Every Day is a Choice.

We have far more choice than we realise in deciding how we are feeling each day.

Just by noticing your thoughts and knowing that we can change them.

A great quote that has always stayed with me is, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

In recent months it has challenged us more than normal as we have woken up each day aware of the limitations imposed on us and feeling the anxieties from around the world being shared with us each time we listen to the news.

Many people feel helpless, vulnerable, and anxious, with old fears bubbling up from the past. They are told to stay in, don’t socialise, and don’t hug your family and friends.

Young and old are having sleepless nights, some drink more to push away their fears, and some eat more to feed the gnawing anxieties. They are doing whatever they can to cope. However, other healthier ways can help you feel better.

Here are my tips for helping yourself to feel lighter and more peaceful.

  1. Before getting out of bed in the morning, lie still and say ‘thank you’ for at least three things for which you are grateful. Thankful for such as a roof over your head, a warm, dry home, another day to practise kindness to others and yourself, Etc.
  2. Suppose you are feeling disassociated and down with no energy, etc. If possible, step outside and if there is grass, take your shoes off and walk on the grass..connect to the earth. Go to the nearest tree you are attracted to, stand with your back to it, and close your eyes. Imagine that you have roots just like the tree that grows down from your feet and goes deep into the ground. Remind yourself of how at each Fall, that tree just ‘let’s go’ of the old leaves as it prepares for new growth. Remind yourself that it is ok to let go or ‘your’ old fears and ancient belief systems. Make room for new, fresh ideas and thoughts that lift your spirits.
  3. Bring some fresh, colourful flowers into each room you spend time in. Plants are excellent at helping to maintain clean air. And their beautiful colours will lift you.
  4. Sit quietly in one room you spend a lot of time in, let your eyes dwell on each object or picture in that room, and notice whether anything makes you feel sad or tense. If so, remove it out of that room and instead only surround yourself with things that make you smile or lift your spirits.
  5. What sounds lift you? Certain music/songs or the sound of the ocean waves? Put on some musical hits from the past that always make you tap your foot or sing along to. Play a CD with the sound of the ocean waves on it and listen to it for 15 minutes. Notice how much lighter you feel afterwards.
  6. Talk for less time to the gloomy friend who uses you as a dumping ground to unload all their problems on to you. Notice how it always leaves feeling tired after their visit or phone call.
  7. Do something creative or inspirational. This could be: playing an instrument, doing a jigsaw, walking your dog, being in the garden, learning a new hobby, do some drawing or painting. Do whatever makes your heart sing with joy.
  8. Create a small book of photos full of happy, joyful memories, of holidays, an evening out with friends, playing with a pet, or smiling grandchildren. Only have photos that make you smile when you look at them or even put those pictures on to your phone. It then becomes your book of ‘happy moments’.
  9. Think about what you watch on TV? How do you feel afterwards? Anxious, angry, or relaxed? So instead watch something that makes you smile, or even better, turn off the TV.
  10. Relax in a bath with Epsom salts or Sea salt. It helps to repel negativity and is very relaxing for your body and mind.

Notice how the picture above makes you feel?

Then how does this angry man make you feel?

So one powerful insight is that you can’t ‘feel’ two ‘opposite’ emotions at the same time. You can’t be happy and sad at the same time, and you can’t be angry and peaceful at the same time.

So use positive resources unique to you, focus on the things that make you feel happy based on your own personal experiences, and don’t fill your day looking at and listening to people that fuel your fear and anxieties.

Compmatrix wouldn’t have survived until today unless we had leaders who knew how to pick themselves up from the knocks and disappointments.

We too, as part of the Compumatrix family, can use some of these tips to keep our eyes focused on what gives us hope and positivity as our business opens up to become fully functional.

I hope you find something useful in these tips and if you have some wonderful suggestions that you would like to add, please comment.

Thank you.

About the author

Peter is a founding member of compumatrix but also has spent the last 30 years dedicated to empowering individuals and freeing them from the emotional bruises of life. He has a huge client base all over the world where he has demonstrated his unique gift as an intuitive therapist working with young and old. His greatest joy is when a client realises that the wisdom they have been looking for, is actually within themselves.


