Bitcoin is going up!

With the announcement of Pay pal taking Bitcoin, I can’t see it going anywhere but in a positive direction. When it’s going to be so accessible to us all, why not use it?

I’m so excited and happy to see the number of users. This also gives hope to people. There are other ways to get out of debt.
they are taking several currencies
Bitcoin cash
Lite coin
We are delighted and excited to have our group and the world joining in and accepting what we are growing behind closed doors. Compumatrix is an excellent company that will change the world for the better. is another place taking bitcoin. You can go there and get any gift card you want and pay with bitcoin. That list is growing and growing. You can practically live on bitcoin if you had enough.
With it growing the way it is, we will all be happy with our wallets

Many things have tried to stop the growth, but we keep going. Compumatrix will be an amazing force when it opens. We can change the dark to light and help others to the light.

Paypal is now launching its very own cryptocurrency. Service now will allow people from all over to buy, hold, and sell much digital currency on its sites and applications. The online payments company declared adding crypto is a significant milestone on the path to mainstream adoptions of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Bitcoin holders agreed: Prices have risen 5% on the news Wednesday. The efficiency, speed, and resilience of cryptocurrencies have given people financial inclusion and access advantages, said PayPal President and CEO Dan Schulman. He describes the tremendous eventual shift from physical to digital currencies has been “inevitable.”Cryptocurrency is digital growing money, exchanging without crazy fees but between the two the parties online with no involvement as of yet from traditional banks and with no regular regulatory oversight by national governments.”Our global outreach, digital payments expertise, two-sided networks, and rigorous securities and compliance controls, providing us with a fantastic opportunity. The responsibility, to try to help facilitate the easy understanding, redemption, and interoperability of these new ways of exchange,” Schulman said in a statement. “only time will tell with these currencies.

How it will work
Pay Pal has said its new service will give us the standard abilities to exchange Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin cryptocurrencies using its digital wallet, lets people shop online while request and sending money. The company’s US buyers will receive crypto service access in the next coming weeks and beyond. Still, we won’t be able to pay for products and services using cryptocurrency until early 2021. PayPal’s Venmo users and select international consumers won’t have crypto services until some time in the first half of 2021. Investors responded very positively to the news Wednesday, as Pay Pal’s (PYPL) stock price surging following the opening bell before retreating close to where it opened for the day it has been announced. The company’s stock (PayPal) has more than doubled since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States in mid-March.

The epidemic has fueled a booming online payments industry and companies like PayPal, Square (SQ), and Venmo — which is owned by PayPal — because many coronavirus-wary consumers are avoiding the use of physical cash.PayPal isn’t the only major playing company betting on cryptocurrencies. Square spent just at $50 Million to buy more than 4,700 bitcoins earlier this month, which is fantastic. Square Chief Financial Officer Amrita Ahuja has told reporters at the time the truth is that the company believes bitcoin could be more of “more ubiquitous currency in the future.” Time will only tell what happens, but following the trend, it’s going up. And I personally do not see a bottom.

About the author

Tracy Wight is the proud mother of 4 beautiful kids. She worked with Holistic Drs in Dallas, TX before moving into Cryptocurrency. She is proud to be part of such a great Dream coming to life.


  1. Yes Tracy , Isn’t it nice to see Bitcoin , Bitcoin cash,Ether ,Litecoin climbing ..
    Christine Lagarde on her Twitter account said and I quote :

    ” We’ve started exploring the possibility of launching a digital euro. As Europeans are increasingly turning to digital in the ways they spend, save and invest, we should be prepared to issue a digital euro, if needed. I’m also keen to hear your views on it . ”

    So when the WTO is looking into launching a digital crypto.. You know the all digital world is right around the corner.

  2. Great uplifting post, Tracy! This statement that you posted,”Cryptocurrency is digital growing money, exchanging without crazy fees but between the two the parties online with no involvement as of yet from traditional banks and with no regular regulatory oversight by national governments.” is the key to the whole success of applying cryptocurrency throughout the world! May this always stay in the forefront as this moves forward!

    1. To be the first person to follow through with a dream when everyone is saying it wont work and have faith is amazing. Henry never gave up and the whole glorious point is for us to have control.

