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Driving a Cryptocurrency Home Business

My husband and I were having a conversation while driving home from church. He mentioned he thought the economy was going to be STRONGER because of the pandemic. I was surprised and asked him why he thought that? What he said next surprised me but it really made sense. He stated, “when everything settles, the companies that were outsourced will be returning home.”

His statement is right on but there is more. Much much more to what this pandemic has led us to. We have learned to WORK FROM HOME in many different industries. This is a big (BIG) value for so many families and companies they work for. Some people will call this a GAME CHANGER!

Years ago, we started on a venture. We didn’t know then but this was to be the venture of our lives. This venture is known as: COMPUMATRIX. I should have titled this post by another name but the name would have been too similar to another blogger’s post. A blogger I am sharing an idea that he wrote. David Morris (our CEO) gave us the following article: COVID-19 Changed Things but Business Fundamentals are the Same

I will reference what David Morris wrote, “Seemingly there appears to be at least 3 keys that generate a character to a business: 1. an organized method of individuals working together, 2. there must be at least one or more needs of social import to satisfy and 3. there must be a way to earn and make a gain over all expenses, that is, a profit.”

This article was absolutely packed with great content! I love this part of the title: Fundamentals are the Same As we emerge from this pandemic, keep those words in mind. This part of the title coupled with his 3 keys that generate a character to a business, should set you on the right track. 

In another article (by our Founder), I’m a Compumatrix Entrepreneur

Henry James wrote the following: “If you are a member of Compumatrix, then it is important to note that you are already a part of the ever-growing virtual currency industry.”

While looking for the previous blog, I ran across Henry James’ blog post that says so much as well. I already know where I stand but it is time to convey this information to those of you that have found this post. You didn’t fall on these words by mistake!

Teenagers think THEY ARE INVINCEABLE! Only when they grow out of those years do they realize how dangerously they led their lives. If we did the same things now that we did then, we would undoubtedly break! The reason is will have the experience behind us to “THINK IT THROUGH”. If we slowed down to “THINK”, we would tense and you got it: something would break.

I look at business in a similar way. We have been putting this concept called COMPUMATRIX that we didn’t notice the obvious. WE CAN WORK FROM HOME! We have a business right here in our hands that we do not have to go to an office to perform. We only need to connect to the World electronically.

Did this pandemic change things? YES, it changed things for so many people. Now, they are wide awake and see the things that we have seen for years. When we were putting this together, we were asked if we would be acquiring land, buying buildings or leasing? Those asking had little to no concept of the capabilities of our side of this game called THE HOME BUSINESS MINDSET.

It often takes a crisis for people to wake up! What we started doesn’t even resemble where we are right now. That concept is long gone. Now, we are all about: DRIVING A CRYPTOCURRENCY HOME BUSINESS.

About the author

Catherine Martin-Sampson is a founding member of the Compumatrix. She has recently retired from Teaching (Special Education) She has a variety of experiences that she incorporates into her live and let's them flow from mind to pen.


  1. Compumatrix has come at the right time for us!
    We can now work from home, and stay focused on accomplishing our objectives.
    It certainly is a game changer.
    Enough of going around in circles, trying this and trying that.
    Isnt it wonderful to be part of an ever-growing virtual currency industry?
    To be able to connect electronically with the rest of the world.
    Earning and spending bitcoins..Thank you, COMPUMATRIX.

    1. Working from home is a big attraction for me being involved with Compumatrix! Being an introvert this type of business speaks to me strongly….and with our great electronic set up soon to be even better and the backup support of members, RR’s and support staff everything is in place! So much gratitude to Henry and staff with their “stick to it ness”!

  2. Janis, I too am an introvert person and have a hard time socializing with people I don’t know. But being behind a computer a change ( game changer ?) happen to me, I started opening up to those I meet in the forumand discord . Working at home gives me an unstressful life, because I can think before I say.
    Compumatix is a home-based business where I can Engage with the world , Enrich each other and of course Enhance my life along with others

  3. Since I can’t remember when… I work from home. Life happened and very, very soon I had to stop working. I had so much to do for my family I had no time to work. Literally.

