Children are our Future

We carefully select the best seeds, ensuring they are full, robust, and full of promise. One day, when the season is right, we prepare the ground. Tilling, fertilizing, then weeding and control pests as needed. We plant those seeds and look forward to harvesting a bumper crop! When the harvest season is on us, we gratefully gather and receive the bountiful benefits of our labor. Enjoying the delicious gifts from our creator and sharing with our family and friends.

Some of us envisage the Winter that will surely follow of cold, dark days, bringing a time of scarcity of these fresh fruits and vegetables. These “lean” months prompt some to consider canning and preserving some of our bounties to enjoy long into the season.

As I prepared tomatoes for juicing, washing, sorting, and selecting the ripest and most flavorful, I thought about our children and how they will one day fill our shoes.

They could one day raise families, be doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, or select a career from a multitude of opportunities. One day they may even help create the laws of this country and perhaps also be president?

The Children are Watching:

What do they see? What are we showing them, and how are we preparing them? Children learn from watching us.

Children learn to love or not to love from us. They learn to respect or not to respect from us. They learn kindness, compassion, tenderness, consideration, and loyalty from the examples they see in us.

Conversely, they learn to hate, from us. They learn prejudice, discontentment, judgmental behavior, rage, and apathy from us.

We are their world; they want to be like us. Children emulate us by dressing like us, talking like us, and even role-playing us.

Should we not, therefore, strive to be worthy of this wide-eyed admiration? Shouldn’t we accept more of the responsibility of raising our children to be decent, honorable, moral, and upright citizens?

“Model the skills that you want your child to learn. Kids are paying attention to what we’re doing, and we’re role models, whether we’re being intentional about it or not.”- Kathy Kinsner, Senior Manager of Parenting Resources at Zero to Three

Children are intelligent:

We take care to select prime seeds, mindfully prepare the soil, and add the nutrients for maximum growth and yield. We should also do everything we can to ensure our children enjoy the same opportunities of being nurtured, guided, loved, and protected on their paths of growth.

I don’t believe anyone would argue that today’s children are brighter and more advanced than previous generations. This, I feel, is primarily due to the digital information age we find ourselves living and experiencing today.

When we think about it, the realization that these children will never know what it is like to use a rotary phone or a black and white TV. They don’t know anything about not having a computer or the internet. The “Google” they know is not at the library we knew. So much has changed in so little time it seems.

All of this can be a double-edged sword. I choose to focus on the good it can bring. We are at the cusp of change, and the children are the catalyst for this change.

It is fascinating to see this catalyst in action. Working with the youth who pick up on new ideas and innovations so readily is inspiring and gives much hope for man. We witness this with the Blinc team now.

Knowing these young ones seem to be born with the knowledge of computers and how best to use them as tools especially in the business world is very encouraging!

Bitcoin and digital currencies are second nature, and they “get” the idea behind them.

It is fantastic to know that the Compumatrix business model is so well understood and accepted by the adults of the future! With the hands and minds of these talented and bright young men and women, Compumatrix will be the leader in the future for all who aspire to Engage, Enhance, and Enrich lives around the world!

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. wow Gail you just do not miss with Blog postings — they are such a joy to read and filled with great information and learnable parts — i will read and read again this and other postings and gather good info and helps teach me and also when I talk outside this area i have a better more professional tone and people seem to listen better?? great stuff and thank you —

  2. Thank you, RJ. It is easy to write about things one feels much conviction about. I DO feel the children are our future and should be treated as the most valuable asset we are ever blessed with. They will pick up the torch from us and carry on to either make or break this world. It is up to us to teach them by example in the way we would have them go. We should all be VERY careful with the influence we have especially with children. Their young minds are more than the fertile ground where our gardens are planted. They will take us on down this highway of life, so we have to decide while they are young and impressionable to teach them in the right ways.

  3. Gail every day I am more enchanted with your posts! Yes! Children are the future of the world and we are the source of examples that they have to follow life. I always took care that my daughters had good examples with my attitudes, and when I had situations that were not good (after all, I am a human being …), I talked to them explaining that that example was not good to be followed! Thank goodness the 2 became fantastic beings, and I feel very blessed for that.

