Blogging – Are We Sitting On The Fence?

Blogging has become a popular way of communicating and spreading news and information, and many people are using this platform to gain income.

Is it for me? Not at first. So why did I start?
Being part of the Compumatrix close-knit group, it was in my best interest to start, and just like anything, it wasn’t easy, but I pushed ahead regardless.
One of my excuses being I didn’t have time, but I see the busy leaders with less time than me, which took away that excuse.

So, what could I write? Well, everyone has something to say. Most people have a passion for something, and I pretty much-kept mine to myself until I started blogging about it.

Here we are required to write on business subjects. There are a vast number of ideas that David CEO shared in one of his blogs called “COVID-19 Changed Things but Business Fundamentals are the Same” look it up and read it well. It gives us tons of ideas to write a blog about which is acceptable to what we want.

Some people are good at it. Some are naturals, but most of us here are not. It is scary to put your thoughts out there for thousands to see.
That was my case, but my interest is something that many people are not aware of but should be. Let’s not call it passion. Let’s tell it like it is. Something that affects every one of us, and from reading my blogs, you will understand I am talking about soil health, which underlines everything that we do on the planet as if we don’t eat good nourishing food, we are in for a whole lot of pain in all areas.

Since I started doing my part in this blog space, there are now 216 published blogs in this community, and slowly bit by bit, we will read them, comment on them, and hopefully put one together. But what about those sitting on the fence.

I do have this comment to add to that.
I am sure many of you find it interesting to learn from others, and even the comments add value. A lot of what I have learned from these blogs has been very educational. I also earn points for learning. I like that, but if more people with great information are not blogging, everyone loses the chance to learn about something that we need to see or read, and we get points for looking anyway, and so did you. That’s a win from all angles.

This is all laid out for us here. If you were to try and start a blog out there on your own, you can, but you have to jump through so many hoops, and it’s not free. Here, all we have to do is write.

The good thing about blogging here is that we already have an eager audience. It helps everyone gain more points. It helps Compumatrix as well, so again, you are not giving others a chance to earn with you being on the fence, especially those who have not passed the point of just reading the blogs.

I mentioned above that time is one commodity I don’t have a lot of, and on that note, I must apologize for not responding to all the great comments on my blogs. I appreciate the feedback as a lot of your comments open my mind even more. Thanks to all who put out blogs that I have not commented on yet. Reading these blogs has been educational and enjoyable and allows one to get to know the author by reading their content.

So, spend some time reading blogs that are maybe similar to what you want to write on as you can get great ideas for your blog just by reading others.
As you go about your day, one good idea is to put your notes on your phone, a hint to what crossed your mind as useful to put in your blog as if not, you may not remember later. Do this enough, and you can build upon something to write.

Just remember that people here are friendly and encouraging, unlike if you were to start on the big vast blogosphere. You have a ready attentive audience eager for the next blog. As you start, it might encourage you to do your next one based on the helpful comments on your first blog. Pretty soon, it won’t be as daunting as it was before you put your first word on the page.

To sum up, Compumatrix CDAP is an incentive-based social network that allows you to earn online by collecting activity points. With your blog writing and interacting with other members through comments on blogs, you can gain these points, which you can monetize and use to trade on the DEX to build your portfolio and eventually exchange through our Gateway.
Compumatrix, engage, enrich, and enhance life.

About the author

Patrick is a privileged member of Compumatrix and hopes to be able to add value from his own life experiences through these blogs. He is very much in tune with soil health leading to true health and alternative therapies is more his cup of tea than turning to a prescription for something he has a hard time pronouncing. Born in Australia, growing up in Ireland, he went back to Australia to put his Farm Management skills to work, but has spent the last 25 plus years in the US and is looking forward to this new paradigm shift with Compumatrix.


  1. Patrick I am one of those on the fence building up courage to write a blog.I have some ideas which I would like to write about but keep pushing them away because I feel how should I start it .I like the idea to keep writing the points that come to mind and hopefully it can turn them into a full article

  2. Roma, I know how you feel. It is daunting, to say the least, but really you HAVE taken a great step as you have commented and even that takes thinking and effort to write. Eventually, you are going to step out and find something that you can put into your first blog as you are already ticked off about not getting started lol. Gail sent this to me and it is heavy reading from David, but hopefully, it will be one more thing that helps drive you in the direction you want to go. From Gail – Here we are required to write on business subjects. There are a vast number of ideas that David CEO shared in one of his blogs called “COVID-19 Changed Things but Business Fundamentals are the Same” look it up and read it well. It gives us tons of ideas to write a blog about which is acceptable to what we want. –

  3. Great blog Patrick and to be honest I will leave the blogging whoever enjoys doing them. I read most of the blogs, comment on some, but that is all I want to do. Time is never enough during the day doing the things we enjoy or we need to do. Having built up my portfolio over the last almost 15 years, I am seeing no need to grow it even more. Keep blogging Patrick, but it is not for everyone.

