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With COVID-19 shaking the world, physical contact is dangerous and physical distancing has become the order of the day, consultants, teachers, doctors, etc. have all become online. We are seeing daily online classes conducted by qualified teachers and freelancers, consultants offering online consultancy, doctors giving medical advice, etc. Many companies have asked their employees to work from home. Hotels/Restaurants are door delivering various cooked items by taking order online. You name it and it is available online.

This is a golden opportunity for those self-starters, to start an online business, by enlisting experts from a particular field or many fields, if you have determination, small investment, and sincerity of purpose. You will need a minimum of staff, that too who can work online from home, and very little infrastructure.

If you have an entrepreneur in you, seize this opportunity to serve the community and making decent profits.  

About the author

Santosh Kumar Linga, is young and dynamic person. He learnt writing and blogging from his uncle Krish (Murali Krishna Akilla), who is a very active member of Compumatrix.


  1. Yes! Working online has been the best thing ever! Here in Brazil we are adapting to this new reality, where even therapies with psychologists are being online.

  2. With everything going online over the past 25 years, the integration of online life into the daily lives of the masses has been accelerated to unprecedented levels in the past 3 months due to Covid-19. We, at Compumatrix, are particularly fortunate to have already been moving in that same direction even before this recent acceleration. We have been preparing for years for the future that has now become the present. Who would have ever imagined that, 15 years ago? … A global community of online entrepreneurs? Thank you Henry!

  3. interesting post and blog — not sure if I agree 100% that everything needs to be online but do agree mostly with the fact that with the virus from ??? and the fact that it is safer almost in every avenue not to have a physical presence to stay healthy it just saddens me in all honesty beings that I have spent better part of last 50 years being in a face to face type business and meeting People is a great thing —

  4. Myself, I am waiting for the stores to open up again. I don’t shop too much but I like to go and see and touch what I am buying. I have been ordering my groceries on-line and there too nobody picks my food like I do and soon I will be going to the store to buy like I use to. When I buy clothes I have to try on because different styles fit different sometimes you have to adjust and try to find something else you like. There is nothing like brick and mortar!
    Somethings are okay to buy, like coffee.

  5. Sometimes we need a shake down (although I would have voted for an alternative)! I keep hearing “the new normal”. Is it just terminology or is it a shift? We should know all about “SHIFT” because here at COMPUMATRIX, we have adopted SHIFT! It’s been a long time coming but we are about to experience one of the greatest paradyme shifts of the century.

  6. Santosh, I almost think (“almost”) that I could have written that. So your post is very encouraging. Online activity has always been difficult for me, but after reading your post it seems that I have been making things more difficult than they actually are in real life. I am getting closer too writing something on my own thanks to people like you. Thanks for stepping out.

  7. This side of the coin has advantages as well as the disadvantages, many are discovering hidden talents, some of us been turned to full-time teachers and coaches in this season, this spells it all that the best is yet with the people and not released.

  8. The following article is true on how our economy is going with this Covid-19 going on. My daughter like so many others out there is rolling online. High school lessons are done online via the chrome books supplied to the students. She can teach me some things and I talk to her on the best online sites to accomplish things. Our business is online so we can roll

  9. I would have never imagined a year ago that the very best businesses to be involved with would be completely on-line because of a worldwide virus. Even old “box” retailers like Walmart are scrambling as fast as they can to be viewed more like Amazon than JCPenney. Yes, they had an online presence, but now it’s becoming more important than ever.

    With that said, business models like Compumatrix are in a perfect position to gain in a world that must rely on more virtual interfacing.

  10. Working online is in vogue. So much so, that it is become a habit and now, a necessity. Covid-19 has contributed in a big way – we need to adjust to this new tendency.
    Coming to think of it, it could result in working better and even, smarter.
    In a more organized manner.
    We can earn well and have more time to spend with our families. Enjoying quality life is our dream.
    Compumatrix can and will make this dream come true.

  11. If I would have read a fiction book last year that told the story of March 2020 till today it would be too outlandish. I would have not believe that basically the world has adapted to working from home. Even grandparents that would have NEVER ordered groceries online are now doing so. The positive in this is that we really can adapt when necessary. It may be uncomfortable at first but we just may like it more at one point. Many smart entrepreneurs will bloom during this time.

  12. Working online is the reality of our time which most people from the part of my world are finding difficult to adopt or adapt due to so many challenges. For instance, we don’t have stable electricity, high cost of data to access the internet, poor network service provider, etc. However, there is hope and things are getting better day by day. So I very much appreciate God for giving me the opportunity to join compumatrix 14 years ago. For me this is the best time for compumatrix to open up for real business which the world has been waiting for. This is my sincere wish and prayer for this company. May God help us, amen.

