Compartmentalizing Eliminates the Blob

The human brain, with its partner the mind are powerful tools. These tools might bring to mind the saying of “modus operandi” or model of operation. Now, this will tell us how our partners are working, whether they support each other, or make excuses for not cooperating. Thus just becoming isolated mechanisms that one might describe as the “Blob.”

No one person in this world is excused from using these partners, though many people would like to be excused or expect to be forgiven. If you think there is this provision of excuse, then in all likelihood you will be dead in just hours. Why? Because for one thing, you need to eat and drink to live. Now, which partnership are you going to depend upon to get this done? Let’s state that if your brain said to take a walk, it would be best for you not to go out into the street to walk aimlessly. Because in all likelihood, you will get killed by a car or something else if your partners are not working on your behalf to benefit you and protect you. You see, your “brain” tells you that your body is thirsty or hungry. That is the pure data, but now the partner your “mind” sets about to resolve this. It gives the direction of what to do- you need to drink or eat something. It indicates what you should choose and then usually directs you from which file to extract the correct information from which to choose. In the other sample, your brain says you feel like taking a walk. Still, again, you need the other partner to extrapolate from the data where it is excellent and safe to walk.

Your brain is an organ that serves as the center of the nervous system; it is the central organ of the human nervous system. It is close to the sensory organs for five senses. Thus it develops the data.

Your mind is the set of faculties, including cognitive aspects such as consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, intelligence, judgment, language, and memory. It sets up the filing system and compartmentalizes the data. It does the thinking!

Every day your brain is acquiring data over the scenario of many activities, occurrences, experiences, and choices of things you do.

Yet, it is just a lot of unconnected data. Your mind must come on the scene to decipher and analyze all this data. Then file it away appropriately, storing it later to recall the data from the file memory banks and then process it. At this point, it becomes your choice as to what you want to understand. How you will prioritize and categorize this information to grow personally by use of your God-Given asset YOUR mind. Your brain is just a created “organ”; your mind is the creative ability to force the gift you got to make the data work for you and develop your future. Might I state here that one reason hackers succeed is that this partnership is not working effectively with high proficiency?

An outstanding neurosurgeon, brain, and mind researcher have said that the brain is simply an organ. I call it a machine that gathers data. Some might say “facts” (but not necessarily “truth”). Gathering daily evidence of activity with no real order or standardization, just daily or even weekly events that happen along the way of life. However, the brain does not file or sort or even coordinate or align this gathering of data points. The mind does this. One might say that the mind is the filing system to organize all the data produced by the brain. The mind then sorts this data in terms of significance, reliability, verity, the essential fundamentals of usefulness, and later recalls it for reference. For example, the brain tells you that “smells” wrong; the mind tells you why it is a rotten orange.

The urgent directive and recommendation that has been given to us in the Bible is to renew our mind, not our brain. Think of it this way, some data input to the brain will become stale and even useless right away or at some point in time. The brain still has that data, but the mind will sort it out and get rid of some data and enhance other data. This sorting is the effect of renewing your mind. Great respect has been conferred upon the individual not to violate their individual will and, therefore, choices.

So now the conflicting question becomes, in what file is this placed, what room is it? Why did I not compartmentalize it better? Now it is all just like a big blob of data that I cannot decipher or understand. How do I go forward in terms of the challenges I face to understand better, comprehend, utilize all this “data.” I know if I identify the file room, I will be able to gain a lot from that data. And my mind can now put together for useful understanding.

So today we are tested to gain comprehension between “centralized” and “decentralized,” “blockchain,” “Banking,” “Crypto Wallets,” “Cryptocurrency,” “Fiat,” “tokens” “stable coins,” and “is any bank account like a “storage” account or “wallet?” Then there are “smartcoin,” “smart contracts,” and on we could go as to all these new venues, ideas, and concepts. Which data room do I file these in, or maybe I have already filed these?

So you ask yourself what file is that in, what room of my mind did I put that info or data? It seems like I have to press the “recall” tab a lot more these days to extract data to enlighten my mind and thus construct a viable, profitable mindset.

