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Enforcing Immediate Change

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the reboot of businesses worldwide. Several businesses were caught off-guard and a test of resiliency had been put into motion. Several tech companies scrambled towards the new normal. From flexible working arrangements to work from home strategies, several workers had to jump into the world of online work.

At Compumatrix, the “new normal” had been our default way of life since its inception. However, it doesn’t mean that we are resilient to the changes posed by the pandemic. We are still at a status quo between getting paid first to work or work first to get paid.

Compumatrix battle cry is to Engage, Enrich and Enhance Life. The mission in itself is straightforward. It should be followed in its proper order.

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Focus on the word: Engage

Many of us would rather earn a living by working for ourselves than for someone else. Before jumping into the world of freelancers or self-employment, you need to ask yourself if you are ready to engage in a whole new ball game. Is it really the right thing for you to do?

It is not going to be easy. But one thing for sure, you need to have the ability and the capability. It takes money to make money. The same principle is true with online work.

Now, even if you do have the ability to do your work and the capability to fulfill demands you can’t just trust your friends to jump on board with you. Try as you may, you simply cannot run your business without clients or customers. You can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. You have to make things happen. ENGAGE with your potential customers. Write your personal story. Eventually, what you want to accomplish is turning your customer into who you are now. In marketing, good things don’t happen to those who wait.

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So, how do you tell the world about your business? There are many ways to accomplish this task. Just make sure that your message is not lost among the thousands of others competing for your customer’s attention. Always remember that it all starts with your personal story and journey.

What would be your story if you don’t have results yet? How do you measure your results? Is it in terms of what you’ve learned or is it how much you’ve earned? As a neophyte in the world of online work, everyone starts with a clean slate. What has inspired you to work from home? What is your goal in life or what is it that will finally say that you have succeeded? Every success story is different for every person because of the way they define it which is great. Your success story is an embodiment of your very unique outlook in life.

About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. I agree that it is time for us to get back into the routine of conducting our business. We have been taking a break for too long… in a waiting mode.

    1. Part pf getting back to business is making sure that your business does not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the community and world. This demands that we strategically post things about us, and articles to help the community (while identifying with the company). This is a challenge for many I am sure. We all have offline task and jobs at this point unless we have been able to retire from our task working for others.

      1. One of the things I think is important as we in a sense ” Go Live” again with the business world opening up is to start from the inside out. We need to really focus on shopping local first and foremost to help support out community business. Hopefully a lot will be able to make a complete come back but I know some will never open again.

  2. being PRO active is the only way to get anything done…stay ahead of the game by being proactive!!

  3. Great Article Henry!! We MUST be ready for change at all times…knowingly or unknowingly we are hit with variables that will either take us down or cause us to regroup, go back to the drawing board and emerge with a new path… always resilient and even more determined to succeed and become a leader in world wide economy and showing the world we are innovators and trail blazers…

  4. Proactivity has to start from within and this is only accomplished through self-study. Learning about the business before jumping in is key to any home business. Dedication with a forward focus is the push needed to be successful. Great article.

  5. Great thoughts! It is definitely time that we get up and start our engagement on a more active level in our business…..Compumatrix! THings are getting exciting again, and we need to help set the momentum for the great things that are before us!

  6. Sow a little, Reap a little, sow a lot more, reap a lot more.
    We reap what we sow. That includes negative & positive things.

  7. There will be some huge changes in the world as part of the fight against covid-19. Many companies will suffer from these changes.
    It’s great to be a part of a company that stays in front of these changes.

  8. A sudden change make us feel uncertain on what we can hold on to the future.Yet we need to stand up and aim high..Goal digger I must say for us to move forward and not to dwell in this pandemic.Thanks to this company by lifting members through being firm in your goal to engage,enrich and enhance.

  9. I am so ready to work this buisness and I can feel the excitement starting to rise again, so many more people will now be looking for online work due to the pandemic and the loss of jobs, and we are in the best possible position to take compumatrix to a higher level

  10. For some of us, the COVID 19 hasn’t changed our lives much. Those who have the gift of being able to stay at home and work, usually saw little change in their work schedule. How ideal Compumatrix has been for us. Also for many people during this pandemic, it was a unique opportunity for them to find out that they COULD INDEED do most all of their work from home. I suspect many will continue in that change of working from home.

