Can I be a fly on the wall?

I want to see all the impressive things that the developers are doing.
I want to hear discussions about how Compumatrix should work.
I would like to know what developers and management think about
members ‘ability to understand Compumatrix, and what problems
they see in members’ understanding process.

Yes, I know I would probably not understand the technical side of it
all, but it would still be interesting to see all those geniuses in action.

How do I want Compumatrix to work?

Well, I want it to be easy to handle.

I would like the CDAP to have features where I can work to generate points, or something, that allows for small withdrawals from my accumulated assets.

I remember that I loved creating and putting VPC up for sale.

I have been told that they will now be called stable cards, but I do
not know if they will work in the same way.

Regardless of how they will work, I hope they will generate
opportunities for withdrawals.

Will I only withdraw?

No, of course not!
If required, I will follow the instructions for what needs to be done.

How much do I understand about the Compumatrix system and the technology that will make it a blockchain-based eco-system?

I must admit that a lot of it goes high over my head. But I try to learn gradually.

I am very grateful for all the descriptive blogs that our Founder, our CEO, and our VP posted.

I read one of them every day and some things I have started to understand better while the technology remains too difficult for me.

But I do not need to learn the technical stuff if I make sure to learn the features and follow the instructions.

What other features would I like to see?

I can imagine that I would like to have a department for recipes and cooking.
There I feel I can contribute.

Household tips
I would like a department where you ask for, and give household tips?
For example, which natural remedies can I use instead of chemical?

Organic vegetable growing
I can imagine a department for organic farming.

and so on…

Which area of ​​Compumatrix would I like to learn more about?

I would like to learn trading!

But I want to learn step by step! And I would like to have a program where you can train without being on the open market. I do not know if it is possible, but to wish it cost nothing.

Trading is really an area where I would like to be a fly on the wall!
To study what the skilled traders do and try to understand how trading works.
I am so eager to finally be able to log in to the new revised CDAP and know I am not alone.
Meanwhile, I continue to plan for how I will run my business when we get access to the Compumatrix platform. I may have to make changes, but that’s part of having a business.

About the author

BrittMari is a founding member since 2006. She has many skills and baking and cooking are only two of them. She also likes driving and to travel around the country


  1. BrittMari, that would be wonderful. To be a fly on the wall, You’d know every detail of what is happening everyday some days good, some not but you watch and learn. I can’t wait for the CDAP to open, and we can start moving cards, It’s going to be exciting. I’d like to be a fly on the wall in many places.

  2. wonderful article BrittMari, I personally would like to be fly on many walls of CNI developers. but I guess it will compromise the security layer. but I feel much better knowing that CDAP is going to be a decentralized system. This puts our entire setup in a never seen anywhere position.

    1. Thank you, Anil Sharma Ganesan. Yes, by reading all the informative blogs here I have learned why it’s better to have a decentralized system than a centralized.

  3. I’m with ya there on the trading training Brittmari. I would sure love to know a lot more of the ins and outs of that. We can usually do what we are told to do in the DEX, but it would be great to have some teaching or more seminars about that.

    1. Yes, Jeffrey Phelps, I dare not try to trade unless we get some teaching about it. As I said, I would love to have a “test”-area that is not the open market.

  4. Wouldn’t it be fun to be that fly on the wall and observe all of the inner workings of Compumatrix taking place? I, for one, have no concept of how and what it took to bring this company to where we are today, but am willing to learn my part to make it and me successful. I also would like to learn more about trading in an environment in which It would not be harmful to me or the company if I made a mistake.

    1. Yes, Gloria, we think alike. 😉 I have a feeling we will have more teaching and guidance also after the opening of CDAP.

  5. BrittMari, I identified with you on a lot of your comments. I, too, must admit a lot of the Compumatrix workings go over my head, but like you, I also very much appreciate these blog posts where we have the opportunity of adding to our knowledge on a whole variety of topics.
    I too would love the extra features you mentioned in your post. All those to do with sustainable living!

    1. Thank you, Janis Reese, I am glad that I am not alone in thinking the way I do. I was in no way disappointed with the “old” CDAP but thought it would not harm anyone if I put my wishes into word.

  6. Brittmari I am absolutely in your shoes I am not that tech savvy but have a open mind to learn Being a dyslexic it takes me a while to grasp the technicalities but I am willing to put in the effort to learn this business and would love to have the seminars. Yes I would love to be that fly on the wall where I can watch trades being done over and over which will help me in learning to trade.

    1. Yes, roma3915, I am sure you will become a very skilled business owner when you feel you are ready for it! We have such good management with people who really care about giving us members the tools to become successful.