  4. Hello Gail that post couldn’t be any better that that. I agree with rjh59 your blog posts are so interesting that i can learn things and understand things a lot better. When it comes to children i can read about that all day long so keep it up Gail. You are teaching an some people are learning me for one.

  5. I agree whole heartily with what you said, Gail. We are of like mind and want what is best for ours and all the youth of this world. What better example than us and compumatrix. You just have a better way of expressing your thoughts than I do. The good thing is I can also learn from you. I appreciate all you do and the role you have with Compumatrix. What an opportunity to change the world.

  6. Thank you Gail for another excellent and most relevant post. So often we need to remember how we affect the children around us. Whether we destroy or create someone of integrity depends on us. Kids don’t hate automatically, they are taught to hate. Children are born with a clean slate; values are not genetic. All values are learned, the good and the bad and whether we teach them deliberately or not we pass our values on to the next generation. The values our children will emulate come from their environment, from us. When children are young they don’t know that they’re supposed to hate people who are different; as Gail said they look to us as teachers. If you want to end the racism and the bitterness and the hate that divides America today, it will have to begin with each us in our own home. People of every color will have to participate.

  7. Oh, thank you, folks!! you all are so kind!! I love talking to children, they say things so simply and honestly! If you want to know the truth, just ask a child. They are too innocent to lie to you! I absolutely love their candor. To see the world through the eyes of a child is pure magic!

  8. Reading this blog brought a song into my head. I love country music. Many of these country songs use music as a narrative device. The song “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins is spot on for what you posted above Gail. Our children mimic everything we do. As the song says, they are watching us and everything we do. Here at Compumatrix, so many are watching, but many are watching the wrong “parent,” so it makes it difficult to know where the focus should be. Some of these “parents” are negative. As with parents, whomever they follow will teach their children to seek out similar friends. The focus at Compumatrix has always been to educate the members to be positive and to look forward. Compumatrix teaches the members how to “Engage, Enhance, and Enrich lives around the world”!

  9. Thank you Gail, we always love information from you in any form. I love this article because kids are small and people forget but they are our future. The better examples we are to them the better adults they will grow into. They watch everything you do and say. It’s amazing being a mom and I would never trade that job for anything in the world. I just wish they could stay small longer.

  10. Excellent Post Gail, It reminded me of the Master saying in one of his Answers to his disciples, who rebuked those bringing children to him to put his hands on them and pray I quote; ” Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come after me: For such is the kingdom of heaven”.
    The youth of today is our future, they are growing up with the latest technology they are watching everything that is happening in this world. And watching what we are doing.

  11. I had to chuckle to myself when you mentioned children may never know how to use a rotary phone. My mind flashed a picture of my grandmother putting her big rotary phone in her purse and off to work. Of course, I never saw this because she was already retired when I knew her but she used to tell us these stories about how she kept my father and his sisters off the phone when she was at work!

  12. I so agree with you Gail in that our children of today are very intelligent. My little great granddaughter is so smart and so interested in everything around her. Her focus at such a young age is extraordinary! I pray they can stay on a true, positive path and not veer off into the negative, radical thinking that many young people are exhibiting today. And when they are young the children are such a pleasure to be around. There are many short videos on facebook, etc. of young children giving their views that are fantastic to watch.

  13. Great Post Gail . Yes we have our greatest influence on our children during the first twelve years of their lives. Once adolescence hits, our ability to guide them is reduced as they become increasingly independent, and as they look to their peers and other outside influences to guide them. Keep that in mind and guide them carefully .
    For example …When our kids want our attention, we’ll have a more positive influence if we give it to them.
    Listen but don’t fix , Parents are great at fixing things. We can fix sore knees, broken hearts, messy friendships, and even some difficult homework projects. But our kids generally don’t need us to fix them.
    Set some limits , but sometimes nothing says “I love you” more than a firm and clear “No!” from mum or dad.

  14. I agree our children are our future and they do watch learn and listen sometimes when you do not know it. I have to laugh at them sometimes when I tell them the way it was when I was growing up they look at me in disbelief like they could not of survived that. My wife has a section on her FB that says “How I survived my childhood” and then goes into no helmets no seatbelts no knee pads no AC no PC and on and on. I think it is very important that we all mentor are children and teach respect and morals they are the next generation.