Compumatrix will help you succeed in much of this when you adopt and adapt the correct mindset bolstered by the proper compartmentalization of data. Important because many have not updated their mindset from 40 or even 20 years.

Most of what you receive in a Compumatrix update is data. At this point, then, you are the one that now needs to extrapolate, figure out into which file it should go so that the assimilation of data is correctly configured and codified to achieve the comfort of understanding to stream into a renewed mindset.

This will lead to the integration of the data into a meaningful, well-defined construct of the total operation.

You have heard it said, read and then read some more, and then, of course, read some more because only you have control of the filing system of your mind. Otherwise, you may be at the mercy of your brain’s creation of a “blob.”

I like to create word pictures for myself with arrows of direction and intermediary notes of explanation. Using past experiences, operations, and constructs previously used and gotten familiar with is what I adopt a picture of similitude. Now I enlighten myself to this new concept or process or even a descriptive term.

This then makes me a better picture of understanding this new challenge, which helps my mind enhance and engage my growth in the setting up of new files.

“BURN OUT”; most of us have heard this expression:

Burn out is not what someone does individually, this is actually “copout”

Burn out is when a leader uses their energy to lead, explain, and teach to help those following to understand. To comprehend concepts, intricacies of constructs, to help direct the “turning on the light” from data to mind. However, days, then weeks, months, even years, some of those to whom this is shared, with the motive to build understanding, either refuse or just do not care. They just close down their mind. “I do not want to” turns into” I can not do this,” and then it turns into “I do not care” because I prefer not to have to work so hard to receive input from my partners, “Brain and Mind.” I rather just coast along and let others take care of it for me.

You see, the ability of any one individual is enormous. Their capacity to inculcate data into knowledge is immeasurable. One person said that a man’s effort to reach the stars is incalculable. Still, it just depends on that individual’s commitment. One has been made to become what they set themselves to be. My parents always told me that there is nothing you can not become once you set your mind to reach that place. My conclusion was that you had to have an organized mind, not just a brain blob.

Compartmentalize meaning: Various sources-

-to separate something into parts and not allow those parts to mix together:

-to divide into categories or compartments.

-to separate into isolated compartments or categories.

– a defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance

-Compartmentalization allows these conflicting ideas to co-exist by inhibiting

So let’s extrapolate the common ground in relationship to our composition here. The image is that our brain accumulates a lot of pieces and parts of information that are a great mix of data. Now there is no effort, nor has there been any effort by my brain to separate this data. Nor to categorize it, nor isolate it in specified compartments (rooms) or files so that we can avoid “cognitive dissonance.” At this point, our mind is going to step in to separate these conflicting ideas, thereby allowing them to co-exist without confusion. This will then bring order and standing to our efforts.

The expression of my head (Brain and Mind) is all muddled-up is because there has been no sifting to find categories and compartments into which to fit information (data). In this sifting, you will find some data belongs in “file 13”, the “wastebasket”, which in and of itself makes for more clarity. I can get rid of what I do not need and have more time to do what I need to do and that with more clarity. Mental clarity is more than some think. Some think that having an update will help bring clarity. However, as stated before, this is only “data” the clarity comes when one uses their mind to deliver an order and proper discernment to the data. This is the mind creating clarity that can last for a long time.

We at Compumatrix are well able to bring you data. Your mental growth and application thereof are you asserting to the compliance of what you must do.


Studied for five years at University Minored in Psychology and Behavior Psychology and Majored in Theology with B. of Sc. degree – Graduated Magna Cum Laude and a member of Honor Society Delta Epsilon Chi

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. While reading through this blog, I ran across the words, “Burn Out!” Reading more and relating this blog to Compumatrix, I see this as Amazing! You can hold in your mind the concept of burn out that you desire. However, the concept I see is Compumatrix as a high powered sports car performing a “Burn Out” for everyone watching on the Internet!

