Individuals are confronting various difficulties in their day by day lives. They have to concoct great outcomes to substantiate themselves or another person that they are deserving of doing as such. Fundamentally, these undertakings are assessed by their level of proficiency. Regardless of whether you are in an entrepreneur, a worker, or a standard individual at home, it is profoundly basic to oversee proficiency well.

The general achievement of what you are as of now doing depends on how you will complete it properly. Therefore, you have to realize what it is about and how it can thoroughly influence your character and the things around you. Remember that the ultimate result of what you had done will reflect on you as an individual. Subsequently, you should think and follow what is correct normally. On the off chance that you need to improve your recognition about proficiency, keep guessing what and put into you might be thinking and heart all the data you will learn.

Proficiency alludes to the degree wherein goals have been acquired and the degree in which target issues have been settled. It is recognized with no reference to cost. Proficiency likewise signifies “making the best decision while productivity is tied in with “doing such thing right”. Another definition that might be consolidated with this word is the capacity of intercession to perform more beneficial things than hurt for the target populace in reality circumstances.

Individual effectiveness isn’t tied in with arriving at your objectives for you can do it in a tedious, messy, or inefficient way. It suggests that you need to begin utilizing time just like the remainder of individual assets. This is the way you accomplish objectives effectively, for example, venture, and get the best return.

Effective people are more than those people who get what they precisely need. These individuals have 2 characteristics: They are utilizing assets and they have been talented at arriving at their objectives. Notwithstanding your primary reason throughout everyday life, being successful shows a decent mix of talented execution and productivity.

Individuals have been successful in unmistakable manners. This is because of the way that everyone has different qualities, needs, and objectives throughout everyday life. For example, talented communicators are successful in different ways as per what they wish to accomplish. A few people who wish to engage others ought to have an excellent comical inclination. When they dazzled a wide crowd, at that point they force fantastic introduction aptitudes. Then again, the mentor needs to turn into a decent audience and impart delicately.

Key variables of proficiency

Dependable – steady, unsurprising, bolsters “single truth source”, and self-adjusting

Suitable – upgrades support for business purposes

Rich – effortlessness, self-adjusting, lucidity, consistency for different human components

Coordinated – underpins, makes, and enhances cooperative energy in the whole frameworks

Productive – limit asset wastage and advances asset use

Productivity happens when everything bolsters everything else. When discussing business, numerous associations are centered around giving applying more endeavors for proficiency. Viability is only a component of the whole productivity. To accomplish extraordinary outcomes, all components ought to be overseen appropriately, reasonably, and reliably.

How to be Proactive?

As you face your day by day risks, there have been 2 key ways to deal with make the important move. The first is the responsive methodology, and the other one is the proactive methodology. The proactive methodology has been an option in contrast to the receptive activity taking. In this methodology, you need to decide the errands (activities) ahead of time.

These are the undertakings you will take in the whole day. Be that as it may, now and again, you have to remain adaptable for some unforeseen events. Proactive activity taking has been portrayed by giving a potential activity thought while settling on choices deliberately.

Truly more individuals utilize the responsive activity adopting strategy than a proactive one. In any case, it is conceivable and direct to change a methodology. This is how to do it:

Confidence in Proactive conduct – the initial step is having a psychological change of what you have accepted. To be a proactive activity taker, accept that it will work.

Individual Action Plan – PAP has three starting segments that are involved in phantom activities, minor activities, and significant activities. To make it easier, decide 3 principle activities you needed to do inside a day. Meanwhile, disregard other apparition or minor activities. Take them on the following piece of the procedure.

Concentrate on Your Action – After recognizing the large activities, start by achieving each in turn. Remain for some time and enjoy a reprieve for the reward. Return and do the following undertaking. Make these strides until you achieve different things on the rundown.

Evade receptive triggers – it tends to be troublesome not to fall back to your past practices. Give your best to dispose of receptive activity taking through staying away from some basic components around you or the past things you used to do. Concentrate on the 3 things you have distinguished. Try not to permit any other person to demolish your day and your outlook.

Be firm – If you were not used to doing as such, the proactive methodology may be very odd for you, particularly when you were already a receptive activity taker. Have some time in changing your methodology. Never battle against yourself and return to the old ways. The best activity is to return to being proactive and improve ceaselessly.

To be proactive additionally shows foreseeing issues, putting forth a valiant effort, and finding new arrangements. Unexpectedly, being responsive methods settling issues when turned up, performing least exertion, and despising changes. Being proactive is having clear musings about close to home objectives and completing the right activities to make these objectives attainable.

About the author

Santosh Kumar Linga, is young and dynamic person. He learnt writing and blogging from his uncle Krish (Murali Krishna Akilla), who is a very active member of Compumatrix.


  1. this is an awesome deep look into moving forward in business but more so into personal accomplishment and how you must be proactive with surroundings but it still is an individual commitment and success happens if you actually can evade going back to former pitfalls and anticipate or expect things or triggers and prepare and overcome those obstacles beforehand — it is a great read Santosh and guaranteed will be reading this many more times and grasping the wisdom you have put forth thank you — rj

  2. Being efficient, to me, means using time wisely, using resources wisely. If we apply that to our business, we would need to access how we manage that now and then think about how we can improve to make it more efficient. Plan the work and work the plan. A little extra time spent to make things more efficient will pay in time saved for us, and this frees us to do more with family and friends.