  1. Peter…what a lovely list of suggestions on how to uplift our daily lives! We all need it these days, don’t we? And while I do many of those on a regular basis, especially the gratitude and being in and interacting with nature, I still appreciate the reminder. Even if I was a top executive with monumental responsibilities, I would find time to be outdoors near my precious nature. And if not, then….there’s always the option to bring a bit of nature indoors, as you suggested! Thank you so much!

  2. The last year has been very challenging. I have always felt l was in control but for the first time I felt like something was controlling me. How quickly, if we allow it, we can lose our sense of purpose and direction in our lives, especially if we live alone. When I read your blog, it was another wake up call to action. We often need others to show us the way or at least remind us of who we are and what we are capable of achieving, even if it is something as simple as happiness in our lives. Life doesn’t have to be so complicated unless we allow it. Thank you for giving me that nudge that I needed today so I can wake up tomorrow with a new outlook. Physical pains don’t have to control our lives, nor do mental ones. I look forward to taking a right turn every day this week when I otherwise might have taken the wrong path.

  3. Love your post-Peter and some great advice in there. Yes, it has not been a good year so far, but it is not fear at all but being powerless sometimes since I feel that too many things just don’t add up.
    Also for my own well being I am not watching TV anymore, avoid negative people around me, and just do mostly my own things. I love the outdoors and coming the cooler season will be a blessing for the people living here in Mexico after a very hot and humid summer. I also love gardening and will be happy to start my garden again shortly while I was taking care over the summer for the first time of a few gardens from my neighbors until they come back in the fall again.

    1. Thank you, Gitta

      I love this time of the year in the UK when flowers are just starting to bloom and when I step into our garden; it seems as if the birds are louder than before. As we are still in Lockdown here in March, there are fewer people outside and it as is as if Nature is reminding us to be free, unique and yet also live in harmony. I know that Compumatrix will help us to help others be free.

  4. A very heartwarming article Peter!! Living life to the fullest should be your goal.
    Giving thanks to God before going to bed at night and waking up in the morning is a very positive thought of our life.I think to stay away from negative people and keep yourself busy. We can live a better life by following all the advice you give. I always love the whole world and those who live in them. I pray for everyone. I do not interfere in anyone’s religion. This is the proof of my good health and success.Thank you for very good suggestions.

  5. Thanks Peter! It does not hurt to be reminded from time to time that you can choose how you look at things. It is easy to fall for fear even if it is not justified. I love your description of how “a tree lets go of the old leaves as it prepares for new growth”. Due to health problems, I can no longer take long forest walks, but I can open a window and let in fresh air!

  6. great points thru this blog posting — do agree we do make our own choices and if you want Peace then you must make focused choices and can not let the negatives or wrongs in but even when they do get in it is our own conscious choice to work thru those times and bring us back to Peace — great stuff here —

  7. Thank you Peter for your great suggestions, actually I like the whole list, the best one is
    focus on the things that make you feel happy based on your own personal experiences
    Its really so funny how person can change his mood, by just listening to some music, I was just reading Inga blog about music, it was so good.

    1. Yes, music is a wonderful resource that anyone of any age can use. I know ..how I feel…will affect those I talk to and those who live with me. We can lift ourselves and also lift others or we can impose our sadnesses and injustice on our day and also everyone else we meet. It is a choice….I often give a virtual hug in my thoughts to the people I care for even if I don’t know them well, as I believe that I feel lighter by thinking of how I can help someone else, rather than ‘wishing’ I was someone else.

  8. Thank you Peter for your uplifting insights. My favorite movie is Groundhog Day! It tells a story of how negative thoughts changed by choosing positive thoughts of love and gratitude can change your life. I recently watched a documentary called “Superhuman Film”, which also showed the power of thoughts in each moment. We are more powerful than we can even imagine. If you can’t love it all, then accept it or allow it and you will start living in peace. I play and dance to “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone every day and I choose to stamp my love on every moment!