  2. good and very deep information in this blog –this will be read many times that i am sure of — i agree so much with the burnout / copout or “chickening out” or just plain quitting — I like stephens thought on fun Burnout — did that a few times in my younger days — but gathering facts / data by the brain and then the deciphering / comprehending by your mind is so true — can not have one without the other honestly — but honestly will read this many more times —

  3. This is a fascinating blog. I can see from your words that you are no doubt educated in psychology and command very good thought and speech in this area. Our brains are powerful tools indeed, as long as we know how to use them instead of them using us. I hope you understand what I mean by that.

  4. Excellent explanation of the power of the brain and mind, David. Thank you! The brain is literally the general command and our mind executes it!

  5. Great article David, the brain is such a fascinating topic, “the last frontier” as someone called in a book. The mystery how it works is being revealed by science every day enlightening the most profound questions of our existence of the whys and hows. I heard a scientist on a conference a long time ago explaining the difference between men’s and women’s brain; he said, it was like this: men’s brain is like arrows pointing in different directions, women’s he said, is like a bowl of spaghetti. I think that’s the reason why men focus in one thing at a time, and women are good at multi tasking.

  6. Comments from a spaghetti brain 🙂 Our minds, if like mine, can become extremely busy correlating all the data that comes into the brain. Have you ever had the thought I know that particular piece of info is in my brain somewhere, I just don’t know where? This does make me feel somewhat better in that I haven’t really forgot what I am trying to bring forth, I just can’t remember where it is stored for easy access!

  7. Thank you, David, your blog resonates with me with the clarity of the brain and mind. Lately, I have set a timer every hour to focus my attention on my heart, then use my brain and mind to make clear choices. I feel more aware before I take action and let my brain and mind make decisions based on my heart and not my rational mind.

  8. Thanks to Henry for having the brain and the mind in putting all of the Compumatrix crypto ecosystems and not keeping it to himself but sharing it with us for us to go out into the world online and offline and share it with others who need financial hope
    It takes a Brain, a Mind, and a Heart to engage lives, enrich lives, and enhances lives.
    That is what Compumatrix does.

  9. As I was reading, I looked at one paragraph above and just sat here wondering how we got here! As I looked at all the terms in that paragraph, I realized none of those terms existed many 15 years ago. There is a saying, “once a mind has been stretched, it can never return to its previous condition.” Have you ever said, “I wish I could unsee that!” You can’t.

    With all this being said, rally yourself to the reality of today’s crypto world. We are here and never going back. Being on the forefront of this gives us advantages others will never enjoy.

  10. Thank you David for this very technical blog. This is an Avenue that I can definitely work on to become better. As I strive to stay organized in my daily life I never really thought about compartmentalizing my thoughts within my brain. This is a very interesting and deep topic as someone else commented on earlier. Thanks for the read. In this field it will be vital to keep our data organized and safely stored.

  11. Compartmentalize and compartmentalization are both great words. They were two of my dearly departed wife’s favorite words. We used to discuss them sometimes. We always noticed when we heard them used by people on TV. When I saw the title of this blog post I thought of her immediately!

    As I read how it was being applied to the mind, and to the management of the Blob, I was intrigued. My common use of the word was during my time spent in the Navy. There I learned how compartmentalization critical in ship design.

    When a ship gets damaged at sea, it’s compartmentalization that prevents water from filling the ship so quickly that it can’t be saved with pumps. It controls the water by physically localizing it in certain areas. The blob discussed in this article is like the water in a damaged ship.

  12. great correlation in the water in the ship — and compartmentalization is such a deep and wonderful discussion point — I go with shorter version and make a plan and take action action in a very concentrated area accomplish and and go to next step and sorta like in big ship if you have issues in 1 section you block off that area and fix it and the rest of ship goes on normal — this is just good thought process of taking this info into brain and deciphering and contemplating the thoughts thru the mind — fascinating definitely —

  13. Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. When we talk about the Biblical term of Renewing the mind it is imperative that we use the whole scripture to get the full meaning of “Renewing The Mind”. Replacing the bad and renewing with the good, “The Word”. As far as burn out, I guess one would have to be there to really tell if it is a cop out or true burn out, I have experienced both.

