Clicking Is Cool But Keystrokes Still Rule

Computers are fantastic machines that have changed our lives significantly over the past thirty years. Most business owners today flat out rely on computers to help with managing their business. That is true for owners of big companies, small businesses, and home-based businesses. As technologically complicated as computers are, fortunately, their operating systems, programs, and apps have tamed these beasts for us. The average person now finds computers to be very user-friendly. That fact, coupled with dropping costs over the years, paved the way for the Internet’s mass adoption.  

Controlling computers with point and click technology, as well as with touch screen technology, has become the norm. These control methods have enhanced the user-friendly factor of computers, laptops, and mobile devices as well. But it is often overlooked that computers and laptops, with keyboards, can still be controlled with  Keystrokes. Computer keyboards have plenty of very helpful and powerful Keystrokes available for use. Keystrokes are a combination of keys pressed simultaneously that perform a specific action on the computer. They are commonly known as Keyboard Shortcuts. Prepare to be amazed by some of the very cool things that you can do with them! If you take the time to learn just a few Shortcuts, you will find that they can become big Time Savers for you.   

I don’t know if keystrokes are popular anymore, but I suspect they are not. What I DO know is that when I share some of my favorite Keystrokes with people, they typically DON’T know them, and they are happy that I showed them! That is why I decided to share my favorite Shortcuts here so that you can potentially enjoy a better relationship with your computer or laptop. Note: The following Keystrokes are for Windows computers. Mac computers also have Keyboard Shortcuts that you can find by searching on DuckDuckGo or your favorite search engine.

Here Are Some Of
My Favorite Keystrokes 

1. Alt + Tab:  This FANTASTIC Keystroke shows you all of your open windows and provides incredibly fast maneuverability between your open windows!

To control this Keystroke, you HOLD DOWN the Alt key with your thumb, then TAP on the Tab key with your index finger. Each time you TAP, it will highlight another open window or your Desktop. When you let go, it will OPEN/DISPLAY that window over all the others. With a little practice, you will find that you can get around your computer much faster than hunting for tabs to click. 

NOTE: The “Tab” key no longer says “Tab” on ALL keyboards. Some keyboards only show “left and right arrows” instead and is just over your “CAPS LOCK” key. If that is how yours looks, then the keystroke would be Alt + Left Right Arrows Key 

2. Ctrl + Z: This is “UNDO.”  I LOVE THIS KEYSTROKE because it has saved me from writing disasters so many times over the years! The typical situation where this helps will be when you are writing in an email or on a word document, and you “accidentally highlight and ERASE” something you just wrote. Now there is no need to panic anymore! You no longer have to try to remember what you wrote and try to re-write it. Just use Ctrl + Z, and the text will magically re-appear!!!

3. Ctrl + A: This is “Highlight All.” Instead of clicking and dragging to highlight a large amount of text or content on a page, use this, and it will instantly highlight everything on the page of a document or everything within a field of a web form.

4. Ctrl + C: This is “Copy.” You probably already know how to copy by right-clicking and then clicking on Copy, but with a little practice, this Keystroke can be faster. It works in most documents, emails, forms, and also on websites.

5. Ctrl + V: This is “Paste.” As with Copy above, you probably already know how to paste by right-clicking and then clicking on Paste, but with a little practice, this Keystroke can also be faster than all of the clicking. This Shortcut also works in most documents, emails, forms, and even on websites.

6. Ctrl + “+”:  This is “Zoom”.  You can quickly zoom or magnify your screen on most websites by just holding down the CTRL key and tapping on the Plus Sign. Each tap makes the page 10% larger. 

7. Ctrl + “-“: This is “Shrink.” By just holding down the CTRL key and tapping on the Minus Sign, you can quickly shrink or un-zoom your screen on most websites. Each tap makes the page 10% smaller.

8. Shift + Windows Key + S: This opens SnipIt.  This Shortcut is very helpful when you need to take a screenshot of part of your screen. It opens the SnipIt controls that you can click and drag over the area you want to capture. The image will be saved automatically to your clipboard. You can paste it into a document, email, Discord, Telegram, or any other program that accepts pasted images. 

