Uplifted by music

Don´t Let Problems Drag You Down –

Daily problems can make us feel down and dealing with negative people in particular. It feels as if negative people suck all the oxygen out of your body, and you become powerless and find it challenging to deal with your own problems.

I hope I can be forgiven for the occasional “white lie” when it comes to getting away from negative people. I sometimes say I have to do this or that so we have to talk another time.

Other problems that can drag you down are when you seek medical care and notice that the medical staff does not listen to you. (Thank God that not all healthcare professionals act the same way)

When that happens, I go home, turn on the music and think “I still have my hearing, and my eyesight and my old bodywork for the most part”. And it helps me look more positively at the healthcare staff.

Maybe I should advise them to listen to music?

Many times, when I listen to the news or watch it on TV, I feel lucky to live in a country with a relatively stable climate, democracy, and very limited terrorism.

Then I feel ashamed when I think of all the people who experience terrible things yet still manage to continue living. They seek positive things that make them move forward.

They are heroes, and I hope that Compumatrix will create the conditions for the unification of all peoples!

There is music that fits even when I feel hopeless about the situation in the world. Music that makes me think that hope never dies.

My sons know that they will “inherit” my Compumatrix Business one day, and I would like to see their faces when they discover the assets available!

They will then appreciate all the hard work and effort that was put into making this the #1 home business in the world!

(No, I do not play Money, Money, Money at those times, but I thank God for Compumatrix).

Many good things have been said in other blogs. They describe how to proceed to get out of negativity and move forward.

For me, personally, music has been a perfect help. I have compiled a list of different kinds of music for other emotional states. It may not suit everyone, but for me, it has resulted in a more positive view of how to deal with my problems.

I have music favourites in all genres. I love to listen to pop, jazz, blues, classical music and so on. All I have to do is put on my headphones, go to YouTube and enter the title of the piece I want to hear.

It only takes minutes, and I have forgotten what was difficult and can devote myself to doing what needs to be done that day.

So, I agree with ABBA when they sing “Thank you for the music”.

About the author

Inga is the Compumatrix Regional Representative for Europe. She speaks several languages and is able to correspond very well with her members.
She faces challenges with a positive and constructive attitude.


  1. Hi Inga, really liked your approach to the negative people, the music is really amazing in how to change the person mood. Getting away or avoiding conversation with negative people, who like to just complain very much about anything and everything is the only solution.

    ABBA is a great band, I always like the say Old Is Gold, specially when it comes to music.

  2. Right on, Inga. I Bury myself in music several times a day. Brings back memories and what a great place to sit back while listening to the sounds especially from a good stereo and speakers. I go from hard rock or oldies from the ’50s to Bocelli, often.
    On trips or when I’m totally bored with the news the best way to lower my blood pressure is to “crank it up”!

    Negative people exist everywhere, and it seems to be getting worse. Music is part of the soul.

  3. I just love music, The First thing I did when I got the phone call that my mom had died
    was run to my stereo and blast a song to remind me of the strength that I had and needed at that moment.
    I cannot get a good workout without music.Music sets the mood. When cooking big holiday meals I do so accompanied by music.
    Ms.Inga I agree with you 100% music can fairly quickly turn my bad,sad,negative mood around to be uplifting and cheerful.

  4. Thank you Inga for the music reminder! My daughter is a music major, Soprano opera singer in college, and music has been the greatest gift in our lives. At a young age, she told me that her voice is her instrument. When she sings it ripples love into the hearts of all, like an angel. I have a friend who shared his new favorite music that he enjoys while taking long walks. I am truly grateful he shared his music, as his joy touched my heart.

    1. Congratulations, Kristin Pichler, on having such a talented daughter! Yes, music can really make wonders in one’s life.

  5. Inga: You are dead, right. Music is the universal language and feeds the SOUL. Bravo. I totally agree with you, and enjoyed reading your blog. WE can all keep this in mind as a way to escape stress to a peaceful state of mind. A much better place to reside always!

  6. Problems are a part of life. We have to face them and overcome all our daily obstacles. Solving problems give us more experience and make us stronger. Music does change our mood and make us feel lighter and happier. The best remedy and a life-changer.
    As William Shakespeare right said, in one of his plays – If music be the food of love. Give me excess of it.
    So, be it!

