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COVID-19 Changed Things but Business Fundamentals are the Same

I think, a reminding perspective of “BUSINESS”; the word, the meanings, the applications, the modes and models would be good for us to become maybe re-acquainted with such, so as, to fully understand all the topical material there is not only toward Compumatrix but also your own business using the Compumatrix platform. Yes you are a business so this broadens very much the subject matter you can tackle for blogs etc.

BUSINESS – an activity -(this should remind you of the CDAP) – a means to earn money by producing and inventorying a product or products or even a service. So it is any “activity or enterprise” that engages itself into an entrepreneurship entity to gain profit.

It does not mean it must be a formal organized company, corporation, partnership. The range can be from a simple street kiosk to major Dow Jones shareholder corporation. Other things to have in mind is that a business entity name does not separate it from the owner. Consequently, the owner does become responsible and in that way liable for their business activities which range from acquired debt, subject to suit and of course all taxation obligations. These all depend on the form and setup of the business or company.

Lets expand this some more than just a definition.

We are talking about an economic system where goods, products and services have a platform that enables a particular way of exchange with others for a prescribed value. So we are looking at something that requires investment of time (CDAP) and other forms of value with a customer base so the output of the business can in a consistent basis dispose of inventory in order to make a gain(profit) of an item of value.

A business can range from a mom-and-pop, all private, for profit, a non-profit or to a major corporation.

Seemingly there appears to be at least 3 keys that generate a character to a business: 1. an organized method of individuals working together, 2. there must be at least one or more needs of social import to satisfy and 3. there must be a way to earn and make a gain over all expenses, that is, a profit.

Now these goals are important for a business – that it be organized to be successful, – that there are needed resources to be successful, – that there be a good system of communications and understanding of the goals of the business especially in terms of satisfying a particular need in society. When a business does this they can strategically plan to meet needs what ever they are. This in turn can help eliminate struggling.

A business must also recognize that individuals express unlimited wants to anything specific, wants they want satisfied. Sometimes while they can not pinpoint those wants engaging in a business can help them define them better. Because while a business is an “economic activity” and an essential part of our modern world we soon come to understand that the essential needs of the individual is the success for a business.

BUSINESS: Maybe this will show how to follow the paradigm

THERE’s a BIG ? > turns the light bulb on > leads to work > generates $

This brings us to a quick review:


An activity satisfying human wants conducted to bring production of goods to generate profits.

Then these are some of the FEATURES of business:


1. exchange of goods and/or service

2. deals in a multiple of transactions

3. gain or profit is a main objective

4. a need for qualities of experience and skill.

5. there are risks and uncertainties.

6. need for minimum of two parties (seller and buyer) does not need to be a “tangible item”

7. must be connected to a system.

8. there is marketing and production activity

9. there must be a viable product to produce and market.

10. the product must meet and satisfy a want.

11. there must be a social orientation and connection

12. challenges to working from home with an understanding of the skills needed

NOW there are SEVERAL TOPICS Just in this blog that could give birth to several more blogs and then connect to Compumatrix and they would all be “Business Blogs

I find it very interesting how that so many people put business into such a strict definition and this then in turn throttles their thinking cap.

Because you as a person are a business, your whole being is the scope of your experience, your savvy, this in turn makes you a business entity; pair that up with Compumatrix and express that whole level of experience, motivation in your life as to where it is today which is the basic reason you are today a Compumatrix business entrepreneur. Where did you get and learn the tools? What kind of fulfillment were you seeking? What are and were the strengths and disciplines that make you acknowledge that being a compumatrix business was for you? What was so important to you to make you want to join?

Topics are endless—..but the question is what makes your mind think or does it?

So do not C&P….(copy and paste) you see most of us can access many of those articles ourselves….so to C&P is not always to be helpful… what you want to do is input what that information did for you, in what ways it helped, or in what ways it broaden your understanding or scope of understanding, in what ways it might have enlarged your thinking to even include understanding other things….how it put into effect a different mindset in you….in other words write what it did for you, how it made you to understand certain precepts of formats better and thus enlarged your experience….JUST MAKE IT personal as to WHAT IT DID for you and then blog that. You can refer to an Article or even a statement in the article but do not C&P for that is not original content.