9. Windows Key + D: This displays your Desktop.  You can instantly go to your Desktop, instead of minimizing or closing all windows to see it. Press down and hold the Windows Logo and then tap the “D” key, as shown in the picture below. 

Have you ever been using your computer and had your cursor freeze? Did you know that if that happens again, that you can SAFELY restart your computer with the Shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Delete? Well, now, you know. That is always a safer choice than turning off the computer with the power button, in the middle of a hung session, which could lead to a crash.

I Saved One Of The Best Keystrokes For Last!

10. The Space Bar: This will completely change how you use your computer online!!! Believe it or not, this little secret has been right under your nose for years. Press your Space Bar while you are on any website, and it will Scroll The Page Down for you!!!  To scroll the page UP, use the Keystroke Shift + Space Bar!  Forget about clicking in the annoying little track on the side of the window that shoots you past the place you are trying to view. Just hit the space bar to go down the webpage in a controlled manner. Are you amazed yet? Lol

There are many more Shortcuts that you can use, and you should be able to find them easily by searching on DuckDuckGo or your favorite search engine. If you found this article helpful, please take a minute to leave a comment. If there is enough interest shown, I will be happy to post a second article and share more of my favorite Keystrokes with you. Thank You for taking the time to read my post!

About the author

Kevin Bowser is a student of life and an entrepreneur. He enjoys helping and teaching others how to successfully participate in the cryptocurrency revolution, with a focus on them developing strong security practices. Kevin is fascinated by decentralized systems and the potential for positive change that they represent for humanity.


  1. I love this hint Kevin … Ctrl + Z: This is “UNDO.” ..
    You don’t know how many times I could of used that one in the past . but all are the shortcuts I wish I knew years ago, could of save me a whole pile of time. I copied and pasted them in a note pad and am going to print them off … I know on this old computer , the shortcuts are going to be well used .. Thanks for this Blog ,very Helpfull .

    1. Me too Lorna! I felt the exact same way when I learned it years ago. It has saved me countless times and I am thankful every time I use it, which is quite often. I find it fascinating that the keystrokes, or Keyboard Shortcuts, that I learned so many years ago on a computer with floppy disks and no hard drive, still work today.

  2. as i have said before keep writing KB — this is great info for probably a few more older types and less puter Savvy types like myself — fingers don’t work well on glass screens so do use older tech to surf and do what is needed on computer for life and biz — thanks brother — rj

  3. Kevin a very informative blog! I read it and saved it.This blog is very helpful for me and I will wait to know about other keystrokes. I’ve never used Ctrl + Z and window key +D, this is new to me.I learned a lot from this blog and I’m glad you shared a very informative blog with us.Thank you for helping us.

  4. My friend, the feeling is like im doing refresher course for computer navigation and shortcuts. for sure I had forgot the shortcuts now I can practise and use, this will help many us here as we move since we will make our fingers do the walking. thank you put this together, showing us the great use for them.

    1. I’m glad to hear that you plan to use this information and PRACTICE using the keystrokes. It does take practice but it is worth it to do so. My goal with this article is to help many others to save time by being able to use their computers more effectively. I’m very pleased to see your comment, along with many other very positive comments, that indicate to me that I am going to achieve that goal!

  5. Reading this blog taught me a lot of things because I am a two finger type person. Now I can go and do some of the things that you talked about in this blog. I want to thank you for this information because we are never to old to learn.

  6. Thank you Kevin for putting all of this together. A number of keystrokes I did not know. I will print out the list and use them in the future for sure. I like leaving my hands on the keyboard and not have to always be flipping back and forth to the mouse. I am a firm believer in utilizing any shortcuts that we have available to us. We often don’t use them because we don’t know about them. Thanks again.

    1. You’re welcome, Jeffrey. It is nice to know that you were able to learn some NEW Keyboard Shortcuts from my article. FYI, just for fun, I hid Two (2) powerful BONUS Shortcuts in plain view! You can find them very easily by looking closer at the picture at the top of the article. They are new to me too and I think they are both great!

