Did you realize that grumbling about things can seriously harm your efficiency, wellbeing, and life when all is said in done? Individuals who whine about nearly everything consistently are arranged to unexpected frailty, have shorter and less fulfilling sentimental connections, and tend not to get along nicely at school and in the working environment.

For what reason Do People Complain?

A great many people don’t know how frequently they whine as it turns into a propensity. Like all propensities, grumbling gets comfortable and it will in general be undetectable. Additionally, the vast majority locate that griping is a decent friendly exchange. It is anything but difficult to locate a shared conviction for griping. On the head of all, individuals grumble since they look for approval for their convictions. You may imagine that by griping, you’re watching your environmental factors. In any case, griping isn’t mentioning an objective fact or an inventive demonstration. Grumbling strengthens your negative considerations. The more you grumble, the more you pull in the negative contemplations about what you’re whining about. Specialists guarantee that when you grumble, you’re making a guide of what you see reality to be. Doing this causes you to harp on negative contemplations and supports things that you don’t care for. Griping additionally upsets you from doing activities. It can offer motivations to postpone things and shield you from accomplishing your objectives. Indeed, grumbling is a lot simpler to do than to discover an answer to the issue. Individuals likewise whine to keep away from obligation. For example, you show up grinding away or at school late and your reason is that the line at the drug store was excessively long or the traffic was horrible, or the hang tight for the corner store took until the end of time. Without a doubt, these things occur, however you could have maintained a strategic distance from these things if you would have been increasingly arranged or left before from home.

People who regularly whine are at high danger of being caught in a pessimistic reality, which gives them more things to grumble about. Individuals who are consistent with whiners have unlimited explanations behind their conditions. They frequently state “I never truly had any breaks”, “I generally have misfortune”, or “Life is absolutely out of line”. Individuals who consistently whine feel that their conditions are terrible and outside their ability to control. In any case, this isn’t correct. Their outlook on things needs an update as they have made their existence consenting to their negative contemplations. Albeit grumbling is an adverse mentality, it doesn’t make you a terrible individual. It just places you in a circumstance where you can’t carry on with a remarkable way of life. How to Break the Habit of Complaining? Grumbling is perhaps the greatest fixing that will cause you to lose your confidence and fortitude. It removes your certainty and makes doing things increasingly troublesome. Luckily, there are ways you can stop this propensity and deal with your perspective. •Be Aware–The initial step to bringing an end to this propensity is to know about when you gripe. Focus on watching yourself for the following twenty-four hours and when you understand that you start to grumble about something to somebody, stop it.

Making duty is another move to bringing an end to this propensity. Assuming liability doesn’t imply that you need to pound yourself. It implies that you know about the negative contemplations in your psyche and you need to clarify that those musings are not you. They are just contemplations. At the point when you acknowledge that you make those musings, you can transform them. Discover some an ideal opportunity to get some information about your positive expectations. Your answer will assist you in doing the subsequent stage.

Concentrate on Your Goals–When you wind up griping, set aside an effort to watch your protest and think about the motivation behind why you are doing it. Would it be that you are attempting to accomplish by whining? When you gain proficiency with these things, you can figure out how to supplant your negative considerations with positive other options. When the things that you need are obvious to you, discovering arrangements become simple. You can decide the correct moves to make.

About the author

Santosh Kumar Linga, is young and dynamic person. He learnt writing and blogging from his uncle Krish (Murali Krishna Akilla), who is a very active member of Compumatrix.


  1. It is very easy to fall into the trap of looking for the negative things around you, finding faults with other people and circumstances. Usually it is enough for someone you care about to point out what you are doing to snap out of it. A lot of the times you don’t even realise that you are doing it, so when they take the time to do it, be glad that someone cares enough to help you out of the negativity, whining or complaining.

  2. To complain comes when we are not comforted in the situation we are dealing with, it can be about the weather, a relationship, a health order, money, being impatient, etc.
    Not accepting what is brings the negative side out. When? when it is ready. Why? Because there are rules to follow. How? following the steps one by one set to accomplish goals.
    When, why, and how used above must be read in a tone of complaint.
    Being patient and not rushing in but accepting what is in time and space (except in an abuse situation), complaining will vanish and bring peace.

