During lockdown, I could not sit around in a confined space and endure such restrictions. I was happy to stay home but could not sit around and be idle for an unknown amount of time. I needed to do something. I needed to create something. I don’t have state of the art machinery, but I had some woodworking machinery available to me and some space in the large basement. All that was lying around in the basement were scraping Oregon Pinewood from old roof timber. I had some wood glue, wood stain, and wood sealer. I had an idea, did some research, and started making a lot of sawdust. It took me some time to build the jigs to cut diamond-shaped slices of wood.

Three diamonds each with different shades glued together made up one flat hexagon. Then many more diamonds to make many more hexagons that were all glued together.

Days of cutting and gluing turned into weeks. I knew it was a good-sized project and each day was an accomplishment.

I had such fun sending photos out to my friends, asking if they could guess what I was making. I asked, “What do you see?”

They all saw blocks and cubes, however the hexagons were actually flat.

The time came for the big reveal. My table could be set high or low as a coffee table.

I enjoyed doing the project. Loved the fact that scrap pieces of wood could be turned into something useful and some art.

Above all, I thought it was worthwhile to create an article that we would enjoy for a long time, and some day my children and grandchildren would also use it.

Building Blocks of Compumatrix

I started thinking about how many Blocks have been built behind the scenes in our Compumatrix business. I enjoy working with my hands and could never do what the Development team does in coding. I do not understand what they are working at, and I can’t help them. My assistance would be futile. I have no understanding of the skills needed to write coding.

We have seen some of the results of what they have already built, and it is stunning. I can understand how to move around the sites and push the correct buttons and tabs to make a living off the Blocks they have built for us. The outcome of what they are building will thrill our members when we all use the dynamic machinery.

I admire what others can do that is so different from what I can. What a wonderful world we live in. We are interdependent with each other. We need each other to use the Blocks we all have built to help ourselves and others.

Block Chain

I like to think my table in some small way resembles the incredible BlockChain that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been built on. At certain angles, my table looks like cubes or blocks. At other angles, it looks like stairs. BlockChain is also thousands of blocks built on top of each other. The Open Ledger can trace every transaction ever made on it. What a marvel that is changing the world. A masterpiece of art and ingenuity. When we start cashing out, every Bitcoin transaction will be recorded and traceable on the BlockChain. That record is extremely important because you need to keep very good track of every transaction for proper bookkeeping.

I just have one question for you. “What do you see?”

About the author

Hennie is a leader in his circle of influence. Self motivated and craftsman in his trade. He also serves as AR for Compumatrix Southern Africa.


  1. That’s interesting Hennie, sir. I like to work with wood too, so that would be an excellent project to tackle this winter when I can’t get outside to go fishing (my first love.) In the pictures, it does look like the blocks are raised. How long did it take you to put that together? I like how you compared it to the Blockchain, that is pretty cool.

  2. I saw that block and just had to open the blog to see what it was about!! Looks like you did a great job on the table with those 3D blocks! I think I’d get confused and think they were raised too! I wish I had talent enough to do wood projects but I don’t think that is going to happen. Great job, Hennie!

  3. A very nice post, Hendrick. I see a very good opportunity in place for all of us. All the pieces are being put together , so that we can start building one concrete block. Our future lies in this block – so solid that we will be forever grateful to Henry and his fabulous team of people, who work so hard for us. We are happy and excited to make a big leap into the new crypto world.

  4. Great blog Hennie,
    Thanks for sharing your experience during the Covid-19 lock-down, I love your table with all these blogs glued to each others, it reminds me with Compumatrix and how we are all glued to this company all these years, and every member has his unique talent, together we are strong. we have a great team under a great leader. Thanks again

  5. I see a great 3D table it looks like it was a lot of work but it sure turned out nice. I am the same way can’t sit idle I did a lot of house repairs and painting plus I pressure sprayed the entire house and garage I really thought this virus would be gone by now I took 3 wks off from Walmart cause my wife has COPD but had to get back to work I am very concerned and take extra precautions so I have a really good reason to work at home with compumatrix.