    Then my life changed, so much and so abruptly I found myself kind of lost without being able to work… and it had to be from home. Being somewhat introvert at that time too… I came to my computer to find something to do that would give me the means to earn some money. I did find some things, made friends, but never kept money to myself, as I always wanted to help, and kept putting my earnings back to help the team…

    In short, I didn’t profit, not as I needed to. The time came when I simply didn’t know what to do to achieve this, and I had to find something. And it had to be from home… But what???
    I was so frustrated I decided to quit. Quit working online. Though I didn’t know what I could do to earn the money I needed so much.

    I had already seen Bitcoin here and there, and had no clue what that meant, I didn’t understand it, so I didn’t trust it. Looking backwards, I could have earned that money I needed if I only knew then what I know now. And working from home in my computer!!! But I didn’t have anyone to help me…

    It was then that an old friend told me: ‘you can leave everything you’re doing, forget about all the rest and trust me. I’ll put you in a business you will never want to leave, just trust me and join this, you’ll be working from home for the rest of your life and you’ll love it.’

    Oh my, it was a game changer!!! The business was Compumatrix and I am working from home and will never look back!

  4. This pendemic has changed the whole world and now we are all working at home and Compumatrix has already opened these avenues for us. Now it is a precious asset for all of us.

    1. It is so funny, when I read about all the intoverts in Compumatrix. I always was an extrovert. When we were trained on the Dex and I felt stumped and needed help. Went in the forum, and tried to express my self, all of a suddenI felt shy and a little afraid to write anything. I was afraid I would not understand what to do, then I got excited when I finally figured it out and the problem dissolved basically on its own.along with a lot of help of course. I am so thankful to be part of Compumatrix and have a home based business with a family of friends. Thanks Henry.

  5. what a great read and the replies are very interesting and I do agree that this pandemic and the aftermath of the lies associated with it have driven the business world not just in America where I am but world wide to whole new thought process and I am not sure yet the exact ramifications and honestly not sure if many of the typical businesses will survive — time will tell

  6. Amen Catherine. For many of us, Compumatrix has become our sole and main business. The fact that we have been able to work this from home already, took the sting out of the pandemic. For those already working from home, their lives didn’t change much. I have always loved the fact that having an online business, you are free. Free to travel, free to move, free to set your own working hours. Win win for sure !

  7. Jorge, I Love it!


    For many of us as Jeffrey stated, Compumatrix is our main and sole business. I had an illusion of retirement! And that is what it will be is an illusion. Compumatrix has given all of us a NEW PURPOSE!

    So much for retirement! Now, we “get” to lift ourselves up to another level of life while we are ENGAGED in ENRICHING and ENHANCING Lives!

  8. Working from home is fantastic. So we can work from anywhere, to any place, without geographical limitation and with a lot of freedom! The important thing is to have focus, and organize work hours to achieve our goals.

  9. Since Covid19 I am sure working at home is very inviting for a lot of people. Especially, families with children. They can have set hours for work and have time with their families too.
    This is going to be a game changer for a lot of people. One could be in Italy and still work and enjoy the beauty of Italy, Jamaica or on the ocean somewhere. Our Compumatrix program is amazing. Thank you! Now I too can work at home.

  10. Catherine I agree with your husband that our economy will be booming after this pandemic. It is very upsetting to see some businesses and restaurants will not survive this. Many will and when we get back to normal, they will be more efficient than they ever thought possible. I try to look at the positives in life and in this pandemic I found many positives that I know others have as well. Being able to work from home and spend more time with my family has been so very valuable. Compumatrix fits perfectly with the changing times of today.

  11. While allowing us to be able to work from home, or from any place we choose to work from, Compumatrix takes the “tired” out of retired and gives us a new purpose. By way of providing not only a vehicle for change but a mission to better the world one person and one community at a time until we can effectively become one global community, helping each other to succeed financially with cryptocurrency.

  12. kevin you sound like a local politician lol — but I agree with you on the fact that if we can make this truly happen quietly to start with but soon after with a bigger splash then One at a time with integrity we can absolutely start to make our own spot better and then with a little more honesty make our area better and join with others and help and before we know it we have made a great Impact — and that is exciting imho

  13. We were discussing a You Tube channel the other day. On this particular episode, they were discussing how some businesses “SHOULD” FAIL. They stated over the last several decades, we have been so rapped up in “saving” businesses that we failed to let businesses fall that were no longer necessary. Maybe the products were out of sync with today or the business practice did not keep up but we are so busy keeping waste afloat.