  3. With all the acceptance that we see growing day by day, and Companies becoming innovated with their uses . Businesses popping up using Crypto currencies and the blockchain in these last few years is amazing to watch and it seems to have even grown more amazing this year … Banks are getting involved ..PayPal , credit companies , etc. They sure do not want to be left behind, now do they.?..They have to change with the times ..and the time is crypto currency time.
    We who belong to Compumatrix are very lucky .. we will be a leading Company in the monetary world .

    1. I agree soon it will be like cell phones and credit cards back then we never knew we’d pay bills online and use cards for everything and cell phones What? Funny.

      1. Yes for sure , sense this was written Bitcoin and crypto’s have gone up even that much more . Every day more and more people are getting involved in this investment Hodl . Look at Elon Musk . He invested one and a half billion dollars in Cryptos .. He know where cryptos are headed , up ,up and to the moon ..or should I say Mars ..

  4. Thanks, Tracy, it’s amazing how many people have said to me recently…”Hey, did you see that Bitcoin has risen in value?”.
    So many old friends and associates from the past would roll their eyes at the mention of Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.
    Now there is a quizzical look in their eyes and they begin to wonder how they never saw it coming.

    1. I know that was me years ago. I’am sure happy I woke up and started on this amazing journey together as a huge group. Compumatrix is amazing.

  5. Yes, bitcoin is rising and so is the awareness of the public toward the whole crypto world. Great that PayPal is joining the movement. This will most likely inspire other big companies to follow suit. I am so thankful that I am involved in Compumatrix at the forefront of the New World of digital commerce.

  6. Finally, the year 2020 brings many opportunities to spend crypto like cash(fiat) and purchase crypto with cash(fiat) like never before! I am so thrilled Compumatrix chose the path of cryptocurrency as tender! Years ago we members had no idea what a blockchain was and absolutely no idea what a UIA meant! The vernacular is a subset far from most conversations.

    1. Spending like cash would be such a blessing. I know we will all see light soon and its been a crazy ride. I can’t wait to see as the list grows.

  7. Bitcoin is going up! Yes Tracy and it will even more. We saw some up and dows over the years and some more may be coming, but in the end, it will raise , since the amount of BTC is limited and can not be more printed like fiat money. Living on Bitcoin today is already a good possibility and i am excited about the idea of what the hopefully not so fare future will bring as with Compumatrix.

    1. I would be thrilled to live on Bitcoin some already do around this world. We are in a very generous place right now and we are all so excited to grow the company as it will always give to us.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful article of Bitcoin price going up.Yes and as Paypal and other payment processors also plays a major role in giving a boost and demand for Bitcoin to help raise the price.Mainly because of the Pandemic people are needing to make online payments,and the use of Bitcoin by creating a demand,and thus raising the price of Bitcoin.

    1. I think pretty soon we’ll be in a great place. Things are changing daily and for the better as we grow. Praying our staff stays healthy and safe over the holidays and all of our Group.

  9. Thank you, Tracy, Rapid growth in the world of cryptocurrencies is very welcome,rising bitcoin prices mean crypto users are now stepping up the ladder, people moving towards cryptocurrencies,the future for all of us is very bright with compumatrix.

  10. I have been using PayPal for the last few years and do enjoy the quick transfer of funds as well as deposits to my bank account.
    With the ability to use Bitcoin and other popular cryptos it provides its customers another avenue to exchange and purchase in the future without going through a third party.
    As more and more Bitcoin users join the crypto world our place in the industry will certainly increase. Nice blog Tracy.

  11. Good post. There are still many sceptics who cannot accept that Bitcoin is here to stay and will grow even faster when we get going. The more companies that use it and the more retail outlets that take it the faster the growth will be.

  12. Some excellent comments and yes the revolution is coming and Pay Pal is to be congratulated. It will be interesting to see what other companies follow suit. There is little doubt that we are with the right company and a financial explosion is on the horizon. Go BITCOIN.

  13. great read Tracy and seeing that Paypal has continued on is a good thing also and seeing Bitcoin staying in the 13K’s is also good sign and despite the tremendous downsides of the pandemic that should have Never Happened — there will be positives also — as Great Minds find solutions — rj

  14. Going to the store these days, I see more and more that the check out people just don’t deal with, or want to deal with cash anymore. I don’t even have to insert my credit card in the swiper machine anymore. I can just tap or wave the chip above it and it reads it. How easy now it has become to have your digital wallet on your phone and just wave it above the machine. A cashless society is here.

