Compumatrix – Crypto Pioneers and Revolution

These words have been used quite often when talking about or trying to explain the paradigm and functions of Compumatrix and Networks International Incorporated or CNII. What are the words, you ask? “Pioneer and Revolution”. But before we proceed with the implications of these words for our Company, CNII. I would very much like to remind everyone because we have become so used to abbreviating CNII to just Compumatrix of the two very important words of “Networks” and “International”.

Networks -. means and indicates a conglomerate system or devices, which we will call computers, of separate “entities” which we call persons or members that have connected together closely to become a community. It is very much hoped and even expected, that this “community” is respectful of each other, is caring even to the point of elevating one another above personal goals, desires, and ambitions. Will all adhere to this concept? Well from present-day experience there are a few who do not care but only of themselves.

International -means a global bringing together of people of different languages, nationalities, ethnicity, customs, cultures, and diversity of backgrounds. It is the hope to create a great big melting pot of peoples ready to blend, come together to help each other to support each other even though there are all those differences. It is not to bring everyone together in a like-minded mode but to raise everyone to a sense of likeness of goals and future outcomes. While people can think in all kinds of different ways, and also speak in all kinds of different modes of speech there is only one mode and definition of respecting, caring, giving, and loving. In this way, we can cooperate and sustain each other.

This then is our international global flavor as a company and community.

Now back to our topic of Pioneer and Revolution. The above interjection does give us the real flavor for our company being a pioneering and revolutionary one.

Here is the core definition of “pioneer”:

a noun. a person who is among the first enter a field of inquiry to open for development a new progressive idea, -testing an idea and thereby creating a new product.

Here are some definitions of “revolution”:

1. It is the movement of one object around a center or another object. How fitting that is to our company.
2. It is a “sudden radical, or complete change giving the idea of reversing direction implied by the verb itself.
3. it is that of a socioeconomic revolution.

Do you see how much these definitions are fitting into the paradigm of this business and those parameters of functions we have adopted?

Now the socioeconomic one is most fitting. This one states that in today’s technological progression in our lives it is setting up total new drives to answer the demands of major modifications to the main factors of the systems.

Here is a list of some factors:
Constructive participation.
Language development.

These all start where someone lives a present and then enlarges to reach outside the borders of where one lives. These trends mean one must include a vision of a global diversified vision and management.

In this socioeconomic status, inequities will exist in the standing or class of individuals or groups. In studying these we see and understand the many inequities measured by the combination of levels of status equating to resources, education, income, control, and privilege. At this point squeeze in the concept of the NEW CRYPTO-Eco-System Industry.

So now we have a very keen and basic idea of the meaning of these words.

Now, a reminder of our logo., the three “E’s”, {-Engage, Enrich, Enhance-} What we want to accomplish is to take much of this out of the power of a few governments and businesses that to date have monopolized the means and venues man can trod to achieve this, and we want then to be able to transfer that power back to the individual and their control, so that, the individual then, can decide as to what goal they wish to reach for their life.
Think of it this way; what is the goal that “Compumatrix” wants you to be able to reach?
We most often think of the term revolution in terms of nations, politics, industry. independence,
But think of it in terms of Compumatrix and its goals for you, a liberating concept for your future.

Now in this pioneering revolution we have faced many challenges and have had to make many turns in the road, but never has there been even a moment in time that there was a thought or question, can we do it or is it worth all this effort.
No, the opposite has been true, every turn has been addressed and answered, with, what can we do to better this and not have to deal with this anymore? What can we “invent” to solve this? This then is the pioneering side. I am talking here of coding, programming, and developing the needed things of this new tech world to make and then fit all this to come together and succeed.

So how did this pioneering revolution start with Compumatrix? In the first few years, there were many changes and adaptions forced to be made from outside forces upon the creative concepts of the innovator, Henry. However, the basic premise has been and still is that a member can achieve a reward by their willingness to work, garnering points to later convert to assets.
The reward was incorporated into a point system that then was enhanced by the capacity to convert those points into internal designed currency with an ascribed value. At a certain point, we arrived at “Eonpay” a unique concept of coinage by Compumatrix well before “Bitcoin”. Yes, this was all transpiring, being developed, and being designed before Satoshi and Bitcoin were heard of. It is the force of being pioneers.