  3. An interesting post. Being efficient and proficient are two different things. Being efficient means making good and careful use of resources. Proficient is being good, skilled, fluent and practiced in a task or skill.For example; Awareness, little or no skill in task.
    Novice, some experience
    Intermediate, Awareness of lack of knowledge in task
    Advanced, Able to do task consciously
    Expert, Carry out task automatically, as in driving a vehicle. All motions are carried out with out concentrating on task.

  4. Being productive or efficient has changed as what we are and aren’t able to do has changed. I used to have a daily practice sheet that outlined things I did each day to move forward to maintain momentum and efficiency. But with everyone home and routines thrown up in the air, my daily practice has been challenged. I can’t get to as much of it as I used to. So, it is time to regroup, reimagine that daily practice to make it work in the new reality of our lives, living at home, full time, all of us!

  5. You have an an interesting opinion about efficiency and proficiency, Santosh. In terms of managing a business these two are different things in my view. Efficiency has to do with organizing your business and proficiency with the knowledge and skills you need to do the job. Both very important and complementary to eachother and both very important for a succesfull business.

  6. This concept of proficiency is an interesting one to contemplate, since it’s very much a personal determination, at the end of the day. It’s also fluid, in that what works for you and your business (and your life, in fact) in one day (or in one hour), may not be the most efficient in the next. I find I am constantly having to reassess, and readjust my way of doing things to get the most proficient results. I attribute this in part to the constant need to upgrade to the latest technological advancement – largely, in the form of new softwares and interfaces that are supposed to make life simpler and easier, but end up taking a lot of time in getting to learn BEFORE they could be deemed “proficient”.

  7. I think being efficient is one of the building blocks in creating successful businesses, schedules, or many different tasks in everyday life. I liked how this article talked about efficiency including a person being dependable, coordinated, and productive. Usually when you think about being efficient, you only see how that can help you in life get thins done. But, many people do not realize other people in a business depend on you to be efficient which means it is not only your goals depending on the efficiency.

  8. most definitely there is a difference between Efficient and proficient in my opinion — excelling at what you do is something as i see as Proficient and being efficient means you are practical in your applications and you don’t spend much time or effort in useless or unfruitful avenues — but that fact doesn’t necessarily mean You are considered Proficient in that pursuit — but as I said before I like this read it makes me think and I am reading again and again — thank you

  9. This blog reminds me of the constant battle of income generating tasks and non-income generating tasks. In this newly evolving world of being efficient in a Covid-19 virtual world is hard. The battles are the constant revolving door of efficiency is non-income generating business meetings being used as an excuse for justifiable efficiency. We need to remind ourselves of a few of these points of view in this blog. By not losing focus that income generating business should be the goal most of the time. In order to measure this efficacy, we need to look at the outcome of the task at hand. If there is no measurable outcome, the chance it is non-income generating is high.

  10. Proficient, if broken up, becomes pro – efficient.
    Both are related and interconnected. Nowadays, we need to be very efficient, in order to be successful, in all aspects of life – in our daily chores and in making important decisions. Many people define it as BEING PRACTICAL.
    Proeficiency is related to our accomplishments in certain areas, where good results are obtained, while making the right decisions, thereby making us efficient once again.

  11. I believe much of the key to all you are saying here is to be proactive in every way. The key to your health is not going to the doctor. It is being proactive doing preventative measures like good nutrition and exercise so you will never have to see him. With cryptos and success in general, the early bird gets the worm. I always pray that I would be 10 steps ahead of all that’s going on. That ensures success.

  12. Another way to become efficient and productive is the use of Time Management. Knowing how long it will take to get a project done allowing for some speed bumps along the way is a necessity. Much like you start your day with breakfast, exercise, etc., make sure you have a plan to fit into your productive hours working, and yes it requires a little planning. What you can’t complete today should be right on the top of your list to get done the next morning.

    Success is based on a plan or dumb luck (sometimes it’s all you have). Try using a simple plan to first and work your way up to a more complex program. Part of your timetable needs to incorporate your employees or assistants. Those around you also have jobs to do and when everyone is aware of each others timetable things get done.

    We work with a group internationally and our clocks are not in sync. Night here, day there, becomes a major factor in our daily lives. Use it to your advantage and work smart. Time Management produces efficiency and remember keep a block of time open for family. You’ll be glad you did!

  13. Efficiency isn’t in the cards for me in the last couple of weeks. My income has been shrinking for some time now and the oil company that we have been getting royalties from for the last couple of decades filed for bankruptcy. Another one bites the dust! I just hope to see a rebalance in my life and efficient growth with the launch of Compumatrix.

