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Changes – good or bad?

When browsing through all the blogs in the Compumatrix blog area, I started thinking about changes.


Well, the first thing that came to mind was not about money, nor was it about cryptocurrency, but how easy we can search, find, study, learn, from the wealth of information that is present on the Internet!

When I grew up, a NET was a fishing tool or something a spider would use as a weapon.
In my home – a farmer’s house, there was not a wealth of books. There were a Bible and a couple of recipe books in our kitchen. But then we did not need a bunch of books, as farmer jobs are practical – not theoretical.

To grow up in a farmer’s home was healthy, close to nature, which was good. Sometimes hard work drained the body, which was terrible.

So many things changed during the years from when I left home, got my first jobs – and yet it would take about 40 years before I even laid my hands on a computer keyboard.

The first one was not even a PC – it was a computer terminal.
I would make the input of data to a computer somewhere – and I would have no control over what happened to that data.
I never liked that job.

My first personal computer had a black screen with a blinking green text. It was not healthy for eyes or skin, but it was fun using it.
Today children use computers like any other toy; they have no fear of destroying anything. They just assume a computer should do what they tell it to do.

Many computer changes later – I could get on to the very first Internet in my country. It felt like a revolution.

When I think of all the changes I have experienced in the last 25 – 30 years it is quite overwhelming! I do know that children and teenagers will embrace these changes much easier than my generation did.
The changes in my body can only be a bad thing in the days to come, but my brain will find it easy to understand much of the changes that happen in the world. It is called experience.

Today’s speed and ease of using the internet for almost anything is almost like light-years from the internet that I experienced that first time. Is that all good?

I would say YES and NO!

YES because it makes it easy to run a business from the comfort of your home. You have all the tools you need at your fingertips.

NO, because all kind of risks can easily get their way into your computer, and if you are not observant – can ruin your finances, your good name and reputation, which would be not only bad but almost catastrophic.

Thanks to a man with a dream, who has gathered the very best people as his team, I do no longer fear changes – neither good nor bad! Getting involved in the Compumatrix world was one of the very best changes in my life.

Sometimes boring – yes
Sometimes frustrating – oh yes
Sometimes exciting – so exciting you could almost burst!
Sometimes filled with joy – yes
It is almost like life itself!

One thing I am sure about – involvement with Compumatrix WILL change lives not only for me and my area – but in time most areas of our globe!

About the author

Inga is the Compumatrix Regional Representative for Europe. She speaks several languages and is able to correspond very well with her members.
She faces challenges with a positive and constructive attitude.


  1. Inga, I enjoyed reading your blog. Your growing from that beautiful, happy, oblivious, farm girl to the beautiful enlightened lady you are today. You bring back more memories from my past and include me in your mind of comprehension of what you have seen and learned. You have an understanding of the youth today, and the good and bad concerning the internet.
    I have to say Amen to your comment about Henry and his great team of young minds, such geniuses. Joining with Compumatrix is also one of the best changes in my life. You are so right about the changes they will bring in the world! My heart rejoices with you and all our brothers and sisters in this wonderful family of Compumatrix, that we are a part of bring this to fruition.

  2. Inga, in my day job a manager told me very clearly a number of years ago ‘the only constant is change’. We can embrace it, accept it or fight it, but it’s going to happen whether we like it or not. On that basis, it’s in our best interests to do what we can to be ready for it, embrace it, understand it and let it lead us to a better place. The alternative is to get left behind and wonder why things didn’t work out for us.

  3. change and persistence in making change and being in food businesses better part of my working career –change is constant and most is legitimate but gotta admit the younger me was not as understandable as the more aged me lol — but change is — and good reading Inga —

  4. My first computer was a commodore 64, and it was back in the late 80’s-early 90’s. It took like 10-15 minutes just to load a game from the computer.
    Different times, but it had its charm as well 🙂

    The speed is what I love about the changes that’s happening right now.
    Everything is going much faster than before and it makes us save time which we can spend on more important things.

    1. Hi Bjorn, those were the days – the 80’s and 90’s 😉 My old body doesn’t cope well with speed, but I’m sure you being a youngster just love speed 😀
      Jokes aside, it would be interesting to know how you intend to spend your saved time?

  5. Hi Inga!
    That’s a good question. I do think that we’re more productive today than we were 30 years ago.
    Instead of making lasagne ourselves we can now simply buy one and put a frozen in the microwave…And in the meantime play with our kids, set the tables and so on..

    These days we can watch a movie on the computer, instead of going to the video store and rent one.
    How has it been for you? Do you still do things like you did back then or did you change your habits to save some time?

  6. How true! I never had a computer in the home growing up. My girls did not have a computer in the home either. I finally got my first computer in 2004 and mostly learned on my own what I now know. I love having a place where I can search for almost any and all information I could ever wish to read about – lol. My service is still too slow to watch a video without that circle spinning and spinning.

  7. Hello Inga! I am also from the era that used a computer with a black screen and green flashing lights. It was a trip to the past! I also worked at a company that to process the payroll I had a computer with a huge CPU, which looked more like a washing machine !!! There really were a lot of changes in that time! And being close to a major change in our lives with COMPUMATRIX is fascinating!