  15. Thank you for your post, Tracy. Every day we move closer to a cashless society. The more options that are available to use in our daily life will help us improve our personal security of our assets. Be open to learning new ways. The world is changing daily. Don’t be left behind when business won’t take your dollar. It is already starting, look at what they are doing to the coins.

  16. Block chain technologies represent a paradigm shift in the global financial system. Speed of funds transfer, far better security, universal access, the elimination of the double-spend, all are features of a new financial system that could transform peoples lives.

  17. Great in depth article Tracy..It is so great to see bitcoin going back up and at this rate who knows where it will end up at. There for awhile is was either going down or just not moving up much at all. Looking forward to buying and selling cyptocurrencies…

  18. Thanks for the great blog Tracy. I use PayPal quite a bit online, especially when I order something from a smaller company who I don’t want to give my credit card information to. I got an email from PayPal to be put on their Wait List to explore their Crypto when they start. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  19. It’s said if you cannot beat them, join them, as of now crypto currency cannot be dismissed, the noisemakers of then have become the darling of the advocacy. We are positioned for greatness, nomatter how hard it may seem we are on the right path.

  20. It will be interesting to see where Bitcoin is when we finally open for business. It can affect progress in a very positive way if it is on the rise. I am sure it will help our traders to get things moving in the right direction so that we can all benefit

  21. Back in February 2019 the price for a bitcoin was as low as $3.4k
    Since then it has been progressing nicely, with a few bumps here and there.
    The future looks promising as bitcoin continue to reach for the sky, and business just like paypal will follow in its path.

  22. Tracy, very well explained. And yes, thank you Henry for you insight and bright mind. You have bought a tremendous opportunity for all the Compumatrix Family and were so appreciative for all the staff that have been patient enought to share, train and instill the many ways to be financially successful.

  23. as I look farther into the future and study and research different aspects of not just Compu biz but Biz world in general — and seeing what this pandemic has introduced into the non personal contact of biz world — there is so many parts to put in perspective and even here at Compubiz less peep to peep that is part of this biz the more success is going to be involved — jmho —

    1. With the whole world going remote. It will be huge. Our schools just have been shut down again so the kids are all online. All ages doing school and college online. What a great time to introduce the biz.

  24. Yes, it goes up but also it goes down. It is a very volatile asset. It can go xx % up but crash yy %. It depends on how you look at it.
    If you see at a short-term investment it will fluctuate daily and seem you are losing money in the long run, but if you hodl in the long term it will point in the upward direction and then you will see what a wise decision you made to invest in bitcoin.

    1. Jorge, I just wished I bought when my son told me about it in 2006. He was 14 so kids are smart. I think over all everyone will be very happy.

  25. Yes, it is going up very good news for us If you would have invested a few weeks ago you have increased your money tremendously.and it is being adopted by many companies now which is also very good news for us I am excited about bitcoin and compumatrix.

  26. Here is a question for you. If so many companies and governments are getting into the crypto arena, will that tend to dilute the value of Bitcoin? You mentioned that Paypal may introduce its own cryptocurrency, if that is so, will they abandon bitcoin? Hope these questions don’t sound silly, but with the current political climate, I am concerned for the future of what we have embarked upon.

    1. Don’t know the answer to that, but good question. Right now, I know Paypal will be accepting Bitcoin and the others as of 2021. It could be like everyone else. My son put a booklet together and put it online for free. He loves building and helping others, so he envisions everyone with their coins or tokens. I thought Bitcoin was stupid way back when so I’d keep my eyes open.

  27. Tracy, the ability to purchase gift cards is convenient as is the peer to peer transactions. Buying online, especially for the elderly, is a safety issue considering the turmoil our world is in today. The convenience of utilizing other outlets to purchase using cryptocurrencies I find exciting. What a wonderful world (no matter the unrest) we are living in today. Thank God we are where we are, what blessings to come.

  28. With more companies opening up to cryptocurrency it will only broaden the market and make transactions much more acceptable and easier, especially with PayPal and Square getting into the game. I don’t believe PayPal will cause Bitcoin to lose its value, it would go up if anything even with PayPal using their own crypto.

