Celebrating the Differences.

How do you determine one species from another? One way is to determine the number of chromosomes in that organism. In a human, you would find 23 pairs of chromosomes in a single cell. Of the 23 pairs, 22 pairs are known as “Autosomes”, and they are found in both male and female. The gender division comes from the 23rd chromosome. This chromosome called the sex chromosome, XX for female and XY for male.

An interesting bit of information to note: Surprisingly potatoes, gorillas, and deer mice have 48 chromosomes. While a Carp has 104, the rattlesnake fern has 184 chromosomes, and a black mulberry has 308. It is quite evident the number of chromosomes obviously do not parallel with the unmistakable complexity of the organism, nor can you differentiate the species solely through the number of chromosomes.

After eighteen to twenty weeks into the pregnancy, a baby’s gender can be determined as the visible difference in male and female fetus is obvious. An ultrasound scanner can be used to observe this. Also, the bridge between the left and right hemisphere (called the corpus callosum) in the brain is thicker in females, and perhaps this is why women tend to use more of both hemispheres and men tend to use more of the left side of the brain.

It was determined, the male brain is, on average, around 10% larger in certain areas than that of the female. Apart from this measurable difference, what other differences can we find?

Math skills

Historically, men tend to find math skills easier. Probably this has to do with the male parietal lobe in the brain being larger than females. This part of the brain controls math and geometry skills, along with visual perception. The parietal lobe is comprised of two regions; one manages sensations and perception, and the other part controls sensory information primarily with the visual system.

3D Visualizations

Again due to the larger parietal lobe, men can visualize objects in 3D and see them in various angles; they are better able to express through creating visuals.

Coping with Stress

When presented with stressful situations, the differences in how stress is processed is apparent between women and men. In both genders, stress causes the release of a hormone called Oxytocin. When combined with estrogen, in women, this produces a calming effect. When combined with testosterone, men tend to become frustrated and more prone to violence.

Controlling Impulses

Why are men less likely to control their impulses? The amygdala in the man’s brain is larger than in women’s. Therefore, the testosterone receptors within this amygdala will increase their impulses/reactions causing them to be less likely to be able to control impulsive aggressiveness.

It’s Painful!

Who feels more pain? Women! Why? Because pain activates the right amygdala in men and the left in women which is associated with emotions. The right amygdala controls physical functions; therefore, men express pain physically and women, on the other hand, being in the left brain, express their pain through anxiety, verbalization etc.

Yak, Yak, Yak!

YES, women yak (talk) more than men! Women are more communicative than men because women’s temporal and frontal lobes are larger. The temporal lobe controls the sense of smell and sound, while the frontal lobe handles the expression of emotions, memory, language, problem-solving, judgement, etc. Not surprising, the frontal lobe encompasses our personality and our communication skills.

Emotional Women

The hippocampus lobe and limbic (system) are larger in women than men. The hippocampus is related to memory, especially long term memory. The limbic lobe is an arc-shaped region of cortex on the medial surface of each cerebral hemisphere of the brain, consisting of parts of the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes. These areas together control emotions AND memory.

IQWhich Gender Is More Intelligent?

To settle this age-old argument, there IS no gender dominance in the area of intelligence. In IQ tests, women on average fall in the middle, while contrarily men tend to fall into both extremities.

Given what we have learned about the gender differences within the brain, which of the two genders in your opinion, would be a better business builder for a business such as Compumatrix?

As a couple, men and women have the ability to complement one another when it comes to business matters. (this is not to say that same-sex partnerships would not be able to do the same!)

NOTE: there are exceptions to every rule!

Men would seemingly excel in the areas of figuring values and visualizing graphs, charts and diagrams. At the same time, some women could explain the concept with greater clarity and poise.

Where some men may fear approaching a prospective new member, some women would think nothing of it. The stress of being rejected has little to no effect on most women, while some men would fold when they are told no.

While some men would find distractions such as doorbells and cell phones ringing, televisions blaring, and children playing noisily, VERY frustrating; most women take it in stride and simply deal with it and stay focused on the job at hand.