The part of this paradigm was simple in concept. One is to do some prescribed predefined work online and then earn points to arrive at a value that would or could then be credited to an individual account, which then would have a pathway to conversion to “fiat”. Today this concept and system may be somewhat familiar but 15 years ago it was an idea that someone as a pioneer decided was something worthwhile to build.
Yes, I know there have been by necessity a lot of changes and we are not discussing it all here, simply because the overall idea here is that we, the company, Compumatrix have been pioneers and leaders in a revolution envisioned in one man. While some others have taken parts and developed them into other somewhat singular platforms, we have been more in type to bring this forward into the international global flavor of a company and community moving strongly into an ECO-System of real socioeconomic status, not just parts but the whole thing in a “one-stop-shop”.

This revolution has in a sense demanded from all adherents to learn, expand their thinking, stretch their knowledge beyond the common and thereby reach beyond the ordinary daily accustomed routines, actions, that seem to be automatic. Now the challenge is to work and learn very new concepts of doing, to develop new habits of doing things. It is to cross over the border of the “I am used to doing it this way” to the new frontiers of a totally new development of “I have never done this before but I am going to now”.

To be a pioneer and a part of and participant in a revolution is to set goals for horizons beyond one’s self-imposed limits and to be thoroughly dedicated to this new world developing before one’s very own eyes. Also, it is to bring with it the understanding of mind and the determination with the commitment to make it work.

What do you think Christopher Columbus would have done with those “neggie” unbelievers on board one of his three ships, that is if there were any. I think he would have told then to shut up and change their minds and attitudes or he would have just plain thrown them overboard accounting for some casualties of his discovery crusade and voyage into the UNKNOWN. DO NOT WORRY we will not do that to any at Compumatrix.

No revolution is pleasant in its undertaking and can require some pain and needed forbearance of each participant and of course lots of patience, even when it is hard to understand the delays and steps needed for accomplishment. This journey is not to be of a self-satisfying gratification mode. But when the long trip comes to an end and the finish line is right there in front of one, it will be, oh the pleasantry of the rewards, the gladness, and joy of finishing well. So take heart and be one of those finishers. A revolution is never simple in its endeavor to bring forth rewarding changes. But, it is sweet-tasting to the one who successfully finishes.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. Hello, I can say that we have come a long way and have learned a whole lot of different things. I for one am staying to the end of this journey for as long as it takes. My belief level is and has always been up on Compumatrix!

  2. what a great look thru David — every posting you take the time to post is just a blessing in my venture to learn and then learn some more — do admit also just like the other blogs will have to read more than once to get a greater grasp and much better understanding — but having read you many times thru the past will know before hand that it will be very much worth my effort and time — do appreciate your effort and wisdom — thank you seriously and God bless —

    1. Thanks David for this great post. The break down of Our company(Compumatrix) was awesome. To point out CNII letter for letter helps to explain the depth of what we all as individuals stand. Thanks for I before did not take the time to look at the dept of all but through help have come to a good understanding. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We will get there.

  3. Great Post David, There are times when I find myself more worried about the future and then i’m Stopped in my tracks when I think what we have here in Compumatrix. We all have a destiny and whatever we think there must be a conclusion. As I read your epistle I was encouraged to WAKE UP, and Get moving to complete this journey to the end. Thank you.

  4. What a great explanation of what we have been through and what we are about to start. I have been in this before it was called Compumatrix and know with personal experience all the hoops and ups and downs like a roller coaster ride. The point system works great and makes it so anyone can do this even if your dead broke and I think that is what it was meant for. Henry knew not everyone wants to invest or even can, so he made it so you don’t have to have a lot of money to get in this. -Engage, Enrich, Enhance

  5. There has never been any question in my mind of whether or not I am joined with the right company. I don’t know of many other businesses that you can join with no money and have the opportunity to earn from simply gathering points. It is simple. Perhaps too simple. One thing sure, once up and running on all points, no one will be complaining of the journey!

  6. I’m so excited, I just started commenting and it feels good to be part of the group, so if your shy jump in. you’ll love it. especially now when a lot of us are stuck at home being able to learn and earn is great.

  7. David thanks again.CNII has Morphed over the last 15 years and as you point out it is a global community closely connected to achieve several goals namely financial independence all the way down to language development internationally.All of us working towards the same end .
    CNII a Pioneer in its field created a new and revolutionary product as mentioned by you to benefit all the members the families and the communities at large.
    So the Compumatrix # E’s are here to get to these goals.
    CNII has gone through several turmoils,battles with the authorities and still has come up on top.
    CNII has gone where no Man/Company has gone before.From Embryo 15byears ago to maturity is a marvel,thanks To Henry and the admin with their tireless and unending selfless work to see the project finally materialize to benefit for all of us and staying Positive as Uncle Alan says is the key for us all right now.