  13. It has been absolutely amazing to see how many people in my community can suddenly supply a very necessary service to our residents, by simply ordering online. We have all types of food services, cooked meals for the week, Premium meat supply, Fruit and Veg, Eggs, baby sitting, pet walking, gas refill services, pet grooming, plumbers, electricians, and so many that have slipped my mind. These people are saying they are quite happy doing this and never going back to their day jobs. Once Compumatrix has launched, I will give them something else to do in their spare time!!!

  14. Working on the internet, in the comfort of home, with the possibility of making your own schedules and without having to go to the office, is a model that attracts more and more professionals. Especially in these pandemic times, helping to reduce the risks of contamination. And it is advantageous not only for the employee but also for the employer, who manages to reduce costs due to the fact that he does not need such a robust physical infrastructure to meet the needs of the job.

  15. I tend to agree with jeff N that a year ago I would not have thought of the businesses that are scrambling just to get back to square one — but courtesy of a world wide virus and some underhanded world wide BS — here we are looking at online businesses being the backbone of day to day living — time will tell but it may be the reality of today ???

    1. I was thinking about when this virus is over, and we have a cure, and everyone is getting back to work, school, and well life! How many of these things will stay just on-line, and how many of these businesses will go back to the “Old ways” or embrace the “New ways”? How much will things change? Will we lose much of interacting socially again? Or will we go the way of “Everything on-line”? My belief is most of the “Old ways” will be lost forever.

  16. Yes. The old brick and mortar businesses that refuse to or are slow to get their business online these days are totally left in the dust. I am amazed at all that I can do and buy through the internet these days. All delivered right to my door. It would be quite foolish to have a real business today and not offer your services to the online public. And now with all the apps and cell phones that are “online”, there is a much wider market out there.

  17. Starting this blog is putting the company members a little closer to each other. Some of us share part of our personal lives with each other in Discord and this forum seems to bring a lot more information about our goals here for Compumatrix.

    I’m not a Blogger per say, I could pass along everything I have learned as I started working when I was 9 years old. Now in the seventies I carry a lot of information around in my head. Getting a little crowded right now so it’s nice to be able to pass along what I know and hope it will help others.

    I see most companies now interfacing with employees, customers, family and others thru video conferencing. Every commercial on TV right now has everyone doing the video thing. All good, just remember that you should be dressed. Have seen some embarrassing mis-steps lately by people who forget that they are online. It’s the future and we are all tuned up and ready to get busy with our programs.

  18. COVID-19 indeed brought changes. My daughter had to set her work computer at home . Teletrabajo was set as a new way to work from home.
    My online business specially food and restaurants started to publish their menus online for one to order from home and with ubereats , Rappi or GoPato they will deliver to the house.
    Thanks to tecnology all this is available.
    But not all is well , any plces had to close or fire employees because the months didn’t make for payments
    Hope or should I say Know that Compumatrix will be a game changer for many families

  19. Two words (compliments David) Paradyme Shift

    I will always remember a post that David (CEO) made discussing our business and the factors of us making a “Paradyme Shift”. Every time I think of these words, I visualize a Gold mine where the Gold ran out. The investors of the mine sold their equipment to the junk dealer and went back East. The junk dealer hired a Geologist that discovered a Fault line and correctly determined where they could pick up the Gold Ore due to the “SHIFT”.

    For us, we are making that “shift” not in Geological sense but as a philosophical thought shift. This is one that we were already preparing for before the Pandemic.

    You can say: “we were already on the (TP) roll ahead of our time and we are about a sneeze away from our destination!”

  20. This blog post is motivation for me! Anyone who has access to the internet and has all of the basic needs met has no reason to not be living the life they have always wanted. Successful people are “hungry” for more, they work harder than ordinary people, and they have a passion for everything they do. They wake up every day thinking how they are going to make today a better day or a better planet. Covid-19 is horrible. Some people will dwell on the situation, but others will agree that the situation is tragic and then try to find a way to make it better. For example, if someone gets laid off – it sucks, but now they have all this new found time to go after something they have always wanted to do! They could start an online business or learn a profitable/scalable skill – the possibilities are endless. The worst thing a person can do is dwell because what has already happened cannot be changed. The best thing a person can do is learn from what has happened, move on, and change the course of their life to what they want it to look like in the future.

  21. as my daughter has told me more than a few times — let it go dad — just have to laugh at that thought process now with the world wide virus and the shutdown of so many normal type everyday businesses with out an actual restart in the immediate future BUT in all actuality we must leave the politics of the situation alone stay looking always at the Positive and push Forward and push hard as you can with belief that You can n will succeed –jmho — rj

  22. With everything being online my business has really slowed down, but this blog post clicked for me in that I need to find new ways to do my interior design job without seeing in-person the inside of my client’s homes. I am an artist – I need to think outside of the box like an artsy innovator would in the situation that I am in.

  23. I actually completed the final years of my schooling in an online environment (yes, that young) At the time I did not make the most of the opportunity but I am not much of an academic, much more of a practical and outdoor person. Having learnt from my mistakes on that front I am far more aware of the potential for maximising my learning and business development using online platforms and tools for the future. Compumatrix will help me achieve so many ideas.