Some men find it difficult to express their ideas and often fall short of this goal; at the same time, some women are naturally gabby and could talk on a subject for hours.

Since women have larger areas of their brain which control emotions it is easy to see they can express their compassion and understanding to a higher degree than most men; their temporal and frontal lobes being larger gives them the ability to communicate better; tend to feel pain more but handle the stress better, and are less likely to throat punch someone, HA!

Men are more naturally math and object minded and seeing a project in 3D comes easy for them. They can easily plan and envisage by creating charts, diagrams and graphs to express this. They find it very easy to calculate, estimate and predict because their imagination is on fire!

Understanding how each person in a partnership can contribute opens the door to success by allowing each one to shine in their natural areas using their innate talents. How awesome it is to see this natural ability to move their business forward in harmony. Each contributing to the whole.

Surely, and most decidedly, single people can and DO succeed in life and business. Perhaps being required to fill both roles does put more pressure on the single member, however, perhaps playing the cards we are dealt in life determines our true grit?

In conclusion, we will fall into one of the preceding categories: a plural OR a singular enterprise. The deciding outcome does fall on the individuals. How will you celebrate your differences?

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About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Dang, I knew this for a long time! Why don’t men? LOL Thank you for the breakdown of male and female. My mother use to say that if men had to have the babies in this world we would have far fewer children born. Seems like a reasonable statement. The breakdown seems to boil down to sheer determination when it comes to business.

  2. I agree with you, Erline…I’ll also add that each of us probably knows ourselves well enough to understand our limitations. And I know of no set of rules that say certain roles can’t be switched when needed or that single persons can’t develop the qualities they are not born with or which have not been genetically programmed into their DNA. As you say, it takes sheer determination, and humans have some amazing abilities to apply it to their benefit!

  3. Well…hmm. Being a single, passionate, female business owner, I know my gifts are in verbal communication 😃 As far as creating the visuals when i share Compumatrix, it looks like I’ll be hiring a brilliant, creative man to fill in the gaps!!! 😍 It’s comforting to know we don’t have to do it ALL! Thanks for the fun read, Gail!

  4. Gail…this is really good stuff! That is probably something a man would say. I am almost immediately curious as to why my mother used to say “you know son, you have a lot of female tendencies”. I think she was half kidding and half not kidding which always disturbed me a little (or a lot, depending on the circumstances). Over the years that has stuck with me. And, I have to admit that I think I do have some female tendencies. I should probably clear up right now that we are talking about the manner in which I come to conclusions, or my tendency to have a lot of patience with people, etc. And, the older I get I seem to cry more (probably because I have more to cry about). Everything else is very male I might add. Ha!

  5. This is a more in-depth explanation of what I’ve known for some time, and the detailed, scientific facts you’ve presented here are absolutely fascinating, Gail! Honestly, this kind of information SHOULD be required learning in general curriculums, don’t you think? Now that the world is slowly gathering more sophistication in all areas, including technology and business, it’s time to up our game as far as interpersonal relationships are concerned – this kind of knowledge would be vital in advancing effective, peaceful communication, I’d say!

  6. Thank you for such a fascinating topic Gail. I have always been interested in the way our brain works, it’s still a mystery and I will never understand why people do the things they do, even when you know them for all your life. I like to think as humans, God created us in a way to complement each other and not to compete against each other. I never understood the “the battle of the sexes”, we are all different and men react different than women in many different things, that’s why we have two sexes and I believe God is perfect in everything He does.

  7. Very interesting Gail.But with all the skills and advantages in men,I still feel women are mostly better thank men in most cases,and they would be much better than men mainly to rule a country.
    In the times we are I think more women should be actively taking part in Politics,Government policies etc.to make better decisions and improve the status of the world we live in.

  8. Gail,Thank you  for a very unique topic! Abilities can be in anyone,why is it said that men and women are the two wheels of a car?Life cannot go on without both.God has created two sexes with a lot of thought and understanding,whichever of the two is brain determined will be able to do better.Thank you for informative and interesting article.

