Most successful business people are not necessarily the top graduates from the top business schools. Over the years, I have been amazed by how I could relate an educational moment with an aspect of my overall business mentality.

When he picked up the horse’s rear leg, all my hope drained from my mind, body and soul. I thought he was going to give me the A-OK until that happened. I thought to myself before he even opened his mouth, I knew I wasn’t buying this horse. He looked at me and I said: STIFLED! He agreed but also told me he could be because he had been penned without much room.

I often think about this incident from time to time. That was 43 years ago. My mind slips to this point in time as a reality check. The word STIFLE has differing meanings. To most people, the visual would be something holding you back or difficulty breathing. To a horseman, at that time, it referred to the “STIFLE JOINT” of the horse. In a way, you can say his Stifle Joint difficulties “Stifled” my plans to purchase that horse. 

From my Financial perspectives today, I look on this word, “stifle” as someone or “THEY” stifling your ability to grow your wealth. You have to be the one in charge. DO NOT LET ANYONE STIFLE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE!

We come to you from COMPUMATRIX because many of us over (way to many) years have been down the difficult roads that led us to nowhere. I replaced that feeling of chasing every shiny object with the solace and peace of mind that is settled in the paths of this company.

Watching a video this morning of a major player in the Crypto currency world, I had to laugh to myself over the bitterness I felt at the time as portrayed by the speaker on the video. He was talking about some of the big players in the Financial Markets that years ago went as far out of their way to call Bitcoin every denomination in the book. Putting down Bitcoin as they did served their purpose which was to lower the prices so they could buy at a discount. They used the opportunity to STIFLE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE while building their greedy holdings.  

You don’t have to go to top business schools to become successful Entreprenuers. As a matter of fact, that is something that will STIFLE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE. I read a story in a book once about 2 people that met for a job interview. One person was well dressed wearing a business suit, tie and immaculately groomed. The other person looked as though he hadn’t shaved in 3 days, looked like he slept in his ruppled clothing and his hair was a mess. Guess who did NOT get the job! You got that right! The Business School Graduate that was well dressed did not impress the “other” guy, the “Business Owner”. 

The CryptoCurrency World offers others the possibility to explore their potential outside of the status quo world of mediocrity. Schools are geared to train employees. There is no fault in that. There is fault in the fact that Entreprenuers often have to learn by the seat of their pants! You can find some courses that will teach you how to run a business but you need to know where to look. Some of these are expensive and you never know until you attend the credibility of the course. 

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Stephen Sampson is among the founding members of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network and writes various topics about life and business.


  1. No one is responsible for my financial future but me. I don’t see letting anyone stifle it to be honest. I think people tend to want to push that responsibility off on another person or company and take the lazy way out, instead of being willing to educate themselves, study what DOES work, step out of the BOX and get off their hind ends and stop blaming others for their failures.

    1. When I read “Stifling our Financial Future” I can connect with greedy companies and people who don’t care about our financial future – only in growing their own and basically manipulating the people to raise their coffers. With our Compumatrix we can have absolute faith in Henry and the leaders that this is definitely NOT their agenda – few have worked so hard and overcome many obstacles to bring forth the best company for us! …. and making this a global company. So even though this takes much work and time, the point is Henry has never quit – he is laser focused!

  2. Stephen and Gail bring up some great points and set the stage for what is likely to become a long blog. We have a lot of former business people in our company, “seasoned citizens” as the saying goes.

    The main ingredient in being successful is having “common sense.” The best way to keep from getting stagnant in your mission is to remind yourself everyday to implement actions leading to success.

    Getting the right plan is generally one that will utilize your “common sense” and learning what works and what doesn’t. This comes from the school of hard knocks! We have all been there.

    You need a sounding board, your wife, a good friend who understands your business goals, family that has faith in your program and most of all, confidence. Not getting to the level of success that you were expecting or that you may have had previously, requires some thought and then actions on your part.

    I was working in the Hotel Business in property acquisitions and management for a good friend. Having thought since I has stayed at hundreds of hotels I pretty much knew the business. Wrong! So, I spent weeks loading my brain up with accounting practices, demographics, tax benefits, etc.