  24. Yes, Thank you, Henry! We are all so blessed to be part of a group that has been moving in that direction for a long time. When I mention digital currency to some they get upset, this was a few younger people feeling the world was leaving them behind because they don’t want change. Well none of us wanted this kind of change but here we are and digital currency is here.

  25. yeppers so much here in the replies to put into perspective and as so many blogs around here show in many different ways — the amount of growing individually is so much a part of the success and putting new ideas and new ways and now those are more of an online theory as opposed to peep to peep like in the older days — gotta keep growing inside and your Heart will prove to be your best success piece — jmho — love reading these blogs and replies —

  26. Buying things online may be convenient, but not when I want to buy clothes, or fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables. I want to feel the material and put it on to fit. I also want to pick the fruits and vegetables myself and the fresh meat too. The rest I can adapt to doing online.

    Also, I look forward to the day when schools will be allowed to open their doors again for physical classes and interaction.

  27. There is so much you can do online now as compared to 20 years ago.. Being able to buy anything online without having to get out in the weather is great. Now with COVID so many can work online weather its their own business or if its some other kind of job with a company. You can even get a degree from collages online. I would have loved that in my younger days….

  28. Everything is available online and the access to the outside world comes from my easy chair behind my desk. Living in these bizar times with the Covid pandemia is for that reason no problem for me. And although I am retired I still have a lot of work to do. Most of it I do online. I write for a Dutch national newspaper bookreviews but the whole process of acquiring the book, having contact with publishers and authors all goes with internet. Only reading a book I do in my garden surrounded by the cats I take care of.

  29. As I write this, the covid19 from our country has finished.Life will be as normal as before.Work used to be done online, but in covid19 everything started to be done online.But it would not be wrong to say that a lot of talent has emerged from online work. It is better  to say that online work has been around for a long time. COMPUMATRIX  one of them is a shining star for our future.

  30. thats awesome if in countrys’ around the world –they are coming out of the virus issues — it would be so nice to get back to normal here even in mid Mo — but — i do know over last 6 months i have become much more in tune with doing everyday things online — don’t technically like it but with this virus issue it has become a necessity — am learning and hoping though life gets back a bit of Normalcy —

  31. Thank you Santosh Kumar Linga for your blog, actually online became the normal now, hopefully the Covid-19 will disappear soon, but it really did change the world, look at the restaurants and how much business they have lost, on the other side, the delivery business have increased, learning online for students now became reality. Also an important good factor, working from home, gave a very good chance to get the families to get much closer.

    Thanks again.

  32. Yes working online full time will be great I want to get out of Walmart, there have been many changes because of COVID19 I don’t think this virus is going away anytime soon or it would of already of been gone, my wife has underlying conditions so it is very risky for me to be out around it many have caught it at the store I work at so I am very concerned.

  33. Everything online can have advantages and also disadvantages. For sure our Compumatrix business is at the right spot right now. Never would I have imagined that this would be becoming like it is now. . I still prefer human contact whenever possible and I think it’s not even in the best interest of our children being taught now with mostly online classes. Even the shopping I still prefer to see and touch most of the things I buy especially food and shoes.

  34. I was thinking about when this virus is over, and we have a cure, and everyone is getting back to work, school, and well life! How many of these things will stay just on-line, and how many of these businesses will go back to the “Old ways” or embrace the “New ways”? How much will things change? Will we lose much of interacting socially again? Or will we go the way of “Everything on-line”? My belief is most of the “Old ways” will be lost forever.

  35. this is such a thought provoking read and the replies make me think even farther into the thought process and try and envision a way that we as humanity and biz peeps move past this virus and become a more online type as opposed to the face to face I grew up with — it does take change n honestly not as easy as ??? great posting Santosh thanks

  36. the new year is upon us and so much has changed from this time last year — still miss the peep to peep personal contact but apparently with each week life becomes more and more non-personal — and if going to maintain success in biz have to become more n more non-personal n more computer online savvy ???

  37. The Covid crisis has resulted in a lot of changes in lifestyles and careers. I have seen reports on the news where there have been doctors that have shifted from what have may have been their areas of expertise so that they may provide assistance in other areas where they may be needed more. It is like doctors have become more accustomed to multi-tasking than they may have ever been in their careers.

  38. Yup. Covid has changed the landscape. More an more people are out of work because of it. More an more people have had to close their businesses because of it, to never re-open again. I will have to say it is the best thing that has happened for the growth or remote work and building on line businesses. People still have to eat. It’s a new era. And we at Compumatrix are so close to being able to bring a new system of earning on line world. The world is so ready for it.

  39. On line earning is the way of the future. And with Compumatrix on the rocket launcher, we are ready to engage and light the candle. So many will benefit from our knowledge and expertise in this absolutely awesome realm.

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