  14. Compartmentalizing is a very good way to eliminate the blob I like the way you explained this in very close detail (my second read I got clarity) you do have to stretch your mind in some categories and the realization will surface.
    When I was 14, an older gentlemen told me one day I would have to pay for that free air I was putting in my tire and I would have to pay for that water I was drinking out of his hose I laughed so loud and said yea right, he said I am serious and you will see one day. I rode off with a brain blob because of lack of data that he had knowledge of and then when it happened and I had to pay for that air and water it was a a ha moment wow he was right.

  15. I like the comparison of one’s mind’s data to the data of cryptocurrency. The brain stores different data in many parts of the brain just like we should be storing away and categorizing different sectors of the cryptocurrency world. I think if we have a better understanding of where each piece in the cryptocurrency world fits in, we would have a better idea of how to use it to its full potential.

  16. Renewing of the mind (according to Romans 12) is vital to one’s health. The mind is the greatest battlefield which the enemy of your faith desires to control and possess in order to gain entry into your life. It feeds to the mind everything that is not of God…temptation and thought of, among others, fear, doubt, hate, dissension, even death. A renewed mind offers to his Creator his free will, thus giving the mind access to God’s eternal resources that will help “pull down imaginations” and bring release and victory in your mind. Yes, victory in your life is won or lost in the mind.

  17. I really enjoyed your thinking on the role of the brain and what you say about how it is controlled by your mind, it is most fascinating. This brings to mind the often heard saying ‘think with your heart and not with your brain’ Well it really blew my mind when I researched this. Finding out your heart also has a brain that sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart, which makes me wonder how your mind works in sync with the heart-brain, Empathy comes to mind?

  18. Thanks David
    Mind does have a filing system that you mentioned to organize Newr
    the data produced by the brain
    Redundant data is continually being removed by the mind to accept new info/data therefore the mind is facilitating to understand better,comprehend and utilize this data that is filed away.
    Newer terminologywith the emergence of Cryptoworld is now tuckered away my our minds filed in a very comprehensible way to be utilized efficiently wth an immediate recall as it is Compartementalized as per your Very informative post.
    Burnout,Copout concepts can by thrown out because of an organized and properly compartmentalized mind.

  19. This was a great read! I was a Psychology major as well and I continue to enjoy reading about how the human mind works. It’s really fascinating when you realize what the mind is capable of. Great advice from your parents on setting your mind up in order to reach your goals. It’s definitely true when your mind is overloaded you have to sort everything out in order to see the clear picture.

  20. David, Thank you.. the human mind is amazing. Working with the mind is very interesting but it can run you, So try to stay in your heart it sure helps in making decisions. It also helps you feel grounded. Compumatrix has so many working parts and this article will help people to “Think”…..Kristen, I love your plan every hour nice idea I need to do that now!

  21. An interesting picture is drawn in this article. A Brain is a machine that gathers Data. It takes in information from all around the person to which it belongs; however, it is just a bunch of information, Our God-given minds have the task of taking all of the bits of data that are stored in our minds and processing it. The information is analyzed and synthesized and applied. The brain and the mind are mighty tools; assets that if utilized adequately will transform us into viable, successful human beings!

  22. A comment on compartmentalizing data: One of the most important starting places to start the filing of information is, is this piece of data someone’s onion or is it factual data. You must always be on your toes and make sure you are actually looking and not deciding from your own biases and prejudices.

  23. Wow, David we have some similar past; I have a minor in psychology, and a long back round in theology, as well as a dozen other areas over my vast educational experience.

    The Blob, what a delightful way to put it, and rightly so, one sort of gathers and stores and one partner sorts and identifies.

    My view of it was sort of like our modern computers (the mind was a 1st model synopsis if you will) where data comes in and is gather or imputed into the memory, and then the CPU and Operating system (such as Windows or Apple OD11) did all the sorting and identifying.
    But the main point was that we do need to read our company standards over and over again and be active and alert; for it takes on average 30 times of review to make anything permanent in the mind, or for long term recognition. Thanks once again for a good article David!!

