Communication Skills in Business

In every field, communication plays a vital role and more so in business. Communication skills are mainly to tell your clients about your products, in a way they understand. Communication skills are also required in your procurement process and also in the publicity of your business. Many of us know many things. When you start explaining to others what you know, some people mess it up and communicate entirely something different from what you know. The result reflects on your business. Communication skills are telling connected people, what you know or what you intend to communicate in a simple, understandable way so that they are sold on your idea or products or process. Communication skills will enhance your friends’ circle, your acquaintances, your prospects, and above all relationships.

Just talking is not communication skills. It is not enough if you are a good speaker, but you should be a successful speaker. Successful speakers make effective leaders and, effective leaders are the backbone of any business. There is a difference in the statements:

  1. Sir, we have brought out the biggest soap and
  2. Sir, we have brought out the best quality of soap.

Quality stands out over quantity in any arena and especially in business.

If I prepare the best of the product and keep it in my house, what purpose it serves?

If I have the best product, I should market it. Proof of the pudding is in eating.

The business you start should be the outcome of innovative ideas and the products you bring out marketed with proper communication skills. Innovation and communication skills are essential for any business to succeed.

We can quantify the significance of communication skills in the business segment when we investigate the activity commercial. Applicants with excellent communication skills appeared to be the absolute most rehashed express in the activity capability prerequisite. The capacity of good correspondence is additionally the most essential of occupation aptitudes. There is practically no exemption that business will run over an occupation ad, which won’t determine that up-and-comers ought to have excellent communication skills. Exceptional administration abilities are the way to build up an effective and productive association.

Good management-employee relations depend on how we communicate the information and our decisions. Most of the problems faced by management are a result of misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Proper communication is essential to motivate your employees. Correspondence is a vital instrument for inspiration, which can improve the resolution of the representatives in an association. The significant reason for struggle and a low spirit is frequently brought about by wrong or defective correspondence among representatives or the director and his subordinates.

Excellent correspondence guarantees the productive activity of all degrees of an association, from most reduced to most noteworthy, which is from subordinates to managers. A decent human connection in the association with viable correspondence urges representatives or laborers to come out with new thoughts or recommendations and executing them at whatever point conceivable. More than that, it can likewise at least the expense of creation and remain minimal effort. An individual who has excellent communication skills is, in every case brimming with self-assured confidence. Such an individual realizes how to viably compose and introduce thoughts to the business association by utilizing these abilities.

Conversely of excellent communication skills, helpless correspondence regularly brings about wastefulness in essential of the board. Thus, loss of efficiency and, subsequently, lost benefits. Increment proficiency isn’t the primary outcome of excellent correspondence. In any case, since it likewise makes a feeling of solidarity between laborers, bringing about the helpful psyche and their inclination that they are cooperating toward a shared objective, and accomplishing that objective is the best approach to achievement in the association.

Bad communication skills can prompt numerous issues in managing matters and cooperate. The instances of the effects of need compelling correspondence are distortion, absence of data, a decline in turnover, and numerous others. Without powerful relational abilities, a worker may think that it’s extremely hard or more terrible, difficult to move up the professional bureaucracy. Advancements and compensation typically go to the individuals who can impart successfully at all levels, from senior administration level to the most minimal representative—subsequently dropping an individual with terrible communication skills.

Employees fail to perform functions admirably if Directors fail to communicate their contemplations, thoughts. It shows one of the entanglements of helpless business communication skills by directors. Therefore, enormous and confusing activities won’t finish by the helpless communicator.

Besides, without the capacity to convey venture obligations and goals, the activities to be completed in the association will never get off the ground. Because of helpless business relational abilities, the capacity to convey errands and to achieve seriously influences things.

Helpless correspondence is a significant issue to defeat in the work environment, so it needs an ideal opportunity to propel the representatives appropriately.

About the author

Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. Murali I think that efficient communication is very important in moments of our existence. In family life, with friends, there is no work with our colleagues and with our customers. Communication is one of the main foundations of all relationships. If done well it can represent success in all contacts!

  2. Krish Thank you for the great blog, I have worked for a few companies with very poor communication. But it can also bring doom to a relationship, communication is key. Quality over quantity is always best, I feel like today’s world tries to throw out a lot of quantity ad no quality. But your right communication is key to success in any area really.

  3. Thanks Murali for your post. I totally agree that effective communication skills are key to building a successful company. Ineffective communication can be frustrating and create a breeding ground of uncertainty, distrust and confusion. When there are great internal communications practices in place, employees will understand the company’s values and purpose and the role they play in helping the company achieve its goals. Employees will become more engaged, which means improved morale and greater productivity.

    I have worked in an organization which initially had poor internal communications and could definitely sense constant confusion and low levels of morale and productivity among my peers. But when the head of the organization was replaced with a new person who strongly believed in improving communications, things started to change and improve and this helped the company turn around and grow exponentially within a couple of years.

