Compumatrix Awake From Your Slumber

Arise People of the Mountain

I don’t particularly like to draw a parallel between Smaug (the dragon from Lord of the Rings) and our company, Compumatrix. However, I do wish to draw into this discussion the long slumber as it appears from the outside (more on this later). Compumatrix is represented by “the Mountain” and the members are the People of the Mountain. The People of the Valley are the ones that have long awaited for the opportunity to come the way that will lift them from Financial Despair.

Smaug, the dragon represents the difficulties that Compumatrix had to endure in the efforts to prosper. You can wrap the storyline from Lord of the Rings around the story of Compumatrix. You can state you were there when Henry said: Compumatrix, Awake From Your Slumber!

As stated above, I mentioned the “long slumber as it appears from the outside.” For the People of the Valley, it would appear that Compumatrix was in a long slumber. This has not been the case as there have been several very dedicated People of the Mountain. They have been at work and on guard for an extensive period. 

The Business of Building Mountains

In this age of fast-paced live styles, one thing is certain. Appearance is the crown of a business enterprise. Someone is an instant success in this online business world when they turn the lights on for everyone to see. Either the business starts and flourishes or starts and crashes. Either way, the business is labeled an instant success or a dismal failure. No one sees the years of sweat and tears involved in putting it together.

There is no difference in the World of Compumatrix. When the lights are turned on, it will be labeled an instant success! All the years will never be a part of the imaginations of those that come after us. They will see a website that someone put together and nothing more. They did not catch the bus several years ago and participated in various events until the Mountain was built.

Today, everyone thinks if it’s on the internet, it must have taken 2 hours to put it together. Just the concept of Compumatrix was years in the making. The design and implementation are so much more than can be described. The technology today is so complex that it allows for the most prosperous future.

Compumatrix Awakes From Time

There have been enough movies on time travel that by now, you are convinced it is possible. Keeping within the reality of this thought, have you ever read in a history book where someone from the future traveled thru time to change the outcome of an event?

Since I can not recall one of these events, I am going to assume everything has to fall into place within its time reality. 

I find this to be the case (in my mind) as far as Compumatrix is involved. A while back, I was reminiscing over the events of Compumatrix and realized the outcome was something Henry came up with years ago. It was ahead of its time and everything has to fall into the right time frame. My conclusion is we needed to take the correct procedures to put things into place. Hence satisfying Smaug!

Do you have a Smaug in your life that is holding back your future? 

About the author

Catherine Martin-Sampson is a founding member of the Compumatrix. She has recently retired from Teaching (Special Education) She has a variety of experiences that she incorporates into her live and let's them flow from mind to pen.


  1. We the People of the Mountain have a good perspective of Smaug as we have lived through the sweat and tears and obstacles that the Mountain has worked through over many years. We didn’t just remain dormant in the People of the Valley. I am proud to be part of the journey of the Mountain being built and eventually awakened from its slumber as Henry states. Thank you Catherine for the Lord of the Rings terms applied to our company.

    1. Catherine, you worded that so eloquently that Compumatrix traveled in its own time to reality. I don’t think anyone outside of Compumatrix would believe the journey we’ve been on to get to where we are today. All I know is that I am so grateful, that I was curious, anxious,and so much wanted to be in a challenging businessthat was loaded with success.

      So proud to be part of history, with my Compumatrix friends..

  2. I love how Compumatrix is represented as ‘the mountain’. Every mountain has a solid base and rises from the ground to been seen by all from miles away. People aim to conquer the mountain and lay claim to the top but without proper training, they may fall and pass away. Sheer determination and a willinginess to succeed will allow you to finally conquer and stand proudly at the top, even if you slip, you can get back up and keep climbing.

    Right now, we can step back and see the Compumatrix mountain growing stronger in the distance, and I’m ready to step forward and conquer it!

  3. Catherine is very encouraging to read this blog. Thank you! We will be great champions in the very near future, God willing! May the commitment of Henry and the whole team be a success in the lives of all of us!

  4. Catharine, I enjoyed learning about the significance of the movie Lord of the Rings. The film had never appealed to me, but now I know there is a good underlying story to it, and I can hear again, I will. You are using a good comparison to what has and what is happening with our fantastic company, Compumatrix, and Networks International Incorporated. I have also found it interesting how some businesses make it online, and others do not. It could be the timing or product offered.

  5. It has been a roller coaster of a ride and I have seemed to always find something to work on in either the portal or Dex some made it a slumber for themselves but there was always something to do be it build your portfolio and for awhile purchase cards always fun to work in the site I have enjoyed these years with Compumatrix and now we are syncing yeah!!