  6. Wow, I love your work, my late husband was a professional Shriner and he did some very lovely furniture. A lot of work you put on this table and it just looks amazing. Like you said when all the pieces fall together in the desired direction our business will explode I think. Like you I am always busy here in my home or outside in the garden, can just not being idle for a very long time. The good thing is I never run out of options what to do next, which means I am never bored.

  7. Thank you all for your comments. It on the table project for 3 weeks. There is another dimension I added to it, every second row of hexagons was raised 8 millimeters. This messes with your brain a bit more when you walk around the table. You can’t see it in these photos though.

  8. Hennie It would not be wrong for me to call it a wonderful deed.It shows your hard work,I really like this coffee table,we all doing something good in our lives so we can’t sit idle.We can see the hard work of BOD, they are doing day and night in compumatrix for a better and brighter future.Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

  9. Wow how beautiful Hennie, what a truly great idea.
    I saw cubes in 3D until the picture of the whole table was revealed, it just goes to show how we see things differently.
    Sometimes we can’t see the whole picture until the last piece falls into place, let’s hope it will happen soon with our business as well.

  10. Sorry for posting my comment above before proofreading it properly.
    I worked on the project for 3 weeks. My friend suggested lifting every second row to give it a further dimension to it.
    For now it is our mini dinner table.
    We look forward to the project Henry has been working on.

  11. It is sad that so many traditional crafts are falling out of favour. There is so much mass produced junk on the market. It always staggers me that people will pay quite a lot for new modern inferior furniture when they can,in the UK, go to an auction and buy pieces that have stoo the test of time at a fraction of the new prices.I will always godown this route when I can. Even after we get going this will be my favoured route.

  12. what a fun and interesting read — it has been fascinating reading and hearing about so many different paths that have been taken thru this virus pandemic and how being quarantined or locked down for so many of us and how we have coped or tried to accomplish moving forward despite the virus — enjoyed and the Table love the dimensions factor —

  13. Interesting. My father was an avid repairer or make do and mender.He had an extensive array of tools. Sadly when he died they were jettisoned and sent to the scrapyard by a relarive who had little feeling for the past history of his endeavours. I still have a coffee table that I made over 65 years ago when schools taught woodworking ane other skills. Now it si all technology orientated. which may suit many but leaves others cold. You need craftsmen to build houses and the like. You may be able to design on a computer but on a building site you need a totally different set of skills Plumbers Electricians Painters and the like. Fortunately in the UK a programme has been introduced to address this problem.

  14. This is a good blog to read. From your example it shows that we all have some work that may be done in these times of less hanging out. The work you did in your building blocks looks great. Here at Compumatrix they have given us many blocks and tools and understand our business here. We have the time now to look at these and learn as I myself still has a lot to be learned

  15. What a great way to spend your time in lockdown! It is truly a piece of art and very creative to say the least. I first thought it was a real 3D picture in a frame that would be hung on a wall, but when you said the pieces were flat and then I saw that it was actually a coffee table I thought it was ingenious!

  16. You really are talented Hennie! I have seen some other wooden products you created, and they were all beautiful. I think you already have the next project in mind. Will it be a bookshelf, a wall decoration, butter knives …? There will always be a need for talented craftsmen!
    I hope we will soon see how the developers used all the blocks and created features in the “new revised” CDAP

  17. Hennie, love your work. It is a special gift to see something in a piece of wood and create what you just did. It just shows you what can be done when working with your hands. Your work reminds me of Henry and his vision to create Compumatrix. When I first started in Compumatrix, Henry would discuss crypto’s and I sure didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Now look where were are at. The opening of the CDAP will put his vision into action. I look forward to seeing both of your next projects.

