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Compumatrix Origins (Part 1)

Ever wondered how it all began? In this article, we share a brief history of Compumatrix.

Compumatrix was founded in late 2005 by Henry James Banayat, a Filipino businessman, serial entrepreneur and a former computer educator in the Philippines.

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Compumatrix is first and foremost envisioned to be an online community of like-minded individuals whose initial mission is to Change the World through Sharing and Caring.

It is the portmanteau of the words Computer and Matrix.

Compumatrix is currently headed by President and CEO, Mr. David Morris, a businessman from Oregon with over 20 years of business experience. Formerly a Nevada Corporation, the Compumatrix Board spearheaded by Jane Maahs, Chairman of the Board, resolved to transfer the company to the State of Wyoming early this year, in order to take advantage of its cryptocurrency-friendly regulations. The name of the Registered Corporation remains as COMPUMATRIX AND NETWORKS INTERNATIONAL, INC.

Compumatrix is an Information and Communications Technology Company with the main focus or an objective primarily dedicated to Online Community Management, Training, and Development.

As of this writing, it works like a non-profit with volunteers assigned around the world. I have no idea how many members are assigned to each of these volunteers (called Regional Representatives) manage though. These volunteers are paid in the form of Virtual Currency.

Pre-bitcoin era, Compumatrix Virtual Currency is managed as a Complementary Currency on the Cyclos system dubbed as Eonpay before it was migrated to the Bitshares blockchain instead of creating an altcoin using the Bitcoin blockchain.

The fusion of the Compumatrix Community and the Bitshares platform should have been a match made in heaven since the community consists of mostly Internet Marketers and Online Workers while Bitshares consists of web and app developers. The Bitshares platform lacks a globally coordinated roadmap in its onboarding process which Compumatrix aims to provide.

Since 2006, Compumatrix has developed several programs that aimed to monetize points earned by participants on the system. The first of its program was an experiment called Pointshare Funds. A program that created a pool of investors that places their bet on eGold and eBullion. The eGold program eventually failed and eBullion collapsed after the sudden death of one of its founders.

Compumatrix introduced PointShare Gold in early 2006, which is a collective investment venture supporting Buy and Sell Communities. The Virtual Prepaid Advertising Cards (VPACs) Program was conceived to create a place where members can create cards that could buy digital marketing or online advertising credits. These are now called Virtual Prepaid Cards or Stablecards.

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Then came PointshareXtreme: the Social Network. Points were later transferred to Eonpay, a complementary currency software management system (on Cyclos) which never made any traction until 2010. In 2011, Compumatrix started its migration to the blockchain. And this was completed in 2014 using the Bitshares blockchain. Bitshares is the best option vis-a-vis Bitcoin and Ethereum during that time.

The secret formula to winning (profiting, earning, or even getting rich) in the Compumatrix program is on their mission statement:

Engage. Enrich. Enhance Life!

In our next article, we will dive into the Compumatrix Business Model and the best practices that you need to do in order to reach your goals as an entrepreneur for the Compumatrix brand.

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  1. Great memory refresher especially for those who were here from the beginning.
    Personally, I started with PointShare Gold in early 2006. It is a brief history like you said, but those involved may remember all the steps and things we had to do in order to comply, to earn and increase our holdings and just be up to date. A long list and we are hopefully close to the opening of the CDAP now..

  2. Great memory refresher especially for those who were here from the beginning.
    Personally, I started with PointShare Gold in early 2006. It is a brief history like you said, but those involved may remember all the steps and things we had to do in order to comply, to earn and increase our holdings and just be up to date. A long list and we are hopefully close to the opening of the CDAP now..

    This is a great explanation of how things started and stopped and started. I came on board in 2015, so I missed the actual experience of much of what happened. However, this company has endured so much that I feel like I have been here from the beginning. Our mission statement is a lofty one that inspires a person to want to play a part in getting
    Compumatrix to its end goal. I am truly glad to be a member of this company.

  3. Yep memory lane that sums everything up pretty well I have been here since the beginning and have kept up it is a lot to keep up with and looking forward to the new CDAP. There have been many changes since the very beginning it got much better we all have quite a history together here I have known many of you for many years.

  4. Great history of compumatrix, many years have passed since I joined compumatrix, how did such a long journey come about?We have almost reached our destination and are ready for the new CDAP.

  5. what a great memory flash — it is difficult some moments to think it has been basically a 15 year Journey for many of us here — it is such a Fascinating adventure — I am sure some are less enthused than others with the wait and many obstacles that have been overcome — but for me it still is a Wow Moment that we are this close and it has been 1 heck of a Journey — thanks for the mems

  6. Thank you for the reminder that goes back for some years now. The Compumatrix road sure had a windy road with a number of mountains and valleys to beat. When you are driving through a storm, don’t stop! Keep on driving. Soon we will look back and the storm will be behind us.