  11. There have been So many changes since we began here, both from within and outward influences on us personally and for our business. I remember from one of my first training classes….. “to succeed we Must remain Flexible” … Sometimes it’s hard to keep up but I believe the Reward will be worth the Effort! Blessings to All

  12. The lockdown around the world has made people think vary carefully about their old values, what enriched their lives, what did they take for granted? I have known many people who thought they had a job for life and a pension at the end of it. Many take their health for granted but when we are put in a position where walls are put around you emotionally, financially, physically and mentally…you look for freedom and independence. Compumatrix offers that freedom and allows each individual to be self-empowered in every way….but also allows that individual the opportunity to help others to be self sufficient and financially free…lockdown or not.

  13. One of the scariest things to do is to head into business for yourself. It’s also one of the most rewarding, in all aspects of the idea.
    Scary – You have to manage your time and be disciplined with no one to blame but yourself.
    Positive – You have to manage your time and be disciplined with no one to blame but yourself.

    Being in business for yourself means you must be in a constant learning mode and being better than yesterday. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by having a mentor. Someone that will not only help with advice and guidance, but to be accountable to.

  14. I love Compumatrix “battle cry”, Engage, Enrich and Enhance life! Great article, that gives the full meaning of what our company – and our business – will be. For many engagement is in organisations or sports communities… for me – it is how I can engage the younger groups, those who will be the next compumatrix generation. Some people think of enrichment as cash in their pockets – but enrichment is so much more than money. Enhancing life for other people is for me the greatest gift of all.

  15. The Universe is ever-changing…The Earth, like its climate, is ever-changing. Likewise, the life that dwells upon it is also ever-changing in nature, form and function. In the same fashion, those of us who are a part of this vision that is Compumatrix are called upon to be ever-ready to change. What doesn’t change is the formula for successful adaptation: Engage with others (as we are social entities), Enrich (those we engage with, Knowledge-{the how-to’s}), and thereby Enhance Life, not only our own, but also for whom we bestow the goodness we’ve acquired.

  16. Yes we hear a lot about the New normal, how exactly it will look like is anybody’s guess for now. One thing is certain though, working from home will definitely be a part of it so there will be a big opportunity for Compumatrix to establish itself in the front line when fully functional of course.

  17. The pandemic is changing not only the social and work relationships, but also the way we see the life.

  18. We are living in times that the majority of the population have never experienced.We only have the books we read and maybe if we have family old enough to remember the hardest times of the past. Life is hard for everyone and we are all looking for other ways to make money to pay our bills. I personally have been waiting for the chance to make a living online for quite some time. I believe that this program will supply me with chance to do so.Waiting is difficult but it is something we should all be prepared for what ever. People talk about what the new normal but if you really think about “Normal” is a state of mind that is different for all. We just need to think about getting our lives back to being productive. Getting a job online will help me to do so.

  19. Being retired did help with coping in the Lockdown stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, I am used to being home so I looked curiously at people who were freaking out in our resident chatrooms about going mad because they could not leave their houses. Prior to being retired I worked from home for 10 years as well. Most of my friends told me it would not last and I would go mad or get cabin fever, but that never happened. Once people are used to staying home, being able to earn a living from a loft in your house will become the norm. I am really looking forward to Engaging, Enriching and Enhancing and doing it online and from my home office is going to be awesome!

  20. It surely will be interesting to see how the economy takes off again. Here in Michigan there will be more finally opining up on June 15th. Some feel long over due while others say it still to early. Lot’s of mixed emotions on were we should be at. Time will tell!

  21. Some of the largest work forces in the nation have decided to allow
    their employees to simply stay home and continue working from there
    even after companies get the green light to have their workers return
    to work. Obviously this has been the plan for Compumatrix from day
    one so we are way ahead of the curve. All I can say is “I’m Ready”!

  22. To see the recent world events dramatically and quickly plunging us into fear, uncertainty, and doubt, is certainly an unexpected turn of our ‘normal’ ways of thinking and acting. With compumatrix comes hope, faith and the promise of better things to come. We members of Compumatrix are ready to Enrich, Engage, and Enhance the lives of our families, friends and communities across the globe.

  23. The pandemic issue has brought Compumatrix into the forefront. In the past, some companies have already practised ‘work from home’ for some of their managers. It has become a new normal now for many because of the crisis. Our company clearly fits into the system of working from home. The pandemic also has resulted in unemployment specially in our country as small to medium size business have closed, while big establishments had to streamline and simplify its organization in their effort to cope with efficiency and profitability. We have before us a great opportunity to offer our online business. We just need to equip ourselves with the knowledge by contnuously learning the nuance of the business so that we can confidently engage. Things will be easier, I believe, once CDAP and Dex become fully operational. .