    1. Yes, Raju Mahtani, we learn from overcoming our problems. That is true. But occasionally we need something to lift our mood up, and for me that is music!

  7. Inga, you are so right about people to bring you down. It is hard not to get consumed and lash out at the person you are talking to. I’m thankful that my wife keeps me in check. Telling me to be nice. That does help me stay grounded. Music also does help, go to youtube, and get lost in tunes of the past. It does give you peace and relaxation.

  8. There are some people who thrive to bring others down, that’s the compensation they get from living their own misery. Most of these people find their target, it is like a magnet, or they are skillful in finding them, usually the nice, sweet person ends up with those who find any way to find fault or belittle the other. Sometimes the victim doesn’t realized what has happened to her mind or mental health until it is too late and the only way out is leaving that person. There are going to be everyday situations that may drag you down if you allow them to, but I always think to myself, it’s not against me, it’s not my problem and I try to forget the incident as quickly as I can.

    1. Yes, Aida Parisio, it is very sad that there are people whose only pleasure is to bring others down. I think we have all met one or more… Your solution is a good one! Just forget about such a thing as quickly as you can.

  9. Great blog Inga and it looks like you have found a way to get away from the negative and of course avoiding the negative people with a polite excuse.
    I agree with you when it comes to listening to music, it can change your mood fast depending on the kind of music that makes you happy. I can change from some classic music to oldies or even some rock and roll, all depends on the moment. But there are also moments I just like it quiet.

    1. Thank you, Gitta Pohl, for your kind words. I agree with you that sometimes quiet moments are necessary! We live in constant noise today – and I often get surprised when we get power outs – how completely silent it becomes in my little house.

  10. That is so true Inga and those negative people are sometimes also called energetic vampires, I used to have quite a few around me. You drad a call from them or meeting them as afterwards you feel totally exhausted. Thankfully I learned dealing with them and not giving away my energy, it can even be done quite gently but firmly.

    1. Hi Eva, what you say is so true about energetic vampires. These vampires do not want to see a positive reaction from you and they want you to feel depleted and depressed (whether it be consciously or subconsciously) like they do inside. They tend to go for people with lower vibrations.
      So we must keep our vibration levels high when dealing with these vampires by smiling and staying positive to counter their negativity.

    2. Hi, Eva, I am happy you learned to deal with the energetic vampires! 😂I had not heard that description before. As you say – we don’t have to fall out on people – we can handle them gently but firmly.

  11. I can relate about music having a great impact on us, our mood and overall wellbeing. Both negative and positive of course, some music can get on our nerves and other feels soothing or uplifting, that’s down to the vibrations as well, not only our taste in music.
    Many experiments have been done within that field and it’s been proven that for example cows would give more milk when classical music was playing in the background.
    For me ABBA is one of the go to feelgood music.

  12. Very nice blog Inga!   There is no one in the world who does not like to listen to music. That’s why Music is the food of the soul.Good music refreshes our minds.We should try to keep ourselves away from negative thinking people,this can be the attitude of negative people, who complain too much.While solving the problems of our  life, we must go ahead and face the life of becoming powerful.

    1. Thank you, Zahra Zulfiqar for your kind words! Yes, the music we love is food for the soul.
      And the music we don’t like – we can turn off.

  13. Wow, Inga, yes indeed music is a medicine to our soul, Even when David played for the King Saul all the troubles he has disappeared, negativity bleeds hate, which results damage to your brain and other vital areas including your circles of relationship.

    1. Thank you, Monicah Mulinge. Music can be like medicine. I agree that negativity and hatred only bring damage.

  14. great blog Inga and so true as we grow here at Compu — and yes everywhere there are negative nellies and even more so in America with the virus shutdowns — i love music and drives in country with music blaring also — but mostly when tough parts hit me twix my eyes I find deep prayers and listening to the Word –helps me most — thank you for great read —

  15. Lovely Post Inga.
    I do a house call every couple of weeks to a 90-year-old client who is quite frail but a character. We have a chat about life and it’s up’s and downs and I do a relaxing visualisation with her, but the best part of the session for her is when I get out my 12 string guitar and sing some old country music songs to her.
    The carer always says that ‘Ursie’ never stops smiling for the rest of the day and her favourite song is “I’m a Truck Driving Man’ of all things.
    So let’s keep singing and playing those songs.

