Compumatrix, The Monumental Event

It is said: “They looked to the North at the fierce war they perceived was being raged. Scientists have concluded this EVENT was the Planet VENUS entering our Solar System causing extreme inter-planetary electromagnetic storms. This was A MONUMENTAL EVENT.

We are about to embark on a MONUMENTAL EVENT that will make other events pale in comparison. There have been major strides in every generation’s life-time and ours will be known by many as COMPUMATRIX, THE MONUMENTAL EVENT.

Many of us have been waiting for this event for a long, long time. Some have shown extreme patience with this wait. One recently displayed his ability to bravely wait as long as it took and is willing to wait until 2021! Although I applaud his patience, I know my patience is well frayed!

What is this event we are striving toward? I could interview 100 of our members and receive 100 meanings for this event. If I took all those responses and calculated an average response, we would be looking at the reality that this meant FREEDOM. We could have economic freedom and social freedom. Reaching to the depths of my childhood, I would recall the story of THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD. This is what COMPUMATRIX IS!

I spend hours daily purveying YOUTUBE videos. This is my daily classroom! One of the Channels I subscribe to often mentions the term: NEO-FEUDALISM. Every time he mentions it, I cringe at the thought and thank my lucky stars for COMPUMATRIX, THE MONUMENTAL EVENT.

Why would a CRYPTO-CURRENCY be of such importance? A quick study of World Events would be a mind opener if you have fallen victim to what I refer to as THE SOCIETY NORM. We have been conforming to what “WE ARE SUPPOSE TO DO” and “WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSE TO THINK” so long that we actually believe society has OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART!

Who’s responsibility is your life? If you correctly responded to this question, you know full well that the ultimate answer is: MY LIFE IS MY RESPONSIBILITY. Why have we given that responsibility away? We often want to take the easy road rather than THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED. 

When I’m “in my classroom”, (YOUTUBE), I watch quite a variety of Channels. Often I sit here thinking to myself: HE WOULDN’T EVEN SAY THAT IF HE KNEW WHAT — FROM THIS OTHER CHANNEL KNOWS! I like the contrast in opinions and thoughts. Although I like the variety, I often find myself annoyed by this statement or that one thinking they really should know better or really should do more research. BUT, I am most often annoyed with the FLAT OUT LIES that some people express. (I know it will come back and bite them later!)

I know my COMPUMATRIX BUSINESS  is but a small part of what is moving forward but I can’t help to think we are in the right alignment for the future of things to come. It is with this perception that we are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. There are many changes coming forward in our lives as we will be transcending into new dimensions for society. As they say, “WHEN ALL THE STARS ARE IN ALIGNMENT…” COMPUMATRIX is one of those Stars. 

About the author

Catherine Martin-Sampson is a founding member of the Compumatrix. She has recently retired from Teaching (Special Education) She has a variety of experiences that she incorporates into her live and let's them flow from mind to pen.


  1. Amen Catherine!!! Its so good to be among people like you who are excited about what is about to transpire with our beloved business. I was talking to a man yesterday who asked me if I had Bitcoin. I told him yes I did but it is being held in cold storage for me until my business launches. His eyes rolled in his head and he put on his sternest of faces and proceeded to tell me to run as fast as I could! Well. He got a mouthful from me and my sentence started with, “Just Stop! You have no idea what you are talking about!” Suddenly that stern furrowed brow look disappeared into one of embarrassment as I told him about Compumatrix and what we have all been through, how wonderful our leader and his management team are and how awesome it is all about to become. He was kinda speechless after I finished. I will let him know when our Monumental Event happens. I really want to see his face!

    1. The Monumental Event – love the song reference Catherine – “when all the stars are in alignment” Yes, I must admit that I do not begin to comprehend what all is involved to bring Compumatrix in alignment, but know this – I am eternally grateful to the never give up, forward thinking wisdom of Henry and all the supporting staff, and I firmly believe there will be a monumental event in the near future!

  2. what a way to start my friday — great inspiration and and very interesting to comprehend the thoughts from the posting and reply — I am also in agreement that as time progresses we will as a company and business look back over last 15+ years and be very thankful and awe inspired about what we are a part of — thank you for great read —

  3. I am soooo looking forward for what we DO with this business and the lives it will change. I get inspired every day by one means or another. I pity those that have no inspiration because the focus of life is looking forward and looking forward is looking for change. Nothing remains the same and Vee, I hope your “naysayer” is left with something to look forward to.

