But Great Security Is Very Inconvenient (Part 1)

A couple of weeks ago, I finally decided that I would become an Author on the Compumatrix Blog. I am relieved to start. I have not been procrastinating. I have honestly had my days, and nights, filled with productive Compumatrix activity. I supported the blog by helping other members become active here, so I am giving myself a pass on feeling guilty for my late start. I have wondered what to write about and decided that I would choose a subject with practical value. I picked something that I am passionate about, which is online security practices.

I coined a phrase five years
ago that I still use today.

“Good Security is inconvenient, but Great security is very inconvenient, yet not nearly as inconvenient as getting hacked.”
Kevin Bowser – 2015

I stand by that phrase, 100%. I often use it as an ice breaker to get people thinking before attempting to guide them through the very inconvenient, effective Security Protocols that I practice. After approximately five years of using my coined phrase, I have yet to find a single person who disagrees. That is practical validation for me that I use to promote the ideas embedded in my coined phrase.

It is a fact that nobody wants to be victimized by hackers. It’s also a fact that most people I talk to about their online security practices are quick to admit that they have bad security habits. Because hackers know that hundreds of millions of people are this way, their motivation has shifted from disrupting peoples’ lives for fun to attacking people for big profits. That motivational shift follows the availability of those computer users and mobile device users who have become low hanging fruit for the growing number of capable hackers.

I must emphasize the importance of adequate security here! It takes a sharply focused effort even to attempt to achieve that level of online protection. Many people are oblivious to how dangerous their security practices are. That is why their risk of being hacked is high. I think readers will agree that we ALL need to do a better job with our Security Practices, especially when considering the following information.

It is a shame when we realize that, no matter what we do, as individuals, that we can never achieve a zero-risk security profile. That is because a large amount of our personal information is on centralized servers owned by others. So, even if you don’t own a computer or a mobile device, your information is still at risk of being obtained by hackers. If you just think about it, you can probably remember news reports about frequent major security breaches in recent years. Without naming names, the list of hacker victims includes numerous major institutions, large companies, celebrities, the military, local governments, and national governments. I recently received a news notification on my phone that had a disturbing article about the sharp increase in ransomware attacks on people working from home. (I placed a link to that article at the bottom of this page.) That information hits home for a growing number of Compumatrix members! IMHO it is a necessary wake-up call for all of us! With that all in mind, it only makes sense that individuals need to make a concentrated effort to secure what they can control.

Over the past five years, I have worked hard teaching many people, what I consider to be effective Online Security Practices. Some have adopted and applied my teachings, while others have not, regardless of my efforts. (That brings to mind something about horses and water, that I won’t bother to repeat here today. Lol.) I’m not pointing a finger, but I am making a point. Hackers are smart. Each year there are more hackers than the previous year. They continue to improve their methods. We must continue to upgrade our efforts to thwart them. We have all worked too hard to get what we have in life and in Compumatrix. We should all know HOW to reduce our risk of being personally hacked. Who needs that shitake mushroom in their life?

This blog article is Part 1 in a series of online security posts that I will publish. I will be sharing security tips to help readers develop a keen awareness and focus on security. Then we can all potentially stay one step ahead of hackers, who thrive on low hanging fruit. Please note that if any of your passwords are password or 123456, you are practically inviting hackers into your life! One can only hope that they won’t R.S.V.P. Chances are they probably will. It’s likely only a matter of time. Tick-tock, Tik Tok, time is up!

Ransomware Attacks Article By Danny Palmer:
(Copy & Paste the URL below into your browser to see the article.)

About the author

Kevin Bowser is a student of life and an entrepreneur. He enjoys helping and teaching others how to successfully participate in the cryptocurrency revolution, with a focus on them developing strong security practices. Kevin is fascinated by decentralized systems and the potential for positive change that they represent for humanity.


  1. Very good blog, Kevin. I hope more will take heed and secure their computers against hackers BEFORE they possibly have an incident occur that leaves them devastated and broke. It can happen and we all should realize this. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for saying that Gail. I am excited about having my first blog article published! I’m looking forward to getting comfortable with the process and being able to post a full series of Online Security articles. It is a deep subject, but I will be presenting the information in bite size pieces so that readers will be able to digest them. You know how you eat an elephant, right? One bite at a time!

