Easy Money Woes

Commonly, many want to earn lots of cash by doing very little work, because these people wish to almost easy money, without exerting themselves. With such people available in abundance, many ‘make easy money’ programs cropped up in the internet space. The organizers of such programs will give an unverifiable address to their company. These companies loot the money-hungry people, offering them almost heaven on earth. Initially, the organizers of these programs pay some people, large amounts compared to their investments. The people who receive such money start promoting the program, among their friends, associates, and easy money aspirants. The usual type of conversation between the person who received big money and those who are longing to get fat money packets runs like this:

The person who received big money with a small investment (Character-1): Hi guys, do you know that I got paid USD1000 in 12 days for a paltry USD 50 I invested.

Easy money hungry guys (Characters-Many): Are you sure bro, Suppose I invest USD1000, will we get USD20,000/ just after 12 days?

Character-1: That is what I am telling. Come on guys let us raise means in every possible way so that we can become billionaires in a short time.

Characters-Many: Thanks bro, we have been looking for such a program for a long time. Thanks for sharing.

Like this, free publicity puts the program in front of many easy money-hungry people.

For lazy people, glitter is attractive. They are not interested to find whether the glitter is coming from gold or silver foil.

Such programs are termed as the Ponzi scheme. As per Investopedia, a Ponzi scheme is, “The Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for early investors by acquiring new investors. This is similar to a pyramid scheme in that both are based on using new investors funds to pay the earlier backers.”

Years back, a Ponzi scheme offered 12% interest per day for 12 days on your investment. On the thirteenth day, you get paid. Many flocked to that program. For some days, the organizers of the program paid regularly. Then it was reported. SEC came into the picture and, it went to court.

Another similar scheme surfaced after a few months. Initially, that fellow also paid, but later payments stopped. One fine morning, when investors opened the site, they saw a notice written by the organizer of the program. In brief, it read like this: You easy money mongers, I fooled all of you. I have promised heaven on earth which you believed. I convinced you I have a big office. The fact is, I worked from an internet center, with false IDs and looted enough money from all of you, which will take care of my life. I will come again with another name and another best offer. I am sure that there are enough fools, to make people like me rich. From today you will not be able to access this site, because I am taking it off from hosting. Don’t waste your time searching for me, you can never find me. If you aspire for easy money, it gives you woes.

About the author

Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. Thanks Murali for the article. When I first began all this years ago I have to admit I had several friends including myself get into programs that seemed to close and disappear with all my money as fast as they came. I was upset but then said well this is all new a no one made me do it. I took a big chance and lost a lot. So I do not do that anymore but beware they are out there. And your right that gold can be just some old foil.

    1. Thanks, Tracy for going through the blog. What I gave is one or two examples of many internet scams. The fundamental thing is, when there are people ready to be fooled/scammed, there any number of fraudsters, who seize the opportunity and scam people. They are also like us who entered the internet for easy money. The difference is, we kept dreaming of easy money and these fraudsters encashed our weakness for easy money. Ultimately it filters down to who earned and who lost.

  2. Easy come, easy go..Simple as that. Whatever glitters is not always gold. Many people look for quick money-making opportunities and, invariably it is always a losing proposal. Better be safe than sorry. How easy it is to lose hard-earned money and how hard it is to earn it back. Oh, lord – lead us not into temptation…
    So, lets be cautious and go piano-piano..

  3. No one gives you money for free. It’s not that we don’t know this simple logic. But when greed overtakes logical thinking and when we get overwhelmed by some stupid hearsays, we tend to believe these easy money programs, which promise to make a millionaire overnight. Genuine programs never make such unbelievable offers and only sane people get attracted to such programs. If you say that I am ready to get looted, there are any number fraudsters, who will loot you. Why people stayed with Compumatrix is, it’s a stable program and never promised to make us millionaires overnight.

  4. Good one Murali and more fitting these days than the past. Everyone is involved in the quick buck mentality and the same old routine just has new packaging. “All you have to do is bring in 10 new people a week and you will be wealthy in a month.”

    Yeah right! I myself fell victim recently along with some of my friends. That are not happy with me since they got skunked also. Want to keep your friends and family, don’t waste your time. Buy more Bitcoin and assets, you will be better off.

