DNA of compumatrix!!


Interestingly my mind is continuously enthralled by the standing of our beloved Compumatrix company and this portrait image of a DNA structure that is unique came alive, it’s very attractive, and you can tell by the wisdom behind it is beyond human comprehension. I will compare it with us and try to make it simple in my explanation.

Our DNA is incorruptible, fingerprints are different from each other, many other components holding this structure too, this answers many questions we do ask by equating other businesses comparable to us, they appear doing well, they are paying, their shareholders, partners and everyone involved is doing well, what about us?.

We do hear this often; there is a professional team that can help us and ushers us to new realms why should we not contact them? And many other questions. The answer IS Compumatrix has its DNA.

The question, “what is the individual DNA of success?” When we unite, we got the energy to shake the next enterprise. A psychological study was done to determine whether a person’s background affects their success.

The researchers went to the high-end estates where the rich live and to the deep valleys of the ghettos to do psychological research on success insolences. They came up with the following conclusion.

  1. Success consciousness is mandatory. To defy the reality of your background, you must find the fire of success consciousness.

Some of us were not exposed to knowing which path to take when growing up or getting affirmation on things that change the approach of success. Still, here, we thank God for the leaders we have in Compumatrix, they do update us, and we can either choose to ignore or put them in action by being proactive and not reactive.

  • Repetition is the language of the mind. The mind learns by repetition. When in kindergarten, the children learn by repetition.  If all you hear repeatedly is a failure, then you will develop a failure mentality. If all you hear is a success, you will develop a success mentality.

The advocacy in our rooms is nothing but the words of success and encouragement. The situation is imminent, the new doors of CDAP will open up, our positioning will matter by what we have acquired so far, the admin is doing their part, are we?

  • Success is a product of your attitude. Your attitude determines your boldness. Every problem has an option of solutions, but your approach will dictate how you handle it.

When it rains, we got those who choose to stay indoors and complain, but others take their umbrellas and move. That’s what attitude does.

  • Many people, especially in the remote areas, grow up hearing what they cannot become instead of hearing of whom or what they can become.

We introduce impossibilities to children instead of possibilities, and they grow up embracing impossibilities.  That is not what we have here. We know we are revolutionists that will change the narrative.

The DNA of success can be inherited and so is accurate with failure.

When you don’t know who you are, it’s possible to become who you are not.

True success is that which brings fulfilment and joy to your heart. Let success be in your DNA of Compumatrix.

About the author

Vincent holds a key position as the gatekeeper of the African Region, representing Compumatrix to the wider community. He holds the belief that learning never ends, in this arena being one of the Loyal member and staff, much knowledge, skills is expected to give the right direction.


  1. Vincent a very nice post.The DNA that we know is essential part of Mitochondria and i for one believe that Compumatrix is that.The process that Compumatrix is embarked upon will in My mind explode a whole load of opportunities that we have not yet fathomed.In due course of time we all will see the maturation of the embryo that was beginning to hatch in year 2004 or there abouts.

    1. That class of my biology i liked and enjoyed every moment we had lessons ha ha ha, we had a very awesome teacher, yes I agree with you, this baby will be born strong and with all the nutrients to handle the tambulence of success.

  2. Interesting article Vincent! Just as the ladder of DNA is curved, so the compumatrix going through difficult stages and is progressing today.In this struggle we have all gone through the curve that leads us to success today. True happiness comes only after hardships that we are all anxiously awaiting.Thank you for a very nice post.

    1. Yes you are right Zahra .. Most of us have grown up and older with Compumatrix . We seen plenty of ups and downs with Compumatrix growing pains .But all that struggle and hard times makes the Compumatrix business grow stronger .. The DNA is strong and the building blocks stronger .. Henry and team making their dream come true for all.

  3. Yes Vincent, I feel that Success is in my DNA of Compumatrix! I try to be as active as possible before the CDAP launch, and hope that others are inspired to do the same. The DNA spiral in the image is divinely beautiful; let’s make DNA in Compumatrix just as divinely beautiful

  4. great way of looking at Compu business — the DNA and some of the curves and such as time as proceeded forward we here also have pushed forward and like the previous blog this is a choice in our attitude and how we push forward and thru the setbacks and staying positive — just enjoy reading these great postings — and very much appreciate the time and effort by those here writing and sharing Wisdom !!