  8. Thanks David for keep steering this ship with Henry at the right direction, its been almost 15 years and a lot of things have changed in the right direction, from a sample program to a completely new ECO-System, cant’s wait to see all the developments on our CDAP.
    The point system is very simple and free to read and learn the new world of the crypto currency.

    Thanks again.

  9. Pioneers and Revolution, great correlation between the two as well as the definitions. I do enjoy learning about our history from the beginning. One of these days in the not distant future I look forward to being able to sit down and visit.

    Being a visionary makes you unique as well as your perspective along with Henry and all that he wants to accomplish. There are some great people in our company that have many years of built up anticipation and being in a position to see them all attain the goals will make this trip worthwhile. Add to that being able to create VPC’s, will be fun and rewarding followed up by affording us the ability to help a ton of folks that can benefit from our programs. Looking forward to us pulling out of the station. Listening for the “Whoooo Hoodoo” and the conductor announcing “All aboard”

    Keep building those secure walls around our program. Thanks to everyone from all of us.

  10. Excellent blog, its explanation of what is Compumatrix, reassures me of why I chose to follow Henry’s dream. Compumatrix since its beginnings was to revolutionize conservative business models, a new paradigm in concept.
    Before bitcoin came to existence, we were pioneers exploring being a self-independent business model.
    Love being part of this community.

  11. it is so much fun to read thru the replies after the blog with Davids postings and so much great memories and then a quiet confidence listening to others knowing we are as a group a team in the right spot at the the right time — it is nice for the Heart and the Spirit — so much Joy to be a part of — many thanks —

  12. Thanks for laying it out David. Something most are not inclined to do but it puts things in perspective.
    The opportunity to do something so simple as to comment on a blog and have a value assigned to it should appeal to the masses. This can be done while waiting for an appointment or anytime we find ourselves with time on our hands and have a value assigned to it, brilliant.

  13. David this is a great post. In my posts, I referred to the different modes of technology integrated into the Compumatrix eco-system, but it is more impressive that CNII is a network of various devices coming together to form a community. I am so thankful for Henry and you and your pioneering spirits. Compumatrix is a spectacular company you have built. I appreciate the opportunity to be one of the many people from all over the world who are blazing the trail with you; Compumatrix and Network International Incorporated

  14. I am honored to be a member of a revolution and a pioneer of the universal movement of blockchain network technology. I beyond grateful for what I have learned from Compumatrix and I have applied my knowledge to prepare for the future. I look forward to sharing and helping new members.

  15. this is so much inner peace to be a part of this movement and so much info has been put into play and over the last 10+ years to see and now understand more and more of each part — it is fascinating to see the interactions between so many people of so many different cultures — hope its ok to just keep reading and incorporating the info and learn n learn some more — very appreciative — rj

  16. One mention of Eonpay takes my mind into a shift that I really do not want to return from. To me, Eonpay is that paradigm shift that puts us on a different path and a higher plane. On one side of Eonpay, I see the world we left behind. Once we crossed into this parallel, we can see our futures in a different light.

  17. Excellent article David. It’s been a long journey but I think we can all “feel” the finish line. Many times we had to make changes to the course of the vessel but here we are, ready to reap the rewards of our stormy but courageous voyage. We’re almost there …

  18. so much good info in this blog posting and the replies and just pondering on the Eonpay part of our history here and a few other parts as we developed the winning formula to success here is amazing — and can relate to patience in any revolution but just make the revolution is based off Truth and Honor not falsehoods as some current global events are based off — keep writing David —

  19. I think Compumatrix is definitely a crypto pioneer! Compumatrix has the potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency world forever. Right now, the future may look a little foggy and the path to victory may not be a straight line, but that does not mean Compumatrix will not reach its final destination! Compumatrix will be victorious – we all just have to be patient!

  20. David this description is not only the very definition of our Company Compumatrix; But it gives a face, and Identity to Henry a pioneer and visionary! But as you said patience, a little growing pain, and we as a social group have accomplished the impossible. I am so proud to be a part of history in the making. Not to mention just a bit excited over the fact this will take us well into our dreams and desires! Thanks again David!

  21. after the latest posting of today had to come back and re-read this posting by David — it has alot to do bring to light and it fits so well into the blog on how different parts are international and more than one political body can be involved and some times on a whim or deceptive biz practices many things can change and put delays into our thought process — great read David —

  22. David I believe Compumatrix is the premier definition of pioneer. Many people had to have negative comments all along the way at the beginning. At current day. I’m amazed at negative comments I see on discord. Being a pioneer means doing what others did not do and new ways are being tested along the way. Some people don’t have incredible vision like our founders do. I’m very proud of all the founders of Compumatrix for staying the course all these years later.

