Building Strong and Tall !

When we consider the 118 elements in the periodic table, we marvel that everything in Creation has one or more of them. But we use very few of them in their purest form just as they are. One of the main elements is iron, but we make very few things out of pure iron. You may see pure iron used in a lawn ornament or cast iron skillet, but we don’t have that many uses for just pure iron. To make steel, we need to blend iron with carbon, which is another element. To get stainless steel, which is useful for so many pots, pans, knives, and gadgets we use in the kitchen, we need to add a few more elements.

We all breathe air. But the atmosphere is not just one pure element—air contains both oxygen and nitrogen. Just like water includes two parts, oxygen, and hydrogen.

God gave man many elements to use at his disposal. But to make something useful, we have to connect and bond a component to another. It’s just part of the way things are. Most of everything we use today, such as glass, wood, steel, alloys, and plastic, are all a combination of many elements working together to form a complex elemental compound.

Some things are lovely on their own, but when joined with others, they can be fantastic! Flour is good, and cheese is excellent, and pepperoni is tasty. But combine them all, and expose them to some heat, and presto! You’ve got a pizza. Now, who doesn’t love pizza?

To be successful in business, useful to others, and gain wealth, we don’t need to create any new kind of element. We only need to mix, blend, combine, and connect with others. To be successful in business, we cannot do it alone. We need each other. The members need Henry, the BOD, and the DEVS. And Henry, the BOD, and the DEVs, in turn, need all of the members. If the company did not have all of us elements connected and working together, would we even be a company at all?

Construction men found out a long time ago that just cement by itself would not cut it when building tall skyscrapers. Concrete only by itself can crumble when put under stress and pressure that a tall swaying building would have. But reinforce that concrete with steel, and you have something robust, durable, and something that will bend with pressure and not break. Did you know that concrete and steel have the same expansion rate? That means that when both of them are heated or cooled, they expand and shrink at the very same speed. How cool is that? It looks like those two were a match made in heaven.

I believe we, too, were made for each other. No matter how small or significant a role we have in this company, we are a substantial part of the whole. Consider these words from the Bible:

“And if the ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body,” it would not for that reason stop being part of the body. If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be?” (1 Corinthians 12:16-17)

Every part of the human body is connected to every other part of the human body somehow. And every aspect needs the other parts. We, too, need each member to fulfill their role to be a successful company that stands firm on its feet, ready to take on the crypto world!

“Partnering gives each party access to the others’ skill sets and resources, which can greatly expand its capabilities. For a partnership to succeed, each of the businesses or people involved must be fully committed and should understand their respective responsibilities.” (quote from

No matter what backgrounds, differences, or philosophies we members may have, we should always strive to keep oneness and a strong unity about us. As much as it depends on us, we should do what we do best and let others be free to do what they do best. This attitude will keep us on the right upbeat track and ensure the overall success of us all. All of the elements connected, unified, and bonded to each other will make for one tall and robust skyscraper!

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. what a great read and the gist of this blog is so true — partnering and parts working in conjunction make success a part of the process — by yourself or alone very rarely if ever does success happen — just awesome info in this JP — and will read this a few times just because — thank you —

  2. Team work ,makes Dream work … as in any thing we do in life a team that works together make a business thrive weather building a home or a business. Thing go more smoothly when all are on the same page or wave link. Good read Jeff and so true.

    1. Well said Avery. Many of the most rewarding things we have every accomplished in our lives, seemed always to be in a group or on a team. I believe we here at Compumatrix do have the “Dream Team” together.

  3. Well done Jeff. Working in the building industry, has often highlighted the power of synergism. That is the difference between the strength of individual elements verses the exponential strength which increases when certain elements are mixed and fused together. Compumatrix sure meets that criteria for a strong company.

    1. So you Hendrix know exactly what we are talking about here. You know well of all the wonderful composites now available in the building world. Bonding together can really make things stronger.

