Donkeys’ Leave the Gate a Crack

Donkeys’ Leave the Gate a Crack


A business associate I had the pleasure to work with years ago grew up on a ranch. He was talking about his Donkeys one day after someone inquired about having “Assets”. Since he didn’t know what Assets were at the time, he thought the conversation was about “donkeys”. In the conversation, he mentioned how difficult donkeys could be but if you were on your toes, you could outsmart them. Regarding getting them rounded up, his comment was, “if you left the gate just a crack, they would bust in!”

Someone has to lead the charge! 

Victories can never be won if there is no leader. Just as in conflict, someone has to lead the charge. Similarly in business, who is going to go first. BITCOIN started in 2008 as a paper that became the blueprint for a Virtual Currency. Another virtual currency company that has been busy is a company by the name Compumatrix and they are busy producing their virtual currencies. In a short measure of time, the world will know what this is all about. 


Slowly, those that seek alternatives will come to know the world of virtual currency. There are stages of acceptance and we are in the stage of early adopters. These are the people and the companies that lead the charge. They are the ones that are always alert to changes in trends. When something happens, they are there to “make it happen”. 

Keep in mind also the saying: “There are those that make things happen, then there are those that watch things happen and there are the rest that ask: WHAT HAPPENED?” This is the crossroads of your life where you get to choose which of those people you wish to be! 

As early adopters, the members of COMPUMATRIX are striding forward to assist usher in this age of virtual currency. We started earning activity points that are converted to virtual currency and now over time, they have been earning Bitcoin. 

We have been on the forefront of this “Crypto” revolution for some time. We aren’t just waiting for the right time but we are creating our own reality. This is what those that ride the wave do. They don’t wait to see what happens, they make thing happen!

We are always eager for the day that “our ship comes in”! One person I worked with in the past stated: “with my luck, when my ship comes in, I’ll be at the Airport”! Knowing the situation could present itself such as this, we have positioned “agents” at the Airport, at the Port and at the Rail Station! We are ready!

Many are going to “wait until it happens”! As for myself, I am going to be with the first Donkeys busting thru the gate!

Come and join us at COMPUMATRIX


About the author

Stephen Sampson is among the founding members of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network and writes various topics about life and business.


  1. I loved the reference to donkeys. I grew up with some; my grandfather had them on his ranch. They were hard workers; my grandfather said they were much of the reason his “business” was so successful. Donkeys don’t give up and they are smart, even smarter than horses. They are determined and focused. Like those donkeys, I am also going to come through that gate the second it opens. As Willie Wonka said, “you must never, never doubt what nobody is sure about”.

  2. I always heard donkeys were stubborn and strong-headed. Maybe a bit of that is what it takes to succeed. Can you see a softie failing several times and several years before they know a little success? Me either, and most will throw up their hands and walk away from a challenge instead of meeting it head-on and plowing through!! I am sure there are a lot of us who share donkey stubbornness here!!

  3. Before Bitcoin was Compumatrix. I always tell that before that day when Satoshi Nakamoto publish the “white paper” we were active gaining activity points to be able to purchase virtual VPC or Adpacs at that time. And not to forget our own payment system called Eonpay.
    Yes we have a leader, but not just one . Henry, David, BOD, RR, AR, Staff , Devs always there to give us a hand

  4. The early bird catches the worm, as people say.
    Stephen has done well to remind us that we need to be on TOP OF EVERYTHING.
    We need to keep learning and be updated, to make things happen. Compumatrix has given us this opportunity.
    Lets be ready to barge in, when the gates open. Frankly speaking, a better opportunity that the one we have, is very difficult to get.
    We have a solution right in front of us.
    A blessing!

  5. I love this story because I was in the room when John shared with us about the donkeys. It was a business meeting very much like our business (only different, very different). Someone was trying to get John to invest in a business he was promoting. At the time, I guess you can say this story led us in an ultimate path here to Compumatrix.