  4. Krish…I think your post accurately states how important it is to convey information to people, whether in person, in advertising, or any other means of communication. It has everything to do with how people process information and decide what to do with that information. I agree that effective communication can drive a company’s ability to thrive because the employees understand the company goals and how it intends to reach those goals. Success is what creates a high level of moral in a company. These same good communication skills are what builds a good relationship between people. How you convey informatiom to another person will determine how they process that information and how well they understand what you are telling them. Determine what you want people to see and feel about something and then say it in a manner in which others understand what you want them to understand.

  5. Communication is key in business!! I have worked for highly effective communicators and highly ineffective communicators. Communication via email is also very important. At one time during my career my manager had awful communication skills in every avenue. I recall an email my team received and you could basically hear her yelling through text. The issue she was having was only with one employee but she decided to put the team so he didn’t feel intimidated. This created such animosity in our team and each one of us called her during the day to find out what we had done wrong. She explained that it was only one staff member. Basically she spent hours on the phone dealing with questions because of her ineffective communication skills.

  6. Yes, I agree communication is the key to success. Recently, I have struggled with effective text communication on social media sites. I feel communication is lost and there is a guessing game on what the text is meant to communicate. It has made me appreciate direct eye to eye communication, where you can listen and clearly understand the conversation. It makes me wonder how the texting generation will effectively communicate in business.

  7. I think communication is one of the most important qualities needed to run a successful company. If a successful company does not have good communication skills then this will lead to poor advertising and poor selling methods. Overall, without communication skills it is near impossible to be successful, especially in today’s society.

  8. this is a great read and so many great replies which add to the overall success of this blog posting — and so totally agree that Communication is a very Top Key to any success –whether its business or personal — I truly believe Honor and Trust are top of line but there isn’t a Successful relationship or truly successful business without Great Communication — jmho —

  9. Communication is a must both in business and in the daily interaction with people. Without communication, we become like lone stars in space.
    There is of course sign language, but then you have to be within eye distance. It is difficult to communicate by letter with sign language.
    We have good information and good leaders in Compumatrix.

  10. Great red, Murali,Effective communication skills are the key to success in business,it is important for any employee to understand the true vision of the company,possess a very professional ability in communication, which is very important for the development of any company,building good relationships through communication is one of the most important part of being a successful entrepreneur.

    1. Yes Zahra, you are point on ..,Effective communication skills are the key to success in business. Been in business for over 50 years and that is one of the most important things I learned .Building good communation is the key to a successful business.

  11. As I have hearing loss, I communicate best by reading lips, and in the age of Covid, this has been problematic. But when I can read the lips, I am also able to observe the face and facial expressions, allowing for an opportunity to observe more closely.

  12. I believe people within an organization are more motivated by upbeat leaders than somber leaders. It would seem more exciting to listen to what the upbeat leader has to say and be inspired. Someone that comes across as boring an unenergetic may be hard to be motivated by.

    1. What you are saying Sherri , I truly believe in whole heartily . Going to a business person and listen to that upbeat speech that provokes excitement and good feelings .That would bring me back to listen to him again.

  13. Good communication is more important than ever in this internet age. And it must come from a verifiable source. There is far too much information put out by so called influencers and bloggers which is faalse or misleading all to earn them money. The information circulating about covid and vaccines from people who are not qualified to venture an opinion is quite worrying. Politicians who knowingly peddle false information should be dismissed. Some how social media must make sure that messages they host must be true.

  14. this is great information and in a true sense a great Communication — Krish you are missed but still Read and learned from and will continue to explore your writings — and in our biz here we must be certain that the message we want put out is actually being Communicated and Accepted — just great stuff here —

  15. Thanks Murali .. good read. Communication Skills in Business is to me the number one trait you have to have in business to succeed .. to communicate with others and to bond and trust the customer gets with doing business with your company. I owned two companies for over 50 years and I believe that was the success of my businesses.

  16. What you are saying Sherri , I truly believe in that whole heartily . Going to a business person and to listen to that upbeat speech that provokes excitement and good feelings .That would bring me back to listen to him again.

  17. Hi Murali I feel that efficient communication is very important in moments of our existence. In family life, with friends, there is no work with our colleagues and with our customers. Communication is one of the main foundations of all relationships. If done well it can represent success in all contacts.

  18. Thanks Murali , Very interesting read. read. Having good communication skills in business is to me the number one trait you have to have in business to succeed . communitation with others the close bond and trusting of the customer gets with doing business with your company. I think owning a business and running it as a owner/operater you truly know that each ,the business owner and the customer have to truse each other …

  19. Krish, we miss you – as one small part of your legacy, you remind us all how important it is to communicate well in a business environment. To be positive, clear, effective and efficient in communication is vital to keeping those listening to you paying attention and receiving you in exactly the way you wish to be received.

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