    1. How kind of you, Inspired Insights, to brighten the lady’s day by singing and playing! It is a good thing – using your talent to bless others.

  16. Good article Inga! Yep, music can be a very powerful medicine for the body and soul. Personally I like to listen to music after a very tiring and stressful day, especially at bedtime, which is when you end up taking all the tension of the day to bed and can’t sleep. So I just put on some relaxing music and 15 minutes later I’m in the dream’s world. Lol.

    1. That is nice, Jeimes de Almeida Uchoa, you will never need the medical sleeping pills, and get side effects! You just put on the music!🙂

  17. Thanks Inga. Yes, negativity takes allot of energy out of us. I love your example of utilizing music as a positive time to frame your thoughts and to unplug. I utilize cycling, running and swimming as my time to unplug. If I do not get this time during my day, I find myself more tired than if not exercising. It is not only people that can expel negativity. Negativity showers us during every aspect of our life. Media, politics and yes our everyday interactions with people. It is up to us to build a successful, positive Compumatrix business that will affect the world in a positive way.

    1. I agree with you, corchi124! It is up to us to build a successful, positive Compumatrix business that will affect the world in a positive way!

  18. I do not tolerate negativity of any kind in my life. If I come across a negative person, I give them a very wide berth. I have one in my life and I have mastered the art of disappearing upstairs to get away from the negativity, which does work for a while. I think they realise what I am doing and change their tune for a while afterwards so that I do not move all my gear upstairs permanently LOL. One day their negativity will be wiped away completely when I prove them wrong. Hope for that day to arrive so that I can get on with the intention of helping all the people I have on my list.

  19. What an important fact for us all to remember; that being, make positivity one’s focus instead of negativity! And also love the suggestion of listening to music to put us in a “good space” ‘Don’t worry be happy’, ABBA songs, and ‘Up’ by Shania Twain are some of my favorites. In fact, thank you for the reminder, Inga, listening to Shania right now 🙂 Happy, positive music is really hard to resist and can be life-changing…..and take the next step – start dancing – now all the right feel-good chemicals are pumping through your body!

  20. Thanks for your blog Inga. I had a good chuckle at your “money, money, money” song that you don’t listen to. I know that you are in and part of this company not just for fiat. You have more sense and character than that for sure. Music does make the world go round, and I love most any kind of music that makes me calm and peaceful.

  21. These 3 Words from the Bible will bring healing to any situation. I was a preacher’s daughter then a preacher’s wife, so Biblical ”nuggets” are ingrained in my DNA!. As a preacher’s daughter and then as a preacher’s wife, I learned early about God’s Word in our life if we open ourselves up to it and practice what it says. The 3 little words are found in Philippians 4:8.they are “guard your heart!” When we are offended by someone, we have a Word from God on what to do. His peace will prevail, overshadow the situation to “guard our heart.”

  22. Music is the global equalizer. A language unto itself. It is a very important part of life and living. And different categories affect people in different ways. I always resort to music when feeling less than my best. Either listening, or playing. It is the great uplifter.

    Here’s to Music.
    Thanks Inga.

  23. Inga thank you for sharing this, it’s very powerful when we realize the power of sound, this is adorations and it has the energy to heal, soothe, and to change someone’s countenance, the beauty of this is that everyone has his own way of enjoying different tunes.

  24. Inga, excellent post. It is very important for each and every one of us to limit our time around negative people for a multitude of reasons. It is not always possible because of family gatherings and work environments. One trick you might keep in mind is if you know there’s something that the person is really up about, change the discussion to that topic, doesn’t always work but something to keep in mind. Thanks again for writing this, I enjoyed it and it reminded me to always monitor what I’m allowing in my environment and what l am allowing into my mind.

    1. Thank you, Richard Graves, your advice to change the discussion is a good one – if it works.
      And if it doesn’t one can walk away from it.