  7. Thank you Kevin, I love anything that keeps life simple for me and these shortcuts are great. I only ever used a few of them and it’s good to be reminded of the ones we may have forgotten too. When my sons were younger, they told me they were learning to use a computer at school, so I decided to take evening classes for word pressing at the local college to get an idea of how to use a computer.
    Well, I think one evening whilst learning how to copy and paste; I pressed the wrong keys and somehow ended up looking at a screen showing the wages of all the staff. The teacher was horrified and didn’t know how it happened. She said that somehow I had accessed the college accounts :-). Maybe I had accidentally used some keystrokes I wasn’t meant too.

    1. I agree with you 100%, Peter, when you said “…keeps life simple for me and these shortcuts are great.” That’s an interesting story about accessing confidential info by way of a “wrong keystroke” There are still many shortcuts for us all to discover, both by mistake and on purpose. Lol

  8. Wow, Kevin, you are the King of Keystroke tips! Thank you for sharing your valuable keystroke secrets. I have copied and pasted your tips on my notes for future reference. It is definitely a time saver, and with any new skill, it takes practice. I look forward to the day when I can do it automatically as you can. I am going to share it with my daughter for her college essays to save her frustration and time.

    1. You’re welcome Kristin and Thank You for your comments. I’m glad to know that you are going to use this information for yourself and also share it with your daughter! As with any skill, practice makes things part of you. I love that these Keyboard Shortcuts are helpful for business use, educational use, as well as personal use!

  9. This is excellent information, Kevin – a blog to save for sure. I see now all I seemed to rely on was Ctrl C (cut) and Ctrl V (paste)….now I have a lot more shortcuts to add. I recently learnt about the zoom in and out and love that one, especially if the print is so small that my eyes can hardly see! Ctrl + Z where have you been all my life – it has lots of times been hard to reproduce text that was lost to me especially when I thought what I had written was so clever 🙂 A part two would be very welcome.

  10. Thanks for the great informative article Kevin. It is always nice to know a new shortcut or two. I knew of a few like control c and control v. Be sure to know that I will be using the other ones from now on. Thank you for teaching an old dog a new trick or two.

  11. KB — it is just a great thing even though i just basically read this and actually used some these shortcuts — fact of the matter is — had to come back and read again and probably will by end of tomorrow read this again and then will have wrote down for my memory banks the keys and keystrokes — great stuff —

  12. Thank you, Kevin. I do use some of these but didn’t realize they’re so many that I haven’t been using. This is a definite save. In fact, going to print this out and set it here by my computer for future reference. I need all the help I can get.
    Going to share this with my granddaughter also now that she is home doing quite a bit of her classes here on the computer now.

    1. Helen, you’re welcome. Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. It is nice to hear that you already use some keystrokes and that you are going to print this info so that you can start using more. I’m very happy to hear that you are going to share this information with your granddaughter!!! I know that she will find the keyboard shortcuts to be valuable and helpful too.

  13. Wow Kevin, I still use all my keystrokes. I did not realise people were not using them any longer. I think keystrokes have been embedded in my brain. Cannot imagine doing anything on my PC without them. You did have two that I honestly did not know, the Zoom in and out. Those are new to me. Thanks for the heads up, I am going to use them!!

  14. Thank you, Kevin I love learning all the short cuts. I knew some but most I have to admit I didn’t know so Yeah! Learning has its curve like anything else where kids today love keystrokes I still feel the need to have a wireless controller. lol, I still use a calendar I write every day for years. lol

  15. An excellent post. Many computer users do not know about or have even heard of shortcut keys.Mac does have it’s own shortcuts, some are even same as for windows. Instead of pressing the “Windows” tab, use the “command” tab. It is worth while researching and using these keys. Make a list of the shortcut keys, print it out and keep it handy near you as you work. Thanks Kevin for the post.

  16. Wow, Kevin, what a fantastic blog article to read tonight!

    If I don’t have a mouse attached to my computer, I’m LOST!
    Though I do know a few keystrokes, like how to copy&paste, zoom in, and zoom out a page (use them a lot when I want to copy a whole page as a shot-screen)…
    I never could study, memorize these things…

    Now I can’t wait to be able to use the Control+Z! When writing a long email (usually the long ones I definitely don’t want to re-do), I can’t remember how many times I’ve inadvertently deleted it all and, ‘OMG I am NOT feeling able to write it all over again, remember everything I was saying…’
    So, THANK you lots for what you decided to write about today. It made my day!

