Dreams and ambitions cannot be Quarantined!

What is your motivation? Do you have a dream; a why? Do you have a plan to fulfill your goals? Will your ambitions inspire your children and their children?

Whether we are forced into quarantine from being ill or self-quarantined because of exposure or even as prevention; One thing sure, the travel and recreation we once enjoyed freely are under severe restriction.

Why not turn a negative into a very positive thing? Today is a great day to purposefully and mindfully search your soul to define your dream, your life goals, your ambition.

Very often, those in tune with their bodies experience “gut feelings” about certain things, people, and decisions. We hear, too, that ambition is a feeling or desire that comes from within. Depending on how strong that desire or drive is, results in what we can achieve.

The good news is that we have the power to Create that determination. We can create that raw desire within our psyche, using ambition as the fuel to motivate so that failure is not an option.

Ambitious people take risks!

Sometimes you just have to take that risk; jump full throttle and risk it all on one decision. Often that one thing we are afraid of most doesn’t even happen. Don’t live in fear of the unknown; take that leap of faith and understand that being ambitious means being willing to tolerate fear and anxiety. Don’t let fear put you in a self-imposed prison.

Use your imagination!

Your imagination can increase your happiness, helping you escape the ordinary. We can use our vision to ease pain and overcome negative thoughts. Ambition is a state of being; facing challenges tend to curb your positivity and enthusiasm. Talk to yourself, use your imagination to build yourself up! Repeat encouraging words to yourself every day, and you will experience transformation and develop limitless ambition.

Give yourself the gift of time!

Time is our most valuable resource. Make the most of your time and reap remarkable rewards. Be willing to invest time in a project to make it grow and become better. Ambitious people work long hours to see a project to completion. Achievers in life are willing to work hard. They tend to go to bed late and wake up early. Experience the fatigue from working hard to achieve. Your ambition will soar!

Nothing Kills Ambition like following the crowd.

Don’t get caught in the trap of heeding group thought and opinion. If you listen and hear, your heart will guide you, and your gut will affirm the right decisions. Group thinking gathers up all the negative fears and thoughts and puts them in the minds of the group. These, in turn, influence the group thought and, most likely, in the wrong way. Breakaway from the mass hysteria and think for yourself. You will then see opportunities often overlooked when group thought captures your mind. Grab the chance to achieve where others are blind. Your ambition will shine!!

Step out of Your Comfort Zone!

All of us have a constant train of thought. Some thoughts are positive – giving our ambition room to grow. Some are negative and fear-based. Did you know that ALL thoughts are energy? IF the primary energy source is negative, how can our minds be free to create and grow? Start this minute to monitor your thoughts, your self-talk. If you find the views to be negative barriers of doubt and fear, then purposefully add more positive thoughts. You will recognize which frame of mind rules your ideas by the catalyst that motivates you. Practice, bring out positive ambition!

Focus on the lesson.

Recognition is a fleeting thing, and profit will come and go. Strive instead to learn the lesson and gain knowledge from experience. Motivation comes from experimenting, growing, and improving. The journey will keep you interested, and ambition will drive you on.

The “Perfect” Moment will never come.

If you wait until the stars align and the moon and planets ascend, you will never achieve. There is no perfect moment for you to be alive; there is only the present moment. Instead, to become even more ambitious, seize the moment and make it perfect! Focus all your energy on making it ideal for you! The only difference in a “perfect” start and an “average” one is the motivation behind it.

Stick to it!

Commitment becomes painful when the challenges arise, and it’s also the “make or break” period in your life. That stubborn enthusiasm and unwillingness to quit will decide your future. Do you have what it takes? Are you consistent in your efforts? Challenges will cause you to ask yourself what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your desires. The thing to remember about problems is they arise to test our resolve. Realize this and let your ambition dominate your motivation.

Grow up!!

Ambition and action are in bed together because it takes this union to produce results. At times you may find your efforts are not achieving the results you hoped. So what do you do? Take time off and lick your wounds? NO, don’t let the lie that you need the “perfect moment” so you can move forward. You put yourself in danger of becoming lazy, stagnant, complacent, and even depressed. Don’t baby yourself! Determine to push forward in the unknown, chiefly when you are afraid. This action will build self-confidence, motivation, and, yes, increase your ambition!

Remember this:

Ambitious people don’t set limits on themselves. Fear doesn’t hold them back. Identify your goals and create a timeline for achieving them. Stay committed even when the challenges arise. Dreams actualize when nothing is allowed to stand in their way.

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Another great blog Gail. So many people feel trapped because of this virus. It has not stopped me from progressing, and of course, now, with this blogging, it looks like soon more people can stay home because of it and still thrive. My Nephew felt a little scathed upon getting out into the job force at this time fresh from University, and I said to him. Look toward yourself to create your future. He said, yes, but it is hard. I said no. Hard is being in a concentration camp or locked up or seriously ill.