  25. Thanks Inga for a wonderful post. Music has definitely been a great help to me, and I have over many years built up a huge collection of digital music from different genres to keep me inspired, motivated and often listen to them as they help me stay positive and happy. And I simply love to listen to oldies…they bring back so much nostalgia and happy memories for me.

    1. Totally agree with you, Yoshito san. I love my music too and keeps me and my wife happy when we listen to our favourite Japanese songs. We have a huge collection of Japanese oldies and I cannot fault the saying that they are “oldies but goodies”

      1. I agree with you fully Yasushi Ikeda … Music is what I rely on these days when listening to what is going on around the world .. Crazy times .. Glad I live in the country and with walks in the wood takes me away from the the going ons …
        I have a very large collection of easy listening music that puts me in a relaxing mood.

    2. Thank you, Yoshito Ikeda. I get happy by reading all the comments here – as it seems music has been a help to so many!🙂

  26. Nice blog Inga , Love you positive outlook on live and Compumatrix business . What you will leave to your children that will let them live a wonderful life that was build for them for many , many years . I feel the same ..
    I try to stay away from negative people and wow I don’t listen to the news these days. .. LOL So music is my go to feel good .. and long walks in the woods.

    1. Inga, thank you for sharing how music is therapeutic for you. You are choosing to listen to your music when trials of this life can be overwhelming. I have a friend who plays piano. She told me one time, how playing higher on the keyboard, the middle, or the lower register would create three different moods. Music is the universal language that crosses so many otherwise barriers.

    2. Thank you, Avery Nickerson. I can’t do the long walks in the woods anymore, but I can remember all the time I spent in the woods when growing up – and I do not forget all the blueberries, raspberries, lingonberries, and cranberries I picked during the years.

  27. Wonderful thoughts Inga!
    I look forward to the day I can tell my son about Compumatrix as well..
    Music can help a lot, and is all around us. Happy to hear you’ve found some good tunes that you like to listen to.
    I’m sort of stuck in the 80’s when it comes to music..Love the genre, the clothes and the voices that decade produced…Just magic!!

    1. Hi, Bjorn! 😊Yes, the music genres have differed and fashion too. I am glad that I can find musical beads in every genre.

  28. I’m with you, Inga. Only for me, I have created Spotify playlists that inspire the current mood. I love music and have often wished I could play an instrument! At some point in my life, I gave up trying to learn one, though, and decided to leave it to the professionals who do it so well. So now I’m a professional listener…just like you! <3

  29. Inga, blessed words of encouragement you are sharing. It appears that motivation is the word of the day considering the blogs lately. There must be a need for them. Joining Compumatrix has brought many new concepts to us, not the least this blog site and discord, that allows us to have a connection with individuals from all over the world and to share our hearts. I appreciate you.

  30. Music is a great relaxer it is like meditation it takes your mind away from everything but the song your singing along with. They are using it more in therapy now also it really does work for the time you are hooked into it. Some songs bring back memories from way back when I was younger and your mind starts to wander thinking about good times you had with certain songs you remember with good friends.

    1. I really am surprised that so many are commenting on my simple blog! It shows how important music is in life! Glad you enjoy it too, Timothy Rice. 🙂

  31. I just wrote a comment yesterday for someone else’s blog about sitting here listening to jazz while I read. I have found this to be so relaxing lately. I try to stay away from negative people as much as I can. However, lately, I have found myself quietly praying for them to have a better life. Man, have I changed!

  32. I always openly look to be as positive as possible. Perhaps shaped by Compumatrix and the family we have here. In recent times, there has been alot of negativity around me in my work place due to Covid but throughout the whole saga, I feel blessed to be alive and well.

    If someone mentions something negative to me, I look to respond with a positive remark and remind them what good will come.

    1. That is the way to react, Darren, to respond with positive remarks! The Covid situation will eventually pass too – even though it doesn’t seem so right now. 🙂

  33. I like to approach people at face value, I don’t like to play games and don’t like to compare or judge anyone. I believe each one has it’s own skills and experiences and what one is lacking the other has plenty of. Certainly there are those people and situations that can drag you down, but I usually don’t take things personally or at least I try to, the world is full of unhappy people and most of the time it has nothing to do with what you do or say, it’s their problem.