  4. Our Compumatrix members, staff, and executives bonded together are strong. We are robust, we are a driving force, we can work as one, powerful in our unity! We can all contribute in our own way and with our skills – like a snowball going down the mountain gathering more and more snow, we become stronger and more powerful. Look out world, here we come 🙂

    1. And the snowball is getting bigger and bigger as we are nearing the end and the launch which is really the beginning.

      1. Jeff, you have reminded me the Periodic Table in Chemistry my favorite subject back then in high school. Yes, there are 118 elements, but we only concentrated on the first 20 elements. I really, enjoyed the grouping, periods, concentration, reactions etc. A compound is formed; through a mixture of certain elements and u get a concrete substance. Exactly, Compumatrix is a very strong component of it’s leadership and members. Great p’ple, unity is always our strength. What an incredible platform! Personally, I have learned a lot from these wonderful people. Success is our aim: Engage, Enrich, Enhance Life❤️🙏

  5. I love the way you bring all the ingredients together to show how synergism mixed with all the other life forces put in place by God are needed to make it a compelling part of the whole in this universe we live in

  6. Jeff, so interesting and so true. Yes compumatrix was developed as a system, and all is connected to the other. It is so amazing how everything merged into one. We are where we are suppose to be and everything that has transpired for us to get where we are is what bought us here. So much to be thankful for. Thanks to everyone that is involved, and all those that will be. we are suppose to be.

    1. Our worldwide connection is really something to behold when you figure our people ( or elements) are from all over the globe. What a multi-national company we have. I just love it.

  7. Connectivity and interaction is such an enormous part of life, it is incredible that there are so many who do not grasp this and take heed. A little like the ripples on a pond that reach far beyond what we actually see. It is so important to be aware and conscious of our actions and deeds. I think the idea that HJB started will become almost more than he envisaged if we all play our part of the table!

    1. Henry saw this vision way back in 2005 and we are still going forward in this today. It’s amazing that even after all these years, the vision has not changed at all. We are all working together towards that common vision.

  8. Very good point, Jeff. We each have different talents and skills and we can all contribute to the whole in different ways. By being a member of this company, we have learned a lot about the cryptocurrency world and we can all use that knowledge to advance this company by doing our part. We are fortunate to have each other in this journey.

  9. I loved your blog Jeff; It’s true no matter what, it’s just us as a group to make this succeed to choose to grow and be successful. We learn from each other like Avatar. We just spread and touch one another, and we are one.

  10. Another great blog, Jeffery! I thank you for the lesson on elementals. I never did ‘get’ chemistry, and never really was that interested in the fact that when one combines one element with another, one gets a combined product that really is stronger than the original. I also loved your comparison to our company with expertise from many different people making up the whole.

    1. Yes Gloria. And many times people feel like their particular part is insignificant. But it’s very very important. We need everyone. And we need everyone working all together as one man or one machine going forward.

  11. Great blog Jeff,

    I really like this one, Every part of the human body is connected to every other part of the human body somehow. And every aspect needs the other parts, reminds me with Compumatrix with Henry and David the brain, Erline and Gail the heart, and the rest of the mod and members are the hands and legs, we are all one body.
    Thanks again

    1. Loved your analogy of Henry and David being the brain, and Erline and Gail being the heart. You nailed it. That’s so true.

  12. Wow, what a powerful vision in this article! To compare a well-built and strongly-bonded company to all that goes into building a skyscraper really gives us a sense of just how many of those different “elements” actually go into CNI! You really give this the human touch, Jeff, and of course, as with any business on this planet, the people who comprise the foundation are the most important element, without a doubt!

    1. I guess that’s why you have HR departments in every company. “Human resources”. Humans are the greatest resource. Our company exists with the greatest resources being our people.

  13. Great read Jeff,It is very important to understand the reality of life,like every element comes together, no one in the world can work alone,working together is better,working together does not cause stress and frustration,teamwork builds friendships, builds trust, and creates new ideas,members of a team feel a strong sense of belonging and deep commitment to each other and the common goal,,it is true that we are connected to each other in the compumatrix,we will all always be very firmly attached to the compumatrix business and will go a long way.

    1. As you have said Zahra, we for sure are working better and for the better when working together. This is the wonderful thing about the Discord room. We used to have just the forum and it took forever to get questions answered from the members to the BOD and then info back and forth, Thank God we have a real-time communication method now.

  14. Teamwork we all help each other just like the elements I like that concept, it will be great all working together in a great business and our new ecosystem developing while we work I believe this is going to work out to be fantastic especially with it being worldwide.

  15. Great blog and yes Teams that work together are more productive and motivated toward company goals.
    We are one big family here and Working with each other’s strengths makes our team more effective.
    Teamwork can make you happier. When you work in a team, you grow as an individual.

  16. This blog brings forth a great truth. Yes, we as a community must work together and follow the standards and guidelines set for us. We judge not that others do not judge us. This family forged from different backgrounds, and circumstances are melding together. Our purpose, whatever element or combination we are, is to build our future and aid Compumatrix to grow greater and greater. We are apart of the most significant digital company ever.