  24. Compumatrix has given us the tools to succeed. WE must be proactive with these tools in our businesses to become successful. Engage, Enrich and Enhance Life!

  25. The vision of what Compumatrix would become was just so far ahead of its time that it included ideas that preceded and foretold cryptocurrency. Now we can also see that it has also prepared us to be able to function and soon thrive in the “new normal” globally. WOW! That is something to ponder and appreciate! As Henry stated, and I quote, “At Compumatrix, the “new normal” had been our default way of life since its inception.”

  26. Very interesting post. Covid-19. The pandemic we had to have, or was it! It did show that people can change quickly. working from home actually suited a lot of workers who previously had to commute to work. Regarding he comment “getting paid first to work or work first to get paid”. Many have been with Compumatrix for years, working and investing time and money, and are now ready to reap the rewards of all their labour. Since the work has been put in over that time, we can continue working and getting paid.

  27. Engage, Enrich, Enhance. I love our motto! And of course it is open to interpretations from everyone who reads it, just as everything else in this wonderful world.

    To me, this ability to share our ideas, opinions and gifts, is the meaning of engagement with Compumatrix. We participate with whatever we are most comfortable with, first. Then perhaps we try some things that are out of our experience. Enrichment happens because of that very engagement. We enrich ourselves, first, with the new experiences we engage in, and then others, as they partake of what we offer. And thus we enhance all lives!

    I especially appreciate the diversity of our community. We have all kinds of folks–from many countries, backgrounds, ages, religious affiliations… And somehow we are able to accommodate such diversity! We have come to see each other as one community, even though there may be times when we disagree. That is a huge and incredible feat! May the overriding sense of care that we all seem to share continue to be a guiding factor in all that we do.

  28. The pandemic has brought the best in people, not only in adjusting to the new rules, but in caring for others and creating new ideas on how to work from home. For those who have worked at home most of the time, the pandemic is nothing more than a passing inconvenience. Thankfully, there are many ways to work online and this brings us to Compumatrix which is an online business and can be reached across 5 continents. Those of us who have been from the beginning are ready to see the first fruits of our awaited green light. I am expecting thousands of new members will be at the door when Compumatrix opens and millions can benefit from the comforts of working from anywhere at any time online.

  29. As my Mom always said, ‘can’t never did anything.’ Engage, have a plan, be flexible and work towards your goal. Things always change, there are always bumps in the road, Covid-19 has changed things for businesses and opened up new roads via the internet. Compumatrix has always been on that road.

  30. One of the most positive things that has come from the pandemic is proof that we are flexible and resilient when faced with immediate change… like Henry said “You can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. You have to make things happen.”The fact is the new normal is still something we are all still uncertain of. Being proactive and already ahead of the curve will be very beneficial to compumatrix as a company.

  31. I agree with the fact that the New Normal is anything but certain as of this writing and probably will be more than a day or two in the future before it is established and I agree even as of this we must engage and push forward as best we can as Individuals and business entrepreneurs– we must start somewhere —

  32. as I said in my earlier we must Start somewhere as we are doing right now this fact is indisputable and we must Engage and we must Enrich each other and by doing that we will Encourage all we meet and I believe in the end that will make us All Better Entrepreneurs and people in general as we help all we come in contact with—

  33. I also agree with the fact that we can not just sit back and let life or things or business or non business happen — we really have to take hold of our situation and make Our particular part a Good and Positive happening and then keep pushing forward on what i like think of as the Truth train — keep smiling and keep pushing right way — Truth —

  34. Life as it was probably will not be the same again. There are still people out there that are not staying true to what they are suppose to do. That is why this Covid-19 will be the normal. Have to stay strong and busy, that is how I got through the main part of this stay at home life. You have to find ways to keep busy so do not sit around and thinking about this virus. We have to stand our ground no matter what, we are all in this together. Stay Safe!!

  35. I think resiliency in the main word in this blog post because no matter what obstacles a company is faced with, they must persevere if they want to survive. Compumatrix has always used online as a means of communication, but the pandemic has no doubt affected the Compumatrix community members individually. Compumatrix, along with the rest of the world, will have resilience and persevere through this pandemic.

