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Compumatrix Origins (Part 2)

Let me clarify some gibberish.

Remember the portmanteau Compumatrix?

A portmanteau is a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others. And thus Compumatrix is defined according to the two words: Computer and Matrix.


A computer is an electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program while a matrix is an environment (ecosystem) in which something develops. In mathematics, a matrix is a rectangular array of quantities or expressions in rows and columns that is treated as a single entity and manipulated according to particular rules. It can also mean an organizational structure in which two or more lines of command, responsibility, or communication may run through the same individual and thus fostering greater flexibility.

Did you know that matrix comes from the Latin word mater which means mother?

So by definition, Compumatrix is an ecosystem (a community) in which “something” develops using a computer. And thus, it breeds (like a mother) technological innovation.

What have you learned so far?

Compumatrix is a full-time (purely) online working environment. Compumatrix enhances technologies like the blockchain to (simulate but also to) stimulate economic growth, financial inclusion and financial independence on an individual basis by allowing each to work as a community.

Compumatrix has opened doors to several puzzle pieces in order to reach where you are right now. Online work, social media, digital marketing, virtual (digital) currency, cryptocurrency, decentralized exchange and blockchain technology which now empowers a new fintech ecosystem that is free from any 3rd party (Yes! the new CDAP doesn’t have an admin.)

By placing all these pieces together, it has created a self-sustaining business model for the Compumatrix community of netrepreneurs (or bitrepreneurs).

Now, does anyone have an idea how all of these work? Give your best guess on the comments below and I’ll try to reveal the answer on my next post.

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  1. Thank you Bitshares labs for clarifying the true meaning and value of Compumatix,and how the system works.We are looking forward to the new CDAP to open the new model of self sustaining business,which my guess is will run with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  2. Thank you, Bitshares Lab for explaining the compumatrix business,in two words, the full meaning of compumatrix is explained,this is true, we are seeing many technological innovations over time,I will tell the compumatrix business that such an online platform will provide many financial opportunities,this is a great reward of nature for us.

  3. not sure on all of this written here but am learning this biz as simply as i can?? do believe that we here as biz grows and becomes accessible everyday –we here will be very Unique and one of a kind — imo — i also know that the cyber n crypto world are ever changing and fast in that changing — so will have to stay current and fast in your study and then you stay current and ahead perse’ — time will see n tell —

  4. Hmmmm…how do all of the components of our New CDAP work? Being I am not a technical person, my best guess is….HENRY!!! Okay, just kidding 🙂 How about nodes? Blockchain? Magic? It’s great learning from you and I look forward to learning more…bring on the wisdom!

  5. Thank you for the technical, information blog post! My guess is that all the pieces of Compumatrix will work synergistically together perhaps guided by AI mixed in with Henry’s smart brain 🙂 Now looking forward to your next post with the big reveal answer with fingers crossed that this system will stay in place long enough for us to try to master before the changing technology hits again!

  6. Thank you, that was great, I hope everyone sees this and realizes we have so many opportunities to grow and learn, and everyone is a gift, so Thank you again we are learning so much. I can’t wait to see the new CDAP they got to peek at, So exciting.

  7. Bravo Bitshares! Again, I thank you for your informative and interesting post. We are all so very happy to be a part of this wonderful opportunity that lies before us. I look forward to a world where all people have the opportunity to have a better life with cryptocurrency as the driving force in financial enrichment.

  8. I like what you said about financial independence on an individual basis by allowing each to work as a community. And also how you called us netrepreneurs (or bitrepreneurs). We all feel like we are alone in the sense that we operate our own businesses. But at the same time, we are all one big group, family, company, clan of people working all together in something very very unique.

  9. Thank you Bitshares Labs! As I understand it – the Compumatrix Business model will be by far the best! I am very much looking forward to using the revised CDAP. I also look forward to starting work on my own business and hopefully persuading more business owners to accept cryptocurrency.

  10. Thank you, Bitshares Lab for writing these blogs. As I am reading your blog I remember when it all started. I am be glad to have this opportunity, thanks to Henry. I can not wait until we can go in and see the new CDAP, I am sure it will be a wonderful surprise. I just can not wait until we open up. We are family hear us roar! I look forward to more of your blogs.
    Thank you!