  23. oh here in October 2020 — have to believe that definitely we here are Pioneers but not just in the crypto universe — but i believe as I read thru the Blogs and replies also we here at Compu will be looked at as Pioneers in the Biz Universe in general — we are so going to make that kind of impact — jmho — rj

  24. David,This is a great post! compumatrix is a great reward from God,compumatrix is a winning company and I am very proud to be a member, compumatrix is the only company that has provided a lot of information about crypto, all I can say is that,patience always bears sweet fruit.

  25. always as we grow in biz stature — the time it does takes to grow and mature is very similar to planting or sowing seed in the farm world — we as biz owners and pioneers perse’ we must stay the course stand tall as owners but even more so appreciate all the effort that has been put forth to bring us here knocking on Heavens door to coin a song — but here we are — thanks DM and all those who blog —

  26. I had joined this group before it was named Compumatrix. Little did I know that I would be in for a wonderful surprise — from earning points while doing fun activities, to a more serious undertaking involving cryptocurrency; a far cry from the pleasantries and skillful activities that we used to do in the room. I am aware there is so much more to learn than just subscribing to VPCs. But I need to cope, it is my business. Thanks to the (much needed patience) of the mentors. Thanks for the resources that are available for us to read and understand and help make us to become independent entrepeneurs.

  27. had to come back and read from DM after reading from others in Compu management family — it has been a heck of a journey for sure and as others was here before name finally Compumatrix — but the Integrity n Perseverance n Honor by those who have Developed this just Awesome — thanks again for sharing great usable info — rj

  28. I believe that constructive participation is among the most important of the major modifications to the main factors of the systems mentioned in the
    Constructive participation. By definition constructive participation means that employees are involved in organizational matters in various ways and have a say about their work and the course of events in their enterprise. That is why it is important to try to keep up with what is going on within the business to try to keep from being lost and left behind.

  29. Yes I agree with you David that Compumatrix is the Leader and will bring a revolution in the Crypto world.We are very proud to be part of this emerging global company by the Grace of God.

  30. I can remember working within a large organization where the CEO would hold quarterly meetings with the employees of the organization. The employees would be divided into large groups where they would go and meet with the CEO and after each meeting ask the CEO questions directly. Some of the questions would be based on criticism but the CEO seemed to always answer the question regardless. It seemed like on that day the employees were made to feel special as direct dialogue was exchanged with the CEO along with constructive criticism.

  31. this is such a tremendous thought read — and just reading it again and then putting the past 14+ years into perspective not just my Compu years but Biz and parent years and and — it is so much introspective thoughts and working each day at going forward and not just keeping Compu biz at forefront but Viable also — just learning with each read — thanks —

  32. Compumatrix members, we are pioneers who have stuck together with the founder Henry James Banayat and a group of the most loyal and dedicated Board of Directors who have broke ground and evolved into a sophisticated company in the crypto world. Most of the members that started here many years ago, don’t recognize the changes and transformation Compumatrix has gone through. Proudly, a long time member.

  33. At the end of the day those who have had the faith and confidence to stick with Henry and his dream all those years will see it all come to fruition. We all have so much to be thankful for and will be justly rewarded. And what’s next ? Who knows but it is sure to be exciting as Henry continues to find ways of rewarding us.

  34. Thank you for your post David, it makes me go back into almost 16 years of faithfully staying with Henry and the group of extremely faithful and dedicated people at the head of this company. I have followed Henry through fires, earthquakes, floods, multiple changes, I forgot how many. Still I admire most the people like you, Erline, Gail and a few others who without them, this would have been just a dream. I hope there’s a day in the near future when I can meet you and the other BODs and Henry of course, in person and thank you for the amazing job you have done through these years.

  35. It is absolutely incredible to me to see this company morph out of what it originally started at 15 years ago. It is as if the caterpillar (compumatrix) is transformed many times within the cocoon..and when we do break through the confines of it.. the butterfly which is compumatrix will have strong wings and incredible flight’s luminescence will be seen worldwide.

  36. It will be interesting to see how much the progress of caompanies using crypto currencies is monitored or interfered with or governed by regulators who basically dont like anybody making good returns from somrething they do not or do not wish to understand.
    Let us hope that when CNI joins the business for all domain we are fee from outside control..

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