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What are the steps in using the Portal?

A:  1) Buy Card – purchasing a VPC of your choice

2) Redeem –  enter VPC Code to add funds to your Account Balance

3) Subscribe – similar to PSO (Production Service Order) – to produce the VPC and form part of your inventory to be sold

B.  1) Monitor your Account Balance and Earnings (Summary Table) daily (recommended)

2) When cards have been sold from your inventory, you will see the capital portion credited to your Account Balance and the return (earnings) to your Earnings balance.

3) When no sales have been reflected yet, then you may resume buying another card (as in A1 above)

4) When you see sales reflected in your account, you may continue the Subscribing process using the funds in your Account Balance;

5) You may still BUY another card (assuming your first loan had already been released) if you want to add more funds to your account and do more subscribing.

Why is the member’s picture a compulsory requirement for verification?

The Know-Your-Client (KYC) requirement is not a Compumatrix policy, rather, a part of the International Law that every business in any part of the world must adhere to in order to fight Money Laundering. Members’ profiles and ID’s are important with regards to SEC, FinCen and FATCA regulations.

How long does it take before one’s account gets Verified?

For current members of Compumatrix, verification only takes a few hours to process during working days; A few minutes if you seek the assistance of the Live Support during their online sessions. As for new members of Compumatrix, this will depend on how fast they submit their verification requirements.

If you are having privacy issues using the Gravatar site, what do you recommend to resolve such issues?

You could make your Gravatar profile private.  Please check here –  http://forum.compumatrix.co/index.php?topic=70.0

Do the pictures in all Compumatrix sites have to be the same?

You can use any picture provided that when compared to your submitted ID, it is easily recognizable as belonging to one and the same person.

VALID ID refers to the ID that you have submitted to Compumatrix for verification purposes.

Does the gravatar have to be a “face photo” of the user or a random image that may be a personal favorite?

A “head and shoulders face photo” is required.  Excluding dogs, babies or space ships.

Is it mandatory that we register for WordPress before we register at Gravatar.com?

Creating a WordPress account is NOT mandatory for the creation of a Gravatar account.

Is it necessary that we use the Gravatar site to upload our Profile picture?

Yes, since this is a financial portal, we do not allow members to upload any file which may cause or pose a serious security threat in the future.

Gravatar is hosted on another platform to store your photos and ensure that they are not code-injected. It also helps in ensuring an optimal site performance.

After activating your account, you must edit your Profile in order for your account status to be changed to Verified. Once you have clicked on the button Save Changes, this will LOCK your Profile. What if your editing didn’t reflect the correct details in your Profile?

You must send a Support Ticket (through support@compumatrix.us or click on the Submit Ticket button at Compumatrix.us ) or click on the Live Chat button at the Portal site and provide them with the details that need correction.

What is Compumatrix.ph under which the Portal is found?

Compumatrix.ph is a mining blog and the Portal is a self-managed online trading platform which stimulates growth on your savings or investments. Compumatrixinc allows ordinary individuals to earn online lucratively by taking advantage of leverage and market velocity.

The speed by which each one earns on each trade subscribed into is entirely dependent on two factors: Time and Market. Since Compumatrix.ph is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the trading results vary for each participant. However, all results will always be on an uptrend.