  11. My guess: the new CDAP is THE nucleus of it all. The aptly-named portal will function as a gateway for all the functions named, ie. social media, digital marketing, digital and crypto currencies, DEX, etc., underwritten by the fintech ecosystem, and ultimately powered by blockchain technology. One aspect of the entire system will support the other, in a sort of never-ending chain of actions and transactions, thus sustaining this model well into the future! (or something like that…) 🙂

  12. I wouldn’t even be able to hazard a guess here. I remember how the old CDAP used to work but with all the changes that have been made to the actual workings and additions of awesome new ways to earn, I can only say that hours and hours of coding has gone into the making of our mother ship. I would not be surprised if my CDAP could talk to me once I am able to walk through the front door. That is going to be a monumental day (or night) for me. Coming home to Compumatrix!

  13. No , I never knew that the word MATRIX comes from the Latin word mater which means mother. now isn’t that interesting. Compumatrix , NEW CDAP when it opens we will be able to run all our fastest of the business under one room website , without having to go from website to website … That surely will make life easy. We will be able to buy and sell our Virtual Prepaid Cards , non-expiring, virtual prepaid cards. Now how good it that for a self home made business.

  14. I can hardly wait to get into the NEW Compumatrix CDAP . Selling those virtual prepaid cards. It was exciting before selling those cards but now with a smoother ride this time around and all parts of our business under one roof .. So easy to run our business . Even taking it on our vacation travels.

  15. Thank you for the simple explanation of what Compumatrix is and means. Just like my mother who taught me how to grow and learn and use the tools available to me. Because of her teaching I was able to go out in the world and obtain employment, go onto higher education and most of all, how to use all of this to make a living. I can now see that I, in my own mind, was making Compumatrix so complicated that I was unable to explain it to others. Thanks again for making it seem so simple and yet vast.

  16. Thanks for the lesson. I think A.I. will keep it running smoothly. There have been plenty of changes and enhancements sice we started. The new CADP will make everything run seamlessly and we business owners will enhance our lives and the lives of others.

  17. I am looking forward to learning and mastering as much as i can. Just thinking about it makes it so exciting, I know we will need alot of help with expertise so we don’t mess things up. and it scares me to think that there is very little room for mistakes. I just hope we can work together until we can be indepently on our own so everyone can succeed Good blog.. Will be looking forward to your update.

  18. Thank you Bitshares Lab for clearing for me where the matrix part of compumatrix came from. I had always thought it was because of the popular movie “The Matrix” that Henry had adopted that term.
    In Spanish, the word Matriz means Womb which clearly leads to giving birth. Compumatrix came to give birth to many who seek financial assistance or freedom.

  19. Thank you for the clarification BitShares Lab. I hope that our newly revamped CDAP will be a one-stop shop where all of the functions named can be accessed from one spot. This is as opposed to several different websites being needed. I look forward to the reveal of our new CDAP!

  20. Thank you for your post, I too never realised that Matrix was Mater in Latin and means mother….interesting. It resonates with this need to look after others, and every Mother has to let their child grow up and take responsibility. With the revamped CDAP, we will be able to ‘grow’. My suggestion is that a good internet connection will be invaluable to help make it all work.

  21. Thanks for a very straightforward explanation of the basic Compumatrix building blocks. My overall impression of Compumatrix is an ecosystem that employs digital currencies/blockchain technologies to reward online activities, through both individual & cooperative efforts in a secure environment, open to anyone on this planet. A true paradigm shift!

  22. Thanks for a very straightforward explanation of the basic Compumatrix building blocks. Individual & cooperative efforts are rewarded thru online activities. It is open, to anyone on this planet. A true paradigm shift!

  23. Thank you Bitshares Lab for the explanation of the basic Compumatrix building blocks, and I am only thrilled by what the revamped Cdap has been turned into to make the Compumatrix business such a gamechanger in the crypto world.

  24. We are positioned at the right place, the learning is helping many of us, the explanations coming forth have clarified many areas and we are ready to role.

  25. Yes, you earn credits convert over to purchase VPC cards and sell and earn profit to compound that process over and over and then purchase our cryptocurrency and build your portfolio in our DEX with our many currencies you will be able to set the value in time with trading it.
    Engage, Enrich, Enhance

  26. Compumatrix has one advantage that I can see and that is providing us the ability to prosper with the VPC sales and marketing. It is a very competitive world out there and our joint programs along with TradeCeeds and BitShares Labs will allow our program to grow.
    Thanks for the brief history and explanations.

  27. Another nice read by Bitshares Labs. I didn’t know that the word Matrix comes from the Latin word mater which means mother. now isn’t that interesting. Compumatrix , NEW CDAP when it opens we will be able to run all our fastest of the business under one room website , without having to go from website to website … That surely will make life easy. We will be able to buy and sell our Virtual Prepaid Cards. Now how good it that for a self home made business.