  9. 10 extremely helpful suggestions to become lighter and more peaceful, Peter. I love them all and am going to refer to your list often! Pictures sure do get a point across, particularly your two pictures – it isn’t very hard to know which one makes you feel better! This is something that can be used every day of our lives to help us live a more fulfilling life. Applying these tips to our Compumatrix business will help make every day a joy to live!

  10. I enjoyed your post, Peter, as it reminded me of the things I have learned and practiced at one time or another in my lifetime. Sometimes I forget to relax, to be happy, to accept things out of my control, and to just enjoy life. I needed this reminder to let go of my fears and find the good in life. Thank you for that.

  11. Thank you Peter for a delightful read. Choice is powerful. To understand that each day you have the power to choose is even more powerful. Directed thought into gratitude and thankfulness is immense. Sometimes just that alone can shift any heavy feelings. I believe the emotional body is a gift presenting many feelings. Heavy feelings or what we call negative emotions are a gift too. They can not be stopped and should not be labeled as bad. Once we feel these emotions we have the choice to balance them. Your article gives many ideas on how to create that balance utilizing all the senses. Beautifully done.

    1. Peter it’s a very thoughtful and a beautiful blog.It was a reminder for me that yes there are lots of negative things happening but tyou can still find the positive things in life around you.There is so much beauty which one misses out when you are being fearful and worried Whenever I am stressed out I go and talk to my roses and admire their beauty even though they are surrounded by thorns- that’s life

  12. Everyday is a choice.
    Many of the big motivational gurus like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield tell you to write down 10 things every day that you feel grateful for. I find if I remember to do this my life becomes better. I think the very first thing I should be thankful for every minute is that at my age of 84 my mind still functions. It surprises me, too. I was raised by a woman who, I always said, “dithered” in making decisions. At the time I didn’t see it as making choices. Maybe because I was too impatient to listen. Now when people complain about me dithering I tell them it is congenital and they have no choice but to listen or not. That is their decision.
    Many times I have a difficult time finding 10 things to be happy about, but you just have to keep
    looking. One of the first things that comes to mind is, after giving thanks that I am awake and
    breathing, is for Compumatrix. I do wish it would hurry up though before its too late for me to be able to pass it on to my family who will be so surprised to see it really happened. When that day arrives I hope, if I’m gone, I will be able to see their faces as they realize what they’ve missed by pooh poohing the whole idea. I guess that would be another thing to be grateful for.

  13. Good advice, Peter. I find myself doing some of the things you suggested, especially being thankful for another day when I wake up. And then as I go through the day, I try to keep a positive attitude even when faced with a disappointment. That happened to me today, I was faced with what could have been an unfortunate setback that could have ruined my day if I had let it. But I chose to move on and not let it get me down. I’m grateful for Compumatrix for giving me hope.

  14. Peter, you have put down points which are practical, all of us we need these moments and you clearly described them very well, we are becoming better and better each day, most of the blogs here touches our daily life and I’m so happy to be part of this big family that we can hear from each others thoughts, advise suggestion that help us to navigate our daily lives.

  15. I like every point Peter, putting that to test surely bears the fruit, have done some of the points and I’m in the process of implementing several others I’m learning from the blogs I try to go through them when I get a bit of time especially now that I’m going through some health challenges, We have to overcome the difficulties.

  16. What a great list to calm your mind down from all the negativity in the world. It is a daily mindset the minute you get up and go to work. I work retail and I meet all different kinds of people everyday for the past 20 years and I have learned to read people with in the first minute I speak to them. I can tell by there character and the twinkle in there eye or NO twinkle. I have tested this knowing I would run into difficulty by telling a disgruntled rude negativity person to have a blessed day (I usually tell them all that) but every once in awhile I I get one that spits back negativity and ugliness when I mention blessed. I even had one tell me that God did not save my brother and I prayed and prayed so I have nothing to do with him any more I tried to tell him we all have a date on our backs and it was just his time but he walked away to quickly.