  24. agree with the mind brain of each of ours as a computer perse’ — i know that as time and reading and watching and interacting with the public over the years –been able to look past just facts and see how and why people do and are who they are –and reading this is just a great helper —

  25. Eliminating the Blob – David Morris
    The pure data flowing through the mind is filed in the brain. Each part of the brain is important and controls different aspects of ones thoughts and actions. Block chain, banking, crypto wallets, crypto currency, Fiat, tokens, stable coins, and bank accounts, smart coin, smart contracts are all data that need compartmentalized in order to avoid being a blob of data.
    Morris touts Compumatrix as being able to bring data. Individuals must apply their minds to the individual tasks that must be done for success. In his blog, Morris speaks of the complexity of data and the simplicity of compartmentalizing in sorting data for recollection at the right time.

  26. David thanks for this interesting blog. So many thoughts came to mind while reading. The mind can keep you up at night with the many thoughts it has. It can also direct your actions during the day based on thoughts -good or bad. With all the power and categories the mind has, its important to only put positive or helpful information into the brain. Our brain is powerful and can handle a lot so make the most out of it!

  27. The things we learn have a way of making our minds behave or conform to that pattern, it’s very powerful “software” in our today’s age when reading that is what is popping up for me, our mind is renewed daily and it’s of good impact when fed with the right stuff.

  28. Excellent information David. Well said. As I graduated from the University of Hard Knocks, I read a book by Charlotte Iserbyt and realized I was only running on two cylinders (we should
    be going into 12) and had a lot of information to catch up with. Thank GOD we have leaders
    you, Henry and his entire crew to bless us. Everything is in front of us, we just have to get up of the couch and grow some new brain cells. Blessings to all.

  29. I agree that the ability of any one individual is enormous. Their capacity to inculcate data into knowledge is immeasurable. The human brain is a powerful tool. Reading and rereading is important for me so that I can get the full understanding of it. Thank you David for this information.

  30. here is such great info on our brain and mind — as impressive as computers are with all the new tech to go with it — all that info came from someones brain mind and thoughts – and when I read this blog over n over it just fascinates me the Brain Power we have inside us — and so much more info will be achieved by studying blogs like this one —

  31. David, I held off commenting on your blog, because my head was filled with many things, I could not comprehend what you were writing. I have gone through processes of clearing my mind, and let go of unnecessary thoughts and concentrating on issues concerning Compumatrix. I laugh at myself now, as I see what you wrote, and it is not at all as I perceived the first time I read your blog. Behold, I read a great blog with understanding.

  32. A great distinction between functions of mind and brain. Data and understanding. I grok what you are saying, David, as noting the functions of different part of the brain; reptilian brain vs. cortex and neo-cortex. Separating and organizing data is accomplished in different ways by different minds (or neo-cortexes), thus we members at Compumatrix have different abilities to embrace all parts of the business. I think we’re doing pretty well, actually, as a whole…great minds thinking alike.

  33. oh this is such a great read and each time I read here more is revealed to my conscious mind and thoughts — and yes have spent many parts of many different nights just laying and trying to comprehend what we are doing here at Compumatrix in a business sense — and how it all ties into the Crypto world n in the end how we as Biz Entrepreneurs will position our own part of this Compu pie — great read —

  34. David, great article! Whenever we review something, through our brain we begin the process of thinking and learning, we store all that data in our mind.In compumatrix It is important to memorize the full data of cryptocurrencies in the mind for future business.

  35. I once heard a manager say similarly that it is possible for someone to accomplish anything if they plan for success. So the mind has to believe it to achieve it. But the mind and the body has to work together. However, I think that a great deal of success in a business goes into the planning where the mind is actually working harder than the body.

  36. By definition, the human mind, which is the brain, yet powerful has no other tool but its own body. So the rules the mind set should be obeyed by its body. The mind, even physical and existing can only think. But only the actions of the body can give results. The key is for the mind and the body to work together in accordance so as to strive for success.

  37. this is such a great read and thought producer — and reading Romans and putting that part into this overall thought here and also how using His Word in all the Biz and working it in Right and True — just amazes me the Professionalism all around here at Compumatrix and truly how blessed I am to be here — thank you !!!

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