WE can all go around and C&P 1000’s of articles or any other presentations of data, like editorials, analysis composed by others. That is not hard to DO BUT to TAKE the time to unveil or reveal what it meant to YOU becomes original.

Here is an entry from Henry 2014

For Subscribers: What topics do you want to see written on our blogs?

« on: November 20, 2014,

Summary By David Morris

on some suggested top topics:

I would read a blog about the adaptation process of selling cards offline for different countries.

How to create trust relate to this kind of business.

proof that the business really works, for new people who are not

particularly understanding in the online business, but want to increase their capital. read about adaptation and recommendations.

read of success stories about how Compumatrix has improved the financial picture for any business or family. “Rags to Riches” with “Points to CBTC” “crypto currenices. from members old and new.

Virtual Prepaid Cards are the heart and soul of Compumatrix sales, some areas I would read on the blogs.

1. A thorough description of exactly how the VPCs were developed and are now changed to “stable Cards’

2. How can they be used today, What is the markets to be used in advertising today?

3. the different value for example, and how to advertise, any benefits to the advertiser?

4. Is there a market analysis/test of the of these new cards with respect to sales and benefits on and off line purchaser

5. Is there an analyze of a good advertising program that will educate the potential operation to customers? and the benefits derived by our card.

Some blogs on ones own country, and how Compumatrix can be made to work there. How the conducting of a Compumatrix business covers the Global scope and the creative, professional and ethical structures there. Inclusive also aspects of differences of social media, virtual currencies adaptions and operations in areas around the world. Also worked into any article would be that of the impact on themselves or lack of it to working online with this kind of a business.

This could include the differences of banners for advertising, what does and what does not do well

The targeting of advertising to each regional area and how these could be used to introduce product and services throughout the globe relating to cultures and customs..

Making Money and Setting top of the line Security for your PC

Another business topic could be personalized reviews of products and service of the advertisers sites visited.

Besides these topics maybe some topics of health considering we are a part of an online business which could compromise ones health (sitting too much). This makes for another topic of writing about your home area and family relating to your online business at home and the challenges that arose to learn and understand the basic structure of this digital, crypto currency business.

This of course leads into another major topic to explore or and explain. Definitions of all of these (crypto-eco systems, definitions, particular and pertinent needs thereof) and why they are important.

Personal stories of the time of introduction, discovery and impressions of this business even if did seem intimidating and then the process of participation and inclusion into this family of businesses and community. These can make for some great stories of times in your life. However in the personal level of sharing NEVER share or reveal any private information. (Yeah you could tell us your age….but that is all)

I truly trust and hope that this will set at ease the minds of many who where maybe confused or befuddled by the prompt of BLOGS to be BUSINESS oriented and thus enable a release in your brain to begin to think in a broader spectrum of business in Compumatrix and you and you in it’s World.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. This article caused me to pause and think about “Business Blogs” and how vital and essential they are. The article mentioned “trust” which I believe is critical if my (or anyone else’s) Compumatrix Business will be successful. Of course, the secret is to actually be trustworthy and to find a way to communicate that reality to the consumers of our product. I believe the secret lies in direct and honest communication.

  2. Thank you David. These examples show lots and lots of topics and subject matter that all pertains to business and hopefully will spark some minds to create blogs and enter into this realm. It’s not nearly as hard and certainly doable for anyone who would just jump in and start…

  3. I am glad that this post talks about not “copying and pasting” articles because that is not creating original content. By having plenty of original content on our blog, which includes the comments being posted, it will push our blog url higher up in the Alexa rankings.

    The higher the Alexa ranking is the more traffic the site will receive. The more traffic the site receives, the more valuable the site becomes and the more revenue it can produce for Compumatrix.