  4. Catherine your text is very encouraging and increases our hope even more with everything that could happen in our lives with the participation of Compumatrix. My husband and I have been waiting anxiously for this “Monumental Event” for years. I wish God that he is very close to happen !!!

  5. Beautifully said, Catherine! Although not as long time a member as you, I see the possibilities so clearly. The potential of Compumatrix is so powerful my heart explodes in joy, knowing how many people are going to be served with generosity, love & opportunity. I love, love, love your vision of our company being it’s own Star. Indeed, it is.

  6. I just hope as time plays out and revelations are revealed and business principles are exercised that all our hopes and dreams are not squashed before we get there and I does hope after 15+ years of here that we All experience that monumental feeling of success and the Event is one to be revered and appreciated — great read Catherine

  7. Have you ever watched the movie, “Sleepless in Seattle”? Well, it’s a wonderful movie filled with hope and promise just like Catherine’s article and just like Compumatrix. In the movie, they talk about signs and I believe in signs and happy endings too. There are so many signs in our world today that this is real and soon to become part of our reality. As the excitement continues to mount, I am proud to be part of this company and by the way, I prefer the road less traveled by. For, in the end, it will make all the difference.

  8. Patience is key. While it has been coming for a while I know that Compumatrix is going to be birthed and change the world. The opporunity it will provide will be unlimited. While there are naysayers Bitcoin and the crypto world keeps bouncing back and expanding. The are major companies both banking and social networks getting involved. Compumatrix will be a Monumental event. Thanks for your article.

  9. Patience is key. While it has been coming for a while I know that Compumatrix is going to be birthed and change the world. The opporunity it will provide will be unlimited. While there are naysayers Bitcoin and the crypto world keeps bouncing back and expanding. The are major companies both banking and social networks getting involved. Compumatrix will be a Monumental event.

  10. Patience is key. While it has been coming for a while I know that Compumatrix is going to be birthed and change the world. The opporunity it will provide will be unlimited. While there are naysayers Bitcoin and the crypto world keeps bouncing back and expanding. The are major companies both banking and social networks getting involved.

  11. i like some good old movies that show Hope and Inspiration but I have to admit that lately the politics of hollywood and politics in general have taken the enjoyment for me out of my everyday viewing of any tv or internet viewing — it is sad really that truth has been washed down a public drain and not sure if Truth can come back???? guess honestly Time will Tell

  12. Yes. We are already aligned for success. Just waiting now for the big blast off ! I know that when the Apollo space ship program first started there were many attempts at blast off that just flat out failed. We have had many failures too, but that doesn’t stop us. It didn’t stop NASA and look where NASA has gone ? To the Moon….To Mars……What is next ?

  13. I love the positive energy radiating off of this blog post and into my heart. I completely agree with this blog post 100%! If one follows the regular trajectory of life, one is expected to see regular results. Compumatrix is anything but regular; it is special. I have only been a part of Compumatrix for a short time relative to other people in this company, but I know that Compumatrix has the potential to be a big powerhouse in the cryptocurrency space. Patience is key and when all the pieces of the puzzles finally fit together, Compumatrix will be a force to be reckoned with.

  14. Compumatrix is unique. All of us who are part of it, know very well what lies in store for us.
    We need to keep learning and educating ourselves. When it opens up, we will do the business and see how life changes for all of us. A matter of patience and perseverence and above all – FAITH!

  15. so very true Raju faith and belief have a tremendous impact on how we all see how the opening and the further push of internet business in general has to do — I would like to see what is ahead and then other moments I am just pushing hard to do life and business the right way and an Honorable way with those 2 keys — Patience and Perseverance — I enjoy this blog and reads that are part —

  16. Monumental: Something that is imposing or significant in size or generally of outstanding significance. I don’t see how anyone can argue with that. With the long wait for many Compumatrix members, the tremendous amount of hard work, great attitude, and working and thinking as a team, I can’t see how Compumatrix could not be a Monumental event. I for one am ready to witness the monumental event from now until however long it can last.

  17. The Monumental Event will be life changing to say the very least. I have a feeling it will be “the scream heard around the world” when this officially launches. Catherine you mentioned that you watch various YouTube channels. I do the same thing most days. Usually I listen as I multitask during my day. This marketplace is evolving at record pace and I attempt to learn and keep current on crypto news. As hard as I try, its nearly impossible to learn everything. That’s actually what makes it so fun and addictive for me!!!