  18. I love the table and it is a welcome addition to our home. I was very happy for Hennie to work and be creative in the basement during lockdown. He needed a change of scenery and needed to keep himself occupied. So many people were under extreme pressure around the world and we were so grateful for the space to do some work.

  19. I see, Hennie, a very, very creative mind! This is a beautiful piece of art, and you used your time well. I’m sure your wife must agree 🙂 It is wonderful that in this world, the people all have unique, admirable talents that when all put together, and we work in tandem, what an upstoppable force we can be. Sometimes we just need to have a mindset change and realize what humanity can achieve for the betterment of all!

  20. Hennie, all I can say is what talent! When I saw the big block I figured this was about the blockchain. Guess it is kind of 🙂
    You ask, “what do you see?”
    I see a conversation piece that you and your family can enjoy and pass down.
    Can’t wait to see what all you make when you get the new tools you need.

  21. I remember when you were working on this Hennie. It is amazing to see the finished masterpiece! No matter how I look at it I still see three dimensional raised blocks. Maybe if I stand on my head LOL. At least once Henry gives us the keys to the door of our CDAP, there will be no guesswork. We will just see beauty and efficiency and an amazing opportunity to have a very lucrative business online from anywhere in the world. Maybe you can use your masterpiece, to stand your laptop on while you are selling your VPN!

  22. I see a beautiful 3D looking table with a lasting impression on all future generations; and I esp. love the analogy of comparison to Compumatrix. Hennie, you did a fantastic job on both! The dimensions you sought in table and in article have depth, and love!
    When in high school I saw a chess board made of table size and individual fit pieces similar to your table, and then framed and made to look deep. He said one day he would make chess pieces for it; but at that time just Checkers. Keep up the great work!!

  23. Wow, Hennie, what a masterpiece! And I really enjoyed reading your blog. I do see it. And the more I look, the more grateful I am to be a member of Compumatrix. It reminds of legos. My 7-year-old nephew has used the lockdown to build masterpieces with legos. It takes focus, discipline, and patience to build a masterpiece.

  24. The woodwork was part of us growing up, all manner of furniture was made. beautiful tables, chairs, and others, your talent Hennie, is one of the advanced, creating a 3D look, not sure many can do it, now, putting the same pieces of your work to resemble what we have here is marvelous, indeed every block matter, we need each other to function as we ought to. I like it.

  25. Wow Hennie, this is a master piece, the work can tell, and it has given us deeper details of your talent, I like the analogy you have given this blog, we are blocks beautifully arranged to stimulate growth, our compumatrix is rising.

  26. Like your comment Hennie and I have worked with wood as well. I have made wood turning objects. Sometimes starting from a round object and not really knowing where I was heading until turning for a while. Then ending up with bowls and amazing the grains that come up. Same as with compumatrix day by day the turning and seeing what is coming up as the days progress.

  27. Great job Hennie. You are obviously a good craftsman. Very creative. Your coffee table is a fine example of an optical illusion. One moment it is a flat surface, the next it is three dimensional. Good visual analogy of the Blockchain, and its interconnectedness.

  28. How beautiful your finished product. It is truly a work of art, from your heart and intellect. The summary is an excellent comparison to the building of Compumatrix. There is no knowledge in me to do what you have done nor what the great minds behind Compumatrix do. We learn the names and uses of what they do in building the company, but not how they apply their knowledge to make things work in our CDAP. Yes, we are an interdependent community Compumatrix Networks International.

  29. Beautiful table, Hennie. It looks so three dimensional it took me a while to see you glued three diamond shapes together to represent a cube. Quite ingenious. In the top photo I imagine the left diamond is the Oregon Pine (looks similar to Douglas Fir). What are the other two woods you used? 