  7. WOW! BrittMari, your idea “Can I be a fly on the wall?” is absolutely awesome. Just the thought of having that ability really gets me very excited. There are so many possibilities – just think of what you might see or hear. Being privy to new ideas and seeing how all the little pieces come together to create a final product and finally everything works. Think of the learning you get from the process of seeing ideas put forth; but in mid-stream something either does not work, there are governmental changes or weather interruptions, causing people involved the necessity of going back to square one, starting all over again to make the required adjustments in order to achieve their intended goals. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    1. Thank you, Jackie Houston. I’m afraid we will always see obstacles coming in the way of our Company, but as we have seen – they never give up! Something we should be VERY grateful for.

      1. I’m very grateful to be here too. Yes, we have obstacles, but we have overcome them. All good things take time. and good support. We all need that.

  8. “Can I be a fly on the wall?” Daily at eight o’clock.

    Your idea would make a great TV show.

    As a person that is a bit addicted to science news, tech news, following trends, etc. I would love to see a TV show or on-line site similar to TED talks that actually followed the techs and management decision-makers as they developed code, such as the CDAP and DEX code of Compumatrix. I know there are show that are close, like the entrepreneur shows, but a show that would dumb down the actual development at Compumatrix would be very interesting. Even a Compumatrix documentary where we really see these guy at work would be excellent – hint, hint.

    By the way, two of my favorite sites for nerd news are Nextbigfuture and Futurism. I don’t think I can post the direct links, but if your interested in that type of breakthrough science stuff, check them out via your favorite search engine.

    1. LOL, Jeff Neumeyer, a TV show? For me, the show and excitement will be when we can put our hands on the new CDAP.

  9. These are all very simple and modest expectations, BrittMari, and I think most of us would agree that these would make us all very happy. Of course, expanding into other areas is an exciting prospect and I’m sure we’re all eager to know just what the improvements will be. Trading is a big deal, as we all know, and most of us have had a small taste of that…will it remain a part of our regular tasks? Or be something a professional will be available for..? These and other questions remain to be known.

    1. Thank you, Zora Jokic, I am sure all your questions will be known in due time. I was just putting my thoughts into words by writing this simple little blog and thought maybe others would like to write about their wishes.

  10. Wow Brittmari, I concur with you, being a fly on the wall, that would indeed be a very special gift, just as long as someone didn’t swat me off the wall. LOL. Since some of us already know about trading, that part of compumatrix we can clearly see, but, as for the new CDAP, being a fly would come in handy, and a few other walls also. Very good blog on your revealing your curiosity for compumatrix.

    1. LOL, Daniel Sauer, that is of course always a risk! Somebody could hold a swat in their hand, and that would be the end of peeping 😂

  11. Can I be a fly on the wall? Yes for sure sometimes it would be interesting for sure.

    Many questions and how and when are still unanswered and a lot of guessing and speculations are coming out of it. In the meantime, I am trying not to overthink all of this until we get clear directions.
    BTW, there are many platforms out there, where you can learn to demo trade with play money. Have done that many years ago and later I took a few courses to trade life. Also there you need deep pockets because you will never only make winning trades.

    1. It’s always wise to wait for clear directions, Gitta Pohl. 🙂 What I put into this little blog was not meant to be speculations or guessing, and if the management would have thought it was I am sure they would not have allowed publishing.

  12. Great blog! It gave me a great giggle. My father’s middle name is Fly, so I call him FlyGuy, after a children’s book named ‘FlyGuy’. And he loves flyfishing! Yes, being a fly on the wall would give a better sense of knowledge behind the curtain. I have accepted and embraced being the fly with faith in peace.

  13. Britt Pohl,
    I do not think you could have spoken truer words in this latest Post on the fly on the wall I know all compumatrix members would keep it safe as an all-powerful reference tool like no other. Looking forward to the future where one’s thoughts materialize into reality

  14. Wonderful blog BrittMari,I would say that compumatrix  is a very unique business,compumatrix is created by a very intelligent, brilliant and sharp mind,so each of  works is very unique, curious to know everything, we are learning a lot over time and need to learn,Interest in learning trading but there is no room for error,yes it is needed give regular training of trade.

    1. Thank you, Zahra Zulfiqar! I fully agree with you on your description of our Compumatrix company and it’s creators.

  15. what an awesome read BrittMari — being a “fly ” is a good spot to be especially in any part of Biz that you are unsure of — I always felt if a pro can keep me covered then I will them be the expert and I will trust them — that is not easy either –Trust is so often manipulated in this world — but I prefer to be that Fly for now — great read —

  16. Great article BrittMari ! We are all very curious to know how the new CDAP will work and I’m sure we all want it to be easy to use and mostly… very profitable 😉 I’m confident that developers are doing great work and putting together every tool and feature that will make us happy and successful !