  4. With today’s “social world” both good and bad, everything you do or say is reflected in your actions, words and presentation of a product, service or recruitment of new investors. Sales and selling are a part of our everyday lives and learning the right way to present yourself and or your product, will determine your companies success or failure.

    For many of us attitude is very important to achieve the above. Show someone a product and act like a door to door salesman and you won’t close many deals. Check your work space, your way of speaking to all people and most importantly your attitude. Any flaws and they show right away, which leaves the person or group you are talking to looking to get away as quickly as possible.

    For our product: it’s all about getting people to believe we have a solid program that will enhance their lives. The “get rich quick” line will wear out quickly once there is a glitch. The line has been used to death lately!

    Next up: Security and we need more conversations to our blog.

  5. I mentioned Alexa rankings above, but I forgot to also mention Google rankings which are just as important and possibly even more important. The more original content a site has, the higher up it will be displayed on Google Searches when people are looking for information.

    When certain Keywords are searched, and if those keywords are all over our blog, then it can possibly show up on the first page of Google whenever a search is done. Being on the first page of Google for a keyword such as “Homebased Business” or “Cryptocurrency”, could create plenty of exposure for Compumatrix.

  6. what a great read and so much info to glean wisdom and knowledge from and how to move forward in a right way in any business small or online or even in the corporate world which is not very simple matter any more — lol — but I will be reading this a few times so probably will be back again — Thank you

  7. Great article David. Showing just how much we all can diversify through Compumatrix to earn in several ways. And that those same ideas can be incorporated into any business model outside Compumatrix as well. Blogging is a big part of promotion. Adding value for people so they remain engaged. Offering items that are useful and give customers a good value. The Virtual Payment Cards through Compumatrix being one of the best values out there.


  8. Great article David. This stirs up a lot of good thinking about our own business and where we are all going with it. Compumatrix certainly fits the bill of your first 3 points concerning a business. We are organized and working together. We are meeting needs that people would have for income and entrance into the whole world of crypto. And we are poised for all who join to make a good profit. These 3 core factors is what will sustain us also for years to come.


  9. Thank you , David. We probably all needed a refresher on the parameters of blogging for the Compumatrix platform, and you’ve given us myriad ways to expound on the umbrella topic of “business”. You reminded us that this is limited only by our own imaginations, and I thin well be seeing some very interesting blogs in the near future. I have to add that, for me, I have to really be interested in – even have a passion for- a particular topic, to be inspired to write on it. Luckily I am a creative person with considerable experience with different business aspects, ie. marketing online… so that I’ll never run out of blogging subjects!

    1. This blog has so much information that it makes the mind spin in so many directions.  The number of ideas presented here for blogging is a tremendous asset to all of us.  For the business owner who just felt overwhelmed with the thought of coming up with a topic, can now put that stress to rest.  Reflecting on where we have come from and where we are going is the beginning of bringing the world to our world.  For those who are intimidated by blogging or feel they can’t do it need to just relax and let the ideas just flow.  

  10. By far the most precise breakdown of the business model I have ever seen. Not sure this covers all aspects of the business realm such as Churches. As a church is ran like a business but you are not selling anything. You could say t shirts or books but as far as the main function…….nothing is sold.

  11. Business is the act of keeping busy, as people would often say.
    In the olden days, business would be associated with buying and selling of goods and services.
    However, business models have changed so much in the past few years. A new concept of doing business with cryptocurrency – neater, qucker and more organized, I would say. Something new to learn and to do , each day!

  12. I agree with the many complimentary comments, this article is excellent and helps to really understand our business. Ever since joining Computmatrix, I have been on an unending quest of learning more. I still am learning; every single day I am learning. The business of cryptocurrency is a challenging topic for me. I am very thankful for the many people who have had the patience to teach along the way. I believe in order to be successful in business, you must be a good teacher and if you have patience and passion you will succeed.