    Then we talked about these companies that were filing for bankruptcy. All of a sudden, their stocks are soaring. New to the market stock investors are getting on these easy to use apps and buying these dying companies! This is madness as they are throwing their money away never to see a profit!

  14. In 1962 I had the pleasure of performing as a child actor, among a cast of professional actors in a week long production of the musical Finian’s Rainbow, which had been on Broadway in 1947 and was also made into a movie in 1986 starring Fred Astaire and Petula Clark, I had a speaking role and my character was named “Henry”.

    I bring this up because of something that I learned during that play, that I never ever forgot, was the quote, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I pondered that quote until I finally understood it. Bitcoin was born out of necessity and I believe that so was Compumatrix. Now the NEED to work from home, for countless millions of people globally, has also been born out of the necessity to stay safe. Or as Catherine, the author of this post, put it “It often takes a crisis for people to wake up!”

  15. I absolutely agree with your hubby Catherine. I feel exactly the same about the world and economy post Covid19. I spoke to a few people about this and having never known anything online they did not agree with me. They just saw doom and gloom! There is nothing like Compumatrix out there, and many people will find hope and joy from joining the business in the not too distant future. I told them this and their faces showed compassion for my ‘stupidity’ Well, they will soon understand. I am excited for that day!

  16. Necessity is the mother of All Invention and I agree wholeheartedly with that thought and I do believe we at Compumatrix have been blessed even more so than us old timers can imagine — I come here every day and I am overwhelmed by the Intelligence and the quiet Integrity displayed here by so many — I have dreams as we all do and I am hoping that those Dreams will soon become the Reality —

  17. PEOPLE if all you see is Doom and Gloom, then it is time to stop looking at the World through Rose Colored Glasses! It is time to WAKE UP and smell the coffee! Drink a cup and jump start your day! There is a lot to be done and we better get started and STOP WASTING DAYLIGHT!

    Every negative situation has a positive Silver lining. It may not be easy to find and you may need to put your glasses on to see clearly!

    I clearly remember an incident in Denver years ago. An emigrant was here working and sending money home to his village in Africa. He was killed “in a hate crime”. Denver as a community came together and worked with this village through support. More was done for this village than what would have been done. My husband was interviewed to show the other side of this story regarding the kid that was responsible for the crime. You see, he was at some time our foster son and my husband is black. There is always more to any story.


  18. Catherine what an awesome addition and I know being born and raised in North St. Louis and going to school pre Ferguson — but having walked those streets as a kid n teen and having friends of all types and YES there is ALWAYS more to any story than what meets the eye and because I am white and have been and a guy and tend to stay a guy — now a days if I say anything to anybody it is taken wrong by somebody — it is almost fun to wait and hear what is said by some who REALLY DON’T KNOW the rest of the story — Great posting and thought provoking is always welcome in my arena — rjh

  19. Because of Covid-19, at-home businesses or businesses run online are becoming more and more acceptable in the corporate world. For example, some of my friends own online clothing businesses and since Covid-19, their sales have gone through the roof. Although Covid-19 is tragic, hopefully, some good can be found in all this chaos by giving people the ability to work from home, have more flexible hours, and realize that it could possibly be more efficient working from home because one can connect with anyone from around the world via a video chat call. Compumatrix will hopefully be at the forefront of the at-home workspace industry!

  20. I have been reading around here and seeing the newer blog postings and more and more great info on business operation and supplementing and making that business a success and I come back here and read here and wow — this global virus has Really put a Damper on local business here in the States — there is no way around that again this week — so unless you can absolutely keep it off the world stage of people this virus has definitely Altered business and will continue for a while imho rj

  21. Again, a positive outlook in light of a Black Swan event. How delightful of a present would that be to spend your life working with your family from home! We are looking forward to what the road ahead holds for our family and work family here at Compumatrix. During these challenging times the stage seems set for the launch of all of our digital businesses. Have fun making your mark on the word, while being with your family. 🙂

  22. We need to be ready! As a member of Compumatrix, I am thinking about home online businesses I can create through the Compumatrix platform. Even though covid-19 has put a halt on most parts of our lives, we need to push through and find places where we can create opportunities for ourselves (like creating an online business).