  29. With PayPal entering the cryptocurrency market, we can only see the potential increase and rise in the value of Bitcoin. Over the near future, more and more major companies will continue to accept Bitcoin and this will definitely boost its value over time for certain. This is all very good news for Compumatrix members.

  30. It is certainly very exciting to see the value of Bitcoin increasing again. I, too, was very glad to hear that PayPal is integrating Bitcoin. This is more evidence of Bitcoin’s acceptance as alternate form of payment. As time goes by, I’m sure we will see more and more businesses worldwide using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  31. I agree with you Tracy that the announcement of Pay pal taking Bitcoin, made a big push a to bitcoin to go in the positive direction. I used to have a Pay Pal account long time ago, for some reason, I felt they have too much control on their members, more centralized control, which made me closed that account. Never the less, I will give them credit in increasing the value of the Bitcoin.

  32. Another Great Blog Tracy. I have been using PayPal for over 15 years and enjoy the quick transfer of funds to others and to my bank account and with PayPal entering the cryptocurrency market, we can only see the potential increase and rise in the value of Bitcoin. Also with the ability to use Bitcoin and other popular cryptos it provides its customers another avenue to exchange and purchase in the future without going through a third party. As more and more Bitcoin users join the crypto world our place in the industry will certainly increase.

  33. Thank you Tracy….it’s certainly nice to hear about PayPal’s move into crypto, and esp. BTC, though I was aware it was happening. I use PP all the time; however, I don’t fully trust the wallet with any large amounts moving through, as they are notorious for freezing accounts and asking questions later. Let’s hope with CC that this won’t be an ongoing issue.

  34. Thanks for your blog post Tracy. It seems that BTC indeed has found the way up again. It is very volatile but as long as the move up is larger than the correction down we are in good territory. I invest every month a small number of my Brazilian reais into BTC and over the years I see a nice profit.

    1. What a great idea. If everyone did that, you’d have a nice nest egg. When this opens up, I hope the explosion is surreal.

  35. Thank you everyone for all the great information you all add to the sucess of us all, so Thank you to everyone for inspiring others.

  36. For those who use and are comfortable with Pay Pal this is good news. Pay Pal being able to offer these services while letting people shop online while request and sending money is certainly an added convenience. It is positive news in that it is good to see the business world becoming more user friendly on behalf of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. I believe it makes the cryptocurrency user and just people in general have confidence in the potential and future of the opportunities available from investing in the world of cryptocurrency.

    1. Fascinating days the more people that use it, the better off we will all be. It will be great to be able to get people moving. I personally have family that won’t budge. I bet they move now.

  37. Yes, there was a spike when Paypal announced it. It’s only a custodial platform at this point in time. Now – Think about the increase when the BTC in your paypal custodian account can actually be SENT from that same account. Without having to exchange it to FIAT first. Think afterburners on one of the worlds most powerful rockets 🙂 Look forward to that day.

    1. They always have a massive sell off at Christmas too. So this is adding to the spike, which is so amazing. Let’s pray; it retains its rise. I love it all.

  38. Bitcoin has certainly gone up from the time I first got into it up until now. Sure there have been disappointments with it going up according to what was expected from-time-to-time, but for me what has been gained from the initial investment is significantly more than what has been lost. I look forward to it continuing to go up, and I am encourage with companies such as Pay Pal having enough confidence in its status to develop a business plan around its potential.

    1. I agree we were so lucky to get in when we did. We will all be celebrating soon. The cash out of bitcoin is terrific.

  39. That really nice to see bitcoin moving forward in an upward swing,The real question is,can it stay on it upward tend?How soon do we see results from the Triggers?In so doing,how will the Triggers be paid out? One lump sum,Cashier checks,bank wire,Peer to peer,ewallet,,
    is $400 per day still stand?Will share holders finally get paids?

    1. That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? It’s incredible how fast bitcoin is going up. If you blink it may hit 21,000!!!

  40. this is so much great thought processes — it is going to be hope that much of this BTC rise will maintain and seriously the more the world of commerce allows BTC an entrance into their world and each day it stays True — the proof will always play out thru Time — but it sure is looking Legit not just some overnite success then see ya later goodbye — great stuff here —

  41. Tracy the trajectory of Bitcoin is very exciting. This past weekend I watched it hit just below 19,000!!! It was like watching a really big football game and cheering for the price to keep going up. Exciting times for all investors for sure. The introduction of Covid and PayPal definitely helped to push the price since March.