  28. I see Compumatrix as a conglomerate of small businesses working synergistically under one roof. (Meaning each business as individual but coming together as one), called Compumatrix. We each have been given the opportunity to learn how to develop and grow our own business in an environment totally new to the currency world. As brave souls, we have followed Henry J. Banayat (the creator), onto a new and unchartered frontier. When the doors of Compumatrix opens; our task as mini-Henrys, (should we choose to take the assignment), will be to introduce and teach others. Onward and upward into the future of this brave new world.

  29. Well, the portal isn’t new, we’ve seen a couple of different versions of that since 2014. Of course adding a few other components since then with the new additions under one roof will be a bonus. What I look forward to this time around, is monetization of our efforts once we start selling the cards. Look forward to your next posting of the mystery of what Compumatrix is all about. Cheers !!

  30. Mystery is an interesting choice of words. Hopefully when the new CDAP is eventually launched more answers will be revealed and an end to this seeminlgly endless journey wiil be in sight and we can at last get on with the proper business of selling advertising cards.

  31. Thank you, Bitshares Lab for the knowledge, wisdom, and history of Compumatrix I have been around for many years now but had never heard where the name Compumatrix came from. Now that I know it makes so much sense why you would have chosen it.
    I have always recognized Compumatrix as real FREEDOM for such a time as this. To be able to work from any place in the world. With such an innovative market and so up to date, for now, the future, and beyond.Thank you again for sharing.

  32. Thank you for giving us a clear explanation of the role that Compumatrix will play in the very near future. Many entrepreneurial folks will look forward to working with this great company when they see how well it has been put together. Also when they see how well oiled machine is, they will flock to us.

    1. I am with you on that Paul ..I to am looking forward to the opening of the NEW CDAP and working my part to advance Compumatrix along with the other members. As you said there will be many joining Compumatrix and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Working at home will never be so easy.

  33. It’s an awesome name – COMPUMATRIX a combination of computer and mother.In this fast pace technological word this mother will take care of its children and let them be self sufficient and independent and still belong to a community.With the new CDAP will be able to do all businesses in one room. Looking forward to start selling Virtual Prepaid Cards

  34. Very interesting piece along with # 1 as well What struck me is “No Admin” for the CDAP. Looking very much forward to the opening and functionality of the CDAP and getting in thereto be able to play around and earn and grow in more ways than one. Looking forward to your next piece.

  35. as I read and hopefully learn and understand more and more of Compu biz — this reading here has got thru that our biz here is not going to be adminned by human it is like some of the new bizs out here in the universal biz world that that runs itself perse’ ?? that is an interesting n i believe good thing — keeps greed n such out of the equation ?? jmho great stuff here to learn from — thanks

  36. Compumatrix certainly has evolved throughout the years. When I think of the term matrix, something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form, I realize this can lead to many different complex thoughts and avenues. It sort of brings to my mind the idea of a giant corn field. If someone is not familiar with the corn field and is unaware of the many different directions that lead to the way out, then they will be overwhelmed by the complexity of it all and get caught up, maybe even burned out, and give up. So it is important to keep up and be aware of all the parts and how everything works together to move forward in the right direction.

  37. It is true that Compumatrix has evovled into an ecosystem like a matrix that is a community of in conjunction with the components of its environment, interacting as a system. The good thing is that Compumatrix has not left us to get lost within the matrix and has provided good instructions or directions on how to move forward in the organization through all its systems.

  38. Thanks Bitshares Labs. Life is nothing but series of matrixes, and all interconnect at some point in one individual’s life patterns. Like you mentioned with a mother, and then with family, and then community, and so on… It is the connection at the point of computer, job, earnings, friends, family and then life that I see us now, an intricate and orchestrated program of steps to a better life, and we have only one man to thank. But then we don’t for Henry had the vision and many others helped him go further and create something truly efficient, and the name is Compumatrix!

  39. Great blog!! To answer your question…..I have no idea how the rest operates. As soon as I start to understand everything, I soon learn its more complex than I ever thought. This world is ever changing and unbelievably exciting. Thanks for writing this blog. It will likely be one I will need to read several times.

  40. I would venture to say that combining the ecosystem of a social media platform in combination with a decentralized exchange is the primary platform. A secondary entity of Compumatrix would be the liquidity avenue in whichever the credit card systems they choose to utilize for liquidation. The social media platform in conjunction with trading would be the final diversification. These are all just guests of how I envision the launch of the next horizon.