    1. Dora, I used to be the same way… lost without a mouse, Lol, but not anymore. I find it helpful to keep a list of the Keyboard Shortcuts, that I’m trying to learn, on my desktop so I can refer to it plenty of times throughout the day. Eventually, with practice and use, I don’t need that list anymore and then I make another one with new keystrokes.

      Yes, the Ctrl + Z is SUPER HELPFUL!!! I remember that sinking feeling very well when I would accidentally delete something important that I had written BEFORE learning that fantastic keystroke! FYI, the opposite keystroke is helpful too. That one is Ctrl + Y, which is “Undo”.
      You’re welcome Dora and it’s nice to know that this info made your day! Thank you, Dora, for taking the time to leave your comments.

  17. Great post Kevin and thanks for sharing your favorites keystrokes. Yes, some of the Keystrokes I am familiar with but have learned a few new once also and will save them on a notepad. By trying out a few I mixed up a bit my computer, but pretty fast I got back to my normal again. That’s the only way to learn something new to try it out. I would also love to see more posts about this, something we all can use one way or the other.

    1. You’re welcome Gitta! It is truly my pleasure to share this information with you and with everyone. It is nice to hear that you are already trying the Keystrokes and making a little bit of a mess on your computer and cleaning it up again… Lol. That is the best way to learn! I appreciate your feedback and your vote for me to see more posts on Keyboard Shortcuts! I will definitely do a Part 2 on this subject, due to the overwhelmingly positive response to this article. Thank you for your feedback!

  18. Wonderful and helpful blog Kevin.It would help us learn and navigate better when we use our computer,and make some cool and safe strokes whilst brwosing and surfing on the websites.

  19. Dear Kevin, this is very helpful to me…many thanks. I plan to put all your keystrokes into a document for me to print and put alongside my computer so that I can make full use of them. I never realized about the “Space Bar” until today and you are right, you have definitely save the best for last!

    1. Yasushi, Thank You for letting me know that you found this blog article to be “very helpful” to you! I like your idea of printing out the information and placing it near your computer for easy access. I think others will do that too.
      I have always kept mine on a document on my desktop and accessed it frequently throughout the day. But now I have a NEW way, thanks to some new Shortcuts I learned while researching for this blog post! I will share that info in my next post, “Part 2” on this subject.
      FYI, I love using the Space Bar to scroll webpages down too, Yasushi! Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  20. i like that idea of printing off a document –had not thought of that –been writing down stuff in my notebooks and using them to help learn but may just start printing — so much great info in these blogs and each time i read i learn more — thank you all —

  21. Love the keystrokes. As an avid, once upon a time, Photoshop User you learn to use keystrokes to accomplish many styles, additions and of course the famous command Z to fix your mistakes. As a Mac only user (except for Windows when needed), you learn the Keystrokes quickly. In publishing time is money when the deadline is due. Learn the keystrokes, they do save lots of time. Good one Kevin!

  22. Thanks, Kevin! I knew some of the keystrokes, but many I did not. Shortcuts can be a key to greater efficiency, so I am all for it! It is amazing to me how long I have been using the computer, and yet have not known these simple and helpful keystrokes. I will certainly be using them now, and will share with others so they can also improve the efficiency of their computer use.

  23. Thank you Kevin for the very useful information that you have provided in this blog post. These keystroke shortcuts are very useful when using the computer. I did not know a number of them that you supplied. The space bar, ctrl + Z,and most of the others are new to me. I was familiar with and have used the ctrl+C and the ctrl+V. I will seek to incorporate these shortcut in my keyboard usage. I really appreciate this information.

  24. Thank you Kevin, that was a very comprehensive list! Some of them I was aware of before, but a good many are completely new to me. As you say, you saved the best of them for last. I will make sure to learn all of them, but to use the space bar for scrolling I will use right away.