    1. Yes, Steven Parisio, we cannot change other people. A wise person has said that the only way to change another person is to change yourself – then the other person is forced to change as well. Being positive is one way.

  34. Energetic vampires, yes indeed, I’ve heard this expression many times. Good thing I don’t have those types around me, because they would wilt and die, no energy from this guy, to awake. Well Inga, it sounds like you know how to handle such types, and kudos to you on how you’re able to seek refuge, your music of choice to lighten and lift your mood. I enjoy music also, just like most people. Who knows, maybe I will try some healing music for a change 528Hz, full body recuperation.

    1. Thank you, Daniel Sauer, for your kind words about my simple little blog. I am sorry if you have health problems. I wish I could find some healing music – and if I did – I’d play it day in and day out for all Compumatrix family!🙂

  35. Thinking about music, this comes to my mind. Music has been around as long as man, and throughout the ages, people have reveled in the joy of creating music, singing songs, and dancing along to the sounds. But what is it about music does that inspires so many of us each day.
    It makes us move.
    Music has a strange power over the human body and, in an almost hypnotic way, it manages to make people move their body to the sound. Nothing is more fun than listening to some good music and getting your groove on.

    1. Yes, Gitta Pohl, music has a strange power over the human body! I am not as movable as I used to be, but the music I listen to still makes my body feel like I have been exercising. 😉

  36. Thank you Inga, staying positive is key and thank you for all the patience our group has as we grow. I know growing pains always hurt, my son had real growing pains he grew so fast but I soon learned that by doing Rieki on the sore area and releasing heat or the block also released the pain. Compumatrix is coming and I am so excited.

    1. I agree, Tracy Wight. Staying positive is the key to a lot of things. I am sorry that your son had to experience growing pains.

  37. We sure all have to deal with the negative issues of life as we live through each day in our ever changing world. I do believe it is better to hang around with positive people who may not necessary be wealthy. We know some humble people who are just open, honest and genuine folks who take on life no matter what they have to face.

    1. Hello, Hennie, nice to see you here! I agree with you – positive people are not always wealthy, but they still find positive things in their lives, and despite difficulties, they are going on with their lives in a positive way.

  38. Music is the food for life. Music brings you closer to the divine. When you are focused on your work done with full concentration it is as if it’s music to your ears and to your soul. It is one of the greatest experiences which you can get time and again. You get enlightened.

  39. So true Inga. It is better to fly with the eagles, than to gobble with the turkeys. Choose friends and ways to keep your spirits up, in the face of the negative things around you.
    Great lesson: When you are driving through a huge storm, don’t stop! When others slow down and pull over, keep on driving. No matter how hard the storm, don’t stop, keep on. Eventually you drive out the other side into the clear skies. Now when you look back at the storm, who is still stuck in the storm?

  40. I love your blog post Inga. Music is indeed very important and it can change certainly the mood someone has. I always listen to music when I am at work in the fields of my farm. It looks like it makes the sometimes hard work easier to do. And yes, I also listen to Money Money Money. Not because Compumatrix paid me (I am hopeful the doors will open soon) but because it is a cheerful song.

  41. Hi Inga! I also love music! When I have to do some activity that I find stressful, like cleaning my apartment, for example, I put on lively Brazilian music and time goes by! For moments of relaxation, I love classical music! I also love to dance samba and lively songs from the 70s and 80s!

    1. How wonderful, Maria da Penha M C Santiago – dancing samba! I cannot do that – but love when others do! 🙂

  42. I do not know if all problems can be solved by listening to music, but I understand what you mean. For example, I find it much easier to clean with music in the background. If I’m down or sad, I’d rather call a friend, but if no one is available I might turn on the radio and look for something I want to listen to.

    1. I know what you mean, BrittMari Mostrom. Talking to a friend is of course a good thing – but they are not always available… 🙂

  43. Inga, what a wonderfully refreshing blog post! You are so right about the negative people and how they can sometimes suck the energy right out of you. It is extremely difficult when those people are medical professionals, and your health is on the line! Ahhhhh, but yes, when you are finally able to leave them behind and retreat to the sweetness that good music provides, the day brightens considerably! Thank God for the music!!! It may not fix all the problems we have, but it sure can take the edge off of them.