  41. Although I do not completely understand everything that was talked about in this article, it was very helpful and I definitely learned a lot from it. I think it is important to read more articles like these to help us learn more and more about Compumatrix. It was interesting to see how Compumatrix has significantly involved from its first matrix to what it is today.

  42. Thank you for the clarification BitShares Lab, adding the computer to the matrix will result to the CDAP which will be one stop easy shopping and earning from the comfort of your home. It looks like you had a crystal ball since 2006, that the future is work from home. Can’t wait to see the new CDAP and use it.

  43. I know I am learning something new every day and for me it is a lot to take in. When I talk about Compumatrix to people I know that I haven’t been able to give them a good idea of what the company is all about. The blogs that I am reading now will certainly help me explain it to others and I too will be able to get people interested and joining.

  44. Thanks Bitshares. I am not good at guessing, however, the more that I know is the more that I know that I don’t know. Excellent explanation and I look forward to part two.

  45. Bitshare lab ,nice Compumatrix ! and now 2. thanks.CDAp ‘s birth is explained in simple and easily understandable language that even i got it after second reading.The idea of presenting compumatrix to general public and the task of explaining and bringing them onboard will be made easier with these two blogs when explained in easy to understand language.

  46. Yes, Compumatrix (computer mother) has all the pieces that we will learn to fit and use together to maximize this company. Can’t wait to see the new CDAP to see how things have changed and how it operates!

  47. Thank you for this part two of the history of Compumatrix, Bitshare Labs. It is good to see that Compumatrix used the technological changes that became available in the last decade to the fullest. It gives confidence for the future.

  48. “So by definition, Compumatrix is an ecosystem (a community) in which “something” develops using a computer. And thus, it breeds (like a mother) technological innovation.” I love this! What a powerful combination. The imagery that this definition creates is so clear. We are a community — here online and at the center is technological innovation that is incredible — and as we move forward — we are growing the community and the innovations. Incredible!! Exciting!!

  49. To me, Compumatrix combines the best of the technological world and the best of the human world, to facilitate the transformation of both worlds. Used as a tool in the right hands, the technological innovations like computers, blockchains, networks, are being transformed into community builders and life transformers. Rather than going online to play or entertain ourselves or others, we can go online to make money for our family’s food, shelter and education, to create a nest egg, or to fund a humanitarian project. And at the very same time, we build community with people across the globe!

  50. this is such a great read and so deep and more deep into the thoughts and constant development in Business Internationally — with the internet and technology being a land type country will become an interesting conversation sooner than maybe most of us realize??? awesome biz opp here and great thought read — thank you Bitshare labs– rj

  51. As a newer member I appreciate being able to learn more about the history of Compumatrix that I was not around to experience. It is incredible that this company has been around before Bitcoin even, and that is encouraging for the future! I hope we can have more of these “history” lessons for those of us newer members.

    1. I am happy that you have joined us! I am also happy that you do not have to go. Through the learning process the company and it’s founding members have gone through. Understand the history and learn from past success and past mistakes!

  52. Here Bitshares Labs begins well by explaining what is a portmanteau. Bitshares says portmanteau is a word formed by combining the meaning and sounds of two different words. Thus Compumatrix is a portmanteau of Computer and Matrix. Bitshares defines a computer as a device for storing and processing data typically in a binary form.

  53. I joined this awesome company in it’s infancy stage. Things were simple back then, but it had a leader with a developing vision! That vision has propelled us to where we are today! I do not know about you, but I do not plan in getting off of this ride! Let’s all begin to get psyched for the 12th of April. Get ready to start moving fast forward. Our wait is going to be replaced with great success!

  54. This 14 year ride has been very exciting for me. In eight days, we are scheduled to open up and begin the next phase of this ride. We are called upon to be impeccable, to keep the value of our assets up – each member is required to be at his or her utmost impeccability. Let’s go, everybody! We can do this as a team.

  55. It’s great to see Compumatrix joining forces with cutting edge technology as Bitshares Lab. It’s been a long way, but the evolution put us all in here at the right time when crypto currencies have exploded all over the world. I remember when we were waiting for Bitcoin to reach $21000 and I said at the time, it will happen in 10 years or maybe never. Seems like yesterday and we have our own crypto now. Amazing!

  56. Thank you Bitshare Lab for such a concise explanation of the main parts and components of the Compumatrix ecosystem. I did not know what the name, Compumatrix, meant. Now I know that it means a computer environment that generates innovations that engages, enhances and enriches its members. It’s ecosystem that has many different but related parts to help in the generation of wealth.

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