  25. Yes, Kevin, we need more of your favourite keystrokes. I appreciate all these you have given us in this blog. I wanted to take time to find short cuts I have seen others use but did not know where to look for them nor recently to take the time to do so. Thank you, and I look forward to more short cuts and also knowledge about the sticky keys. Our dear friends in Compumatrix are ever teaching us in every aspect geared toward our business with Compumatrix; we are ever learning. Thank you.

    1. Ok, Carmen, I am working on the second blog article on Keystrokes / Keyboard Shortcuts / Shortcuts. I have been happily surprised by the huge number of appreciative Comments that people have made on this post! Working on this subject has afforded ME the focus to learn a bunch of new Shortcuts too and I’m enjoying practicing them!!!
      That is what I call a true Win-Win. 😍😍 I’m having fun with one, in particular, which opens the Emojis that I didn’t even know that I had! It is Windows Key + the Period or Dot Key (.) It is harder to explain than it is to use 😁.

      1. Hey Kevin, your first list of keystrokes has been really helpful for me….many thanks. I am looking forward to Part 2 of your blog on this topic as I am sure it will be very useful to me and many members here. Keep up the great work!

  26. Thanks for this description Kevin Bowser! Some I recognized but many were new to me. My keyboard has almost stopped working, but when I get a new computer, I will learn all the keystrokes so it will be easier to type and I can keep an eye on the text while I type. Special thanks for the idea of using Space bar to scroll up and down web pages!

  27. Thank you Kevin for posting this list. Being self taught on the use of a computer, my best friend has been the use of a search bar using my browser. YouTube has also been a huge help. Today the world is at our finger tips. Just typing in key words to search for anything will bring a ton of information within seconds right in front of you. After hearing about short cuts from a friend I immediately went to search for it and was amazed at how that made my life so much easier when using my computer.

    1. You’re welcome Erline. I am also self-taught on the computer and I also use searches and YouTube very often! That practice has resulted in my education on many different subjects in recent years. What I love is that anything that I may forget, I’m able to just look it up again for a refresher. That makes every day like an “Open Book Test”, which I love! 💖 Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment here.

  28. still am writing down the key points and shortcuts — and knowing more and more about simpler ways to do computer and keep up to date and then with each read get more info to use everyday — there is just so much good stuff in these blogs and replies — the info is for most part true and usable in everyday scenarios —

  29. Kevin this is truly a refresher for me, sometimes i get frustrated when the mouse is not working and yet I’m in hurry and i need easy navigation, that time my brain cannot recall the shortcuts and “hacks” that help the situation. Thank you for this reminder.

  30. Thanks Kevin, nice to see a review of these keystrokes and give me some reminders. I actually use many of them, they make using the computer easier to get certain things accomplished. I did not know the space bar keystroke though, I will use that one now also!

  31. Wow what a great thing to know I sure could of used that UNDO ctrl Z one many times had no ideal this makes me want to even go bigger and learn more keystrokes so much convenience. my wife knows more keystrokes then I do but I do not think she knows this many. There have been a few instances I can remember losing everything I wrote and thought it was gone for good that one is golden in my book….lol

    1. Wow is right Tim!!! Every time that I learn a new Keyboard Shortcut that does something that I already do frequently with my cursor, first I get excited about it. Then I get that “crying over spilled milk feeling”, as in WOW, I wish I had learned this a long time ago… 👀 Then I get excited again because I realize that it doesn’t matter and that NOW is a great time to possess this new knowledge! Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments, Tim.

  32. Thank you Kevin for this great list of keystrokes list. Every time I read a blog always learning something new from it. I have saved this , and I will use it in the future … now that we are learning and using computers for everything in our every-days lives it will be very useful.. As you said, when implemented will save a lot of time which is great and more time for learning…….

  33. Kevin has given us a great insight of Keystrokes. Valuable information and it increases our knowledge. Will go through your blog several and make better use of all the bars on the computer keyboard. Thank you, Kim.

  34. Erline and Kevin (Erline especially, I guess…), I wish I had the brain you both seem to have to memorize these things. I’m always in a hurry or too tired to go look for stuff… or simply forget I had them pasted somewhere *LOL*
    But now I sure will! I HAVE TO learn, it’s a pain not to know the basics of a computer, when I work with a computer!