    1. Yes, Jeimes de Almeida Uchoa, I agree with you! The developers are genius people and they will most certainly put everything together to our satisfaction.

  17. I for one, can see us all having a little fly convention on the wall discussing the inner workings of how the CDAP works. I’m sure that could be very enlightening and fun. I am anxiously waiting for the day we can all take a deep breath and continue learning how it works for us. I for one, do not have the wherewithal to understand what makes it work but I hope I can learn enough to take control of my earnings. To me it is not unlike driving a car. I can do that but don’t need to know how to repair the engine, or need to know how it runs.

    1. A fly convention on the wall might be a little dangerous, Maxine Huggins. 😄 As I wrote somewhere above – the people in the room could have swats. Jokes aside, I agree with you – it is not necessary to know every technical detail (which I would not understand anyway). I am sure the developers will make the CDAP easy for us to handle.

  18. Yeah I would love to know how the guys behind the scenes thinks about all this. Would be great to have that information but totally understand that it would be impossible to share.
    I don’t think any of us will stop working with all the tools available at Compumatrix, even when we can do withdrawals..

  19. Britt, I enjoyed your blog. It is exciting thinking about our old CDAP and how much I enjoyed working in it using the processes we had before the upgrade. It was thrilling when cards in our inventory sold, and the amount in our accounts went up and up.
    I am looking forward to more exciting times using and operating in the new CDAP.

  20. Thanks BrittMari Mostrom, I agree with you 100%, you have very much put everything together from “I want to hear discussions about how Compumatrix should work” to “To study what the skilled traders do and try to understand how trading works” and everything in between, you talked about the CDAP, the Stable coins, the reinvestment into Compumatrix.
    Thanks again a good blog.

  21. This Fly On the Wall has listened to one of the top BlockChain people in the country and it does get very complicated. In our case here at Compumatrix, much of it is prioritary and highly confidential. The good news is our DEV Team is making the CDAP easier for everyone. I personally loved the ease of using the previous system. It is interesting to see the underpinnings of a software package. Like everyone on this page, can’t wait for the show to hit the road.
    Thanks BrittMari, good blog.

  22. Great Post BrittMari. “Can I be a fly on the wall” is an old very familiar saying. My mother used to say to me “Judy you should have been a detective” I kinda think she had a point. So many times I’d like to sneak into a room unnoticed and hear a conversation, or observe something going on without anyone knowing I was there. Or to be able to just kind of disappear into the wood work. We’ve all had times when we were embarrassed or felt vary conspicuous and would like to trade places with that proverbial “fly on the wall” Thanks for the subject matter Britt Mari.

  23. To your point, staying in tune and knowing what is going on is very important. The more knowledge we have, the more we are able to help not only ourselves but others. Compumatrix is constantly changing and for the good. These changes bring about many opportunities for growth and success for the members. You mentioned the CDAP and how you hope it will have new features that are easy to follow. As members, we have been fortunate to sort of have already played the part of having been a “fly on the wall” in being positioned to sort of sit back and follow along in the meetings while Henry and others have demonstrated how the updated processes and features work.

  24. Making the CDAP easier to use than it was previously? Wouldn’t have thought it was possible. But I’ll take it. Worked so well on the last test, I can’t wait to see the changes coming. Then rolling it out to the planet once everything is tickety boo 🙂 Thanks to all who have contributed so far. And that is everyone 🙂

  25. Another thing about the fly-on-the-wall is that while it sees all and knows all, it never goes back to reveal the secrets it may have discovered. So as far as Compumatrix goes, there always good information that is good to be shared among members, but there may also be other information that is more private and may not necessarily need to be shared with others that do not have a need to know.

  26. Nice blog with invoking questions, for everyone to understand their business, look it inside out, open your mind to learn daily, this will feed your capacity to manage and not overwhelm you, being keen to instruction will set you up for success indeed.