  15. The Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. It is indeed our duty to teach them kindness and respect for all. And also teach them ways they can prosper. It is fun watching the world unfold in an young ones eyes and seeing where their minds can take the education.

    With Crypto being the currency of the future we all need to be well versed in blockchain tech so we can teach it to them. So they understand it and what the possibilities are with it.

    I look forward to a new youth coming in the next few years that understand these principals fully. We are already starting to see the possibilities with all the late teen and early 20’s youth utilizing the block chain to expand what they love to do into an income generating machine. Super happy to be part of this time in history as so many changes are in the works and well, WE as knowledgeable adults are the ones helping them shine.

  16. You guys are so right about children today being so smart! Of course, that comes with detriments as well. Sometimes when I’m on the phone with our son, he gets upset with his daughter. She has a tendency to use her Ipad and change the station on the TV he is watching in the other room. When they are doing this at 4, their future is limitless!

  17. Ha Gail, you go Girl. Your analogy with the garden is great. Unfortunately in both cases it is harder these days. The soil is tainted and not as fertile as in the past. In the case of our Kids, they are following the digital influence in their lives as are adults but in the case of Kids they are being molded by this and we can’t be on top of them 24/7 and so we have a harder job of getting their attention to guide them in the right direction as social media is creating a subliminal impression and it is always on.
    To look at some Kids that are fed on the ‘wrong’ digital information and one that is brought up to be responsible and learn from this digital age is a sight to behold.
    So yes a good garden that is tended well will produce good crops and a Kid that grows up in a loving, guided way will certainly be a gift to others in the future.

  18. Another gem of a Blog Gail.As you put it they will copy/ape everything they see done.Their minds are very fertile but at the same time very fragile and as your seedling are tended to very tenderly and carefully so goes for the children.I hope Negativity as portrayed in Discord is not adopted by the young minds as Erline mentioned.Compumatrix and Blinc ,both are great gifts to all os us but more importantly for the younger generation and the next ones to come after.So in Rodney Atkins lingo Compumatrix is Buckaroo for the younger folks.therefore Engage ,Enhance and Enrich.

  19. Another well-written blog by Gail..
    Talking about children reminds me of the Von Trapp family kids, in the best movie that I have ever seen so far – “THE SOUND OF MUSIC”. A perfect example of how a wise governess changed the lives of seven stubborn young lads and transformed them into lovable human beings.
    Children learn very quickly and instinctively imitate their parents . For them to be caring, responsible and loving elders, their education and upbringing is fundamental. The new generation now has Compumatrix to educate them further and make them even smarter.

  20. I can’t think of a greater responsibility in life as of being a good parent. Loving a son or daughter comes naturally, but the main goal as a parent is to help your child feel competent and confident. The qualities and values we teach them will be the foundation of their character such as honesty, caring, being respectful and considerate plus a desire to learn are important too . As parents we learn each stage of growth has its great challenges and no matter how old your child is, you are a parent for life. I come from a small family and living in the US my family is even smaller and I always feel the desire to have a big family.

  21. Thank you Gail for sharing the importance of children with our future. I think of the wisdom of my grandmother. She said, “we write the first few chapters and the children will finish writing the rest of their story”. It is important to help guide the children to a happy, peaceful, loving, prosperous life.

  22. Oh, thank you for your words on children. As you know, I am a teacher of young elementary children, and I so much agree with you. They ARE our future, and what we impress on them now will stay with them to help them find their way later in life. Thanks for the acknowledgment!

  23. My boys are my reason for doing about anything I do. Whether it be working to support their immediate needs or building Compumatrix for their futures. One day I hope to be able to pass the reins on to them so they can continue building. I agree with this whole blog as the children ARE our futures and one day we will reap what we sow – whether it is in the garden soil or the garden of life!!

  24. So many nice compliments! I appreciate them all and thank you!! This was an easy blog to put together because it comes from the heart. I DO garden, but more importantly, I love children and my own children and grandchildren are very special to me. I know a parent will understand that. We are the frontline influencers to our children. This is a huge responsibility – think about it and act accordingly!!