  9. another great lesson — at least this one I had a bit of life lessons and understanding of these 23 chromosomes and the differences and similarities and it is after 60+ years –it still is intriguing to look at from a distance and measure and learn — thank you —

  10. This could turn into a whole new conversation, but we won’t get into this. Not saying that we should eliminate men, but I think they have done enough damage to the world, and its women’s turn to rule and take over for a while. I sure would like to see what it would be like with women in charge for a while. At least we think with our brains. Most of us do anyway. I know you won’t o.k. this Gail. Great article. I just had to voice my opinion. Love you all.

    1. Pama, you are certainly welcome to your ideas and opinions. Even if they differ from mine, they are valid as to where YOUR mind is and your life experiences. The fact that I disagree is from MY life experiences. Who is right or wrong is decided within the individual’s minds and THEIR life experiences. I don’t believe in doing away with men OR women. Nor would I agree to do away with anyone because of their skin color, their religious views or political stances. I think instead we need to end the division right now! and come together on common ground. Basically, we all want to be able to live free, to have access to any information, whether it suits us or not, is left to each of us to decide. We should have the right to sort through it, take what suits us, and move on without judgement. NOT expecting anyone to believe exactly like we do because that is just not going to happen. I DO celebrate what men can bring to the table, as much as I DO celebrate what women bring also. That is MY prerogative and my belief. You and anyone else are quite welcome to your own.

      1. I wrote my comment a few months ago and I still agree with what I said. I found the topic again looking for new blogs and I read your commentary in response to another person and I agree one hundred percent with your answer, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think the “battle of the sexes” is a very ignorant and damaging topic that has been exploited to the detriment of both sexes. As we know women can be as evil, power hungry and greedy as men, through history there have been countless women who have ruin entire countries and we are seeing it now with Pelosi, so the thought that men have done too much damage is not valid.

    2. Very interesting topic Gail yes I agree that God created two sexes but I feel women can adapt very easily in both the roles when put in a situation.I think their brains are wired in a way where they can switch from thinking with the brain if a situation demands like making calculative decisions for their business and love and nurture with emotions and empathy for their fellow beings

  11. Thank you, Gail, for an interesting blog. Thank goodness for women I say and I am glad I was born a man, How you ever go through the process of having a baby is beyond me. I love seeing how men and women have different strengths and abilities and it is wonderful to see more women heading businesses and also seeing the pay between different genders for the same role, slowly starting to be balanced out.

    1. Thank you, Peter, for your comment. I guess women do it because we are designed that way. lol
      Yes, childbirth is painful but once it’s over and that sweet bundle is placed in your arms, and you look in their precious little faces, ALL pain is forgotten and you would gladly give your life so that baby can live and experience the joys of life.
      In my opinion, I believe there are things EACH can do that compliments the other. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
      I enjoy being female, and I enjoy the male being a male. That is the Yin and Yang of life. To me, life would be VERY boring indeed if we were all the same.

  12. Statistics are interesting , helps us knowing how to provide a better understanding and exact description of a phenomenon of nature of men and women as well as other interesting subjects. Like statistics about the differences between men and women in the world of entrepreneurship Women tend to run smaller companies and men tend to start larger businesses. Gender equality and the differences between women and men are commonly discussed topics in today’s society.

  13. Well now ,interesting subject , My wife and I have that discussion of (( which gender Is more Intelligent? )) ….More that one over the years … Seems like she wins most of the time ,well all of the time , lol ( don’t tell her but I let her win ) . Happy wife ,Happy life. See men are smart . Now all I have to do is not let her read this and I will be safe for another 54 years .. and women you got to love them.

  14. Thank you Gail for laying out the differences between men and women. I’ve always thought these differences can make a beautiful partnership with both excelling in their own skills and expertise makes one super functioning whole! This is how my husband and I complement each other – he being the more creative right brain and myself the more logical, planning, detail left brain. P.S. he hates all my lists, especially if one is for him – got to keep him on track – haha!