  3. Thank you very much Kevin for your idea of posting a full series of online Security articles, lot of members will be looking forward for these articles, including myself, you have been a very helpful and caring member for our Compumatrix family. They just mentioned on the news today, that the number of hakers have increased since more people are staying at home now and using the internet. God bless you, and I will be looking forward for your Security articles.

  4. I liked your blog Kevin, and look forward to your series on security. Also, like that, you will be doing so with small presentations. I have worried a lot about getting hacked and know I need the help to clean up my computer. I look forward to your next blog and series. Thanks, Kevin

  5. What lovely blog, Kevin. We need to be protected and be secure at all times. Now, more than ever. Hackers are on the increase and we cant afford to lose our funds. More articles and tips are most welcome. Thanks for taking the trouble to update us so that we are one step head of those who want to harm us. Everyone’s security is top priority now!

  6. Spot on Kevin (one of my hero’s here in our group). He spent a lot of time getting myself and Richard M up to speed back a few years ago and we are thankful for his efforts, always.

    Security is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to stay safe. I run my security software every day when I start up my Compumatrix computer without fail. The Malware software comes next then I make sure I have a clear cache when starting and finishing. Inconvenient, yes but necessary.

    My VPN is hated by Microsoft and Google but as far as it is concerned too bad. Always sending messages about can’t access my programs. Hey, I know it’s legally mine and paid for. Inconvenient, yes but necessary.

    Another big headache is the cable companies. Known for leaving holes in the system. Hence the must for a VPN. And do not forget your backup systems. Should have two or even three. Inconvenient, yes but necessary.

    Pain in the butt, but you have to think about changing your password at least every couple of months. Inconvenient, yes but necessary.

    Kevin has a lot of other ways to keep your systems up to speed as well as safe and this is his blog so I say to him. Thanks buddy, keep the good stuff coming and thanks again for being you!

  7. Wow, so great that you have this big platform to teach from Kevin. We are all guilty, and you have put in countless hours to learn to combat the hackers in our life. Just bringing it to our attention often through the blogs is going to make us more aware of something so essential, and hopefully, people will reach out to you for your expertise.
    I love the blog, and knowing the person behind it, I know the content will be something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

  8. awesome to see you join in the Blog process — and your 1st Blog just a great read and so true in the overall world we live in today — pretty much anything that you may have unfortunately somebody somewhere wants that and with more and more access — it is so intelligent to get Quality Help to keep what we have busted our rumps to earn — Kevin look very much forward to your Blogs on security and just keep Helping — thank you —

  9. Very good blog subject line for your first posting Kevin. We all need to heed your words and knowledge in the importance of of having good Security Protocols, Most of us have been affected by hackers .Weather it’s Skype , e-mails , browsing the web. We are all very valuable.I will be reading your blog again to take in more tid-bits of some things I might of missed, Nothing like having good security .It is like having a dead bolt on door to your house. Computer and phone protection is no different .Stay safe everyone!

  10. Kevin, Thank you I love the article. You have been relentlessly on top of security. I’m in the process of getting my computers ready and up to date on security. I’ve been hacked once don’t want that to ever happen again. Everything is online now so all the more reason to crackdown. Not just here, your bank accounts. Use a call in security word on top of regular security. The reason I say this is someone knew enough about me to try to order a credit card and have it sent to another state. The only way I found out is my bank called to verify my new address (that was not me). People sit at home all day long trying to get into accounts. They don’t care who you are they just want to get paid for their stealing efforts. So to newbies, this is great information and for those of us who are still learning.

  11. Kevin, I was just getting ready to get into the meat and potatoes of computer security and you ended Part 1 of your series! Like you said, you have been working on many other aspects of the Compumatrix business. I just hope this doesn’t delay Part 2, and 3, and so on. I am really looking forward to those parts now for sure!

  12. Thanks for the post Kevin. I agree with you that there is so much out there these days, and so many people out there these days, trying to tap into all your privacy and all your available funds. It’s mind boggling to try and stay ahead of it all. I have basic things that I do, and I am happy with them. So far so good. Never been hacked. I am glad for all the tools out there that help us keep ourselves as safe as we can. I am looking forward to part #2.

