Do I have what it takes?

A TV show called Bingolotto asks the question “Do you have what it takes to become a millionaire”.

That question should be asked by every member of Compumatrix.

Think about it. You may have enough to meet your daily needs. Or you may have more than that, but what are you going to do with millions more?
If you are a millionaire already – why would you want even more?

Are you going to give them away as gifts to the needy? Or should you buy things? That should be enough for quite a few needy people, and when it comes to things – where should you put them? Are you one of those who buy artwork for millions and put it into a safe-deposit – never to be seen by anybody?

You cannot reside in more than one house, right?

And are you sure that needy people want to receive money from you?
Maybe they should be asked first – because it can feel very embarrassing to receive money from somebody. Perhaps instead human contact is needed?

It has been said that “the root of all evil is money”.

But it is not the money that is evil, it is how we use money, and the jealousy that money can create.

There is also a risk of suddenly getting a lot of money.

We have read countless articles on how people become addicted to gambling. Or started drinking and became addicted to alcohol. In many cases, what began as sudden wealth has become a growing debt.
There was one article describing how an ex-millionaire is today living in a subway tunnel.
This person used to reside in a house worth many millions

We have another TV show called “The Luxury Trap”.

This program should be shown in our schools. The program shows how mobile phones are used to obtain SMS loans with no questions asked, and the loan pays out immediately.
Our young people learn that it is possible to get money immediately – without any reciprocal service required.

Do I sound like I do not want the money coming our way?

Of course, I want Compumatrix to succeed! But – we Compumatrix members need to think in advance about how we want to use the riches we have accumulated.
And when I say money – I mean our cryptocurrencies! Our currency will change the way we bank.  Our currency which is managed in a blockchain where each transaction is reported openly, and which no one can manipulate.

Thankfully, we have a genius founder and the wise staff he has gathered around him – and they know what it takes to run a business.

We will have access to a platform where you will not find any “get rich quick program” – but where hard work pays off.

So, do I have what it takes?

Yes, I think so. With the instructions we receive, and with the management we have, I believe that I will be able to benefit Compumatrix and at the same time, run my own business!

So I say to all of you –
With Compumatrix you DO have what it takes!
Just make sure you plan ahead of our grand opening!

About the author

Inga is the Compumatrix Regional Representative for Europe. She speaks several languages and is able to correspond very well with her members.
She faces challenges with a positive and constructive attitude.


  1. Thank you, Inga, There are so many ways to help others when you have money, but since many people have never had this kind of currency, you should watch out for the traps. I love watching everything evolve. I work all day, so I peek on when I can to see what’s happening. One day I want to wake up, look out at the beautiful ocean, sitting down to my computer overlooking the beautiful scenery and work, write whatever we have to do. Some may want to be in the woods where I want warm sun on my skin.

    1. You are welcome, Tracy Wight! That day may not be too far away Tracy and I am sure when it comes – we will all find that it was worth waiting for.🙂

  2. Good post Inga. We all need to be ultra careful and never let our hearts run ahead of our heads on this one. We have seen, even in close families, how money does very strange things to people and can reveal all of their real true colors. When you get Wisdom along wtih great gain, that is the best for sure.

    1. That is so true, Jeffrey Phelps. I am so grateful for the founder and the skilled people he has enrolled because they are doing all they can to prevent members to ruin their assets. Let’s hope all members will follow instructions and learn how to run their businesses.

  3. Something we should all think about in regards to Compumatrix. It certainly can be a very big deal if one is accustomed to living an average life and then all of a sudden an influx of money comes into your life; for example, an inheritance, a sale of property, compumatrix, etc.. Then the big question comes what do we do with this – how do we spend, or how do we save, or how do we invest, who can we trust to advise. We can prepare, but ultimately we don’t really know how this will all play out until we actually are in this situation – then “may we have what it takes”!

    1. I agree with you, Janis Reese. We do not really know if we have what it takes until we can put our hands on the new CDAP. I pray that every member does have what it takes – and continue to learn how to do things.

  4. I agree with Janis, we can read and “try” to be prepared, ask for advise etc and do what ever needs to be done but…. until we can actually put ALL in to practice what has been “preached” to us and we “preach” to ourselves it is all conjecture. imho

  5. Yes Inga, things to think about. but, as you know, everyone here has a different outlook on life, and on money too of course. I would agree with Janis and Loes, lets just wait to see how everything plays out, before turning those cogs in the brain. I kind of know what I would like to do when it’s possible, and the rest will fall into place when it’s time.

    1. I did not write this simple little blog to confuse people. 🙂 It was only something that came to my mind when reading some articles about people who had lost their wealth.

