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Kevin Bowser is a student of life and an entrepreneur. He enjoys helping and teaching others how to successfully participate in the cryptocurrency revolution, with a focus on them developing strong security practices. Kevin is fascinated by decentralized systems and the potential for positive change that they represent for humanity.


  1. First a big shout out to all the bloggers who seem to come up with the best pictures ever! Your pic Kevin is especially pertinent to your topic! I was pleasantly surprised that I have 11 out of the 15 in practice. Really looking forward to your blogs which target each of the 15 suggestions. Hackers are becoming better all the time, so it seems it is a challenge to keep one step ahead of them, but oh so worth it to do so!

    1. I really like that picture too Janis! After I found it, I wove some comments into the fabric of the article to make it fit the picture… lol Congratulations on having 11 out of the 15 items on the list already in practice! I think that you are probably ahead of most people on your path to lowering your risk potential for being hacked.

  2. Kevin, we used to use a password manager. We stopped using it after we hit a glitch and lost passwords. My more valuable passwords (Compumatrix business) are kept on one of our USB drives. We still use Google to store non-sensitive passwords. We are waiting to have a separate computer just for our Compumatrix business. The Brave browser is great and we will definitely be using VPN services.

    Thanks for this great Part 2 of your series. We are looking forward already for Part 3.

  3. Catherine, I’m sorry to hear that you had that experience with a password manager. If I were you I would try another one because a good one will allow you to backup your passwords so they won’t be lost, even if the software glitches. IMHO, the added security it provides you with is a benefit that far outweighs the risk of using weaker passwords.

    I don’t use a password manager for my DEX account passwords either. I also use multiple thumb drives for those and keep them offline always because the best hackers in the world cannot breach the offline space! Thank you for your feedback.

  4. As always, Kevin, we thank you and appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge about computer safety and security. You have taught us well over the years. My sister- in- law gave me a new and updated computer, with a large screen. I have implemented all the measures you spoke of, except the Duck Duck Go. I had it on my old one but forgot to install it on this new one. I will get that done asap.

  5. A great informative blog Kevin. It is surprising how many computer users do not take responsibility for their all important security, just can’t be bothered or say “I’ll do it later”.
    Personally, I have never used DuckDuckgo. I am a mac owner and I did try Brave once, but for some reason it would not work for me. Might give it another try. As far as I know keystroke loggers are not available for macs, which is a pity. I did search and was advised by Apple there were no keystroke loggers for mac. Something Apple needs to look at. Thanks for posting and reminding us that security is very important especially at this time “wooohooo”

  6. Wow I am doing better then expected I only missed one thing the keylogger I used to have one but forgot completely about it I was using a free one for several years I guess I will have to look that one back up. I am also doing everything you said with the thumb drives except I do use a pw manager with everything but I also run my VPN all the time, someone told me today that they could get pass the VPN with your MAC address and even get to your IP address if they get your MAC address he was a young techy guy I am going to drill him some more to see how he knows this, I work with him almost everyday good to know this young kids that have went to tech school.

  7. Wow, Kevin, this is fantastic and valuable information we all could stand to understand and implement! It really is a whole new level of exposure our society has reached, with the ongoing digital data explosion. I’m just very glad we do have all these measures available for our privacy, and I’m sure it is well worth the time and energy to connect these tools to our individual systems- especially those of us who are in this company. Thank you!

  8. Hey buddy, I too quickly realized the correlation between the photo and the text. Nice work.

    Great article on some of the many available software programs out there. The VPN’s are systems that everyone should have and use all the time, especially laptops. Hooked to the cable company is another reason, visiting so many sites in another.

    Like Richard O, my older mac is not always happy with Brave, the new one seems to work better on the Windows side, has both via BootCamp. Will be getting a newer system in the coming months just for the company.

    Keep the good stuff coming and try and get some rest. Thanks for all you help.

  9. just a great read with great info — and life has taught me some times the hard way but most everything we need or have to do that is good for us tends to be inconvenient is a nice way putting it — lol — however as time plays will be incorporating the parts you have outlined where i do not have already secured — thank you for your time and effort KB —

  10. Since we all got into the online business and cryptocurrency space, security has become so important. We are all responsible for our wealth, ourselves now. There is no secure ‘bank’ looking after us any more. I went to a webinar where a guy was talking about personal security on his pc and cellphone after he had been hacked. He was saying he uses a password keeper and lets it handle all his passwords. The only password he needs to know if the one he uses to get into the password keeper itself. I don’t know if it is just me but that that is kinda scary. I am still figuring out VPN’s. One thing that I noticed on our CDAP is the option to sign in with Facebook. I just do not see that being very secure at all, so I have ignored it. So far I have everything important backed up to a Personal Vault in the cloud with a couple of backups on encrypted flash drives. Crossing fingers everything is safe.

  11. Thank you Kevin … what you wrote on security ,I am proud to say I have done everything on securing my computer and phone that you listed , Brave , duck duck go , VPN ..private e-mail , thumb drives , 2 factor etc,etc .. I had the security set up for quite a few years now. We can never be to secure , because being a hackers is their living and they will do anything and everything to invade your privacy and go after your identity and money.

  12. not trying to be to repetitive — but when i just keep reading and see the security factor that KB talks about it makes the business side so much more important — and when we put everything into the mix and put common sense into the overall parts — security is so Important and also learning from legit people like KB on what we need to do to keep us secure — and yes still as i read n re-read so much great info and much Appreciation —

  13. This is so helpful Kevin as personally I find that I get complacent and I use my laptop for work every day. I know that I need to be much tighter on security so that I can also help my family members who are compumatrix members.
    There is nothing worse than the feeling that someone has got into your files or got your passwords etc.
    So thank you.