  5. in America can assure you that 30-40 years ago and the big A company and the meetings and then a few other lesser ones and then actually one scam was part of the reason for divorce 20+ years ago — those 6 ended up down in the carribean supposedly but after that they became unfindable — anyways Krish you do well in your topics and writing — thank you and know now at 60+ it takes a pile of research and patience and effort for me to even look at anything even the 15+ years here —

  6. This reminds me of many of my friends and I too who have lost their hard-earned cash to scam, this is a painful reality to many us, today you must be very knowledgable and understand how the tech world is changing, the same rate as there are opportunities, scams are increasing too.

  7. Thank you Krish for the reminder, normally we tend to forget bad things that happen to us much faster, our memory is somehow selective and sometimes it really can be a blessing. However if we are to learn from our mistakes, it’s better to remember them and do not get fooled again.

  8. When we were involved with Compumatrix sometime during our 6th year, my husband said we need to stay with this until the bitter end. This was at a time he had gone back to MLM and was frustrated “again.” He had jumped in many Ponzi schemes previously. The reason he was adamant about finding an alternative source of income was because he didn’t want to rely on the biggest Ponzi scheme for his retirement. He felt his Social Security Ponzi would eventually implode.

  9. Awe yes, the famous ponzi scams, or schemes. How many people here actually knew, these schemes were named after a true character? His name was Charles Ponzi and he was born and raised in Italy. Charles Ponzi became known in the early 1920’s as a swindler in North America for his money making schemes. He would promise a 50 % return within 45 days or 100 % after 90 days by buying discounted postal reply coupons in other countries and redeeming them at face value in the US as a form of arbitrage. In reality Ponzi was paying early investors using investments of later investors. Even though this type of investment scheme didn’t originate from Charles Ponzi, it so became identified to him that it now is referred to as a ponzi scheme. His scheme ran just over a year, before it collapsed, costing his investors 20 million. Krish, Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes are no different, they both rely on other investors money to move the scheme forward

  10. Thank you for your valuable blogpost Murali. I have not been involved in many online and offline opportunities but the ones I have been in didn’t, in general, bring me any profit. Some were right out scams and I lost. Some didn’t do what they promised and had a lot of excuses why they didn’t deliver. I hope that Compumatrix will make their promises come true and I am optimistic about that.

  11. We all have been marked by MLM get quick ponzi scams, I am very guilty of that . Years ago so many of us met in forums that were run by people that their only purpose was to remove our money into their wallets . We wanted to work from home , make money to help with house hold bills . I will say this though , I met some very wonderful friends from all over the world that are still my friends…. I learned a lot over those years .. to bad it cost so much to learn about ponzi scams . I figure we all are very careful now ,

  12. Thanks Krish, it reminds of growing up and because the internet wasn’t around then, most “earn money in your part-time” schemes were on a card in the newsagent’s window. I remember my father desperate to get extra money in did all the usual ‘buy in the stock” and sell on and get people under you to do the same. Our rooms were always filled with “amazing clean an oven in one spray”, a burglar alarm that was also a wedge to go under the door, calor gas heaters, basically, you name it he did it. When my family was young…rather than looking at a card in the window. I was online scanning for “the one” and lost funds along the way. However, if I hadn’t been doing that I wouldn’t have come across Compumatrix back in March 2006 (though it wasn’t called that then) So I am always grateful for that desire and curiosity that ran deep within me.

  13. Interesting how we all journeyed down the road years ago when internet was going main stream into the life of online business . Seems there were lots of ponzi scams around then .Just that most of us did not recognize what they were .back then. As time went on we learnt our lesson . Someone introduced me to what is now Compumatrix … I have been with the program for many , many years. I am so glad I did.

  14. Desperate situations lead to desperate choices and a solution that offers supposedly a quick payout for a smaller investment can be very enticing. Then, yes too are the people who don’t want to put in the time and effort and are looking for the get quick ways to earn money which is another way to get burnt. One caveat though, not all MLM companies are “bad” and many are like Compumatrix (not that this is a MLM) but similar in that – one big family helping one another! Also perhaps one blessing that it is taking time to get Compumatrix up on its feet is that the members become closer, are able to see the hard working efforts of the leaders and get a positive feeling that they are in the right place.

  15. Thanks for the insight into the Ponzi schemes. I remember years and years ago being involved in the HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) that promised the world in a very short amount of time. ALL of them amounted to nothing in the end. They would pay people off in the early stages to get them to refer others, and then when they had enough investors they would….Hit the trails and take off. How thankful I am for compumatrix.

  16. Thanks, Krish, for the reminder. We all joined programs that appeared to be scams, and we are still tempted to invest more than we can lose because of the enthusiasm of our internet friends.