  7. Thank you Bitshares Labs. I have forgotten some of the markers you mentioned. We have all been here for a long time and still believe we are going to enjoy what Henry and the team have built for us for a long term business. We stay positive and full of hope.

  8. The Compumatrix Story I hope will become a book someday. The determination and hard work of our Founder, his team of Developers, his BOD, and the membership is outstanding. Yet that doesn’t even cut it, really. The right word escapes me! I look forward to hearing more details & stories of how we got here. Thank you!

  9. This is indeed a trip down the memory lane I have with this company and their people and association and the journey I far and I wanted to end this on a positive note as “I TOLD YOU SO”. I think Henry was waiting for bitcoin and blockchain technology as he was ahead of the time he was living in and during the period of that e-gold era, nobody has any idea about the concept of decentralization.
    There has been a vast wealth of knowledge transfer that did indeed happened during these tough waiting periods for all the Compumatrix(or even old PSG members).

  10. I always love learning about the History of Compumatrix. It began back in the days when one of the first digital currencies was E-gold. I know that a lot of people got into PSX using E-gold to invest in it. This was way before Bitcoin. When so many companies online had failed way back then, it’s nice to see Compumatrix still here and kicking strong.

  11. Happy to get a refresher on how it all started 15 years ago.
    Agree with Liza, this would make a great book one day!
    I joined in early 2006 and remember PointShare Gold very well.
    Could never imagine then were this journey would take us 🙂
    Happy to still be here and geting ready for CDAP to open its wings

  12. This was great to read about the history of Compumatrixs’ beginnings! My stack of papers in my file can attest to some of the things we set up and then moved on to other things. This learning curve can at times be frustrating to all involved; however, I am very happy that the leaders never gave up and always searched for new and better ways to do things in our company. This track record more than proves that “changing the world through sharing and caring” will always be with us all the way up to the current mission of “Engage. Enrich. Enhance Life!” and beyond.

  13. Thank you for writing our history. Yes, I remember all of the growing pains. In the beginning it seemed a fun game and then there were struggles along the way. I am grateful for the people in the company who have become as close as family. Now we are on the cusp of great things happening and I couldn’t be more excited. It has been a long journey but well worth it. Thank you Henry.

  14. Thank you for this reminder of where Compumatrix started, and how many programs its members have experienced over the years. Despite problems, the management has never given up but found solutions for whatever got in the way. Many thanks to them. I have been involved since the start. I will print this blog and save it, and I look forward to Part 2.

  15. I, too, have memories of the early years when Compumatrix was a fledgling company called Pointshare Gold. What a long way we have come with ever changing technology and the dream of one man to help those less fortunate all over the world. Kudos to Henry, staff and the board for persistance and foresight to join with Bitshares to bring CNII into the cryptocurrency world today and in the future.

  16. Great story to refresh our memories as a founding members, no one can even imagine or dream (may be except Henry) that the company that we joined in 2005/6 will evolve to be a pioneer in the crypto currency.

  17. Great story on how the company has come along; we are still growing every day. Now we are entering into another year, and things are happening behind closed doors. I know I’m very excited and loved the reminders and explaining to the newcomers who will read this.Thank you.

  18. Thank you for a clear, concise explanation of what Compumatrix was, is, and will become in the future. We have weathered many storms to get this far and we have surpassed them all. I look forward to reading Part 2 of your blog. I watch with anticipation to see the reaction after Compumatrix introduces its hidden gem to the world.

  19. An excellent post regarding he origins of Compumatrix. It has been a long hard road that has thwarted members many times from exchanging their CBTC. We are all looking forward to the opening of our CDAP in the not to distant future (this year maybe) in the hope of being able to see our invested time rewarded for this Christmas.

  20. Excellent post with very important points, the nostalgia of the former days, and where we are going makes the participation at this time clear, its our business to learn and I’m ready to see good results.

  21. Always eager to read more about the history of Compumatrix and where some of the programs originated. There have been many changes over the last 3+ years I have been a part of the company. As we look toward our future and the affiliation with BitShareLabs I believe our assets and other holdings will advance to a new level of success. Pretty sure all of us are ready to get “busy.”

  22. Thanks for the history. It helps to understand the evolution of the company. The vision remains solid and inspiring. I look forward to the next lesson, to learn more.

  23. Thank you for this rewritten history of Compumatrix. Having this history compiled in a straight forward manner will be a great tool to share with new prospects. I am sharing with several about the crypto world and general history of Compumatrix. As these potential family members are ready to know more about Compumatrix and are prepared to commit, then I share the inner depths of this incredible company and the part Bitshares plays in our success.
    I am looking forward to part two of this matrix.

