Compumatrix and me:

On my journey through life, I have had several careers. I have played various roles. My journey has been chronicled with the help of these experiences and the people I have met along the way.

In the book of my life, some people have scribbled margin notes while others have written chapter after chapter. Compumatrix has beautifully written volumes into my life’s story.

Although it is still in the process of being written, I know that Compumatrix has had an enormous impact on my life, hopes, and dreams of helping others.

What has Compumatrix taught me?

  1. Compumatrix has taught me I do not always have to be strong.
  2. I am allowed to be weak and make mistakes as long as I pick myself back up and keep moving forward.
  3. I believe there are no coincidences.  I believe Compumatrix came into my life for a reason.
  4. I believe not only do I have a story but that others need my story too.

5. When I became honest and vulnerable within myself, I could be honest and vulnerable with other people.

6. It has taught me that no matter what flaws and hurts I suffer, my story is still valid, and therefore I have the strength to validate other people’s stories.

Because it taught me to see the world differently, I learned to treat the world differently.

  1. Compumatrix has taught me to be thankful, and it’s never too late to stop and smell the flowers.
  2. It has taught me that sometimes the smallest acts of kindness go a long way in blessing someone who may be suffering on the inside. 
  3. It has taught me to see the opportunity in every adventure and any situation. It has also taught me to see the humor in life.
  4. Henry’s passion for making a difference in the world is unbelievable. He has dedicated his heart and soul to endeavors that surpass any goal.
  5. Watching Henry pour love into his work and watching him try to make a difference in humanity worldwide is an incredible experience, and I hope that one day I can have just as much passion as he has.
  6. Henry inspires me to be the best version of myself. I look up to him. Perhaps we’d all be much better off if more people should strive to have the strength and passion that he exemplifies in life.
  7. I look up to each of you as a role model and will forever be indebted to you. Member and staff alike. 
  8. I want to thank each of you, Henry, David, Erline, BOD, staff, and members of Compumatix, I may not express it often, but I treasure you!

I want to repeat this quote from Confucius: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” I genuinely believe this is the goal of Compumatrix that Henry has instilled in all of us.

Life has its twists and turns, but no matter what it brings you, live it with all of your heart. No matter what life’s situations are, we have been lucky enough to witness them over these past few years. If you bring your whole heart with you, you can always turn a negative situation into a positive one!

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. That is a great Blog Gail! Henry and Compumatrix has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I have learned more about people and Compumatrix. This company has taught me things and showed me things that I would never had learned if I did not join such a excellent company. I love Compumatrix and all the admin and all members. We have all learned together as one big family. What a glorious journey and still moving on!

  2. thank you Gail for sharing and this is a great read and a deep read if we take time and look at ourselves Truly — and so much truth in the Fact that anything we work at should have our Heart all the way in — just so much here to grasp and look beyond truthfully — and much appreciation —

  3. Great blog you have written here and I thank you for that. Henry has shown me a lot wine going Compumatrix years ago as under it’s other name which I will not mention as we move forward because we can not get there continuing to look back. I see the advantage of having patience , where it is leading me to and the things I see coming that I could only dream of. Thanks Henry for installing that Great phrase in me Buy small and sell Big. I did not understand that at first

    1. I appreciate your observation on having patience. I believe when we set clear intentions for an outcome and hold consistent, positive energy towards it they will come to fruition. However, it’s important to have the patience to allow for it to happen when, and how it is optimal to do so. I know have have been guilty in the past of “trying” to make it happen when and how I wanted, but that just brings frustration. Stepping back and allowing things to unfold as they will is a much easier way to live. To all our success, which will come when it is supposed to. Best wishes to all the Compmatrix team.

      1. Welcome aboard Paul. Your overview is spot on. Frustration is one of those problems that so many of us face on a daily basis. Gail has many attributes and works to keep the peace as well as explaining the “how to’s” of getting around the many new changes that are constantly taking place. Keep the positive energy going.

  4. Gail,really great blog! Compumatrix bright path and a bright future are guaranteed in our lives,Henry has given us a wonderful gift in the form of compumatrix,we are all so grateful today, I never let the passage of doubt come near me,we have learned and continue to learn a lot from compumatrix,I didn’t know much about what I am learning today,I am very grateful to compumatrix admin and all the members who helped me move forward at all times,I am sure we are moving very fast towards our destination of compumatrix.

  5. Lovely blog Gail. I have found Compumatrix has changed our ways of thinking and seeing things. We’ve learned to be positive, see a brighter future, show compassion and become better people for it and that’s before we truly open our doors to the world.

