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I was listening to K-LOVE radio this morning and the song, LIVE LIKE THAT by SIDEWALK PROPHETS started playing. As I listened, I quickly thought about a conversation I had yesterday with a young man that was confused. We were talking about the prospect of making money and having certain attitudes about the Value of Money.

There was a string of words in the song: “CHANGE YOUR HEART, LOVE IS TRUE”. Upon hearing these words, I thought about that conversation. We were talking about making money with BITCOIN. He made the comment from the source of his confusion: “You’re Catholic and I’m Christian and we are taught that MONEY IS THE SOURCE OF EVIL!” I told him, he had that totally wrong. The real statement is: THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE SOURCE OF EVIL.

As we continued the conversation, I stated you have to have a respect for money. To unravel his confusion, I explained that there were 2 ways to look at money.

  1. You can Love money
  2. You can use money as a tool

Regarding MONEY AS A TOOL, I told him that he would have to determine how he will use money that will be the factor of its value. 


I heard this: “you can choose to be bitter or you can choose to bless another” This is the value of using MONEY AS A TOOL. If you have a healthy attitude toward money and the value of money, you can bless another by a variety of means.

How about this: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Apply MONEY AS A TOOL to this concept and ask yourself: HOW FAR CAN I REACH? 

One day, I received a surprise. I received a check for a little over one hundred dollars. I left it on my desk until I decided what I was going to do with it. That Sunday, I went to Church and a Missionary talked about the work he was doing. I went home, grabbed my checkbook and wrote a check for just that sum. I went back to Church and gave it to him (and told him I had to make a deposit before he cashed it)! 

You see, without those funds being a part of my budget, I was free to do with the check as I pleased. Every day is a test! It isn’t necessarily a pass, fail grading system (we can leave that in the classroom). My real test was will I indulge myself with that $100 or will I “wait” to hear a better use?

Sometimes, you receive very clear messages exactly what you are supposed to do. You may have to wait for just that message but in the meantime, get yourself prepared. If you stay in this CRYPTOCURRENCY space, you can make a large sum of money. Are you going to LOVE MONEY or will you USE MONEY AS A TOOL?

About the author

Catherine Martin-Sampson is a founding member of the Compumatrix. She has recently retired from Teaching (Special Education) She has a variety of experiences that she incorporates into her live and let's them flow from mind to pen.


  1. Catherine thank you for that post. I have a grandfather that fits your description perfectly. He married in his mid-40s. Before my grandmother married him he gave the majority of his money away to charities and the church because he believed that having money was sinful and of course he wanted to help others.

    When he married my grandmother she did change his ways and they set up a specific budget for donations. I agree with your blog that we should use money as a way to bless others. Many people do somewhat worship money and things and that where perhaps it can be evil.

    1. After reading this article, it brings back memories of an old song I remember the exact title. There is a line which states not to let money change you after stating multiple negative aspects of what some have done for the love of money. Yes, those of us here in the crypto world. After lots of struggles, let not let money change us as we become able to flip our lives and the wat we live it.

  2. Money it causes many ruins but also causes many blessings.
    It depends on your heart’s place on it. Is it necessary ? For he that lives only by what God was provided in nature for him , maybe not. For he that depends on it must find way to obtain it.
    I will use my share and also share with others in need.

  3. a very worthy Post Catherine — I can only imagine how each of our Hearts work thru each moment of each day — but I do know from myself inner Peace is a strong avenue for doing the right thing and being able to hear some things and places we should be at — and so true the Fact is if you do not respect the importance of financials You will not find that true Peace –you will always be stressed over where that next ????? is coming from which means no Peace —

  4. This was a great blog post to read! I think money can either work for you (as a tool) or against you (greed, debt). I like the 20/30/50 rule where 20% is for saving, 30% is for wants (this can include giving to charity), and 50% is for necessities. Having a plan for what someone wants to do with their money can greatly reduce stress and impulse purchases.

  5. This post is right up my alley. My wife and I always put aside the first fruits of all that we make giving first to our church, and then another portion of those first fruits we are free to let God show us where and when to give it. We first set it aside and label it as God’s, which it truly is. It is so much fun waiting to see how we can give it. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive. We get so much joy out of it.

  6. I always thought that money should be a means to good. Taking care of him to provide the well-being of us and others is an excellent option. Money can provide us with wonderful and unmistakable moments. I intend to help many people in the future when we can start withdrawing our investments from Compumatrix. I want to use it for the good and happiness of myself, my family and my neighbor.

  7. Wow love this blog. Spot on. This reminds me of the Dr. Deming principle that sales commissions are not a motivator but a dissatisfier. In my earlier youth, I said he is literally crazy. Sales commissions that we work so hard for is not a motivation factor? That is absurd. But as the years progress, I realized that he was right. It does not matter how much money you have; you will always want more. No matter how much money you make, it does not bring a level of satisfaction that helping others will bring you. So, I will leave this blog with a comment. Dr. Deming you were right and along the writings of this blog, I will try to not have the desire to love money as much as we think we need to love money 😊….