  6. Great post Inga and yes it takes a lot of planning on how one can or will manage the incoming wealth. It’s even more important how we share it with others when needed, without exposing our self in a risky situation. So far we had only many dreams, but these dreams come closer every day.
    So to answer your question……With Compumatrix you DO have what it takes!. I would say yes right now.
    One step at a time once we get there.

    1. Thank you, Gitta Pohl, and yes I am very grateful for how Compumatrix is teaching us how to handle our businesses.

  7. Great post Inga. Most important post so far. It is vital to consider that we all need professional financial advice. Only a fool will no set up the correct trust and security features. There also has to be a serious discipline to handle such wealth.

  8. Thank you Inga for those wise words that really do make one think about the many ways one can benefit needy humans and not by just throwing money at the circumstances

  9. Great post Inga,We know we are all struggling in life, but given the changing state of the world, we cannot say how long we will be in this world,so don’t be out of your mind after seeing so much,everywhere you look today,there is a tide of needy everywhere,after meeting your needs,think about helping other needy people.

    1. You are correct, Zahra Zulfiqar. We don’t know how long we will be in this world, but even when we are gone Compumatrix will still be going on – and it’s up to those who are taking over to continue the work.

  10. this is a very interesting post and makes me put some different thoughts into the mix — but do agree it is a different thought between having a million+ and having very little — but in honesty would not mind having plenty to utilize as life plays out — but do know will read this a few times there is good stuff —

    1. I know everyone will have different thoughts about this, rjh59, and that is good! It is when we stop thinking and just float by that it becomes dangerous and we become easy prey for scams.

  11. Very interesting and important information Inga, especially when this subject was never taught in school (on purpose). Robert Kiyosaki (Real Estate) has some excellent guidelines
    that help many people understand MONEY. Money is just energy and how people use that
    energy, for good or evil, will determine the results. There is a big difference between WANTS and NEEDS. So, understanding the origin of money and how it works is VERY, VERY, important. Thank you for shining light on this subject.

  12. Nice post Inga. I believe we all have heard of the Lotto winner who suddenly comes into millions of dollars, and a short time later is penniless.
    Most of us who have had to live paycheck to paycheck most of our lives cannot conceive of having millions of dollars, but all have dreamed of “What If”. Hopefully our Compumatrix members will tread carefully with caution and prudence in utilizing our new wealth. I know I will.

    1. Thank you, Gloria Gilmore. Yes, I am certainly not used to big wealth, at least not in terms of money. I do pray that I will have the wisdom to spend wisely when the day comes.

  13. Inga, what a great question – Do I have what it takes? Had I been asked that question when I first joined this venture some years ago, looking back from this moment, my answer would be no. However, given time and education, today my answer is a resounding yes. However, I believe we should be looking to answer that question realistically in two parts; 1. From the stand point of Do I have what it takes? to successfully work and build my Compumatrix business, and 2. Do I have what it takes? to be a good steward of the funds available to me. Again, because of time and education I’ve gained along the way, I can in good faith say yes.
    I really appreciate this question simply because it should force us to look at what we are doing and what it is we are planning to do. Where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

    1. Thank you for your wise words, Jackie Houston! I think you just spelled out how we should all think about our future.

  14. I too want Compumatrix to succeed!
    That is my main goal with this, not the money that comes with it.
    It has been a privilege to get to know all these great people in Compumatrix all over the world who came together for this venture.
    I have a plan on what to do with my assets..And that plan will last my entire life.

    1. I do know how much you want Compumatrix to succeed, Bjorn. 🙂 And I’m sure you will succeed in what you plan to do

  15. Inga, this is an intriguing blog. It causes me to think about my abilities, my concerns, how I will enjoy the wealth and how to create more avenues to help others. I have plans and agendas to bless as many people I can. My desire to assist them in making a better life for them I will have to curtail my enthusiasm. Ther are stipulations for those chosen on receiving the funds to bring them out of situations. I had not thought about asking them if they wanted help, hmm will need to ponder a bit more. No one will know I have anything, because my living arrangements will not change drastically.

  16. I must say Inga that your post “Can I be a fly on the wall?” has been on my mind for some time. The thought of being able to others , who are in desperate need stirs my mind to think how blessed we are tucked away in the South Pacific.
    We say thanks to HJ and his team and look in anticipation for the fruits of this venture

  17. Excellent blog Inga, I really liked “You cannot reside in more than one house”, its really so bad we I see the homeless, sleeping in the streets specially in the cold snowy winter. Sometime, I ask myself Why God allow that, they really need a lot of help, but not by giving them money, but by treating them first from the depression, and try to help them to find a job which will give them more confidence. Great blog.

    1. Thank you ragai! Yes, I really do hope that with Compumatrix we will see many ways of helping the homeless and also other people in need.