    It’s connected us all, from different backgrounds and areas of the world and I love it!

    Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds as we keep taking steps forward.

  6. Amen Gail, we seem to always flow in the same thought patterns. I was thinking today how fortunate I am to be a part of Compumatrix. The joy of knowing so many outstanding, free-thinking family members from all over the world. I am writing a blog about “Companies That Think Outside of the Box”. There are very few built with heart and concern for all humanity. I appreciate this blog, and all you and the staff do for us. We are blessed!

    1. Carmen, I resonate strongly with your comment that few companies are built with heart and concern for all humanity. I joined a new company 5 years ago that was being built on those principles and it has been the most enjoyable work experience of my life. And, that includes all of my previous 17 jobs starting in 1969. About 3 years ago I was introduced to Compumatrix by a friend and I consider myself privileged to be in 2 companies that have “conscious” leaders. By the way, the other company I work for teaches leaders how to create conscious organizations that respect the humanity in everyone. There are no coincidences.

  7. Avery nice post especially about self Realization.All the points you made about lessons you learnt while with compumatrix are also the ones that we all did i hope.We all have had a very very long learning curve especially about patience and camaraderie,brotherhood/sisterhood and working as one united family towards a single goal of improving lives of people around us. we shall achieve that because we belong and own a business like compumatrix.

  8. Thank you, Gail, for that very insightful blog. I do believe that most of us here hold the same principles at varying levels, but fail to be able to express them as you have. Compumatrix has been a big part of my life for the last several years and I hold on to the belief that all of humanity will benefit from the vision that Henry has set forth. Thank you for all you and others have done to support and further this purpose.

  9. Thank you, Gail, for this article. It made me stop and question why have I stayed the course this long. In looking back at my life I have always been a grasshopper flitting from one job to another, looking for one that would pay me more money. They always seemed to be the same with a different name. Initially I joined Compumatrix because I thought it would be a shortcut to making money. Working from home and getting paid for it seemed ideal. I asked myself “Why did I stay the course for 17 years?” I was impressed by Henry for his reasons for starting this company, and the reasons he stayed with it. To meet his dream this company has gone through many different forms. Now at last we are here to see it take off like the beautiful butterfly it has become.

  10. The one thing that compumatrix has taught me and everyone else probably is patience in its most extreme form WE have yet to see the benefits of our patience although we appear to be getting closer. It has also taught me that some people react in different ways to criticism. There are very few people that are always right. Many accept it but some get very twitchy about percieved deficiencies in their ability to embrace sometimes adverse comments

    1. I couldn’t agree more Jeffrey…some people DO think the world revolves around them and they seem to think the world owes them. Until they learn they are ONE part of the whole they are doomed to stay on the sidelines and watch life pass them by. Of course, this is a sad thing especially for them because if they would only take note that when they criticize and point a finger they have three pointing back at themselves. Worse yet they blame others for their own lack because they never learn what it means to be a team player.

    2. Jeffrey, I appreciate your perspective that very few people are always right as I have never met anyone who was. And, from my perspective, I assess people not on whether they are “right or wrong” but rather on whether they are coming from a place of love and respect for others. My belief is that when I come from that place my intuition consistently guides me to optimal outcomes.

  11. What a fascinating, revealing article from someone who is at the coalface and so close to all the ins and outs that Henry has had to endure to see his dream come to fruition. Like Gail I do not believe in coincidences, things happen for a reason. I consider myself so lucky to have been introduced to the company a few years back by a lovely lady who had and still does have complete faith in what Henry is doing. I have watched the sceptics whinge and complain but fortunately they appear to be in the minority and very soon I suspect will have to eat humble pie. We are all on the verge of the most exciting period of our lives. So get ready to relax and enjoy.

    1. THANK you, Patrick! Yes, I agree and feel blessed to be in Compumatrix as well! God bless Henry for having the staying power and for being like a duck, letting the complaints run off his back like water. He has stayed the course and I have tried to adopt his philosophies along the way! WE will all know soon that we are blessed and should be thankful. I appreciate you!

  12. Thank you Gail or your lovely comments – much appreciated. I am the most positive person I know and positivity will get you everywhere in life. Negativity causes stress and heartache. Now more than ever as Compumatrix reaches a crescendo we need to be positive. It is all going to happen and when it does it will literally be an avalanche. Of course the BITCOIN buy by Mr Musk should also be seen as totally positive and the price has risen accordingly. So hang on to your hats it is going to be one hell of a ride.