  3. Some people turn into chronic complainers because they feel they’re not being heard. Listen for there need. Validate, sympathize, deflect, redirect.
    Keep advice brief and to the point.
    Don’t ever tell them that things “aren’t so bad”
    When somebody is constantly complaining, it’s easy to think that they just have a negative outlook on life in the same way that a pessimist might. The truth is, chronic complainers are a whole different breed. They may not have a negative outlook on life at all, but they still want you to know that nothing is ever quite good enough..
    Personally i see always the glass half full , but thats not for everyone either.

  4. This is an interesting subject that hits home in the Compumatrix crowd, for sure. I’m sure that this article will grab the attention of those at Compumatrix who toil tirelessly to achieve a successful company launch, while simultaneously handling the continuous barrage of negativity from the active complainers in our membership group.

    In a perfect world, the complainers would stop just because they had seen this article and then realized they are only making things worse for themselves and for others. Unfortunately, the world is far from perfect and the complaining will continue.

    I’m very grateful that the Compumatrix Leaders and Staff are able to successfully handle the repetitive negativity manufactured by the complainers. Thank you to all of you for putting up with some of us!

    1. I understand I think why some seem to live to complain. I believe some do it out of fear and lack of faith. They no doubt have been in many an online program that has never panned out, and their owners have disappeared with their funds. That is a sad situation I agree and have had it happen to me a few times as well. Some are afraid Compumatrix will follow suit and be gone, so they set up their howl in our private open chat rooms. I get it, but that doesn’t make me like it. If Compumatrix were going to be on that “fail” list, they could have been gone LONG ago, yet, they are still here. WE are still here, and we are moving this along as fast as the current situation will allow. I wish some would think about that and be a bit more patient. BUT some can’t see the forest for the trees, and we admin have to look like the bad guys because we WILL keep our chat area as secure and peaceful as humanly possible. Thank you Kevin for your never-ending support, I know we have many like you, and you don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated!!

  5. Great article Santosh!
    It is a natural thing to want to see everything run smoothly according to our expectations (eg in our families,businesses, career’s, etc) and when this falls short we are bound to register our sentiments.Whiner’s always see the glass as half empty and never appreciate the small/little things that could be working out well in the particular situation(the silver lining in the cloud,no matter how dark it is).Being thankful IN everything helps me not to always complain when things don’t work out as expected.

  6. Guilty as charged. You won’t see it in our rooms but I too have been known to complain. It’s not always easy to keep your mouth shut but as I get older I find it easier. Trying not to complain is easier said than done. Just look at the world around us, there is plenty to complain about. Do your venting at the morons, yell at the TV, there’s plenty to complain about on every channel.

    I watch the antics played on our other site and know that it should not be taking place. It’s all frustration and not having the answers that they seek. I understand the why’s and why nots of some of the answers. Expectations are built up and then weeks go by and a new set of issues arises. Hey, people get upset, it’s life.

    It is tough when your expectations are high and then without explanation, nothing. It’s our situation and we live with it. Don’t like it, just stop complaining. As the saying goes: “don’t shoot the messenger.” They are in the same boat and it’s still floating!

    Go yell at the wall, not at someone who is trying to hold down the fort so we don’t lose everything!

  7. excellent read and very profound thoughts here Santosh — I do know I have found myself in certain times of my life where I have spent way too much time whining and feeling sorry — I also find when I really put in perspective it is almost always me and only me so then I Take Action on something and I find myself being pulled back out of the whiny feel sorry for me — and now a days very rarely do I find myself spending / wasting time in that arena of whinership — thanks for good read —

  8. Great article! Negative thinking develops very quickly in a person and many people become very emotional without thinking. This negative thinking is due to their constant failure and many times they seek counseling from a psychologist. which does not help remove this problemI. I think people learn to just complain about their environment and use their negative thinking in a hasty manner, compumatrix admin are very hard working day and night but people still complain because of not having patience.Let us think positively and change the world ourselves.

    1. Zahra Zulfiqar, I enjoyed how you tied negative thinking to emotions. I never thought of it that way. I completely agree that negative thinking makes a person’s emotions become negative very quickly – the two are dependent variables. I think if one focuses on the positive things in the world; the world will attract positive things back into that person’s life (it’s called “The Secret”.

  9. As soon as I started reading this, I immediately had a vision of Woody Allen. I can see him now in his movies grumbling away. The people around him although annoyed would try to enjoy themselves.

    Being from New York, this was a day to day occurrence with those around us. I had a difficult time watching adults screaming at their kids because they were so miserable. Their kids appeared to shed less than attractive comments but you know it has its effects.