  23. wow and yes i am reading the blogs and the replies around the bloggosphere — am actually more ready then care to admit — it is so special actually to read thru different parts and putting the correct facts into the mix and then Breathe and give each part the moments it needs to finalize that part — its like a blockchain or node actually — must keep patience and focus on each moment — do not over-expect but realize just how close we are to making all this effort and truth a legit Smile on the Heart — great stuff really — and thank you —

  24. This is a very informative blog post that made me think about my own (business) life. I have been working as a teacher but I also had my own private school. Both jobs were very well to combine but my own private business required that I also had to work from home. So I have experience in both. With Compumatrix it will be an only work from home business.

  25. I am glad I opened and read your blog Catherine!
    I have thought a lot about having a home-based business.
    I have not yet decided what direction I will give my Compumatrix. There are so many possibilities that I get dizzy just thinking about them.
    You wrote that teenagers see themselves as invincible, and that is true. At the same time, they will find it very easy to embrace the idea of a crypto currency company, I think.
    They are born into the computer world in a completely different way than us in the older generation.

  26. Catherine a very apt and illuminating blog. It tells you that it pays to travel with your other half.From what i understand,home based Businesses are booming and a time will come when a lot of people will not have to go to their offices and conduct their affairs from home. My son is doing that at the moment whereas he spent hours in the office before this clamp down.Am I to understand that Compimatrix is a home base business lol

  27. Yes, Catharine what you say is so true. We were apart of Compumatrix and sailing along, letting the owners do the building. I was learning a little at a time before the pandemic started. When it hit, for some reason, I didn’t worry about anything else. It was as if it put me in a place that I need to focus on building my business with Compumatrix. My eyes were opened in a more significant measure. I have become so intuned with Compumatrix from the ways and means of learning; it has instilled Compumatrix in me.

  28. Catharine: I enjoyed the way you explained what we are facing now. “CHANGE” . This an opportunity to take charge of our own destiny and create what it is we want. However, this cannot be accomplished without going inside and finding out “WHAT IT IS WE WANT”. I was not educated to understand the great potential we all have. I was told to follow and obey. Working on your own at home means that you are the CEO, the secretary. the cleaner. the planner the everything. This requires “DISCIPLINE” “LEARNING” ENTHUSIASM to do the right thing. I learned that “the more I know is the more I don’t know”. However, thank GOD we have an Excellent group of leaders at Compumatrix to guide us. “Listening” is one of greatest gifts that God gave us.Thank you.

  29. this is a great combination blog and how Catherine looks at other postings and ties them together with her own thoughts and blog –it keeps the learning process of who we are here at Compumatrix — and how as we stay patient and keep learning we will succeed as time will go about its business –we must go about ours —

  30. What a great blog explaining this opportunity to work from home. It will work out great for me with my wife having underline conditions. I can have more then one avenue with compumatrix to make money I am excited to get started when these updates get finished we will all be very happy with the results I believe.

  31. this is so true as time and life move forward — I enjoy the Biz aspect and this particular Biz has also taught me the benefits of Patience in Biz and also in Life — we keep growing and also as a legit Biz online this CompuBiz will prove to be such a Plus for so many of us — thanks again Catherine for such a deep read —

  32. It is amazing how the world is changing with the realization that so many people can work from home! People are moving from their homes and buying what we would have called “vacation homes” because they can work from home with their job. Even better is being a business owner, that can work from home and live anywhere to travel everywhere while they do it. It is empowering, freeing and exciting — seeing the possibilities. It makes me think about WHERE I really want to be! Stay where we are or move to the dream — lake front, kayaking, biking, adventuring…..and running a business from HOME!!

  33. As you said along with many others. This global situation has shown us that working from home is a truly viable option. So many more people are getting it. When things go back to “normal” we will be seeing many not going back to the office because they have found it to be more productive from home. Many won’t have an office to go back to. One reason why Compumatrix is such an important part of the work from home generation. And we are almost ready. 🙂

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