grow up just knowing and that will be a huge gift. It will be like second nature to them/

  4. Actually never heard of a BTM before, didn’t even know it existed.
    Nice to learn a little bit about it and how it’s working 🙂
    Hopefully they are here to stay and will spread all over the world so we’ll get a few here in my country as well.

    1. I haven’t seen any be taken away only more coming out so I hope here in the states we get them in all the stores like in other countries.

  5. Great article, Tracy. I’m one who loves technology. So I’m looking forward to seeing a BTM machine in my town. I can’t wait until we can use our BTC to purchase items that we need (peer to peer) and using my BitPay card to pay bills. I’m ready. And not to mention, the value of BTC has been going up. 🙂

  6. Yes Bitcoin is a blessing for sure and it will be our bread and butter in the near future with Compumatrix. Personally i don’t like every crypto currency since so many are just worthless . I would also not use Libra ever , but that is a personal choice . Its changing the world for sure , but not all changes are for our benefits like you mentioned the chipping. Nobody right in their mind want to be traced on every step we do. We all know that the military are always used for any innovations or experiments , but that doesn’t mean its a good thing for humanity . Covid is changing many aspects in our life , but very few of them are in our interest but for the benefit for some hidden agendas. Love seeing those machines out there , hope they are coming more and more .

  7. Tracy, this article is fantastic! I’m so proud of you stepping up to become an Author on this Computmatrix Blog. When I read the first line above, “A year ago, some described crypto as a scam…” I thought, EVERY year since Bitcoin came into existence, the naysayers have said it’s a scam! LOL But that doesn’t make them right. LOL

    I was surprised when you recalled and stated, “…Just like Kevin mentioned, he was selling ATM’s before they were a thing, now look they are on every corner.” It is nice to know that someone remembers that story. I don’t even remember when or where I shared that with you, but I will remember that experience for as long as I live.

    The lesson I learned, the hard way, was that I gave up trying to sell ATMs too soon. In 1989, people couldn’t imagine getting their cash out of a machine. Now in 2020, people can’t imagine using Bitcoin and buying it out of a machine. People don’t change. The world changes around us.

    1. Kevin I want to Thank you because you have always been such a huge help. I still remember the day you said “go on in and play around you cant mess anything up” LOL Then I some how created a new account thinking I was making a mock account LOL. I made a huge mess then you came and helped me again ….. your a life saver always!

  8. In your blog, you mentioned your friend that freaked out with the mention of Libra. When it was first announced, I freaked out as well. Until that announcement, I felt Crypto was moving right along nicely with a few bumps along the way. With the mention of Libra, I felt we just took a step in the wrong direction with someone centralized trying to recapture what banking was losing their grip on. I’m glad they didn’t meet with much favor.

  9. Wow I had a epiphany while reading this blog, I have been so concerned about all the exchanges turning centralized with all the red tape and huge list of new rules ect …and I checked this site with BTM’s I was shocked to see 10 of them 20 miles from me…what a relief that was the fees were cheap to I think 7% .

  10. I cant wait to see that big yellow machine in my city. We currently have the Coinstar machines that cash in coins and allow you to purchase Bitcoin. That machine always puts a smile on my face. It would be interesting to know how much they sell annually. Each month the public is more accepting of crypto currencies due to the adoption from companies such as Paypal and others. The future looks bright.

  11. A BTM machine…WOW! That would be a novelty and a lot of fun to use. All digital, quick and time-saving. Something new to learn and to do. As we gain more and more knowledge, crypto would be more convenient to go by. Tracy has given us a good coverage and perspective of how things would be shaping up and we would start getting used to this new system, to simplify our lives.

  12. What a cool blog post! I am genuinely excited to see a big yellow box in person on day in the near future! I think it is good that BTM machines are beginning to be installed in multiple different locations because hopefully it will help normalize bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world to the general public. When people realize they can actually buy common items with bitcoin, they will hopefully realize what it is and the power it holds.

  13. Tracy, this’ enriching information and well expounded. A credit to be in Compumatrix, always learning. “The Big Yellow Machines” sounds mysterious to me. But, with time. The BTM will spread all over the world. Since, changes and transformation is inevitable. You either cooperate and adopt it or being left behind. Am so eagerly waiting to make transactions with Cryptocurrencies in the near future.

  14. The times are changing right under our noses. Sometimes you may think you are drowning in all the new information coming out. Take heart my family; just absorb as much as you can and leave the rest to another day. It is enough to know how to turn on the light switch, isn’t it? We don’t have to be electricians to do that. We will all get there if we keep plugging away. Don’t let negativity creep in and destroy your cadence. Keep smiling and make the world wonder what you are up to…lol

  15. Couldn’t agree more, first time I seen a BTM, I was like …what the heck is that. I also agree that a lot of people look at it and wonder is this some kind of a game or what. It is totally the way of the future and becoming more prevalent everywhere you go. What a great idea about making small transaction with it to get the system running even faster and when Compumatrix kicks there will be no stopping it.