  15. Humanity is made up of both sexes and each one has certain attributes which make up the whole. As you stated in your blog, men are better at some things because of the make up of the brain, as women are better at some things for the same reason. I find it interesting that many can adapt and adjust to be able to excel in areas that are not native to their gender. I believe that our Creator made each sex different in some ways so to compliment each other.

    1. Hi Gloria. I couldn’t agree more! You said, ” I believe that our Creator made each sex different in some ways, so to complement each other.” That hits the nail on the head! And I too think it is fascinating that if a person HAS to, they CAN adapt and adjust to excel in almost any area they are lacking. That is the human spirit!

  16. Well you settled it Gail. Men really are from Mars and women from Venus ! ( Or the other way around, however the book goes). How interesting to learn about the actual physiology that makes men and women different. I am the one in our family that is good at math. My wife is unbelievable at art. Directions come super easy for me, where as my wife will got so lost if she doesn’t have a GPS. Interesting to know the why’s between some of these things.

  17. I am actually a good multi-tasker even though I am a man but my pain tolerance is low nothing like my wife’s. I was talking to my wife one day and texting to a friend at the same time and she could not believe it and was amazed but I was amazed when I spun her around with her eyes closed and she knew north south east and west I can’t do that.

  18. Thank you, Gail. That was hands down a great blog. I knew all that too, but the guys around me do not get it. The differences are pretty cool, and they are spot on. When you hear it, you almost laugh because so many people popped into my head.

  19. Excellent blog Gail. It’s very interesting to actually see the differences in men and women’s physical brains. We all know men and women are different, my wife and I totally look at and approach things very differently. One isn’t better or the correct way, just different. I am great at math and she’s great at multitasking and planning. We do both work together and settle things together and make a great team.

  20. So interesting, Gail. This goes to show how we compliment each other in the batle of the sexes. Yes, males are math geniuses. I think our emotions and nerves ge inour way of figuring out the rules to solve the math problem, but they can scramble and solve a problem with no hesitation and that helps them in business coordination. Eventully we all rise it just take patience and perseverence eventually.

  21. Wonderful Sophye! I always knew from a very young age that women took things like pain differently than men. Then I seen that they also perceived the exact same object or situation with a totally different point of view much of the time. When I studied genetics I wrote a paper in 1979 about the complexities of DNA, and how it was much deeper and more advanced than science was ready to understand, and now you write on just the smallest portion of the subject; It is still far more advanced than science is ready to comprehend; God made it the ultimate work of His art in creation. I when I started studying the Bible seen many and most of the things you have spoken of about women and men, and the vast differences and while many want to say they are better for their sex, God made them equals and in need od one another as a balance to make things flow so much easier, and fuller. Man and wife business teams/families usually do much better, though do not grow as fast, for they have a life and do not give up what they eccentric separate individual would do to hade their other half. Love it Gail!

  22. I am celebrating the differences! Thank you for sharing the awareness of our differences. I can see it in my relationships and I can accept myself and others as we are wired. It is liberating to know the differences. I really appreciate this reminder. I read analogies that women are curves and men are straight angles or women are water and the men are rock. This article makes sense with the analogies.

  23. The more I read, the more I appreciate the divine creation of both sexes, we where created to complement one another, to be companions in our walk as humans, sadly the effect is felt when we failed to take our roles. Our minds are uniquely powerful, it can either create a volcano of goodness or bad depending on many factors, above all I appreciate human being. Thank you for this great reminder.

  24. Wow Gail.. Sure opened my eyes to reasons why we are different is so many aspects. One to complete the other and Ying to Yang. Learned a lot from this post. Brings to light that when a wonam asks me why I can’t comprehend whatever it is she is doing – I have an answer 🙂 And I can dorect her to this article so she can have an answer why She doesn’t see the world the same way I do. Awesome.