  13. For me, this whole compumatrix introduction started with a friend who suggested this would be a good business to join… I did 🙂 As I look back there have been at least 3 inches or more of paper in several files outlining the changes over the years. This would have been formidable if it wasn’t for our Regional Reps (RR’s), and I am eternally grateful for Helga who had so much patience and is now cheering us on from heaven I believe. Plus, the excellent how to’s that Gail produces (she really has her notes down to a fine art of not leaving out any of the steps) plus all the support from staff and members. These features have helped a totally uneducated person in crypto-currency feel that she can at least keep her nose above the water 🙂 A very necessary trait for a business person in Compumatrix is “never give up” – sometimes need to sleep on a problem, but start fresh the next day and message your RR!

  14. Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring article David.It gives us a lot of ideas and inspiration about what our Compumatrix business is really about and how we can gain from it.

  15. Great article David! Inspires and encourages us to continue our business at Compumatrix!

  16. just a serious and great article to learn and become better business people from — no article or blog posting will have 100 % of the answers any of us are looking for but this thread is truly a great part of learning to be better online and not make mistakes that if not trained or learning truth would lead to — very much Thankful

  17. A few decades ago we gave rise to customer service, positive thinking and the art of saving money due to economic downturns. Present day, the arts of customer service, prosperity and global equities rising in unprecedented fashion, which must make one consider the possibilities of “What is next”! The changing of the guard in management styles from Lea Iocac to James Deming to th “Arts of Happiness” by the Daili Lama are all major pendulum swings for finance and for the ways in which we conduct business. The covid virtual reality is real. The introduction to block chain is real! Hyperinflation for the US could be as real as within the likes of Venezuela. I believe the spirit of Compumatrix embodies the later part of the management styles mentioned above. Implementing these spirits along with the technology changing the pendulum, I believe we are about to see some major shifts in this business and many more to come!

    Happy to be a part of this space!

    Warmest regards,


  18. Kevin mentioned Alexa rating in his comments above. I haven’t checked these ratings in a long time. I still have the ratings in my browser so I did a quick peek. As of right now when I am writing this, the ratings are: 42,754

    This is our start line. From here on out, our goal is to improve on these ratings.

    David set the stage with this blog post. It is our responsibilty to take this and run. Those that blog, kindly do so (when we have the instructions) many others can comment and share their thoughts and ideas. Everyone should be reading these blogs and following the comments. This is Business 101.


  19. Great information David. I have to reread it again several times to fully understand the complete meanning of it. For sure the world is changing because of the pandemia that the world is suffering of and it needs top-notch management to go with these changes.

  20. Thank you for this blog David. It is very informative. It is always good to keep your eyes on the basics of managing a company. Even in a changing world the basic principles still have the value they had over a very long period of time.

  21. Thank -you for this blog it helps me to understand this business a lot better especially with the lists of explanations you have put in place to help us understand the importance of running it . It will help me to run my business at home because I am not able to do physical labor any longer. I hope this will help other members and the ones coming into this business.

  22. A most enlightening blog, David. You have most definitely taken the “formal” out of the business. You have inspired me to actually consider jumping in and writing because you have broadened the base of topics on which to write about. I believe people have to have a passion for the subject on which they are writing in order to make it interesting to the reader. When you can expand the subject area as you have done here, almost anyone should be able to find a subject on which they have a passion to write about.

  23. Thanks for this article. Not only it shows me about my business but that even under COVID-19 it goes on. Writing about it in a blog is what it speaks to me. Gathering my ideas and then putting it to words I can come up with another topic to be posted here

  24. Cryptos and the US Market… having a professional attitude and reputation will achieve success.

    One of the biggest assets we have in regards to reputation, is the fact that many people have been waiting for years for this program to get off the ground and all the labor intensive coding that has gone into the software, financial necessities, the process needed to create the VPC Cards, speaks volumes about all that is being done and yes, slowly.

    Go to fast and you hit the curb, crash and burn. That would make the whole process a giant waste of time and energy. Our steadfast team is working overtime to keep that from happening.

    Having been involved the last few years with a complex software program designed to bring lost funds back to Hospitals and medical institutions using a sophisticated process, I fully understand frustration. You have something good and you know it But! You need some kind of proof of product.