  5. Thank you for your insightful post Vincent, I love the fact that we each are unique. The way we experience life, react to situations in different ways, the way we see ourselves, others, and our futures. Many of the Compumatrix family have learned to think about this business differently, to be patient, to trust the BOD and programmers. For some, they just can’t do it, it seems, many need to feel that they are in control, and when they are not, they get frustrated, angry, and revengeful. But working together as a team we can overcome anything and we can choose to be ‘Kind’ rather than ‘Right’.

  6. Thank you Vincent for your input regarding the DNA of Compumatrix, its really going to be a great company directed by great leaders, starting from Henry, Uncle Alan, David, Erline, Gail, Jane and the list go on. Since I joined Compumatrix in 2006, I had a feeling that this company will be great, can’t wait for the CDAP to open, so we can help ourselves and many others.

  7. Brillant blog on infinite possibilities! I agree we have been conditioned on success by our past. The DNA holds it all and we can choose what end of the stick we like to focus on success or lack. The subconscious fascinates me with success, as you can say success affirmations all day long, but the subconscious is still running the program of lack. When I take responsibility for my daily choices with forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, and love, I find my thoughts are neutral and the miracles and magic flood into my life. I am choosing the DNA, instead of being on automatic pilot. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for pointing out the value of the success mentality, Vincent. Not only is this very important to each of us personally, it is also very important to personify and beam this out to everyone we meet especially those who didn’t receive encouragement for success growing up. I’m going to focus on sharing my “success consciousness” repeatedly to others and showing always a positive attitude. Our DNA is a miraculous part of our body!

  9. Many of us members have been here for a very long time. We have endured many ups and downs. There have been exciting moments, busy moments, and those times when we need a lot of patience to wait for the next development. But I think what has kept us here and strong is that we have a positive attitude and we know we are destined for greatness. Can’t wait til this final stage comes to fruition!

  10. This reminds me of the glass that is half full or half empty your choice and the DNA of compumatrix matches that( your mind set of compumatrix). I tell my family members all the time we are around the corner now but there mindset has fell over the cliff…. I tell them time to start catching up! You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it. Well this horse is drinking it all up and I hope the others don’t die of thirst.

  11. I learn every day from you, even during the most difficult times you never complain or give up, this I can say its strongly in you, I have learned you don’t put down what you have not done or tasted, you never give up and you try to find solutions, our group appreciates so much here in Africa.

  12. So what I get out of your blog is that the DNA of Compumatrix is the road map inside of our organization that tells everything where to go, what to do, and how to behave. We do have our own culture for sure, and that culture has been built from the foundational principles but forth in the very beginning of the company. Intelligent design if you will.

  13. An interesting look at business and natural occurrences. The core of what and who we are, but that does not define what we can be. As you say, the influences that affect our mindset are strong, yet we can with determination, achieve goals others tell us are impossible. I am currently writing a very detailed paper about ‘Equality’, your information herein is intriguing.

  14. It’s funny how we can be all over the globe and possess the same DNA strains. Of course in the biological sense of the concept, we have developed over millions of years. In the economic sense, we have grown together over the space of such a short time frame. Our unit of measure is the DNA we call COMPUMATRIX.

  15. Excellent post Vincent! DNA conveys the main characteristics! Thus has been the process of Compumatrix, transmitting to all of us its characteristics in the construction of this great opportunity that will allow us to glimpse an extremely promising near future !!!

  16. Great blog Vincent. I always struggled to learn about DNA when in university because it was so beautifully complex but once you unravelled the DNA and inspected the strands within it, it became more simplistic and unique. Thankfully I did enough to get through the exam but I’m sure they’ll always be more to learn in the future as our knowledge to grow increases.

  17. …whoa, good stuff Vincent. Yep.
    …the conditioning we have been exposed to over the years through the interactions with long and short term members has indeed adhered itself to our DNA in a very unique and powerful way…and as has been stated, added to the uniqueness of OUR company, has birthed a hell of a baby. All that remains is for us to stand fast, and as Darren has stated, the strands of this DNA are simplistic and unique…and strong. Why not? Its Compumatrix.