    And, Kevin, thank you so much for the new tip. This one is easy and I won’t forget it either!

    And, oh, I am referring here for ‘keystrokes’… not anything else. I can very well find my way through search when I want or need something.

    BTW, Kevin… teach me how to place an emoji in this comment as you did… 🙂

    I have to try… after that smile appeared… 🙂
    (I did search in WordPress settings and couldn’t find them!)

    1. You’re welcome, Dora! I’m having fun with the Emojis, that I didn’t even know that I had! They are on your keyboard, not in WordPress… 😉
      You can access them with this Keystroke:
      Windows Key + Period (.)
      It is harder to explain than it is to use. 😁 Have fun with them, Dora!

  35. This is such an important topic. Mastering Kevin’s highlighted keystrokes can greatly improve your productivity. I’ve found them particularly useful for trading in the DEX and navigating spreadsheets. To say that these will double your productivity is actually an understatement. Mastery of keystrokes and a nice multi-screen setup can exponentially increase your productivity of repetitive tasks.

    1. Steven, I appreciate your ringing endorsement! I agree with you 100% about how they significantly increase or even DOUBLE 👀 your productivity or more! 😎 Since I posted this article, I have been learning and practicing new Keystrokes. Yesterday I discovered a new one by accident that changed my whole relationship with my computer!!! I’m eager to share it in a Part 2 post on this subject.

  36. .OMG! What a great blog! I am going to begin to incorporate these keyboard strokes right away. I, also, am a self taught computer user who often has spent many more hours on a project than is necessary by not using keystrokes. I am anxiously awaiting your sequence to this blog. Thank you!

  37. Here’s to a WIN!!! Excellent blog. I was today years old when I learned some of these. Known many for years and use them frequently.. Had no idea about the screen shot one.. I know that will come in handy many times in the future. Also the Shift space for scrolling up.. Appreciate the article. Good info.

  38. Kevin, thank you for this great post learning new tips to use our keyboards. I will copy and make a print out to keep it handy until I learn to use them all and please do write the next shortcut keys. My favorite shortcut was the Alt/Tab where you can look at all your open screens, it is wonderful instead to minimize and click and do it over and over.

    1. You’re welcome Aida! I am happy😁 to hear that you are going to use the information to improve your computer skills. I am eager to share more Keyboard Shortcuts in Part 2 of this article.
      Your favorite has been My favorite for years, but now I have a new favorite💖 that I find just as helpful and yet even better when I’m tired. It is WinKey + Tab. Have fun playing with it. In Part 2 I will explain the 😉REAL POWER that it has, which isn’t obvious.

  39. I loved this article because it educated me on something that I had never really hard of before. I definitely learned more about keystrokes and will try to incorporate them into my life. Many helpful life tips are so easy to learn if you know how to work them, like these.

  40. I try using more key strokes all the time but I just love my mouse… smile… but if you know them by heart it does make things so much easier. I’ve been learning too, I didn’t know them at all a year ago so progress is being made. I know a lot more now!

  41. I just love your post, very welcome for this time and age where people are swiping and touching and forgot about the thing called keyboard and keystrokes.
    To add a few
    Windows+ R = Run
    Windows + E= Computer(my computer for win7 and Explorer for lower versions).
    Windows + tab to switch between multiple desktops
    Alt+ Tab= for switching multiple windows in a single desktop.
    Nothing gives the satisfaction of keystrokes, mouse is an addition but cannot be a replacement for traditional keystrokes.

  42. Thank you for this very informative blog post Kevin. I know and use some of the keystrokes you mention, like ctrl-c and ctrl-v. The trick with the spacebar I didn’t know but I am sure I’ll start using this one, although I notice that when you work with a pc or laptop you develop your own routine and it is very difficult to change that routine. But the spacebar: yes.

  43. I love using certain keystrokes. I have a Mac so the key is Command. One I recently learned and have used a lot this last week or 2 is: Command-Shift-V
    This keystroke is used to paste and match style. I was always going up to the Edit bar to pull this down so my paste would match size and style. Once I learn this one, it is so much simpler pasting URL’s or off size texts.