    One morning my friend called from a potential acquisition and said “get up here, now.” Two hours later I was on a plane to Albany NY from Palm Beach Florida. When I arrived he handed me a full set of keys for an Inn and said it’s all yours now turn it around. How? I was not nervous or intimated. Just used my head and my ability to find whatever tools I needed for the job.

    Using common sense I dove into the operation and within three weeks turned it around. How? Not being afraid of obstacles, finding employees who enjoyed donuts and coffee in the morning and were willing to offer advice and opinions. Found out their needs and fitting them into my plans created a cohesive environment. I got them to get off their duffs and working with me to bring the Inn back to higher standards.

    You have to use “your head” and you can’t always go by the book. Have a plan of attack, listen to your brain. When you find yourself not getting much done, think back to when your were doing well. What did you do differently? Now realign your thinking and move yourself back into the groove and know your product!

    In Compumatrix earning money will not be that hard.

  3. I think the biggest thing that ‘STIFLES” mans belief in a better future, and better world for that matter, is man’s constant relying on all the mainstream media to do all their thinking for them. When you objectively look, by yourself, at the crypto world, and all that it has to offer, you can only come to one conclusion; This is the future ! Cryptos are the future of money ! As with anything, much of the mainstream media is simply pushing their own agenda for their own ends. I usually just do the opposite of what they are saying and come our on top. Yes, as other’s said above, be your own thinker !

  4. @JoeMspeeder2 – I totally agree with your thinking and commend you for being willing to push yourself to KNOW the business you were working in so as to make it successful! I love the 5 P’s in planning – Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!! Looks like you did your planning and stayed on top of the ever changing world of business!!

  5. what a great stream of Information — I read and I read again and more Truth comes out and it is Awesome — Really — from Jeff P Stifles and JoeM and the 5 PPPPPs and from Stephen who has been around here as long as I have or at least we are close lol — there is just such great info to be gathered and put into play by some Legitimately Great People — thank you again seriously — keep TRUE all of You — rjh

  6. Over the years I have come to realize one of the most critical components to a successful business is that “you must know and understand your product”. If you don’t you will be victimized by greedy and unscrupulous people and you will fail and it will be your fault. Therefore, I must dig into the unfamiliar and frequently confusing world of cryptocurrency and actually put in the time to learn. I know that until I understand, I will not be successful. I am inspired by a story about a man who wouldn’t hire anyone unless they had failed in business at least seven times. Well, I certainly qualify for that job! The man I’m told was Walt Disney.

  7. great reading ms. Barbara — there is No Certain 100% correct way to run any business and be successful in any business — 40+ years of running my own or working in others has taught me that FACT — I really wish there were 100% truth ways to run any business but there is not — unfortunately we as a People have to learn and GROW as a Business to further our own individual goals and then at that point Prosper and SUCCEED as a Small Business Operator — hope so anyway rjh

  8. Stephen and Gail introduce us to this theme in a very real way. We have to take responsibility for our financial situation. I also believe that experience is a great ally to develop this talent.

  9. great thought MS. Maria — experience has been a great teacher for me in my business ventures and when i was 10 years old working for my Parents in their service station I also learned that people you meet in every day happenings are very helpful in me gaining that Useful experience that I needed then and now —

  10. I love reading these comments! Sometimes I wish I could read your comments before writing the blog. This really increases my own knowledge regarding our business.

    I remember years ago attending a large Network Marketing Meeting (I hear your moans) and laughing with the speaker. He stated when he first joined a certain business, he was told “these products” sold themselves. So he left a box of them on his front lawn and went to bed. In the morning when he was awake, he went outside and behold, the box was still there. So much for the products selling themselves.

    Do you believe in yourself? Then DON’T LET ANYONE STIFLE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE!

  11. Steven you just keep writing and teaching us here with your wisdom — I think it is just a great service You and Gail and others provide here posting blogs and the information gathered here very much appreciated from me and I bet a bunch more people here because we can use this info to further our business here —

  12. Every time I feel that I have come to a conclusion, it seems I have to start over again. It also seems that this happens a lot in the Crypto world. The reason for this has an easy answer. That is that crytocurrency is the future of our financial world, which simply means that it is “ever changing”, so just when you have come to a conclusion, it is time to start over again. Did I just repeat myself ? Whatever conclusion I think I have come to, it is time to start over again. I think I did it again !