  18. Inga- It’s a very good question ‘ Do I have what it takes’ I asked myself after reading your blog.The long journey with Compumatrix has taught me a lot of patience and also not to get carried away when I come into funds. Another point you brought up is whether the person I want to share my wealth will appreciate it

    1. roma3915, I am glad if my little blog makes people ask themselves those questions. Even though we don’t have all the answers and instructions yet – we need to prepare ourselves for how to react when we get wealthy.

  19. Thank you for your inspiring blog post Inga. Do I have all that is needed to become rich? I believe so but till now it did not happen. I am however positive that Compumatrix will soon generate some extra income for me. I don’t need millions but some extra would be nice.

    1. You are very welcome, Heloisa Rodrigues Nogueira. I am sure that if you work your Compumatrix business – you will have more than you thought possible 🙂

  20. Great post Inga. It certainly poses some important questions and ones we should really consider. How often have I heard about people winning large sums of money in lotteries who are practically broke within a few short years because they went mad and wasted their money? Fortunately there is expert guidance available and as we are on the verge of a Compumatrix payout we should avail ourselves and not get into trouble and waste what we get.

    1. Thank you, Patrich Harding. You are talking wisely. Let’s hope all members are prepared and ready when the day comes.

      1. I pray they/we all are. It’s so exciting yet some havent even been in the discord area so everyone needs to help their people/group to announcements to make sure they know.

        1. Yes, Tracy, 🙂 it would be great to see all members come to discord and stay up to date on developments, but people are different…

  21. This’ a very awesome post Inga. “Do I have what it takes to become a millionaires.” Big YES, as earlier as yesterday. As pertaining to any Business Investment, always have a Business Plan at hand; “In case”. Take your sweetest time to research on the same protocol and acquire the basic knowledge. Nothing New under the Sun. Various projects have been done and tested repeatedly.
    For me, this is a knocking opportunity direct and rightly on my Door. I have a capital intensive Dream to fulfill. I thank God for this wonderful and golden opportunity to be in this Compumatrix business platform. Just eagerly waiting! About the needy p’ple. Yes, some of us have the first hand experiences, since we have evolved from the same background. The best knowledge and skills; teach someone on how to fish rather than giving him/her a fish.

    1. Thank you, Thaddeus Kaiya for your kind words. Yes, we should all be grateful for the opportunity to work from the Compumatrix business platform!

  22. Great post Inga. We’ve all pondered those words at one time or another when facing a challenge. At the time we feel uncertain and or fearful, but as the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect” and if you fail, you get up and try again. Until we have conquered our fear and stepped out in faith we won’t know if we had what it takes but as we do we find that we are more capable than we thought and we have just gained confidence in our selves – UNTIL the next hurdle but if we can learn from our past experiences, we’ll be ready for the next challenge and so we grow and learn and accomplish tasks we never thought we could in the beginning.

  23. Just the question, do you have what it takes to be a millionaire, brings to my mind the well known words, “it’s in the eyes of the the beholder.” I think if someone believes they have what it takes, then most importantly, this individual at least has positive thinking which goes a long way. If on the other hand, someone believes that they do not or will not have what it takes, then from the start they would not be on the same level of positivity or equal footing as the individual who is thinking in a forward way. A forward thinking individual would most likely plan for success, while a less forward thinking individual would most likely plan for failure.

    1. Yes, Martin McGee, let us be forward-thinking and plan for the great success that is being planned for us by a management that is the most caring people I know of!

  24. Being wealthy is a learning curve. Takes a generation to earn it, a generation to coast on it and the third one to end up broke. A lottery winner, on average, has nothing left after 3 -4 years. And it is never too late to learn HOW to be wealthy and wht to tech your kids to maintain it.
    Do we have what it takes? I believe so. And we can always learn more on how to handle large wealth.

    1. True words were spoken by you, Albert John Willms! I agree with you and pray that I can wisely use wealth and be a blessing to both my family, the company and my fellow human beings.

  25. This an other good post and read we have. To answer the title question do I have what it takes I would have to say yes as I have made many changes to the plans I have laid out for myself. Thanks Henry for the opportunity

  26. It is ironic that in knowing all about what it takes to be successful in business may also involve discovering about what to give. That is to give full attention and dedication to setting a plan and following it in order to be successful. This can also involve giving of oneself to benefit someone else and help them succeed in business.

  27. Inga thanks for a great post. You bring up so many valuable points. We have to ask ourselves ” How do I feel when I can do for others?”. We also cant take it with us on our last day here on earth. I personally get so excited when I have been able to do for others. I have never been giving in the manner that I hopefully will be able to in the future, so its very exciting.

  28. The wisdom shared helps all of us to make sound decisions, backed up with knowledge and the information we are gathering here, we are privileged to have authors who have the heart of people, not selfish with their information, ideas, and even proven methods to share the wealth.