  25. Great blog, Gail. Yes, I agree youth are the future. They always have been. But this is a new group and many of them really have their act together. Specifically I can see that in my 22 yo granddaughter. While we are US citizens she got accepted into the Vancouver BC Emily Carr Art Institute for beginning Fall studies. She self taught herself how to draw and is particularly good with figures, faces and animation. But, she’s also intelligent enough to know art doesn’t always pay that well so she is inclined to also get a law degree and combine the two. She’s very aware, well read and articulate. I’ve told her, just don’t become a politician. But the reality is she would become a really good politician and this country needs more like her. And after all, it’s the youth that are the next generation. I consistently encourage her to follow her dreams and goals. 

  26. Yes, T Windorn, and that is what I meant really. That this new generation will carry the future on, be they well prepared or not. Taught well or not. Inspired to greatness or not. This, I believe, is up to us as adults. Making sure we do the very best with this generation of children that we possibly can to ensure future generations. And hopefully, they too will pass the torch down as well.

  27. had to come back and read this blog and replies again after reading Carmens blog and the similarities twix the two writers and the help the stories and memories and ideas lend are definitely a godsend to me — so much great effort to help and also the thoughts of our Children sand the youth being the Future so true so very True — great info and great wisdom —

  28. Great post Gail. You are spot on. Children and the next generation are the future for sure. Its amazing how many times we hear about Erline, you, and the BOD having some of the young generation over to the house and teaching them about Compumatrix and the future of crypto. The next generation is so primed for all of this. They all live on their phones, devices, computers. They already are so comfortable with the digital world. We are just steering them to the important things in that world.

  29. There is a theory that everyone in the world is part of the ‘Collective Consciousness’. That is that every known thing, and everything not yet discovered, can be brought forth in any individual who is alive today or in the future.
    It is said that children are born with all of the knowledge of all of the humans that came before them. If that is true, then all of the babies born in this generation and ones to come, are already infused with all of the technical knowledge of this world today.
    All members of the human race start out with the possibility of becoming and Einstein or a Steven Hawking because they are born with all of the collective knowledge gone before them.

    1. I have read that theory and it does make sense. Perhaps we don’t learn things after all but remember them or pull them from our already knowing mind? Babies are smarter, grow faster, walk quicker, and find their voice much sooner than I ever can remember. They are fascinating little bundles of joy!!

  30. Another great blog from Gail. To say, the children are the next generation or the children are the future is misleading for they do not belong to the future but are here present now.
    The teaching starts today at whatever level of understanding they stand. Maybe they are not interested in what you are saying or doing but the do observe and learn.
    And as a great teacher once said, when the student(Child, Youngster) is ready, the teacher(tutor) will appear.

  31. Haha I enjoyed reading this blog post because it is so true! I think many adults underestimate the amount that children are able to comprehend and process. For example, I am the eldest sibling in my family. I used to think my little sister did not understand what I was going through or even how money worked, but I realize now that she was watching my parents and I. She learned and saw everything that we did: our good and bad habits, tendencies, and choices. I am so glad to not only be an example for my little sister, but also to have amazing examples for me to learn from.

  32. I used to counsel children and prided myself on being able to verbally and non verbally teach them how to live with respect, care and love for themselves and others. The most disheartening fact, and confusing for the children, was that their parents / guardians were not living in such a way. The struggle was difficult to overcome. It was also very hard to get parents / guardians to understand just how much they impact the minds of the children in their life. I once had a session with a child and his mother. The child spoke to me with care in their words and used manners! When the mother asked the child, why do you speak to her like that and not me? The child looked at his mom and said, because I respect her and she respects me, you do not. I was shocked to say the least and hoped the mother wasn’t going to get angry with me! It was in that moment when I realized I was making a difference in these children’s lives and they are taking in everything they hear and see around them! It was both rewarding on my end and sad that that was the blatant truth he spoke to his mother.

  33. Thank you Gail, I have always loved working with and around children and they were and are always very quick and perceptive. When I used to manage a young soccer team of 10-year-olds…I loved being able to use the training times as an opportunity to give them confidence and to express themselves but also they taught me that it was the parents that had the issues and problems. The child just wanted to have fun and be believed in.
    Today my eldest son and his partner took the keys of their own first home and I look on in pride as I see that shy, bullied little boy is now a confident happy man who will anything to help anyone.