  16. The digital world is growing by the day. Day by day, hour by hour, BTC is growing in popularity. Hearing that these machines are popping up is exciting. People will slowly start inquiring into their purpose and the world of digital currency will be opened up in their minds! I am praying that we will soon see these machines pop up here in the Bahamas. We already have Condo Units that can be purchased by bitcoin, and Bahamians are starting to become aware of BTCs value!

  17. Tracy there were several Bitcoin ATM’s here in Kansas City Missouri several years ago. I never ventured out to see one but I have a friend who shared with me that she was able to withdraw from one. It’s exciting that as we move forward I’m sure they will become more popular and easy for people to use. I think that this will more the BTC culture more mainstrean. Thanks for this blog.

    1. I cant wait until we are all using it. We can all see signs everywhere where they have no change it seems they are trying to slowly force everyone to digital, some places wont even take cash now only credit cards.

  18. Thanks Tracy for your post. In Tucson Az it listed around 30 locations with BTC machines on just one site. This is a small sample of where the Crypto industry is headed. These machines are selling BTC, otherwise the retailers would not have them in there store.When ever the banking systems allows Crypto storage to begin, then the Crypto market will explode. The price of BTC will follow up. Go Crypto’s!!

  19. Thank You Tracy for a very informative Blog. Compumatrix has hit a “Home run” with the Blog Site, it is a School of learning material. Here in Nashville BTM machines have been popping up all over the place as well.
    I have one in walking distance from my home! Also now we can buy Bitcoin at local Rite Aid and Walgreens.
    Yes the Future is exciting “IF” your prepared.

  20. Thank you, Tracy for the exciting updates on the Bitcoin machines. I am really looking forward to the time I can use one. I know they have them down around Phoenix and am waiting for one here in Prescott. Maybe they will available when we have a go sign. I am excited.

  21. Wow! I will be looking for that big yellow box in my area, hopefully soon! I have read about Bitcoin machines in the past, but most I have noticed only let you purchase, not withdraw. I am hopeful that with more and more coming, and more and more people getting into the digital markets that we will be able to have them as full service machines.

  22. Anything new or any sudden change, general people will reject it or sometimes question it. Thanks to the Education system we have been taught everything a wrong way. it makes govt and central banks easier to manipulate people to reject peer to peer transactions or any such transaction where it would eliminate govt/central bank’s intervention and control.
    I am glad to read that the original author of this post witnessing the change and the BTM being installed at her location.
    I’m looking forward to witnessing a similar BTM in my country(India) as well.

  23. still a great read all the way thru — the replies of where the big Yellow is located and also how once again — in business and new business — you literally have to start somewhere and once you make that work then the next part will be explored — in any biz you have to start and hope with effort you won’t start more than once —

  24. I have learned a lot about Crypto currency these last years being a member of Compumatrix . Wallets , Bitcoin , BTMs / ATM machines , etc. etc .etc ..what whales means in the crypto world. wow … must be nice .. lol … Though I know there is a lot more to learn in this Crypto currency blockchain world that is moving towards us faster that we think. We all got to learn or be left behind.
    Nice blog Tracy , I have learned a little bit more by reading your post.

  25. Thanks, Tracy, for the blog. I cannot wait to see a big yellow BTM machine in our neighborhood. Acceptance will be a premier part of our future. So will scalability and it appears that Compumatrix will be on the forefront for decentralized exchanges before you know it. I’m so happy to be a part of this organization and in helping change the world. Just like the big yellow BTM boxes in your home towns. Have a very blessed weekend.

  26. Thanks Tracy. I did a search for ATM machines near me and found 1 way down in Sacramento….but the one I really liked, was one in Carson City, Nevada… So I called over there and the gal in the store did not know whether that one was purchase only, or sell as well. I wonder how that would work to be able to sell from an ATM machine……….

  27. I must admit I find it hard to wrap my head around Crypto currencies and all the learning of wallets , BTMs ..(( none around here yet for 150 miles .)) I am a set in my ways of folding bills in my wallet and change jingling in my pocket …I know that will be disappearing like the doe-doe bird.
    Oh I will get the hang of it after awhile .. I can see the the younger generation grabbing a hold of this and running with it .. Crypto will be their way of life.
    Yes I am learning , I will adapt to what every comes my way . Yes I will get the hang of it.

  28. In my country the government maybe talks about crypto but not actively and we are usually are behind the progress. So, I don’t think we will have any BTM Machines in the near future. I hope that bitcoin and other crypto won’t be banned here but the possibility exists. But the countries where it’s possible to have such machines are really lucky.