  36. resiliency is a great definition of the word that we as business people will have to be to work thru this virus and now with a possible second wave here in America — i tend to not agree with the news analysis of this latest jump here but if it becomes more difficult to build a business network then it will slow down business and we have to be aware of that possibility — I read thru thee replies here at Bloggers Central I agree Perseverance is a Common Thread twix many here — great read–

  37. Resiliency is one of those attributes that keeps goals and dreams alive. Covid certainly threw everyone a curve-ball. Now, how we, at Compumatrix choose to hit the curve ball is a different story. Will we welcome the slower speed a curve ball has and knock it out of the park? Or, will we bow to the curve ball’s less direct path and swing and miss, because it is not a straight pitch? I believe we all know the answer to this question. Positivity and resiliency will make our company stronger. This virus will come and go and we will be left with better systems and processes in place. Also having a stronger mindset. Lastly, knowing we can hit any pitch this world throws at us!!!

  38. Whether we like it or not, the world is constantly changing. Because of the pandemic, we along with everyone else have had to adapt to the current circumstances. Even though there is some hardship right now because of the virus, perhaps it is making us stronger, more innovative, and hungrier for success.

  39. do hope that this virus has literally made each us stronger in our Hope and as a group or business that Hope makes us Persistent in our push forward and gives us the inner strength to Persevere — and honestly we have even before the pandemic hit globally –we as a business has persevered thru many intriguing times and even think a few of us have been punched in the gut as we grew stronger — but could be wrong — great reading replies

  40. Change is coming in all forms and the epidemic will be over soon. But being in limbo keeps you confused, I hated it so I had lots at home to focus on like my son. Home clean up and now back to learning because the epidemic is causing lots of change in pushing digital currency. so let’s see whats sticks and we have to keep. I’m ready to get back to work and back to normal. Just remember to Belly Breath, it helps you relax!

  41. reading this simple n great blog again — do realize with each passing day that the change is happening each moment — and honestly some of this especially in the food business is not a favorite of mine — But it is reality and believe it or not must accept and then maybe come up with better alternative or more simpler n better change ?? who knows at this point — thanks Henry for this OPP here in Compu

  42. even at this stage of the day — each moment we strive to be successful in any of our business callings makes each part of the conversation and communication that important — do i wish i could just close my eyes and poof ?? but then in actuality it wouldn’t be any where near the fulfillment I have experienced in different parts of my career — and not always have I been a success but success I do know — still so very much in appreciation to Henry n his Team for our Success here — rjh

  43. Great article, we all have to agree that “Compumatrix battle cry is to Engage, Enrich and Enhance Life.”
    Persistence is essential to the success of many businesses.We need to be positive and persistent in the business of compumatrix. Pandemic taught that suddenly anything can happen in life, and we have to face it and we all helped each other.If we thought we would wait for it to end, we would probably go too far, but compumatrix encouraged us and we stayed connected to it.

  44. I believe the timing could not be better so many are out of work now and some can not go back out and take a chance at catching COVID because of sick ones at home or grandpa or grandma may catch it. So this is a perfect opportunity for them to get started and work at home at a new unique business so let’s get this rolling.

  45. Understanding the power of our motto “Engage, Enrich and Enhance” and utilizing it together with the power of one ( everyone introducing one person to our group daily, monthly etc. and they following the same pattern) We can change the world for the better of all. As Henry mentioned “Focus”. (Where attention goes, energy flows) We have the Leaders, the system and the people in Compumatrix to reach the moon. Thanks for the great information Henry.

  46. this is such a great read and the information involved here is so Biz Savvy and here at Compu Biz — we as a Business must always stay Focused on the 3 E’s and bring that Energy to each of our individual businesses and also be a Team Business Owner — Engage Enrich Enhance —

  47. The Covid-19 pendemic virus has surely brought a huge change in our world for doing things. And our timing for building our company Compumatrix is also just right in this time of change. We look forward to the long term growth and building Compumatrix by the Grace of God.

  48. Covid-19 what a diaster to the whole world. Countries are having up to 19 thousand covid-19 cases a day. So sad, the world has shut down , loosing jobs , homes , businesses . This is why having a home base personal business like Compumatrix is so important with the lock downs we have been having. I figure the Covid will be around for many years ,vacanies or not.

  49. I believe that we must always be ready for the changes that take place in the world. We always have to adapt in the best possible way, always aiming for success.
    Since I was a child, I always wanted to be a writer, as a profession. At first, I imagined myself in front of bookstores, watching people buy my books. I don’t see myself like that anymore. I imagine myself creating an app where people access to read the things I write.

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