    1. Thank you, Kevin Bowser, for your kind words about my simple little blog. Yes, it seems the music takes the edge off problems!🙂

  44. Music plays such a powerful part in my everyday life. I listen to music while I drive, work out, cook, work, or mediate. Each activity calls for a different type of music, and with technology today, it’s with you whenever you have your smart phone with you. I love the way music makes me feel. The worries of the day seem to melt away when you listen to a calming Ballard. Hip hop helps keep your heart rate up while working out. Gospel music moves you to a place of worship and giving thanks for all the blessings.

  45. You are so right Inga. Music is everything. I raised my cats on classical music and play it to my plants. They love it. Music does clear the air and keeps the negative air from invading your space. With COVID and the political atmosphere in the US, it’s so easy for the negative to invade your space. Music saves the day and it’s Universal. It’s something everyone understands no matter what language you speak and no matter what country you live in. This is a strange world we live in today Inga. Waking up every morning is a blessing. Thank you, God, for music.

    1. Hello, Pama Lyons. Did you raise your cats on classical music? 😀Never thought a cat could be raised. They usually have their own will😉

  46. Nice topic Inga. It seems like everything you read or hear today is negative. It can surely bring you down if you let it. Music can quickly change your mood. One song that comes to mind for me is ” Do you Believe in Magic” by the Lovin’ Spoonful. “The music is in the magic and the magic is in me.” For me music lets me focus on the positive.

  47. Excellent blog! Many people do not realize that music therapy is the largest therapy Association in the US. I have been in music ever since seven years old. I don’t know the number of occasions in my life that music was what brought me up and out of discouraging times, but it has been a life saver for me.

    1. Thank you, Paul Emery! Happy to know that music has been such an essential part of your life and that it has helped you!👍

  48. Good post, Inga. As they say our thoughts define our actions and everything what happens in our life. So, if you pay attention only to negative information or news, then only negative things will be happening in our life. That’s why it is really necessary to think positive and not let our problems drag us down.

  49. I think everyday in life it is important to not let the negatives bring us down, and always try to remember and be thankful for the good things we have in our lives. For example, there is always someone out there who has it worse than you and we just have to remember that.

    1. Yes, camchictb, there is always something to be thankful for! Personally, I am looking forward to being able to help some of those who have it worse than me – when I start my own business.🙂

  50. I think that good comunication does an awful lot to lift the spirit, This is particularly true in the the digital world wher it is almost impossible to look into someones eyes to see if they are being truthful. Much more has to be taken on trust often with little back up to help judge the validity.There is much more needed to be done which will enable us all to say that is all true.
    I hope this is realised in compumatrix going forward. True and frequent posts will bring a smile to everyones face

  51. I mostly listen to music when I am in my car. As soon as the engine starts I hear music filling the inside of my car, as well as filling me with happy and positive vibes which almost always enlightens my mood and thoughts. As noted in many other comments, music is indeed food for the soul.

  52. Inga, your blog post stayed on my mind overnight! I decided I needed to return, re-read it and comment again. You said, “…how to proceed to get out of negativity and move forward. For me, personally, music has been a perfect help.” I feel the same way! Music is such a powerful tool that we all can use to improve our attitudes, and I absolutely agree.

  53. Negative people can be all around if you are looking. I try to focus on the positive if possible. One of my favorite books is the Oz Principle. The Oz Principle discusses that being negative is normal and sometimes healthy but it needs to be a short time frame. The term the use is “going below the line”. This is my time to vent and be negative about a situation. Once my frustrations are all out, I try my hardest to go above the line.

    1. I guess everyone has their own way of managing their situation. Praying that you will stay above “the line” from now on.