  29. WOW!!! Tracy thank you for the blog. That is just amazing can not wait until I see one for myself. I wonder if they have a phone number or a .com people can go to and get answers about this big wonder yellow box! Because of Covid19 this will help a lot of people. I sure hope the young kids get interested in this business called Compumatrix!

  30. Its said if you can beat them, join them, many will be jumping in and looking for opportunities , I seen one around our city and the is a lot of awareness going on in small groups and soon enough we will get the numbers.

  31. Bitcoin Teller Machine would certainly make accessing bitcoin easier, and would put bitcoin within the reach of more people. These machine would also cause more people to inquire about and use bitcoin. I wish that these machine would become as popular as automatic bank machine. The more BTMs the better.

  32. A friend of mine who is also a member of BITCOIN COSTA RICA brought two BTM MACHINES. Because we all knew what it was for, it was received with joy.
    Taking selfies next to BTM.
    I have used it on several occasions to send out bitcoins to other wallets. It is very easy to use.

  33. as i work thru my morning routine and learn and study –i came back here and read the blog and replies and to see such diversity and global scope of BTC and in all reality if the Yellow grows like the ATM did and still does wow what an epiphany and what a transformation in the overall business world — quite the thought process of cashing or selling BTC out of the big yellow ?? time will tell this story as it does with most everything — great stuff here — thank you

  34. Thank you Tracy for the map with all these BTC machines everyway, its like the internet twenty years ago, now is the time to introduce it, and get our kids familiar with BTC, I have a feeling that in a very short time BTC will take over the fiat money, which is going down everyday. Decentralize is the way to go, I can see lot of ATM and banking branches are closing down. Thanks again

  35. this is so great to read thru this again and being around this compu biz for as long I have been and putting where we were and where we are now and putting BTC n other forms into the mix — tracy has done a great job here with this blog and as time does become the factor that we all concern ourselves with — the more we become familiar with most all the Biz perks — the simpler and more successful our individual compu bizs may just be — thanks for great read —

  36. Thank you Tracy. It is fun to read how we have all at some point felt inadequate in this world of cryptocurrency but then find the path to becoming the person to go to for information on that very subject. I am beginning to see BTMs at many locations in and around my city. I still have not used one but am getting closer to getting my feet wet as I read more on this subject. As long as I know I have someone and/or somewhere to go for help when needed, it will always make it easier to get started.

  37. this is such a thought provoking read when you look past the Big yellow — and realize just how fast and how much with each week month year — life has Changed and Biz Life has gotten so fast –it is wow and then You have to remember Breathe — like I said thought provoking — much appreciation for efforts put forth here to share great info —

  38. A few years back, I tuned into a financial talk show on the radio and heard the host chastising a caller about having invested in Crypto. While I have not tuned into the show lately, I believe that the talk must be more encouraging now with evidence such as BTM machines showing up and the value of crypto steadily increasing.

  39. I can remember when debit cards were not as popular as they are now. Before debit cards, people carried more cash around which could be more dangerous. I had heard around the time of this evolution that the goal was to have people routinely be without cash they had to carry around, I had though at the time that this would be hard to accomplish. But because of debit cards, a cashless society has become more of a reality, and I can see the evolution of the use of bitcoin being the same way.

  40. Tracey, I agree with your enthusiasm for cryptocurrency. I first hear about Bitcoin about 6 years ago but had trouble understanding it so I didn’t get involved. Now I am all in. I have read a fair amount about our banking system, the Federal Reserve (“Creature from Jekyll Island”) and see how much our government spends … creating money out of thin air. I believe cryptocurrency, on a DEX, is the future of our global currency system.

  41. Thank you Tracy, Very good information about bitcoin machines (BTM),to date, there are approximately 200 working bitcoin ATMs worldwide,In the future, BTM will be available in every country in the world,People in the world are only moving towards cryptocurrencies,we all are very lucky,compumatrix has introduced us to different cryptocurrencies,compumatrix business is a great blessing for us.

  42. It will be very interesting to see where bitcoin is in a few weeks time after the “Musk” affect wears off..I am sure someone will come up with an energy efficient mining solution which will reverse the current doubt cycle
    Companies that use BTC wisely should prosper.

  43. Yes I agree with you Tracy about Bitcoin going on the rise,and most countries now have Bitcoin ATM machines as well to be able to cashout their Bitcoin balances in fiat currencies.
    We will looking forward to more countries adopting the concept of digital currencies,and making it easier for people to spend their money online via the internet,and also installing more ATM machines for the ease of cashing out their Bitcoins by ATM when ever needed.

  44. I have little doubt that BTM machines will be commonplace throughout the community. ATM machines will still be around but there is obvious enthusiasm for bitcoin around the world and that is only going to strengthen as companies like Compumatrix continue to grow. And watch the price recover !!!!!!!!!

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