  8. Dont we all want to have lots of money? Of course, we do.The mind will always tell us to get more money. Which, to a certain extent is not a bad idea. Realistically speaking, we live in a materialistic world where MONEY solves most of our problems.
    Now. let the heart do the “thinking” We are all one big family and need to help one another. Lets start helping our family and friends, as well, so that we could see smiles on their faces, when they change their lives for a better tommorrow..

  9. I have always heard that money is the root of all evil. I don’t think this is exactly right, as I feel the LOVE of money would better fit. If we love money more than we love others that would be a huge problem. I know of people who seem to only care about money, power, and prestige, only to die lonely and alone with no one to cry over them. I prefer to be poor than to be rich without the love of family and friends. With Compumatrix, I believe we have the best of both worlds!

    1. Ivy I completely agree with your statement “I believe we have the best of both worlds”. I have known very successful, wealthy people that are lonely because they are very superficial. The ability to use money for helping others is so exciting and rewarding. No I don’t believe money brings you happiness but if used right you will be happy from helping everyone that you can.
      “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life” Zig Ziglar

      1. We all want to have lots of money, and also when that comes it depends on how we use it. When we haven’t got it to spare, then this is where the stresses lay with struggle. The mind yes always tell us to try and earn somehow more money.
        Realistically now on a benefit, a lot of us are restricted as to the amount we can earn per week unless we have millions dollars, that we can cancel it and live a happy life after. Yes we do let the heart do the “thinking” and be selfless and help others with love. We can help by providing a kind dead and when the real thing happens then help as the heart says to.

        We are all one big family and need to help one another. I agree

  10. There is a Jewish proverb that says: “With much wealth comes many worries.” I think this, in general correct. But if you have dreamed it is sometimes inevitable to have a lot of money if you want them to become real. But a lot of money will also give you many worries. I don’t want so much money for myself. I have a good and simple life and don’t want to add anything to it. Most of the money I’ll receive I shall use to build a better world for animals.

  11. The thing I love about money is that it can be used as a tool – a tool that can help a lot of people and change a lot of lives for the better! The idea of tithing 10% have long helped people to choose to help others. A large sum of money can indeed be overwhelming if this is the first time that has happened, take a deep breath and then plan out how a portion of your wealth can change the world! That is Love!

  12. I have been blessed in the past to have an abundance of financials, and I also have had the benefit of having to work 80+ hours a week just to make ends meet — I like the freedom of beneficial but honestly the working of so many hours per week — I have to say that I learned so much more working and having that responsibility — but now at over 60 — the thought of not having all that responsibility is also very intriguing —

  13. Money is one of the most exciting topics, and it’s something I think about always, especially when it’s scarce. I will never consider money evil; it is in the hands it falls into, of course, money is a powerful tool, and it can make people greedy, selfish, arrogant and use it for evil purposes. I consider wealth a blessing and a means to provide comfort, choices, and enable people to have more control over your life, more freedom to carve out your path, and fewer constraints and financial stability.
    If we don’t have a sound understanding of the value of money, we will learn it when it is gone. Money is a blessing from God and must never forget to use it to help others, for that reason when you own large amounts of money, and you must seek advice, educate to preserve and grow it so after taking care of our needs and wants, help generously because at the end that’s the primary purpose. To whom much is given much is required.

  14. Unfortunately the wold revolves around money, we have to have money or some form of money to survive, function and be a productive part of the community. If we want to own a house or buy a car we have to purchase it then continue to pay taxes, repairs, expenses to keep them both operating. Money is your tool to maintain your life, take care of yourself and your family, donate to help others. Learn to handle your money responsibly. Evil is when the need for money turns to greed and love and wanting more and more and hurting people in the process to get it.

  15. I think when people say money can’t buy happiness, they are referring to people who only use their money to benefit themselves and not help others. If we use this potential money as a tool, we can help aid charities, fundraisers, and the vulnerable population more than we have ever been able to. I never though of the fact that the love of money is the root of all evil, but that is spot on. Not everyone with money is evil and not every evil person has money.

  16. Everyone has an opinion of what they would do if they were suddenly rich or well off. Been there done that, who hasn’t? In today’s world is is wise to have a plan in place and keep it current.

    Now in my “older years” I look back and realize I haven’t changed that much since I was nine, when I sold greeting cards, delivered groceries for neighbors, picked up golf balls at a private golf club and later on Caddied for the members, hung out two story windows while I washed them with Vinegar and water. My mother was tasked with working in a supermarket to support four growing boys. So, I worked to help out.

    Fast forward to today, I see people in need everyday that I would love to be able to help and look to the ability to do so agian. Children who will have been forced to earn money is my primary target as well as St. Jude’s and the Shriners Hospitals.

    My children were born without deformities and I am thankful for that blessing. They both are workers and enjoy life. Money helps and you have to have it to survive unless you have a self sufficient lifestyle.

    When you are broke you really appreciate having the ability to earn. When funds land in your account you live, enjoy what you couldn’t, help those you can reach and put a few bucks away for the future.