  10. Excellent text Santosh! Complaining or grumbling, or even sulking, does not add good things to our lives and relationships. I am for resilience! It makes us understand and recognize better what we don’t like and think about new directions and new attitudes to achieve better results!

  11. This is an interesting blog about an issue that many companies have to deal with. It is not good for the general performance of a company when people complain or become negative (which is something different than being positively critical). There are management tools that can help. It is important to know why people show this attitude. The main reason for it is mostly a lack of information. People want to know what is happening and feel very uncomfortable when they are left in the dark. A good manager realizes this and he gives clarity, is transparent and, very important, is trustworthy. With these tools complaining and negativity will diminish a lot. Not completely because there are always people who make an art of complaining. They will never stop.

  12. Life complainers and whiners! I have vowed and try my very best not to join these people! Many years ago I learnt and discovered the power of our words that we put out into the universe….whining and complaining gets us back nothing positive; whereas words of love, kindness, joy, etc. manifest these back to us….now this makes it easy which of the two do we want to receive into our lives? This makes the choice abundantly easier!

  13. I can’t say I never complained but I have always been the peacekeeper when it comes to screaming and yelling at each other no sense in it and it will not accomplish anything but stress . There is always a solution to a problem you just have to find it. I believe there is power in the words you use being positive all the time is what God has taught us from the very beginning.

  14. absolutely agree with this blog posting and replies are just great to read and really is so true that more any and all of us look at things or life in general with good and joy or positive energy the better each day turns out and if we don’t let negative become a staple of each thought process –I really do believe we will enjoy and have peace — and Succeed in life —

  15. I actually really, really hate negativity and love positivity. Complaining never helps any situation at all as far as I am concerned. That’s what we all truly love about Erline. Over all these years, I don’t even recall once where I could say she ever complained or was negative. Almost positive to a fault sometimes, but that’s the way we need her to be and that’s the way she is ! How would have we been able to keep our heads up and stay positive for all these years if it wasn’t for her.?

  16. I think people that complain have just always done it. They like to be negative and want everybody to do something for them, but it just effects people the opposite way, I have been in my apartment for five ( 5) months by myself and have found things to do and things to keep me busy. I welcomed it even though I did not like it. Now I am complaining. Laugh Out Loud!! Where there is a will there is a way! Pray to God we all get through this!
    Good things come to those who wait.

  17. Complaining is really a bad mental posture to assume. As stated in this blog there are no positive outcomes to complaining. Even worse it can and often does become a habit that diminishes our enjoyment of life and reduces the good that we can accomplish in life. Life will always provide opportunity and reason to complain, but exercising a positive faith in a loving God who cares for us will enable one to stay positive even when circumstance appear bleak. Going through life without complaining is more enjoyable.

  18. Isn’t is so easy to complain? Very simple. Requires no talent.
    Reasons to complain are generally – lack of faith and lack of patience. We should always use foresight and see the BIG PICTURE.
    To get to see the crack of dawn, we need to wait for the night to reach it’s darkest moment first. Its all a part of a daily process of nature itself.
    So, lets enjoy life and wait cheerfully for the big day to come..Not far away!!

  19. You are so right, Santosh. Negative attitude hurts the individual speaking the words and acting them out. Those who are recipients of these words are some times deeply affected by them. When I hear negative words and attitudes, they cause me to groan in my spirit. When we talk negatively, it brings about a sad feeling. Giving encouraging words, a smile, or a pleasing complement, will uplift and make people feel better. The individual who speaks the encouragement and offers a smile will also benefit from a better feeling of him or herself.
    Life and death are in the power of the tongue, thus what is in our hearts comes through the mouth. May we all practice speaking with words and actions of positiveness. We change our hearts, we change the world.

  20. I think the energy one releases into the universe is the energy they receive back from the universe. If someone complains all the time, that person will be in the mindset of complaining as soon as something gets difficult (I can’t do it, that’s too hard, why did this happen to me). Instead, like this blog said, one should continue to pursue their goals and push through until the end. I find that some people spend more time complaining about the “difficult” tasks than they put effort into actually completing the “difficult” task.

  21. People complain for different reasons. It is usually about something that is not going according to their plan. Sometimes we hold our mouth tight and accept things the way they are, but then eventually the frustration or despair gets the better of us and our mindset switches into the complaining mode. I think to get yourself out of this gear you need to consciously acknowledge what is happening or for someone to snap you out of it.