  17. Great thoughts Peter. I love the idea you put forth about going bare feet in the grass. Health practitioners call it “Grounding”. We actually carry tons of electricity in our bodies that sometimes we just don’t need. Going barefoot in the grass dissipates all that electricity and energy and does you a world of good. All that you shared here are great ways to keep everything all possitive.

  18. Absolutely lovely post. There are many things within your wonderful collection of ideas and reminders that I shall make a point of using to help myself be better at being better! As a rule I can always find the good but sometimes others can make it very difficult to sustain. Thank you for sharing such invaluable information.

  19. I like music!
    I listen a lot to my favourite tunes during work. Makes the day go quicker and it doesn’t feel as stressful.
    Would like to add training to that list. Very important that both the body and the mind are in harmony to be able to function well together.

  20. Great post Peter! It has been a while since I have read a post and some of the replies to the end. It certainly kept me captivated with suggestions, especially the one sitting quietly in the room that you spend a lot of time in and looking at each item in turn and removing the items that make you feel sad and tense. Also like the idea of fresh colourful flowers in the room to lift your spirits and maintain clean air.

    1. What a wonderful collection of tips on making good choices each and every day. I will definitely be incorporating these great suggestions into my day. It has been easier to get discouraged from the lack of socialising, seeing other’s smiles, shaking hands and hugging (😅some of us more than others). Thank you for the encouragement to look for the good life and not dwelling on the bad.

  21. As I’m reading your blog, I reflect on item #5. While reading this, I’m so relaxed listening to some “Relaxing Monday Jazz”. Recently I got back to listening to jazz because I find I can do other things while staying focused. All of your suggestions are great!

  22. Very nicely-written post. We can choose how we want to live. Looking for the brighter side always and keeping our minds clean and free all the time.Its important to find the balance between our work and time for ourselves. Taking one day at a time and making the most of the opportunity to live intensely and happily.

  23. Peter, I love this blog. Those steps are how I am able to keep going in a forward motion. I learned back on May 15, 2000, that life is very short and there is no time to dwell in negativity. Being able to wake up each morning is a blessing. Having a roof over my head, food in the pantry, clothes on my back, a fantastic family, a great support unit, many friends, and still working at 73 for the best company allows me to rejoice in my abundant blessings daily.

  24. Peter thank you very much for a great post–Every day is a choice,And a list of ten points to consider each day of our lives and sort out the negatives and eliminate them. A little time of solitude spent in meditation is a tremendous therapeutic tool worth a little time spent doing it..

  25. Peter, thank you for posting these points that I need to consider. Yes, everyday life has something new, whether it is good or bad. It is how you handle each situation is how your day will go. I try to always look on the bright side of life.

  26. Thank you for such an uplifting post. I always welcome ways to make me feel lighter and peaceful about life and myself. I really like the “tree exercise” and I will search for a nice tree that can help me let go of some unpleasant feelings and memories. Now is a great time to do it as fall is close and leaves are starting to change color and will let go of the old ones to make room for the new ones. I will copy some of your great suggestions and thank you for your post.

  27. Many interesting ideas for us to feel better you’ve listed there Peter. It’s easy to feel down or even depressed these days, what a year we’ve had so far.
    Many times just being in the nature can improve our mood, to go for a walk or swim in a lake.
    Music is a given and smells like essential oils can work wonders.

  28. Thankfully, I recieved a keyboard in recent times. It’s looks at me with a look of hope. Hope that my fingers will play a relaxing tune to ease the minds of everyone around me.

    Five minutes later, I end up hitting the keyboard keys too hard and create a death metal song which can only be aided by my angelic voice. Some would say in that moment, I’m happy and relaxed, although the cat that runs out of the room in annoyance would disagree!

    1. I’m sure the cat just runs out of the room to also bang on it’s own keyboard and practice it’s angelic meow after taking your inspiration.

  29. Tremendous words of wisdom. Some of the tips I used to practice for years, but slowly drifted away from them as I aged. These are all good points and do help to make your body and mind to be free. These points are a means we can employ to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Peter, I agree with you our positive thought process in the face of adversity is vital to our well being and the world.