    Our VPC’s and Compumatrix Bitcoin can and will be our proof of products. Will they be successful in the US. Yes, they will because of the preparation needed at start up. We will be competing with many other companies who just write off their mistakes. We can’t afford to do that, so the time needed seems to go on and on. Trust that it is not by choice. The coronavirus has knocked us back half a year already, but thanks to our partners at TradeCeeds, we will allowed to move forward in a two pronged attack on the program which will allow us to get busy…. very busy.

    The US and other markets will recognize the value by looking at our reputation. In the real world your “word is your bond.” Crypto people will run away from a product that has a blemish of any kind. In the Social world that will kick you to the curb.

    Keep in mind that you are selling those cards and always be positive no matter where you are selling them. Play your cards right (yeah, I know stop rolling your eyes) and give yourself the ability to earn an exceptional living now and for the future.

  25. Wow! yes so much to process in your mind when reading and watching Posts and replies. I have been a member of Compumatrix for the past six years and love the complete openness and honesty and comradeship that one finds here. Being part of this business has instilled in me a mindset of patience and hope for the future when looking around the chaos and fake global news being propagated to enslave and fill with fear the populations of the world. The timely launch of this lifechanging business cannot come soon enough.

  26. This blog is simple yet profound. Thank you for the explanation of what a business is. It started my creative juices running. The most important thing about a business is that it consistently and efficiently fill an ongoing need that helps individuals or groups to realize a goal. I like how the author broke down the essentials of a business so that the common person could understand the concept of a business.

  27. wow and holy cow — to coin phrase from a great Baseball Broadcaster Harry Carey — Holy Cow — memories of a great time gone by — anyways back to the posting — I read this article/ posting and for the 4th time I have read again and David and company are very Talented in words and how to see things truthfully and now I hope beyond hope that these are not empty words or gestures — I truly believe that we are just so very close to being on the legit move to Success and I am here for that — God bless and stay True Please and thank you for the help –rjh

  28. A well-structured business model can be very profitable. Many opportunities appear, but have no consistency, leaving a trail of defeat and discredit along the way.
    Compumatrix has shown that it can go much further. Its business model creates a basis for each member to qualify and become an individual company, managing and leveraging the return obtained from the results of participating in the platform.
    (Google translator support)

  29. What a wonderfully content-rich article! I’ve been thinking about what I could blog about, and here David gives so many topics that I have to sit back and plan how I can create a series of blogs, which relate to my own business, and to the Compumatrix company. No one can argue anymore that there are not enough topics to blog about? Thank you David, for your exhaustive article!

  30. Excellent article David! And we as a company, and as independent business owners all must contribute to the expansion and over all success of our company! Yes, it is the Brain child of one man, but that is part of David’s point. Truly to have a business which transacts a financial position of some kind there must be at least two people involved, and each must possess something the other either needs or wants. This possession can take many forms, such as a blog of information.

    So would say well no work is being done, and there is no product. I beg to differ for work is defined as; any physical or mental effort to accomplish a given goal. Therefore a blog is a mental effort, such as an engineer building the plans and specs, for a new bridge of building. The engineer produced nothing valuable in most people’s eye; but then that bridge may not have held together if this person did not have the brains to understand and plan the design. So the mental effort is just as valuable as the physical efforts put into the bridge’s construction.

    So your blog is your mental efforts to produce something someone needs; or perhaps you are one to give advice, or expound upon things such as the Bible which is a very hard thing to do if you are not Spiritually inclined.

    Life is full of surprises, and you might just be the one that opens my eyes to the next big thing?

  31. Thanks David for your wise post. No matter what we face in life, a virus or other issues most of our business practices should remain the same as long as we are honest an forthcoming in our business as we should be in our social lives I believe the Golden rule applies in either case. Thanks for the very wise thoughts.

  32. Thanks for this valuable information, Sir David! All of us were affected by this plague on humanity in one way or another, but I believe we are overcomers, and we will make lemonade from the bag of lemons we got. We have also learned from this, I hope, and will apply this newly found strength and wisdom to our futures!