  13. Henry is the brain and founder of #Compumatrix. But before he came to build what we have today and I say not concluded because in this crypto ecosystem changes happens , a new paradigm.
    He had to focus on the companys motto Engage, Enhance and Enrich . What was needed and how to get there and it has not been easy . Many obstacles to face , trail and error to run After all these years we are still a startup company.
    Now Compumatrix is near to be handed to us, its members . It is now our responsability to not LET ANYONE STIFLE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE!

  14. great way of saying the reality of what is happening hopefully here at Compumatrix Jorge — we have a ton of obstacles yet to overcome and learn about this whole new world of Crypto economics but i believe there are a bunch of great people here to learn from and much research can be done online and around the net —

  15. Yes, Saying that I am a member of compumatrix and not knowing exactly what it is, much less how it works, is a danger to ones financial future
    We must take seriously our business called #Compumatrix. We have had great Leaders-Teachers BOD, RR, Staff, David,And HENRY who have patiently shown us each part that makes up our company and the results that are expected to obtain from it. An error can be fatal for one and for all.It’s our responsability

  16. Letting someone stifle your financial future IS:
    1. …Giving up, which is NEVER an in ingredient that should be included in the pursuit of success.
    2. … Accepting negative feedback as advice, which is not wise at all.
    3. …Giving too much power to others, who do not share your dream.
    4. …Abandoning one’s own goals due to the negative influence of others.
    5. …A betrayal of one’s own convictions in their pursuit of success.
    In short, I agree 100% for the 5 reasons stated above.

  17. We stifle our own financial futures. We find a great platform to earn with and then are afraid to share it with other people because – What if they ask a question??? Or I can’t because can’t make money off my friends – or some other lame excuse. There are many ways to enhance our cash flow now and our financial future. Compumatrix is getting the job done for our futures. But we also must look out for our now’s as well.

    We need to stop being afraid of new challenges, just because they are unfamliar, or there is some risk involved. Heck, I have come to the state in my life that if I’m not hip deep in risk, I have to find some. Has everything worked out? YES. Either in financial gain or a learning experience.

    Business school – Ok.. Can do some good, but no teacher better than either a mentor to show you, or experience to learn from. And if you want to take a few courses… By all means.. Go to the MIT website and you will see that ALL their courses are available on line for free. You can gain the knowledge, but if you want a piece of paper saying so, it’s going to cost you :-).

    Don’t let anyone ‘Stifle’ your goals and dreams. If Henry let that happen, where would we be today? 🙂

  18. I think more people need to read this article because too often people feel as though others are holding them back or that they were not provided with enough opportunities in life so that is the reason they do not have the life they want or why they are not wealthy. Those people are letting other people hold them back and not creating opportunities for themselves or looking for opportunities. If people want to have the life they’ve always “dreamed” of, they need to work for it. They need passion and tenacity. They cannot be willing to settle or give up. Great things take time to grow and flourish.

  19. what a great experience to read through here Kevin – Jorge – Stephen and others sharing some wonderful wisdom — an agreed most often in life when we feel lower or blocked from winning — if we actually look at what WE are doing ourselves to impede our progress and BE Truthful with ourselves — we can take that and let it go and then put some faith in OURselves and just may be able to find that Win and Grow and succeed — great stuff here —

  20. This blog makes me think about the slow race of financial freedom. Everyday of investing, hodling, dollar-cost averaging or whatever savings measure you use will more then likely work. That is if you make wise decisions. However, financial freedom being restricted by inflation and fiat giants that without hesitation will take a big chunk of your growth with their business models designed to help the big banks get bigger. That leads me to the reason why I love crypto. Crypto puts the inflationary dollars back into our pockets so our financial freedom will be closer then if we rely on traditional measures. Happy to be a part of the Compumatrix team!

  21. I love coming back and reading some of these older blog posts and replies and putting those thoughts with the some of the newer postings — there is so much good to glean from and one of the most important first things that we do for ultimate success is Start — Take Action — don’t let negatives overrule you and your thoughts — just keep keeping on — great stuff here–

  22. If someone is not taking control of their future and creating opportunities for themselves, that is their fault. No one is holding someone back except for themselves. Did you ever hear of that saying “I went from Rags to Riches”? If someone like Vanderbuilt can go from rags to riches, there is no excuse – anyone can do it. Take control of your own financial future – do not let others control it for you.