  54. after reading thru a couple other blogs this morning –knew this blog by Miss Inga was needed to be read again and studied a bit — and my gosh all the replies from so many long time Compu Peeps — just so nice to read thru and see the Positives and great thoughts all throughout the read — in all honesty — my Heart has a Smile that was not there when I first started this Glorious day — many Thanks to all —

    1. Nice to know that we put a smile on your heart, rjh59. I do hope your heart will keep smiling every day that is given to you.🙂

  55. Inga, you are so right! I can’t tell you how many times I have been feeling sad or just “down” about what is going on in my life and I go to my computer and crank up an uplifting song with the volume up high. It is the quickest mood changer I know of and often saves the day. Sometimes, I listen to the same song several times in a row, which I later regret because then I cannot get it out of my head all day. I am so dumb. But, you are still “so right!”

    1. Maybe make up a list of uplifting songs, William Farris? That way you won’t have to listen to the same song several times in a row 😉

  56. Excellent advice, Inga. Worrying about problems can affect your health in many ways. Worry can contribute to the loss of your health, job, and marriage. In fact, it is said that most things we worry about never happens. I know it is easier said than done when we are told not to worry.
    From a more serious standpoint, worry is a contributor to suicide. Nearly 48,344 beautiful lives were taken in 2018. There are many reasons associated with suicide, but depression and worry are big ones. Please don’t worry about things you have no control over. It is not worth your health or life.

    1. That is very sad statistics, Robert Hutchinson. I do hope that when our CDAP comes and when Compumatrix is being promoted, we can get many of those worried and depressed people to join and start seeing the light by working for their own freedom.

  57. How to stay positive and bounce back; we all need that – however it works for you- especially in the particularly unique times we are living in. Thanks for sharing Inga. As a Christian, I draw my strength in reading the Word of God; I believe no better place to go; and then I pray with gospel music playing softly in the background. There at His feet I leave all my burdens and there I drink in of His surpassing peace.

    1. The Word of God – as you say Stephen – no better place to go! Gospel music is one of my favorite music genres – among several others.

  58. Great blog post Inga. John Miles sang it many many years ago: “Music is my first love and it will be my last”. With these words, he underlined the great importance of music in our daily lives. Psychiatrists discovered the power of music in therapies a long time ago and they use music successfully in the treament of their clients. I simply cannot imagine a world without music. What a horrible world that must be.

  59. I couldn’t agree more Inga! Music can be soothing and healing to one’s soul. I also listen to a variety of artists when feeling stressed. Another way I deal with stress is to get out in nature and go for a walk down one of the many forest trails I live by. Hearing the birds sing their musical songs and listening to the music of the water moving through the streams is very calming to me.

    1. Yes, Laurie, walking the forest and hear the birds singing, and meeting other creatures – I really miss that today. But I am not complaining – other things can compensate for what I can’t do anymore. So nice to see you here! 😊

  60. Inga: Once again, what wonderful set of information. As I go along this journey, I realized that the more I know is the more that “I don’know” I think that problems are there for us to LEARN ,and the quicker we learn, we move in a different direction. I also learned that I created MY own problems due to not LISTENING ( That is a very long story) The problem was, I was listening to a fabricated system by the outside world, and was not conditioned to listen to the TRUE word of the CREATOR. ( involved in materialistic world of service to self – contrary to service to others) However, There teachers like Bob Proctor and hundreds more who had many of the same problems we have, and a very well of now. My mother always said, don’t exchange your problems for another, because you’ll never know what you’ll find. She also said that behind every cloud there is a silver lining, and I experience that myself. We lived Venezuela from 1963 to 1986 and migrated to Canada. We lost everything through a corrupted system. I have being a musician since 1958 just having fun. Music is life. Music is everything. Music is energy. What better music from the
    trees, the ocean, the birds, the animals. However, I must point out the there is BIGGGG difference between MUSIC and Noise. I listen a lot of Steven Harlpern’s music. Coming back to solving problems. I ask myself, Where did this situation come from? How was it created?
    I don’t start pointing fingers. I go INSIDE to find out. I am still working on de-programming
    my subconscious habits. (on going Job) In the mean time I go by ” Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’all SMALL stuff. We are compumatrix are so blessed to have a blessed team Led by Henry and others. Namaste. (Note: I created the problems for the outside so
    I have to go INSIDE to solve them)

  61. So much agree. Music is a huge part of my life also. So much stuff going on and a few minutes it’s a non issue. Focus on what matters, because most of what we concern ourselves doesn’t. Crank the tunes whatever they are and move ahead with your day.