  13. I love that quote! I remember first meeting you when you and my dad had lunch. You guys went over stuff all security related and I had no idea why it was so important. I was like well I have a password on my phone that only my parents know so I’m covered – lol. Since then, I have learned so much about security and how important it really is!

  14. A providential post, Kevin. As a recipient of your knowledge and what we need to do to keep ourselves safe on the computer, I can vouch for what you say. Though you do not require the verification, I want to add my heartfelt thank you for helping me and encouraging me to fortify with various security measures.

  15. Being that I don’t want to be part of the “low hanging fruit” group, I now am anxiously waiting for the subsequent parts giving us the nitty gritty so we don’t get plucked off the branch! Over time I have read suggestions on how to up one’s security and have implemented some, but as things change so fast in the computer world, I am sure it is time to do a thorough house clean and up date to the latest methods of securing our data, etc.

  16. Very good information, Kevin. We all need to be reminded of the importance of securing our information as best as possible. And as you mentioned, hackers continue to become more clever at what they do. It’s so disappointing to see how they are able to hack into big corporate entities when you think they should be able to keep our information safe and secure. That’s just a reminder that we are all vulnerable.

  17. That’s a great 1st Blog Kevin! Also being about something that is very important in this day and age. It’s very dismaying that hackers are constantly trying to get into our accounts and we have to constantly worry about it and decide on what to do to try and keep them at bay. I have done the two step security on many of my accounts, it takes longer to log in but it is more secure. I update my passwords and make them longer and stronger, I sure hope someone is Not using Password or 1234567 as their password! Lol

  18. I agree 100% security is everything I spend a lot on security but is that enough? Looking forward to your next blogs to see if I may be missing something. A few years back I bought my wife a Dell laptop and put the free security in it and did not think much about it she only plays games and fb ect she does nothing on it important. Well a few months later I get home from work and she shows me this Dos message on her Dell ransomeware they took over all her files and would not give it back unless we sent money ect…. I tried everything to make that laptop work again to no avail they fried it creeps like that worry me so yes security is very important and I thank God there was nothing important on that laptop.

  19. I must make a confession, I am very lazy when it comes to security.
    But I’m changing for I have read what can happen to all my hard work or the years if I don’t take care of its security.
    Thank you Kevin for a great article and hope we all follow a secure way to protect our investment

  20. Great blog Kevin. I totally agree security is very inconvenient but now days is so very important to have. I look forward to your series of blogs on this subject. Its always a worry about getting hacked as it seems to be happening all the time not to mention new viruses or malware.

  21. An excellent start to your blogging life!! I am really looking forward to reading more and learning more. I do my best to keep secure but one call always learn more no matter the subject. Online security, especially within the crypto field, is something we will have to keep learning new tricks for. The criminals will always find a way around it eventually. Such a shame more of them can’t put their genius to good use When is the next instalment – can’t wait!!

  22. it is so interesting to me to go thru the blogs of so many talented people and learn from each of them — truly did not put a lot of the security thoughts into my daily conversations back in the day when had actual assets to be taken — but now as i have grown older and understand more — every part of our days should be covered — and the smaller we make our fingerprint the less we worry — jmho —

  23. You’re welcome Ragai Yani, Helen Loflin, Raju Mahtani, JoeMspeeder2, Patrick Angel, rjh59, Lorna Nickerson, Tracy Wight, Catherine MartinSampson, Jeffrey Phelps, Mary Rose Neumeyer, Carmen Prevatte, Janis Reese, Antonio Cordova, Bruce May, Timothy Rice, Jorge Guevara, Sherry Nuckolls, and Louise!

    I appreciate all of your kind Thank You’s, insightful comments, and each of You taking the time to express those things. I am looking forward to publishing this series of articles on the subject of Online Security Practices. My mind has been spinning since I announced my intention to do so. But spinning is a good thing for me because I have plenty to share and teach, and that helps me to organize my thoughts.

    I’m busy preparing the Series and packaging it into bite-size pieces. I plan to post Part 2 on this coming Sunday or Monday. Thank You ALL for your valuable support of the Compumatrix Blog!

  24. It’s so wonderful that you to share your expertise with us all, Kevin.Your passion is palpable and I know you know what you’re doing. I look forward to learning more and getting more and more secure as we move forward. Thank you!