  18. Thank you Catherine! I used to be a camp director and we had a song that we sung as a staff and with campers that went….”come walk with me the journey is long, come walk with me the journey is long, come walk with me the journey is long…. the journey, the journey, the journey is long…..” it just kept going round and round. And we kept singing it. As we wait, I sing in my head — the journey is long. For me, what this song was always reminding us was that this life is a journey and that good things are not instant, they don’t just happen, its a journey and it can be a long one. While I have not been on this journey as long as most, I am grateful to be here and grateful for the leaders that have been here and continue to inspire and lead — on the journey. Thank you.

  19. In order for a business to succeed there needs to be a humble and just leader, or set of leaders at the helm. The humble quality we see evident by the likes of the Compumatrix executive team is what the author Jim Collins writes about in his books Good to Great and Built to Last. Great reads. But the relationship to this post is what he refers to in his theme in his books and why companies take success to the next level. The overwhelming theme to this success is the term Level 5 leader. This was identified in his data set of the one quality the leaders possessed. It was a quality of the leaders of being humble by nature. As I watch Compumatrix unfold, I’m humbled by the level of communication from the executive team to everyone in the company. That level of communication is rare in most companies. With our level 5 leaders’ in place and the Compumatrix MONUMENTAL EVENT around the corner, the sky is the limit for us to make our mark on the world.

  20. humility is a wonderful attribute and human trait — it goes hand in hand with Honor and Truth — I see a ton of that in the workings and everyday operations here at Compumatrix — I also know even though Honor and Integrity are a stalwart to the Business principle we have here — sometimes the world plays interesting parts that we as true people have to accept — however we must always accept the fact that no matter how it turns out we believe in Truth and Honor — jmho

  21. I completely agree – Compumatrix is a star! Compumatrix shines in people’s lives and will light up the world. Compumatrix has the potential to provide safety, necessities, and even luxury to people’s lives if they take advantage of what Compumatrix provides. Compumatrix is the star and we, Compumatrix’s members, are the sky that holds the star up and provides a place for the star to flourish.

  22. I anticipate with huge smiles the true birth of Compumatrix in its full form. Will be one of the easiest and most lucrative businesses on the planet and the easiest way to buy crypto on the planet. Genius.

    The subscription process – Brilliant.
    The Portal – Soon to be Brilliant-er 🙂

    Thanks to all that have put their time and effort into a project that may be taking a long time to truly launch, but it WILL be done right.

  23. We are all in agreement here and with the thousands behind us that are anticipating the Major Compumatrix Unveiling is going to be very interesting as well as rewarding.

    For “longevity members” it’s going to be a fantastic experience and one that is well deserved. As one of the newer folks in here just finishing my third year, I think, when I look at what I have invested and the return on that investment, I can’t help but share in the excitement.

    Having retired for the second time to take care of my wife who shares my enthusiasm and watches the Bitcoin numbers hourly, the big deal to us is the Assets. I say to anyone who will listen, load up on bundles, learn how to add via the Exchange and have fun. Right now you can do well with a few dollars a week. Once we take off those numbers are going to soar.

    Anyway you look at the company, it is going to make your life a whole lot better and that of your families. Like Vee, I have had people say I’m wasting my time. It’s mine to waste and I don’t look at it like that. We are all in great shape to take on the task that is before us once the green flag flies.

    Be patient, and yes, it is hard sometimes especially around the first of the month. Stay sharp I believe we are a lot closer than next January!

  24. Years ago I was invited by an online friend to join a group that would earn for me activity points. Soon after I was given a link to register in portal where I got to find my points converted to euro. Little did I know that the program would continue to evolve into what is now known as Compumatrix…a far cry from the simple, fun activities I was doing almost daily. For a newbie at my age, I cringed at the thought of me doing a complex business activity at the computer. But thanks to leaders and members who welcome the ignorance of some with suggested readings and who help us understand the DEX. Because of these kindhearted souls I am able to pursue this new undertaking

  25. A monumental event and more will it be when Henry is Ready. Indeed, this event will change your life and mine and ultimately, my family. Many individuals and organizations will benefit. There will be much we can assist in which we can aid them. I have not waited as long as so many of you have, that is for sure. I will wait with anticipation until all that Henry wishes to implement into the CDAP is in place. He desires for us to be glitch-free, and our security is the ultimate.