  42. I still find it confusing trying to get my head round the BTS versus BTC equation. I cn see the value of both but the link is missingv vin my peabrain Doubtless this will come to light shortly.

  43. That is a wonderful article Tracy. Yes, Bitcoin is on the rise. I can’t wait for it to hit 21,000. This has been an amazing journey for me and others. It’s so exciting to be a part of the Compumatrix family during this time

  44. this is such a great read and so many great replies — and now with Bitcoin hanging around $23K this morn and also hitting that $24K mark in the last few days — the imagination of How Great our Compu Biz can be is such a fun and honestly thought provoking time — we keep moving forward and Wow !!!!

  45. Bitcoin is soaring, Thanks to Tesla and many others dumping money into it we are now seeing $47,000- $49,000 hanging pretty tight!!! its going to be an amazing year.

  46. I just hope big brotherdoes not intervene to destroy our dreams. Am waiting patiently for the next chapter to open so that tangible assets can evolve

  47. Even though I work crazy hours I love keeping an eye on where the BTC price is. It took a while for me to believe my parents and their talk of the crypto world but I should have known that once again they were ahead of mainstream! They are always doing something outside of everyone else’s normal!

    1. Michael your so blessed to have parents like that. I try to show my kids what I’m doing they do not get it. Only one Ryan my oldest son at 14 he told me about bitcoin in 2006 I wish I would have listened. Always keep an open mind. I did now I’m showing my family and friends who are open to it.

  48. wow just going back and reading the replies here plus the great story to start — but back november 2020 and tickled at $13K then dancing in background or streets at $24K and now here Feb.2021 and busting $50K and staying decent so far at $49+++ just WOW !!! have us a great 2021 ?? my hope — rj

  49. Still on the rise and being mentioned by authorities who seem to me to be trying to work out how they can profit

  50. There is little doubt that bitcoin is on the move upwards. Firstly the Pay Pal decision then Mr Musk’s huge investment and now Master Card expressing interest. it all amounts to a very positive move and very soon our company will be rewarding us or our patience and ongoing support. 2021 is going to be a fabulous year.

  51. This was a very good article and today we are looking at $52,000. WOW. Who would have ever thought this would happen. I know when it hit $300.00 I was blown away. At this point those people who predicted it would go to $100,000 may not be as unrealistic as I thought.
    At this point I feel I can only hold onto my hat and go with the flow.

  52. Since the posting of this article, Bitcoin has has a wild ride including the Elon Musk purchase of $1.5 Billion and several other “Whales” with smaller but impressive purchases. This has caused many speculators to jump in with normal small amounts of less than one BTC. With thousands of these and the ” Whales” purchasing resulting in extremely volatile action on the blockchain. All to this point in time seems to have plateaued in the high 50 K’s this past week but the pressure is building to surpass the 60 k heading towards the 100k for June or July. When is the right time to purchase? NOW and HODL!

  53. Nicely said Tracy. The news has got more exciting as we learn that Tesla has taken a $1.5bln. position in Bitcoin. Visa and Mastercard also appear to have got the message. Clearly digital currencies are on their way to becoming part of the financial landscape, as blockchain technologies replace older, slower payment systems.

    1. Patrick it sure opens up the mind to what could be ahead. If we are seeing this now. With more than one coin it’s mind blowing!!! I’m hearing lots of good news everywhere not just here. So I’m making sure not to keep all my eggs in one basket. I’ve done that and got burned. Never again. Live and learn.

  54. I cannot believe how much bitcoin has gone up just this year alone…I remember back in 2011 how low it was and thought it would be quite awhile before it would get just to 20,000.
    Now look at it, the sky is the limit. Wont be long before its 100k….We are at the right place at the right time….

  55. I agree Sherry, I had no idea it would go up this much although we were all told or had heard something, who thought we would be sitting where we are. I feel so blessed to be here. Up up and away!!

  56. Tracy nice blog.I have been following Bitcoin for a long while and watching it increase in value on a regular basis.There definitely volatility involved and we have seen Bitcoin value by a ver substantial percentage only to recover and then proceed on with further gains,As write this comment the price of Bitcoin is $56000.00,not believable few years that it will rise to that level.I expect it to continue rising with few glitches in between.

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