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Alright, my friends. I have written on 6G and followed up with 5G. It seems backward to start with 6G, but it caught my interest first. I received many negative comments on the 5G and 6G. I looked for companies that think outside the box and have products to counteract the negative energy coming from cell phones, PCs, laptops, TVs, etc. I know frequencies can interrupt our energy flow, cell alignment and damage our DNA. One company I’ll mention that has unique products is called Body Align. They have a disc that sticks on your devices and disperses harmful energy from you. Body Align specializes in 5G – EMF Radiation and Energy Wellness. A company with care and concern for every human being. Body Align also has other unique products to keep your cells aligned and to secure optimal health. The EMF-type products protect us from what is around us today. Research continues in preparation for protecting us from future high-frequency technology. (

Let’s take a few minutes and check out other companies that think outside of the box. There are two I know that are what we consider revolutionizers. They are true pioneers bringing a positive and dramatic change to our world and how we do business and communicate. They have gone beyond and gleaned knowledge to create something never done before. The owners and creators of these two companies have acquiesced in employing their hearts in concern for humanity. They have a desire for unity and freedom to create a better life now and for the future. 

My first company to Tell you about is Compumatrix Networks International. A company of integrity and heart. They inspire to bring like-minded people from all over the world into a community to engage, enrich, and enhance their lives. The founder, Henry Banayat, had a vision and has persevered for many years to see it come to fruition. Henry has incorporated cutting-edge technology with a decentralized platform to create an unrivaled crypto trading company. Henry also included CDAP: Compumatrix Decentralized Asset Portal. CDAP is an all-inclusive business center where you process transactions from unique methods of generating income. These methods do not involve trading per se. Assistants are available for those who want to venture into the trading of cryptocurrencies. An eco-system like no other, created for all of us to reform our financial situations, no matter who we are. Compumatrix is an exceptional company formed by a special man who never gave up. Henry’s dream will change lives now and future generations. (

The second company I mention is Clear United, whose founder Michael Proper desires to bring a community together to prosper and benefit the world. Michael leads his team in creating and bringing their unique product to the market. For over a decade, they have put their heart into creating a cell phone free of all the things you dislike. They have worked to produce a phone to give your digital freedom back. This phone, a 4G, is faster than Apple’s 5G with exceptional security, free from hackers, ads, and all the things that steal your identity and personal data. This phone has a decentralized internet, the only privacy-first network of its kind. They do not go through the regular networks. Clear United with Michael Proper is revolutionizing the cell phone industry giving you control of your data and a unique way to engender an income. Take your freedom back. ( Clear gives you the phone of the future now!

I am adding a third company that I just heard about that thinks outside of the box. Calyx Solutions has a passion for knowledge of Blockchain Technology, realizing it would revolutionize the world. The partners Patrick Condon and Ben Semchee produce personalized unique, decentralized, blockchain laptop computers. These computers are expressly for trading and processing digital currencies. Incorporated in these systems are Smart Contracts, decentralized Ledger Technology, links to wallets, exchanges, and venues like coinbase. They offer fast and seamless delivery of data and crypto processing with safety. Their passion pushes them to learn more and employ their knowledge to you via the laptops. Calyx Solutions is leading in revolutionizing Blockchain adoption to the business community. Calyx’s vision is allowing for more efficiency in business endeavors now and in the future. (

I have enjoyed discovering these companies and out-of-the-box thinking. I was impressed to see the care and concern for bettering the lives of people. These companies I introduced bring me excitement, knowing they follow the same guidelines as Compumatrix. I envision myself working my Compumatrix business utilizing these innovative tools, even though it was not what I considered when writing this blog. As I was finishing my draft, the inevitable was obvious.

 We abide in an ever-changing technological world, and I find it energizing. We, the people go forth with our new technology, freedom, and open hearts to create a desirable living environment for the future. Innovation and vision give a needed purpose. Think outside of the box. 

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. I am loving it, Carmen! I’ve been utilizing various decentralized platforms on my phone & laptop lately, earning tokens along the way. Although what I earn is by far not life sustaining, imagine when it will be? And how our fabulous Compumatrix will contribute to that reality? Exciting times! And to have the choice to own our privacy while being able to utilize current technology & new Web 3.0 is, well…priceless. Thank you for sharing…

    1. Well here we go , I to as many who are members have learned so many new things and just think we are mostly all in our golden years and grew up and along with Compumatrix . Like you posted …. digital currencies. Incorporated in these systems are Smart Contracts, decentralized Ledger Technology, links to wallets, exchanges, and venues like coinbase etc.
      Staying safe on the internet with VPNs Oh my what is instore for us next.
      Bring it on ..I still have some more room in my brain filing cabinet or my personal diskdrive of a brain. BRING it ON!

  2. Fantastic job Carmen! You did such a good job at explaining about all three of these companies. Of course, I am a member of Compumatrix so already know what a great company it is, and what it offers.

  3. oops, accidentally hit the
    Anyhow, I will keep this blog on file so I can come back and refer to it. Thank you Carmen!

  4. I am sure that list of companies will increase dramatically as they come to realise we are in a new world. Compumatrix is leading the way and don’t be surprised when the membership increases at a rapid rate. Well done Henry.