  13. Oh, Gail. You brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. I am right with you. What we have learned is so much more valuable that what we have earned. And what we will do with both is beyond words. Thank you so much for being so open with yourself, for being the rock you are in our incredible company, and for being a friend. You are a gem, sparkling in so many ways. I’m certain Henry feels the same…and then some.

  14. Indeed, another excellent message from Gail. Compumatrix has been a very long journey for many of us, many have left, but many have stayed the course. I always believed in Henry and his vision, and it’s like you said, that perhaps one day you could share that very same passion as Henry has given to this remarkable program. I have put the time in, and I feel I have a very good understanding of this business, the blessing that are about to come our way will definitely reflect our staying of the course. I look forward to paying it forward for those that are less fortunate, and I’m sure many others will do the same, thanks to a whole list of names that made all of this happen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Cheers !!

    1. Daniel, thank you for sharing your experience. I particularly appreciate your desire to do the work to understand the business. I have been working two jobs to stay afloat and did the best I could with the time I had to learn about Compumatrix. Fortunately, I have two good friends in the business who are very versed in all aspects of the business and they have taught me everything I need to know. Guess I was meant to be here. 😉

  15. Patience still very much in evidence. We need team players as wel as mavericks.
    If Henry had not been a visionary as well as a lone voice at the start we would not be where we are today.

  16. It’s been a long walk here. I am sure that all patience and determination of members and staff will pay off. And more brilliant and wonderful days are to come.

  17. Thank you, Gail, for the beautiful blog. I feel the same when Mason passed. It was like he was screaming at me to go, go, so I think Compumatrix is in my life for a significant reason since my 12 year old son who had passed was the one urging me I kept seeing his 22 everywhere so I know, in my heart I’m with the right family.

  18. Gail,a very thought provoking blog. “”Because it taught me to see the world differently,I learned to treat the world differently”” these lines kept going on and on in my mind and see what she meant coz here at Compumatrix our members are so different coming from different parts of the world and from different walks of life and yet we all are together here as one big amalgamated family. Henry has done a fantastic job of getting us all together so that all of us can achieve our dreams.

  19. It has been amazing to watch Compumatrix come to life and be part of a community that is so connected and supportive. It is an exciting time for compumatrix and crypto in general. To be part of this community is something to be grateful for. Recognizing that the people that have been here for so much longer, have done an incredible thing — with patience and grace, for so many.

  20. Loved this Sophye! One must realize that their past has molded them in so many ways, and yet those ways can be amended and altered, but never totally away from whom you really are. Those who really touch our lives such as Henry has, and many other in my life, have brought special things to our life, and we will now use those things we embraced to become better people! Thanks again for the fine article!

  21. There are two points that stand out for me from this post. One is “Compumatrix came into my life for a reason”. I think for many they miss this excellent rational as they are looking for a as it were a cash cow. Thus they loose the basic fundamental of why.
    Which leads to my next point, Henry’s passion to make a difference in this world.. His effort to make or develop something that will make a difference in the world LONG term and not SHORT term, that will last beyond, for some of us, our lifetimes. He wants to help people everywhere and give people hope and a long stake in life with little or no interference by third parties, but just me and the rest of the world.

    1. David, I completely agree with your statement, “Compumatrix came into my life for a reason.” Personally, I believe everything in our lives happens for reason, even those things that we don’t want to experience. We attract things into our lives based on the energy we put out. If, for example, we want to move to a new home, we can facilitate that process by focusing on it happening and consistently FEELING wonderful about our new home (without any concern, doubt, etc.). That’s how we facilitate it’s manifestation.

  22. Your words are so true David. Generations to come will benefit from Henry’s forsight and business acumen. Whilst we too are about to benefit financially the future for so many is so exciting.

  23. You hit this one right into the heart! Each of us is here for different reasons and we all stay here for many different reasons. The journey we have traveled has helped each of us “find” ourselves.

    There are three words that really got my attention when first finding my way here. Engage, Enhance and Empower which has changed my life forever. These three words have helped drive my passion for seeing all that these words hold and mean to fruition.

    Thank you for giving the members a look as to who the real Gail is! In this business, we all seem to be working from the heart. Hugs

    1. Erline, your message is right on! Those 3 words say it all. They reflect a vision we have all signed on to support, and that is powerful. It only takes a few dedicated people committed to a clear, brilliant vision … to change the world. We are here and all on board. Bless Henry, his vision, his determination and his love of humanity.

  24. Awesome Sentiments Gail. Thanks for that. We all have a ton to learn no matter how much we think we know. Great motivation for everyone to remember these things.