  17. I love the article, to me money is love. I will be able to help so many, including myself. You have to love yourself. like the saying goes put your mask on first then help those around you. I can’t wait to have fun and help others. Life will be amazing, helping people making me feel amazing. I love it so Shine your light so others can find their way. be a bright light for everyone. when you are blessed. Spread the love. So many are in need now. It’s sad what is happening but we can be the big changes in this world. I plan on helping and building. Uniting is what we need. Spread love. It must feel good for those of you who are already there. You can be of such great service right now. I see people leaving huge tips at restaurants for people. you who are already there. I know you must feel great, when that happens. I can’t wait.

  18. I do not love money, but I love what money can do for me – lol! Money used as a tool can be used to create a better financial future for someone. People need to protect and leverage their hard earned money young so that their money can protect and provide for them in their retirement. Diversifying your money into more assets than liabilities is a major factor in protecting and leveraging your money.

  19. Money is an exchange of energy. I view it as a vehicle to do good in the world. Some of us expend great energy and receive little in return and others put forth little energy and receive much. I find our belief system determines what we receive. The end result equals what we feel we deserve for of our time expended and or value of product. There will be a balance in this exchange or you will stop expending in that direction. The endless money/energy cycle continues as you exchange what you received for the next desire in service or product.

  20. So true Catherine, money is a tool, to be used for the advancement of one’s self and of others; but then everything in this life can be used as a tool in the same way; it all depends upon the heart and why one chooses to do this, or that with what they have as a value to someone else. For before there was money, or even in the United States when people were pushing ever westward there was no actual U.S. currency on a good barter system where people traded one good for another, and they did so happily. Those that had gold were often up to no good, and after more. But, then that is how I see it and a few text books as well.Thanks again a wonderful article. To add to your Bible quote The love of money is the root of evil; the subject and verb here is ‘love’ the love of anything more than God is evil.

  21. Great post Catherine. It has been said that when a person entrusts his life to God, the last and most difficult thing to yield is his finances, lol. It is not easy for sure, but when the Lord sees the right motivation, He will help you through. It is interesting how the bible talks about money in many ways, which only shows that God is interested for His people to prosper.
    Here’s what Ecclesiastes 11 says: “Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you.”

  22. You made a great point. Money is necessary to survive in this world. We can learn to manage what we have and live within our means and still reach out to others. If we were to come into a windfall, it could be easy to want to get things we never had, but if we take our time, get relaxed for several days or weeks to listen within to know what we should do and how to proceed with our new found wealth. It is a great feeling to help
    others, and we can assist in meeting their financial needs. We do not need to be a cash cow for people to lay around and wait for a handout. Good blog.

  23. still learning and comprehending so many great points and agree so much with the truth that we as a person can do many things in life without money perse’ but if we actually get out in the public it is almost impossible to do without some means of interacting and exchanging with others — jmho also — great reading yeppers —

  24. Reading your blog and reading several comments there is one conclusion that is common, money is not evil but people are evil, what money does it exposes the person more clearly for everyone to see, and because of the person and the exposed character flows then we have gone ahead to label money as evil, truth is you need the wisdom to relate with money, you have to master the money rather than us mastered by it, this way it becomes clear the decisions you make concerning the money. it really brings joy when you help others genuinely and also have dreams which are achieved when you got lots of cash. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Money is indeed a tool. A means of exchange, and respect, not love is absolutely what is called for…great re-frame. It gives us freedom when there is enough, but we are not truly free until everyone has enough. Overly focusing on money puts us out of balance, but utilizing it in its right place in our lives can benefit not just ourselves and those we love, but people we don’t even know…and our fellow members in Compumatrix.

  26. Money represents to me security and comfort and freedom to have options in your life. It means not to have a sleepless night worrying how to pay the rent or how to fix your car. While we do not need a massive amount of money to be happy, it is only when our basic needs such as food are met that we can dwell on our emotions. Money may not buy happiness, but it sure is essential to happiness.

  27. Catherine,Thanks so much for a great blogi I think taking full control of money is a vicious act,it is wise to use money as a tool,helping others with your money is like pleasing God,this process must continue to end poverty in the world,I would love to use money as a tool to help others.

  28. Jesus has given us tons of Bible verses about money and its use, google it some time it is amazing what he says about money and I choose to follow his ways in my business with compumatrix. Just one example from Proverbs: Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor. So he will bless you too, you can not out-give God. Did you know that the BIBLE stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

  29. Someone has said, “you do not get rich by making big money, but by having small expenses”. Money means nothing if you cannot use it for something good, and to give money to those who do not have makes my heart sing. Take care of your needs, and then give to others. Compumatrix has allowed us to help many and at the same time help ourselves.

  30. so many great parts of this blog read and replies are so involved and the learning continues and do agree so much with the thought it is not Moneys’ fault for the selfishness and evil of human nature — as with anything given here on Earth– its your Heart — in Yeshua always — great read here —

  31. I believe in most instances it takes money to make money. Money can also form the basis for a lot of good things to happen within religion. As in your case, you provided money to missionaries which generally are individuals that volunteer services for the good of others.

  32. I think in the case of money, as the saying goes, it is better to have it and not need it rather than to need it and not have it. In the case of charities and non profits, etc., money can do a lot of good. Think of places like St. Jude, or Shriners. There will be members that may use funds for charitable causes, which is always good for society in general.

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