    Most of us gathered internet friends around us over the years, and we always find some who are at the forefront of new programs, telling us how good they are.

    The other problem that pops-up is all the new words and language that are used in this new crypto environment.
    I recently noticed that words out of the decentralized finance space are now used to lure people who have no clue into new Ponzi-schemes.

    Let us all be very careful with that and better ask twice than spend hard-earned money never to see it again

  17. Murali, you hit the nail on the head! To this day, even after so many failed ponzi schemes, there are still going on. Last week I went to the website as I usually was doing in a program named Alcore. I was invited by an acquaintance who have been in the program and claimed from 1.7% daily to almost 5% depending how much money you put in it. On Monday my acquaintance sent me an email saying, Alcore website is down, they close, it was a scheme. Easy comes, easy goes, another lesson learned. Thanks for the reminder!

  18. Thanks Murali, I have lost a lot of money through the years in these so called ponzi schemes. They are the worst and I wish they, the SEC, would tighten the requirements for anyone trying to claim such hefty profits in a short time. Unfortunately, they continue to this day because they allowed to profited from innocent people. Those of us who have been there and had loses, will refrain from them, but like they say: “a fool is born every minute”.

  19. My wife was the one on the computer looking for ways to help with our finances. She has spent many more hours and a certain amount of dollars thinking each time that this time would be our miracle job. We are both dreamers and such schemes always sound so credible. We are in our 70’s now….ready for our miracle for sure!

  20. Murali, how right you are. Having been in Network Marketing, everyone under the sun who knew me approached me with schemes like this. I had to decline them graciously. There are so many, still cropping up on the internet, in our email, and over the phone. I understand how those who have so little, are persuaded to make more from their money. They want to have a hope of something better. It breaks my heart to see them so quickly departed from that money, so soon, having nothing. Thank God for Compumatrix, no Ponzi scheme here.

  21. Yes, the very word itself ( easy) is subject to personal interpretation, isn’t it? Too often, even when an opportunity is sold as “ easy money” thanks to new technologies, we discover it takes a lot of our time and energy to learn how to operate it successfully! As always, it’s “buyer beware” especially with business opportunities. Those who offer them may have great intentions and truly believe they are offering a great and easy solution; but we as the customers and potential businesspeople would do well to continue doing our due diligence. We should be mature and wise and especially prudent in our approach to any new offer!

  22. Unfortunately, there will always be those who will take advantage of others. And the ones who fall prey to it, aren’t necessarily looking for a get rich quick scheme, but out of their own personal need they place their hopes in something that sounds too good to be true. I admit it has happened to me in the past. I set aside my common sense, and took a chance on a program that promised to earn me a nice return. I learned a lesson not to trust so openly.

  23. I bought my first desktop in 2000 to work at home and make money, that first year was a dozy I called that 1-800 support for hp so many times they knew me I even turned my screen upside down …..lol and then I found the doubler programs double your money mostly on the gold sites, some of it worked if you got in and out very quickly I learned the hard way and then I started to get out quick but it was not enough and was still losing so I went to the sites where you count and click on symbols that was a flop to I probably went through a 150 different programs before I found Compumatrix which was not called that then I think it was point share with eonpay and it worked great for awhile and then red tape came in no fault of Henry and the roller coaster ride started but I am still here and you know the old saying we have come a long way baby…….can’t wait till that node sync finishes.

  24. Thanks, Krish. I find Ponzi and pyramid schemes and MLM’s about one in the same. And I’ve been involved with both. Even recently as we’ve awaited Compumatrix I was approached by a long-time friend to join an MLM she has been with since its beginning. Before C-19 she was making $60K per month. She said she would place me to benefit in her downline. And even though my funds were tight I just couldn’t do it- huge income potential or not. Everyone just beginning MLM’s are just feeding the top, and her’s was a perfect example. 

    Fortunately Compumatrix is not an MLM, had it been so I would not have touched it with a ten foot pole. A applaud Henry for noting the difference in the beginning and developing Compumatrix to serve all members regardless when they begin. Thanks, Henry. 