  24. Oh yes memory lane for sure. I never would have thought when my sponsor brought me into Compumatrix that it would be a real dream come true…Compumatrix has such high potential and there is a great future here to be able to have your own business…

  25. I have been here since the beginning. It was about 2005. In the beginning it was pointsharegold psg. Then it became pointsharextreme psx. The names changed until it is now Compumatrix. We had about 23000 members at one time. Henry used to have periodical meetings with the members to educate them. We have come a long way and are on the threshold of great breakthrough.

  26. Pointshare Funds is a name I had not heard, I always thought we began as Pointshare Gold. I myself was in by autumn of 2006 during the PointShareXtreme phase, and I always felt Henry and his vision were different than other founders and their plans. Compumatrix has certainly come a long way, and we are on the threshold of great things. I look forward to Part II of this series.

  27. A good history of the premier company dealing with blockchain, and cryptocurrency is a good and timely. Henry had a vision, and a dream to help and enable others, and along the line he infected others with his dream. Learning about eGold and Ebullion and other earlier parts of what developed into what we see today, will enhance our love of our company! Thanks Bitshares!

  28. Nice trip down the memory lane. I guess I’ve been here since 2006, it wasn’t much back then, not even close to what we have here now. I remember names like point-shares x-treme, eonpay, and of course buying VPC’s in the bulk orders, writing post on the forum to earn points. Actually, I was pretty excited when Henry opened the new portal in 2014, was selling cards like hotcakes, but, we never did get to cash any of that out then. Perhaps the end of 2020 will change all that.

  29. Thanks for this rewritten history of Compumatrix, having this history compiled in a straight forward manner will be a great tool to share with new prospects. I have began to talk to my immediate family about the crypto world and general history of Compumatrix. I have only been here five years but I know the best it yet to come.

  30. Great read. I have been from the beginning and never looked at each step that we have taken along the way. Just to be involved, pay attention as things changed and move along with it without complaint makes it seem simple although it can be a little challenging. Very appreciated all that Henry and others involved have done for us/

  31. Thanks for a detailed recap of the inception of the Idea of this program and gradual metamorphosis into it’s present stage,yes there is a Yellow brick road for us to follow just as Dorothy was advised in Wizard of OZ. Having been with Henry since day one I have seen trials and tribulations we all experienced Hoping all that he dreamt about comes to pass soon[LOL]

  32. Thank you for sharing this piece of history. I had forgotten some parts so it is good to refresh the memory. I have been a member from the beginning and there have been many challenges for Compumatrix but hopefully this year the pieces will fall in places and the company can open its doors.

  33. Ahh yes Pointshare Gold. Then Xtreme!! Was a very long time ago. So many have come and gone since. Many things tried and proven through the test of time. And the last part of it all falling into place. Then the entire world will know about it. Thanks for the history reminder.

  34. It’s very nice to know where this all began and to know of all the members who have been on this wonderful journey from the beginning.The perseverance of Henry and his team in changing and adapting to make this business to help everyone be financially independent. I am so glad to have been a part this family for about four years.

  35. First time that I have heard, or read the Compumatrix history of how it started and a date by date adventure of what happened. Really looking forward to reading part 2 of the history of Compumatrix. Then starting back here and reading both piece’s all over again to get the total understanding of Compumatrix History. I think this is powerful for educating others.

  36. Thank you Bitshares Lab for this walk down memory lane. So many things happened during the years (from the beginning) that I am a member of Compumatrix. Hopefully this time the hard work of the devs will come to full fruition. That would be an event to be very grateful for.

  37. Bitshares Labs, what a humble beginning!? And, the transformation is so incredible. I salute the founder; Mr. Henry James and the initial members. A word of gratitude to you all. We are here due to your patience and persistent hard work. For me, In those years I was in high school. I really thank God for this wonderful opportunity to be in this great company “Compumatrix”. Being surrounded by brilliant people. God bless you abundantly.

  38. I can remember being involved with Compumatrix during the PointShare phase. The good thing is that Compumatrix has endured and its like the saying goes, the race is not won by the swiftest but the one that endures to the end.

  39. I really like the concept of “changing the world through sharing and caring”. That is such an uplifting statement. Reading the history of Compumatrix is very helpful for those of us that were not here during the early years. It also helps me to understand the vision of Henry and others. Thanks for teaching me something.

  40. How quickly the years pass by! And yet in another way how slowly they drag when waiting for a result.
    Thank you for the excellent outline of the Compumatrix history.
    A useful tool to explain our business to those who are interested.
    As we see the rise in the value of bitcoin and other digital currencies there is renewed interest in a concept that was but a dream back 15 years ago.
    Thank you to all the team at the helm of Compumatrix who have persevered despite many setbacks and disappointments.
    Decentralization was unheard of as well as digital currencies when this company first started.
    Our world has changed dramatically during the intervening years.