  6. Good article Stephen specially you relating it to Donkeys to take a lead into the crypto world. Yes we at Compumatrix have been the Leaders and Founders with crypto currency and mainly Bitcoin.We have a long journey ahead of us as the world changes to Digital currency.

  7. most definitely donkeys are an interesting and sometimes stubborn breed and very fun to watch at times from a distance — I believe in order for success in any business there has to be leader or leaders who aren’t Afraid to go forward and who are stubborn to not let small setbacks or Life in general to stop them to the Success —

  8. Related to Gail’s comment about stubborn donkeys, here is one for you:

    I read a book years ago called: “Tom Bass, Black Horseman”
    Tom was raised by his grandfather. He wanted a horse and kept bugging his grandfather. His grandfather couldn’t afford a horse but he had a young mule (5 years old) in the pasture because he couldn’t get him to do anything. So, he told Tom if he could do anything with him, he’s yours. Tom took a halter and rope and retrieved the mule. On his way back he climbed on his back but the mule sat down and refused to move. Tom went to the barn and grabbed a long thick piece of hemp rope and put it around the mule’s neck. The grandfather saw this and said, “he’s going to hang him, why didn’t I think of that!”

    Well, he didn’t and Tom went on and became one of the best horse trainers of his time. He was barred from one competition due to color. His competitors told the host of the competition that if Tom couldn’t compete, they wouldn’t either. They felt it was an honor to compete against he although they would rarely win.

  9. I love how this post called the members of Compumatrix “early adopters” – what a great way to describe pioneers’ of cryptocurrency! When everything is in place and the magic starts to happen, I will be right there with you as a “Donkey busting thru the gate”! I am so glad to be a part of this company. Being around brilliant minds who have ideas that will truly revolutionize the world is inspiring!

  10. like that phrase also “early adopters” and we are as a group pushing through the Gate just as stubborn donkeys or any animal looking at what is ahead and not fearing that we may fail?? but believing that no matter what — we will Push through that gate and in my opinion we stand a great shot at Success — hope anyways

  11. Stephen that was a great blog. I choose like you to be one of the donkeys and be an early adopter. This company is a blessing to many in a variety of ways. Many times the pioneers in life travel an unchartered territory and not everyone understands the “Why” behind what they are doing. Compumatrix is one of those pioneers, breaking down walls and creating new ways of doing things.

  12. so very true Jennifer — we have definitely traveled in uncharted waters here at Compumatrix and i also agree so much with Stephens look at alot of things that have been a part of my life and life in general — I only hope that as time plays out we learn from the mistakes of our forefathers and foremothers — and being a bit stubborn ( Persistent ) on doing life Proper and Business in same way Proper — will be a benefit to All here and to the Individual who has Chosen to do it the Proper way — great knowledge here and great reading — thank you rj

  13. Stephen, thank you so much for this blog. Yes I will be one of those donkeys creating a crack in my gate If we truly believe and manifest in something, that will more than likely happen. As I was a naysayer in my early life, I have come to realize that manifestation of positive things and or, as you so eloquently put it “leaving that crack in the gate” happens; more time then not a positive manifestation will occur.

  14. One of my favorite things ever is when an un-educated person says “oh Bitcoin has already decreased so much”, “Bitcoin is going downhill” and laugh at the fact that it will one day be very prominent in our everyday lives. These are the same people that when revolutionary changes are made with Bitcoin will sitback and say, “wait what just happened”. We have to be realistic in the upcoming events, but never pessimistic. If people thought negatively about other huge innovations in our lives, the world would be very different.