  27. I have learnt more than I realised Britt, just by being on this journey with Compumatrix. I would have been too scared to trade, for example without Gail’s ‘How to video’s’, I loved getting to know about our members’ funny ways and personalities. I love it when someone talks about Cryptocurrency to me now and I can say, I know what you are talking about.
    I don’t know about being a fly on the wall, but I am ready for the company and my business to Fly 🙂

  28. A fly on the wall should be aware it is a dangerous place to be. My mother,now sadly departed, will always be remembered for her use of a fly swatter, The occasional miss would send the crockery flying but the flies got the message. I personally prefer to wait for genuine verified information particularly when it refers to CDAP

  29. Ha ha so many times I wanted to be a fly on the wall and it could be fun but then it could be bad to but not with compumatrix I don’t think many would know all the code writings and symbols ect…. but I know once it is completed it is going to be awesome.

  30. Yes, it would be interesting to take a look at the ingenious developers and see how they handle the problems they encounter. From what we have seen before, there is nothing that can stop them, and they always find ways to move Compumatrix forward. Personally, I probably would not understand the technical side of their work, nor do I need to.

  31. Being a fly on the wall gives one a whole different perspective. You see the research and development, the ups and downs, the new ideas and how they are transformed into actual workings….many things the normal person would never get to see. Hopefully we’ll be in the thick of things soon and experience what that fly saw!

  32. BrittMari this was so much fun, and thought provoking, for I used to learn stock market trading on the CBOT site, in actual trading rooms where you used virtual money and learned to trade. So yes, being able to learn as a Fly on the Wall, what a neat point. As for other areas or blogs and such as rooms or avenues of life; I do believe (or have postulated) that we will eventually do many things in our growth as a company, and again visionary…

  33. I think when I first became involved in compumatrix, I was sort of a fly on the wall just watching everything that was happening and learning. I think it is important at first to be a fly on the wall and learn as much as you can from the more experienced, but then it is important to become involved and be a leader.

  34. Yes we would all like to be a fly on the wall to listen in and to learn, But learning comes from doing, experiencing , making mistakes, taking on the things we are afraid to do. We need to learn to spread our wings and learn and listen and search to be able to over come the things in life that it takes to accomplish the task at hand, Yes i am scared of trading but its another task i need to learn in able to help myself and others, So do not be afraid to spread ones Wings and Grab life by the Horns and Enjoy the Ride!!!

  35. still being a fly on the wall around here but with the blog postings of so many great peeps — my wings are becoming more functional and who knows maybe in time will be just a fly flying thru time and Biz success at Compumatrix ?? great read Britt really is and it really does get the creative working and wanting to keep learning and understanding more n more — much appreciation —

  36. A good article to read to read that like others leads back to one central points. I would like to be the fly to see and observe again what needs to be done to help make things work and how we may achieve that. I want the new CDAP to be easier to use and the aspects of trading to be done if you wish to participate or not for I for one am not comfortable with that and do not want to screw it up for others. I do believe Compumatrix will explain all options one way or another

  37. This is a great read BrittMari. I for one, can see us all having a little fly convention on the wall discussing the inner workings of how the new CDAP and DEX will work. I’m sure that could be very enlightening and fun. I am anxiously waiting for the day we can all take a deep breath and continue learning how it works for us. I think it is important at first to be a fly on the wall and learn as much as you can from the more experienced, but then it is important to become involved and be a leader.

  38. Oh yes. Oh to be a fly on the wall as the final bits and pieces come together. It certainly has been a fascinating ride with the ups and downs and all the technical bits and pieces that many of us don’t understand. But the help and advice is coming and as the saying goes “good things come to those who wait”.

  39. Very interesting blog with lots of questions and being an onlookers as to the events taking place observing all the happenings as a fly on the wall. As regards trading I for one will opt to go with VA’s ,my opinion.The CDAP in the offing is I believe is touted to be far superior than the original and we got to see that.Time will tell. all the best

  40. Very interesting blog with lots of questions and being an onlookers as to the events taking place observing all the happenings as a fly on the wall. As regards trading I for one will opt to go with VA’s ,my opinion.The CDAP in the offing is I believe is touted to be far superior than the original and we got to see that.Time will tell. all the best .

  41. Very interesting blog with lots of questions and being an onlookers as to the events taking place observing all the happenings as a fly on the wall. As regards trading I for one will opt to go with VA’s ,my opinion.The CDAP in the offing is I believe is touted to be far superior than the original and we got to see that.Time will tell. all the best .It’s really the first comment

  42. Still the fly is waiting to provide answers. I dont know how well a fly copes with old age it woiuld be an interesting study for some university that has little to do in lockdown

  43. I am interested in learning about the trade and also how Compumatrix systems work. I understand something, but my knowledge is very shallow. Another thing that has always intrigued me is the way the triggers work. To this day, I still cannot understand how it is possible.
    I liked this text because it made me realize that it is not just me who keep asking myself these questions and having these doubts.

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