  25. Kevin, thank you for that initiative. Security is very crucial in all the conducts of a human life. We must always remember, regardless of what? There are malicious people outside there. Who wants to reap on other people’s hard work or to destroy their reputations completely. It takes a cautious mind to be alert at any point of time. Don’t wait until you fall a victim to recognize. What, if I had taken a controlling measures.

  26. Yes Kevin I agree with you here in full that adequate security is so important if we want to do business online.
    I think that personally I am doing pretty good, even I am not an expert on it. Like you said major companies are being targeted and falling victims to those hackers.
    Yes, it is a constant being aware of the dangers that lurk out there, just waiting to find the next victim or easy target for them. There will never be a bulletproof method, but at least we should make every effort to protect what we have. It is an ongoing learning curve, but it will be worth it at the end.

    1. Gitta, thank you for your comment. I’m glad to know that you are “doing pretty good” in the area of online security. I am just like you in that I don’t consider myself to be an expert on the subject either. I try to learn as much as I can, USE available online security tools, and use common sense. That approach is working well for me, so far. But I realize that nobody is 100% secure online. Yet when we choose to be “doing the best I can”, like so many like to say, I like to say that “we can DO better than most! If we are going to get hacked, let’s at least make the hackers WORK for it and not be low hanging fruit… LOL

  27. Great blog post Kevin. Security is indeed of the utmost importance. Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in crimes against the internet community and because if that it is important to take all the measures necessary and available to protect yourself. You have to do this even when it seems inconvenient.

  28. Kevin do hope as time goes on you take time — keep posting great info and info that is needed by most all of us here and elsewhere — security even for uncomputer savvy guys like me is more important every day and honestly with more of everyday life online security almost becomes No.1 on the priority list — keep writing —

    1. rjh59, your comments are encouraging to me and I want you to know that I will definitely “keep writing”! I have plenty more information to share on the subject of online security and online security Tools. I like to point out to people that they don’t have to be computer savvy to be able to use online security tools effectively. In fact, once they are set up they often make using a computer online easier. Password Managers are a perfect example of that! Thank you for reading.

  29. Thanks again, Kevin Bowser! I think I commented on your great security part 2 before I found part 1. It does not matter, because both your articles are full of good information about security. Even though I have not carried out all the suggestions, I get better at securing my computer every day.

  30. Thanks Kevin — seriously have gotten better at passwords and am starting to look different types of security features in that mindset — just know when had offline biz had to keep property secure and online if we get to that point of becoming popular here then gotta expect there will always be a certain percentage of ungoodies who will try and take it — so appreciate your info more n more — thanks again KB

  31. Kevin, your blog is very impressive! I like the way you wrote,selfless help in various ways online work,this is the work of a great heart,which you have.Security is very important in online work and it is very important to avoid hackers who are always hot,we will always be looking forward to a new series of your blog.

  32. Wonderful and very helpful article Kevin to help us all stay safe from hacking and being scammed.Yes such information is very useful mainly for people who work online.And they must observe the rules you have mentioned to be safe when doing online work.

  33. Thank you for your Part I feature on Security, Kevin; we all need it! I will not anymore ask for the second part as I noted from another member’s comment that you had already posted it. I make it a point to read the older blogs first.

    Going through various security measures is such an inconvenience, but we do the needful in order to protect our accounts. I truly appreciate your kindness, your willingness to help the membership in any way you can.

  34. this is great info and with each read more details become a part of the read and I work at adding to the online and offline parts of becoming secure more and more — there is so many parts and directions — there really is and without this blog by KB would not have thought of on my own — thanks so much Sir — rj

  35. I look forward to your blogs about computer security. I had a relative that had been upset about getting a password made up of random characters, symbols, and numbers. Instead she preferred to have a password that she was familiar with and routinely used. This may have led to her having had her computer hacked at one time.

  36. Workplaces have required that passwords be changed on a routine basis. If passwords are not changed on a routine basis then it is good to know about how to make the password as strong as possible along with other ways to help keep our computers as safe as possible.

  37. with this newest year taking hold and as I have learned more and more this life is more accessible thru the online factor –and if we are fortunate enough to have a wee bit then somebody out there will want it – KB this security read is good and gets better with each read and further understanding and —- much appreciation —

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