  25. Gail I keep coming back to this blog and read it and appreciate your patience and faith. It keeps me going and helps me be patient with what’s going around me. It gives me a push and a drive to keep going forward.

  26. Very interesting Gail. I have always believe we travel on the train of life, while on board we meet many different people, many travel with us for a short while but some leave an indelible mark on us, they have changed our lives forever. Some travel with us all through our lives a as much as we think they have not affected our journey, it is when they leave us behind on the train alone we realise how important their contribution to our journey really was. Never take for granted those who share the journey with you, be it for a short or a long time we have much to learn from the part of their journey they have kindly shared with us.

  27. Paula how right you are and how important is the train of life. It takes us through the highs and lows but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The people we associate with can have a huge influence and that is what we members of this company as seeing right now. From Henry downwards the resilience, the staying power along with the love, hope and faith will see us all emerge from the tunnel with a new appreciation of life that we can share.

  28. Thank You, Gail for this amazing article. It made me stop and question why have I stayed the course. In looking back at my life I have always been a grasshopper flitting from one job to another, looking for one that would pay me more money. They always seemed to be the same with a different name. Initially I joined Compumatrix because I thought it would be a shortcut to making money, working from home and getting paid for it seemed ideal. I asked myself why did I stay the course instead of jumping ship and my answer is I am impressed with Henry for his reasons for starting this company, and the reasons he stayed with it instead of throwing in the towel.

  29. Great write up Gail….I really believe you will be successful if you do what you love to do. I really love all the points you made about what Compumatrix has taught you.
    For me patience and being thankful has what it has taught me. Things always happen for
    a reason even though we may not always know why…

  30. I enjoyed your blog very much Gail .. One thing I have always done was Love what I do and do what I love. I was the owner / operator of 2 businesses and took care of two other businesses at the same time. The art sculptures and gallery and craft festival I done as well as running the 2 store fronts. Loved every minute of it . Would never change a thing on what I love to do.

  31. Gail, words of wisdom you share, gathered from many years on this journey. I have been along side of many others as we kept or stride on the path of dreams planted by Henry and added to by each one of us. It takes a lot of patience and faith to trudge, skip, stumble, jump over and crawl under the the roadblocks we have encountered over the past decade plus. I have learned to be more patient, slow down and smell the flowers, help as many as you can by taking your eyes off oneself and putting them on someone else that is struggling. Staying positive in not so positive time, feel sorrow with others when a member is lost passed on. One item that impacts me a lot is the quality of friendship and compassion members have for each other, it is priceless, and unlimited.

  32. I LOVE this statement: “I am allowed to be weak and make mistakes as long as I pick myself back up and keep moving forward.” This has been a living reality with Compumatrix. As it has moved along in its development, mistakes have been made. The good news is that COMPUMATRIX has never stayed with its face on the ground after a fall. It has picked itself up, brushed itself off, and started to move again in the direction of its vision. This is the way that we all need to be in our individual lives. We are going to mess up, the key is get back up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward!

  33. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if like was just this way? I can imagine it, can you? I believe it is possible but it would require a change in all of us and dedication to sustain it. There would be no room for ego. No one would be better or on a higher level than anyone else. This is how it should be! Thank you for the refreshing imaginations!!

  34. Life is full of opportunities to learn on every corner. I am thankful that I have had the ups AND downs in my life as they have each taught me in their own way a lesson I needed to know. I am especially thankful for the opportunity brought to me to be in Compumatrix and to learn and grow with others here. I look forward to growing and furthering my knowledge in Cryptos and also in being able to give back to society!

  35. I KNOW you aren’t talking about working at a paper mill because I can tell you it’s not what I love for sure. lol, Seriously it does make a difference in how you view your job because if you love what you do then it’s not really work. It is more like fun and the time passes so fast!!

  36. Yes, Henry and his team are an inspiration to us all because they are following their passion. For me, one of the most challenging and courageous decisions I ever made was finding something to do that I loved … then doing it. Today, when people tell me they are unhappy with their jobs and are wondering what to do I say, “Imagine that you woke up tomorrow morning and did not have to ‘work’ to earn a living … what would you do with your day?”

  37. Wow, this is beautiful, Gail! Your devotion to Compumatrix, Henry and his vision, the BOD, staff and all the members is very much appreciated by all of us! Nobody works harder than you do for this company, and I’m so glad you’ve gotten a wealth of benefits from the amazing things you do for all of us here! Also, for being such a great personal support, which you give out generously (when you have time in between all that work!). 🙂

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