  30. Terrific blog Peter. Some very useful ideas in how to take control of each day & your life. Happiness comes from within, it cannot be found by looking outside your self. Happiness is in fact, a skill that everyone can acquire. Daily meditation is the key. Thanks to advances in neuroscience & MRI’s we now know that people who exhibit more activity in the left pre-frontal cortex of their brain (as opposed to right pre-frontal cortex) are happier than those who don’t. Manic depressives exhibit more in their right pre-frontal cortex, for example. The level of activity is measured by blood flow. Here’s the exciting part, those who meditate regularly, exhibit more activity in their left pre-frontal cortex in general, than those who don’t. Dr. Richard Davidson, William James and Vilas Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the Founder and Director of the Center for Healthy Minds, has conducted this groundbreaking research, if you wish to check this out.

  31. Always, ALWAYS state what we are grateful for. Remember too that life is about balance. Do take time for ourselves and reflect on what and how we can be better people. C/M takes that into complete consideration in the forward thinking of lives that will change because of us.

    Love the list – especially the grounding. I can’t remember the last time I wore shoes. 🙂

  32. Great post Peter and what a wonderful list of suggestions…many thanks! For me, I can attest that the use of sounds, frequencies and music certainly help to uplift my mood, especially when I’m at work. In particular, the sound of ocean waves and nature offer a calming effect and helps me focus, be more productive and feel less exhausted.

  33. What a powerful selection of choices to calm the mind & feed the soul, Peter. You must be very good at what you do in service to humanity’s well being. The only thing I would add is meditation…the kind where one gets out of the mind to simply BE. It’s a huge stress reliever and calms the nervous system, giving us room to breathe. But you already know that 🙂

  34. It’s amazing how music can alter your mood in such a positive way. One song can change a frown into a smile. I remember seeing a video of a young man playing his guitar whilst waiting for the subway. I can’t recall the song but it was very catchy. Within about 15 seconds, a complete stranger joined in with him whilst singing.

    A minute into the song and the whole crowd of people were smiling, and singing away to the song. Everyone then continues the day but they’ve had this incredibly positive experience.

    Sometimes we just need to let our hair down and be free! Singing to strangers can change your day, week or year.

  35. Good post and plenty to put to good use. I think working is a kind of releasing energy and makes you thrive if you like your job. I like to go to the beach to find relaxed and brake from the spinning wheel of everyday challenges. I think anything or anywhere we can feel connected with nature make us feel relaxed and grounded.

  36. Thank you for your lovely replies, I know by sharing our personal experiences it can inspire each other as well as remind us of what we have forgotten, yet also it can help us when going through challenging times.
    I also want to add that smells and scents are important, it can trigger a pleasant magical memory from the past instantly.
    Clearing out a cupboard or drawer of old unused clothes or even things we haven’t touched or looked out for years, is another idea. Just to let go of the past and pass on. It also creates a space for fresh energy, new ideas, and inspiration. And I am always ready for more of that.

  37. Great Post Peter, when I read it it made me once again so grateful I live in the United States of America. Choices, yes, we have them from the moment we hear the alarm go off every morning – we must make 500 or more choices every day of our lives. I can’t imagine living without them. One choice leads to another, then another, and another until we lose the reason we just made the last one. Some we make in our minds silently, some we groan about, some we make cheerfully, some bring rewards, some get us in trouble, I wonder if anyone has ever counted how many choices they made in just one day!

  38. Choices, are “decisions” some good, some bad, but happy to have the opportunity to make my own. We make choices based on the knowledge we have when it comes to making the most important ones in our life. More knowledge, affects our choices from what we want to be when we grow up, to who we will marry – isn’t it interesting that we make our biggest choices when we are too young to know better. Oh how we wish later that we’d known the consequences of choices we made at 18, at 20, or even at 30!