  25. Yes, I think most of us have been in more than one scheme or another. I don’t think it was because we were lazy and wanted money for nothing. I think for me, I was looking for a way to make life easier. One of the things they say about MLM’s and or scams is, It’s better to have several people working for you then you working for someone else. I think we work hard for salaries, and a good lot of it goes for taxes before we ever get it. Then every time you spend it or buy something it is taxed again. And then at the end of the year you may have to pay again when you pay income taxes. I think everyone is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and some breathing space.
    So, I don’t think its bad or a stupid thing to try to make life easier. Because of this, I am happy that Compumatrix came along and now I am excited to see things coming to fruition. It has been a roller coaster ride but I think it will have been worth the long wait. More then I ever dreamed of!

  26. I think we have all fallen or at least know some who has in some type of scam, Ponzi, MLM, or con.
    Not necessarily that we are greedy, but it just sounded too good at the moment and we said, why not.
    The internet opens this type of program and many fall easily.
    I learned from my mistakes and came out wise in opening my eyes and mind to what is offered.
    Compumatrix is a real company with a real product and a real business opportunity.

  27. after reading carmens latest — this blog made alot more sense to me and was so easy to actually remember some of the past and most of the mistakes i have been horn-swoggled into — just supposedly to try and get that fast buck — it is sad actually when you are honest in your history on how easy i was sold a bill of ponzi — sad really — Krish you keep expounding on truth and i will keep reading —

  28. Easy Money, yes!

    It’s easy to make money on the internet!

    I’ve heard them all. Unfortunately, I tried to participate in as many of them as I could knowing I would hit it big if I got in and out early enough! “Hey, this one only costs $50 and you will make $thousands before it crashes!” That should have been enough of a sign to say STAY AWAY! Eventually, I got it and that was when I found Compumatrix. Or, did Compumatrix find those of us that were desperate to make one of these “money programs” work? Krish, Easy Money Woes is a great reminder. The second reminder we all need is this. If you want to be paid, you better be willing to do the work!

  29. When first getting familiar with internet businesses there was ALOT of get-rich-quick “programs” out there…Most of these programs used E-gold as payment method..
    Of course they went up one day and was gone the other.
    That’s when I started to understand the phrase “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is” 😉

  30. When first getting familiar with internet businesses there was ALOT of get-rich-quick “programs” out there…Most of these programs used E-gold as payment method..
    Of course they went up one day and was gone the other.
    That’s when I started to understand the phrase
    “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is”

  31. This is a good blogpost Murali that shows us again that when you want to earn lots of money you have to act. You have to work because nothing comes easy in today’s society. There is a lesson to be learned by people who think otherwise. However, it is very distressing if you work very hard and earn only a few bucks. And that happens a lot.

  32. what an informative look at online business world and what happens not just online though so many of these scams perse’ have happened off line also people to people back in the 80’s n 90’s come to my mind — anyways as I learn more online –offline is still prevalent in my thought process — thanks Krish great stuff —

  33. well believe it or not –the scams of the past are still a part of my everyday thinking and as I try to let go of the past as per my Daughters advice on other parts — this is just a good info piece and so much good usable info — and hence part of why i like this blog area it is better and simpler than going to school to learn about the Crypto n Cyber worlds — thank you —

  34. Murali…I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this. It is all over the internet and made to seem so real and believable. I have been a fool to this party before even though I don’t consider myself lazy or out looking for easy money. Some things just show up in front of you from a source that you may be likely to believe, and so you do. Thank you for putting it back in my face so that I am unlikely to forget and will have no one but myself to blame if it ever happens to me again. And, as I look back at it, I actually go off easy, because I caught on to the scheme rather early in the game.

  35. Boy I sure do remember those days with all the gold games and other programs that were out there. I do good in some but lost in most. I was an easy way to make money if you were lucky enough to get in at the right time. Fortunately, we have a great business here to make great money…

  36. Murali,very good post,I have seen many programs in which people were offered to make a lot of money overnight and people were badly robbed,many people became fools and lost money,it is important to think that dreaming of making money overnight is nothing more than a lie,all the members of compumatrix are very fortunate that God has enlightened us all with a completely true business.

  37. I can’t necessarily agree that people that have fallen for the ponzi scheme are lazy or do not like to work. In many instances I believe they have been more gullible and vulnerable targets for criminals than lazy.

  38. Elderly people are routinely targeted for ponzi shemes. Per the SEC, some basic understanding of how scam artists work, can help seniors to avoid fraud and protect their hard-earned money.

  39. such great perspectives as you read thru the replies and the blog itself is that good also — and knowing my own history with scams and ponzis — I am not lazy but was gullible and as a younger guy working 70-80 hrs a week some parts was looking for that impossible dream n easy money — great read ==

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