  18. I am not syre you can actually judge the DNA of Compumatrix untilit is operating fully and allthe promises have come to fruition and members can see the tangible results of all the waiting. Let us hope it is very soon and we can then fully uderstand all the implications

  19. Comparing of the double helix of DNA to Compumatrix is a unique idea. With its coding and messaging system, it is its unique paradigm. Henry and David and all their helpers, keep Compumatrix’s helix strong and healthy, so the DNA can continually reproduce. It is the instruction guide to carry the messages to each part that is needed to function. The DNA helix is an unusual way to look at what makes our company one of a kind.
    Good blog, Vincent.

  20. Thank you Vincent for your post. Yes our DNA in Compumatrix has been growing inside since we joined Compumatrix team. Yes there has been ups and downs in this journey. My belief keeps me coming back to my DNA of Compumatrixs. Changing our lives for the better. Keep the faith, it coming in my opinion.

  21. Our subconscious is our maker. And it doesn’t know the difference between good or bad, right and wrong. It is up to us to program ourselves to the thought of success, IF we haven’t been programmed with is from early childhood. We are all capable of it and repetition is indeed the key. 21 times to develop a habit. 28 to ensure it sticks.

    Every program has it’s methods. One thing with C/M is we need to ensure our methods are rock solid before release, rather than the Window’s attitude of – Get it out there and fix on the fly.. 🙂 There will be plenty of that when released anyway.

    All in good time. With positive energy flowing in the developers and members direction. We have something like no other here. And it needs to be right. Keep up the great work.

  22. Great post. Thanks for sharing your passion about Compumatrix success. I am pretty sure that we are on the right track with this great company that has been with us for such a long time. To succeed we all should have a DNA of compumatrix. With positive thought we will definitely succeed.

  23. Now that was a different way to describe our Compumatrix business Vincent. Never thought of a business having it’s own DNA , but I guess it dose when you stop to think about it. A rock solid business is built with a good foundation and a good DNA to make it strong and to survive long term. all the crew that steers Compumatrix to a life long destination .. is built to last.

  24. Oh, I love this so much! It’s so true…we have the power within to master our reality. I’m reminded of the quote “It’s not what happens to us that matters, it’s how we deal with it” or something along those lines. I believe we as Compumatrix members will teach so many people to RISE and meet their true potential through inspiring them to their version of success, no matter how big or small it seems. Thanks for the uplifting read, Vincent.

  25. Thank you Vincent, for the great blog, I agree if your DNA can be trained to perform. You can have two kids with basically the same DNA and different. Its all how you work through the problems. COVID hit us all hard and look how we bounced back, We are still here and moving forward. Thank you, Henry, for having such a great dream.

  26. While this company has had some twists and turns, leaps forward and some setbacks, the DNA or foundation of the business has been built strong. Our corporate vision has been to help others. This DNA will see not only help individuals but help thousands around the globe.

  27. Vincent that was a beautiful blog. Thanks for making me think about what makes us tick. You mentioned repetition and the announcements on Discord. We all look forward to those announcements. Its interesting what we do what that information in the announcements. Some of us see it as a glass half full and some as a glass half empty. Life is what we make of it!!

  28. Before this article I had not though of Compumatrix in that way. Sometimes we forget how much preparation, time, and work goes into this business on a daily. Using DNA as a comparison is very fitting because in DNA there are so many processes and information that is stored there.

  29. Wonderful analogy Vincent, since one of my 1st back grounds was in genetics, I took a special interest in your well worded article.
    In particular I might add much of the DNA will never be understood for that is God’s creation; but God also left our DNA to natural modifications, which researchers are taking credits for wrongly I might add; but what modifies certain parts, one might ask: your statement; “Repetition is the language of the mind. The mind learns by repetition. When in kindergarten, the children learn by repetition. If all you hear repeatedly is a failure, then you will develop a failure mentality. If all you hear is a success, you will develop a success mentality.”
    What you and your mind centers upon for long periods of Time (7 years to be exact) will change your whole way of being, and in lesser period the mind saves anything repeated over 30 times for the average human being.
    So once again we see a vision in Henry’s concept of a business that can help and change the lives of anybody on Earth who devotes themselves to his process!

  30. oh coming back and reading this awesome blog post again is just a joy — so much truth in the scientific look at this Compu Biz and then when you put the Heart factor into the equation — and just wow is the answer i have — as so many other posts throughout this blog area point out — without Heart ( Passion) success is just another empty vessel — ??