  39. The little girl in the bucket made me shiver, she is darling but she looks like she might be cold. Speaking of cold, if there is one thing that can change our temperature from cold to sweating bullets it’s making choices – or decisions. Weighing the pros and cons and coming up with our best choice can be instant or take hours, even days or years. Most choices are made without much thought, there there are those that are life changing. I’m still young and so far, I am happy with most of my decisions, thank God for great parents, who taught me to pray and ask God for His will in my life. His ways are not our ways, He knew us before we were born and He has a “plan” just for us individually. In the end, we are happier if we follow His plan for our “major” choices.

  40. I liked this article because each day it is hard to wake up and be grateful for the day we are given. Especially in recent times, many negatives have been placed into our lives and it is up to us to turn them into positives. When something changes in our lives we can look at it in a negative or positive way. Even if it is a negative situation, it is up to you to turn it into a positive.

  41. Peter, you wrote a lovely, insightful article, and many, including myself, appreciate it very much. Life is a choice, as you said. Who we are and who we choose to become is also a choice. I’m getting a bit older now; I used to believe that ancient people had no choice; if they became bitter and grumpy and nasty, it wasn’t their fault. However, since I am getting older, I’ve discovered that I do have a choice. Perhaps someday that will change, but right now, I get to decide who I am and how I treat other people. A wise person once said that if you surround yourself with wonderful, giving happy people, you too will become loving, giving, and happy, and that’s just what I have decided to do! Thank you again for a wonderful article.

  42. Thank you Peter for the great blog, being positive is a must. Thank you for the great information on learning to feel more grounded and centered. I wish more people would do this instead of being angry the anger just makes you sick inside. Being out in nature is a huge bonus. I love walking in fluffy grass.

  43. this is such a delight to read and imagine and as I read this and put it into my daily thoughts –it becomes so much more prevalent to furthering my quest in our biz here –and staying up on the daily parts of our biz is essential and knowing others are also pushing forward in a positive way — keeps a smile on the Heart and makes each moment a simpler and more uplifting time — much appreciation truly — rj

  44. Peter loved your post! Yes, we can choose how we want to see things and situations! And I always try to see the best side of everything and everyone! I also practice gratitude a lot and that makes me very happy! All this time we have been watching and waiting for Compumatrix to become stronger, has matured us and prepared us for the big day, the promising future that all of us members will have, God willing!

  45. Peter, another great article. I can see how you have had a stellar career with all the positive thinking and incorporating into a meaningful thought process. I can see where I will have to work on several of your suggestions and bring myself down to earth daily.
    Compumatrix is in a good place right now, finally, and with several updates in the works, it looks like we are in for a pretty good ride starting in the near future.
    You are right about our leadership team. If they weren’t so steadfast in their thinking we would likely be down the road by now wondering if CompU would have made it. We have the fortune to know that this train is still on the tracks!

  46. Wonderful article Peter! Many of us at Compumatrix can gain so good insights to use here in all aspects of our life; such as waking up and thanking God for just 3 things, as a good start to a day; and then going out and just bonding with God’s Awesome creation, by just walking in the grass bare foot….
    Your points on not feeling any two emotions at the same time, and using any and all Positive sources for renewed vitality is fantasic advice to any and all no matter where you are in life!!

    We do have a fantastic team of people who totally support each and everyone of us if we just learn to be nice and not confrontational (because if our emotions), and they will help us, as you have!

  47. Greg Pratt, a friend of mine once told me two things about life. 1) “Where ever you are be there”. And, concerning negative situations in life he said, 2) “you take you with you”. I took those very simple statements to be interoperated in a very negative way until I understood the essence of their simplicity. This blog that Peter wrote brought those two little thought to mind. Many times, mentally, we are not “in” the present moment, thinking way ahead of our selves and not enjoying or paying attention to where we are or what we are doing right then. The second one, makes me think of what Peter was stating that, no matter what situation you find yourself in, many times its “you” that either make or breaks the atmosphere “you” are in. This blog made me think beyond myself and my situation in life and what I am dealing with, and be thankful for “where I am, and who I am”.