  8. The older I get the less i want to change. Change requires effort, determination and brain power. Can’t say the good old days were the best because they certainly weren’t all good. To be employed or self employed is the big one. This is where the willingness to change is crucial. Like Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a changing”. Some things you just got to do.

  9. Inga, thanks for your beautiful blog. Like you, I also grew up on a farm in my teenage years. Most everything was simple and physically difficult. We had notebooks on the pigs, cows and chickens. My grandparents also kept written notes on milk output from the cows. That meant money in their pockets. I might also add hay and grain production was also a vital part of the hand written record keeping. All and all it was the the best life a young boy could wish for. Computers did not even come into being for me until mid to later years. Was the computer easy to learn, not for me ,but I’m still learning.Thanks to Compumatrix and the need for a computer, it is no longer as foreign, especially with all the help that I have received from our faithful RRs, staff and members.Computers can be frustrating but in the end, I would not want to be without one now. Thanks for all your assistance, you know who you are. In the end all change can be GOOD or BAD, but it is always our choice to use for the good of mankind or not.

  10. Ha – Reminds me of a scene on Wayne’s World, where Garth was working on a Robotic prosthetic hand, that was working quite well, and the villan “producer” came to him talking about change… Garth looked at him and just kept saying We FEAR change, as he destroyed his hand creation with a hammer. Very telling of the views many have on the technology that is coming and has come and gone.

    Which brings us to the change we are seeing in our financial system. From FIAT to Crypto. And yes, it is a HUGE change, but only because we have been educated only in using the central banking system along with government control. If it’s not controlled or regulated – it’s not safe.. Well, bunch of BS. (IMHO)

    There is going to be a HUGE changeover to crypto in the coming 5 years. Mega Mass adoption… Thing is – It doesn’t work that much differently that the FIAT’s of the world in it’s creation, handling and spending. Everything is digital these days so we are used to digital money. Who even writes a cheque any more?

    All us members of Compumatrix basically understood this 15 years ago when it got started. Like it says in my Bio on FB – Working with Crypto before there WAS crypto :-).

    Change can be good. Change can be scary.. But it’s only scary until we understand it.. Then the fear goes away and understanding replaces it. Where we go from there, is totally up to us.

  11. There are times in our lives that we need to change,but not just for change sake. Traditions and history of ones culture and family are important to preserve. When looking at changing ones thinking about Compumatirx and the positive ramifications and possibilities of the change in thought about how one looks at this business, one needs to change ones thought pattern, and learn to change for change sake.

  12. Inga, you made me think back when I started the first time with a computer. It was in the late 90ts when my son came to visit me in Canada. He came with a laptop and I fell in love with it right away. When he left he decided to make me a gift leaving the laptop with me. Wow, I had to learn from scratch with the help of a friend. My hubby was not interested in that thing, I will leave it with you he said. That was the beginning of my personal computer start and I never regret it. Since then I had in mind to earn some extra income with it over time and it looks like we are so close seeing our dreams will be fulfilled with Compumatrix.

  13. My first computer was a commodore 64, and it was back in the late 80’s-early 90’s. It took like 10-15 minutes just to load a game from the computer.
    Different times, but it had its charm as well
    The speed is what I love about the changes that’s happening right now.
    Everything is going much faster than before and it makes us save time which we can spend on more important things.

  14. Hi Inga!
    That’s a good question. I do think that we’re more productive today than we were 30 years ago.
    Instead of making lasagne ourselves we can now simply buy one and put a frozen in the microwave…And in the meantime play with our kids, set the tables and so on..
    These days we can watch a movie on the computer, instead of going to the video store and rent one.
    How has it been for you? Do you still do things like you did back then or did you change your habits to save some time?

  15. Well Inga, if there is one thing that we can truly say about Compumatrix, is that it has undergone countless changes over the years. We have had to adapt to every wind that has come along in the crypto space and try to morph into a new thing all the time. We have watched all these changes, while Henry and the DEV gang has had to deal directly with all of them for us. Here’s to hoping for the big payout change soon……

  16. Thank you for the reminder, Inga…how valuable experience is in life. Indeed we at Compumatrix have a plethora of it. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s going to be so much fun to share this life changing company with the World, and watch others grow, learn, and thrive!

  17. Inga, I can absolutely relate as I haven’t grown up with the computers either and haven’t even liked them much at work, they were merely a necessity.
    But as you say, they have certainly become much more user friendly and fun, so as with everything in life, the balance is key.

  18. Inga….I think you have summed things up very well. I certainly remember growing up in a much simpler world where information was much harder to attain and took a lot of your time to achieve. I also agree that younger people have adjusted to computers and cell phones with a much more reckless and open mind than us older folks. But it is also the very best tool for learning and saving time than anything ever invented. Who would have ever thought we would be able to type a couple of words into a computer and get all the information you could ever want? Compumatrix will expand that notion into the world of finance and opportunity like I never would have imagined. I agree that change can be good and bad, but I think the good outweighs the bad if handled with care. Thank you for your post. I always enjoy ready something that makes me think and dream of new opportunities. Your blogs have become one of the first ones that I go to each day, or whatever days I actually read blogs. Looking forward until tomorrow !

