Branding in marketing

Branding, a word very familiar to all of us, but not all people know about it. People tend to buy branded products. A branded cell phone, a branded computer, a branded shirt and so on.

What exactly is this branding? A company making itself unique by creating a name, a symbol, a design, a logo etc. so that that the company gets recognized by that name, symbol, logo etc. to the people. The creation of a brand is not all that easy. First the products of that company must be unique with high quality. Then the company uses different promotional methods to develop the brand like, advertising, promotional campaigns, quality assurance, etc.

Once any business launches and promotes a brand, marketing of that company’s products becomes easy.

Branding is what your company is ad marketing is selling your company products based on the reputation of the brand value.

Top global brands in 2019:

Microsoft — brand value: $108.8 million.

Coca-Cola — brand value: $63.4 million.

Samsung — brand value: $61 million.

Toyota — brand value: $56.2 million.

Mercedes-Benz — brand value: $50.8 million.

McDonald’s — brand value: $44.53 million.

Disney — brand value: $44.3 million.


The important steps of branding are: 1. how you want your company to be known, 2. how you get feedback from customers who used your products, 3. Make promises about your company products and 4. Tell customers what promise is associated with your products.

Remember that a successful company first builds a brand and then markets its products.

About the author

Santosh Kumar Linga, is young and dynamic person. He learnt writing and blogging from his uncle Krish (Murali Krishna Akilla), who is a very active member of Compumatrix.


  1. Brand names are so ingrained in some people’s minds they use the brand names instead of what the product actually is; instead of vacuuming the floor, they say going to “Hoover” the carpet; when they sneeze they ask for a “Kleenex” instead of a Tissue, etc. So if you think you cannot be “brainwashed” by hearing Brand Names over and over in the commercials on TV, guess again…lol

    1. Amazon, Google, Toyota, Apple and so on and so on – just think how many millions in advertising dollars was spent to get these names in the Top 10 Brands in the world! Personally, I always like a word of mouth referral of an amazing product along with a story of how the product benefited them. A trusted friend’s recommendation; for example, goes a long way in marketing without the added cost!

  2. Sometimes no name is need spoken . You know what brand it is by observing the sign or symbol . For example , I’m driving and in the distances I see a giant yellow letter M , better know as the Golden Archers . Immediately my mind says food, fast food, hamburger, Big Mac ,Mcdonals
    What shall be attached to #Compumatrix ? For me #VPC (virtual prepaid cards).

  3. Branding has been a very sore subject with cows and horses for hundreds of years… LOL But seriously speaking branding is the perfect term for what it has come to represent in society. The many popular logos and icons have been stamped on to our brains, through exposure to repetitive ads, in a manner that is as effective as the branding irons that are used on animals. Good branding is so powerful that it leaves a permanent impression on our brains. Case and closing point: Just thinking about those Golden Arches right now is making me hungry…LOL

  4. You are exactly right Coky! Symbols are as effective when it comes to impressions in the mind. just look to the top left and you will see perfect examples!
    I’m sure it was the intention of the marketers and I have to say they succeeded in imprinting those symbols on our brains. Is this a good thing or bad thing? I guess we each have to decide that. Meanwhile enjoy your golden Arches, Kevin…lol

  5. I grabbed a “kleenex” from the box this morning. Although this month, we bought “Puffs”, I don’t hear someone say, “can you give me a “Puffs””. When we shop, we often will try the generic product. If it doesn’t hold the quality, we can always go back to the Brand.

    In financial markets, the monetary “brand” is Gold. Everything is a measure against the value of Gold. Fiat disrupted that (and Crypto Currency will bring it back)!

  6. this is fantastic reading with thoughts and ideas that are so very true — I go through the day not even thinking about how I so familiar with this name or that name but not even thinking how many products I actually use that are not that particular Brand but it is similar product wow — so now I will look around and see the Brand — and then may have to go get the Brand – lol

  7. I have seen that once the brand is out there in the public and gets known, it’s so easy to build on top of what has already been done. For instance, there is a restaurant near me named after two ladies who started it. Once is a country singer and did have some fame while she was still alive. People have been going to that restaurant for years. The food and the place has not big attraction, other than it’s reputation and word of mouth. Not they opened another restaurant in another town and named it the same name. And guess what, tons of people are now going to that one, ONLY because of the brand they created.

  8. I try to stay away from brands as much as I can. There was a restaurant years ago that started out small and just went by word of mouth and every time you would go there you had to stand in line out side for some time or go the the bar and that was standing room only. As the years went on they expanded and sometimes still you have to wait. I am not sure that would happened today. Great place to eat! If I buy a off brand and do not like it then I go back to a brand name. I don’t like advertising for companies and not get paid, I don’t get nothing from it. Sorry!! LOL

  9. Branding is as important if not more so than the product or service offered. Commercials today like Aflac bring us an image of a duck, Geico has their Geico, and Budweiser has their Clydesdale. Each has a “hook” to draw attention. This holds true to any business even cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, like the familiar Kleenex tissue, will always be the first image or thought coming to mind when thinking of cryptocurrency.

  10. You are absolutely right in suggesting that successful branding is achieved largely by the “ promises” of a certain result to the customer. People buy products and services not on what they are, so much as what level of satisfaction they are promised in the buying of it. The greater the promise, the more times it is repeated in the market and of course the actual delivery of results, are all tantamount to good branding.

  11. How does a name of a famous brand ring a bell in a person’s mind? It comes from good marketing.
    When I used to live in India, during my childhood, everybody would ask for COCA COLA! No other aerated water, but that one, PEPSI and other brands came in much later..
    In CHILE, people ask for GILLETTE right away..For shaving equipment, that is the brand people prefer to use.
    We ourselves have a tendency to go for well-known brands.
    As Erline rightly said, when someone says “Cryptocurrency ” Bitcoin comes to our mind almost immediately.