  15. oh i have to say what a great way to look at the probable happenings of the not to distant future — and yes totally agree that pessimism is Not what we or any of us needs at this point — positive and persistent action in the correct way will be the benefit and also honestly simpler way of doing proper Business — which as time progresses thru — Business done properly is where you will excel — jmho —

  16. Compumatrix is the force that pushed me to evolve into this cryptocurrency realm kicking and screaming! It feels fantastic to look at a platform and not be intimidated. What’s that? You want me to blog? Compumatrix is asking me to evolve again and become a writer through blogging. What can I say? Compumatrix found the ‘crack in my gate’ and is assisting me to become the best me I can be! Thank you Compumatrix!

  17. Can I be a donkey too?! I want to be a part of the herd who leads people out of financial struggles and welcomes them into a world full of lucrative opportunities. Sign me up! I am so glad I joined Compumatrix when I did; I know I am late to the game, but I am confident I will catch up in no time!

  18. Thank you for your article Stephen, humor applied to serious thought. Donkeys are irritating at times, they are pushy, persistent, stubborn, and very loving in a donkey way. Push forward human donkeys, lets go for it, lets set the world on fire with Compumatrix. Lead the way with the best company in the world. Compumatrix has the biggest heart and a desire to see people succeed. They have leading technology programs that come together and blend together to form our own Echo-System. Let’s hear the hee haws as we set the pace and run before the masses.

  19. love coming back reading this great blog posting — just good solid info and it fits so well into other blogs thru-out this site and it really does help put us novices into a better light and more proficient in the business side of CNII and yeppers that comes from different blog not just compumatrix — good stuff n thank you —

  20. I love this blog, it reminds me of me, yes I am as stubborn as a Donkey. That is why I am still here with Compumatrix. I am ready for the floodgates to open. We are here to stay! I keep learning more and more each day as I read these blogs. Thank you Stephen for a great blog.
    When the naysayers see us coming through the gates they will say I should have listened.

  21. I can be stubborn like a donkey too, but, hey, Jesus chose a donkey to ride into Jerusalem! A donkey is also a symbol of humility, intelligence, service. Talking about intelligence, many of us have become intelligent, lol. Out of our desire to learn about cryptocurrency, it being the core of our business, we saw the need to watch videos, read the blogs here and do other supplemental readings. Then, when Erline sounds off the whoo hoo, I will be one of those busting through the gates.

  22. Stephen, great blog! The donkey is a very stubborn animal and has a very deep sense of curiosity, we also have a deep curiosity to learn about cryptocurrencies in compumatrix,just as donkeys are extraordinarily intelligent and have the ability to memorize complex paths, we also need to master cryptocurrencies and trading in compumatrix.

  23. I have heard that donkeys can be very stubborn and persistent. That to me, is the definition of a leader. Stubborn enough to believe that his/her desire is obtainable regardless of others opinions, and persistent enough to push through all obstacles to lead the rest of his/her people to fulfillment.

  24. I will be right there with you Stephen I have worked long and hard over the years to get this going just keeping up has been a challenge I know it will happen it is developing nicely I really like the new developments coming about now with automated services that are going to make it even better.

  25. A while back as I watched, with other family, the series Zena when Linda Carter was the actress potraying her, she began to get into one of her famous fights. As Zena fought fiercly, handing out upper cuts, and back kicks, and older gentleman made the comment, “mmm, mmm, she’s worse than a mule.” I realize there may be a difference between a donkey and a mule, but their kick is about the same.

    1. Hello Stephen, good blog which you have here and it brought forth the feeling I have about us here in comparison to Donkeys. The gate has been cracked for us here and we have been shown multiple ways in which to proceed. We as a company will continue to make it as our business grows and we continue to learn about crypto, both others and or own

  26. The blog about the Donkeys is fun, If I was younger I would have a couple of donkeys in my front yard, They have such personalities. stubborn yes .but don’t we all have that trait in us sometime or another.

  27. I think persistence and patience go hand in hand with stubbornness at some degree. The quitters don’t have either one of those traits and we are about to find out that our stubbornness and patience will pay off big time in the very near future. Many here have been taking this long road along with our leaders and it’s time to reap the rewards.

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