  30. Hennie, you have a wonderful talent for woodwork. I love the beautiful 3D effect on the table.
    I agree Blocks are very relevant for our Compumatrix Business ie building the business, the blockchain, and our members. It will all come together in a cohesive way. We will be very proud of Compumatrix which has been built from the ground up

  31. Blocks and more blocks turn into chains of blocks and blockchains. A bit confusing until you take a picture of it and all of a sudden you can make it make sense…kind of. You can at least see it in 3D and let your mind make something worthwhile of the situation. It is very similar to putting the pieces of Compumatrix together and making a mental picture. Once you see and understand our CDAP and how it works, it all comes together.

  32. Thank you to all of you for your kind words of appreciation. I am truly humbled as I was just wanting to showcase our business with what I made. I look forward to seeing and using the incredible business Henry and the team has built for us at this crucial time in the world. All the wood used is Origin Pine. I just used two different colors to stain the second and third diamond.

  33. A truly wonderful table Hennie, when you look at the photograph it looks as though you could pick up every individual block and hold in your hand. Well done , and I hope you make good use of it , in the coming days months.
    We all need hobbies during these strange days.

  34. Very nice work Hennie . Very interesting how you used your wood . and made your creation useful as well. It is one of those pieces where it will be passed down from generation to generation and use with careful pride .I use to enjoy craft festivals and the wood crafted items that was created in their wood working studios . Amazing creations .

  35. Great analogy and related to something utilitarian we use daily. To see this work created by you and then apply this to the Cyber-world is a great connection and very creative for us novice to open the understanding of how the block was formulated beyond the original design and have it grow to unlimited heights and uses. As the table is in our daily lives, so is the block-chain. Fine article Hendrik, thank you.

  36. Well you certainly are talented Hennie. What a work of art you were able to create with your hands. How beautiful. I too loved working with wood growing up, but nothing as refined as what you have here. Blocks made out of wood, and blocks made out of transactions. Almost two different worlds, but you nicely tied them together. Good job !

  37. That looks great Hennie, I wanted to be a joiner when I left school and make furniture. I applied to be an apprentice as a small family-run company that was close to us and was told they had taken on an apprentice just the week before. I have always loved the beauty of wood and hope one day to have a lathe and some carving.

  38. Absolutely beautiful, well done on both the creation of such a handsome piece of woodcraft and on writing this blog. It is so true that we can all view one thing and see something slightly different. You have such talent and determination as well as a clear mind on all that is needed within both projects to generate the optimal end result.

  39. Great post Hennie. Your wood working skills are marvelous. The blocks you made and put together are some kind of 3D art. I liked your analogy about the blocks and Compumatrix. We have no idea of how many blocks it took to get us where we are at. A couple of more block to go and we’ll be lookin’ as good as your table! Again GREAT JOB!

  40. Great job Hennie, I like wood working, I had an uncle who after he retired had a small wood shop to create all kinds of things and then gave them away as present. The blocks have the 3D visual effect and it looks very well done. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was about the Blockchain, I think it’s also a good analogy how we will build the business with Compumatrix.

  41. Surely you are aware of the artist M.C. Escher, Hennie? He was who I thought of first when I saw your pictures. The optical illusions and paradoxes inherent in his (and your) work have fascinated me. Very well done indeed. I am not a woodcutter so creations such as yours I find so admirable.

  42. Thank you all again. Peter M C Escher is unknown to me. I did some painting a few years ago. I love the cosmos, galaxies and nebula, well in those days not many knew what my fairly paintings were even though they were fair representations of Hubble’s photographs were. Now, the stars are at another level.

  43. That table is simple amazing Hennie. Would probably sell for an amazing price along with making sets of them. The creativity that you put into it is awesome as well as you stated about the blockchain and its function as you look at it from different angles and see different things.

  44. Wow Hennie, this looks amazing! You have great craftsmanship skills. What a wonderful gift you have. And what a great analogy between the blocks and Compumatrix. I can understand the intricacies and complexities required behind Compumatrix and how the wonderful team is crafting it out to be a great product when finished.