  2. Thanks Gail for a great post. I have actually been busier in my work as a self/employed trauma and empowerment therapist ‘since’ the lockdown as I had to change MY thinking if I was going to help others. Instead of being in a therapy room I had to get used to working remotely or in ‘zoom’ sessions..but it meant I could help anyone anywhere and at my last count I had worked with clients in 17 different countries since the lock down.
    There is no doubt that if we focus on what we CAN do instead of what we CAN’T…how we see our lives is a whole lot different 🙂

  3. Have enjoyed reading and reminding myself, the times we are in demand measures which must produce results, we risk our lives daily for we do not know tomorrow what it holds. its time to step out of the comfort zone and dream again by taking actions.

  4. I feel inspired just having read this! It’s amazing what we are capable of when you put you set goals and follow through. Sometimes the outcome may not be what you expected, but something even greater than you could have imagined! I agree, you will learn from the journey but the motivation has to be there for you to keep moving forward. The “Perfect” moment will never come paragraph is definitely something I needed to hear. I often get hung up on waiting for the “right time”. Thank you for this encouraging and insightful article!

  5. Thanks, Gail. I read your article just when I needed to hear these words, “Stick to it.” I’ve been busy working on online endeavors and sometimes I feel overwhelmed or at times as if all my efforts are not good enough. Your article gave me the motivation to stick to my goals and be determined to succeed. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. A blog from Gail that is very good, if we can understand, this blog can provide motivation for ourselves and others that if we want to progress, we must have ambition and dare to take risks.

    because the greater the dreams we want to achieve, the greater the challenges and risks we face. But if we want to progress, we must have the courage to take those risks and not be afraid to face them. because if we are afraid, when we will start and when we will grow up.

    I am sure with our strength, big ambitions, and big dreams, it is not impossible that all can be achieved .

  7. No risk, no gain. As Gail rightly says, we need to get out of our comfort zone, to achieve our goals. Our objectives need to be clear, always.
    The inner voice and our determination can help us. Our gut feeling and sixth sense must be paid heed to. Let’s just think for a while – if others can do it, we can do it as well, and even better. So. let’s focus and walk that extra mile and reach our destination, even if we lose our smile..

  8. I totally agree with you, ma’am Gail. If you dream big and boost those dreams with ambition and motivation you are bound to succeed. And no one can stop those dreams or hold them back. No quarantine is powerful enough to shut down the human spirit.

  9. In my thinking, a wish begins the whole process. A wish is a seed that is sown in either in a fertile mind to become a dream, or it falls on barren ground and is never picked up by our desires. The dream fueled by motivation is futher proded by ambition to move forward. It is this chain of events that determines who we are and where we go in life.

  10. Gail, I say Amen to what you have posted. When you are in business for your self, you must produce to have an income. The income is allowed after the outstanding bills and overhead is paid. What is left is ours. If we do not work or produce, we do not make an income. There is no one but self to rely upon. Also when people are quarantined, there is less business coming to the door, so less income. If we are working at home we have a little more flexibility until those who purchase our product or service, loses their income; thus we have none. So what we do is lift up our eyes and see the positive. I am glad not to be in that situation any longer. I have jumped in with both feet, my decision is made with determination to learn this crazy technology and to do well with Compumatrix.

  11. Great blog and it all comes together what is our goal in live really. What are our dreams , our ambitions. Living on my own , there is nobody to inspire but my self . If i make the right or wrong decisions , i also have to live with the consequences , since nobody is there to blame anyway…… One very important step is our attitude and our desire to archive our dreams
    Like you said …….The “Perfect” Moment will never come.

  12. This is a very encouraging blog. I think determination  is a key to achieving our goals and dreams and we have to move forward with a positive attitude by putting negative thoughts behind us. We have to achieve our goals with many challenges.Keep trying until the goal is achieved.It takes risk and hard work to get ambatius.

  13. my gosh what a great read again –Gail you just do so well with your Blogs –you have a Heart to Help all of us here and it is so inspiring to read your blogs and then when we take time to read replies and those parts put together with your blog — just so much help and learning — couple new bloggers this morning and yours — what a great start to my wednesday — thank you —

  14. Where do you find the time to do everything you do in a run of a day Gail ? you are supper woman … Very good post again … There is never anything I ever wanted to or dream to do have stopped me. This Corona-19 has not stopped me either. I seen on TV last night 2 ladies in their 90 es all their life , they wanted to jump out of a plane and sure enough last Saturday both of these ladies jumped. One of their dreams came true.
    I am not a jumper , but nor am I a quitter .. My dreams will come true.