  31. Vincent,
    Thanks for your most interesting blog regarding DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and Compumatrix

    As we know DNA,(deoxyribonucleic acid) is found in all living organisms, not a business in of itself. But as living members of a business we bring a multitude of Ideas and suggestion via our DNA and effort to make the business successful. All those ideas are as a result of all our DNA genetic codes within our God given living being. Like a computer if our DNA gets tangled up for some reason,we may not be able to input success codes for the company, but with many members and outside DNA, we can hopefully off set any tangled DNA by larger numbers of the living DNA specimens that will increase our opportunity for success as a whole.

  32. In defining the word matrix, it is described as an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure. I can see your DNA theme come alive within that description, Vincent. We, a global company, with people from all walks of life, join together in hopes of building a successful business. At the time of my joining, I did not foresee the new language and environment I would need to learn to navigate to become successful with Compumatrix. I am extremely grateful and thankful that I took this decision. What has encumbered my human side within the twists and turns of pioneering Compumatrix, is an understanding of the timeframe involved for its ecosystem to be created. I had never spoken Compumatrix ‘speak’ before. Throughout the years of construction, I have been fraught with frustrations over the timings of the blueprint coming alive. I recall Erline saying on a conference call three years ago to Henry, ‘I hope we don’t have to have all those things done before we can open’. However, not knowing the language and how long those twists and turns would take sometimes they got the better of me. If you have never built a website you have no clue how much time goes into creating it. If you have never worked with a body to pull it out of a kyphosis, you have no idea how many bodywork sessions it would take. I have an ‘idea’ of how long that would take because it is my career’s work. Each client’s attitude will definitely play a role in that goal date and often times the situation can be very fluid and depend on the work each client applies to heal. Regardless of the projection date, whether it is building a website, fixing a body, or building an ecosystem, there are always life’s unexpected circumstances that can shift that timing. Therefore, pioneering is exactly that, pioneering! Because Compumatrix Ecosystem is the first of its kind, what I find most important is that we arrive on opening day with all strands of DNA intact. Clearly, Henry built a success formula into our ‘Matrix’ so all who choose an adventure with Compumatrix shall be enriched. Thank you for your blog, Vincent. It has caused me to reflect on being a pioneer and have more understanding of the fluidity of timing. This was very healing for me and perhaps it will be for others too!

  33. Thank you Vincent, for your analogy on DNA and Copumatrix. That is how I see the year 2020. I have not been as active with Compumatrix as I have in the past. With everything happening in the world, I have veered off track, as dealing with my every day routines being compromised. Dealing with work being closed, to home schooling my kids. Not seeing loved one’s that we normally see on a weekly basis has been the hardest. But as we push forward and we and take the necessary precautions, we are trying to live life as we once did. Therefore bringing our circle of life back together once again!

  34. What a wonderful reminder of: we are what we take in, whether voluntarily, as an adult, or involuntarily, as a child. With great leadership and mentoring, we can change the failures to successes by the repitition used in our childhood. The simplicity of a child’s outlook on life can be instructive to an adult needing to be intentional of what we take in and what we reject.

  35. Compumatrix is a never ending DNA spiral that just goes higher and higher. We read, we learn, we communicate and we earn as well. And when we do we move a little bit higher on that spiral.
    Am looking forward to move even higher and I think the future looks bright for all of us 🙂
    Great post Vincent!

  36. I think about the line in the blog that read, “when you don’t know who you are, it’s possible to become who you are not.” It reminds me of much of the discussion within the blogs of the power of being around positive thinking people. I can imagine how negatively impacted a young person’s life could be if all the time they were growing up, they were told they would never make anything of themselves, and consequently grew up believing it. Then when as an adult an opportunity presented itself to be around more positive people who could be looked up to as mentors, and discovering that they always had what it took to be successful, but just did not know it.

  37. Compumatrix has definitely evolved throughout the years into an organization with its own unique identity. It will be good to thing when the company has launched and be among the forefront of members to move forward with the company.

  38. this is such a great read to come back and read a couple more times and get the Heart part working more and more in the Happy / Positive — Life and Compu Biz all so much intertwined in the Positive — Heart Wins — Compu Wins !!

  39. Hi Vincent this a very nice post.The DNA that we know is essential part of mitochondria and i for one believe that Compumatrix is that.the process that Compumatrix is embarked upon will explode in my mind a whole load of opportunities that we have not yet fathomed.In due course of time we all will see the maturation of the embryo that was beginning to hatch in approx 2004. .

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