    1. So true, Albert John Willms. And there is so much music in the world, of different styles and different musicians. Something for everyone.👍

  62. I can totally relate Inga…I have seen where just being around some people can really tire you out as they are so negative about anything you talk about.. I then just go on my walks listening to my tunes as that really does makes my day better….

  63. this is a great read and very inspirational actually — as i grow in my understanding of the biz we have here — music is so important in parts of the day that i go thru each and every moment — time has been so instrumental in the learning part and now also with the music it solidifies the the retention part — thanks Inga —

  64. this is such great read and knowing my own life it is such an important part to find what brings that Peace and retention n understanding to you — music has been but the Listening right on my computer has been so important in keeping me focused and the older I get there are things I do to retain what I am reading — it is thought provoking truly and very much appreciated each time I read here — rj

  65. I definitely get not wanting to be around people that give out negative vibes that affect another person’s well being or aura in a bad way. If someone is just callously spewing out harmful vitriol, then I can forgive whoever has listen to it making excuses to get away from that individual as soon as possible. But if someone has had some bad news, or is going through some personal challenges, then it takes patience sometimes to be empathetic and provide encouragement to the individual.

  66. I do not think it is good to get bogged down by problems for too long. Sometimes it may be good to work as far as possible to solve a problem and take a break and come back to it. A fresh outlook may be what is needed to overcome barriers and move forward.

  67. Yes very true Inga. In Compumatrix we can solve a lot of people’s problems for members to do business and earn a decent income working from home,specially in these difficult times.

  68. There is a huge difference between being negative and being realistic. I concerns me that there is apercepttion that as soon as the portal is open verything will just fall into place and lift off i automatic. Openinng the portal is only a starting point and is when the hard work starts. Thousands of new members will need to be brought up to speed and will possibly be required to invest both time aand money in varying degrees. I am very much in the watch this space school to see how this can be achieved.

  69. I agree. Music can be both a way to lift yourself up and at times can be a reminder of sad times. I was a speaker at an event a few years ago and they asked me what I wanted my theme song to be or the song they played when I walked on stage. I never thought about that before. So, I had to figure out what would be an uplifting and inspiring song. I ended up create a list like you, of inspiring songs that lift me up! And remind me of that walk on stage. It is definitely one of the ways that you can intentionally shift your mood or your negative thoughts.

  70. I know i am in the minority but i dislike being exposed to music unless i choose to, Constant burbling music in the background that makes normal conversation difficult is one of my bete noires. If people cannot exist without music use headphones dont impinge on my personal space uninvited

  71. just an awesome read and so true for most how music impacts most in a positive way but as in pretty much everything with the human experience not 100% — as i listen to my own music in my day it truly does uplift me — and so much appreciation for this great blog area and postings —

  72. Inga, thank you for this beautiful and positive post, which feels especially meaningful to me because it’s just how I feel about music too. I’ve always found it brings me hope and can uplift my spirits on even the darkest days. Different music for a thousand different moods too. I love classical music and closest to my heart has always been Beethoven. Even has a child I found his music lifted me up and brought me comfort and hope.

  73. Very nice blog Inga. There is no one in the world who does not like to listen to music. I listen to it on my computer of my cell phone when I’m cleaning up it’s my motivation. That’s why music is food for the soul, good music refreshes our minds. I try to avoid negative thinking people, this can be the attitude of negative people, who complain too much. While solving the problems of our own lives, we must go ahead and face the life of becoming powerful and staying positive.

  74. You are right Inga,There is so much power in music that our whole mind get refreshed,otherwise we find a lot of negative thinking people in life, it is better to stay away from them,different types of music have different effects on the mind,slow music is very calming for peace of mind,music is a great source of relaxation,I love listening to music.

  75. I consider myself so very fortunate because music has been the major factor in my life. I began my career in broadcasting at the the age of 16 and at the age of 76 am still at it. 61 years down the track and I love my music as much now as I did as a Junior disc jockey. To be surrounded by music of all kinds has been a wonderful calming influence on my life and I don’t know what stress is. How lucky I am also to be part of the Compumatrix family and know what the future holds for me and my family. It has been a wonderful life and about to get better.

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