  26. Thank you Catherine for the great blog, I agree cant wait for that amazing moment to happen. Everyday we move closer to all of our dreams. I want to build our business and be able to help others and see the world. I have asthma so I have to watch the climates I go into. I will be glass to have access to things outside of the norm to heal our bodies. My mind can go pretty far outside the box so I personally can’t wait.

  27. it is so good to read thru these prior blogs and replies and see so many similarities between many different walks and personalities and how we as a group of determined individuals make one heck of a great group — holding that hope always and thru here keep the positives going —

  28. It is so exciting to see compumatrix unfolding with more than I expected, the monumental event is a great analogy it is taking a little longer than expected but I think it will be well worth the wait for this great company, as more time passes more ideals surface it just gets better and better.

  29. i just finished reading the blog by Erline on her n Roy’s time — and how it fits into compu biz and then came here again and just is amazing to me how awesome the Group we call family here just Are — so much sharing of Hope Joy and Peace here and it is so welcome and Appreciated from my Heart —

  30. Catherine,This article gives you a lot of energy,I read your article today, compumatrix is really going to be a memorable,It is such a shining star of the earth that the horizon looks transparent to it, compumatrix is the life-changing star all of us.Thank you for sharing encouraging article.

  31. this Blog is such great Biz Info and putting this with the replies and so many other blogs by great Entrepreneurs — Catherine you fit right in there!! I come to learn about Compu Biz and without fail I always do with each Blog I study and just like 45-50 yrs ago learn the Biz from great Teachers — thank you still — rj

  32. The blog mentions what I already know to be true in that Youtube can be a great source of information. While I don’t spend routinely spend hours viewing it, It has constantly helped me do various things such as review products, how to put something together, or relative to Compumatrix, provide information and tutorials about cryptocurrency.

  33. this newest new year is starting off in a fascinating fashion and there is so much still to learn and gain from so many great Business people — reading this blog and the replies is just good stuff !!! keep sharing Catherine — n yes Compu biz almost yeppers —

  34. Yes Catherine I agree with you about Compumatrix which is going to change our lives working online from our homes to earn,by the Grace of God.As with the Covid19 Virus which has unfortunately lost a lot of people’s jobs,Compumatrix is our true savior in this regard.

  35. We have to translate potential to reality. This will require tens of thousands of new members who must be able to join and understand in the simplest way possible and then have all the tools to getb their business moving. It rest clearly on simplicity and sustainability. That will require a change in the mode of management and customer service..

  36. I agree that as far as Compumatrix is concerned, “we are in the right alignment for the future of things to come.” But with all the talk of alignments and planetary systems, I am reminded of the musical group from the 60’s and 70’s, the “Fifth Dimension,” and their popular song the “Age of Aquarius.” A particular lyric in the song mentions how Jupiter aligns with Mars. I can remember the song flowing into “Let the Sunshine In” lyrics. Those were the days as the musical group mainly seemed to wanted to convey a message that focused around peace and love which is always a good message.

  37. With this monumental event just on the horizon, I am sure we are all in nervous anticipation of the doors opening in the next short while. All the buttons work and just waiting to get the go ahead for the next beta test step. Love that the portal has gone to a desktop app rather than web based. So much more secure.

    And with the “button being pressed” all of us at Compumatrix that have been so patient, will have a tool in our hands that will change this world for the better. A monumental event only scratches the surface of the ripple effect that will happen from all the members, through sharing and caring.

  38. Great post Carherine.You have ben very patient all along staying the course with compumatrix .I truly believe thai Compumatrix will Nip Neo-Feudism in the bud and be a great equalizer for the humanity and will free us shackles of monetry bondage that has held us captive for so many years.Yes indeed Monumental Event is underway and we are proud participants in it.

  39. Catherine, Monumental Event is the correct term alright; it will change the world not just ours; and give credence, to so many other events modeling themselves after what Henry has created. I love the idea of getting payment for things we do, and after all they are work, and deserves payment. The term work actually means any effort put forth whether physical or mental that performs a given goal; and thus deserves payment for those efforts. Thanks again so much for your devotion and blog!

  40. compumatrix will be a monumental event! Yes, it will bring economic and social freedom to every individual’s life,waiting, patience, perseverance with faith, everything is expected, with a very shining star compumatrix in the cluster of many stars,we are all very lucky to be part of the compumatrix.Thank you Catherine.

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