  22. For me, no matter what I am doing if I start complaining the job automatically becomes worse. By complaining you immediately start focusing on the negatives, so obviously the job will seem worse. If something is really negatively effecting me, instead of complaining I think of some useful feedback to give to whoever is in charge. This way, the negatives can maybe be fixed and you aren’t so focused on whatever is bad around you.

  23. I hate complaining. I don’t like it when other people complain either. Complaining accomplishes nothing. We all have our “down days”, but it is our job to pick ourselves back up and keep pushing forward. As we get older, mom and dad are not there to make things feel better – we must do it for ourselves. Positive energy is contagious – all it takes is one positive thought and that positive thought turns into more positive thoughts.

  24. Thank you for your blog on complaining. My intention when I read or listen to a complainer is to stay neutral in my own energy. I don’t allow it because it is my choice not to let the complainer’s energy affect me. They have their perspective and I allow it, yet my only job in life is to stay happy. It is a choice. My choice is to stay happy and positive. I pretend I am a tree and the complainer is the wind, it blows through me without any negativity.

  25. Love your perspective Kristin…I am going to add that into my bag of words to keep referring to. Complaining can also be even more broken down into the chronic complainers and those who do so rarely. With the latter, it can be sometimes wise to listen to their complaints and have a conversation with the result being if points are revised and implemented the outcome can be changed for the better. Whereas, the “chronics” can thrive on this way of life so best for others to step away!

  26. I suppose many of us have watched the Ten Commandments or read the story about the great exodus from Egypt to the promised land. The reason why all (except for Joshua and Caleb) of the adults did not reach the destination was due to grumbling. In spite of the supernatural provision and the protection, the sojourners complained at every aspect of doubt or discomfort. Grumbling is a form of rebellion, as if telling God that He made a mistake. The bible says rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft.

    Of course there are many reasons we feel justified to complain about certain things. However, I believe we should not be overcome by our negative emotions for long. It is best to pour out our sentiments to the Lord and let Him have His way. For from this we are able to develop patience, perseverance, faith, hope, etc. that help build our inner being.

  27. Thanks you for the great blog. It again reminds me of the movie “what the bleep do we know” It talks about energy and how negativity affects the body. We are 90% water so when you become negative, your body make these little ugly crystals in your body. If your happy your produce beautiful designs. Look it up it amazing, So stay possitive. Because it affects YOUR insides.

  28. Great blog. It is so easy to get into the habit of complaining. It makes your life so much
    more negative and unproductive. People don’t like to be around those that either complain
    or nag. Its really not good for your health to always be on the negative side of things. So be positive and you will live a happier life..

  29. just a great read and Santosh if whining aver becomes part of the overall equation to success then you will have to redo your post — but do know from 45+ years of working with the public that not every moment is a joy but so just no matter what always find the whine acceptable — to me Patience and Perseverance is the Winner not the winer –lol

  30. Santosh, you have chosen to blog on a subject that I am sure will get the attention of a particular group of people in our membership. And, while I understand that this group of members have been waiting a very long time, complaining is just not the way to get it done here. I would never claim to understand all that is involved with this group. I have only been a member since 2015, so I could hardly understand the feeling of those that have been here 10 years longer than I have. I only know that complaining will not resolve the issue. I believe that our leadership has handled it well and I pray that we all get what we have been waiting for soon.

  31. here we are into November 2020 and there were a couple great new blogs posted and we are still being patient and learning with each day as new parts are being added not just to Biz but to our daily lives — and do agree that complaining can be a part but honestly not much a part for me — I like Patience and Quiet Perseverance — thanks again Santosh

  32. I believe that some people whine so much that they eventually become phased-out, or not paid attention to by whoever is on the receiving end of the whining. In my case. I can turn my hearing aids off and play like I am listening to the whining when I am not.

  33. here we are in what i call “Christmas time” I realize some thinks not so much but for me it is a time of Joy and Peace and I kinda like the idea 365 days a year — so marketing times are what they are but inside my Peace n Energy n Joy are — love reading this great posting — Truth is —

  34. I have known people to say that if they get upset and try to hold back their anger, it will affect their health in a negative way. They believe then that when they don’t hold back their anger and let it all out, it helps somehow to relieve stress and leads to better health.

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