  19. Ingra Thank you so much for the blog, I agree with the net thing teaching my mom is still an ongoing process. But I also agree being part of Compumatrix we will change the world. Yes, Compumatrix definitely has been a roller coaster, but a fun one. Before none of us knew each other its nice to read all your comments and get to know everyone. I can’t wait to see the fun adventures people go on through working with compumatrix and then posting it here. What a blessing!

  20. I also appreciate your awareness of change. It has been fascinating watching my 5-year-old nephew playing on my mom’s iPhone. He is teaching her how to use it when we do Facetime. It was a lesson in frustrations and joy with change. It is all a perspective. I choose to embrace change.

  21. I do think the computer age has made a lot of good changes but what would make it bad is a EMP bomb that would be absolute catastrophe we depend now on computers way to much I live around the Amish and I have to say they have it all together and live completely off the grid very comfortably and they are wealthy with no bills to pay. But without computers there would be no compumatrix can’t have that I just pray to the Lord all will be well.

  22. I like this article because a lot of time when I think about changes I think they are negative. This is not true. Without change there would be no improvements or innovation. Change is needed to turn negative situations into good ones and make good situations even better. We are constantly hearing about changes and updates in Compumatrix, and these are needed for Compumatrix to succeed.

  23. Inga very interesting take on the changing times. My 1st encounter with computers was through my son with the commodore 64 .He sat late hour working with it to my dismay. then I realized that there was no way out in this day and age without any working knowledge of computers . So I did relent and finally started learning how to turn the computer on. At one stage I ran away as it made some sounds that scared me. But that now is history.Being involved with Compumatrix every day is a learning day for me and am enjoying all that in my ripe old age .Cheers

  24. Reading your blog makes me think that we all qualify for the medalist i will call “revolutionary camp pioneers” hahaha, we have been tested every side and if there is anything coming by changes then automatically we will just ” sychcronize”. the blend cannot be ignored and the journey is traceble.

  25. this is such a good story and going back thru time and remembering so many different parts and how so much has changed and now seriously it seems most times if i take a day or two something has been changed somewhere in this Crypto Cyber world — it is mind boggling at times — so yeppers change is part of each breath almost — thank you Inga

  26. Inga, Great article, I think change always takes us forward,changes always lead us in a positive direction,compumatrix is moving fast with various changes,the world will soon see this wonderful transformation of compumatrix.

  27. My parents never really embraced computer technology, but there were others in their generation that did. As computers became more user friendly, the more they would rely on them and incorporate its use into their daily routine.

  28. From the early days of personal computers, my dad always made sure that I had some type of computer, from the black screen green writing to the floppy drives. It helped me to become more comfortable with computers and more willing to evolve with technology.

  29. such a fascinating read thru time actually and the replies are also so intriguing — and as we start this year off — will be surprised if change is not in the offing not just here but everyday it seems life is making changes most we don’t even know of — but as in each persons look at it some change is good — some not so —

  30. Hi Inga, Thanks for another great article. I got my first computer when I was 15 years old i had one with the black screen green writing with the floppy drives. I’m so glad that technology has improved. We are constantly hearing about changes and updates in Compumatrix, and these are needed in order Compumatrix to move forward and succeed.

  31. The rapid change in science and technology through the years has brought about great improvements in the nation’s economy. As good as it may seem, it is my hope that both good and bad effects to health and living have been considered before launching any new undertaking in the name of technological advancement that is meant to spur the industry. May greed for power and wealth be not the underlying reason for the desire to change a system or process. A heart that is right with God will first seek wisdom from Him who is the Giver of all creative abilities.

  32. I see the chance to change being offerred by Compumatrix as being a very positive way to use the tnternet. I would caution however that there are many evil people out there who will work tirelessly to destroy the good and replace it with the ugly. Care at all stages if any personal information is avaiable to be targeted must be paramount. Most of my business faiures have been brought about by people whose grasp of the truth was overtaken by greed which manifested itself in a variety of ways both financial and personal. Every care needs to be taken along the way with world beating customer relations a goal to be aimed at

  33. After reading your article on changes -good or bad, Inga Molin, it brought a smile as I could relate to your life story. Having grown on a rural farm in some part of Africa, it’s been a paradigm shift in every conceivable way. The first computer I ever saw was in a movie!! I thought computers were for Hollywood actors!! Change. It is inevitable. Good change is to be desired. Being introduced into the Compumatrix world, was such an about turn in my life. It presents opportunities to create wealth, with minimum risks, huge returns on investment while using technology.

  34. Technology has come a long way in different periods,discovery with progress in every age,learning technology is new every time,for the people of that time, experience of black and white computers will also be a surprise to people,commitment to computer technology has given us many opportunities today by connecting with a very large global company compumatrix.Thank you Inga for great blog.

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