  4. Patrick,Very interesting blog!It is true that I have learned a lot from all the blogs of compumatrix and I read every blog with great interest and attention and I am getting a lot of information,the valuable thing is,there is a source of income along with learning for us,Patrick writes very well and keep writing.

    1. I agree with you Zahra, that even when we learn from all these blogs, we still collect points witch will be monetized soon. Writing comments is an easy thing to do and a great way to earn. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t do the same – what a great way to increase our holdings!

  5. Thank you, Patrick. That was really well written and very helpful. I am one member who has been sitting on the fence for sure. I said weeks back that I was going to start blogging, but have continued to find new excuses as to why I haven’t yet done so. You are so right in everything you have written and I know that I am out of excuses. So, I am committing to writing a blog but still will have to push myself off of the fence. If you don’t see me out there soon, don’t be surprised.

  6. great thoughts thru your posting Patrick — and a good analysis in the Compumatrix biz and the ideas and procedures behind the reasons we are here — I myself read alot and learn and reply to the great blogs being posted — and appreciate the effort put into this biz by the masses here —

  7. Thank you Patrick for the way you got across the information. I like many others, was working up the courage to get started, and you, somehow spoke my language. I will be preparing one and push my self to move forward. Thanks again. Cheers.

  8. Producing a blog isn’t too hard but creating a great blog takes some time. We have some fantastic blogs on here and everyday, I pick up new and fresh ideas to make my own in the future. Thank you for providing me with more courage and inspiration. Exciting to see what blogs pop up in the near future.

  9. You’re so right, Patrick! All it takes is an idea, and it doesn’t have to be a long blog. Keeping it simple is best. Everyone has something they’re passionate about. When we dig a little deeper, we can usually find a parallel with Compumatrix. Because we are part of something so much bigger than we are, all we can do is our part in it. Which means our thoughts, opinions & ideas matter. Whether someone else agrees doesn’t matter, we all get to learn. And the fact, as you stated, that we have a wonderful, friendly environment here helps a lot! There is nothing to fear. Thank you, Patrick.

  10. I am a fan of your blog posts Patrick because we have a common interest so please keep coming up with related articles – I will certainly read and comment. I always try to do my part in compumatrix, but I know not everything is for me (like trading) and that is fine. We all can contribute to our wonderful company in our own way that complements our talents and desires.

  11. Thanks you for writing this blog Patrick. It’s interesting that I don’t consider myself a writer at all. I have never been involved in any kind of formal writing. Signing Birthday cards was just about the extent of my writing. But having now submitted a number of blogs to the forum, I feel like I have a good amount of things to elaborate on, since it’s what we do, and what we love. Business. Compumatrix. These are all near and dear to our hearts, so they are easy to write on.

  12. Thanks for the encouraging blog about writing blogs. I am one who loves to read and comment on other people’s thoughts and ideas which give me information and inspiration, but at this time I am not ready to delve into the world of blogging. I am certainly not shutting that option out for the future.

  13. Good blog Patrick. As you point out, so many of us don’t know how to start that first blog, what to write about and have all the excuses not. I can identify with you in that. Once you have an idea, let it mull around and the next part will formalize in your thoughts .Soon the whole plan just fuses together.

  14. Patrick, I agree with you, the blogs are rich with useful information, many of us try to give an excuse that we cannot write a blog, wait until your thoughts are organized, you will surprise yourself, start with what you know, I’m learning a lot from all the members, wisdom is shared, information is becoming valuable every day.

  15. I am learning a lot from these blogs and enjoy reading them, they are very educational. I am not much of a writer but I might give it try one day. Like some say about the time my is limited but when I start doing this full time I hope to have more time. My main concern is pay and hopes I can pay all my bills with this system and make a living with just compumatrix.

  16. Again, thank you all for your thoughts and comments. Years ago, I stayed away from Bitcoin as I thought it was some token for gambling and was not interested. That cost me a lot of money but thanks to a friend of mine here talking me into paying more attention, and giving me a little encouragement, here I am today in the heart of this crypto world.

  17. Patrick, your blog was enjoyable and light to read. There is so much to learn from these articles that we see, daily. All under one roof. This is priceless.
    I like to comment on blogs and hope to start composing some, in the near future. Until then, I am happy to continue reading and acquiring knowledge. Every point earned is a justified reward for those who read and comment.