  33. This article got me thinking about different businesses that could be run through the CDAP in the future – thank you! Also, this article inspired me to start formulating blog ideas to start posting blogs on this platform. Too often I think people doubt themselves in what they can accomplish – I never want to be one of those people! Here is to writing blog posts!

  34. In this ever-evolving world of cybersecurity it will be vital that we all take steps to secure all of our platforms that are we are using to market our business. In addition to security will be the education needed to capitalize on different types of media for different types of technology being rolled out in the blockchain space. Thanks for this blog as it serves as a vital reminder as things that are present and the things that are on the horizon.

  35. I like how this article explained the large variety of types of businesses. I usually only though of these as large powerful corporations and did not realize there are many types. As we learn in this article sometimes businesses do not work our so it important to have diverse business that can thrive on many platforms. In this case: compumatrix.

  36. While walking my dog the other day, I began thinking about where Co-vid has left us as a business. On one hand, it definitely slowed our production towards our ultimate launch of this business. Then there is the other side of the coin where Co-vid alerted others of the possibility of doing business in the method that we are engaged in. In other words, they can now join the crowd, us.

  37. I missed this one somehow what a great blog explaining everything we should all be doing. I like the way you outlined everything in detail and structure of the company. It explains compumatrix very well and makes me think more of all I have in my business, little reminders are a good thing.

  38. My mind swirled as I read this blog post because of the amount of creative ideas this article unlocked in my head. The creativity that flows through this article is astonishing – great business ideas that any person with determination can utilize and gain success from! Thank you for your post!

  39. oh so much great info here in this posting and yes have read this many times and have read all over the blogs and realized this time just how successful we are here compumatrix — to have the beginnings and necessary parts to have success at home in our Business we have a great mentoring team to lean on and get necessary info from and now with the virus and how more n more is stay home types we have that also right here — just amazes me when i take the time to think creatively and look past the norm — just awesome —

  40. It’s hard to believe that it has been a month since you posted this, David. Covid has found its way deep within our lives. With the thoughts of business must continue, I spent the day thus engaged. I was on the phone with a bankruptcy attorney working for a company that we work with. I found myself contacting Senator and Congress offices fighting for disaster relief. I also found myself at the bank following up on a request. I even found time for the most important business use of my time. I am now my own editor reworking some blogs. (Thanks, Gail. LOL)

  41. yeppers as i re-read this great posting and it is so incredible just how much the effect of the china virus has had on America — and gotta believe the turmoil and tragedy it has caused globally will take more time to recover than most think — it is basically in every facet of every day here in the country — and it is now into august and wow — prayers and hopes for recovery But ??

  42. here we are almost thru october and we are still basically crawling at snails pace in this global pandemic and its effects – love this blog by David though because it brings me back to biz and thoughts on how to be Biz guy again and keep learning to be successful — thank you for great blog n great info to be used frequently– rj

  43. Thank you David,Your blog is very encouraging and inspiring to us,the business of compumatrix is described in great detail,in compumatrix,we are moving in the right direction by getting involved in the business,reading a lot of business blogs has been a great help in understanding business,compumatrix business is a huge asset for us in the future.

  44. Thank you for the blog David, Your right, and we are in the perfect place now. Everyone has figured out a way to go remote, except people who just cant, but for the most part, our lives just opened up as far as I see. Life is amazing. We are all very blessed.

  45. as we move full throttle into this newest year –had to come back and read this great blog and also takes more notes –this Biz writing is so beneficial to any who looks at the future with Biz on the mind –so much Useful in this studying of this blog here — I have read multi times but will read more as times moves forward — thanks again —

  46. I confess that I have a hard time understanding how Compumatrix systems work. However, this text gave me some light on this subject. I have a long way to go before I get what I want. Understanding the path that will make me achieve my goals is the most important. Compumatrix is this way. I look forward to the opening of CDAP.
    Thanks for the text.

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