  45. Yes, interdependence is a fundamental idea and the basis for how we meet our needs as a group, community, and society. We all have different talents and abilities and therefore, we need each other to meet our needs and our goals. We are blessed here in our Compumatrix community that we have members with many different talents who are so willing to help each other. Together we will succeed.

  46. That is an incredible piece of furniture. Congratulations. Not an easy build. And so very poignant to our business and the out of the box field the crypto world takes part. So many aspects in several different perspectives. Reminded me of the Q-Bert video game. 🙂 Brought a smile.

    As the block chain brings a smile to my face every day. Complicated to build and integrate into daily life, but once understood and constructed, what an awesome tool for generations to come. Just like your table. BEAUTIFUL Work.

  47. Hennie, You got me! I thought it was lifted blocks too. What an amazing wood worker you are. Everyone has a fun gift, this must be yours. Your very good at it, what a beautiful piece you made.

  48. Yep, I remember you asking me, What do I see?. Blocks I see Blocks.
    I knew it was an optical illusion because I’ve seen it before.
    You are one skillful man.
    Yes, Compumatrix is not a one-man idea, although it is Henry that brainstorm it, a team of Devs, BOD, staff and members, and other outside partners have contributed to making this a Great Company.

  49. this is such a great look at our Compu biz from a different perspective — and knowing the woodwork is a table and it sure looks like an angled piece of work it is so fascinating to make the similarities to that work of art and our biz here as we have maintained our perspective and kept at it and possibly soon we will be able to show off our compu biz too — great stuff Hennie —

  50. Thank you all for your encouragement. When the new platform is released, everyone will be pleased and working their own Block projects. How exciting is that?

  51. Thank you all for your encouragement. Everyone will be pleased soon and working their own Block projects. How exciting is that?

  52. What a wonderful world we live in where everyone is born with different and individual talents and abilities. It would be a sad world, indeed, if we were all of the same mind and talent. Your wood working is very creative and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  53. Thank you Gloria. Yes it would be down right boring if everyone only worked with wood. That is what makes this blog site so interesting. We learn about each other and the talents each have. Wish I was clever enough to do some of the work the Dev team does, but I need to stay in my lane and enjoy the fruit of they labours.

  54. It is not good for me to sit around to long because I believe I become like the tin character on the wizard of oz and lock up. That is why it is important to keep moving and go with the flow. Sometimes I think there are some that get stuck into looking back at the way things were or have been, preventing an acceptance of change that is needed to move forward.

  55. I see the big picture of just a plain block at the beginning of the blog and as I scroll down, I realize how just a plain block has been assembled together with others and has emerged into a work of art. This is much like how Compumatrix has been shaped and molded into a complex organization with multiple business opportunities for its members.

  56. this is such an intriguing look at Compu Biz thru the woodworking — and it is a wow moment — I sure wish I could do the wood work or carpenter work — but was not blessed there — little brother was — but had other gifts — just like Compu biz so much success already and so many different looks or opinions of what we actually are and have been thru already — but do know 15 years or so –it has been one heck of a ride — thanks HJB n TEAM for not stopping —

  57. Nice Blog Hendrick. I see a very good opportunity in place for all of us. All the pieces are being put together so that we can start building one concrete block. I’m am very happy and excited to make a big leap into the new crypto world. I see the big picture of just a plain block at the beginning and as I scroll down, I realize how just a plain block has been assembled together with others and has emerged into a work of art. This is much like how Compumatrix has been shaped and molded into a complex organization with multiple business opportunities for its members.

  58. Thank you Paula. You are correct. What members see is only the tip of the iceberg when looking at our company. Years of work has built a tapestry of interwoven codes which most of us don’t see or understand. With clicks of a mouse, which is what members can see, the program will release the flow of crypto and the funds everyone has been working for.

    1. I agree Hendrik and with the very near opening of the CDAP we will be able to reach our dreams of financial freedom.

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