  15. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were discussing a video about how the stay at home orders were going to affect the future. The presenter was talking about the positive effects it would have on future business. He commented now people being forced to stay home would give them time to use their minds creatively. By next year, we should see the results of this creativity by the production of new business ideas.

  16. This’ a quickest reminder, that the ambitious people. Will never quit in achieving their goals. No matter what circumstances they encounter as a stumbling block. But, perseverance is the key to endure. Truly, challenges are always there, just to test our ability and capabilities of performance. In relation to the Compumatrix Platform, it’s a wake up call. I will Never give up, until the end positive results. So inspiring ~ Sophye

  17. Good motivational post Gail. Without a vision the people do perish. It’s the dream or vision that keeps you moving always in one direction. I love to see athletes that have set high standards for themselves, and that is what drives them on and drives them forward. As you said, we cannot just wait for the perfect moment. They that observe the clouds will not so,and they that observe the wind will not reap says the preacher in the book of Ecclesiastes.

  18. I think quarantine is the perfect time to focus on your hopes and dreams. There is no better time to focus on yourself and your passions than during quarantine because otherwise you are probably watching way too much television or playing way too many video games haha. I think the questions at the beginning of this blog post really made me question myself too, “why do I have this dream?” “what are my dreams?” “how can I achieve my dreams?”. Thank you for getting my brain spinning.

  19. What a great read Gail, Thank you. I never thought id see the world like this but it is nice to know we can still do things to make money. Getting out of our comfort zone it sometimes hard for people because they can’t see the big picture. If your struggling we have lots you can read to learn. The world is changing and we are all learning to adapt.

  20. Excellent blog Gail! Really getting out of the comfort zone is necessary, although it is sometimes difficult. With this Pandemic, I have developed a new way to serve my customers online and I am very optimistic that this will be a good deal. While I await everything that Compumatrix will provide us, I will continue to reinvent myself to carry out my work and my dreams!

  21. One of my favorite mentors said we should work on getting our lives to the place where “we hit the ground running” in the morning. When I have looked back I realize that I have spent a fair sum of funds on projects, materials, etc. that didn’t bring me success. Then I realized that yes, I always do learn something that I couldn’t do before so to me that is success. And a great point to live and remember is to never wait for the perfect time to go ahead – just do it!

  22. so much great info in the replies here to go with lessons learned from the blog itself — i am impressed truly with business effort by so many here at Compu Blog and the true commitment and work ethic by so many here –just impressive and definitely inspiring to keep Positive and keep my ownself moving in definitive successful direction — many thanks to all —

  23. Really like your blog Gail! Yeah! MDI!! I try to be positive and think of all the things I can do when we get out of this virus or get close to normal. I miss my family and the people and friends that I can not see right now. Getting on-line and seeing videos of exercise programs have kept me busy, going to the Farmers Market has helped me to try an all vegetable diet. If your in a rut get out and pull yourself up by your shoe strings and think about you for a change. Getting a lot of information through these blogs, thank you!

  24. “Stick to it!”, very good point and reminder. Last night as I was working on my online project, I suffered a setback. Didn’t know what my next step would be to deal with it and at the moment it seemed like it would drown my enthusiasm. But I decided that a setback every now and then, is to be expected and it was just part of the process. So I decided not to let it discourage me and took a deep breathe and decided to patiently see how to deal with it. I was up most of the night, but I got it fixed! It felt so good to be able to finally go to bed knowing I had stuck to it and didn’t let a problem get me down.

  25. I agree. Great article Gail!! During this quarantine I have been taking more time to recognize what it is I can do to improve my life by simply making adjustments to my daily routine. I have two daughters and it is easy to set my personal needs aside at times. Sitting down organizing my thoughts and writing down my goals and the steps I can take to achieve them has helped to ease my anxiety. In the past couple of years I have focused more on my faith and speaking positive affirmations aloud has really helped me mentally and physically. Mentally, I no longer deal with daily anxieties. Physically, I have more energy than ever. Thank you for sharing.

  26. My dreams and ambitions did not stop with the virus. As a fact, it helps me focus more on my plans for when I reach such a goal.
    Since I found about Compumatrix and how it will bring me financial freedom and open opportunities to help those I feel I should help.
    My dream is Compumatrix in sharing to make this world a better place helping others reach their goals.

  27. Your are an endless supply of wisdom & knowledge, Gail. Thank you so much for your positive post amidst these crazy times! It’s all up to us, individually, to meet our dreams. Nobody or nothing can stop us, unless we allow them to. I’m so grateful for our Journey together in Henry’s Dream ♥

  28. So many people have asked me how I am doing during this pandemic and I have told them honestly, that it has been great for me. Strangely enough, I have had more work during the lockdown, than I did BC (Before COVID). I had clients calling me asking for help, due to their regular design agency being shut down. I was ‘BRING IT!!” It was so nice to have a small income again. Apart from that Compumatrix is showing signs of life again! Life is Good!