  25. This is a fascinating blog. So, Gail, what you are telling us is we have 23 chromosomes that determine who we are, and only one of those determines whether we be male or female. We definitely learn some great snippets from reading the blogs. The concepts put forth in this blog seem to come from the mind of a male. Lol lol. This is a serious study, but also humorous as we look at who we are in the concept of such knowledge. A single woman has to stand strong and work harder to deal with life and business issues etc. Thank God with Compumatrix we are not in competition but move in our inherent abilities be yee male or female to build our companies. By partnering to assist each other to succeed, we are all winners!

  26. what a conversation piece thru this Blog and the opinions thru the replies — I will say this much there are differences between most females n males — also as divorced father who raised his Daughter because — not sure if my life experiences meet with some the opinions written here — and that my Friends make this a Great Read and Thought Process — jmho — yeppers —

  27. Interesting blog sophye. I did know much of the blog-content but never thought about it the way you describe it. You say it takes determination to change your limitations. I know I have limited language skills (English) but look at me now! I decided to write a blog, and I did! (although you helped me change some inaccuracies)

  28. We’re all such a mix of “male and female parts of self” but I agree, there are male tendencies and female tendencies. I wonder, too, about parts of the brain growing bigger with personal evolution, such as the limbic brain. For example, I was not very emotional my first thirty years of life, and I would imagine my limbic brain size reflected that. My next thirty, I have more than made up for lost time, and it makes me wonder, having read your post, if perhaps my limbic brain hasn’t grown over these last three decades. Since I can’t do a before-and-after scan, I’ll just have to speculate, unless someone here reading has an answer.

  29. Celebrating – the-differences reminds me of what we sometimes tell kids. “God don’t make no junk!” (Excuse the English). Male and female are different and the differences can be noted very early in our childhood. I am reminded of the Biblical scripture, Psalms 139: 1-23\b “we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and God doesn’t make mistakes. He knew us BEFORE we were born. The hairs of our head are numbered, our days are determined before we were born, He knows our thoughts before we speak, and He has an individual plan for everyone of us in this life. I for one love the differences, I can’t imagine an all female or all male world. How boring would that be?

  30. I feel abilities can be in anyone that is why is it said that men and women make the world go round, life cannot go on without both. Our minds are uniquely powerful, it can either create a volcano of goodness or bad depending on many factors, above all I appreciate human being. Thanks for this great reminder.

  31. Gail that is some really good info about the differences of men and women…Sometimes what women can do and go through men would fall apart trying to do the same thing. Each individual has different emotions and abilities for different things how they do things. But all in all each compliments each other…

  32. I think like many others that the main point of the studied observations is in noting the differences between men and women and not necessarily saying that one sex is greater than the other by comparison.

  33. I have also read somewhere that men also tend to have bigger sized brains, but that is not to say more intelligence. I could not help but think of the cartoon Pinky and the brain, where the character with the big head and the bigger brain was always an arrogant, know-it-all, and the character with the smaller head always unwittingly came up with the solution to get themselves out of the bad situations they got into.

  34. I think it is very important for everyone to appreciate the many different talents, gifts, and struggles that each and every person hold. In various companies the people that work in it need to use their talents, and with everyone working together all of the various talents and gifts will be represented.

  35. Gail this was very informative for me. I would also like to add that schools are trying to encourage females to enter STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) majors. Based on your research men are typically better in these careers. Diversifying the marketplace makes the US more competitive globally.

  36. this is such a fascinating read and ponderances — not sure if that is word but sounds good — so much to in this blog article and replies and so much learnable info and being a math guy n facts also — it is very intriguing putting some of this down in writing — appreciate the effort —

  37. What an interesting and fun post, thank you Gail. It’s certainly getting us all talking. I was especially interested in the bit about women expressing pain through their emotions, which I’ve certainly found true. And I loved what you said about allowing each person to shine in their natural areas using their innate talents, with each contributing to the whole. How incredibly relevant that is to us all now. Whether we were born male or female, we are indeed each endowed with many unique gifts, abilities and attributes that may differ or overlap. Each is needed and each is valuable. Now, I shall stop exercising my frontal lobe for a moment and post this comment!

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