  48. This is a great article. It took me a long time to realise much of what you wrote about. I would just get up in the mornings, get ready and out the door for work. It wasn’t until I had a medical scare and the doctor told me I need to slow done and take time to just be that it finally hit me. There is much more to life and I only live once. These days I do my version of meditating in the mornings before I go out and I even do some journaling.

  49. Good Positive Post. We are the Captains of our own ship, We are the one s that set sail and choose the course and destination port.
    We will encounter calm seas and some sea storms, but in both cases, if we are to confront it with the wrong attitude, your ship will be in hazard.
    Thank you for the helpful tips.

  50. reading this blog and the replies here are so uplifting and it truly makes my day start off better and every thing we do whether we believe it or not is a choice –it may be favorite choice but as each day goes decisions choices are made and hopefully as each day goes we push forward and keep making right truthful choices — hope so i do —

  51. Thank you for your great post Peter. Your words are inspiring and made me think. Life is a never-ending cycle of making choices. In everything, you do you have to make a choice. It is important that you ask yourself what the effect of your choices will be. Will they help you and others or are the consequences destructive. Making the right choices is always beneficial. Not only for yourself but also for others.

  52. This is very nice post. I love the things to do on choices. I love the thought of before even getting out of bed to find three things I am thankful for. What an awesome day to start the day. I have been praying first thing and reading the Bible before I start my day. I love listening to Christian music and relaxing. The tv hardly gets turned on anymore.

  53. A wonderful post with lots of brilliant suggestions for those who wish to ‘take hold’ of the daily routines and bring some joy and happiness back in to their lives amongst all the negativity that is thrown at us via the news, TV, social media, etc.

    As I read these blogs and type this comment on a cold, dark and rainy Monday morning in Southern England, I am filled with excitement for the day ahead.

    I continue with my new studies for an exciting new career prospect, following the impact of the current world situation.
    A lot of people could panic at such change, however, I strongly believe all changes in our lives, good or bad, happen for a reason to guide you in the right direction.

    As a close friend once quoted to me “Take the leap, and the net will appear”

  54. This was a very refreshing article. But a side-note, I think my neighbors would look at me and wonder what is up if I went and stood up against a tree and spread my arms open wide. It does sound like a nice refreshing idea for being home alone in the country, though. On the other hand I love the peaceful feeling I get in planting flowers and listening to music such as the sound of a beautiful violin.

  55. such a great start to my Sunday and the 21st Sept. is a date that is family tied for me and reading this great blog and the replies just so inspiring for me and i can only be thankful and appreciative — and know this day looking forward and pushing each moment in right direction — feeling that Net already —

  56. You are absolutely right, regardless of the confusion I see around me, I can still find peace by being at peace with myself. I am reading an inspiring book by Immaculee Ilibagiza….called ‘Left to Tell’. I remember reading her first book and left really touched by this lady’s story. Living in Rwanda when it was caught up in a bloody genocide, her family murdered and a million Rwandans killed. She was hidden in a bathroom with seven other women for 91 days in a local pastor’s home. In that time she discovered the meaning of unconditional love and forgave her family’s killers.

  57. I remember the horrific story in Rwanda — that was more commonplace than most will ever know or have the Whole Truth — through out all the planet — people and lust for power make for a sad story — keeping all here in my prayers always — my hope is my Compubiz is Always for good — great read –and also have turned off tv more n more — it is very disheartening to see what is on that more and more ????

  58. I agree in principal BUT it is often the actions of others that throws me off course. Those that think they know better without knowing a thing about my personal situatiion really give me the pip. People that never apologise for giving out misleading information or even downright lies and smuggly carry on thinking how clever thay are are my number one dislikes.

  59. Denial of worldwide events that are happening right under our noses is particlarly annoying as is fake news and conspiracy theories. Fortunately or possibly unfortunately I have seen the best and worst of both worlds during world war 2. WE now have a similar battle on our hands with a terrible disease. But there are still those who prefer to sweep it under the carpet even though promoting free speach. Some prefer to think that somehow divine intervention will solve all our problems. That has never happened in the past. You cannot put your head under the pillow and pretend you did not realise the problems that surround us.