  12. I agree branding in absolutely vital when it comes to promoting a product or service especially for sale. The first US example that I think of is IBM (international Business) machines) This is only one example of great branding name and IBM is known world wide. When a brand name is know to the public it has a much greater chance for success

  13. yeppers a great read and the information here is so very real and legit — I believe that Branding is that important especially if you are working in a field that is not as accessible and in order to be successful you have to have something special or in this Branding — I think it is that important —

  14. When setting up a business, one of the first things you do (or should do) is choose a name for your business and register it with the Secretary of State in the State you choose to register in. Another “to do” item on the top of the list is to decide on your logo and have this registered as well. This is YOUR BRAND! This is YOUR TRADEMARK!

  15. When I first read this blog, it was one I could relate to.
    Branding: as in cattle.
    Being in the cattle business for a large part of my life, branding cattle was something we did quite often.
    Our Brand was 2 L’s joining together, this identified our cattle from others. When taking cattle to market, you have to prove ownership. A Brand inspector will verify you have the right to sell your cattle.
    Also, if for some reason your cattle ever got off your property, your brand identified them as Yours.
    Others would start to recognize Your Brand.

    Today, a well known company is recognized by their Name or Logo: Their Brand.

    This branding is not only set up for adults. Take children for instance, how many times have you had to stop at those golden arches? Ever noticed how high those arches really are? LOL
    Its all in the Branding.

    Thank you Santosh, I found this interesting.

  16. I love brand names on many things. Most the time they are more expensive but sometimes you pay for what you get…However, there are many things out there that are not brand names that are just as good as the more expensive items. For instance at a dollar store there many items that are the same things as in a drug store or grocery store…

  17. I remember when I was in France at about 18 years old. I was amazed as I walked the streets and noticed how important it was for everyone to show their brand of clothes, watches, etc. This really hadn’t come to the United States in a big way back then. People just threw on clothes – at least in Wisconsin-, that they were comfortable in. Then jeans suddenly had to be of a particular brand, then I recall Nike – “Just do it” with the swoosh. Now it has become recognized as very important to divide yourself from the competition through branding.

  18. Branding is crucial for the success of any business because the way a business is branded is going to affect the customers the business attracts. For instance, Ferrari is a car company that targets the upper class and upper middle class group of people whereas Ford targets the middle class and working class group of people. I work in the movie industry and product placement is a big part of how the film makes money. The film is geared towards a certain audience and companies will pay the film company to put their products in the film so that their products can be marketed in front of that specific film audience. A lot of the times people do not even realize when they are being marketed to, but marketing is everywhere and plays a big part in most people’s daily lives.

  19. branding is just that important — yes it is — as in any business whether online or storefront –you have to have a Brand or reason for folks to do business with you whether it is a catchy phrase like ” just do it ” or Best burger in town or will always have your back — Branding is so important in success and if you can get that Positive feedback then in this cryptoworld we can make us a success — imho

  20. This is important! I love Louis Vuitton – don’t hate on me! When asked why I buy a brand that is so expensive: I simply reply that I like the brand. I like what the brand stands for and it makes me feel confident when I go places. I know that Louis Vuitton is no better than Chanel, but it doesn’t matter. When I buy a Louis Vuitton belt, the belt functions the same as a belt from Gucci, but I am not buying the belt. I am buying the brand.

  21. here in august 2020 also have to appreciate this thought — brand names or marketing thoughts — are major part of success in any business offline or online — know for a fact that if i walk into a store and want a brand name will not buy some off market — in financial world same thing — in crypto world also same — just keep learning and much appreciation — rj

  22. Sometimes you see a brand name and you don’t know what it stands for but if you see it many times you sometimes start asking yourself what is the company behind it. I had that last weekend when I was watching the F-1 race on Silverstone. I saw the word Aramco passing by many times. Now I know it is the stateoil company of Saudi Arabia.

  23. I am always pleased to find a “Brand” that I can stick with. I am the type of consumer were as if I enjoy your “Brand” I’m sticking with you not until something better comes along, I am loyal and I stay with a company until…they drop the ball. I am the only person I know who has only had 1 cellphone number. I got my cellphone in 1999 and still with the same provider with the same phone number today. Sony used to be my go to brand for electronics now it Samsung. I don’t trust new “brands” unless I am familiar with their parent company.

  24. Being in retail for the last 20 years I can tell you a lot about brands and generic brands. Some of the generic brands are just as good if not better than the branded ones you just have to experiment with it. I have found generic brands in speakers and food that are better than the main brand cleaning products is another overrated brand generic works just as good.

  25. Thanks for the blog. It was fascinating. I never thought of it that way, but yes, you sure can be brainwashed and pretty quickly. When you hear and see something enough, you start doing it. The same can be said about phrases. “My Bad,” I told my son to stop saying that because it’s setting up a block. He didn’t even realize what he was saying, just that everyone says it.

  26. Branding is a great marketing tool,a logo that attracts people, branded companies can be easily identified, some branded products are so expensive that only millionaires can afford them, these companies have been stuck in people’s minds for centuries,such as apple and samsung.

  27. Reputation. That is what a brand builds. They do so by being the best at what they do and following it up with the service that backs the reputation. Something we all need to consider when marketing our businesses. WHat is the reputation you want to be known for? Build toward that.

  28. Santosh Kumar Linga , Thank you for bring up the Branding info .. Being in business for 60 years .I know about branding ..That is such a powerfull marketing toll .. that even now don’t even need a perd .. just a check mark …. ( Nike ) no words needed there … Or a picture of a Blue Jay .. dose that bring up a baseball team ..sure dose .. Don’t need power in words any more. a picture will do …

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