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Below are Common Reasons your comment may not have been published:

technical and spam

  • Our moderators have not been able to evaluate and approve the comment yet. Some days, our queue is far longer than usual. We appreciate your patience as we take moderation seriously to maintain lively, respectable but intelligent conversations.
  • The email used to register is bogus and/or IP origin is included in international blacklists.
  • Comment content is flagged as spam by our system.
  • Comment contains any links which is spammy. There could be rare exceptions when a valid link is for an important factual correction.

argumentum ad hominem

  • Comment is personally attacking a fellow commenter.
  • Comment contains uncalled for insults and sarcasm.
  • Comment can potentially lead to escalated flame wars.

form and clarity

  • Comment has too many crude words.
  • Comment contains text-speak or inordinate amount of informal lingo and slang
  • Comment will not contribute anything significant to the conversation.
  • Comment defies logic and/or will be embarrassing for commenter for us to publish.
  • Comment is easily disputed or contains obvious factually incorrect statements.
  • While we try to be lenient with minor grammatical and spelling errors, if the amount of errors has compromised the clarity of your message we have to disapprove it.
  • Comment is mostly or entirely in ALL CAPS. ALL CAPS in any written form is equivalent to yelling which we discourage and also does not help in clarity.


  • Comment is extremely long. We recommend not more than two short paragraphs.
  • Comment is a cut-and-paste article, a press release or generic template used in other venues.

miscellaneous reasons

  • Numerous comments from same commenter is hijacking the rest of the conversation.
  • Comment is inciting violence.
  • Comment contains private information of private individuals such as phone numbers and home address.
  • Comment is irrelevant.

And generally, the above notwithstanding, Compumatrix Blog Sites has the right to choose what to approve in the comments. The views expressed in this comment section do not necessarily reflect that of the Compumatrix’ editors, officers, staff and stockholders.
*On very rare occasions, editors may slightly edit your comment while preserving the gist of your message.

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