  14. I appreciate your article Santosh. These are in-depth insights into human nature and our ability to process events and work in our lives. Having gone through much trauma in the last few years, I lost sight of what and who I am. I was ready for a change in my life. Working a business was a significant desire I had, but with little or no motivation. When Compumatrix was introduced to me, life took on new meaning. With this renewed hope and encouragement and training from my friend Kevin, I started applying these principles you mentioned to my business. As I heal, I am encouraged to produce more and grow with Compumatrix. So grateful for this company and the people who are members.

  15. This blog is a motivation and guide for anyone who wants to be proactive and efficient. It is key to understand the amount of hours one works is not equal to the amount of work a person can get done. For example, if two people were given the same workout routine and person one got the workout done in thirty minutes and person two got the workout done in an hour, that does not mean person one didn’t get the same (if not better) results than person two. They both did the same workout, but person one was able to get the workout done faster than the other person. One needs to be proactive about a situation, not procrastinate. Efficiency and proactiveness is crucial if one wants to maximize what they can get done in a day.

  16. so agree with the fact that each individual is unique to that individual — and some can achieve success in a matter of 5 activities and others it may take 8 actions to get that success — But I believe the key to any Success is taking that proactive first step of Action and as you take those steps you develop the efficient ways to complete each task or step you may also have that efficiency mapped out in Action Plan but until you Take That Action you don’t know how efficient that will be — so much good learning — thank you —

  17. I love the word efficiency. Efficiency is the magical formula that allows people to get their work done, but also have time to have fun. It is never about how many hours of work someone puts into something; it is about how good the final product is and how quickly one can get it done – think about the T-Ford assembly line.

  18. The message of efficiency resonates with my latest daily challenge. I have challenged myself to become more efficient by segment intending. For example, if I am going to the store, I intend to find a parking spot in the shade, I know the items on my list, and I intend to be in the shortest line. It works like magic.

  19. I have read a few books on being organized, being efficient at home and at work and so on. There are rules and guides for many types of people, but they depend at what stage are in your life. I am retired and chores continue even if they are of a different kind. I focus on the small tasks first and get them out of the way and do the big ones early in the morning when I have most energy. For younger people I think focusing in what you like to do is the best incentive to motivate you and do the hard work, as time goes by, you learn the short cuts and be more efficient. Always surround yourself with mind like people and those who can give you good ideas and can learn from them.

  20. I had worked as secretary all my life and over the years had developed the ability to do a completed staff work. In the last company that I worked with for 25 years, incoming communications addressed to our general manager oftentimes already have a reply which I would attach as a draft, or a forwarding memorandum. This includes personnel reports of different nature like accident, malversation, etc. Before writing the draft, I would verify the actual incident from the head of the deparment who submitted the report. The draft also would point out the type of violation under the Company’s rules and procdures. This way the boss has a detailed information on the case. It is a great feeling to be a step ahead of the boss.

    Call this efficiency or being proactive. Those were among the best years of my life. Now, I continue to be productive and take my time doing things but without following any schedule.

  21. Every job and every task has a valuable final product. Efficiency is the production of that product with the least amount of waste of resources.
    Santosh, I liked one point you made about when you’re faced with a decision, having as a guiding rule that your decision must do more good than damage. Of course keeping in mind at all times your desired result is always the valuable final product of the action you’re engaged in.

  22. I believe that every human being has different ways of achieving efficiency. What seems ineffective to others may be the best way for someone to achieve efficiency.
    There is also a difference in efficiency, for example in a hobby – than what is required in a company. You have listed some important points about what it takes to be successful and achieve efficiency.

  23. the truth in the posting is every one of us should have every day worked out as best as can and as Efficient as possible — so many great efficient parts and ways of business also work in life and being this way is not being cheap or short cutting thru life and biz but being efficient is not wasting and staying focused on the goal and Success in both life n biz — good read Santosh —

  24. Efficiency is very important in business all your points are right on great blog. I believe responsive methodology is very important how you respond and what you say to there questions can mean a lot in a sale or business transaction. The outline in your blog is great and very business friendly I am so looking forward to the launch of our CDAP.

  25. Santosh,Great blog about efficiency!Performance in everyday life can be achieved with very little effort without wasting time on your ability,everyone uses efficiency according to their abilities.All points you mentioned in the blog are very good.

  26. I read this great blog and and put into perspective the wisdom of this information and become more efficient in that process and that is back to what I have practiced for most all of my adult Biz Life the KISS method — most success I have experienced is because of this key thought process KISS — great read here and Efficiency is a winner —

  27. It is easy to learn a specific way of doing things and to become very accustomed to doing the task in that specific way. This can affect the notion of being proactive, however, in that the ability to plan for the unforeseen may not be taken into account. Being proactive then also means being prepared and receptive to change.

  28. When I think about the term efficiency, I think about my younger days when I looked for what was called an efficiency to rent. An efficiency was then a one room cost effective apartment that efficiently had everything such as a shower, kitchen, etc., located within the one room. But it is the essence of the blog in that the apartment was designed behind a more efficient way of doing things.

  29. that does bring back rental memories when I was on road doing my work — look for efficiency with fridge n 2burner stove — oh yeppers the memories — lol but in this efficiently operating your biz means You are doing Biz at peak momentum where all you can do — you do—- in a speed that is smiled at by others –jmho

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