  6. Thank you Catherine, such encouragement. You must have been a great teacher. I love how Compumatrix is the mountain. Your right no one knows the hard work put into Compumatrix we are just waiting, but you know there’s so much going on behind closed doors. The ups and downs have been emotionally tugging but look where we are. I wish I had known 14 years ago, what an amazing dream. I’m just happy to be here now and to be part of something so amazing.

  7. I think we the people have been building the mountain together and Henry has been the Chief Engineer. I couldn’t agree more as to new people coming in and having no clue as to what has taken place to build this amazing company. All the dedicated hard work not just from Henry but the commitment from the BOD and the rest of the staff. Tirelessly working to make this a reality.

  8. Good blog Catherine. Although it took years for our company Compumatrix to fulfill the aspirations of its members in general and founding members in particular, I am sure that our dreams of a better life through Compumatrix. Long back Henry had a dream of giving a better life to people and started a company with the slogan, “Engage, Enrich and Enhance Life.” It took many turns and the determination and commitment of Henry brought this company nearer to fruition. Probably the one and only company in the world which withstood many turbulences and turmoils. The efforts put in by Henry and his team, mainly the well-experienced CEO David, consistent BOD, mainly WoooHooo Erlne, the most dynamic Gail, BOD Chairperson well-composed Jane, and many others of the team, are commendable. We all waited for something which is worth waiting for.

  9. I had a thought as I looked at that picture. Is that Erline breathing fire? lol I know she can get that Cajun temper worked up but naaa I guess she doesn’t actually breathe fire. I liked this post and the references to Compumatrix needing to wake up. I have to differ though cos I know from talking to my Mom (Gail) that Compumatrix is anything but asleep!!

    1. Gosh Michael, how did you recognize me breathing that fire? You were right on. I do breathe fire. When believing in something so passionately, it is easy to breathe fire when fighting the negative forces trying to destroy the best thing that has ever happened to the crypto world to date.

  10. great post on how Compu has traveled thru time and climbed its’ share of Mountains and also thru work and effort and Perseverance have created our own Mountain — it is such a fun perspective to consider so many of the places and the stops along this journey — thanks for a great start to my sunday — and for your effort here CS

  11. Building mountains takes millions of years. We are talking about geologic time here! We have been learning patience for a few short years! RIGHT! I know the world’s tallest mountain is in Hawaii but there is a digital one being built out of the Philippines right now! We are almost there and soon many will learn about this mountain.

    By-the-way, did you catch that piece that Mt Everest is NOT the tallest! LOL

    1. Catherine, the title of your blog here I believe to be both catching and clear in where we are now headed. There had seemed to be a slumber but it is becoming clearly apparent that there was always work being done behind the scenes. There was also some things you could do at times but you had to put forth some effort to find it.

  12. A great post Catherine .I differ slightly in accepting that compumatrix is awakening from slumber.It has always been alive and kicking and fighting against all odds to achieve the success that it has remaining steadfast and a positive resolve to achieve the goal set forth.Hats off to the Mountain Henry and people working with him towards that end.

  13. Great Blog Catherine. I never followed Lord of the Rings and do not know what it is about. However, you created a great analogy between The Mountain and Compumatrix. It has been a long time coming and thanks to Henry’s vision will soon be a reality and to all the BOD, staff and members for hanging in there.

  14. I was curious about reading your blog. Because the title suggested to me ( repeat to me), that nothing was going on in Compumatrix.
    Before Compumatrix and during its years of existence, Henry has been awake and active.
    Although it has been many years since I joined, the fascination and the dream of seeing it grow has taken away that feeling of slumber.

    1. Helen Lord of the rings was filmed over here in New Zealand in the South Island . The scenery is amazing and if you ever get the chance to watch the movies brought out then you will be amazed . It’s a film that your children and any grandchildren would love . Strength to all of us combined to make Compumatrix successful in the years to come .

  15. it is nice to see the reading of this more than once and to one of the replies –the tallest mountain in the world is in Hawaii — but in all reality the tallest mountain in life is the one you are actually climbing right now — just my opinion — as life has taught me keep pushing climbing with perseverance and truth you shall climb that mountain — Compumatrix is a great climb !!

    1. I’m glad you caught that! Most people automatically think about Mount Everest. It is the tallest above sea level at 29,000 feet. However, Mauna Kea in Hawaii is 33,000 feet. From the base of the ocean to sea level measures 19,000 feet of the mountain. This leaves 14,000 feet above sea level.

      Speaking of Compumatrix, some of us are going to have to get the rust out. It is time to get moving and become that integral part of this company that we are Founding members of!