  14. I will be looking forward to more of your posts on internet security tools Kevin. There is always something new to learn .. Though my wife is up to protecting the computer from internet hackers for years now. We both share this same old computer device. Hoping to get another new computer in time. Thanks again.

  15. Kevin, Thanks for the post on security. You gave me some good ideas to work on to get the best protection possible. We are using 6 thumb drives between Helen and me. We do share the files on all thumb drives. We are using paid anti-virus protection. Look forward to your next blog.

  16. Thank You, Kevin…for sharing your online security wisdom with us. I’ve bookmarked your posts for when my new laptop arrives so I can right a tight Compumatrix Ship 🙂 It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and I’m so grateful for your knowledge & expertise. You are so valuable to us all.

  17. Great suggestions, Kevin. I believe I do all of them with the exception of the key-logger software. although I think my anti-virus program may have that. guess I need to check!! I know in this day and age we can’t be too careful. I am sure it won’t get to be any less of a problem and always a necessity to protect your online presence.

  18. Thank you for your great blogpost Kevin. Security is indeed very important and I use most of your recommendations already. I don’t use the Brave browser because they have not really convinced me that it is better than other browser. Also I don’t use keylogger software but I am going to take a look at it and maybe install it on my laptop.

    1. You’re welcome, Katharina. I will be posting additional information about the Brave browser in my next article in my series either later this week or early next week. I don’t know if that will change your mind about using it or not, but it will give you more to consider. In a nutshell, it is similar to Google Chrome, except it has multiple privacy options built into it, and Google won’t be tracking your every move. One practical benefit I enjoy is the time that it saves me by blocking annoying ads. I love being able to watch YouTube videos without interruptions!

  19. Wow, lots of great information that I will be referring to often. You can never stop learning about internet and computer security. I have learned so much over the last few years and with all this info I will feel like I am up to speed. Looking forward to your next blog..

  20. Kevin very good your article about the care we need to take with the security of our online businesses. Two years ago I bought this computer that I currently work to be exclusive for my work with Compumatrix. But the other one that had broken and I needed to start using this one, and as we are not finished with the entire Compumatrix process to start our work with confidence, I am waiting to be able to buy another one to be exclusive to Compumatrix. Hugs!

  21. This is a very informative blog Kevin. Time is needed to avoid computer security from hackers, saving our business I’ve never used Duck Duck go but I will also install it. Catherine this is very good idea it would be nice to get a separate laptop for the compumatrix business.We will be looking forward to such a blog in terms of security.Thank you.

    1. Zahra, I am pleased to know that you found this blog article to be helpful. That is my main goal, to provide helpful content. DuckDuckGo is actually a search engine that you can choose to use as your “Default Search Engine” in the settings of the Brave browser or even in the settings of the Google Chrome browser. To be clear, I suggest that you install the Brave browser and then choose DuckDuckGo as your default search engine.

  22. there is such great info in these replies and the initial blog postings pt1 n pt2 — Kevin did awesome job and very much thanks — and as time has played and I read and read the info actually does start to sink in a little lol but retaining all this is may be a bit more will see — great stuff here —

  23. Thanks Kevin Bowser! A very informative article on security. I’m glad I have Brave Browser and DuckDuckGo search engine. Even though there are a lot of scams going on online, I feel more secure with these two. As you rightly point out; it is not possible to force people to do the right thing, but with the right information they can at least choose

  24. yeppers KB am learning as I go on this security info — am instituting a couple of the points and have already had some enacted and agree that we can’t make peeps do the smart thing or the right thing only can suggest and hope with time on our side most will see the logic and honestly also in the long run some of this makes the operation simpler to do and more enjoyable because I do not worry as much as before — thanks KB

  25. Thanks for the great info Kevin. Security is very important. I use most of your recommendations already. I don’t use the Brave browser because I’m a creature of habit and don’t care for change I still use FF and Chrome. Once funds permit I will get a second computer specifically for my Compumatrix business.

  26. This is great information, Kevin. I know a lot of people read it and say how great it is, but then don’t really do anything recommended because it is so inconvenient to do so. Why do I find myself almost always in that category, at least at one time or another. I say this out loud and in front of everyone so that it will hopefully force me to keep up with your recommendations. And, when I don’t, find ways to shock myself back into the real world that we live in before it is too late. Someone once said that it is ok to live dangerously as long as you make sure you live. Time to wake up….again!!!!

  27. Thanks for the information. With Google possibly facing an anti-trust lawsuit, it is good that DuckDuckGo can be an alternative, and a secure one at that.

  28. The security measures mentioned in the blog were simply explained and easy to follow. It is good to have simple instructions that are easy to follow and explained well. This helps to prevent chaos from having too much complicated information setup as guidelines.

  29. this is such a great read and the info is so legit — and there is a need honestly to keep secure as you can when you are online just not biz wise and money wise but all wise — there is so many ways we lose our pertinent info and many don’t even know it ??? great stuff KB and keep writing n sharing my friend —

  30. Good Security is inconvenient, but Great security is very inconvenient, yet not nearly as inconvenient as getting hacked. I truly believe in that statement whole heartily. I do all those things .. thumb drives are your biggest friend in the security of you passwords and info you need to keep safe ..I have that 5 times over.

  31. Thank you Kevin,for great information about security,I have read your two articles many times and I have learned a lot from it,we try to protect ourselves from hackers by following all these valuable points,security is essential in online business, especially in cryptocurrencies.Thank you Kevin for sharing very valuable post,looking forward to your next post.

  32. A very good and informative blog to the follow up of your part 1 on how to protect and secure ourselves when working online.We must try to use the anti-virus and tools which are helpful for online work and security,and specially where finance is concerned,as there are always hackers around on the net.

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