  18. Patrick, thank you for your great blog. I enjoy very much reading the blogs here, there’s so much to learn, but what I like the most is reading about personal stories. There have been many people in Compumatrix that I have known for years just by their username or name but that was all. I’m interested in the great stories we have from living through hardships, great talents and many have been truly inspirational. I still don’t know how to create a blog, but I may learn how one of these days.

  19. Thank you for your blog, I am not a fun of writing neither of reading too much. I enjoy reading other’s people’s blogs and some are very educational. I also don’t have too much time available to sit down and write other than make comments, but your tips are very encouraging.

  20. Hello Patrick, this is very telling to me. You were able to get off the fence and begin your writing. I feel handcuffed to that fence when it comes to calling myself to attempt to write a blog. I have to fall off the fence to come down to write a reply to any blog. As yours here has, it touched how I feel

  21. That was a great blog Patrick and to be honest I will leave the blogging to those who enjoy it, as for me I will stay on the sidelines. I read most of the blogs, comment on some, but that is all I want to do. Keep up the great work Patrick.

  22. Patrick we all have to start some where; and this my friend is just that; A point to start, to ponder, and hopefully each person takes your grand advice and just takes that step in trying. Once again, you are also right, there are many blogs to comment on which gives those timid writers a chance to 1st comment and then receive further elaboration on their comment (an area I have been lacking in). Thanks Patrick for pointing my mind back to the basics; I needed that!!

  23. Patrick thank you for pushing me to complete my first blog. I had the same exact excuses at first. I’m too busy, I cant think of anything super interesting or I just dont know where to start. Well this weekend I will finish my blog and publish for all the reasons you mentioned above. Its an interesting thought that if we don’t publish a blog then we hold back from possible teaching someone something valuable.

    1. Jennifer that is awesome that it gave you the courage to take action. I will be looking for your blog. Once you do your first blog, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. The first time around we look and read and comment and then we get up the nerve and put all our bits of information into something that has some degree of order. We push, and if it passes, it is out there for people to comment on. With just a few favourable comments, we get the courage to put our efforts into another hopefully more interesting blog.

  24. Well, although I’ve been sitting on that fence, It has always been my “intention” to write a blog.
    I just haven’t yet found a topic that I am enthusiastic about yet ,when I do the words will flow more freely.
    However reading these blogs are essential to my growth in knowledge concerning the “Eco System of Cryptocurrency”.

  25. Thank you Patrick for your blog about sitting on the fence. Well, one thing you can say about sitting on the fence is you have two different scenes. One where you have been and one where you are going. The scene ahead shows you all of the possibilities of where you are going and how exciting the future looks. The other shows where you have been and how you got to where you are. I for one am very excited about the future of Compumatrix but also appreciate where we have come from.
    Someday there may come a time when I find that I do have something interesting to share but as for now I will continue to read and make replys to other peoples blogs.

  26. Thank you Patrick for a wonderful Blog and the great encouragement towards those who are siting on the fence. Yes, you are right …. we do learn a lot from each blog that we read, and thank you to all that take the time to write blogs out there and share their knowledge and experience with us all. At this stage I don’t think that I’m ready to write blogs, but you never know what the future holds……. I enjoy reading all the blogs I can and build points for my Compumatrix business.

  27. Patrick, seems we all seem to sit on a fence now and then and wonder which side to get off on. Sitting on a fence requires decisions, they are not always easy or pleasant t to make. Growing up I wanted to be an architect and design buildings, but as I matured, I found a new desire, a love for God’s Word and following after Christ. Eventually I felt a deep call in my heart to because a minister of the gospel, it out weighed the call to become an architect. Finally I got off the fence, went to Bible School, graduated and began a career pastoring churches. I’m in my 70s and retired, but still spend time every morning in God’s Word, now and then I find myself designing one thing or another before I build it, but I’m not on that fence anymore.

  28. Patrick, you are a blessing. Your elegant way of writing says a great deal with sincerity. I always enjoy what you write. I was happy to see your first blog and look forward to them each time you post. Like you, I also enjoy reading all the blogs. I am thankful for what we learn concerning Compumatrix and all info on technology that is associated.

  29. Thanks for the great blog Patrick, I always enjoy your bogs as well. Sitting on the fence can be a lifelong challenge, but you have to move forward. When I have had my old walls pop up, that made me want to stay where I felt comfortable, I push myself, but part of being on the fence is feeling the pain of growth. We all struggle until we get it.

  30. I must admit I am not a blogger , the ones who do and can write with passion and love to blog , I as well enjoy reading the blogs. Patrick done a well written blog .. I was always one of those rear creatures that would rather wait for the movie , LOL
    My whole interest was and always will be in business and now Compumatrix is is my business. Keep blogging Guys / Gals .. and I will keep reading.