  23. There is a lot to learn from Stephen’s blog and it would not be wrong to say that he is a very good teacher.
    It is also not true to say that a successful business can be run only by getting a business education from a very good institution. My father had only a school education but he was a very good business man.
    The rich and powerful people in the world  not want anyone else to compete with them.Yes, but crypto currency is causing this power to disappear to a great extent. compumatrix has given us a very good opportunity to move forward in the world of crypto.

  24. understand beyond any doubt that stifling business entrepreneurs almost always happens from inside the Heart of that business owner — as reading thru these blogs have helped me to put into perspective the Truth — most all failures happen because of one part — if we are honest then we know who or what that part is — great reading and studying — thank you —

  25. I agree with you Stephen, there have been times when I wondered if I would ever make it in this world…Both health wise and financially.
    I was never one to look for financial freedom before I was introduced to Compumatrix.
    Taking it one day at a time is a good concept and I do hope that one day will be able to see the full disclosure of this venture

  26. I agree with you Stephen, there have been times when I wondered if I would ever make it in this world…Both health wise and financially.
    I was never one to look for financial freedom before I was introduced to Compumatrix.
    Taking it one day at a time is a good concept and I do hope that one day will be able to see the full disclosure of this venture

  27. Don’t let anyone stifle your own financial future. Be on top of what is going on in your business; focus. Avoid too much delegation as it will not help you keep tab on relevant and factual information, and could slowly diminish your interest to further improve the business . I believe an entrepreneur who is educated and has good common sense can easily develop skills that will help him make good judgments in the midst of potential difficulties.

    If I have to succeed in Compumatrix, I will need to learn about cryptocurrency and everything related to the business; and a couple of years from now I intend to share this bit by bit to my granddaughter who is now in Grade Six.

  28. Thank you, Stephen. The word stifle is stuck in my head now. I will say, you stifled me by your insight and clear-headedness in writing this blog. These points you make are eyeopening, and as others have said, do not allow what others say stop you or take away your dreams. Hold onto your ability within you to accomplish your goals. This tender I have been applying to my Compumatrix business. It is a joy to be following my dream of succeeding with this company. No negatives will I hear. I choose to not to be stifled and will apply all they have administered to us, toward building Compumatrix into the most significant company ever.

  29. This reminds me of my Grandma she use to say stifle to us children when we were little I did not know what it meant but learned real quick it was quiet or shout up in German but she was not German I guess it was a word she picked up somewhere. I know no one is going to stifle my business I have worked too hard and long for that to happen. I am looking forward to running my business full time at home the sooner the better.

  30. success is a personal matter in all honesty — as is failure also — but if stifled in any part of life then you must stop the stifling and it is a personal thing — and you must always be prepared for it to happen from the most illogical locations — make your plans and exercise your plans and make the numbers always proper — persistence and perseverance 2 keys words of any success story — jmho —

  31. Thank you, Stephen. I feel the same way. We must all be prepared to study when you can. It isn’t that hard or that much time to do. Compumatrix is a business, so each of us is an extension of that. So don’t let anyone get in your way of dreaming big.

  32. When I learn that some people (famous or not) who were not so good at school or even studied have achieved success in life, I am happy for them. However, at the same time, I keep asking myself. No, not about school being important or not. School is extremely important. The question that comes to me is that the current form of teaching is not adapted to reality. When you go to school, you learn only the basics. This basics does not prepare you for the world. The way of teaching needs to change.
    I refer to schools in my country.

  33. Yes we agree with you Stephen that now one can steal our Financial future,but ourselves. Therefore we need to think twice when making Financial decisions which could be either fruitful or harmful for years ahead. Compumatrix has given us a leverage in deciding our financial future,with the help of Virtual Assistants which would be a great blessing.

  34. We are truly blessed. Henry’s forward thinking and his great ability has given all of us the opportunity to experience financial freedom at a level probably none of us have attained in our lives so far. We all have so much more to learn but with the introduction of VA’s, help will be readily at hand. What it does mean is that our children, grandkids and great grandkids and beyond will have extraordinary lives that none of us could ever dreamed of. We all owe Henry a great debt.

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