  44. Loved the article Kevin!! Esp. the making bigger and smaller (I sure did not know this and so many sites/wording in particular are so small these days for my eyes).
    Key strokes save time and programmers know them and use them and they are so creative.
    I look forward to more on this when you get around to it!
    I have many levels on my computer and all of my tabs help me to jump to over dozen screens I have but for many your keystrokes are much better and faster; for most do not have the levels of RAM I use, so I can opne a hundred and never use it all and the fun thing ctrl/alt/delete and the taskbar comes up always saves in a lock up…. Thanks so much again even if just one tip was good and it was!!!!

  45. Hahaha had fun reading your blog
    I do know and have used all of the keystrokes that you mention
    Sometimes you feel like playing twister with your fingers.
    But must confess that last one, I didn’t know and now it will become one of my favorites for I hate using up and down arrows or mouse to scroll the page.

  46. Boy, what a great Blog. This is something that all members should study. My self included. This would save us so much time by using a short cut that is available to us. It would pay for us to print these out and keep them on your desk. These could help everyone if we would just learn them.

  47. Kevin, I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts and have been using many of the same ones you outlined for many years. They feel like life savers sometimes…and definitely time savers. Gotta love the space bar keystroke while on a website, that one is new to me! Just tried it on Facebook, works like a charm. Thanks for introducing me to some new ones too.

  48. Thank you for your great post Kevin. I use keystrokes that I have learned by hearsay. I never made a study of it allthough I know it can make your work on a computer much easier. Reading your post learned me some very handy combinations that I’ll start using. Like Alt-Tab and the spacebar. Very usefull.

  49. Thank you for this informative message Kevin. It is clear to me that I am never too old to learn and your instructions about the keystrokes confirm this. There are some keystrokes that I use already but some seem to be very useful and I didn’t know them. A new window opens in my computerworld.

  50. so agree with the fact never too old to learn — it is difficult at points when you have to use different parts to accomplish — but do know even in the short time been reading blogs there are so many changes or simpler ways — this biz also is a learning procedure and keep working at it — we will succeed — great read —

  51. Thanks Kevin for this great blog. Always knew there were many short cuts on my keyboard I could use to make life easier but never knew or remembered which was which. Now I have all of them right at my finger tips and using short cuts in the future will become the norm for me.

  52. I believe you did save the best for last and I am looking forward to experimenting with scrolling down through the webpage. There use to be a lot of shortcut keys I would use to make using the computer at work easier and more efficient. These combinations are always good to know.

  53. I am not a good typist on the keyboard but if I were, I would use the key combinations more. I find myself preferring to use the virtual keyboard more.

  54. this is such an informative and helpful posting and the replies also give so much more to learn also from — I will more than likely never be that typist or shortcut guy some here are but do try to stay learning and keep up with Compu Biz and to me most important part — is that fact — thanks again KB great stuff — rj

  55. Kevin you have just opened my eyes to a whole new world! I may even print out this blog for future use. My computer has a touch screen and I use that feature all the time out of habit. My favorite tip you gave is holding down the space bar while on a website. This feature could have come in handy many times over the years.

  56. I always feel safer when I am in charge at my own keyboards. Clicking on links worries me as you never know what fiendish person has attached something nasty, This is why I dont trust socoial media and hardly ever venture into any of their sites. I have seen families ripped apart by things posted so I keep my head down and prefer the conventional.

  57. I love shortcuts!! Having worked for a large online company as a customer service agent, I learned very quickly how to speed up many operations using the shortcuts. We also had many shortcuts within our own system that needed a good memory or a long list stuck on the desk beside me!! Looking forward to the next one Kevin!

  58. am getting more and more smoother and also looking at other shortcuts and working at being more functional on the computer — still not the typist perse’ but am quicker at the keyboard than I have ever been — this read is so informational and helpful — keep sharing —

  59. What a great Blog Kevin. This is something that all members should study. myself included. This would save us so much time by using a short cut that is available to us. I plan to print this out and keep them my desk, in the future will become the norm for me. I love shortcuts. Thanks again for another informative blog. keep em coming.

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