  34. Fantastic read as always Gail.

    During university, I did alot of work within the educational parts of my degree. Within the animal industry, teaching the younger generations of the importantance of conservation work for wildlife is key. The children of this world are the ones who carry on our good work and keep pushing forward to bring positive changes.

    I’m personally excited to teach people of all ages but the children, they are the shining light in the world.

  35. Very awesome. The children of today are leaders of tomorrow. Parents and guardians must take big responsibilities to bring them up properly. With the right skills, attitude and positive mindset. Which is to prepare them for the future challenges. Children also deserve the best and quality life. Enhanced on proper education, sound mentorship and counseling, quality health care and many more virtues.

  36. Exactly, the future world requires very great human beings. People of high integrity, compassion, good work ethics, servant leadership mention them all…… etc. As parents what moral; characters, habits and behaviours are you showing your children. Always remember children will copy and emulate exactly who you are. That’s why sometimes we refers some individuals; like father like sons or like mother like daughters

  37. “True leaders are not born, they are made”. Quite fantastic we are living in a world created and shaped by great and inspiring leaders from all around the world. It’s a responsibility of a parent to ensure, that children emerge as the best future leaders. Teaching the children the right values and skills, it’s a positive impact to the future world. The more preparedness of the children, is the most successful of the future world. Always remember, we all desire more future lights in our homes, right?

  38. Gail, am so interested with this blog. Parents must always initiate group activities among their children and teach them the art of sharing, caring cooperating and coordinating with one another. Learn to listen and always be humble. More so, to love one another as brothers and sisters. And, No one should consider him/herself as the greatest among them. “Jesus, knowing their thoughts, took a little child and had him stand beside him. Then he said to them. Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me: and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For he who is least among you all – he is the greatest. Very true, “children are our future”.

  39. Children are our future indeed Gail and I hope that I have succeeded to prepare my own children in a proper and decent way for their lives and future. That I have succeeded to teach them to do the right things and that they will be a living example for others. As far as I can see I did it well because they show a positive attitude in their lives and family and in their jobs.

  40. The way that you know that your blogs are good is when it takes 10 minutes to scroll through all the replies to your blog to get to the place where you can reply yourself. Then if you add that up for all the blogs you write, that makes you are really good “blog writer”. I am sure it has already been said but I have also experienced the joy of having my kids and grandkids watch with great interest as I move through the normal activities of life. And they are definitely paying attention. What a great responsibility for all of us in this role. As far as their ability to pick up on Bitcoin and other digital currencies, it goes without saying. They will learn this much easier than I did for sure.

  41. this is such a great read and so much agree that reading replies to these great blog postings is also so much a part of the learning — this biz has wonderful people in the middle and so much caring from all over the world — it is just that nice to be a part of this and as teaching your children it is a Heart thing — Compu biz is a Heart thing — imho —

  42. Gail, Great article,Children are a mirror of our personality,our children will learn a lot about our character, morals and culture,children are our future asset,one generation can change the future of an entire nation, today’s children are born in the age of modern technology, their brains are absorbing a lot of this technology,they will go a long way in the world of crypto,future generations will benefit when they come across our company compumatrix.

  43. What a beautiful piece of reminder you just wrote for the parents/guardians, Gail. It has been said that, good or bad, the ceiling of the parents is the floor of their children. Parenting is an on-the-job training; there are no hard and fast rules on becoming successful parents. I believe continually committing our children to the Lord is the best thing parents can do do even after their children have left home.

    It is truly amazing how this generation can easily cope with new trends in technology and understand the functionalities of different gadgets. There are many things that I am able to do at the computer because of the help of my daughter. I believe she will beat me in doing Compumatrix when it is ready to roll.

  44. this blog is so interesting to study and learn from and i still laugh at the thought of my Child not knowing or using rotary phone — there is so much in todays tech society that children will know their day — gotta admit though my day wasn’t all that bad — but do have Trouble trying to stay current ?? am working at but dadgum — great blog Gail keep sharing —

  45. The blog mentioned “you don’t believe anyone would argue that today’s children are brighter and more advanced than previous generations.” There are so many resources now to help children be smarter and smarter. I can remember that Erline posted a lot of learning resources for children at one time.

  46. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because it shows that someone has not only taken the time to observe someone else but also like it enough to imitate it. As the blog mentions that our children are watching, we should try to make sure that when they do, we are setting a good example.

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