  29. Thank you Inga for your blog, it reminded me of someone telling their Spiritual teacher, I want to win the lottery and be a millionaire. And he asked ” what would it give you in your life?” They replied “Happiness, peace and security”.
    The teacher replied, “But you can all those things right now, be happy for the peace you have inside of you and then you have your security..and don’t wait to win the lottery.

    1. Lol, Inspired Insights, that Spiritual teacher certainly was not a member of Compumatrix! Although he was right in thinking that not everything can be fixed by money.

  30. What a great blog, one that gives one much food for thought. It is very interesting how we all would handle our lives once we are in that position. Thank you so much Inga.

  31. I think a little reading and research anyone should be able to do this business and if you are earning more then you thought possible you can always hire a financial planner for your foundation or LLC or your charity’s, when there is a will there is a way, I think what you do on this earth will reflect on your eternal life and it is more of a blessing to give then to receive.

    1. Very true, ckerflag! I am sure that what we do on this earth will reflect on our eternal lives. You and I have both lived long enough to know the blessing of being able to give!

  32. Thanks Inga; a great question! If I had to answer your question from my heart, I would say I have no clue, for I have not been in this situation ever before, and so glad for all the input from others in Compumatrix. But, I know my heart wants several things; bills paid up, a future for my family when I am gone, funeral bills all paid for me and my wife so the kids don’t have to bare that burden. I want to do a few things with my wife, but they are small. But, most of all I have been praying how I can help/Impact others in a special way, that matters to them changing their lives, as we are… does that answer the question for me or others? Not completely until you are in that situation.

    1. It’s true, Samuel Crees, that nobody will know until they are in the situation. But thinking things through and reflect on how to spend such wealth, or not spending, will make you more careful when it happens 🙂

  33. I really thought this was interesting, because it showed us how important is it to know how you will spend any new potential money. I truly do believe in the phrase more money more problems. I think everyone should realize money is not a cure all to any issue going on in our lives, and how to use it wisely. It is also important to never lose your values and morals with new money.

    1. Yes, camchictb, it is necessary to think through what, how, and why you do things. And when it comes to money, it can be easy come, easy gone if you have not planned how to spend it. I agree with you that money does not cure everything in our lives but it can make living a little easier than if you have nothing. 🙂

  34. Do I have what it takes? I hope so! I want to be able to strike a perfect balance between setting myself up and taking care of my family and others, finding humanitarian projects to contribute to, and continuing to broaden my awareness of the crypto industry. I certainly will be learning from those who were “nouveau riche” and then lost it all – surely there are YouTube videos that describe how to avoid their fate! lol

  35. There is a lot of truth here as money has ruined many a person. Whether it be from greed or just not knowing how to function with that much capitol can take the best of them down. Absolutely should have a plan in place or even an advisor. If consulting with an advisor you really better do your home work on them as well. I have seen many a start athlete loose everything from being miss handled by a trusted adviser.

  36. Nice read Inga.
    I do have what it takes, I’m very conservative with my money. Never buy anything unless I can pay in full, except for a house of course!
    I don’t carry balances on credit cards and keep what I have as long as possible. I’m hoping Compumatrix will take off so I can help others and do more positive things with funds beside just surviving in the world.

  37. Thanks again Inga for the fine article and I had to read it again for some p[erspective of my own. So a few notes to add; For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
    (1 Timothy 6:10)
    Also, the 10th Commandment is do not covet
    both of these indicate exactly what Inga was expressing, since too much money without any training (as in rich families) or advanced forethought will bring you down in a big hurry; just look at those who win the lottery, and you will see the problems sudden wealth can have

  38. Thank You Inga, There are so many ways to help others when you have money, but since many people have never had this kind of currency, you should watch out for the traps. I love watching everything evolve. I work all day, so I peek on when I can to see what’s happening. One day I want to wake up, look out at the beautiful ocean, sitting down to my computer overlooking the beautiful scenery and work, write whatever we have to do.

  39. As the grand opening comes ever loser it is important to have a plan in place. There is little doubt that there are plenty of scammers out there to encourage you to part with your money. It is therefore imperative that when you begin to receive your riches from the company that your public life does NOT change. Be very careful not to flaunt your money because the scammers will strike. You need to talk to a qualified accountant who will be able to guide you and help you.

  40. Thank you Inga for your blog. I noted salient features as enumerated by you .and to be aware of pitfalls that we my have if we do not plan the use if our money judicially and not just squander away our hard earned and long awaited rewards.There will always be unforeseen traps and we have to be one step ahead of them.we should think how best to use our wealth,with cool minds and careful thoughts. you quoted earlier about money and I agree Love of money is root of all evil.

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