  41. Good writing of some older information for any newcomers stepping into our business of caring and sharing. I do recall a little further back to Point shares, PSG, PSX which shows how we have continued to grow and expand. The crypto world which we are involved in is a big world which continues to change and grow. Compumatrix has introduced me to this world and continues to show me more. Thanks Henry and reps for the insight you have given me

  42. It is great to read about the history of Compumatrix. I have been a proud member since the beginning and although it was sometimes a bumpy ride I have the confidence that soon the company will open its doors and come to fruition.

  43. this is such an informative read and as we enter this newest year of 2021 it is difficult some moments to realize or even imagine it has been 15 or so years since we started this improbable ride and biz Compumatrix — and honestly it is a good feeling from the Heart to be here and a small part of Compu Biz n thank you so much seriously — rj

  44. Being a founding member of Compumatrix, making me a longtime history note in this adventure, many changes, while frustrating along with disappointment’s of functions not working as desired, creating over a decade of improvements while waiting to launch the present model of extremely high tech applications to fit today’s fast moving economy and life style. We have not given up and many are totally excited to see the ” Open for business” sign hanging on the door. Each day is one day closer to flipping the switch and realizing some of our dreams,, a bit dusty, but still valid. Many are making history and still dreaming.

  45. It has certainly been a long and tortuous journey With many bursts of hope and a few of despair. It would appear we may be able to say that the opening is in sight. Let us hope so.

  46. It certainly makes me feel like an oldie. When I joined a was a quite spry figure. Now with all the complications of the pandemic many thinfs have changed almost beyond recognition. When we finally open we will have the oportunity to make a difference. In modern day parlance “Bring it on”

  47. I remember joining Pointshare, being brought into this by my friend Karen who unfortunately has not been able to see where this has all come too. It is been quite an amazing journey to see where such a small beginning has turned into this incredible opportunity. I don’t think she realised what she got us into. It’s been a long journey so far but an interesting and very educational one.

  48. It’s fun to be reminded of our history! Sometimes I forget how long we’ve been doing this and how far we’ve come! I love the showcasing of our original motto of sharing and caring. That was such a refreshing change from so many of the ‘programs’ guiding principles back then. And it is what has carried us through, I am certain. Nothing remains when it only serves the ones involved. It is in serving the world that life is enriched, and in doing so, we enhance not only ourselves, but all others. That is God’s work. So in alignment with God, we continue!

  49. Interesting memory jarring to all of what we all stuck with Henry and how long we as members have been here .along with this ride .I have forgotten some of the info even living through all the changes over time. We believe in Henry and what his dream has been all along .

  50. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. We are so close, almost there. The new CDAP is about to pop!!! So ready for the amazing days ahead!!!

  51. Bitshares Labs explains how Henry James Banayat founded Compumatrix. Also explained is how the name Compumatrix is a combination of the two names Computer and Matrix. It describes Compumatrix as an online community of individuals whose motto is “Change the world through sharing and caring.” It says current Head of Compumatrix is Oregon businessman David Morris.

  52. This enterprise has had its share of adventures and setbacks. However due to the relentless tenacity of the leaders we are all going to benefit for years to come from an idea that was given to Henry, then expanded by David to become what we have today. There were times when the “blocks” that were in the way to success were almost insurmountable. With Gods help and an attitude that nothing is impossible, we are about to embark on a journey that we will never forget, and shouldn’t ever forget where this enterprise started from. Thank you, Henry, David and all those who never gave up on the dream.

  53. What a rollercoaster ride this have been! Can’t believe its been since 2005 where the thought of something big was apparent. Fast forward to 2021, after lots of change and setbacks, we can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel.

  54. I’m another founding member since 2006, so many members I recognized from back when this company was in dippers. I’m thankful that I’m still here to see Compumatrix finally be at it’s last steps before launching. That will be an incredible exciting time for all of us old and new members, but most of all for Henry and his team of loyal, dedicated and happy BODs. I don’t want to name names, but some of them have given their all to make this happen. I am proud to be here and I hope in a few days or weeks we can celebrate together. A reunion for members and shareholders is in order so we can finally thank them in person.

  55. Thank you Bitshares Lab, great story about compumatrix,it is a long memorable journey of compumatrix,compumatrix has taught a lot to all its members about crypto world, place we are in today is the result of the efforts and hard work of the founder Henry James,it is good news for all of us that we are about to reach our destination, thank you, Henry James, David and all BOD’s.

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