  29. it is so much fun — not just to learn from reading these blog entries and replies but put yourself into different shoes and different scenarios — and then at 60+ just gotta smile inside and know heart is good and then Health is even Better — and now know for fact that with each day week month there are changes some not perfect but still Changes all the same — adapt and breathe and then Exhale — smile and go to next step — so much great stuff here — just so much !!

  30. This is a great and inspiring blog Gail. The sequence of dream, ambition and creativity is well chosen and gives you the possibility to start what you always wanted in life, to achieve happiness and self realization. It makes no sense to sit and wait till someone knocks on your door to bring the solution. You find the solution only in yourself. You are the creator of your own happiness and future.

  31. Very nice article Gail.I think you are a Philosopher or are becoming one. We have plenty of time on our hands during this forced lock down and prolonged quarantine to reflect and assess our lives and plan for the future,defining our goals and our and our ultimate desire to get somewhere for our liking and thus feeling elated having achieved the same.Determination as you point out will bring us success especially having a positive mental attitude.
    Meditation during this unpleasant situation will help harden your resolve in all and every aspects of your life
    on a different note –carpe diem,sieze the day and make the most of the present and giving little thought to the future Dream big ,help others rewards will come.

  32. hence why i am here reading this great posting and the replies from all are just as important — this is situation of the past 7-8 months and it isnt going away fast has taught so much on persistence and keeping the movement forward and whole lotta thinking out of the “box” or normal thinking of just a couple years ago — so keep reading here and utilizing and keep on outside of here and put the 2 together — we will succeed in due time —

  33. It’s a very thoughtful blog dreams are an inspiration to move towards your goals and make it reachable.There are lots of people around you who will discourage you and ridicule you for trying to achieve your dreams. My moto has been if anyone tries to push you down bounce back higher and strive harder to achieve your dreams. I have raised my kids on this principle – never give up your dreams

  34. reading thru other blogs brought me back to this great blog by Gail — so much info in this one posting but putting this with the others is so much good learning and really does help in my thought process and my getting more appreciative of the business model here and how not stopping n pushing forward always will lead to that success i believe we here are seeking at Compu —

  35. Great and inspiriational messages come out on this topic.
    Being locked away from the rest of the world in NZ, I am feeling safe and secure with Covids. We as kiwis have it under control .at level 1.

    I kept myself buisy in total lockdown as I found gardening projects.

    Then started painting outiside and still continueing at least another 2 to 3 weeks.,
    My mother uised to say..”Do not leave for tommorrow what you can do today.!”
    That will stick in my mind for the rest of my life.

    Yes I love painting abstract art.
    A bare wall is broken with colours

    I am finding inpsiration now in many practioal ways,
    living also to do the necessities of life that is infront of me.

    Painting is a beautful art.
    Its creative and the boundries are unlimited.

  36. this is such good reading and learning what we are doing here is always a good push forward and reading these great blogs several times to get the progress forward and here at Compu as in life there really is not a Perfect Moment — you just do and just do it right — great stuff here —

  37. A great, insightful blog, Gail. Quarantine has not dampened my spirit. I have learned to adjust to seemingly unfavorable situations knowing there is always a purpose and it wasn’t long before I figured this one out. I get to have more time for dialogue with my son who is on forced vacation for eight months now (works with a cruise ship) due to pandemic. Vacation for him is usually a month or two and oftentimes spent with friends, but quarantine has made us to enjoy small meaningful talks a couple times a day. Wonderful for a mother whose son continues to share anything with her even in his adult years.

  38. this is great stuff — the points of this blog are so meaningful — just reading this again after a couple others this morning and with the webinars of the last week — so much is becoming Biz Clear and honestly without the Time sharing from great peeps here at Blog area wow — the info would be not so simple to grasp — thanks seriously and honestly will be reading again n again absolutely —

  39. I am not ashamed to say that money is a great motivator for me. I believe that Compumatrix will be a great financial opportunity if it is worked hard at.
    It helps to have a business that constantly evolves in a positive way.

  40. There was another blog that spoke about having a leap of faith in moving to Florida and having everything work out and fall into place to where they could basically begin a new life there. So I believe it does sometimes take a leap of faith to go after what is really wanted in life. Having confidence and some kind of idea about how to make the pieces fit helps.

  41. Hello, once again Gail has provided a great blog. The title and then the way it was broken down shoed how you felt was not wrong and then gave you the confidence to go out and reach your goals. I have always wanted to become financially free with no worries and then Compumatrix showed and provided a way to achieve that goal.

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