  5. Awesome insight. Yes, Compumatrix will change lives as soon as everything is in a row to get it going. Clear – YES, the best phone that anyone can have, WIsh I was in the US to be able to take advantage of the plans they offer as well, but the phone is amazing anywhere in the world you choose to use it. The only one on the planet with private keys to protect your data. LOVE it. THe last one you mention, I am not familiar with, but will check them out. CHeers.,

  6. Another great blog Carmen. I’m loving it. ’ve been utilizing various decentralized platforms on my phone & laptop lately, earning tokens along the way. Although what I earn is by far not life sustaining, imagine when it will be? and how our fabulous Compumatrix will contribute to that reality? Exciting times are ahead of us all and to have the choice to own our privacy while being able to utilize current technology and new Web 3.0 as well. All I can say is PRICELESS!!

  7. Thank you Carmen, for drawing attention to all these technologies,Clearphone is a secure phone,very safe from viruses, hackers and malware,calyx solution,web design company is also great,but of all these companies, compumatrix business is one of the most unique in the world,a unique business in the world of cryptocurrencies,to this day, has anyone thought of the business that Henry introduced,compumatrix will be a big change company all over the world and people will soon be looking forward to it. Thank you Carmen for very good information.

  8. Awesome insight, Carmen! It’s very nice to know about those innovative companies and their awesome products. I’m sure Compumatrix will lead a special position in the crypto world when all the pieces come together and will be amongst the most innovative companies in that area. Much great news is to come!

    1. Yes, it’s really good to see that we can rely on better tecnology to protect us from the danger. The better, safe and inovative tecnology become, the best will be for us and for people who steel don’t feel confortable to enter in this brand new world.

  9. COMPUMATRIX is definitely one of the best companies to use to illustrate thinking out of the box. This company began OUTSIDE OF THE BOX in Henry’s mind and is now progressing towards becoming a totally viable reality. I joined this venture in its first 90 days and have enjoyed this outside of a box experience as it has developed. Looking forward to its continued development, in the same manner, is something that is definitely a part of my psyche.

  10. Sweet blog Carmen!
    Nice to learn a bit more about other companies out there dedicated with an idea that will change the society 🙂

  11. Thank you Carmen,
    You always write so well and make complex subjects simple. I am inspired not only by those who are thinking out of the box but also those who are searching to be inspired.
    At Compumatrix we have many who able to inspire and many with dreams to help others.
    What a wonderful time to be alive.

  12. Good one Carmen. It’s the good folks like yourself that brings all the latest Crypto information to the table. As time goes on there will be other options. I believe the first companies will have the most experience and I will follow up with Clear. Holding out at this time to see what Henry is going to come out with in the next few weeks or days.
    There is a great need for more security on an advanced level for sure. In the meantime, keep you info up to date and don’t share it with anyone you do not trust. Getting hacked is not a fun experience. It’s a personal attack.

  13. Thanks, Carmen for the insight of Compumatrix of whom I am a member and to the latest on the Clear phone and Calyx`s Vision (ETF) There is so much positivity in our cyberspace and you certainly bring that to the table with your insightful post, which I found most uplifting.

  14. Thanks Carmen for this information . I am very technically challenged but I love my privacy so was very happy to know of these products in the market. Hopefully will be able to make use of them in the future and please do keep us informed on what’s happening in this fast changing world, thanks once again

  15. Let’s go to the store…or, online. We have the need or the urge to buy something. Fortunately, there are companies who will “sell” us what we want to buy. In the past, it was not uncommon for those who “had” were willing to trade with those who “wanted”. I will trade my dozen eggs for two bales of hay. The trick was twofold: Finding someone who had what you wanted and were willing to trade for what you had; and, how much was it going to take of what you had for what you wanted! Thus, we have bartering…a negotiated trade for what and amount. Today, we barter with money. It is convenient and it is universal. Money is an item for which a company is willing to trade their items for sale. Money is simply a “token” provided by an agency both parties were willing to accept for a traded item. Instead of giving the guy two bales of hay for a dozen eggs, I give him money. But, he can’t feed his cow the money so, he has to go to another store and trade his newly acquired money for the two bales of hay he needed. And, the cycle continues. Money is just a token that people are willing to use in the bartering system. Today, it is worth a dozen eggs and tomorrow it is worth 2 bales of hay…or, a value to barter with. Up crops cryptocurrencies. But, this time there is no physical “item” with which to barter…no money and no bales of hay. It is just another invisible item for which people agree to use to trade. The concern is it is invisible. Unlike money, it cannot be counterfeited therefore, people have traded their “trust” for possible counterfeit money for an invisible token. We generally trust the government to protect us from the introduction of counterfeit money since the government controls the production and supply of the money. The people/companies are now in the process of developing trust in the non-government money…the invisible tokens. We cannot touch it so it cannot be trusted. As the public slowly increases their knowledge about cryptos and the system used to validate their existence (blockchain), companies and the public increase their trust of the crypto system as a method to barter. The resistance to developing that trust is the government (our trusted (?) middle man) is out of the loop. What the government cannot control, the government does not like! The fuel used to persuade the government to reduce the control is public pressure. As that pressure is increased by the public upon their government AND the two parties (customer vs company) increase their knowledge of the crypto system, trust grows. Cryptocurrencies, now become a new bartering tool between a customer and a company. As long as the company and the customer trusts any bartering tool, the system will be more widely accepted and used.

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