  17. I love what you say Carmen. That we are part of the most significant digital company ever. I think there are so many of us that don’t really realize that now, but will soon realize that after the launch when things really get booming. So glad to be joined with you all in this !

  18. Another great read Jeff. I feel It’s very important to understand the reality of life, no one in the world can work alone at some point we must all work together. I feel that teamwork makes the dream work and it also builds long lasting friendships. I am glad to be involved in the Compumatrix family where we call help each other out when we need it.

    1. I too love the fact that we here at Compumatrix not only help each other with the business side of things, but also the practical side of things in daily life. There is a lot of discussion about nutrition in the Discord room that has helped a bunch of people. And also I have heard of some members helping and giving their support to others geographically near them that just went through a disaster. What a great group.

  19. Thank you Jeffery for a great post, there is no doubt that a successful team is made up of people with different gifts and attributes yet all respect each other, work hard and blend together in all the resources they offer. Compumatrix is a prime example of that, with that blend of expertise it would have fallen apart a long time ago.

    1. And that’s why we are still here as you say Inspired. This would have fallen apart and folded years ago if there wasn’t something very substantial holding it all together and pressing it forward as there has been. I was in countless online money making programs years ago, and not one of them is around now. Except Compumatrix.

  20. Great info Jeffrey, you showed the basic concept of teamwork in many different forms being it be chemical, materials or humans. Everything works with another to make it or the team stronger just as Compumatrix does with all its members.

  21. A great illustration Jeffrey, of the definition of a team. This company would be amazing if it were just Henry, but he proved in the aughties that he needed more than just his ingenuity to have Compumatrix succeed. So he put together a BoD and chose some great people to compose it. He partnered with TC, and added some incredible minds and skills from his homeland. Now we have a tremendous company with the potential to be an innovative success in the world of decentralized finance. All because of the combination of forces HJB has put together.

  22. So true Peter. I wonder if even way back when when Henry had the vision for this company that he ever thought there would be this many people involved and such a multi-global group. In one sense, he himself has faces many obstacles and done so much alone, but I am so thankful he now has all of us by his side cheering him on.

  23. To your point Peter, it is important that all parts of a component work together. This is why it is important for Compumatrix members to keep up with what is going on and know the processes which work together as a whole to make things work successfully. Just thinking of trading for example. When all the components, knowledge, etc, of trading do not work together, then this can result in chaos and disruption to the detriment of Compumatrix and its members.

  24. A team makes a dream. I am all too well familiar with the mixing of different mediums to gain more strength. Poured a much of concrete in my day :). I love to see the different strengths that we all bring to this business and how it melds together to be what it is today. If it weren’t for the melding of everyone, we wouldn’t be here. So awesome.

    1. How great John that you actually did all this with cement. You know it well. I am amazed at how tall a skyscraper can actually be and they do in fact sway. I was in a very tall building in Japan years ago during an earthquake. It swayed big time !

  25. I personally like to collect the cast iron recipe magazines. I am fascinated by all the different recipes and ingredients it takes to come up with a delicious meal. After a while I discover that for some of the meals I do not have to go out and buy as many ingredients because I already have what it takes to come up with the finished product. Just like in Compumatrix, the more components that are added to our ecosystem, the more complete the nutrients come together and flow.

    1. Very interesting Sherri about your cast iron recipe magazines. Guess that’s the purest form of iron you’ll see around these days.

  26. Jeff I couldn’t agree more with you. All the members here working together compile an incredible team. I feel a synergistic effect when everyone is learning from each other. These blogs have taught me so much. Many important roles are being played all around the world to help launch Compumatrix. It truly takes a village….a large village.

  27. I would say at this phase of the building project we are putting the finishing touches on Compumatrix…..kind of like putting on the paint but even further than that. We are hanging the curtains and putting in the furniture getting ready for the grand opening. Waiting for the big whoo hoo moment!

    1. Yes Alan. Looks like tomorrow is the day for the big open house as you say. Things all in place, paint dried, and ready to put out the welcome mat. I am so excited for the meeting tomorrow.

  28. Nicely said Jeffrey, though as a Buddhist we have a slightly different view of the how the universe works, you described eloquently the nature of interdependent reality. Nothing exists without the other, which describes Compumatrix perfectly. All the necessary elements to fulfill the dream are now coming together!

    1. We have people here from all walks of life. That’s what makes our business and team so wonderful. I love it that we have a multi-national, multi-cultural group. This makes everything so rich !