  16. Yes Catherine, you being a founding member certainly makes you a steadfast member. I have only been here about 5 years and no way have I put in the dedication of some of you and especially those that have pushed and tweaked this business from the start. I do believe though that coming in when I did put me in a great position to not procrastinate as Crypto was starting to gain traction then. My hats off to all the long-time members who have stayed the course while Henry stayed awake and true to his dream.

  17. Catherine your blog makes me think about positive thinking. Thanks so much. Very rarely do we hear people within our discord talking about luck or how this road was easily traveled. I don’t believe in luck. I think luck stands for laboring under correct knowledge. That sounds like what happened with the developers and our executive team within Compumatrix. They have labored under correct knowledge for so many years it is now coming to fruition. Buckle up team the Mountain people are coming!

  18. Catherine, I have not seen the movie, Lord of the Rings, but I totally agree with your point. We do tend to look at a website online and not look behind the scenes at all the work someone put in to get the business up and running. We have been waiting a very long time and we look so forward to our launch – and the excitement of Henry’s achieving his dream!

  19. Catherine, good blog and comparison, I think like many of the long time members, we couldn’t see the mountain for the forest. It has been a long journey, but I always knew the people behind the program were always working and updating new protocols, technology and documentation. They are the ones who deserve all the credit, but shareholders, members and believers have been following the leaders and hopefully will see the rewards in the near future.

  20. Like a storybook, Catherine you brought me along on a journey of creation. We the members are the crystals and precious metals found in that mountain. We are learning our value and what it takes to evolve, manifest, and produce within our new ecosystem. Like any gemstone, it takes years to create and multiple steps to polish to bring about its brilliance. If we so choose, we can be that brilliant Alexandrite stone within the mountain of Compumatrix. The choice is ours.

  21. Nice job Catherine. Like the Lord of the Rings analogy. We have indeed slain many dragons on our journey to this point. T.S. Eliot wrote ” We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” That place is Henry’s vision for Compumatrix & for all of us!

  22. This is such an excellent analogy/comparison of how so much is perceived not only with our own business but to almost everything worldwide. All people see and want to handle are the end results, they don’t care to know how much effort was involved in the development.

  23. As a fan of these books I really appreciated your comparison here. It helps to have something to anchor to. I have only been part of Compumatrix for a relatively short while, so this is a great way to view it. All things need a good foundation and in some ways we all need a mountain to climb. Thank you

  24. So true. It is sad that for so many there is no value put on the journey only on the end result. Often, even then there are complaints. It requires an enormous amount of dedication to start any business from scratch let alone one that was so far ahead of its time.

  25. Catherine,your estimate statement is that no one will back down from climbing this mountain,compumatrix has now taken us to the top of the mountain where we can only reach the heights and that is the key to our success.Thank you for the encouragement.

  26. Never having seen or read Lod of the Rings I am lost on the comparison. What i do now is that we have so far redefined the word patience and proved that we are not quiters, Hopefully our wait willbe rewarded shortly.

  27. I am waiting for the Dragon to breathe fire and set us all alight metaphorically speaking.
    Our patince appears to be about to be rewarded. Those of us of advanced years are probably more in need of the fire extinguisher than those who can move a little faster.

  28. do agree that everything happens within its “Right Time” not sure of the science factors / fictions of time travel but with great work ethic and Patience and Perseverance many Great Things have become Science Fact as opposed to sci-fi time travels — — great reading with great info — thank you

  29. coming back and reading a great blog like this does put a little better step into the day — and just here and now at this moment it is fun to see and be a part of history in the making and also see how much has been accomplished over 15 years or so — it is fascinating and inspiring too- thank you Catherine n Compumatrix — rj

  30. I think the dragon may have been aroused a little more judging from comments about tyhe Webinar. Let us hope that there will a full throated roar very shortly and we can all witness the effect of the final opening.

  31. I see the dragon figure overcoming difficulties and emerging as it has been defined which is a powerful, mythical creature with magical or spiritual qualities. My hope is that Compumatrix will be as magical and powerful.

  32. I believe that someone can be an instant success in this online business world but not necessarily instantaneously. It takes work, and keeping up over a period of time with what is going on and making sure that the knowledge required has been gained.

  33. as we travel thru our own time capsule and continue to climb our Mountain — it is such a ride and when parts are put into the overall puzzle — my gosh the intricacies of this adventure — just is incredible and the conversations of the past — so many Wows — and again a great read here !!!

  34. I’ve never seen or read Lord of the Rings, I have not been here as long a many but in the approx 4 and 1/2 years I’ve been a part of Compumatrix it has been a roller coaster ride, it seems Compumattrix will wake up and ask us as members to do the things required at that particular time and then it goes back into slumber, but it seems now with the very near opening of the CDAP, Compumatrix will finally remain awake from its slumber.

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