  60. This is such an important article. We get to CHOOSE how we react to our lives. Yes, there are bad things that happen, but it is up to each of us how we react and what we do in response. Choosing to be happy, choosing to be positive — is just that, a choice. On the flip side, it is also a choice to be angry or sad. There are great ideas listed here for making that shift to more positive. The key is to put them into action and do them. Create a daily practice that includes positive affirmations, thoughts, gratitude and intentional action.

  61. What a wonderful list of positive and helpful suggestions, Peter. And never more relevant than over the past year where constant over-attention to the media and social networks seem to bring more and more negativity and fear. I keep telling my very anxious mother to stop listening to the news last thing at night! Our subconscious mind is never asleep. What we put our attention on in the last 10 minutes before sleep and the first 10 minutes after waking are the most influential of all. So thank you for the reminder!

    1. Our “attituded” is the only item in life we have control over. We can choose to accept the ups and down of our daily life as just that, or let anger, frustration, be our daily meal creating negative environment causing harmful energy for us and everyone we come in contact with. Sustaining that negative structure will drive away good things, including friends and family. It is more fun to be happy.

  62. A fascinating insight into how we should approach life. With so much going on around us it is so easy to be negative and yet we know that positivity is the name of the game. But we do have life’s choices and it is purely up to us has to how we frame our lives. Personally I look in the mirror every morning and thank God I am still here. That sets me up for a positive day.

    1. You are right, Patrick, and I do believe that limitations in our lives can also create possibilities.
      I sometimes look in my mirror in the morning and think “who the heck are you?” haha…then I realise that it is my best friend and I tell him .”I love you and I am proud of you”.. then I get on with my day.

  63. Thank you for your comment Paula, however, I am a bit puzzled as to why your post is a copy and paste from the first comment to this blog?

    Zora Jokic September 21, 2020 at 1:28 am
    “Peter…what a lovely list of suggestions on how to uplift our daily lives! We all need it these days, don’t we? And while I do many of those on a regular basis, especially the gratitude and being in and interacting with nature, I still appreciate the reminder. Even if I was a top executive with monumental responsibilities, I would find time to be outdoors near my precious nature. And if not, then….there’s always the option to bring a bit of nature indoors, as you suggested! Thank you so much!”

  64. Every day I get up, it is a new adventure with trials and tribulation. Meeting the day with a good attitude will determine how you deal with the trials and tribulation.

  65. Thank you Peter for the for such inspirational blog.
    Indeed every day is a choice.Taking much less time with negative people is what I think I have work on,some people will always see the glass as half empty and they take so much life from you trying to help them appreciate the few things that are working out in lives(your point number one)

  66. Thanks for your comments and they leave a positive twist on everybody’s day, I’m sure. My comment is life is like the guts of a computer…all it understands is 1’s & o’s or, better put, yes or no. Every decision has two options, yes or no. There may be complex layers in a given decision but it boils down to yes or no. Some decisions, actually most, have an option to ignore making a decision, but even that is an answer..it is “no” I do not accept the option. Regardless of how the author puts the question, you can make it a positive (yes) or a negative(no). What a lot of people do when contemplating a complex question, is they refuse to break it down into yes and no parts. Once that is done, all you have to do is count the yes votes and the no votes and a decision can be made. Notice I didn’t say the answer to the complex question is a simple matter of accepting the majority of the votes…you still have one final yes/no decision to make…to accept the tally or not. Here is an example: you are trying to determine if a new job is one you should take or not. You list ALL of the points of the offer. You answer all of the questions with yes except one. Can that one answer over-ride the numerous yes votes? Yes, it can. In our example the one one no vote (even though the salary is three times as high as you ever had) was for the fact you had to drive 100 miles, one way, every day, or move. Neither of those options are acceptable to you, so, you decline the offer. Don’t look at situations as singular complex decisions. Break them down to simple yes or no facts, count the votes and then make the informed decision based on a more thorough examination of the question.

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