  29. Nicely said Jeffrey, though as a Buddhist we have a slightly different view of the how the universe works, you described eloquently the nature of interdependent reality. Nothing exists without the other, which describes Compumatrix perfectly.

  30. As usual, Jeffrey Phelps, you describe in words something we should all think about. Everything we do is easier if we work as a team, and it gives us others’ views on life. People think differently and we can all learn from others while helping them understand what a fantastic “building” Compumatrix is.

    1. We certainly have a great foundation that has been built over so many years. How deep our foundation has gone seeing all the time and years that have been put into it.

  31. I love how this article compared the many different ways elements are combined, created and mixed, to how the many different skills people have and the different ways these can be combined, created, and mixed. Every person that is involved with compumatrix has their own sets of skills, but it is up to us to use teamwork to utilize the strong suits that each person carries.

  32. Thank you , Yes team work can go along way in life, With finances , health , family, friends, church. I am one who takes team work dear to my heart, it took team work to build our trucking company, as it is taking team work to build compumatrix, a lot of blood, sweat and tears for say, The most important team work i have ever had in my Life and I am 64 years old, Is when I had a Grand Maul Stroke in Janurary of 2018, I was told i would never be able to walk right, talk, or even get my right arm and hand to function correctly, But having a loving wife , she went to work on me right away before 24 hours had passed she was told by a specialist in order to bring me back to normal i needed to do muscle memory, brain memory, speech etc, so the exercises etc needed to be done every other hour and my wife worked with me an hour, slept an hour and again back to work with me, she done this for 3 months with very little sleep and no relief, the time extended over time, I am now back to normal and only have a little finger on right hand that does not go straight , So yes Team work from all members goes a long way and it can be tough at times but seeing the outcome is what we all look forward to.

    1. Wow. What a story Robert in all that you have been through. God blessed you with a wonderful wife and all those people that helped you along the way. What a wonderful success story. We need to hear more testimonies like this. Thank you.

  33. With any business it is important to start from the bottom and build your way from the bottom so you get to see what works and what does not. It is important to have a strong and large base in a business so you can build up strong and tall.

  34. Good point camchictb. I have known many in the corporate world who have wanted to start at the grass roots of the company to see how it all works on the front lines before trying to climb the ladder of success to be in the management later on.

  35. such a wonderful read and the stories thru the replies wow — just awesome and do appreciate here at Compumatrix the Family and Team aspect practiced here everyday and just knowing that am part of the team is inspiring and truly seeing the efforts of so many — it is a wow moment and very appreciative especially where I believe we are right at this moment — thanks again JP for great insight n read — rj

  36. Jeffrey, you are a man of vision, and your ability to write posts like that spurs me on to read read read both the posts and the remarks. I believe that this mission of Compumatrix cannot do what we are doing without the members, and the BODs the RRs and HJ,

  37. I read your blog with much intrest camchictb . A good foundation in almost anything we do in business or in life will make a stable long lasting endeavor .Nothing works well without it.
    Compumatrix is laying down a very good and solid foundation that will last for generation for us or our children’s ,children. Looking forward to the GRAND Opening .

    1. Yes Lorna. We are right with you awaiting this grand opening. Erline mentioned that once it opens, it will open up in full all at once. So we all need to do our homework and be ready for the momentous event.

  38. Thanks for your nice blog post Jeffrey. It is certainly true that with the right elements and well-organized planning you can build the strongest and tallest constructions. That goes also for Compumatrix and it looks like the company is on the right track. It will be a strong company from which we can profit a lot.

    1. Yes Patricia. Compumatrix has built and amazing foundation over all these years and will continue building strong and tall. I am so glad that we all are part of this foundation. All of us mixed in together from all over the world make for a steady strong element that will be profiting far into the future.

  39. gotta admit reading this blog is a Fun read as i look back and forward also –and the Team here is so important to our success but it is amazing the diversity of the group and where they have grown up and where they have traveled thru time — it is fascinating and inspiring also — so much appreciation goes out — rj

  40. I am so looking forward to the opening of the Compumatrix, CDAP It’s been a long hard haul but the TEAM has been very inspiring to keep our dream alive..We believe in Henry and the Comuumatrix team. It won’t be long now ,our wait as membrs is almost over.

  41. Thank you rjh for all your wonderful encouragement in reading these blogs that we write. Team, team, team, is what it is all about. Compumatrix is a team sport for sure. I am looking forward to the day when we all do take that cruise somewhere and get to see each others faces in real time. Thank God for Henry, the BOD and the whole team who has made all this happen.

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