  31. I wish I could write blogs but I am in a home now and we don’t have internet in our rooms or access to the internet. I am going to get it connected once so that I can help my friend Pam and my RR, Paula. They are currently helping me to build up my points. I am so lucky to have such great friends. I am going to write about my experience here in the care home when I can.

  32. I started blogging several years ago and had my own blog. It very interesting to help people. There I shared my experience on working online, how to run a blog. It’s always very exciting to help people. So, I think anyone can start blogging and share their experience. Just write what you think.

  33. Patrick this is very good to read because i have never did any blogging, but i can say that blogging is educational and i have learned a lot and still learning. The more i read the more i learn. Great article Patrick thank you for sharing.

  34. Several good observations are made in your blog, Patrick. I enjoy most of the blogs, but find writing one to be a bit overwhelming. I feel like my field of knowledge has really expanded as some of the blogs are pretty in depth on the subjects they cover. Maybe someday l will step and step out to write one.

  35. Thank you Patrick for your very helpful and encouraging Blog. I am working on writing about my artwork and sharing some techniques with the readers. I have been quite nervous to do anything but I am excited and mentally stimulated to write an article about my art and may be about my travels, especially when I was a young women. Paula has been encouraging me to write about my earlier years now for a while, as she has found my stories both interesting and funny.

  36. Your blog post about writing blogs is very educational Patrick. Almost every time when I access the internet and read information it is on a blog. I don’t realize that so much but after reading your blog it becomes clear to me that blogging is a very good media to inform people about the message you want to send.

  37. Patrick, this is a great step in the education for those wanting to test the waters. Blogging seems very scary as so many think they have nothing to contribute yet we all have something to share. This blogging area allows us all to give a piece of ourselves in a productive way. It opens our minds to endless possibilities. Thank you for this as it will help many take that first step into the future.

  38. Thank you Patrick for your blog. I recently joined the forum and reading blogs. Posting my first blog is something I would want to do. I like your simple, great pointers to how to start, using ideas that I have. Thanks, too, for sharing a source of material that can guide on the acceptable ideas to blog about on the forum.

  39. Are We Sitting On The Fence?…. Interesting Blog Patrick… I am no blogger but I do read most of the Blogs here and appreciate the talent and knowledge of these Blogs that gives me much needed knowledge of the happenings of Crypto currency as well as other important info. I will leave the true Blogging up to the very talented members of Compumatrix. Thanks everyone.

  40. Thank you, Patrick Angel. Very encouraging blog. For some time I was only reading other authors’ blogs in this area, thinking I would not have enough knowledge to write a business-related blog myself. Then our CEO posted a blog that made it clear that almost everything could become a business-related blog if some rules were followed. I do hope that every member at least starts commenting, and gather all the points they can before the opening of our eagerly awaited CDAP.

  41. I will also admit that I am not a blogger , the ones who do and can write with passion and love to blog and I will leave this art to those who enjoy it, as for me I enjoy reading and commenting on the blogs. Patrick this is a well written blog. My whole interest was and always will be in business and now Compumatrix is is my business. Keep blogging Guys and Gals and I will keep reading and commenting.

  42. The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in many instances of people staying at home more than they normally would. Some have had time to invest in opportunities that they may not have otherwise had. It is a good thing that there may be more time to be at the computer and read blogs and respond to them. This can result in a good thing as one can take advantage of business relationships and friendships can be formed.

  43. I have no experience in writing blogs but I do believe that the best blogs are based on past experiences and writing about what has been overcome to make someone’s outlook on life better for themselves and others.

  44. I think many people are scared to start blogging because they are scared what people will think. They are scared people will not like what they have to say or will not agree with them. This is why people just need to build up the courage and effort and write about something they are passionate about.

  45. Blogging is a great way to bring your message to the world but it has to be done with care. Keep your blog posts short and make the design appealing. If you don’t do that people stop reading what you are writing and in this way, you lose customers.

  46. what a great blog and the replies are so beneficial also — I am working on the thought of possibly finally blogging here but am skiddish to start but after reading here again and I believe a few more times just for my comfort and reading others here who do on regular basis can learn from them also — thank you for sharing —

  47. Thank you for this great post, Patrick – I found it extremely inspiring and encouraging. I especially like the reminder to write ideas down. I’ve had a few already over the past week or two, thought they’d be easy to remember – but then promptly forgot them! So I’ll take your advice on that. I also find reading other posts – and the thoughtful and encouraging responses they receive – are making me feel much more confident. Until now, like many feel here, I’ve felt a bit daunted by the whole idea. Note to self: “Have courage!”

  48. I surely am no blogger but I do admire people who can put words to paper ( or here blogging ) so eloquently and get their point across to the readers . . I read with much interest all the blogs and the comments . Much to learn and have enjoyed this part of Compumatrix communication and info gathering .

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