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The Keeper of the Documents

Every successful business has dedicated people that take charge and exercise their responsibilities with the resolve beyond expectations. As a member of Compumatrix, I have come to expect the “unexpected.” The Administration and Staff have kept us going. In ordinary business practices, you would expect key people to perform their functions. This expectation keeps the working of the business on a “normal” path. Normal is not synonymous with Compumatrix as we have moved into uncharted waters.

Quite some time back, I was reading the information in our chat, and “certain” members of our Administration were going full steam in the chat room. Meanwhile, one of these “esteemed” members (Gail) talks about a document she is preparing then, POOF, there it is! I turned to my husband and said, “how does she do that! She’s answering questions and writing documents at the same time!” My husband looked at me and said, “Of course, she’s a woman, women multi-task!” (earning some brownie points here for sure! pay attention, men!)

Business Management 101

You might want to throw that book out! We used to read many business management books, but we were very selective. We only read the information that was “non-traditional.” Now, if it’s not an article on the Internet, it is not of much interest to me.

During the holidays, I was reading several books. I commented that I no longer read any books. My husband asked why? I told him that by the time the information hits the pages of a book, it is Outdated! When I find an article or post that caught my eye, the first thing I look at is the date. Depending on the material, most material past a year is outdated.

My Compumatrix Business has opened a brand new world for me. The information is fast-paced and steadily changing. You have to be at a sprint to keep up! 

Compumatrix- The World of Cryptocurrency

The Internet changed the World, and Cryptocurrency is changing the Internet! As a long-standing member of Compumatrix, this is a new direction for many of us. But is it? The White Paper for Bitcoin and the Blockchain was written in 2008. Compumatrix started late in 2005. We joined in 2006. 

The look of Compumatrix was different back then. Now I look back from this time. I can see our Founder (Henry James Banayat) had a vision that paralleled the Crypto-currency world. Some of his ideas back then are being produced today. We are now living within that vision. 

Sometimes you have to look back to get a crystal clear view of your path moving forward. As I look back today, I can see some of the trails that Compumatrix took. You can draw right thru the trajectories that cryptocurrencies is derived. With this in perspective, we are now ready to move forward with the understanding that others rarely contemplate. 

In her comments on the blog: Compumatrix, the Monumental Event, Vee commented about a conversation. The conversation was with another person and about Bitcoin. This person told her to Run Away! It shows the level of misinformation he was surrounded by (or, is he a banker, LOL!).

Our Grandchildren will talk about this journey!

About the author

Catherine Martin-Sampson is a founding member of the Compumatrix. She has recently retired from Teaching (Special Education) She has a variety of experiences that she incorporates into her live and let's them flow from mind to pen.


  1. My husband started looking into the concept of Business Management for the Independent Business Owner. He was trying to find what related business courses were offered at major Business Schools. Quite the while back, he read the book, “The Education of Millionaires”. He still has a hard time to this day realizing that the focus of business schools is not how to own and run a business but how to work for one.

  2. agree with this Blog posting and so true on purpose or focus of business schools — like many things thru life that have taught me different parts of day to day — the reasons or meanings of so many things are not what you think originally or see as when you look at so many things — and seriously do love coming thru this blog area and reading — great stuff!! rj

  3. Catherine I think you have a very smart husband! He is right that many women multitask on a regular basis. The pace that Business 101 and cryptocurrencies is changing is mind boggling. The only time sensitive way to stay updated is following business leaders and crypto experts via YouTube or podcast. You can truly learn most of what you need to know through those two channels.

  4. this is a great read and surprised more have not replied — but this posting fits in so well with so many other postings and learning from this blog area and videos and podcasts it all fits in very nicely to my own personal learning curve — and do hope you continue blogging here — good stuff —

  5. This is a great article and I agree with you that the business is not only we can own and run the business, but how we can work it.
    And your husband is great, is one step ahead of his thinking even though at first he had difficulties.
    And if we can learn the right business concepts, it is possible that we can become great business people

  6. Yes, Catharine, I agree with your sentiments and the knowledge of the growing of a new company or should I say a pioneering company. Compumatrix is working quietly and steadily to build the crypto company that will astound when its doors open. Change is occurring at a rapid-fire pace, even though some may think it slow. I can only imagine what it had been like for you were here from the beginning.

  7. i can only imagine how important each of these postings are becoming to each individual as they keep looking at each part of the business equation — do know from own personal part with each read and then re-read the comfort zone does improve but also know deep down that more info is Part of the final solution and final Success — at least that is my hope —

  8. this blog posting has concise information and so true info — in the reality of the Fact that when you take time to read a book or even sneeze a couple times because of allergies — you have missed the latest new info — i realize that here in this blog area –i can come in here and read and read and learn –but in Real life Time am still way behind the Today Biz Model — it changes so Fast — really does —

  9. Technology is flying and it is hard to keep up, the government can barely keep up with what they want to tax us on it took them quite a while to make decisions if was even currency or not now they have the claws out when they see what is going on, so much so the FED is making their own right now it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

  10. still a so true read and how fast everything Crypto and Cyber technically is moving and literally for older more stubborn guys (( not me lol )) so fast that I can read and study everyday and still be left behind — But with the great peeps here I am at least partially understanding parts — my Hope is as I did Biz in past when i dont know then i hire Pros who I Trust to do those parts — it worked back then I believe it still works — Thanks Catherine great read — rj

  11. Great blog Caterine,After a long journey of compumatrix business, we have reached our destination,there is constant work in the crypto world, the great change and development we are seeing in the crypto world,compumatrix company is giving us a lot of information about crypto,we will be able to achieve this through compumatrix business.

  12. this great read with such great information on the speed of technology in a sense anyways — but the changes and each time you may think you have stayed up especially in a biz –you normally find out you are behind — achieving a cutting edge biz in this time is nothing short of a Miracle imho — and truly I believe We are almost — here at Compumatrix — time always Tells whole Truth — n I believe — rj

  13. There have been times I could not always figure out the direction that Compumatrix was headed in. But my experience has been that most of the directions and instructions that have been given inevitably end up being in the best interest of the member to follow.

  14. Everything seems to be moving forward in a positive direction. I have always appreciated the positive vibes that there have been within Compumatrix. A positive atmosphere keeps hope alive and helps keep everyone motivated and feeling good about the future and direction of Compumatrix.

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